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2216 Kearney St, Denver, CO 80207, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cake Crumbs Bakery & Cafe IN Colorado

John Nguyen

This is a neighborhood gem: outdoor seating, quiet side street, really casual and friendly service. They have a good selection of baked items - sweet and savory. Fresh veg and fruit salads make for a nice brunch joint. Also a plus is they offer a bin for recycling.

Matt T

We had an excellent vegan chocolate cake with a layer of fresh strawberries inside for our wedding in 2016. The layer of strawberries was rather thin, -1 star. Unfortunately the company has recently changed management (Spring 2017) and they no longer offer vegan options, so we're not going to get our free 6" anniversary cake that was promised... bummer, -1 star. The decorations in the image I posted were done by Bouquet Boutique in Broomfield at 290 Nickel St, #400, just the cake came from Cake Crumbs.

Elizabeth Ford

Adorable! Cute atmosphere! Yummy cupcakes!

Courtney C

The cake i picked up was amazing! however the box they put it in was too small and when they closed the lid and gave it to me it stuck to all the frosting on top and when i got home it was completely too late. Don’t put a 6inch cake in a 6 inch box. come on guys.

Amir Ameen

Best Scooby Doo cake I ever got. Everyone loved it at the birthday party and was shocked how it came out to look

Jennifer Anderson

Disappointed in Cake Crumbs - went in today to try to grab a late lunch at 10 til 2. Was studying their menu board and waiting my turn. When I finally got up to order at 2:01, they said the kitchen had “just closed at 2 pm”. All this after I patiently waited for them to take the order and make the latte for the guy in front of me. Then, I purchased a pre-made sandwich from their cooler and got all the way home before realizing it was made 5 days earlier on Monday and the lettuce was a green, limp, slimey ball in the center of the sandwich. I had to drive back and return the sandwich which meant it was 2:20 pm at that point, and I still hadn’t eaten. They told me they always keep their sandwiches out for 5 days which I find disgusting and not worth $7.50! Even grocery stores don’t do that! This place needs to get their act together! I won’t be returning anytime soon!

Wayne Houston

Really good cofee and baked goods but a little expensive

Saad Moulvi

Nice place to get coffee/breakfast and relax

Alyson Elliott

Great local cafe for food, coffee, tea, and sweet treats. Staff is friendly and welcoming. Suitable for staying to chat with friends, relax with a book, or work.

Sheryl Harrington

Be warned. Everything is good.


Bought two cupcakes and macaroons they were delicious. Third time back and love it.

Geoffry Lee

First they were missing items in the menu, then they got both my drink order and food order messed up. When my food finally came it was disgusting, it was a burrito bowl, with soggy cold off color sweet potatoes and mushy gross eggs. I was appalled and both my wife and I couldn’t eat it. If I could give zero stars I would, and if my wife was not so embarrassed I would have asked for my money back. Top 3 worst dining experience that I’ve ever had. I want my $40 back.

Anjana V Kumar

The best cake ever! We ordered a cake for my daughter's first birthday. They did the exact design I ordered. Everyone gave complements on the beautiful cake. I highly recommend. The rates was not that high.

Matthew Groves

Its been a year since last visit. Its calmer now. Skipped lunch. Just had a lemon bar. 2x bigger than necessary, but definitely delicious. Price well within reason. Parking readily available.

John Britton

Nice service and friendly staff. Had the lamb quiche and it was pretty good though a little bland. Great atmosphere and location.


Cake Crumbs was recommended by a friend but I was very disappointed. Service wasn't with any kind of enthusiasm or a smile and the food was mediocre. The lady at the counter advised I should try the GF banana bread and WOW, it was dense, heavy and impossible to swallow without a pint of water with every bite. Makes me sad because the general atmosphere was peaceful and the decor is modern and clean, the perfect place if you want to sit and read/unwind, study or work!

Jamie Bennett

I love sweets so I'm not super hard to please. I bought a variety of cupcakes for a dinner party and a brownie. The cupcakes were OK - not really memorable but pretty typical. The brownie texture was good but not enough chocolate flavor. All of that would have been fine but I found the staff to be a little off-putting. No greeting or smiles...didn't seem to be very excited about being there. I'd go back if I was in the area and had a hankering for something sweet but wouldn't go out of my way to visit.

Kristie Deaver

Are you ready to have the quintessential cinnamon roll experience? If so, consider Cake Crumbs Bakery & Cafe your go to place for the pastry. I arrived just before 10 AM on Saturday to an already buzzing establishment. The cafe is tastefully decorated with a 50s style diner motif. The pastry cases were showing beautiful cakes and other sweet treats. Only one regular cinnamon roll was left. So, if you are considering visiting you might want to try and arrive a bit earlier. The service was polite and swift, exactly what you need in a busy breakfast establishment. The cinnamon roll itself was great! If you aren’t a huge fan of sweets beware this is tipping the scales for a sure fire sugar high. Overall, I’m excited to return and try their other breakfast offerings. The drink options are as extensive as any you’d find at Starbucks. I definitely recommend trying out a dish or two whether you are only visiting Denver or call the city home.

Margee Beach

Wonderful little restaurant. Our lunches were great and served by a very friendly staff. Peanut butter cheesecake was awesome!

Shad Self

Cute place to get lunch. They had a vegan soup when I was there. They also had listed a vegan sandwich, but they do not have any vegan breads, so you'll need to get it as a salad. No vegan pastries available.

Marcus Oginsky

Red velvet cake is the best

Heimir Thor Sverrisson

Perfect place for a cup of tea and a cookie in the afternoon.

Aneissa Goss

Wonderful local bakery! Great food, coffee, and atmosphere!

Nathaniel Moore

Awesome pastries. Coffee is a little bit strange. Maybe Burnt? Staff is very friendly. Not a lot of ambience.

Nate Schoen-Roda

Really fun little spot. Great selection and plenty of gluten free for those that care about that.

heather McCain

Great neighborhood spot! Fantastic berry smoothie

Marshall Brodsky

Pleasant ambience, but the coffee was bitter showing insufficient cleaning of the coffee machine. Cake Crumbs has responded that their coffee maker is cleaned weekly. It should be cleaned every evening after closing. If the coffee maker was cleaned daily, their coffee would not be bitter.

Shawn Astrom

This place is the worst I thought it would get better with new ownership but it did not.

Suzzette Franklin

Tried again. Out of sourdough toast this am. Charged for bagel and cream cheese and only ordered butter. Should have two separate charges for this.

Bill Decker

Nice casual place to enjoy good coffee and a Rosenbergs bagel. Cakes and pastries are out of this world.

Absinthe Algaier

Best croissants in Denver. Tasty coffee and a lovely, welcoming staff.

Sandi Vaughn

The employees were thoughtless and it annoyed me to have to wait for help while they drank coffee and goofed off with one another behind the counter. There were 4 employees up there and only one was engaged with a customer. I was very disappointed with the small wedding cake that I ordered. It was sloppy. It wasn't a very good copy of the pic I sent, but it was okay... I could very obviously see they made a mistake on the writing and "repaired" the icing. The letter was smeared I spent so much on the cake, that I should have been elated. What could I do? I picked up the cake on my way out of town and had to just accept it the way it was :-(

Anne Robles

This is a wonderful neighborhood meeting place. And recommended for anybody who wants to come and have delicious cookies and cakes and great coffee. Each month they have an art show by local artists.

Dawn Alfonso

Excellent latte and cupcakes

Debbie J.

We recently had a birthday party for my granddaughter's. Cake crumbs made a two layer cake for the event, along with 2 small "smash cakes" for the girl's to do as they would. The main cake was beautiful, as were the small smash cakes. I was impressed by how lovely they were. The chocolate (small top of the second layer). Was absolutely delicious. However, the bottom (largest layer) was a white cake. The white cake was just beyond sickening sweet. Over the top sweet. Almost unpalatable sweet. The two smash cakes for the 1 and 2 year old children were white cakes also. The two children wouldn't eat them. These two children love sweets! But, they didn't like the cakes. I think, as with the rest of us at the party, the white cakes were simply way, way too sweet! The only flavor was sugar. We could not taste vanilla, or anything except sweetness.

Hunter Gman

Great people, great coffee, awesome place

donna moreland

I was just visiting Denver and wanted something to take back to my bed and breakfast. The chicken salad croissant was the best I've had and the brownie was delicious. I found them by accident but will look for them next trip. Donna from Cheyenne

Robert Diaz

Good snacks and environment.

Casandra Paul

I couldn't be happier with this this bakery. They did my wedding cake and it was absolutely stunning and delicious. Highly recommend.

Joe Snow

Great addition to the community.

Lindsey Dulin Jaeckel

We ordered a cake for my daughters first birthday and when we arrived, the order was for the following weekend. I may have messed up or they had the date wrong but regardless they handled it so amazingly well. They said we will take care of this and got us a cake and even it delivered it on time for the party. We are so grateful for their amazing bakers and exceptional customer service. The cake was delicious too!

C Patz

Liked the selection of food and the vibes. The place is obviously a neighborhood favorite, and reminds me of the little lunch cafes around where I grew up. Nostalgia factor is strong here. The food was decent, and the bakery was tasty. The only thing I didn't care for is that the choice of young people behind the counter was maybe a misjudgment. I did not receive friendly or courteous service the two times I've been here, and I was brushed past for the "regulars." I purposefully try out new places during slower times/on slower days, as to not have a first impression when the staff is short and busy, but each time, I was met with staff that was short and disinterested with me. It was odd, seeing the friendly tone of the patrons and neighbors around me. I had hoped to make this a regular haunt, but maybe I need to keep searching.

Elizabeth Weir

I love this place. It's a great stop for coffee and a snack or for a full meal. I love their sandwiches for a quick lunch. Of course, the pastries are delicious. If you're doing a brunch on the weekend, it can be crowded, so keep that in mind if you're in a rush. It's definitely a favorite.

David Koerner

The good news is, I saw somebody ordering a chicken salad sandwich and it looked awesome. The bad news is, I ordered the breakfast burrito and, well, it was small, gluey, and cold in the middle. It comes out on the plate looking like a runt panini and feeling like a mistake, with a goopy mush of coarse orangey filling the menu assures me is a blend of sweet potatoes, eggs, and chorizo. But it's the coldness of that filling (reheated from frozen?) and the diminutive size (like it is apologizing before you even taste it) that raises so many questions. Gas station burritos are at least warm all the way through, and hot pockets pretend to take up a bit more space on the plate. Buying a breakfast burrito at cake crumbs makes you wish for either of these alternatives.


Love this place, we called for some cupcakes all the way from Arkansas and they had the order ready for us and our birthday party, Thanks

Shane Taylor

Rude service. No greeting, no thank you. Just a sour puss faced employee who gave a "give me your money and get out" vibe. Thanks have a good day! We will not be returning.

Kevin C

Great spot . Dirty Chai and lox sandwich. Cured me

David Lian

Went there to get gluten-free cupcakes they only had frozen ones. When I walked in there were two women behind the counter talking and I had to stand there while they asked me to wait, then started to get Service and another gentleman walked in and they dropped everything to help him I found it rude after we tried the cupcakes definitely won’t go back.

antwan jefferson

Good neighborhood place. Limited baked options for those of us who don't want tons of gluten and carbs

Rob Hardison

Roast beef sandwich full of grisle

Curt Kenn

I stopped by this morning and this place was so dirty and customer service was awful!!!!

Aldo Gonzalez

Didn’t liked the cake and for the price I thought it would of tast better

Bgirl Emerge

They have a lot of homemade pastries, food and cakes. Went there on a Saturday late morning and the place was alive with a number of families with young children enjoying a meal or pastry there. It's a nice place that is enjoyed by many people in their community.

Chris Bartschi

Tucked away in the Park Hill Neighborhood of Denver lives an amazing full-service Bakery with excellent quality single serve pastries and coffee. They also offer breakfast burritos and gluten-free options. I have seen some amazing cakes coming out of this place as well. for All Occasions but especially weddings and Birthdays. It is worth the trip and also worth driving by the 100 Starbucks or more in greater Denver area

Lauren Wilson

The family I nanny for moved to Park Hill last winter, a handful of blocks away from Cake Crumbs. I was excited to make this our new go-to lunch spot! Only, I was greeted by mediocre service and mediocre food. Super basic items on the kids menu seemed to take 15+ minutes to come out, and the PB and J was very dry, not nearly enough jelly. We stopped going after a few times. Yesterday, we got lunch there again, and I was again stunned with the poor quality of the food. The kids cheesy melt was a burnt crisp, and my quiche was a sad, burnt, wilted thing. I didn't eat more than a few bites, and neither did my nanny kiddo. Additionally, there were no less than four flies buzzing around the table, we had to keep shooing them away. Too bad! We will frequent Spinelli's Bakery instead.

Aarti Vipani

I’m really disappointed in Cake Crumbs. I found a long hair in a slice of gluten free banana bread I bought today. I’m concerned about their cleanliness. The workers need to wear hair nets while baking. I’ll be reporting them to the health department.

Robert Archuletta

Cake's good Location to far from my job

alissa stevens

Delicious baked goods, breakfast burritos, cold snack packs. Typical tea & coffee beverages. Comfortable space for friendly meetings. Small play area helps keep little people busy. Local favorite.

Kendra Palmer

We got to eat right next to the bathroom. Food is okay; seems expensive for what you get. Treats are better.

Mariah Beem

Gorgeous place, lovely staff. Muffins are top notch and the hot coco is perfect! I recommend getting it zebra style with whipped cream

Andrea Place

The Elvis cupcake was the best cupcake I have ever had! So delicious. I wish I bought more. They were at my CCA for a function. Come to Aurora my sweet cupcake!

Matthew Davidson

Tasty pastries and nice staff. Great place to go do some work.

Gary Iverson

Got a cupcake and a cinnamon roll and a latte. The cupcake was lovely. The cinnamon roll was average, but quite large. The coffee was borderline bad. Ambience of the place was part-cozy, part-modern.


Delicious! A little expensive but they make the best cakes. Everyone in my extended family who lives in Denver has had a birthday cake from here at some point

Stephanie Dankel

Great indoor/outdoor area. Coffee and food are both delicious

Russ Johnson

What has happened to the management/staff?! The service used to be awesome, now it is terrible - when I call about buying $100 of cupcakes and say 'thanks for your help' you don't reply 'yeah' and hang up. Very different from how it used to be.

Sam Brennan

Love this neighborhood spot for coffee and dessert!

Dominic Zarlengo

Great neighborhood spot for a quick bite. Under new management with a greatly expanded menu. Definitely worth dropping in.

Michael Brutting

We bought a snack tray and one small cupcake for an unbelievably high price. The snack tray was spoiled and the cupcake was stale. I heard half the city raving about this place so I went out of my way to check it out. Staff was friendly, but didn't seem to care for me sticking to water and a small order. Frankly, I wouldn't care how great the food is, for that price I'd rather punch myself in the no-nos, and THE FOOD WAS SPOILED.

Love Bird

The two stars is mostly because the staff was polite, and the patio was pleasant. Unfortunately the food and coffee drinks were mediocre at best and overpriced. The coffee drinks were just some prepackaged junk. I would have expected more from a little local cafe. I hope their cakes/pastries are better.

Julie Casazza

Cake Crumbs is a great neighborhood bakery/coffee shop. Perfect spot for morning breakfast, afternoon snack, or a casual first date.

Deandra L

went to a wedding on saturday, the cake was dry as were the cupcakes. Totally disappointed..

enrique loera

Absolutely delicious

Tim Gantz

Stopped in for a cappuccino. If a guest wants a traditional cappuccino, out of a cup and saucer instead of paper, it would be great if you had the right cup and saucer for it. Not a coffee mug. I asked for it in a cup, got a mug, then had it dumped into an oversized china mug which turned it into a latte, after she threw in more milk, then a saucer that didn’t fit. I didn’t stop in for a latte. I know your core business is a bakery, but if you’re going to serve coffee, please serve it correctly so that the customer gets what they paid for. Next time I’ll go to a dedicated coffee cafe where the details on coffee service matter. First and last time at Cake Crumbs. Sorry, too many choices out there to be haggling with the barista on how to make a cappuccino.

Lauren Goldstein

Best cakes PERIOD! They customize anything and everything. You need 48 hours to order but SO worth it!

jesse lucero

Great quiche and pastries in a nice neighborhood.

Jennifer Bowen

Great cupcakes and a fun place to hang out for my kids

Wilmer Chavarria

It was a relaxing place: nice big open wall to the outside and ample seating. The crowd is all ages but high in older/retired crowd. The service was good but they probably were short-staffed when we came. The drinks and food were good.

Xavier Harrison

Love going there for business meeting. Really good atmosphere and snacks.

Josh Gipper

We love stopping here, we'll travel in on bikes from the Stapleton neighborhood. Not a bad place to work either.

David Hildebrand

Spacious coffee shop in nice neighborhood, with relaxed atmosphere, solid baked goods and coffee. We’re so happy with the new management, who have innovated new lunch options, tried new baked goods, and raised the level of the coffee from the previous management.

Lauren Carr

Possibly the best cupcakes I have had in my life. Fluffernutter cupcake is so delicious, definitely recommend it. The carrot cake and red velvet cupcakes are so good too. Really I don't think you can go wrong. I tried their chocolate chip cookie and that wasn't bad either, but I think the cupcakes have my heart. I haven't tried any of their regular menu food so I will have to go back and do that.

ICE Bear

The cutest little place for cupcakes. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere. Must haves are the caramel macchiato cupcake and the carrot ginger soup.

William Ochoa

The staff is super friendly, the coffee is pretty good but the pastries are extremely mediocre. It seems like the head baker hasn't learned how to bake at altitude? :( Update: I think the new owners have taken a mediocre bakery and turned it even more mediocre, if that’s even possible. So many better choices out there, I encourage anyone looking for a bakery to look elsewhere!

Szabina Steffens

I love this place. Coffee and the food are delicious! It is remodeled. Great atmosphere. Perfect for meeting up with friends or business meetong and even my kids enjoy the pastries and the toy area for them

Christian Overbey

This is a great neighbothood coffeehouse, noted for pastries. There is a large community table that typically fills around 900. It's often quiet at 700 and ramps up to full at 900, then consistently busy until closing. This is a well-used business meeting spot, since it's the community hub in a well to do neighborhood with only a couple other morning coffee places.

Chrissy G

This is our go to place for red velvet cupcakes!

David Renner

***** See update below. Good coffee and solid pastries. A bit lax on remembering what we ordered-didn't get the mug for my drip coffee without asking twice and put the cappuccino in a to-go cup when we asked for an in-house mug. We'll go again. If they ace the order, we'll bump it to five stars. ***** This place is LOUD, even on a Tuesday morning. I mean it. Only ordered drip this time so no real rating update opportunity.

lovae castillo

I bought a cake for mine and my sisters birthday and it was decorated very pretty but I was just disappointed when we bit into it and the vanilla cake was kinda dry and the chocolate and peanut butter filling was hard.. I expected the filling to be more like a whip cream consistency but idk I just don’t think it was worth charging me a whole $45

Matthew Stewart

Great sandwiches, comfortable place to hang ot and study.

Madeline Ramirez

We have been going here for the last 10 years and it has been good every time. However, recently, we have not had very good experiences with one specific barista, she does a great job of making coffees but the cafe is always busy and loud on Saturdays ( when we usually come) and you rarely hear her when she shouts at your name. You then ask who the drink is for if you were not right there and she is very rude when giving an answer, especially with young customers.

charles ezeike

BAD NEW OWNERSHIP! Horrible service, worse cupcakes. 5 out of 5 cupcakes I ordered were either flat or burnt. I made the mistake of walking outside, but didn’t pass the front door; I could literally still be seen out front. Owner still wouldn’t replace or refund my order...

Ben Kaufman

Great cupcakes but also great stop for light lunch

Dorothy Todd

Cake Crumbs is a nice enough neighborhood coffee shop...a convenient place for folks to get together. They have some nice pastries and the coffee is hot.

Jessica Allen

Great baked goods, very friendly staff. The interior seating area was recently redone, and now it's a super cool space to hang out with kids or to meet someone for a one-on-one business meeting.

Katerina Tsikoudakis

This review is long overdue, considering I have been crazy busy with so many things lately, but my older sister introduced me to cake crumbs a couple years ago, and I have loved them ever since!! Their pistachio cake is to dieeeee for, and their red velvet cake is one of the best I have ever had!! For my sister's birthday this year I decided to buy her a cake from here, and I had called in advance to check and see if they had a red velvet cake already made, and they had told me yes and I shortly came in to pick it up. The lady I spoke to over the phone recognized me almost immediately and had told me she had put the red velvet cake to the side for me after we hung up. The same night we ate the cake, and it did not disappoint. It was as fresh as ever!!! The cake was so moist, and flavorful, and the frosting was sooo creamy and fluffy. My family and I did not leave a crumb on our plates, and most importantly, my sister was extremely happy! Everyone here is always so kind to me when I come in. I know how hard the food/customer service industry can be, given that I have worked at my dad's restaurant for a very long time, so I definitely understand and appreciate the hard work and effort that they put into their products. Will definitely keep coming back!

Max Stein

Awesome place to sit and hang out, but the food and coffee is nothing to write home about

Neicy wagner

I can't say enough about the team at Cake Crumbs Bakery! They made the cakes for our wedding in July and not only were they completely gorgeous, they were moist, delicious, and hands-down the best cake I've ever had! Every time we run into a guest from the wedding, they RAVE about how scrumptious the cakes were and how amazing they looked! They decorated them exactly as I'd hoped they would, matching our vintage theme to a tee! I highly recommend them, they really care about the product they put out, their prices are very reasonable (especially in the absurdly priced world of weddings), and they are a local, family run small business with a lot of heart! I wish I could eat their cakes every day! THANKS!!!

Carol Bennett

Very good but pricey.

Cassandra Anderson

Happened to be in the neighborhood so we stopped in for lunch. While the lunch menu is limited in scope it did not disappoint. Huge portions at excellent prices! Their chicken salad sandwich is the best I've ever had and the bacon, pea and orzo soup was amazing! Don't even get me started on dessert. While I live nearly an hour north of Denver, I will definitely be visiting this charming spot the next time I'm in the area!

Benjamin Feijóo

Tried this place for the first time when my wife went to yoga next door. It was a great family friendly place with a good patio and spacious indoor area. The chocolate croissant I had was delicious and coffee was great! Definitely a good spot to enjoy pastries and coffee. If you want to study, don't expect any quiet, especially Saturday morning.

Christian Schnell

Cake Crumbs has an amazing assortment of cupcakes, always featuring different flavors, they are moist and loaded with toppings! Their customer service is prompt and friendly, and the array of other baked goods was mouthwatering to look at! Trendy and a good hang out spot for a coffee too.

Tess Gerber

I ordered two cake for my children's baptism. The cakes looked terrible with both misshapen crosses on the cakes. They both looked like they were thrown together at the last minute. Spend your money somewhere else.

Linda Augustin

Great place for some morning pie! Personally, I'm not a pie person but the blueberry apple pie was perfectly warm and fruity. The chocolate pie was also mouthwatering. It melted as you ate it. Perfect spot for coffee and morning boosts!

Shannon Callahan

Cupcakes were good.

Meah Sarina

Ordered chocolate cake for my son's birthday. The cake was very dry and the frosting was way too hard. I ordered butter cream expecting something fluffy. Instead it was dry like fondant and I even told clerk that I despised fondant. I brought the cake to an event and let it sit at room temperature for 2 hours. Still very dry. Not what I was expecting for $40

Kimberly Sherman -Debbs

Great pastries! Relaxing atmosphere. Loving it.

Krista Shoe

Great food, drinks and service.

Chris Horst

Awesome brownies (in all their varieties) and fun to work with on custom cakes and other delicious specialties. Great folks with terrific service and fair prices.

Joseph O'Btien

Today was my first time at Cake and Crumbs Bakery. Met up with several guys from our church fellowship to have some coffee and sharing before the day got into full swing. The service was great and the atmosphere peaceful and relaxing. There menu is good and I would recommend you check it out.

Anthony Santos

This place is awesome. We originally wanted frosted cookies custom in space themed but when we told them how many and when we needed them by they couldn’t help us out. BUT they recommended several local bakeries to try with the volume and quick turn around (super classy move). We ended up on going with a cake because they just needed 72 hours notice. We ordered a custom cake for our son’s 1st birthday party with about three days notice. We were very general with what we asked for (rocket/space/green) and they really did an awesome job for a really good price. They also threw in a smash cake which he got down on. We got a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and his smash cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream. Super moist and perfectly baked. Support this local neighborhood business!

Marisa Jarae

One of my fave stops on a Friday or Saturday morning. Great vibe, great coffee!

maja corridon

Very nice place, lively, colorful and has a great patio. Tasty treats and great coffee.

Jenny Chestnut

Good meeting space!

C AllenBrown

Fun neighborhood Bakery, they have the best red velvet cake on the planet, bar none!

Darci Adams

Excellent service! Custom baby shower cake was yummy & beautiful! When the cake arrived many people commented that it looked like it was off the tv show "Ace of Cakes." I will order cakes from here again!!

Jesse Zepeda

If your looking for a specialty cake I would not recommend this place. Their pastries are delicious but definitely not their cakes. I ordered a birthday cake for my daughters birthday from here and they assured me they were able to replicate what I wanted. They charged me $150 for a two tier cake which was completely dry and not to mention looked NOTHING like what I asked for. Complete disappointment and waste of money. As I stated before I ordered this cake for a birthday and picked it up the day before so unfortunately it was too late to rearrange things. They also put it in an extremely small box which is really strange and also made it difficult to travel to the birthday venue with. Response to owner - yes I was provided HALF of my refund. However, customers should be aware of these things before spending a great amount for a cake and the only way to inform others is through this review. I did not have a choice to be “satisfied” with this resolution because the event was the next morning and would have not been able to take it back to your bakery in time to be fixed or changed. My experience nor my opinions have not changed because of a partial refund.

Sarah Ivy

I called this morning in a rush. We have a conference with many people from out of state and just found out one of the people here has a birthday today. I called and was immediately greeted by a happy voice. They were able to get me 60 mini cupcakes quickly. I am very excited for everyone to taste them. Thank you so much for going above and beyond and helping my frantic self!

Christiann Vaughn

The coffee is always good. Baked goods are hit or miss. I love the red velvet cake, but some of the other cakes I’ve tried (the vanilla based ones) are way too sugary. I haven’t been wowed by the lunch items either. I wondered why there was no line at the counter when I went for lunch at 12:15 pm on a Thursday and I think it may be due to the fact that they need to work on their menu a bit. I ordered the lunch special Avocado Toast and was disappointed because it came with a very tiny smear of avocado. What kind of avocado toast doesn’t have a hefty serving of avocado? My daughter’s PB&J also had very little jelly on it. The food would have been otherwise delicious, but skimping on key ingredients kind of ruins it. I love coming to this place, just hope they can work on their consistency and fix a few menu losers.

jcastr1818 .

Found this location because a friend leaving our office is gluten free and I was able to find Cake Crumbs Bakery & Cafe who offers gluten free cakes. I wasn't able to get a gluten free cake because those are only available upon request in advance but I they had gluten free cupcakes available and they were delicious! At $4 each they were perfect for the occasion. So glad I found this bakery and plan to visit again. Thanks Cake Crumbs!

Owen Keith

Great service, food, and environment, with free WiFi and delicious cupcakes. However, a little bit on the pricey side.

Katy Kissler

Great spot! Fantastic locally made chai- flavorful, mild, and not too sweet. They were very accommodating of our little Friday morning Mom date/birthday party with 4 moms and 10 kids. They had plastic plates for the kiddos and set us up outside where we could let the kids run around without bothering anyone else. Also, they have day-old cupcakes for $1!

Marsha Riley

Tuna sandwich to go! I like it! I'm usually picky about tuna but I really liked this combo :)

Celeste Pfister

Local bakery that also serves breakfast food sandwiches and salads. Kids love the pasteries, although I find many a bit on the dry side. Good place to gather with friends.

Caitlin McGavran

Customer service has really deteriorated. Service takes a long time. Frequently I have to remind the staff of my order because it's been forgotten or not noted down. I won't be frequenting here in the future.

Alex Haney

This place rocks! Most amazing coffee, cold brew, and lattes. The food is delish and the cakes and pastries to die for. Chocolate croissants...yes. Look for Zoia with her bright red hair that matches her brilliant personality, she always makes my day!

Jason Bonner

Yummy cakes and coffee! Great local Park Hill place

Jenn M

Great food.

Tory Patnoe

Cup cake was okay. Coffee okay. Atmosphere is good.

Stephen Griffin

Good coffee and pastries. It is crowed.

Jaala Hemingway

Very cute place, with tasty snacks and yummy teas. I only wish there were an unflavored black tea option. However, the flavors they have are among the best in my book if you're going to have flavored tea.

John Hulsey

Great morning spot. Food and coffee were great.

Alyssia Richardson

I have been coming to Cake Crumbs for years and I'm sad to say I will not be coming back. The last few times I've come the customer service has been terrible with the exception of when I came last week (the young lady that helped me was very nice). But typically when I come the employees ignore me and when they finally look up and help me the have a bad attitude. I've called and complained to the manager but things seem to still be the same so I will take my business elsewhere.

Kent Beaber

Quintessential neighborhood bakery cafe. When ever I bring in Cake Crumbs treats for my work team they rave about them the whole day

Leanne Goff

This coffee shop doubles as a bakery - or maybe its a cake shop that serves coffee. Regardless, I love bringing my daughter here for a sweet special treat after a day at the zoo. She loves the decadent sweets and I love the caffeine buzz!!!


This place makes every customer feel special! They have always been so accommodating with my special orders, their cakes/cupcakes are so tasty and their customer service exceeds expectations!! Highly recommend!

Christina Avenoso

Bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel was pretty good. Only one coffee pot was full. Service was good. Kinda pricey. Two breakfast sandwiches and two large coffees shouldn't cost over $20. Manhattan prices aren't that bad!

Janice Talley

This place is super cute and great little place for families or kids to visit. The staff is super friendly and helpful. We bought a cake and it was tasty, not the best I've had but it was good nonetheless. It's more dense than what folks are probably used to. We had the lemon cake with lemon custard filling. They do have great coffee offerings, when I went, they had a vanilla lavender latte, which was good. They have a nice patio area and seems to have plenty of space.

Annie C

My favorite place to visit when I am in town. Their food is to die for! The location is so quaint and all the people are wonderful. Great spot for a cup of coffee or brunch with friends.

Mansoor Burhani

Very good breakfast sandwich!

Paul Huber

Friendly and right in line with the central Park Hill hub.

David Ford

Came for breakfast Sunday morning. Crowd is mostly old folk. Food is good and pastries are more expensive then other equally good bakeries. Lovely cupcakes , macaroons were different then what I've had before - not very soft or delicate, cupcakes are wonderful and they have a wide selection of seasonal treats even though most of it was gone to the morning rush. The inside is loud and outside is full of people and dogs.


Yummy pastries, great service, and comfy chairs to sit and chill. They have gluten-free and dairy-free options too!

Justin Bowers

Really fantastic bakery! We got a cake here for our 2 year olds birthday party. It looked amazing and it tasted great. Almost all the other little kids parents asked us where we got it. We couldn't have been happier. Our little guy is really into trains right now and they made us this great customized cake. We will definitely be going back here for all our bakery needs for celebrations. When I went to pick up the cake it was really nice on the inside and had a fun atmosphere. The staff was very friendly. Lol I think they could tell I was a little nervous about getting their master piece to my kids party in one piece so they even helped me out to the car. Really positive experience with Cake Crumbs

Christine Soto

Lovely neighborhood bakery with a great variety of sweets, dog treats, breakfast fare and patio seating.

Faith Lotus

The best Barista's in town! I love each and every one of the employees here - they really make it an experience vs just coffee. And the dialy cupcakes are SO GOOD!

Katie Kilpatrick

Always great food from there! The staff is nice and it's a nice airy place inside to sit.

Nic Osowski

I had to find the best REAL red velvet cake in Denver. I gotta say, this might be it. Very good!!

Robert Harbour

Great place if you want to pay 35$ for a frozen cake.

Tisha Braniff

Great neighborhood coffee shop. They have gluten-free options

Stephen Herr

Had a great ham and cheese croissant today. Selection was small as they had been very busy earlier in the morning. The iced black tea was perfect. Not over brewed and bitter like so many iced teas made in bulk. A tad expensive for what we got but still really good. Staff was fun and did apologize for being understocked.

Robert Bogan

Great small coffee shop

Adam Cheatham

Great little coffee shop with delicious coffee. Nice place to have a cup of joe and hang out

Su Wang

Had a great kale parmesan quiche at lunch and my daughter loved the Mac and cheese. Everything looked good on the menu, we brought some pastries home and hope to go back again!

Elise Danielson

My fiancé and I just bought a house a few blocks from here and were so excited to check it out. Although we think it’s super cute and the food is great, some of the staff is rude and unfriendly, which is a bummer!

james ormerod

12 cupcakes 35 dollars delicious worth all the money

Wyatt W

Cute little bakery with alot of different things to eat

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