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610 E Fillmore St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, United States

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Where is Boonzaaijer's Dutch Bakery?

REVIEWS OF Boonzaaijer's Dutch Bakery IN Colorado

Laura R

Fresh baked goods with a nice variety of items. 6/8 tables where you can sit with a delicious cup of coffee and a bite. Friendly staff, clean shop

Karen Johnston

this bakery reminds me of a bakery I used to frequent in Chicago. hand made everything, premium ingredients, and super friendly service.

Tiffany Cruz

The best bakery in town. They have a lot of unique dessert options, a place to sit and enjoy your food, plus a cute shop area to pick up neat gifts. The fruit tart is AMAZING!

Juniper Milli

Fantastic wedding cake. Couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. Beautiful decorations, quality service.

Jennifer Marino

Yum. If you haven't been here yet, go. That is all. Absolutely delicious everything. Custom cakes are delicious and reasonably priced, pastries are melt in your mouth and the cookies are worth every penny.

PT 0214

This place was awesome. Their pies are the best, and some of their cookies are definitelyamazing. Worth the drive.

Kyle Schnell

Beautiful interior with skilled staff. I much rather go here than walmart or king soopers "bakery".

Michelle Minneman

So many EXCELLENT treats, that I will wear stretch pants on my next visit . Great place!


Locally owned Mom and Pops pastry shop and coffee I love stopping in! Latte!!!

Randall Coan

Love the tasty treats. Get there early to get the best selections.

Cherie Kaplan

I found this place on accident while on business and now everytime I'm in the area I have to stop in. The Carrot cake is amazing. It's hard to find carrot cake without nuts. I buy their cookies for treats for my clients, and myself. The cheesecake dome makes my gluten free daughters day. We haven't tried anything we haven't liked. I would give 10 stars if I could YUMMY!!!

Jim Clasquin

DON'T go anywhere else for bakery items. I travel extensively, and I have NEVER encountered better fare anywhere in the US.

Samantha Bleier

Homemade pastries and cakes are amazing! They're kind of on the pricey side but they're pretty delicious

Charles Cowden

The eclairs are amazing. Life altering....

Kyle Heck

Great bakery! Kind of place where you can't make your mind up.. they have a large selection of pastries, cakes and some European specials. Prices are really good considering the quality of this bakery.

Caitlin Garrison

The best bakery in town! Plus a little shopping area if you're looking for authentic Dutch goodies or trinkets. I really didn't think they'd have anything gluten free but I bought an entire gf blueberry coffee cake, and it did not disappoint! They serve coffee also, so it was a perfect pairing, and we enjoyed it in their little sitting area.

Mary Joy Stickler

Cakes are delicious and beautiful! Great customer service! Their bathroom even has a changing table which is always helpful for parents of small children.

Carrie McNemar

Great little place! Excellent food and customer service!! Make sure you allow extra time because it's super busy :)

Jon Gingrich

Very nice place, great people. Most importantly - very tasty pastries and coffee!

Russell Walter

The cakes and cookies from this bakery will not disappoint, they are delicious! Everyone raved about my chocolate mousse birthday cake. The spritz cookies have a wonderful buttery flavor that is out of this world.

Brian Printz

Best bakery and coffee shop in town!

Eelco van Wijk

Great baked goods and a small store full of Dutch goodies!

Kathleen Leighton

The real thing here! Lines out the door during the holidays.

Thomas Willmann

Holy moly!! Yumtown! Population me!

Nancy Desilets

Best cookies in town, great breads and baked goods. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Lance Rusgrove

Super cute cafe, TONS of freshly baked pastries, cakes, pies, breads, it's a carbon lovers paradise! Oh an the staff is super pleasant as well!

Kate Burton

I lived in Europe for 10 years and I have to say this is the best bakery ever! (Sorry, Paris.) When you first walk in the door the scent of all those lovely pastries make you sigh with pleasure before you even taste anything. This is our go-to place for special treats. Love it!

Teri Little

Hands-down, the best baked goods I’ve ever eaten! (And my family is Amish/Mennonite , so that’s saying something!) This is our go-to bakery for meetings at work, early morning hikes and special occasions. Do yourself a favor, go early and add a half-dozen Dutch Girl cookies to your order!

Sam H.

Great place to order birthday cake of all kinds!

BLee Fun

The most amazing baked goods

Ms MsSweetMeat

I'm in love with their version of German Chocolate cake

Christy Carter

This place is the best. Everything is delicious!!!

T Hunt

More of an American style bakery than European. They do have many items that are similar to European recipes but usually sweeter, per the American pallet. That being said, they do a great job and everything I have tried is tasty even if it is too sweet. One of the best bakeries in town!

Colleen Kibbie-Vest

Since the Heidelburg's owner decided to retire to Florida and closed shop, this is one of the best free-standing bakeries around. It has terrific cookies if you like buttery ones. The boxed windmill ones are terrific spice cookies. Their Dutch Girls are cinnamon pastry feather light finger cookies. The fruit tarts are made with the same filo like dough pastry and are worth getting. The breads are worth getting..they often sell out of their rye but the multigrain whole wheat is yum for sandwiches and toast. When they make hot cross buns, no one can match them. I am sorry I missed the Irish soda bread in March. People love their cakes ( I am not a big cake person) and rave about their Napoleons. If you get those for your sweet. That just means more Fruit tarts left for me!

Reagan Echols

Our go to bakery for just about everything. Want a great weekend? Start by picking up some chocolate filled croissants on Friday. Throw them in the toaster oven on Saturday morning while the coffee brews and bam! Our office loves to pick up treats for every occasion, like weekdays. Cant have a bad day when it starts with coffeecake.

Jen G

I love this place! Everything offered is delicious! My daughter wanted a princess cake from here for her 18th birthday, and the staff worked with me to ensure it would be EXACTLY what I wanted. I've never paid so much for a cake before, but it was worth EVERY PENNY!

Aspen Christensen

Boonzaaijer's made us pies for 100 guests at our wedding in September. Their communication, and professionalism was remarkable. The pies were a huge hit. We wanted a homey, nostalgic feel, and the pies were the perfect touch, as they are truly delicious and nostalgic of grandma's homemade pies. We can't wait to visit when we are in the Springs again!

Jerry Celaya

Love this bakery, we visit every time we're in the area! Everything is great!

Abby C.

Great food. The variety isn’t the best, but their food is amazing. I highly recommend the strawberry and whipped cream and Bavarian cream filled croissant

jesica owensby

O.M.G! We had no idea what we were missing until we went to Boonzaaijers on a whim. I'm so glad we did! Their treats are soooo delicious! I wish we had stopped by sooner! Highly, highly, highly recommend EVERYONE try this place at least once! You won't regret it!

Clara Meury

THE bakery to go to for marvelous pies cakes pastries convenient location easy in-and-out parking. Great and friendly staff

Chris Gooch

Come here for every holiday that I don't make desserts myself. They also made cupcakes for my wedding and did a fantastic job. Can't recommend them enough

David Oreol

So far I’ve only tried a few breakfast danishes and the speculaas “windmill cookies”. It has all been excellent. I can’t wait to try more.

L Tap

Always love to pick up a pastry or two!! And some breads. Yummy!!

Raechel H

What a lovely bakery. Everything we ate was delicious and tasted fresh. There's free coffee and plenty of cafe style seating. Most bakeries we've been to here have no seating or stale food. Or there's only sugary sweet donuts to choose from. Lots of variety here. Took everything in my power to not take a full cake home.

Jesus Deleon

Getting my daughter's cake made here was hassle-free the cake was delicious and I highly recommend this place

Michelle Lynn

Wow. This place has Boston creme pies, fruit and creme tarts, apricot cookies and spiced pecan pies that are out of this world. They also have reasonably priced breakfast meats and cheese wrapped in buttery flakes bread goodness. I love this place, they take delicious to a collegiate level.

Lee Harwell

Cake and pie slices quite expensive and tasteless. Key lime pie was soggy and inedible; Apple strudel was nothing like europe...cold, doughy and also not good. Cake had some weird tasteless filling, and I couldnt taste any lemon on a lemon cake. Coffee was the only decent thing we had...just got back from Holland and was hoping for similar experience...not even close, sorry!

Willamina Beck

I am in love with this place! I had asked around for a place that doesn’t have overly sweet desserts and everyone recommended Boonzaaijer’s. We’ve been obsessed since! A lot of American desserts are super sweet for my taste and this place is the perfect balance. Their bread is also ridiculously good. I’ve been making a list for places to take family and friends when they visit and this is on there!

Allison S

A little expensive but the cinnamon rolls are to die for! So good!

Nicolas Diaz

Unbelievable good baked goods. Nice and efficient staff.

Martha Lutz

Everything I've tried at this bakery is fresh and delicious. The selection is impressive as well. The only thing I don't like is that when you pay with a credit card you're expected to leave an additional tip. I would rather just pay a fair price for my items so that the owners can afford to pay their staff a decent wage. I'm sick of being asked to tip eveywhere I go. The little screen that prompts me to choose at which level I will tip is manipulative. A jar next to the register is suggestive enough for those who are so eager to tip.

Joshua Haarbrink

Dutch boy here, always thrilled to have a bite and a coffee at this great place! Delicious fresh pastries and all kinds of treats from Holland to take home.

chad smith

Great coffee and pastry. Prices are not bad. The only problem I found was the employees walk around like this was the worst job they ever had. I would like to see smiles instead of frowns

poop magoo

Literally one of the best bakeries in Colorado. All of their baked goods are made fresh daily. I did not know an eclair could taste that good. It will definitely spoil you on croissants and cakes as well. I have never eaten such quality hand crafted baked goods

Elizabeth Ross

Amazing pastries and cookies.

Debra Johnson

We are getting our wedding cake from this Bakery some of the nicest people I've met in town. I've been to half dozen bakeries and my interaction with the baker made me make my choice plus the pastries are wonderful tasting

Diane Brooks

Nice little cozy Place Extraordinary Desserts friendly staff you at least have to go experience it once

Missy Barron

The fruit and cream tart was so delicious! Perfect combo of pastry, cream and fruit. (I shared it but I probably won't next time) I also got the chocolate cheesecake. It was creamy and yummy!

Sharon Carlos

Love this bakery! Best sourdough bread in the area.

Joice Panakkal

Great slection of pastries, cakes and cookies. Ordered 3 birthday cakes this year from them. They were the best.

Kyle mauger

Amazing bakery. Has great fresh bread and many other treats.


I like the baked goods obviously but I also like the collection of Dutch candy and such. Shorter trip than going to Appeldoorn to get the good stuff.

Alyssa James

The best cinnamon roll in town, and even better than I’ve found in Denver as well. The scones are soft and moist; I’m used to needing butter bc scones are so hearty, but I didn’t use the butter I asked for when I first tried their scones. Boyfriend gets the cinnamon twist: very very good...also moist and soft and flakey. Boyfriend also gets the croissant: wolfs it down so quick, I’ve actually never successfully stolen a bite.


Oh my gosh, my mother's day was so good!! We go in for special occasions and their fabulous home made breads! Hard to find Rye, but they have it if you go in early. The bread sells out quickly. I can't pronounce it, but I can sure find it. Yum to everything!!

Nathan Gallion

Challah bread makes the best French toast because of all the bubbles that fill with egg. It's only available on Saturdays and it helps to preorder your Challah on Friday anytime there's a Jewish holiday.

Heather Tormanen

Our favorite bakery! Wonderful selection of desserts, coffee cakes, pastries, drinks, etc. Great staff as well.

Caleb Iamkui

I would give this a 10 if I could. The fruit tart was amazing! And the hazelnut meringue so far the best

Shawn Hansen

What can I say? This Dutch bakery is absolutely fabulous. Right away when entering you are hit with the wonderful aroma of baked treats, delicious bread, and fresh coffee. Prices are very reasonable. We've tried almost everything here but my all time favorite had to be the caramel apple pie. I highly recommend.

morteza karami

I went for their tea cookies, which was good. But the bakery is over-rated in general. We tried a couple of pastries and definitely I have had much better one elsewhere.


My husband and I love this place so much. We live out of town, but every time we get a chance to visit, we load up on their pastries. Everything is good. The muffins are especially yummy. Always fresh. The only problem is getting there before they are sold out. But they have plenty of other amazing treats if you miss the pastries. The cakes and torts and pies are all to die for.

Peter Alonge

This is an amazing bakery. If you are looking for pastries, cookies, bake goods or coffee. This is the place to go. Very very friendly staff that go above and beyond every time you visit. Their pastries are so amazing you will have a hard time just eating one! They have a good amount of tables where you can sit and eat or get it to go! I would definitely make a trip here if I were you, you won't regret it at all! It is really hard to find a good bakery here in Colorado Springs, but you can rest assured this place is the real deal!

Martha Regan

Such a dangerous place! Check out this cherry pastry.

Michele Kantak

Everything. Is. Delicious! This is my go-to treat place! Almond lace cookies, fruit tarts, chocolate tarts, princess cake, the list is endless! Pies for the holidays too!

Joshua Heyer

A proper bakery with proper baked goods, sweet and savory.

Enn Vee

Always the best bakery! Considerate and caring staff. They have always been above and beyond the call of a normal bakery, today they helped us customize a cake for a young girl from an underprivileged family with her favorite anime, and even gave a discount on a cake that should've been $50. I'm not saying go in and expect a discount, just that the staff are caring and kindhearted. The sweets are perfection, bread is awesome, and they have a few shelves of Dutch essentials. Also the almond lace is addictive at 5 for $1.20.

Zan Steele

Delicious pastries, I can find a few gluten free options here.

Liz Campbell

Best ciabatta loaf in Colorado Springs. On Fillmore just east of Nevada Avenue. I had these guys make my wedding cake . They are probably the best bakery in the Springs in my opinion.

Em Jacobs

This will be my go-to place for small cakes. They're amazing, moist, and full flavored. Oh! And the fruit tarts are delightful.

Little Kitty Bea

I went here for pie after reading such great reviews, but it didn’t live up to the expectations I was hoping for. I don’t know if it was because it was late in the day or maybe that pie just wasn’t good? But, the key lime pie was a sad disappointment. It tasted stale and watery. Village Inn is surprisingly better. It did smell amazing when we walked in, but we didn’t try anything other than the pie.

Velvet E

Fantastic bakery- the packed parking lot gave us our first clue, but inside? Wow is all I can say. Any pastry, from cinnamon bread or twists and darling wedding cakes, to things with names I can't pronounce from Dutch heritage, their creations are delicious. You Must give them a try!

Karen Wood

I enjoy the their Gluten Free desserts and coffee cakes. Delicious!

Nikolas Schulz

Best bakery in Colorado Springs. Great food and Steve (owner) and Chef Amber are really great!

Caleb Gobble

First time here, great little place. Tried a cupcake and pinwheel and they were great. My picky wife loved it as well. Great selection from cupcakes to pie slices to pinwheels. Prices were super reasonable as well.

Alice Watkins

Overall, I have had better pastries. Counter help was great, filled almond cookies and cinnamon coffee cake kept it from being a washout. Very expensive for what you get. Almond tea cake was awful, only tasted sweet - not a hint of almond at all. Lemon squares and eclairs were ok, I've personally made better of both. I didn't try the filled croissant.

Laury Smith

Yummy! I do wish there was a bit bigger selection of fresh pastries but that's because everything I've had here was so good. It seems a bit pricey but it is worth it. This is the only place we've been able to find that has authentic European style pastries. It reminds be of my time in Germany. Great place! Friendly employees & sweets made to perfection.

John Plezia

The staff was great and the pastries we're amazing. The only issue was the name spelling on the cake we ordered and we did not double check it before we left. Otherwise the cake was great and exactly what we ordered. We will be back, but will definitely make sure to check the spelling before leaving.

Lotusfang Goblin

Huge selection of amazing pastries, baked goods, and coffees. This is definatly one of the gems of Colorado springs. It's not all sweets either the breakfast croissants are melt in your mouth good.

T Sullens

This is my favorite place to get my sugar fix!

Sharlynn Thompson

Excellent selection, friendly and helpful staff, and incredibly delicious princess cakes.


As soon as you walk in you are hit by the delicious smell of pastries. Very fast service with a lot of dessert options that are reasonably priced. Will be going back soon!

Tara layne

It was amazing. So much selection and tasty treats! Convenient parking, indoor seating.

that edgy hamster

it is AMAZING every time we drive by, we go there like omgggggg everything is SO good

Ides March

Always friendly here. Plus they have the most delicious desserts. I love the cinnamon cookies. So buttery. Can't go wrong with any of their cakes, tarts, cookies, bread pudding or cheesecakes

Thomas McDermott

Great range of delicious pastries and breads. Friendly and efficient service. Good coffee roo.

Charie Reynolds

This Bakery is rated number one in the springs for a reason! They've got great variety and boy oh boy there items are wonderful. So tasty. They also have a really nice drink menu that rivals Starbucks. And they have a a fairly large sitting area that will hold quite a few people maybe 40-50. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Over all mornings are busy just like any Bakery would be. I vote they're number one too!!!

Shannon Freddy

Fantastic bakery! A great selection of cakes, pies, breads, individual pastries and desserts. There’s a large dining room to eat and enjoy one of their many coffee drinks. The bathrooms are the cleanest I have ever seen in a public dining establishment.

Ute Watkins

Good bread, pastry and cakes. Friendly service.

Kathryn Cobb


Ruth De Haan

Best place for Dutch pastries and breads and pies. Every thing is delicious here.

Katie Jean

This is the best breakfast spot for pastries. They make everything from scratch: croissants, danishes, puff pastry of all sorts, cinnamon rolls, cakes, tarts, muffins, every thing!! They also do a dutch hot chocolate that is perfect with a croissant


Nice little bakery, they will run out of certain items and dont care if they do so dont bellyache about it, they are that good, show up early with your appetite.

Michael McDermott

The cakes and desserts here are really good. My personal favorite is their Boston cream pie, but it's hard to go wrong with their cakes and pastries.

Soraya Esfandiary

Absolutely the best bakery in Colorado Springs! Princess cake and the tea cookies are my favorites.

Cathy Pott

Is there anything nicer than a fresh almond croissant and coffee first thing in the morning at Boonzaijer's?


I love this place, great spot to stop on a slow morning and get a cup of coffee and a cinnamon twist or cinnamon roll. This bakery is really impressive, get off Google and go try it.

Trish Delaney

Amazing desserts and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Nathan Wiehe

This place is absolutely killing for sweet treats of any kind. I have had numerous birthday and special occasion cakes made here over the years and will continue to go back time and again.

Sue Rogers

This place is great! My number one recommendation is to scope out the pastry case before you order! It can get busy in here and you might not get to see everything if you get in line without checking out what they have! But you honestly can’t go wrong with anything, the cakes are especially amazing.

Heather And Daryl Tate

The shop smelled so good. We got an assortment of goodies and a slice of carrot cake.

TJ Houck

Great selection of pastries and coffee. You have to get there early if there is a particular pastry you want as they make a limited amount of some items pre day

scarlett roland

Best bakery I have ever been to.

Joseph Cheung

The pastries here are absolutely fantastic! And the employees are incredibly friendly and willing to help. The only negative feedback is their quiches. We received it after it was microwaved and was incredibly chewy, which is surprising for a quiche. But besides that, the environment is amazing.

Elke Naumann Houegnifio

Great breath and delicious pastries and cakes

- Hey There -

Plllleeeeease make the woorstenbroodje. I used to live in Belgium. I need woorstenbroodje in my life.

Brandon Ducote

Really... There's no better place to go for dessert, breads or cookies.

Michelle R

Well, shame on me. I love to support local businesses and somehow I have passed this one up. Today I stopped in. I needed a classy small gift for a friends real estate closing. I found a nice box of specialty cookies in a plastic container. I asked if they could transfer the contents to a prettier box, a bakery box. And with zero hesitation, they presented me the cookies in a beautiful box with their bakery sticker on it. I was so surprised to see the inside of this shop is café style. With a latte machine, and fresh brewed coffee as well. Plenty of tables to sit and relax. This is a true gem of the Fillmore neighborhood. I wanted to further support them so I had a latte also. I will be back again. And I am happy to spread the word about this cozy meeting place. I had no idea. Very friendly staff, super clean and cute shop. Plenty of fresh baked goods ready to go. Very impressed.

Tay Rae

Really impressed with the quality of the bakes. Pain Au Chocolat was to die for. Loved the lace cookies. The chocolate mousse cake was velvety and delicious. I'm dying to come back here. I wish they stayed open a bit later for my own selfish reasons. Customer service wasn't the best. I did realize a few of their younger employees don't know what each of the desserts really are. I asked which of their desserts have the strongest almond flavor (meaning extract for flavor...not real almonds for crunch.) The young man helping me told me option 1 was the best...luckily another employee piped in and saved the day by recommending option 2 that was loaded with the almond flavor I was craving. Overall, a perfect authentic bakery. Can't wait to try more!

Christie Cooley

Great snails, and ham and swiss croissants

Brenda Wreford

So many delicious choices it's hard not to overdo

Cher Fitch

I went to a friend's house for lunch today and wanted to bring a dessert so I stopped in to the bakery and I purchased a caramel apple torte. Oh my goodness. It was so delicious. Service there is great, the place is spotless. They're always very pleasant to their customers. The next thing I am going to buy is their key lime pie.

Noelle V

Some items can be a little pricey, but I feel it's expected from a small business. I haven't tried a whole lot from here, but the sausage rolls keeps me coming back for more! I always try to grab a baked good as well and have not been let down. I went in today, a little late in the morning for some sausage rolls. They were sold out, but a kind worker offered to sell me some frozen ones to take home and bake. Which I happily did! It was very kind of them!!

Romeo Papa

Went to order cinnamon rolls. Was very impressed how big and tasty they were. Plus they had other delicious pastries to select from. They also had a variety of hot drinks to go with your pastries. I'm a simple man, so I just ordered a large hot coffee. Tasted great. It was also convenient they had an area to sit down and enjoy your treats. Staff were courteous and expedient. We enjoyed ourselves that day. Would come again.

Tara Sanford

OH MY! The selection of treats makes you feel like a kid again! I so wished I could have taken one of each! I selected on 4 different treats as a surprise for my husbands birthday. He was thrilled with each one and never did pick a favorite, they were all so yummy! You certainly can not go wrong visiting this bakery!

Gerald needham

Delishs treats great prices nice folks

Nohemi Lopez

I take my family here when they go to visit me! I love their pastries.

Yuyu s

This is the best cake ive eaten.we discovered this place 2 years ago and been buying all our birthday cakes here. I used to not like cakes because most have very little flavor and so much sugar.

cubby robison

Love the butter cookies here, black eyed susan flower types. But only 4 stars because they are closed on sundays, this is when people are out and about, sunday morning breakfast brunches with eating Saturdays day old purchases, sunday is usually a busy for bakery cafes. Relaxing time for customers to pop in, eat, catch up with each other. But not here since they are closed. Or take home fresh Danish, breads, for sunday meals.


The best bakery in Colorado!

Steven Weed

If you're looking for an amazing local bakery, just go to Boonzaaijer's - the search is over! Great prices, flexible ordering process and unbelievable treats! My wife loved her strawberry rhubarb pie and said it was the BEST PIE she's ever had! Thanks again, we will be back for sure!

Kenneth W. Brown

Great place for the sweet tooth on the west side.

Jeffery Collins

Nice bakery with interesting pastries that everybody will love. Instead of just buying a bunch of donuts I pop in here once in a while and pick up a bunch for the contractors who work on my rental homes and they are always so surprised and love them!

clay mcnally

Always great service and great food love this place

Terri Lee

Love there cakes and pastries. Had our wedding cake and 10 yr anniversary cake both done here. Yummy stuff.

Bobby S

Great pastry and coffee. Along with friendly service

Reese Edwards

Tried the carrot cake and cupcakes. It was delicious! The carrot cake has a nice thin layer of cinnamon/brown sugar mixture on the bottom. The cupcakes taste so rich and homemade!

Brittany smith

Our favorite place for a delicious selection of baked goods. Everything is good. Never had a disappointing item. Everyone I've encountered is friendly and helpful

Laura Baggett

The free smells alone are to die for! Had an Almond Tea Cake and I recommend that to anyone. Like a little glazed pie with marmalade and a maraschino cherry. Can't wait to try the cake we picked up and make another trip down there to try some more!

Luis Jimenez

Great service and pastries.

Kylan Cook

Go if for nothing else but the amazing smells!!

Steve Spinella

Locally well loved bakery with cakes and pastries.

Shannon Johnson

I've been here once before. I've also left a review then. What can I say that will convince you that this place is by far the best bakery around. I love it. The staff is always very friendly, and the treats are not mass produced so they don't taste like a pastry from a local supermarket. They taste like they were made with love❤ Thanks for all you do, One Happy Customer

Amy Martin

There is not enough I could say about this place. There is nothing like it in town, and it just reminds me of something out east. The staff are always welcoming and cheerful, and make it a great experience. The coffee is wonderful and pastries are even better.

Mark Chisholm

It's a personal preference thing - if you like powdered sugar on your apple strudel then you'd like them, but if you want just the pastry and apple filling, without messy powdered sugar all over it, well, then you'd give them 3 stars. But good coffee and excellent fruit tart.

Darren Waltman

You certainly won't find a better place for pastries in Colorado Springs. Every time I come in here I am pleasantly surprised and leave satisfied. If you have a gathering at which you would like to bring something amazing this is your place. They also make some of the most beautiful wedding cakes available in town. Always a pleasure.

Keisha Lancaster

The cake tasting was amazing. The cake we received was SOOOO impressive, it was the light of the surprise party!!!!

Alexis Haynes

Amazing one of the best bakery. I would highly recommend you try them.

Rebecca Dellheim-Johnson

We made the mistake, as I'm sure others do, of continually passing this unassuming place on our drive home for the past year before finally trying it and very quickly realizing it is the BEST bakery in Colorado Springs! Their vast repertoire of Dutch baked goods (especially anything almond like) and extra Dutch, German, and even a few Asian goodies for sale, along with the fact that they make custom wedding, birthday, and special occasion cakes make this our new go-to spot for a treat and a coffee (no worries, they have tea too!)!! Can't wait for another excuse to go get another treat.

Bret MacMillan

I've never been someone who will drive somewhere specifically for baked goods but this place definitely changed that. Everything is so good and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Definitely worth it.

Jill Oclaray

Remember going into a bakery when you were a kid? Remember the smells, the tastes, the sounds, seeing the selections & how you felt when you took the first bite of your almond bears claw, eclair or Napoleon....well that's what Boonzaaijer's Dutch Bakery offers . This bakery is a Solvang, CA Dutch Bakery wrapped up inro one bakery on Colorado Springs Very tasty!!

Don Schley

Without a doubt the best specialty bakery in the City, bar none. Stephen Boonzaaijer runs a tip-top operation, and every one of their dessert pastries, from Eclairs to , melt in your mouth. Their sausage-stuffed Croissants make a marvelous lunch, too. I use the place for lunch and afternoon meetings over their delicious house coffees!

Conner Bodell

I got my baby shower cake from here and it turned out so amazing!! I could not be any happier about it! Beautiful and tasted sooo good!

Heather Williams

Been here a couple of times and they have a whole lot of yummy pastries to die for. Not great if you are on a diet but if you want to indulge or take some pastries for co-workers to the office this place beats just plain ole donuts!

Annick Belemou

One of the best bakeries to order from. I ordered several birthday cakes for my friends and family and never got disappointed.

Kyle Anderson

Amazing pies and breads... Good coffee too

Veronica De La Hoz

The pasteries are Awesome! Try the Eclairs!!!!

Alan Wolin

Excellent. We stopped in for a cold drink----iced tea. Not many customers at this late hour.

Red Faux

What a great place for fresh bakery. A must stop. So many choices. Beautiful art in the food. I'll be back!

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Boonzaaijer's Dutch Bakery en Colorado
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