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1305 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, United States

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REVIEWS OF Uncle Bill's Pancake House IN California

Susan Slavik

We decompressed together as 1 my family and I , the staff was very supporting for an impromptu group of 9. Excellent food, hot and delicious. NEVER ran out of coffee. Did I mention the view???

Christopher Jones

Great non-chain diner. Friendly, quick, and delicious.

zandra ruiz

Delicious food!

Jrod Dski

I'm a pancake fanatic and this place let me down :( The buckwheat blueberry pancakes were bland and did not even taste like buckwheat pancakes. The service was not very friendly...the staff did not seem very customer service oriented. There are far tastier places for pancakes in Manhattan Beach/Hermosa Beach.

Dana Vereen

Excellent service and food

William Douglas

Food was good. Nice atmosphere and ocean view. I did NOT like that they allow dogs on the premises.

Carson Boden

A classic local spot with breakfast served all day. The service is sweet and speedy. I ordered the Catalina omelette with some coconut pancakes. Everything was divine, as usual

Ernesto Amaya

Worst experience ever all i wanted was to treat my family to breakfast early sunday morning but unfortunately ended up leaving feeling discriminated and hungry . My family and I arrived early before the morning rush and other groups which were incomplete arrived after us and Caucasian were sat before us when my wife asked the hostess about that she was dismissive and condescending and didnt give us a clear answer as to why we couldn't be seated making us feel unwelcome i guess there werent any tables towards the back of the restaurant

Madeline Alt

Delicious! I live in NYC and this was better than any breakfast I've had there.

Guido Karp

Huge line outside - a thirty minute wait. A small gem close to the beach that was recommended by a friend. My wife and I liked the food, the ambiance and the service - and their prices too. I was a bit surprised that the "two links of sausage" turned out to be one sausage split in the middle - it was a big sausage though, so the quantity was enough even for me - I am a big eater. Three eggs, hash, sausage - all for $11,50 - man, you gotta check out European prices this close to the beach - you may end up paying this much for the coffee ;-) The clown in me was tempted to tear my $20 into two pieces and ask for $5 change (the total ran $35 for the two of us, including tax and tip). I did not - and my wife loved me even more, after all it was not the waitress fault and everything else was really good. Why "only" four stars? The food was good - nothing more and nothing less. I do not think I'd make a 30+ min detour to go - a five star mandatory within my rating scheme. ------ Thanks for reading my comment. Now, if you are curious enough about my "rating scheme", here's "the moment of truth. I am a music photographer who travels the world with the worlds greatest musical talents (Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Rolling Stones or Rammstein, to name a few) for almost 40 years. When being asked "where do you live" I tended to ask "in hotels". At my peak, I "shot" 250 shows a year. Will say: been there, saw and tasted it, and a lot, as I may say and much to the dismay of my doctor who is in my back to lose a few pounds. Quite a few, as I may add, which is why my wife and I walk ten thousand steps per day, where- and whenever we can - and explore a lot of new exciting places - places you may oversee when just driving by. While I love to share my experience with others, I am sometimes shocked how people use their "power of word" to down-rate amazing places because of minor incidents (in my all time favourite restaurant Le Petit Four on Sunset Plaza the owner was even called a racist as he refused to toast the (free) bread in his packed restaurant - they simply do not offer toasted bread, as no French place does, as I may add). Or I just read "Chicken piccata so over-salted I hope the dog enjoys the leftovers tomorrow, I brought home most of the dish." Did they speak to their service? How could the restaurant learn that something was wrong when patrons even have their leftovers boxed to take home? As a dog owner, I want to take the writer and shake him or her really bad and say "you give over-salted food to your dog? Anyone with a bit of brain understands this is a horrible idea... I hope you agree. So If I had the say on this portal, I would offer just to see ratings of my friends. So I would see what the ratings were by like-minded people. Sadly, I have no say. I try not to compare apples with oranges. A place like this simply does not compare to "The Ritz". At first, I assume that a restaurant is clean, they do not greet you with a gun - and they deliver whatever they promise. I do not give stars for things that are expected. In my rating scheme, three or more stars are awarded if they actually exceeded my expectation. Four, if I am sure I will come back. To achieve five stars, I must be willing to take a detour of thirty minutes or more to go again. Thank you for reading this.

Reggie Walls

Great pancakes by the beach very flavorful, also saw Vince Vaughn here which was cool. The place is really small like most beach restaurants but gets busy and rushed. Will come back just maybe on a weekday next time. My girlfriend loved the hash browns says she's never had them like this before. All and all good place to check out.

Michelle Gubler

The food here is great and reasonably priced for the area! The servers have always been friendly when I've gone.

sydney wen

Worth the long wait, you can bring your pooch too!

John Robinson

Pancakes and potatoes stroganoff were AMAZING. OJ fresh as well. Great spot!

John Langdon

Great breakfast and friendly staff.

Berton D

Egg Combos & Omelets, had corned beef hash & eggs, coffee is light and smooth, c/w real cream, service is excellent, always keeping the coffee cup full, extensive menu selection, came here to check out how great the pancakes are, excellent.

Sandy Marchese

Great breakfast place. Try the Potatoes del Reigo.

Elizabeth Alcantar

Horrible. We waited forever watching everyone else get seated but us. They gave us excuses while we sat parties of 5 or 6 get seated except us? Doesn't make sense. After waiting for over an hour, we left very disappointed. I also noticed we were the only Latinos waiting....maybe that's why they didn't care to seat us?

Jacky Siu

Nice small place, big dish

Darshan Patel

Nice place to be in morning and best breakfast

Luke Wahl

Our group of 8 dropped in around 9:30am on a Wednesday. The place looked quite busy but we were happy to wait a little. Once sat the circus began - not sure if Uncle Bill's is always like this but we found the service very disorganized. We never were sure who was waiting on us nor able to get service when we would expect it. On the plus side our food arrived timely, looking and tasty great, and no one asked us how everything was right after we'd taken big bites. I wasn't that hungry and made myself quite happy with the "Award Winning Chili" which I can definitely agree it better win some awards, perfectly done with that deep homemade flavor. Everyone else seemed happy with their orders too. However I cannot provide much recommendation since the service was all over the place. We were obviously done for some time before a check arrived but all thrown onto one paper. Seems a few boys from Illinois need to specify early on we need individual tabs - weren't sure how to separate 8 bills and one of the waiters looked quite frustrated upon learning we needed it split. He went on to add quite the extra in "tax" to many of our tabs.... Uncle Bill's has good food but sure doesn't like big groups!

Jeremy Stern

Great home town breakfast tradition

Tim Thurman

Best breakfast in town. Amazing food and solid service

Leslie Loewen

Food is amazing. Fresh homemade hash browns are the best. Cheddar bacon waffle, really? Turns out to be a delicious combo. A little pricey, but portions are huge. It is crowded on Sundays so expect a wait - but worth it.

Santiago Smith

I thought it was good, but nothing great. We were visiting from Vegas and walked here from the beach. We sat outside and had a small view of the ocean. The tables are very close together making it hard to walk around people eating. We got our drinks pretty quickly but the waitress did not show up to take our order for a while later. I ordered the JDs french toast which is french toast with strawberries and bananas. The presentation was nice but the french toast was luke warm and no butter was served with it. The waitress did not return to check on us until after we were finished. It's a basic breakfast place with average to slow service. Definitely cannot recommend. Several nice places a few blocks further on Manhattan Beach Blvd.

Sovatha Ann

The food is just so so, nothing special. I agree with other reviewers that the service was not the best. I felt a sense of arrogance at this place. Maybe because they think they're very well known and don't really care if you like the service or not. I couldn't really enjoy my food because the waiters kept coming back as if to rush me to finish soon. It's what it is when you have long line of people waiting, and thus the sense of arrogance. I sat outside and I barely saw the ocean. Totally not worth the hype people talk about. Maybe if the service was better, I would prolly come back.

Stevie D

Excellent place to catch up with friends and have some lovely food. The fact that it's busy says that it's well known locally and popular.

Jenna Ash

This place treated my mother-in-law who is dying of stage 4 cancer like garbage. The hostess whispered about her to other wait staff in front of her. The manager was soo unprofessional and refused to let her sit in the shade! Even though there was nobody waiting for the table. He made a scene and embarrassed her in front of the other customers. I will be boycotting this establishment. #BoycottUncleBillsPancakeHouse

Abraham Jaimes

One of my favorite places to grab breakfast. The food is really good here and the service is great. Only bad thing I can say about this place is that they aren't open long enough!

Paul Kang

Very good.

Traci Elvir

Best breakfast place in the Socal!

HndsmeP 909

We've been coming here for years, the service has always been excellent and they're always accommodating. I love their waffles and the wife and kids love the pancakes.

Eden Jeffries

Uncle Bill's Pancake house is a small diner that sits atop the hill on the Manhattan Beach strand (just two blocks from the sand). It's a veteran establishment of Manhattan Beach, cherished by locals and visitors alike. They've got all your classic all American breakfast items as well as sandwiches and salads. There's nothing particularly "fancy" or extraordinary about the dishes but I will say that everything is quality and made well. You can't go wrong with any of the flavorful omelette combos or pancakes. As someone who's health conscious (most of the time) I'm a fan of the fact the have buckwheat pancakes, which come in plain, banana and blueberry varieties, and they are really good! I've never had any of the lunch items so I can't say. It gets pretty busy on the weekends and it's a relatively small place so be prepared for a wait but as you move into the afternoon you'll be seated fast! All the waiters are very friendly and the food comes out fast. It's also moderately priced and you do get a lot of food (particularly with the breakfast entrees that come with hash browns, and a side of carbs of choice). This is a really sweet little old-school, homey place.

Fe Tacmoy

Great food#good service. Except the big guy wearing with big jewelry kind of not nice to the customer never say hi and good morning.

Corey Peterson

Very nice, attentive waitress. Food was good, but not anything to write home about. Did enjoy the loaded hash browns with plenty of bacon, avocado, etc. to satisfy the tastebuds. Parking can be a pain based on time of dining. Be prepared to round the block a couple of times to find a meter or lot opening.

Chris Ross

We had a fun lunch here late August. Good food friendly staff. A short walk to the beach after your meal. Easy Uber from LAX Airport Hotels.

James Wang

A standard breakfast spot. Although they have very friendly staff and good service, the food is subpar. Ordered cinnamon apple pancakes and a Denver omelette, both of which were lacking. There were not many apples in the thin pancakes, and they tasted like regular buttermilk. Would not recommend paying extra for the flavored pancakes. The Denver omelette was supposed to come with pineapple, but instead of grilled pineapple being embedded into the omelette, a small piece was placed on top. Overall, the food was not exceptional for the price.

Frederick Bustillos

Excellent Food best service, pancakes are to die for. Crowded so one has to get there early. Portions are good size. So when you go there You are expected to enjoy and eat.

Kevin Merchant

Two dogs at table next to us..I'm glad I was finished eating g and ready to leave...Not going back...

Rodney Beckles

The breakfast was fantastic. The hamburger patty was cooked as ordered, the eggs scrambled and hot, and the buttermilk pancakes were delicious! A great way to start a day.

Brittney C

Good food reasonably priced breakfast menu. Right near beach. Inside was a little crowded so I got my food to go

Jae D.

My husband and I had breakfast here. Everything was delicious. I had the Catalina and pancakes, and he had the Expo 73. We both really enjoyed our meals. The fresh squeezed lemonade was wonderful. The staff was nice and polite. We also had a nice view of the ocean. Awesome...

Steven B

Good basic All American breakfast and lunch dishes. Very friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere at Uncle Bill's Pancake House

Philip Christodoulo

Didn't have a good experience, went in and tried ordering a carryout. It was around 10am during the week, so the slower time of the day. I was told to wait and they would get to me for my order, no problem. 5-10 minutes went by, the manager was not busy, just walking around. 15-20 minutes came, just trying to place my order and still no one would take it. They were not super busy. So I had enough and walked out. The food looked great, but would never know. Anyway, while I was waiting, I observed not good restaurant habits. One guy got his order and he received sausage and I guess he didn't want it, as they ended up giving him bacon instead. But the customer ate half of a sausage link with his hand. Then the server grabbed the plate to give him his bacon. What I saw next surprised me, the cook took the two remaining sausage links and put it back on the flat top with all the other food they were making for breakfast. Major violation there.

Annette Ybarra

This place is the best place I have ever been to. Service is Excellent! Breakfast is Amazing! The location is Beautiful in the morning!

Josh Shriber

Uncle Bill's is one of the best. This staff the food and location makes it amazing!

Kevin Walsh

Lame food but good friendly service. Surprisingly, the pancakes are not very tasty or moist, nor are the waffles. Also, not a good place to visit if you're avoiding dairy: they do not offer alternatives to butter so most things have dairy.

Katie Pawlowski

This review is solely for the women up front taking names for a table. For no reason, she had the worst attitude and was so rude. We left for that reason. Unfortunate.

Jacky Lau

Good breakfast food, definitely above average but nothing to write home about. The location is great though; beach views and shopping right around. Definitely a popular brunch spot on the weekends. Portion for the price is very fair, and the portions are pretty big.

Angeline Irene Olliff

Friendly, energetic staff with great teamwork ethos. Banana Walnut pancakes were smaller and thinner than what I expected, but very dense and more than enough. My only suggestion is that they invest in fully-shelled walnuts to eliminate those infrequent but noticably intrusive bitter black fakes.

Joshua Stock

Great view. Wait was long but the weather was nice. Food was slow but hot. Wait staff was rushed and a bit cold.


Tasty breakfast with all the choices you know and love. Excellent pancakes, perfectly cooked eggs, and crispy bacon made for a huge meal that will keep you going on the beach or the day around LA. Friendly service at the counter, which is old-school style, or take in the view out on the patio. Either way, this joint does is right.

Karson Howard

Super fast and efficient. Someone different to seat, bus, bring drinks, order, bring food, and clean. And I was surprised with how busy it was how quick I got my food. And the sour dough french toast was amazing!! Worth the drive to get there and an additional perk was the close beach where I could digest as I watched the surfers.

Maurice Perkins

This place never disappoints. There's always a wait because it's so good. I'd recommend coming on a sunny morning when the weather is nice and sitting outside.

Rasheaka Proctor

Food was good, loved the view ...

Hector Bermudez

What's not to love about this place. Literally walking distance from the beautiful west coast. Be prepared to wait as this a local and touristy spot. Not very large place but totally worth it. I recommend getting here early like before 8:30 am. After 9 am forget it lol. Staff is always friendly and efficient. Parking lot right next to the location. But I find it easier to park at the Manhattan beach library parking structure then walking over. Now for my favorite part. I always fluctuate between chocolate chip pancakes or the blueberries. Two of my personal favorites. However the macadamia nut as well as the strawberry are great choices. More than enough omelets to choose from. However if you need to share anything make sure to get an order of the potatoes stroganoff, it's unbelievable.

Gabriella De La Cerda-Lim

Blueberry pancakes hit the spot!

Danielle John

really not worth it when there's a one hour wait. Good food, good prices, but standard

Jen H.

The “go-to” for breakfast and brunch in the MB area. Long waits. Nice views from outside patio.

Isbelda Love

Watch out for waiters scamming you when you pay. My boyfriend I split the bill. I gave the waiter a $10 dollar tip, apparently that wasn't enough for her so she decided to charge us both $3 extra dollars on our credit cards. Without informing us. I called to speak to the manager and was told manger is not in right now so i left my phone # so the manager can contact me. Never got a call back unfortunately. This place was my favorite breakfast joint whenever I visited Manhattan Beach, but no longer because of their dishonesty. They are Thieves.

Richard Meyes

Hands down the best breakfast I had in LA.

Darrell Moore

Great food and service. Get there before 830 or enjoy the wait.

Susan Verhalen

Food was excellent! Dog friendly and staff courteous and attentive.I highly recommend!

Whitney Gardner

Friendly customer service, and yummy food. If you get to sit outside when you eat, it is amazing. You can see the ocean from this place. The tropical paradise tea is delicious too!

Josh Campbell

Delicious breakfast, great coffee and fast service

Peter K

This would be a great place if it was brand new and no one knew about it. There is an amazing view and the food comes fast and is good. If that were the case you would tell your friends that you found this amazing little unassuming place with no lines, good food, and an ocean view. So what's the downside you may ask is the long lines, management with a sense that you are a number and not a human, and lots and lots flies. Anyhow I know I'm a minority on this but just a data point for making your next breakfast decision. Good luck...


Good place, great location and service.

Jason Paden

Does it get any better than breakfast at Uncle Bill's? No, it doesn't. Beautiful Service. Good Hearty Breakfast Food. And So close to the water that in the early morning you're almost guaranteed to be sitting right in the ocean mist. They have a guard shield up to keep the mist at bay. Best breakfast of your life right there.

Brian Keefer

Come hungry for great breakfast and service!

Luis Lima

Stay away, expensive, mediocre food and the service needs work.

Paul Tarbox

How is this place popular? The food sucks. A star for the servers who were very friendly though. Good location and view of the ocean. Lots of flies and low quality ingredients.

Eric Lai

Excellent food.. the '73 Expo omelette had a hearty combination of veggies and meat. Hash browns grilled to a good crisp. Light and fluffy pancakes that are a credit to the restaurant's name. Fast and efficient service, thank you. For some reason we thought this was one of those places where you pay up front. So, after the meal when we got up to go pay, the owner (?) gave me a funny look and stopped me, but very professionally asked whether I'd be paying with cash or card. Well-handled, and apologies for any awkwardness around that situation.

Andrew Edwards

Worth the wait, partly because it's good and partly because there simply aren't other comparable options nearby. I'd recommend plain pancakes as opposed to specialty ones. They are much better! Also, ask for the Spanish sauce if you get any type of egg dish.

Salvador Parada

The best in Manhattan beach

Ebonie Hicklin

Really great food. Quite a tight fit since the space is small, and usually a 15 minute wait if you don’t plan ahead. Friendly staff.

Collin Wilson

Normally a big uncle Bill’s fan, good food, great spot. Today I came in to a blank stare from the host until I told her it was just me. Then after flagging down someone for a cup of coffee I waited 10 minutes for a server to say hello, I placed my order received my food (excellent as always) and that was it! My server left my bill and never came back, my coffee was never checked or refilled, there was never a check to see if I needed anything, heck I couldn’t even pay my bill. I eventually got tired of sitting there waiting got up and found a server near the register to swipe my card. All in all I got about 6 words, my food and a cup of coffee out of the whole staff on a relatively slow Monday. Disappointing day at Uncle Bill’s

Jennifer Martini

Pretty short wait for a Saturday morning which was really nice. I wanted to get eggs but if course my husband so kindly reminded me it's a pancake house and since it was our first time we thought, hmm yea we should get pancakes. I had the Banana Nut pancakes which were really good. A very large serving too! I would definitely go back. I'm interested in trying the macadamia nut pancakes now.

Arecia Yee

Had a good breakfast here. Get there early because it's a popular spot. Inside and outside seating. We sat inside...seating is a little cramped. Service was pleasant and your coffee is refreshed regularly which goes along way when you're a coffee drinker. Overall nice experience. Would have given 5 stars if we had a ROCK STAR server but no above and beyonds here to make me remember a name.

Aurelian Cotuna

The pancakes were delicious. The omlete was really good. A nice place to enjoy a delicious breakfast. You can take your your whole family here for breakfast or enjoy by yourself. Free amazing coffee fill-up

James Macleod

Very good and good portions.


All the way from Dubai , to this place .. a nice place to start your day with , in Manhattan beach

T Young

The Mecca of all breakfast spots. Been going here for years. Tons of food for your dollar. Great coffee, muffins, omelettes. Small and local. Always packed on weekend mornings.

Chuck Mojdehi

Uncle Bill's is an icon of Manhattan Beach is all I can say. It has been there, is there and will be there. My friend Joel Shapiro (RIP) was a regular on the weekends after his flights. His picture and mine is on the wall next to a plane after one of our flights.

Gloria Lau

Great pancakes great service

Devon Patterson

One of my favorite breakfast spots on the Westside. I recommend the combo with French toast. It’s the perfect amount of food! Can’t beat sitting on the patio and then walking off the food on the beach after either.


Best “Hole in the Wall” place I have ever been to and will stay #1 on my list! Has the same hustle and bustle setting with diner options as Patrick’s Roadhouse BUT by the beach!!! You do not get a beach view but you can see it from your seat☺️. I’ve been here many times and will continue to go here. I always stop in for breakfast alone and usually sit outside. It’s the holiday season so the wait was a little longer. (Sorry it wouldn’t let me attached video. I attached a picture of what the usual wait looks like. There is seating while you wait!) I order the buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and a coffee (total of $14.50). Super delicious and I was contemplating on getting a side of hash and avocados because of the temptation to eat more great food! Expect about a minimum 15 min wait but I promise you it is worth it! Family friendly. Table for 1 friendly or even on a date to eat before the beach❤️

Kip Ames

Kelly our waitress was amazing. The pancakes are incredible. The rest of the menu is very good as well. Would definitely recommend!

kyle denis

Great food, great service, and even better if you get the early enough to best the rush.

Raisa Mia Pangilinan

Came in for breakfast around 7am. Service was quick and friendly. There was plenty of space and it was relaxed, open, and airy inside. Great atmosphere for eaely morning breakfast with the family. Food portions were just big enough to get full. Had a great food selection. Majority was stuff I could make at home, but no big deal. Probably the "worst" part was - For a pancake house, their pancakes are really salty... I got the pineapple coconut pancakes (on special), but I couldn't taste and pineapple and I could still taste all salt in the pancake batter even after drowning them in the coconut syrup~ Same goes for the chocolate chip pancakes. Also tried their corned beef hash - The corned beef was charred/burnt on the outside and barely cooked on the inside~ Overall - Wasn't bad, but I'm not going to drive out of my way (2 hours) to come back. And if I do come back, I'm going to try something else~

Vonda Parriott

We got in pretty quickly since other people put their names on the list and then left. The food and service were both great. Coffee is always refilled, orange juice tasted fresh squeezed. The wait staff were all very friendly.

Curt Crosby

Expo 73 Omelette. Get it. Thank me later.


The food was amazing, the staff is a little slow but it is also a very busy location.

John Morris

TOURIST ALERT!!!!! Decent food but FYI the whole town is no smoking OUTSIDE and in

Mike Paul

Cool spot. Good food. Good service. Fair prices.

Paula Boothe

I typically come here for breakfast and it's delicious! And the staff is so friendly, Brianna took good care of us.

Denise Rosettani

first timers love the hash brown OMG very good breakfast, service was outstanding

tamra barela

The food was fantastic and worth the wait. We were on vacation as a family and had just flew in and was looking for a place to eat breakfast. We saw the crowd and said it must be good! It was so worth the wait and will return everytime I go back to CA. My daughter happened to forget her phone. She figures she lost it somewhere else and we didnt think of this restuarant. we returned home and I looked up our location on the phone and it was located near the restaurant. I called and spoke with the manager and he found it and returned it to us for no charge. I was so greatful and appreciate the kindness! This restaurant is above a 5 in my book. No great deed will ever not be known. We reap what we sow and this manager was amazing! May he be blessed beyond measure.

James Denny

Great pancakes! We killed off our book tour hear by getting the Protein Pancakes, HashBrowns, and Egg Whites. Great portion sizes and awesome views.

Jasmin Banks

Always amazing food and servers.

J Calderón

WoW. I have been living in the area for over two years and today was my first time here and let me tell you... Best breakfast in town! Great beach atmosphere, lots of locals, fluffy & yummy pancakes, great prices. Staff is very friendly and pay close attention to detail

Jose Amaral Jr

Was introduced to this place by a friend that frequently visits. Once I come and tried their pancakes I was very glad to have visited. I sat on the outside tables on a nice Sunny day service was very fast for a lunch time rush hour and very friendly staff that was always checking to see if we needed anything. The food was delicious and I want to try different things next time I visit.

Andrew Wysocki

Scrambled eggs were brownish not really yellow. Don't like when scrambled eggs are cooked in the grill grease they turn brownish. The pancakes were okay. I've had better ( fluffier and lighter) and I've had worst ( dense and gritty). They are in between. Overall it was okay. Just no magical moment of OMG you have to try this. It was good!

Kai Marshland

Incredible pancakes and french toast. Beware having to wait for a table, but the wait is worth it.

Armando Calderon

Atmosphere and service we great. Food (Mitch's scramble with waffles) was average. Overall, glad I stopped here for breakfast.

Me Ha

Avoid if you have small children. Party of four with a baby in a high chair and the hostesses sat several small parties ahead of us which wasn't a big deal but they sat a much larger party ahead of us and said that our wait would now be longer. Ended up leaving looking for a more family friendly place.

Taylor Florian

Don't plan on getting the healthiest breakfast of your life, but do plan on getting great-tasting food that won't blow your budget. The servers are hit or miss, some are great, others leave you feeling a bit neglected. There's a line during the usual peak breakfast times (summer, holidays, weekends), so plan on that if that's when you're going.

Chad Reid

Very good food and service.

Aubie Knight

Awesome place. Really good food. Great service. Perfect place to take in the local favor of the area.

Ben Miskie

I love eating here, the food is always perfect. If you come on a weekend morning, be prepared to wait 45 minutes. However it's worth the wait. My favorite is the beef hash, with 3 poached eggs medium, and two pancakes.


Manhattan Beach is a tricky place to eat. There’s the scenery yea but the flip side is the parking. It sets a mood. You’re already in the red before you eat. Ok enough whining. The blueberry pancakes & eggs were good not wow but good. Service lady was nice. Small place.

Kevin T Lee

Pancakes & spot some Waves.. +outside fresh Ocean air... mmmmmm yummm.

Mr Indian Hair

Pancakes are incredible. The food comes out fast too. They told me a 45 min wait but i got a table in 20 mins. Staff is always friendly, including the owner. Great place

Tammy Hiatt Monaco

Wonderful Beach view breakfast or lunch... This is a iconic Manhattan Beach must! Enjoy and prepare for a wait.

Christy Tillman

Try the sourdough french toast! Honestly, I've never had anything that wasn't amazing at Uncle Bills. My only complaint is that they don't serve mimosas. It's all forgiven because their food is so fabulous and there's an ocean view on the outdoor patio. Also, the outdoor patio is dog friendly!

Forrest Lee

Fantastic staff and good food

Kathleen Steele

Fast friendly service .. The wait wasn't to bad for breakfast on mothers day! Prices are alright.

Becca Gomez Farrell

Would definitely come back! Loved my bacon and cheddar waffle, and I loved that it wasn't Belgian, because that's become rare these days. Their signature potatoes looked reminiscent of The Waffle House's hashbrowns that you can add tons of toppings too, and that's a good thing! Sat at the counter, and I dug the turquoise seats and vibe. It's fun to watch everything going on at the kitchen window.

William Wratten-Anderson

Good spot for breakfast cheap and cheerful

Philippa Moore

Saturday 9.45am, had a 5/10 minute wait for a table for 2 (it got busier soon after that). Nice omelette and excellent buckwheat pancakes, not too sweet or salty, service was quick and friendly.


Excellent breakfast. You cannot ask for better than this

Jozelin Arroguz

Horrible experience they are racist towards hispanics, took way longer to attend us compare to other people. Waitress had a horrible attitude and sha gave a very toxic experience and environment. Cant believe after i payed she just threw my received on the table and keep bothering us saying "do you have the money yet" trying to insinuate we cant afford their restaurant. If you are hispanic do not go here. You will be treated horrible.

Patrick Reynolds

Decided to eat on the outside patio and regretted it. Basically it was filthy. The cushions looked like they hadn't been washed in years. Not to mention a swarm of flies decided to harass us and land on pretty much all our food. Everywhere you look there is dirt & grime. I guess the table was adequately clean but if a semi-clean ambiance is important to you go elsewhere. It really doesn't inspire confidence that their kitchen is adequately cleaned if what the customers can see is filthy. Food was alright (as in on par with Denny's. The strawberries were at least a notch up) . Had the strawberry pancakes.

Anyra Lash

Cozy spot with a nice ocean breeze. Very popular breakfast/lunch spot so expect a bit of a wait but it’s very well worth it.

E Ware

Amazingly delicious pancakes, great atmosphere and friendly waiters.


Food was great. View was amazing. Service was spectacular. The pancakes were off the charts. Nice golden brown, the perfect choice bread to compliment my omelette. Now, the expo 73 omelette, was a true great choice. The meat sauce and sour cream put the entire omelette on a God like plateau.

Michael Carrillo

Excellent food and wonderful service. More than a bargain and twice as nice. Come in before 8 A.M. to beat the crowds.


An old establishment, serving delicious breakfast & brunches. Often busy on weekends for breakfast. The food is typical American diner kind.

Soheil Shams

Not sure what the fuss is here. I have always thought of it as a tourist trap but ended up taking an out of town guest there for breakfast. The food was average at best and the service was horrible and slow. To top it off, the prices are just too much.

Paul Bore

Great breakfast in a beautiful location, outside enjoying the sun.

Milena Moser

Great food, the waitresses are lovely and the view of the sea is wonderful!

Foster Hawkeye Meier

It really doesn’t get any better than the Instanbul omelet and chocolate chip pancakes!

Stephan Davies

The Expo omlet is to die for we have been going to Uncle Bill's for at least thirty some years and I still love the place, the original Uncle Bill is gone but the food is still the best... This place is kicked back no need to dress up just show up and eat. The prices have gone up but well worth the cost. We drive from Pasadena to get there about 1 hour and again well worth it...

Vitaly Kolas

Nice little breakfast place. Great corn beef hash & eggs and very tasty French toast! Good service too! Gets busy quickly so get there early.

Claudio Montenegro

Food was so so nothing special. Service was poor and my tip reflexed their service. We asked for $2 in quarter to pay for street parking and was told I could only have $1 in change. MY newphews order was mistakenly given to another table so he had to wait. The strawberries on my pancake weren't even washes properly (left them on plate so that they could see)...... when it came time to pay we left a $6 tip on a $84 bill. IN A sarcastic manner The owner of the place had the nerve to come over to the table and ask if we could read what the total on the check said.... once we replyed and said " yes" he left the money on the table and walked away.... never asked about the service but was very rude when he was the tip we left. To be very honest they didnt deserve a tip to begin with. WE WILL NEVER BE BACK AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE.

Gabe S

This was a perfect beach adjacent breakfast spot. Outdoor seating shaded by huge umbrellas and the menu was full of fresh breakfast plates that were delicious. The Potatoes Strogonoff was incredible, I shared a plate with the table. After we ate we strolled down the path next to the restaurant to the beach to walk off breakfast.

Michael Tebbe

Wow real hash browns! So good. Now I understand why there is a wait at 830 am

Christopher Stites

Amazing food and service in a fantastic environment.

Tony Gallegos

Excellent food and service. Inside or outside seating. Outside has view of beach.

Gia Nelson

Matt and his crew are great. I have been eating there since I was 3 years old.

Jackeline Vargas

Friendly, lots of of choices on pancakes, waffles, omelets and sides. We had cinnamon apple, banana nut and strawberry pancakes, side of thick bacon and pork sausage, all delish. Waffles and French toast could had been crispier. Long wait to be seated but worth it. Below pic view from the terrace while eating breakfast.

Manuel Campos

Best breakfast place and dog friendly.

JR Curley

Chocolate. Chip. Pancakes. So, so SO good! Uncle Bill's sits at the top of a quiet walk street and is constantly packed. A great mixture of locals and tourists, Uncle Bill's is well known for it's hearty portions and delicious food. It's busy - so be prepared to wait for quite a while. Although they turn tables fairly quickly, weekends are very crowded. The pancakes are loaded, chocolate chips are my favourite, and they don't go sparingly on them! If you want to eat big pancakes, tasty thick strips of bacon, fresh fruit - Uncle Bill's is a great place to go! Pro tip - if you want to cut your wait time shorter - take a seat at the bar. It may be tight in there, and it may be loud, but the food is just as good!

Inga Maslova

Incapable of seating any party of more than 2 people. First was told that there was a 35 min wait. After one hour no table in sight. There were 6 of us. The hostess kept seating parties of 4 and 2 in front of us. The bottom line is: do not bother coming unless there are 2 of you.

Alan Cota

Food was good, nice patio dining.

Vanessa Alvarez

I love the location (great view) and the food is good, but the waitresses are so rude!! I have gone three times in hopes it was just that one waitress, but the result,s were the same each time!!!! :-/ I went in 2015, 2016 & 2017. The whole staff are really not about customer service, they showed bad manners. First two times our table was ignored, a request for some sugar was too much to ask for. We all just felt we weren't treated with no respect. We felt bad, as if we were bothering them, even to place our orders they seemed bothered. Food was delayed, the whole experience, the waitress gave off such a negative, mad vibe like you felt bad to ask for anything. Third time, I went with my newborn and I was sat where all the dishes were placed making so much noise. I really wanted to like this place, but I felt no love for there customers, everyone in my table felt it an all three occasions. Sucks!

Debbie Nik

So many delicious menu items to choose from, it'll take you a while to read the menu. Pancakes were one of the best I've had, all good was fresh and they make their own muffins which come with a breakfast dish, blueberry and a chic chip, well worth a visit.

Anna Baker

Delicious food, friendly staff and the best fries in town! Shout out to our waitress (G*****)

Dean Throop

Very good food with excellent customer service at a price I was not expecting for the area.

Nikodemus Rechul

Fantasric breakfast, many options and veutiful location.

win cowger

Large servings, busy at brekfast, great food and service is everywhere and easy to get ahold of. Tasty pancakes, I think it is in the syrup.

Andres Lipinski

Loved the place. Great food.

Terri Goodale

Great breakfast joint. Great food, coffee and awesome service

Axel Coronado

I feel like everything is business, a waitress was using profanity between her and one of the cooks right in front of the customers in Spanish,service was very impersonal very cold, and a very hostile environment between a blonde and a Afro-American waitress. This is my impression of twice that visit this restaurant

Julija Maslova

Not sure how the food is since apparently it is mission impossible to get a table for 6. After waiting for over an hour we left.

Momma Cr

We came in a party of 4 mid-morning on a Friday and since we had a hungry 3 year old, we chose the immediate inside seating that was available, skipping the 25 minute wait for the outside patio. if you have the choice the outside patio was by far the better atmosphere, as the inside is loud and overpowers any conversation. The servers hustle but are minimally friendly, the food is basic but good (we had the banana pancakes, pumpkin spice pancakes and omelet with all the fixings). The one thing we could not get past (1 of our party is retail bakery manager) - the place really needs a good cleaning and scrubbing down. The floors and walls were dirty, the tabletop was barely wiped down from the previous party, and everything from the creamer jug, sugar dispenser, ketchup and menus at our table seemed to have been coated with a veneer of sticky maple syrup.

Britney Young-Hart

I was looking for a good breakfast/brunch place for me and my husband to try when I was visiting CA. After reading the reviews this place seemed worth a try and it lived up to the 5 star reviews! We came on a Saturday morning and the wait was about 30 mins. After being seated we were promptly greeted and our drink orders were taken. Our server came shortly after that to take our order. The food was delicious! I had the French toast combo with bananas and strawberries on top. The eggs were scrambled light and fluffy, the bacon was just the right amount of crispy. Large portions and good prices too. The only negative was the syrup bottle was sticky on the handle and the spot it was sitting in on the table. Overall a great experience.

Juan Padilla

Came here with my son's & daughter in law's recommendation on there dime, hey why not! Right.... I wasn't disappointed at all. It's a short walk away from the beach and the atmosphere here is real chill. The food here is great, I ordered eggs over easy, sausage patties, hash browns with cheddar cheese, and a stack of banana nut pancakes that were real good. The wait service was great, attentive, and very nice. My coffee cup was always topped off, which is a plus with me. I like all the old picture frames on the wall and the old street sign hanging next to the countertop bar area.

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