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REVIEWS OF The Village Bakery and Cafe IN California

cyranodebarkeep .

Dog friendly place who offers home made dog biscuits. Courteous staff. Good food

Juan Popoca-Morales

I love going to this place. The food is great and the staff is always friendly. My kids love the Chipotle Chicken. I've had other items on the menu, their pancakes are very good. They always have weekly specials and are always great. If you get a chance you should try the specials, for their only temporary. The pastries are amazing, I could eat any of their pastries any time of the day. We particularly love the Chocolate Raspberry Cake Roll and you cant go wrong with their donuts. AMAZING.

Jack Bowman

Handmade pastry, sandwiches, salads, and breakfast scrambles. Very good. WiFi, and Ambiance. Fast service. Prices just a bit high.

Kaile Pahnke

The food is always delicious. The bread is to die for. Staff is friendly and accommodating.

Monica Carrillo

Got there about one, it wasn't busy. Definitely worth going back to. The prices are good for what you get.

Carol Nogueira

Love this bakery. Things are a little expensive but are usually worth it. Customers include celebrities, so you risk getting coffee right next to one of them ;)

Alfred Lopez

One of ma favorite places for breakfast

April Rorie

one of my go to restaurants for comfort food :) love the food. love the coffee. love the ambience! the food is super flavorful, and the staff is kind and helpful! it's on list of favorite restaurants in LA!

Julie Ershadi

It's expensive but worth it for a tasty splurge.

Stacy Benitez

Got there about three, it wasn't crowded. I'll return with my relatives. Bring your hunger - portions are large. I see why this place has so many good reviews.


It's ok. Decent food. Good coffee.

Brenda Geoghegan

The Village Bakery and Cafe is magical, both their food is and the atmosphere. Some co-workers and I stopped in to take a photo for a scavenger hunt and they graciously allowed one of our team members to cook behind the counter. 4 stars! And amazing bread.

Shandi Work

The waffle salmon sandwich is to die for! Kept me full for most of the day! The bathroom is hard to find though so make sure you go before haha.

Alesita Flowers

food is okay, have vegan options, prices are okay as well... the place is nice and clean.. it can get crowed though, good place to eat.

Mary Augustn

Another great meal here. The short rib has is perfection. Fries are also top notch and why not add the impeccably balanced pomegranate orange agua fresca? Baked goods are sinful and service this outing rocked. Thanks guys!

Meagan Maher

Good food and drinks and nice, bright space, but the WiFi was spotty

gary ingraham

Good selection

Ara Ilanyan

Good atmosphere, good crowd of people... Usually is busy bit over all its a good place. Quality of food plates, sandwiches, and deserts are good.

Ashlee Palka

Their coffee was good, but not amazing. The foam on my latte was thick and firm, like you might want on a cappuccino, but not on a latte. Still, the milk was steamed to the perfect temperature and the flavor was there. Also got a strawberry donut which was way way way way too sweet. Like, I couldn't eat it. It's also very expensive.

Linda Price

Love this place. Always good food.

Arnold Rivas

This place always has good bread and coffee whenever I visit. Last time I visited and talked with an old friend until closing and no one rushed us to leave. Such a chill place.

Sandy Galindo

Friendly cashier. I asked for no egg dish and she suggested chicken for protein. I hope to return soon.

Dr Sam Lavi

Family friendly place with Vegan options. I would like to see more Vegan options for breakfast like pancakes and/or French Toast!

Nickolas Warner

A cute breakfast spot serving nicely made baked goods. I was really impressed with the quality of everything and enjoyed the homey decor.

Andrew Devine

Love this place. Great iced coffee and they had some concoction of goat cheese and radish on toast which was just stupid good.

Sylvie Simhon

My go-to place in Atwater for coffee and pastries. Some must-try's: homemade granola bars, corn muffins, cherry scones. Yum!

michael snider

Food is excellent. Gets 4 stars rather than 5 because of the music being too loud, although in all fairness the music is quite good.


Overpriced and moody staff. Just go across to the Indian under 5 usd food and good and friendly

Drew Mabry

Delicious breakfast and Bakery stuff. Plenty of seating great service. Prices are on the high side of reasonable.

Steven King

Great food, great prices

Miguel Angel Maturen

One of the best places to have breakfast, lunch and tea break

Paul Abner Martinez

Been coming here for over a year now and it’s always a delicious experience. Try the breakfast burrito with a dirty chai! #YUM

Daphnee Hernandez

Lively small space. Pastry lovers come hider. Coffee snubs enjoy the carefully curated brews. Did not get the pleasure of trying what's on the menu but it's definitely on my hit list

Audrey Lecker

You guys. This is my favorite coffee shop. Not only are they one of the few places that offer more than one gluten-free baked good option, their plain iced coffee is one of the tastiest I've had. Also, the bacon is absolutely delicious, and I take my bacon Very Seriously. For about $14 I can get two eggs with a (very plentiful) side of bacon, an iced coffee (free refills!), and their amazing gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie to top everything off. The atmosphere is pretty chill and not pretentious like some other coffee shops (places I enjoy, but don't necessarily want to spend too much time in). There's usually plenty of space, and tons of street parking close by up on Edenhurst Ave (check for street cleaning, always). It's a great place to hang out, eat breakfast or lunch, or get some work done. I've spent many an afternoon working from there as the plugs are plentiful, the wifi is decent, and the employees don't judge you for lingering if you've bought something. Seriously, though, get the bacon.

Nicole Elin Antoine

My go-to "I need the best sweet treat" spot! Fyi - My bf ran into Danny Devito and Jessica Jones there so it much be an A list spot.

Steven Lockwood

Out of this world bakery. Their baked donuts are stupendous, I honestly am amazed at how non cakelike they are! Just the perfect amount of softness and crumbly, delicious! The breakfast scrambles are what I like here, and they give you decent sized portions.

Amanda Keisler

I sampled their flour less chocolate The Village Bakery and Cafe with cream cheese frosting and chocolate sprinkles! I got the mini just in case it was too dry but it turned out to be the pudgiest little chocolate The Village Bakery and Cafe I've ever had. Nice surprise for me and I plan to buy a regular sized one next time I go back! I've heard great things about Susie Cakes and I hope they have some really creative holiday iced cookies coming up for me to try!

Edna Cedillos

Amazing place for breakfast or for a delicious baked good. Love the loafs and the variety of vegan goodies.

Kevin Lee

Food is great, but the amount of flies in the cafe are a health hazard.

kimberlie eddy

Yummy goodies and salads, veg options!

Rene Monestime

Great food and service. Be sure to order the maple bacon scones. Tip: last hour of the day is happy hour and some of the desserts and breads are nicely discounted. Enjoy!

Cliff Duyn

We used to love this place. But it has really lost its way. When the neighborhood had fewer options it really stood out but now there are much better breakfast and lunch spots in the area. Just avoid

Natanael Hansen

I live pretty much right next to this place and have only been here twice. The food is quite good but I found the prices to be just too outrageous for what you get, unfortunately.

Brett Kushner

It really is a great bakery and a great cafe, separately. Together, it's a two-fer that I feel lucky to live near.

Tony Yeung

Family friendly restaurant with many organic options on their menu.

Tiffany Taylor

It was a bit pricey for what you get, and the latte was just okay. I wouldn't go out of my way to go here. The baked goods looked great, but I only had the breakfast menu items.

Rashida Jackson

The food is great. Healthy options and the cafe is always clean. The baked goods are excellent I didn't give 5 stars because the service, the people are not warm or inviting,but it is L.A. this city is not know for its hospitality. I usually get the breakfast sandwich with bacon. It never disappoints. If you like great clean food then I highly recommend.

Anthony Perez

This place is the best!! I would recommend going here for everyone the people here are so nice and the food here is just so amazing and delicious. Everyone please come here and check it out!!

Jessica Golden

This place is lovely. The staff are incredibly kind, the food and drinks are great (grab a baguette or a hand pie on your way out for a treat later in the day), and there is always a place to sit either inside or outside. A lot of locals, especially moms and dads with young kids, come here to meet up. There is free WiFi and plenty of outlets if you need to charge. If I'm ever charging up, I make sure to keep buying things so I don't take up table space without making it worth their while. I've always been treated very well here. My go-to meal is a breakfast sandwich (add avocado and bacon) and a cold brew coffee. The cappuccinos and lattes are also excellent, if you're an espresso person. The vibe here is cozy, like a giant dining room in a country house. Lots of natural light, pretty decor and paints, and flowers on the tables. Highly reccomended!

Nicky Li

Excellent! I had the scrambled eggs vegetarian style- spinach, mushrooms, but i minused the onions and peppers. It was A LOT OF FOOD! It comes with herbed baby potatoes and toast. I also had the apple hand pie, which was very nice came out to $14. Came on a wednesday morning around 11:40, it was pretty crowded. A lot of people coming in to do work on laptops.

Mark Pranger

This is a great place for soup and sandwiches and they also have great pastries. It is reasonably priced but can get a little crowded around lunch time. I love the fresh ingredients and rhe interesting specials of the day.

Elvira Lynch

Wow amazing. My roommate brought these home in the morning and I've never had such amazing Croissants. Never been to Paris but know I have a feeling of what it would be like!

Lisa Dickenson

Comfortable atmosphere and great food! Vegan friendly.

Don DiPietro

This is an LA treasure! I bring people here all the time and they always [ALWAYS!] confess that they're jealous I have such a great bakery/cafe within walking distance. The person who said the staff wasn't helpful must have been thinking of another place; or he found someone at an especially bad moment. The place can get busy -- especially on weekends -- but the staff is 100% gracious and helpful. They're as good as the food, which is outstanding. Whether you're a first-timer or a regular, you can count on being treated like a neighbor. The social energy, inside and out, is infectious.

Justin Harber

So delicious! Friendly staff, fantastic coffee. Food is epic, everything tastes like you want it to taste. They can make really yummy coffee drinks too. the staff is nice, but they move things along cause there is always a line. Their bakery is creative and a nice change from the blah & bland. Great job people!!!!!!

Amelia Hall

Came here yesterday with a friend because she said it was "the" place. I had a chocolate rye/meringue brownie and she had the almond tart. It was tasty and not something I would ever make myself. The tart was super moist. Definitely good! Would recommend for sure. Hopefully when the line is short, like yesterday.

Jack Sizemore

This place is amazing! Everything I have tried there has been outstanding.

Christy Kimball

Looove this place, delicious food, laid back friendly atmosphere. Great spot for a meeting or casual meal with friends.

Linda Ward

Had lunch at the Village Bakery and Cafe. I had a tuna melt sandwich with tomato basil soup. It is a no frills eatery, where you place your order at the counter and they serve you. The sandwich was very good as was the soup. They also feature some yummy looking bakery items.

Mike Sims

I had no idea this little gem was hidden in the corner. I have breakfast there 1-2 a week . Everything is delicious. It's the best oatmeal I have ever had

L Gaviola

The food is good. The reason why it's 2 is because the servers need to do better on customer service. They all look like they're not happy about working there. If you're not happy, find a different job. Your attitude towards your job says a lot about your personality.

Wendy Wiles

One of our usual weekend brunch spots!! Always great food and best vanilla latte around! Yum!

Mitesh Popat

Simple breakfast menu rich with good options. I ordered breakfast egg sandwich and it was delicious. My wife and in-laws ordered granola and oatmeal both of them were very delicious. They have a bakery and lots of goodies available to try. Being vegetarian we didn't't try all the things in breakfast. Staff was very friendly and attentive. Great place to get breakfast or brunch

Deborah Sanchez

Tasty dessert and good tea. We ordered The Village Bakery and Cafe crepe and strawberry shortcake. Creamy, fluffy at the meantime not too sweet. We love it a lot!

Michael Gier

We've been there 3 times but never again. While standing in line Aug. 15, 2013 around 2pm, I noticed flies in among the baked goods flying around and landing on everything. To me, this is a huge health risk. Flies land on dead animals, dead insects, dog crap, and many other very nasty things and they're now in the Valley Bakery and sitting on the baked good?!!! I told the gal taking orders but she said, "I know, I'll take care of it." And then she proceeded to help the customer in front of me while the flies continued to land on different baked items. I told her that this is a health issue and that she needed to take care of it right away but she wouldn't do anything. I was very upset and asked for the manager. He came out and didn't really seemed bothered by it either. He tried to remove the flies out of the baked goods area but he never apologized and to me his attitude was 'this is something we deal with all of the time and there's really not much we can do.' I'm sorry but there are ways to keep the flies out of the restaurant and they need to keep the baked goods sections closed up, but they don't and so they let flies land on the food they're about to sell. That is disgusting. I left without ordering and I will never go back.

Rick Leece

Great food service and coffee.

Debra Prieto

The baked goods speak for themselves. So does the line out the door. I think it's safe to say that ariscault is my favorite bakery I. CA . The kouign amann and chocolate + almond croisssant are to die for. You won't regret it, trust me.

David Gayton

Very good breakfast!

Vicki Hodges

Great food, great cookies

Hannah Overstreet

awesome customer service and great food

Paige Anderson

The atmosphere is great, spacious and friendly. A really good place to sit down and work. The food is pretty bland

jason george

It's a great local cafe to get a quick light lunch or breakfast. Good atmosphere and the service is on target. Definitely hip, for all ages

Rebecca Chang

visited at eight, it was not full. really nothing but good experiences here. this place has an awesome atmosphere. reminds me of a cafe in chicago i loved to visit.

David Gardner

Great croissants, great staff, pleasant space!!!

Sahar Andrade

Had their chipotle Parma ham chicken sandwich Yummy, great desserts

Kara Scanlon

The bakery goods are amazing including my favorite- the almond flour cake(can't remember the name). I have the lental soap and impossible burger which was delicious and filling! The earlier you go the easier it is to get a seat but you just have to be a little patient if you want a table. Great place to meet friends!

Eileen Moreno

Love this place! I went there years ago, but they had a very limited menu, so wasn't a fan. Decided to give it a try again hoping perhaps they had upped their menu and I'm so glad I did! Wound up going there a couple of days in a row. I love oatmeal and theirs is yummy and my husband had a breakfast sandwich that he really enjoyed. Looks like they have great salads too which I will definitely try one of these days soon! We need more restaurants like this.

Scott Pactor

You can get a table here at 930 on a sunday, so that means what it means. I got a berry bar that had two berries, sent it back uneaten and they didn't even ask why, so that is just the definition of mediocre in my mind.

Michael S. Chandler

One of our go to places near our neighborhood, and they never disappoint. The food is always fresh, the service friendly, and their selection of specials and baked goods are a great addition to an already amazing place.

Stephen Collins

Tips: Add a sourdough loaf packaged to go to your order. Thank me later. Lots of vegan options. Limited outdoor seating. Counter service. Gender neutral bathroom. Review: great vibe in here. Everything looks amazing and my breakfast scramble was certainly no exception. Service was a bit slow but they were very busy on a Sunday morning and food came out hot. They have a few large tables you might be able to snag with some patience for groups sized 10+

Rajiv Caderamanpulle

Very cool place and good food

Konrad A

Got the Brioce French Toast. Thought that the bread was a bit too dense, I'd recommend getting a more savory kind of meal here, their sandwiches are good. Make sure to order the bacon extra crispy as it was pretty soft/undercooked when I got it. This place is a bit overpriced for the quality of food, I think. But it is still definitely worth going to once in a while The service can be a bit iffy when it's very busy. But if they mess up your order they're quick to offer refunds/free deserts.

Carla Figaro

Love this place, never disappointed

Clint Campbell

By far, the best pastry/cookie/muffin place I've found in LA; get the carrot, coconut and pecan muffin. Amazing breakfast, too. I usually get the Cobb Salad if I'm listening to my head, and the Thanksgiving On A Bun if I'm following my heart.

M. Vigil

OMG! When you think of hot fresh cinnamon rolls in the morning. What do you think of! The Village Bakery should be on your list. You won't regret it!

Dan Jenkins

One of the best spots in NELA.

Jose Gonzalez

Great place for breakfast all day, lunch or light early dinner. It does close at 6 pm, but can still get yummy bakery treats, sandwich, soups or coffee/tea drinks.

Vyvy Tran

Vegan BLT was good, but the setan could be crispier. Service is always average.

Bert Tolosa

Too pricey for mediocre food

Earle Monroe

Great little counter service neighborhood place with great brunch. Good coffee, baked goods including a few tasty gluten - free ones if that's what your need.

Carlos Martinez

Simple yet flavorful deserts and pastries, smaller versions of the pastries so try more than just one

E David

Don't come here if you just want to buy a quick cookie, unless you have plenty of time and quarters for the meter. They have a terrible system for taking your out-of-the-case baked goods order and payment, and then giving you a number like you'll be served at a table, and expecting you to wait while they put your cookie in a bag, as if they're making you an omelette or something! When I asked someone inactive behind the counter to help me expedite, I was given attitude. Really? Not your job? They need a better, quicker take out system for bag/box ready items!

Vickey Alvarez

The dirty chai is my new favourite drink. They were busy but handled it well and the wait was very short. Excellent breakfast/coffee spot.


Love the food and the service for sure :)

Alexandre Arquembourg

Good food, good choices, vegan and gluten free items on the menu, good ambiance, and affordable.

Linda C S Moreno

I LOVE THERE QUICHE! Ask for the quiche it's dank!

Benjamin Potash

Great breakfast, especially the cinnamon-oat pancakes, and usually have a tasty bowl with some sort of veggie hash base. You might want to drink your morning coffee elsewhere.

Christy Richmond

Wonderful friendly place for coffee, breakfast or lunch. Extensive menu. Delicious food. Fantastic staff. Have been here many times and keep coming back!

Alfred Mananian

Fantastic breakfast, good coffee, I tried the Atwater special today,it was excellent.

Whitney Kieser

Love this place! Great breakfast/brunch and sinful sweets.

Rhonda Phillips

Friendly staff. Great food. Sandwiches, salads, soups, and baked goods.

Ronald Bourgeois

I love The Village Bakery and Cafe she has the best customer service. Her cake is always delicious specially strawberry short cake and she makes the cake exactly the way u wanted.been ordering from her for few years and will continue ordering.

Jong Kim

Taste all good n fast services but parking is only meter but if you walk more blocks its fine.


Great place to get awesome baked goods. And they are oh so goood!

Robin Randall

I love this place. Healthy & creative dishes and desserts. I buy treats for my piano students when I stop there and my son loves their sourdough bread. Also good coffee! Friendly, nice people work there. They make their holiday treats so delightful.

Melissa Wilkerson

Cute little spot off Los Feliz. Came here to grab a bite while waiting for Best Buy to open. Line wasn't too bad and moves pretty quickly. We got metered parking out front. They have tons of pastries here - baked donuts, gluten free croissants, cupcakes, baked bread, etc. Everything looked so good, I had to practice self control. The food options they had looked delicious too! It reminds me of a mom and pop little cafe. Ingredients are fresh and most meals priced around the $12-15 range. I couldn't decide what treat to get so I got a little chocolate covered peanut butter ball - $1.75. Pretty good. BF got the breakfast sandwich but with bacon added and in sourdough bread instead of challah. Very flavorful. Everything totaled out to $12-13 including tip. Plenty of seating inside and outside. Lots of hipster family watching - esp since we came during Easter.

Jared Beifuss

Hipster eatery with great food. It's a little expensive, but expected for the type of restaurant. Really good breakfast.

Ali Tahiri

Great Cafe And Bakery. Awesome Vege and Vegan options available

Grace Allan

Definitely the best croissants in town. So flaky, so buttery you'd think you were in France. They have other baked goods and also now have giant cookies that I are also exceptional.

Lauren Oliver

It was so savory. I had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here. This place has a good atmosphere.

Victor Nasol

Very tastey unique food. Look at my oatmeat cinnamon pancakes. The breakfast sandwich is out of this world as well. Crisp bacon and eggs done just right

Dave A.

Excellent fresh food and baked goods. Always consistently good, and kid friendly

Markus Hammarstedt

One of my favorite spots in Los Feliz. Delicous hearty food and pastries, new vegan specials every week. The place a very casual and comfortable feel, like it has history and people seem happy and calm in there. Staff is very friendly and helpful, easy to talk to. There is our door seating on the street. Love their long shared bench tables inside tho!

Margaret Hubbard

The food was so savory. The staff was very welcoming and observant. It has a great interior.

Maria Tarrant

Had the pineapple upside down The Village Bakery and Cafe SPECIAL today. Best The Village Bakery and Cafe ever from The Village Bakery and Cafe. This flavor should become a regular. I was looking forward to a slice of German Chocolate but was told they don't make it. Maybe it's seasonal? Carrot cake slice was a winner! The celebration vanilla cupcake was exceptionally dry today. The staff is always over the top polite. Kudos.

Rhoi Carpena

The food gods (one of which is Barbara) have delivered with the return of my all-time favorite baked item from this bakery that's gone on hiatus for about a year or so, the Pretzel Croissant!!! Honestly the butteriest and flakiest croissant with a hint of salt; it hits all the great characteristics of both pretzel and croissant. Surprisingly, I've never seen this combination before and shows how inventive the people at The Village Bakery are with their creations. Thank you for considering the thoughts of your patrons and being our neighborhood's beloved local bakery :)

Diego Galtieri

Ambiance is nice. Ordering is at the counter, they bring the food to your table. They have a nice outside area. They have oatmeal pancakes served with cinnamon butter, they are very good. I like their coffee, too.

Kerim Albanes

Nice selection, flavor and quality is good but I feel that it is a bit overpriced. Overall, it is good place to eat or have a sweet treat.

Megha Juneja

Love this place for their breakfast and baked goods. They have great coffee. Perfect place to sit outside and eat on a sunny day.

Tanita Fadyeyola

That Impossible Burger is so On POINT!

David Cheng

Wonderful bakery and Cafe. Tasty food and friendly service.

Jeff Peters

Nice lunch experience with many vegan and gluten free options. Way better than it used to be!

Sarah Morgan Hall

I've never head a bad meal or experience here. We go all the time. So grateful for this spot. Everything is good!

Damon Walquist

The service at The Village Bakery and Cafe is very friendly. The food served was delicious, I would highly recommend trying the All American Breakfast. Didn't have to wait a long time to be served and the decor felt cozy and comfortable.

Jessica Hughes

Great coffee hangout with good food to boot!

Alan Dennis

Everything is cool here: service is great, food is fresh and fast to come, prices affordable. All bread is housemate, and they have gluten free options. Breakfast served all day! Isn't it cool?

James Park

Great place to work and enjoy baked goods. There is a ton of seating with free wifi. The staff is friendly and the baked goods seem freshly made. I'd say the coffee could use some work, but that's just my picky taste.

Fatima Lemus

We were in the area, running at Griffith Park, and ordered food to pick up. As we pulled up my friend said "I remember this place! It's amazing!" It was also a miracle to get parking right out front! We had to wait in the same line with everyone to pay for our order, we were early and didn't mind, although it ended costing us double as we added that much dessert to our take out! It was worth it!

Deisy Garcia

My friends and I came here for lunch and it was delicious. Coffee was delicious!

Joseph Lopez

I eat at this place quite often. The Chicken Chipotle sandwich is insane. Also, the bread they bake on site very tasty. This is a super cool local spot

Jenni Stein

Good coffee, Wi-Fi and plenty of seating available, cute place with a chill vibe, gluten free and vegan options available.

jacob ts

Charming as all get out.

Adelynda Zepeda

In Love with there oat cinnamon pancakes.

Makaylee Tingey

Love this place!! Amazing food and customer service!

Lindsey Hawkins

Had their breakfast sandwich, so good! The other baked goods looked so delicious it was hard not to buy more. Seems like a good place, thought can't speak for their coffee, only the food!

Dwayne Webster

Best breakfast & pastries

Blanca Valdez Casting

Best bakery on that side of town! Everything always so fresh!

Mitchell John

Cute decor and good food, but small portions and a staff with lots of attitude.

Carlos Higuchi

I make the trip to buy their sourdough loafs. One of the best in los angeles.

Eden Ferrer

The good and baked items here are so good! Tastes like good ol home cooked meals.

Valerie Gamboa

I went there for the cannolis because I've been craving and its in their online menu. But when I came they told me it has to be pre-ordered :( it should've been stated in their menu..

Vegas Food

they offer 50% off baked goods at the end of the day. I like their loaf bread and baked goods. Veggie pot pie wasn't my favorite though.

Steve Goodelle

Great food and coffee. Pastries are wonderful.

Susana Barbery

One of my fav places in L.A. for sure :)

Jesse Zepeda

Im hispanic. I am so used to a burrito and a quick bite, hence my weight. I decided to try a healthier route for breakfast and i am definately coming back for lunch

Mikhail Sverdlov

Place feels like home . Best breakfast burrito. Gluten free items as well. My favorite place for morning meal.

Katharine Goodenow

Lots of breakfast

Madison Kelly

A treat to visit for lunch when I'm in town. Great little bakery restaurant with excellent french toast.

Angel Bradford

i love this place, excellent food & service. next time i'll be back with my coworkers. this place has a good design.

Robinson jessica

The Village Bakery and Cafe, Recommend: Matcha Crepe I have marked this bakery for a long time and finally tried the matcha crepe. This could be better with more red bean filling!

Joel Martinez

Love this little place. Good food

Adam D

Great for a nice morning meal or just a light baked good, snack.

Michael Kochis

Stopped in after hiking at Griffith Park, great for breakfast and some coffee.

Areg Amirkhanian

Always good lunch. Love their freshly baked breads.

Melissa Benson

Very limited menu and sullen service

Cyrus Kar

Service very un-friendly

Shirley Donald

Stellar chocolate by the cup, croissant, almond chocolatine (best I've had?). Well situated not far from the 38 bus on Geary, great place to connect with friends and locals. Few inside and outside seating places. Fast, friendly service. Will definitely return and highly recommend.

Nancy Navarro

Visited Fri evening I think.

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