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REVIEWS OF Splash Café IN California

Vee Bee

Some of the best clam chowder in the area. This isn't a huge place but it's cute and has outdoor seating. It's also just a quick walk from downtown. They have wonderful salads and they have lovely pastries. If you're looking for a nice chowder in a bread bowl, this is the place.

Dev Sathe

Best Clam Chowder bread bowl ever! Bread top is nicely toasted. I recommend adding seafood toppings on the bread bowl. The Dungeness Crab Roll and Crab Melt sandwich were great too!

Greg Marlan

Lines too long at Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach? Do yourself a favor and drive a few miles up 101 to SLO and enjoy the same delicious clam chowder.

Sandy Herman

The bread baking smell lures you in from the street. The sourdough bread is great

Yolande Sukal

Splash has the best clam chowder on the Central Coast. Other places claiming the same are just plain wrong! No only that, their sandwiches, bakery items and other seafood items are excellent. A great spot for the group who can't agree. Casual atmosphere. Walkup and order.

Tim Albert

Had half sandwich with cup of chowder. Great sandwich but the chowder was so thick and not much clams. Consistency of pudding. Too thick for me.

Tandra Goodwin

Best Clam Chowder

David Mimms

How good is the clam chowder? This is my dessert. I had fish and chips for dinner and clam chowder for dessert (it was too hot to eat first or with the meal) The Clam chowder is absolutely amazing. Not too thick, not too thin. Slight undertones of butter and garlic (maybe). No undercooked flour taste that you get from most other resturants. Like I said, I had a wonderful dinner of fish & chips and then absolutely I enjoyed my dessert.

Bobby Flores

The best ever.

Joe San Juan Pablo

Great clam chowder bowels, kids liked the hamburger' s and the service was good to. Be prepared it's busy, and the seats fill up quickly. Not a lot of seating in the first place, a small restrant. Not a good place for a quick bite but if you have the time well worth it.

roselee nieves

Best clam chowder ever

Anna Benincasa

Fantastic clam chowder!

Martin Lira

The bread bowl is delicious they are always welcoming.

Jacob Smith

Fabulous food & service.

Hannah The Turtle

Amazing fish and chips!!


Not the same as there original beach location but still have that bomb splash cafe chowder. Perfect for these cold days we have been having

D Pree

I was in town and family members suggested "The Splash" great place. Warm & friendly service. I had the "Chowder Bowl" w/the works great choice. First time here & highly recommended.

Lo Koppang

I have actually had the pleasure eating at both Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach and the one in San Luis Obispo.. in Pismo Beach I had the Chowder Bowl and me and my party shared an order of chili cheese fries.. the line was long.. the service very friendly.. and pretty fast... parking is ample for both of these locations even though in Pismo you could walk about a block.. in Pismo Beach.. although food good and service the same.. I find it unfriendly to the disabled. In the San Luis Obispo location I had an order a fish and chips.. it's a little bit smaller area-wise.. I enjoyed the fish and chips.. and found the atmosphere relaxing... it was difficult to relax in the Pismo Beach location as most of the seating is high chaired.. with some very hard seats.

chefi paulino

Service was great and so was the food! I tried the grilled salmon salad.

Craig Bowman

Always good. Grabbed a quick oatmeal breakfast and a fresh loaf of Garlic Rosemary Foccacia for dinner.

Jason Davis

This was a cute little place with delicious food. I really enjoyed the clam chowder and the fish tacos were amazing!

S Kimsey

Great Clam Chowder! The flavor and texture are spot in! My grandfather was a seafood chef at the Oyster Bar in New York's Grand Central Station for over 40 years and this soup comes pretty close to his! yum!!!

John Valdez

Splash cafe SLO is always a go to while in town. This location even offers bakery goods. The staff is always very fast and friendly. The wait is non existent compared to the pismo beach location.

Crystal Prima Lang

Delightful little cafe. So far have liked everything I've ordered including the grilled cheese, scones, and desserts.

Liz Girouard

Best ckam chowder and bakery

Aaron Mosley

Always good but the clam chowder is turning into potato soup. Where's the clams!?

George Mack

Atmosphere is boring at its best. FOOD IS GOOD. Needs to be updated terribly bad.

Rachel Clemmensen

My first time there and I was impressed

Karen Escobedo

The best clam chowder in California!

Elizabeth Aguirre

The best clam chowder & ahi tacos. We also ordered a burger, grilled cheese and fish & chips. The fish (from fish & chips) was bland and fries were under cooked. Otherwise the rest of our meal was very good. Even the grilled cheese w/American cheese for my little one was tasty. Small place with limited seating but staff is very friendly and welcoming. Young lady at register made some recommendations to try the chowder and ahi tacos. The only down side is I didn't catch her name but thank you.

Tammy Shamlin Hansen

Very crowded. Local and tourist hangout. Liked by all ages. Food is good. would have given 5 stars if food had been hot. Ordered fish and chips. Fish warm and french fries were hard and cold. Cheerful staff. So crowded, you have to find someone to wipe off a table- if you are lucky enough to get one.

Andy Au

Delicious food and Super friendly People

melvin chan

Food was good. Chowder too creamy and over seasoned. Service was outstanding.

Ian Hartsgrove

Great seafood salad.

Sarah Goodchild

Wish the seating was a little more roomy. The food was okay. I am not sure if would go back.

Randy teakell

Same great chowder!!

Hannah Freeman

super yummy everytime we go to the beach it is a must pit stop for lunch/dinner

Greg Webster

Great food with an even better bakery.

MEAS takephoto

I was told they have really good clam chowder. Well if you are in SLO or Pismo Beach and want really good clam chowder Splash Cafe is your place. I had it with the seafood toppings. By itself the chowder was very good. Lots of clams and really taste like the sea. The toppings elevated it even more. Will have to say... Probably the best chowder I've ever had.

Linda Wright

Wonderful, quaint. Seating inside and outdoors. Location has parking. Great menu selections and combos for reasonable costs. Fun spot, friendly warm hearted service staff. Single story, no stairs.

Karen Chandler

Great food reasonable prices

David Cantero

Clam bread bowl great

mark luz

The chowder is good it's creamy a little salty, calamari is great very soft to chew. Price is affordable.

Sylvia Hernandez

Very friendly, clean and great food

Aime Soto

Clam chowder with the seafood topping, AMAZING.. And the tri tip sandwich was cool, the bread was super fresh

Jamie Buck

Good food, great staff

Christian Lei

this place is so good, they have the most delicious clam chowder. The clam chowder has toppings as well, and the seafood one is my favorite. The chowder is thick and creamy and the clams are chewy. One option is to get it in a sourdough bread bowl that they toast and butter. Very delicious.

Chris Pena

Peobably the best clam chowder around! They also have a ton of other items and sweets! Check this place out

Josh Lancaster

One of my favorite seafood places. I tried the shrimp pesto pizza the other day. It was great!

Donna Mitchell

The lobster roll was good, but it tasted like seafood, not lobster. It had chopped celery and green onions in it, and possibly some spices. Although there were little red and green bits in it, the chopped/shredded mixture was mostly orange. The bread was a crusty French roll, which I liked. However, I grew up in New England and I now live in Maine. Our lobster rolls have big chunks of unmistakable lobster in a hot dog bun that opens on the top. Purists don't want anything else. I am not a purist, so mayo is okay and MAYBE a little celery, but that's it. This lobster roll can't compete. The end.

Outboard Gull52

Splash has some Award Winning Clam Chowder. Their Turkey Sandwichs and Fries are good. A bit overpriced for what you get sometimes though

John Hanson

Chowder available cheaper at Pismo supermodel. 6 for 15

Barbara Kwoka

This was the perfect place for breakfast. Great breakfast burritos and mochas.

Lynn Metzler

Our favorite seafood of all time. Love their chowder with seafood topping. Hubby loves fish and scallops, I like traditional fish and chips. Oh and don't forget to order 2 slices of sour dough toasted bread. Delicious !! And if you saved room for dessert they have a bakery there also.

Jeremiah Howard

Great shrimp and salmon tacos!! Bakery is fantastic as well!

Carol Gilles

We went for breaking. Oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Tasty but small portions.

Hiromi Matsumoto

The ambiance is some kind of mix between a Culver's and a playfully beach-themed coffee shop. But the food was on point, and the prices were fantastic! I was pleasantly surprised. Would definitely come again.

Lisa Casagrande

They're raved to have the best clam chowder and I really get it - it's sooooo good, and I've had lots of clam chowder. On top of that they're sandwiches are so fresh and delicious. AND they have coffee and pastries?!?! This place is amazing! We sat outside and the patio has sweet planter boxes around it which makes for such a nice experience. Oh and the cashier was so sweet and totally indulged our ham of a toddler while we decided on our food.

Fanny Arenas

Great food however two of the young ladies noticed me walk in and didn't even acknowledge my existence and then proceeded to ignore me for the next 2 minutes. That is seriously the only complain I have.

Arvind Sharma

Good place for breakfast and baked items, but little pricey though.

Matt Hone

Like every other review, clam chowder was so good. Perfect. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Expect to park a block or two on the side of the street.

Joyce Hansen

Good food. GF choices. Friendly staff. Great for a casual quick bite.

Lydia Rangel

This Splash has more seating area to offer. As usual the clam chowder, burgers, salads, and chicken strips are excellent. The fish and chips are in my opinion, bland and tasteless. The service is decent as well as cleanliness. Only reason giving 4 stars is because the price for food is high. For a family of 5 with young children it's over $70, which is more than a restaurant.


They make great baked goods, but everything else not too good got moderately warm scrambled eggs, they dont fry eggs in any fashion , it seems that a lot of their breakfast choices are either made in bulk or bought that way.

Sara Marquez

Super cute place to grab a quick, delicious bite to eat. They offer fresh baked goods and homemade desserts, as well as seafood and breakfast. The calamari and chips was delicious and if I lived in the area I would get it all the time!

Lorelei Sibet

Veggie Breakfast Burrito, no tater tots, sub cheddar and you're on your way to an awesome day.

Michael Adams

Clean fast service lots of variety on the menu.

Brandon Brown

Phenomenal breakfast burritos and hardworking, friendly staff. The salsa was a bit watery but eating here was a great experience overall.

Chuck Finley

Excellent pancakes and pastries, and very helpful staff; but the parking lot is small and many drivers troublesome.

Madison H

Friendly staff and gr8 seafood. You won't wait very long for your food, but you may end up waiting a bit for a place to sit, especially with 4 or more people.

Jason Freeman

Clam chowder in a bread bowl with seafood topping. 5 stars. Always reliable.

Michele Rempel

The best clam chowder anywhere. They've ruined me for any other clam chowder. Even more amazing with some added seafood as a topper.

Jordan Delfino

Definitely overhyped. The chowder was waaaaaaay to creamy. Tasted like gravy.

Carollyne Wingrave

Love clam chowder, seafood topper with sliced grilled sour dough bread although I've not purchased their pastries they look yummy. Staff is very friendly. The only negative comment is: I called in an order for pickup was told 10 minutes, however after arriving and paying while I wait and waited some more I was finally notice. The young lady started talking to cashier and girl on line behind her, I heard cashier day "I did" then I saw the girl who had noticed me grab slices of bread placing on grill, she indicated it would be a few minutes so I asked her if the order had just started it, she tried to cover the fact it had not been started as apparently there was miscommunication between cashier and the line. So, 10 minutes became 30 minutes. I didn't mind the wait however I prefer to be told the truth.

Nina Daniel

I went to the San Luis Obispo cafe. The counter girls were welcoming and friendly... BUT the food was a challenge. Did not enjoy the clam chowder, flavorless. Since I had the chowder in Costco it was DELICIOUS... so I decided to try the actual stores... i was sorely disappointed. I ordered the bowl of chowder and a Lobster Roll. I wasn't happy at all. Why is it that the Costco frozen selections are better tasting and more price friendly than the original stores?

Amanda Wood

Best clam chowder around! A bread bowl, a cup, frozen, you can’t go wrong! We eat here every chance we get while vacationing and then some! I’ve order from them in Utah and had it overnighted! Still fabulously delicious! Great prices for a huge menu of seafood and other American dishes. My kids enjoyed there pizza and the green salads are huge and covered in toppings! In SLO there is never a long a wait to eat some good grub!

Danni Forrest

Delicious bread bowl clam chowder

Harshita Kajal

Great Food! Pocket friendly. Clam Chowder is a must try. Good options in menu. Will definitely re-visit.

Lance Granum

Good food. Nice people.

Marie Bjork

It's ok ' service could be better

Kingston Caz Dominguez

It was an ok yet fast paced place. The food was all right , somebody pranked the pepper shaker by loosening the cap spilling pepper on some food

Claudia McGarry

Great food and service!

Kenneth Warner

i always come here to eat at least 3 or 4 times a month I always get extra clam and ask for it to be warmed up and they have always done so, well today they said they couldn't hopefully next time they will (who eats cold clams with warm chowder that gross!) p.s. splash your CLAM chowder needs more clams in it

Tyler V

Best clam chowder I have ever had! Delicious, creamy, and they don't skimp on the meat.

Cheryl Gerard-Bolls

Yummy fresh food. Always busy so plan on a little wait for an available place to eat. Best clam chowder I've ever had. Even beats the stuff in Boston.

Paul Rapisarda

Everything is delicious. The staff is super friendly. Splash Cafe is a must see and eat if visiting SLO.

Narendra Mali

Food is great but you have to make adjustments with salt n pepper. I would highly appreciate if pickle came inside the sandwich than as a side

Lisha Astorga

We discovered Splash Cafe in Pismo almost 30 years ago and was ecstatic to hear they were in SLO! The clam chowder is the absolute best I've ever had in my life. I dream about this stuff. My only teeny tiny criticism would be that the sourdough isn't quite the same as when they were using San Luis Sourdough. It's still good, just not as awesome.

jesse Padilla

Good food choices

Shelley Ragsdale

Simply amazing! Outstanding Italian cuisine. Great ambiance.


Great food and service

tim bandy

Great place, first time here in SLO, visited pismo before!! Soup great as always, great staff!!! Cashier or person that took our order was amazing!!! Very sweet!!! Thanks for a great Lunch!!!


It's an iconic restaurant for the area. It's always busy..

Diego Cedillo

Clam chowder is amazing! But the fish and chips are not great.

kae tea

So good came up to see mike nesmith made it here on time to get my favorite calamari sandwich and a pint of chowder just for me with bacon and clam as toppers . 1 box of frozen chowder ....cant decide if pikes place chowder ( seattle) is better or splash I would need to do a blind taste test

Chris Cox

Perhaps the best breakfast burrito ever!

Rocky Aikens

Just a great seafood place all-around. Everything we got was delicious. Don't miss the clam chowder.

Jessica Brown

Delicious! Great service!

Yolanda Valles-Valdez

The Salmon on Wheat Bread was delicious

Linda Powers-Kim

Awesome seafood salad

rp teakell

Amazing chowder. Great location and fun atmosphere

manny fig

Always tasty food, especially the calamari. The calm chowder exceptional. No 5 bc their portion have recently gotten so small. My friend ordered calamari & fries. I ordered just calamari. We both got the same amount of calamari, except that I paid more and got less.

Don Olson

Excellent sweets as well as great lunch selection @ fair pricing

C Ya

Good food, fair price,

B Nichols

Best chowder ever! They also make delicious fish n chips, and a delicious grilled fish sandwich. The lines can be long, but they are worth it!

Scarlet LovesPrince

So I've heard there is better but I've yet to taste it, its always a must stop but i prefer the SLO location only because its less crowded

Andrew Jaru

Probably one of the better options in the area, but the seafood wasn't particularly good. Enjoyed their baked goods, though. Their battered fish was tough like jerky for some reason. Clam chowder had a strong fishy aroma from the clams. Had chowder at several chains before, but the smell on Splash's was particularly strong. Food aside, the staff is friendly and locals do seem to enjoy being there

Jeannine Compton

Have only ever gotten the pastries. They are not my number one favorite but I do like them!

ali kazemi

Service extremely unacceptable. Food overpriced for what u get this is only 24 hr restaurant at morango u better off to Get out and go to denise. Nearby.

Alec Morrison

Best chowder on the Central coast, if not California.

Amin Ababneh

Fish and chips is good, didn't like the clam chowder

Sharon Ross

Splash Cafe is one of my favorite 'go to' restaurants in SLO. I've never had a bad meal there. I love their breakfast burritos which you can get in a bowl if you want to save a few calories. The clam chowder is the best and I love the grilled ahi tunas, be sure to order them Baja Style! Besides the food, the employees are super friendly and treat you like family. I've also ordered a gluten free cake for a birthday party, it was moist and wonderful. I have nothing bad to say about this place!

Bryce Martinez

Splash Cafe makes for a great lunch stop between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Italian Chicken sandwich paired with a polite staff makes for a pleasant experience.

Tim Diehl

Great chowder in a bread bowl, fast service and lots of tasty choices

Ari Johnson

I ordered a cake for my friend’s birthday from Splash Cafe and they went about and beyond! I ordered the Neapolitan cake and included a card with the card, I made a mermaid reference and they included a beautiful mermaid tail on the cake! I didn't ask for it, Susan and the team at Splash Cafe did it on their own. What amazing attention to detail and way to go sooo far above and beyond my expectations! It was delivered on time and right to her office on the 4th floor of her office building. I’m soo happy with their service and recommend them to anyone needing a cake in the area!

Taire Hanshaw

Super tasty. Can't go wrong getting the clam chowder!!

Mr. Grant

Consistently amazing chowder. Their line may he long but it moves fast.

Frank Campo

Great breakfast burrito.

Jesus Rodriguez

Delicious desserts in the SLO chain. And I personally think pismo makes better clam chowder. Either way... clam chowder clam chowder clam chowder good choice.

Molly Neylan

We asked Splash Cafe SLO to deliver hot breakfast burritos and breakfast potatoes to the bridal party for our daughter's wedding last weekend, and they delivered beautifully! Hot egg burritos - some veggie & some with bacon - as well as hot fresh breakfast potatoes. They set it up on the kitchen table with plates, napkins, and plastic ware. Very efficient and polite. You can include the drivers tip ahead too, so you don't have to have cash on hand. This food was delicious, hot, and perfect for our wedding party kids. Very polite and professional delivery. Thank you Splash!

Angela Torres

Was on vacation and looked this up and went and ordered fish and chips which I totally recommend. Also bakery goods the cinnabuns are the best.

Laura De Loura

I absolutely love the one in SLO it has more offering than the Pismo location. It has the same wonderful clam chowder with seafood topping, if you haven't tried it you are missing out. The fish is yummy too. You will be stuffed but make sure you take home their bread of the day or a sweet treat. The lemon blueberry single cake is definitely enough for 2 and soooooo good, if lemon is not your flavor of choice they have lots of other deserts to choose from.

Grace Stokes

We always love coming here! They have the best sourdough bread bowls and clam chowder I have ever tasted. Nothing else compares. The service is always on point and their pastries are super yummy too! Make sure to snag a table as soon as you get there because they are very popular and seating fills up quick.

Sandra Tusant

Loved this funky little place. The food was yummy. We enjoyed the patio since we were traveling with our pup. The staff noticed our furry one and brought out water just for him and pointed out the leash hooks along the wall. the whole family was spoiled.

Timothy Gootz

The clam chowder bowl is plenty and very tasty. I ate here twice during my visit to SLO and both times I had no complaints. Though about 4 hours after the second trip I had to make a beeline to water closet...

Otto Hillegass

Great food and great people, highly recommend.

Kristopher Zanotto

Regular stop when traveling highway 101 from North to South, South to North or just about anytime passing through SLO. The seafood options and chips are always fresh crispy and delicious. The pizzas are always a family favorite, especially the shrimp. I like to enjoy a few fried tacos, baja and original style. Don't forget a few pastries or cookies for the road and to refill your tea or coffee.

Manny Madamba

Good food, great service and personable crews.


Who doesn't love Splash? This location is great they have a lot more then what you would expect. I rarely eat seafood but when I do this is my place. The bread bowls with the seafood topping for the Clam Chowder is what it is all about. They have a bunch of new pastries that they are selling so save room for dessert. The lines can get long but you are able to call ahead and take out.

jeromy blackwell

Famous for clam chowder I recommend the shrimp tacos!!! far less traffic than downtown Pismo beach.

John Griffin

Super value food nice atmosphere


My husband had the steamed clams. They should let you know that the clams are miniature. My tuna melt was so dry I could only eat half of a half. $48.00 for lunch not well spent

Rob Kirk

Splash Café does two things very well: baked goods and clam chowder. All of their pastries and fresh baked bread are amazing, and the clam chowder is magic. Those two things push them to four stars. Otherwise, their restaurant food is mostly average. There is nothing bad on the menu necessarily, but nothing really stands out. Also, if you're a local, do not go on holiday weekends, graduation, or any Cal Poly parents weekend. If you're visiting from out of town during any of those times, try to go after 2 pm. Their lines get pretty crazy

Erica Chuvichien

This was my first time here and it was really good. My daughter ordered the clam chowder, I got a chicken salad, my son ordered the calamari and fries, and my youngest ordered a hamburger and fries. The clam chowder was a bit too sweet for us. The salad was a large portion, but good. My son lives in SLO and raves about their calamari. The prices were decent. The biggest issue we encountered was seating. There isnt enough of it and the tables are small. We are a family of 4 and this was a bit tight. We would go back to eat here again. It's not one of our favorites, but it's a good place to grab a bite.

Rhey Luna

This place is great. We love the clam chowder sourdough bread bowl.

Janet Contreras

Great breakfast choices. Coffee is so good

Grace Henn

I love the clam chowder with seafood topping here and the fish and chips. I try and make it to the SLO location everytime I visit the area. The lines arent nearly as long as in Pismo and they have a little bakery so you get your dessert too;)

Colin Quinn

I didn’t like the food-worst fish and chips I’ve had in my life-IN MY LIFE!

Ryan Kriwanek

Amazing! Lived up to the hype

Doug Girouard

Good meal selection plus baked goods

Pedro-Adolfo Sequeira

Amazing clam chowder and sea food at great prices. The pastries also looked good and they have beer and wine.

Jason Reynolds

Only a 10 minute drive from Pismo's Splash Cafe, San Luis's Splash Café is owned by the same people, with the same delicious food and a bakery. Great pastries! The best part was no wait, no crowds, no walking (they have their own parking lot), no standing and eating. I will never, and I mean never, will I eat at the Pismo location, it's San Luis for now on.

Kathryn Rosales

Great food, delicious bakey items. Friendly staff. Yummy clam chowder with a ton of clams.

Lou Sacco

Amazing clam chowder and tuna melts. Gets a little busy to find a seat.

Anthony Gallo

Great lobster roll and sweets for dessert

Jennifer Luciano

Good food.

Kristy Walls

The Best clam chowder hands down!

Jeremy Hindman

Food was awfull clam chowder made both my wife and i sick. The restaurant down by the dunes is way better

leana walls

Always good except for the same girl who can't seem to get my order right and ends up giving me to much food. Always check your receipt.

Nicholas Marki

Cute little cafe. Good roast beef sandwich and tasty, spicy carrot pepper sauce at the table.

April Sublett

The BEST clam chowder you will EVER have in your life!!! Get the fried calamari too! And don't forget the seafood topping on the chowder!

Garrett Barth

Great food, friendly staff. We enjoyed our visit at this family friendly restaurant! Our cashier was extremely helpful.

Danny Morriss

In slo city, was just as great as pismo,s

Lacey Branson

Great to know there is another Splash Cafe other than the one in Pismo as that one is always extremely busy and claustrophobic.

emanuel balbaneda

The Clam Chowder with Crab topping is screaming Good. The Fish Tacos are good also.

Danny Dawson

Best Clam Chowder

Rosa Brown

Great customer service and great food

Cory Davies

Crazy long lines. The clam chowder is delicious. Prices are very reasonable

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