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REVIEWS OF SHEA Schat's Bakery IN California

Richard Nassar

Had breakfast croissants here while we stayed in Mammoth. Bakery is out of this world, and EVERYTHING is delicious! We will definately be back. Have another Bakery south of here in Bishop too.

Paul Huzarski

Being from NYC, I just a sandwich harshly. The turkey/cheddar on sourdough was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had in my life. The cheesecake chocolate balls are phenomenal.

Diana Morris

There is a deli inside the bakery that makes sensational fresh roasted turkey sandwiches!! It's so fresh and tasty! Parking is free Service is friendly

India Clamp

Great bakery located in the posh town of Mammoth Lakes. The orange juice maker machine was not working when I arrived but that is fine. Thanks for having sweets and warm rolls that were a delight on a snowy day. Did not have coffee here. Say hi to Aaron in Bishop. Do try the sheepherder bread---european recipe--and take home some sandwiches for lunch.

Ali Sedehi

Great fresh sandwiches. Bakery is fantastic. It is not as busy or crowded as the one in Bishop. It still has almost all of the same food. Highly recommend. We always stop here on our way out of mammoth

Ester Clifton

Best place in the world

Christopher Fant

Amazing and unique bread! Huge portions. This place is chaotic at times, and it would be helpful if you could order sandwiches and drinks no matter which line you choose but as it's set up if you choose the sandwich line, you can't order coffee or tea and if you choose the coffee line, you can't order sandwiches. I little frusty, but the sandwiches are HUGE and come with a pickle and a cookie! That they did right !!

Highland PTO

Incredibly slow service. Lots of people working in sandwich bar but only one making sandwiches slowly. They ran out of soup by noon. Skimpy on meat. Bread was fresh but that was the only upside. To make 1/2 sandwiches, they cut 2 slices of bread and throw the half they don't use in the trash. Very wasteful. Very few tables to sit.

Onic Mardi

I dont know what to say other than I wish there were more stars to give. Always great.

Anna Leonenko

Absolutely delicious EVERYTHING

Claudia Richardson

Best bakery in Mammoth

John Scofield

Great bread, great bread, very slow and not very nice young women

Rebekah Zweiban

Best short bread cookies ever!!!

Michael Fritz

Bought baked goods

Janis Charnay

Always good!

Lee Daynes

Great food, great service !!

Maxime Viry

Very wide choice of pastries, everything look super good. We tried the croissant they were really good. Note that the sandwich bar was only opening at 9am when we visited.

Marisa Martinez

Had a latte and pastry...great people work there!

James Howery

This is a bakery first. You can have breakfast in the back, but based on the breakfast menu, I decided to pass and hold my place in line at the Base Camp Cafe. As a bakery though, it's outstanding. Lots of different options and things you don't find at every bakery. I'm still chowing down on the banana bread I bought and took home. It's all delicious.

Kristofer Kendall

A must visit in Mammoth. I can't go in without getting a loaf of cheesy bread. Pullaway bread is also amazing for those with a sweet tooth.

Heather Fritz

I’m so disappointed in my experience at this Schat’s Bakery. I asked if they had any warm sandwiches and they said a croissant in the case was the only sandwich available. We had to microwave the sandwich ourself. Before we had gotten our orders of coffee, they brought out a whole cart of fresh bagel sandwiches. I don’t think any of the staff spoke English. I guess I’ll have to stick to the location in Bishop and support other local businesses in Mammoth!

Ric Ravier

This place is legendary. However I found the cookies to be horrible. Hard as a rock. So bad, I actually gave my cookie to a crow. He liked it. So go here, but maybe skip the cookies. The donuts looked good.

Ryan Kelley

Wish there was chocolate eclairs. Have other bakery items like donuts and bread. Closes at 6 so plan accordingly

Don Kim

If I could give this place a negative rating I would. The absolute worst customer service experience. I don't write reviews, so for me to take the time to write one should say something. Went to this place after an epic storm. One manager and one helper. I understand it's understaffed. Waited in line to order and finally about to place an order. I started asking the helper " I would like 3 sandwiches," next thing you know the so called manager ( Caucasian lady w blond hair) raised her voice at me extremely rudely and said, "HEY ONLY ONE AT A TIME, she does not speak English and she's only trying to help." Fine. I speak Spanish so not an issue, but the manager is clearly upset at something. She's working ??? Not enough help?? Then why are you open. Started ordering my sandwich as slowly in Spanish as I can, but clearly something is wrong w this manager. She needs to see a therapist. She warned me that she will not serve me. As if they are that good of a deli. Give me a break. Their "award winning breads and pastries are a joke." I have been stopping here after many trips to mammoth but I refuse to support their business. They need to learn customer service. There are many many options w way better food in this town. Just because you're a manager at a wannabe great pastry sandwich place, you don't have to be rude. And if you have issue at home or with your mind, stay home so not to ruin the business. Do not support this place. Just a warning.

Steve Schiebel

Our favorites are the cinnamon roll donut, croissant, apple strudel, apple fritter, fruit topped pastry, and selection of donuts! They also have cookies, bread, fresh squeezed oj when available. Everything you want in your local bakery!

Christina Warner

What a joke of a bakery went twice yesterday and today and wanted cheese garlic bread and they didn't bake any. I also wanted a ham and cheese croissant and the woman a head of me bought the last one and so I went at 730 and they didn't make any. So I'm heading to Eric in Bushop.

Megan Callon

Well all the cute and yummy treats i learned as a pastry chef are served here! Beautiful swan cream puffs...canolis...eclairs...tarts!! Not to mention KILLER ☕! Totally recommendthe Jump Start coffee to get going. Also, if you have something you really want to get from here, you gotta come early. Specialty breads and savory treats as well. Making it a stop on our trips from now on.

Boomer Malanchuk

Fantastic!! Always busy but the staff does an amazing job managing the crowds. Exciting to explore all the unique and beautiful options. Treat yo self!

Sharon Muelken

I had the best experience with this bakery! My daughter lives in Mammoth Lakes- I love in Ft Collins Co- I was so far away, her husband is a Marine, he was far away- she was single mom-ing 3 kiddos- Rachel, the baker, made my daughter an amazing custom birthday cake for me when I couldn't be there. She did an amazing job! My daughter and the kids loved it! I couldn't have asked for better service. Rachel even sent me a picture of it when it was finished. Birthday "cakes" usher in memories of years past. I just can not thank Rachel enough for being my replacement at such a special time and helping us in celebrating my amazing daughter. Your cakes and talent are amazing, Rachel!

Scott McGill

Great fresh turkey sandwiches. They will make you a 1/2 sandwich, it comes with a pickle spear and chocolate chip cookie. Clean bathrooms.

Hubert Schwarthoff

Large bread, sandwich and pastry place. 3 tables outside in front, many more inside. Eclair $5, Danish $3.40, coffee $2.50 - $5. Bread $5 and up, so pricey overall. The eclair was fresh but just a plain custard boat. Danish filling too starchy. Coffee was good. I didn't try the sandwiches.

Jeff Downing

This place produces fantastic sandwiches. Anytime they slice the bread and meats right in front of you, I consider that a winner. Good value and great stop after hiking around Devil's Postpile. We ate the food too fast to take pics

Kelly M

Lots of delicious bakery items to choose from! My favorite is the shortbread chocolate chip. I feel like you really can't go wrong with your choice here. We got several different pastries, and cut them so we could do share and try a variety. They were delicious! The blueberry scone was moist and delicious! My daughter loves the Cinnamon roll doghnut. So many yummy choices!

Marcus Barrett

Great experience here. Wish for more selection. Will continue to go back Don't like the $5 minimum on credit card. A little high on price even for resort town. Service was great.

Ken Kasa

It's seriously dirty. They dropped our order and picked it up with bare hand and asked us if we are okay with it. Seriously?!!! Later, I asked hot water for my tea but put coffee by mistake and asked me again if I'm okay with it. Store looks pretty but they are dirty.


Very good bakery with variety of sweets, pastries and sandwiches!!! We had ham and swiss cheese sandwich!!! Generous portion we split it!!! Staff helpful and friendly!!! Strongly recommend to friends and family!!!

Diana Echeverry-Franck, M.D

The best ciabatta bread! Sandwiches and donuts!

h smith

Anyone hungry. A nice place to go.

Brandon Keenan

Have been coming here since I was little kid. Every time the smell of the bakery takes me back. My favorite is of course their cheese bread which has been expanded to garlic cheese bread which is also very good. I usually slice it up and then stick it in the toaster for a oozy crispy cheese experience.

Eva Wheeler

Shea Schats is always much more friendlier than Eric Schat's in Bishop. They offer the biggest, flakiest, and buttery breakfast croissants. The sandwich shop is better than Bishop's too. Fresh bread, cookies, pastries, fresh squeezed OJ, jams, jellies and flavored olive oils, etc. Cant go wrong with this little bakery!

Will Isherwood

Still the very best apple fritters I. The west.

Sean Kinsley

Service was odd and food was OK. They were out of Coke.

Jonathan Farmer

Must stop when visiting the Mammoth area. Fantastic selection of breads and pastries.

Eric Engdahl

Amazing baked goods and excellent sandwiches. One star deducted for the chaos of the sandwich line. It's kind of disorderly and the tall glass partition makes it stupidly frustrating to communicate with the person making your sandwich; all 4 people in my group found ourselves saying "What?" and repeating ourselves far too much. But don't let that dissuade you from getting a sandwich! The freshly baked roast beef and turkey both look and taste delicious. Good coffee too.

Daniel Koopman

I really like Shea Schat's bakery. We discovered it earlier this year while staying up the road on a summer trip through the eastern Sierra. All of the baked goods are delicious - I particularly like the unassuming fruit bread - not the flashiest of pastries, but something to be tried, especially around the holidays.

Spencer Kahn

Good selection

Khyati Chaturvedi

My most favorite place in mammoth so far! Great selection of bakery items with healthy sandwiches and soups. I was like a kid in a candy shop , took me a while to select my macarons and did I make the right choice! It was so delicious and fresh. The lady at counter was little straight faced but rest of staff was very friendly. They also have a great selection of breads . Definitely recommend

Daniel K

Love their pastries, their sandwiches on the sheepherder bread are amazing. Coffee is strong. Great breakfast/lunch place. Sometimes it gets busy but the workers are quick and efficient so the wait isn't too bad.


Very nice quaint bakery, we were glad to find it nearby this year. Sadly and totally unexpectedly all of us, three families, were treated rudely and with a very despicable demeanor by the two ladies tending the store. I say sad because Shea Schat's was becoming a tradition for our group, not anymore. Hope you all have better luck or better yet - try a different option for your already short available time in a ski trip.

Michael Klang

I have lived next to schatts for 3 years now and this place can never seem to get their act together. The service is always incredibly slow (especially at the sandwich bar), their product selection is INCREDIBLY inconsistent unless you're just looking for an ordinary donut, often there are very long and slow moving lines, and it doesn't matter how frequent of a customer you are, if you're at $4.99, you still can't use a card because you haven't met the "$5 minimum". And they "open" at 6am but most every time you show up before 7am they've only got about half of the products that they normally do. I am seriously fed up with this place... the only reason I've continued to go back is because it's so close to my apt and is one of the only places to grab an early breakfast. Officially boycotting this place.

Local Resident

One elderly person who didn't know the menu was the only person working. Took 30 minutes to purchase a loaf of bread. Good bread.

Anita Fuentes

Love their sandwiches

Mitch Moore

The bakery items are good, but the deli is a joke! Soup was barely warm and we were told if we wanted to warm it up there was a microwave, and same thing for a cheese sandwich, if you want melted cheese you have to microwave it yourself? No very good service for a business serving food to tell you customers to use the microwave to melt their cheese.

Scott Holmes

Great lunch sandwichs and great selection of baked goods. Have not been disappointed yet.

Pete Miller

This business has potential for a good cup of coffee. Unfortunately, their signage indicates they have soy milk, which my wife needs, and the employees all seem to speak or understand very little English. Why is it that business’ in the service industry have so many people who cannot speak or understand the primary language of the USA?

Emily Taylor

Wow. The worse customer service I have received in a long time. I haven't even tasted the chocolates and bread I purchased, but after that experience, I'm pretty sure all I'll be tasting is contempt. I should have walked out and not given this bakery my business...because they sure acted like they didn't want it.

Dina Nufer

Treats are tasty, service is always poor.

Robert Prescott

Delicious bakery in the heart of town. My kiddos and wife the freshly baked sweet treats. So much to choose from like: fudge, chocolate, croissants and cookies.

Dave Donaldson

We've been to the Schat's in Bishop before and loved it except for the crowds. This time we decided to eat before we left Mammoth at this Schat's. The experience left us much to be desired. The staff in the deli, while nice, was really slow and the sandwich was so so. It had turkey bones still in it and the whole dining area was dingy and disheveled. After lunch we headed to the bakery to get some baked goods. The young girls behind the counter didn't know what half the items were. When the couple in front of us asked for marzipan, the girl said, "I don't know what that is, you'll have to point" I saw the couple a few minutes later checking their receipt and what they have and saying "whatever let's just go" after finding errors. The only redeeming part of the visit was the chili cheese bread we got for the road. Top notch!

Cynthia Fears

Soooo good! This place is dangerous, be prepared to throw your diet out the window.

Jason Springer

I used to look forward to coming here every time I went skiing. I would probably spend $50-100 each trip on their baked goods. No more. My last experience was terrible. I picked up an egg sandwich and waited in line to pay for it and buy other items. While I was in line I heard that they were cooking new sandwiches. The one I picked up was pretty old and stale so I put it back and ordered three new sandwiches. The lady at the counter (Carina) was very nasty and said she had to charge me for the sandwich I picked up and put back. I told her that I did not want to buy it, since it was kind of old and I just ordered three fresh ones. She insisted I pay for it, even though I did not want it. I thought it was petty to try to extort another $6.25 from me after I just ordered $40 worth or baked goods, but I agreed to pay for the sandwich since the woman seemed very aggressive. After paid and I looked in my bags, I saw that the sandwich I was forced to buy was not even in the bags. I went back to the counter and the lady told me she threw the sandwich away since it seemed I did not want it. So Carina charged me for a sandwich that I did not want and then threw it away instead of giving it to me. So essentially I was charged for something that they did not give me. Carina refused to refund the money for the sandwich and became even more aggressive. Eventually one of the other more rational employees refunded me. It is so sad that a business like this hurts its business by hiring such bad employees. This business has lost my business forever and has an additional bad yelp review all over a $6.25 sandwich that I was ultimately refunded for anyway.

Richard Greenwood

A wide variety of delicious breads and pastries.

Robert Mann

They may know the bread they make but they are clueless about any of the chocolate or pastries they sell. We asked what was in the tiger truffle and what the cannoli was filled with (it didn't look like the standard filling). Two separate staff members couldn't answer either question. Not at all impressed and not inclined to purchase food when you can't even explain what's in it.

Amelia Nugent

Good food and great bakery!

Magda Keriakos

Grade C- food with Grade A++ pricing. Terrible and the customer service is okay. Speaking to each other in Spanish about the customer is inappropriate. will never go back


Delicious breads! Love the samples too--next time I'll buy a loaf of the ciabatta bread. But the jalapeno cheese bread is always a favorite too!

Carlos N Diana Higuera

Enjoyed the variety of pastries, donuts, jams, jellies and preserves. They also have coffee and many types of breads to choose from. Will definitely stop by on my next visit to mammoth. I had visited the store they have in bishop and didn’t know they had another store here. Both stores have different items so I recommend both locations but this one for their pastries and donuts

Jennifer Franz

Great bakery. They make beautiful cakes!

Phil Zampino

Just stopped in here on our way out of town, and glad that we did! Many great selections, and everything we had was very good. Not a bad cup of coffee either.

Steve Scotty

Excellent bakery!

Rosa Marshall

Love this place !!!

Jason Buscema

Great spot in Mammoth. Wish they had some more breakfast type food so I could balance out the sugar intake :) Everything is good here!

Kevin Quinn

Great place to stop for some early morning(or afternoon) sweets and coffee or chai

Bill Crandall

Great fresh baked goods every day. Go early for the best selection!

Victor Sanchez

Good coffee with Danish is always great! Deli looks good to

Gabriela Coletta Lins

Awesome! Best sandwich in Mammoth!

L. Donnel .Smule. and Sing

Awesome bakery. I would have given this place a 5 star if it was'nt for the very rude older lady at the register. The rest of the staff were nice.

Jennifer Appel

L❤VE!!! Just don't go on an empty stomach, or you'll be sorry! ;)

Robert Bojorquez

Good baked goods and sandwiches. If your in Mammoth good place to visit.

Allison Vennerberg

Cozy, cute spot. Good coffee. The baked goods looked delicious. $5 minimum for credit cards.

Jeff Karotkin

Great place for sandwiches. The sour dough is excellent!

Vero Medi

Deli is a bit expensive, 2 sandwiches & sm soup came out to $35 but everything is fresh & delicious. Worth it!

Molly Johnson

The best donuts I’ve had outside of Texas! So good.

Patrick Anibaldi

Excellent pastries and breakfast sandwhiches. Kids had an absolute blast choosing a treat. The cinnamon rolls are also superb. We ate inside and enjoyed the atmosphere. They also have lunch sandwhich shop too.

Loopy Lyle

Best place in Mammoth for pastries most definitely and top five for sandwiches

Katie Bartosh

Has been a favorite of ours for years....but this time there was a marked decline this summer. Sandwiches were very lean on the meat that has in the past been generous. Very dissappointed this year. Others in town report it's worth the drive to Bishop to get the quality we are used to in the past. Hope they improve before my next visit.

AnDrew Pennington

Pull apart bread on way there and home and usually a made to order sandwich to go too!! :)

Peter Franke

Best bakery anywhere

Karen Bell


Liam Dillingham

Decent at best, really hardworking staff that look tired of work. Not the greatest place for breakfast but it had cheap donuts and pretty good coffee.

Father Thyme

Great bakery, go-to if you're near.

Envoy Messenger

Wow! The workers must hate their job. Closes at 6:00 pm but at 5:30 the girl was sweeping dirt in the main room( flicking it on my feet) and dining area already closed with chairs on the table. What is up with Mammoth Lakes!? From rite aid to this place I’ve never seen so much incompetence.

Norman Hollis

Ok bread, could be cleaner.

Christa Patterson

Had the crossiant ham, egg, & cheese sandwich for breakfast and it was so good. Cute store. Lots of fun local items.

Jim Aksel

Just like in Bishop... everything is delicious

Jennifer Trent

They have gluten free and dairy free options! They also have delicious truffles. We just picked up some sweets to take with us. Delicious!

Lillian Walker

This is a large European styled family owned bakery. The cashier/server is funny and charming. This place has a wonderful assortment of baked goods and a surprisingly large selection of loose teas! I ordered a hot apple cider and was surprised it was made with Motts juice instead of the real deal. Otherwise I'd give this place a 5 star rating. Plenty of place to sit. They also have a wide assortment of hot beverages including coffee, spiced chai, hot chocolate etc..

Craig Dinger

Turkey sandwich with fresh cut cooked turkey not prepackaged. Awesome

Rafael Otero De Santiago

Best bakery in town

Bruce Shawler

Bread yummy

Gavin Zau

Nice bakery on main Street of Mammoth mountain. Good select of baked goods. There is a small cake in the back but it was crowded at lunch

Michael Simons

The pastries make this a must stop. If you are there at lunch time, they have excellent sandwiches. Their bread is great. Try the sheephearder bread.

Spikeehair .

Even though this is less crowded than the Schat's in Bishop (I don't know the backstory, I'm not even sure they are the same owner). I think the pastries here tastes better than the giant Schat's in Bishop. The Bishop one has more varieties, but this one has better quality.

Cody Haviland

Outstanding. Treats were fresh and delicious. Even the coffee was great. 10/10 This makes our 4th time here in a week. Simply amazing. They have genuine fresh squeezed orange juice. You can watch the process. I've never had OJ that was so good. Looking forward to trying the deli for lunch.

James Mercado

GREAT BAKERY & DELI!! A one stop shop for the entire day, get a coffee and pastry or breakfast sandwich first, then order a delicious sandwich for lunch later on. All homemade breads and deli meats make for a top notch breakfast, lunch or sweets spot. I highly recommend, you will see many locals enjoying this delicious bakery!

Caren Tegantvoort

Love Schats bakery

Karen Kenner

Yummy treats, delicious sandwiches!

Kevin Lee

Awesome place. We stopped there for a sandwich, and it was spectacular, the meat and vegetables were very fresh, I don't know what they put in the sauce, but it was perfect for the sandwiches. We are hoping it snows hard tonight so we have to stay another day so we can try some more of their food.

Carlene Miller

Everything in this store is unbelievable sooo good. Buy it all.

Melissa Nevarez

Very very good

James Norton

Bishop is much better but still good. Pill apart bread is great.

Bill Anderson

Frickin amazing. Got the twist.

The Slytherin Side

The best bread

Adam Carney

Best bread ever.. if you want to expand your waistline and feel fine about it. This is the place

mr cool

Nice lunch sandwich and bread.

Dan Yamazaki

A must when visiting Mammoth Lakes. Pastries and bread made fresh every morning and the workers are very friendly.

Colt Stewart

Excellent roasted Turkey sandwich on sourdough. Huge.

Erica Cunningham

Tomato soup...... Omg sooooooo good. My daughters and hubby had a sandwich. We stopped in the bakery for a few bakery items. We dined in during lunch, tables were clean , our orders were made the way that was asked. It wasn't too expensive. Very yummy.

Mira Yo

Love their breads. The cheese breadsticks are so delicious, one of my favorite.

Ebru Eren

Their bread was okay. Not special. Had their sandwich as well. It was good.

Ryan Payne

Seemed like a pretty nice bakery.

Josh Sonnenburg

Sandwiches are good but small display room compared to the other store in bishop

aidin choobineh

Unbelievable, amazing food and dessert We are enjoying our time at this place Highly recommended for people stop by and get some snacks

Salome Masghati

It is hard to believe that this place is still in business given the particularly rude behavior of the manager, a tall, blonde woman who appears to be in her 60s. I noticed already while waiting in line how rude she was to her staff. Talking about her staff, I will not criticize the robotic way they work as it is obvious that the young employees are performing under a lot of stress and fear to lose their job. Here is what happened this morning. The previous day I ordered a couple of bagels. They were good. This morning I stopped by and did not see the bagels I had the previous day. They had about the same wrapped in croissants. I asked the young girl serving customers if she could asked the kitchen if they were preparing the same type of bagels than previous day. She told me that they had croissants. I said I understand but could she ask if they would also prepare bagels and eggs. The employee did not even dare go to the kitchen, which was 6 feet away and open. I could see the cooks. The manager came to give orders to the employees serving customers. She was border line polite, or rather, rude to them. More so in front of the customers. I asked her if bagels were on the breakfast menu to go. She dismissed my request in the most extreme impolite way by pointing her agitated finger toward me to showcase where the croissants were displayed. I asked her to be more polite. She told me that I had cut in front of everyone. As far as I am concerned, asking the manager who is not serving anyone, is not cutting the line. Had I done so, there would have been at least one of the 7 people waiting to be served tell me to go back and wait. I told the manager to calm down because she started yelling at me and that her behavior was inappropriate . She threatened to call the police as I was already leaving the place anyways, never to come back again as one can imagine. I feel sorry for the employees who are treated like they are sub human. When an employee is afraid to ask something very basic to the kitchen, one can only question what type of management they work under.

Courtney de Genova

Really a great place to grab a baked good!

Gregg Fuller

Great eats

Tim Serrano

Great donuts but pricey

Alexandra Anderson

The cashier girl gave me the wrong price on an iced chai, so I wanted a hot chai for the price she quoted. And then I was served an iced chai. The girl said “oh, I made a mistake.” And didn’t care at all. The manager did nothing about it. Rude and horrible service after I explained to the girl what I wanted and she still messed up because she flat out does not care.

Mr. NiceGuY

Great deli sandwiches in the back.

Peter Hudson

Great selection of breakfast pastries. Very good hot chocolate, with the whipped cream topping. Apple fritter needs more apple. The egg, ham croissant was excellent; eggs inside were fluffy and moist. A bit pricey but it's Mammoth.

Melissa Ahlman

Just walking in the door got me. The variety of truffles, pastries, cookies, gelato and bread..... is an eye-opener. They also have a variety of fresh jams, you can try with bread on hand to spread it on. There is indoor cafe dining area where they also make a variety of deli options for lunch hours.

Josh Barrett

Very lovely coffee and stuff.

Alejandra Barillas

Delicious bread and goodies . Service was excellent!!

Lee Jarvis-Werbenjaegerman

Delicious sandwiches, great food!

Travis Frasure

Only one person making sandwiches! It took 25 mins to order lunch. They were out of a lot of bread options as well as sandwich ingredients.

Danielle Gerhold

Fabulous bakery items and the sandwhichs shop in back with all homemade meats n breads is the perfect place to get your picnic lunch for hikes and bike rides or just because your hungry! Sandwhichs are huge !


Don’t miss this place for a quick bite! Wonderful homemade donuts, bear claws, and pastries. The bread is delicious, and they have several savory varieties. If you are there 9-3 try the sandwich shop. The dark meat turkey (on any bread) is just a damn good sandwich. Most restaurants in town include sprouts and really nice, fresh veggies on their sandwich offerings, and Schat’s is no exception. Yes, it’s a $10 sandwich, but it’s great.

SoCal Smith

It's great the bread a pastries are top shelf and the lunch counter in the back males a great fresh turkey sandwich.

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