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REVIEWS OF Proof Bakery IN California

Christopher Matthew Spencer

The drinks are cute and have designs. The cake is exceptional. I cannot speak highly enough about that. The prices are equally high but I cannot find anything like this for less money so it is a fair deal.

Samuel Lawson

I traveled here all the way from Portland Oregon to have their espresso cake, and they didn't disappoint. The service was friendly and professional if I lived nearby I would eat here daily.

María Wong

Croissants here have well defined layers. They are very flaky and delicious <3

ben der

WHAT DID I GET: A slice of the chocolate espresso cake, a slice of the vanilla passionfruit cake, and a cornmeal thumbprint cookie. HOW WAS IT: Incredibly delicious! The cake at this place is what you eat when it's your birthday, or you just got that promotion, or if you just need something to make you smile. The vanilla passionfruit cake had a great balance between sweetness and acidity, and the passionfruit gave it a really pleasant, but not over-powering, tanginess that gave the cake a really vibrant flavor. The chocolate espresso cake had such deep and complex layers of flavors, and you can really taste all of the ingredients that went into this cake. It was rich, decadent and sophisticated. The cornmeal thumbprint was truly a unique cookie; I'd never had a cornmeal cookie before. But this one was really good! It was kind of a soft-chew, which I liked, and it was moist but not to the point where it just turned into bread. It had a really pleasant texture, and the taste was simple, delicious, and very satisfying; biting into this cookie felt like going to visit your grandparents on the weekend when you were a just made you feel really happy and safe and warm. HOW MUCH DID IT COST: All together, it was a little under $16. WOULD I COME BACK/RECOMMEND THIS PLACE: Absolutely to both! This is one of the best bakeries/cafes that I've been to in a while, and the food here is great and the service is very friendly. Next time, though, I'll also have to check out their drink menu. The only criticism of this place is that the seating is pretty limited, but that's also partly because it's a pretty popular place.

Aren Mark Boghozian

It was my first time trying coffe and pastry at this place and I must day it did not disappoint. The coffee is one of the greatest and the pastry is very delicious. There is a reason this place is packet. Try it out, you will not regret.

Han Stevenson

The proof is in the pudding or in this case the cake. Setting: Black exterior with a small engraved sign. Inside is small but clean and organized. Service: The ladies behind the counter were very knowledgeable on the different pastries that were offered. Cake: I'm sure most of you have seen the worth it video featuring this cake and after watching it I knew I had to see for myself. The cake is very sharp and clean. When I saw it for myself it looked like James Bond had just finished putting on his suit and looking at himself in the mirror: sharp. Perfect amount of sweetness, cake was soft but not moist with the right amount of espresso taste to not overpower the chocolate and vice versa. One of the best cakes I've had! Overall: Well done proof bakery, ill be sure to stop by next time i'm in town

Hortensia Mansfield

We got a cake made for my nephews first birthday from here and they did a fantastic job of replicating the cake picture we showed them. A hole in the wall place but they do a good job making custom cakes. I was really impressed by their work. The cake tasted good and the price was reasonable as well.Definitely recommend this place for custom cakes for special occasions.

Vladimir Kudinov

Try their chocolate croissant, it's so soft, rich and delicious!

Zubin Billimoria

Granted, they make awesome sandwiches with bread that is almost addictive! The first time I went here I was raving to all friends and would have given 5 stars. But subsequent visits have been a bit disappointing. Never again seen the Shishito pepper sandwich I had the first day (I understand they make what's freshly available, but come'on!). Latte is often not hot enough, inspite of my insistence on extra-extra-hot (again, there's a willingness to redo it, but hey, I can't bring myself to pour a huge cup of coffee down the drain). Today, sandwiches were over at 1.30pm. Can we not just have enough made to last an extra crowd? Especially when going to the place is like going to whole foods... u lose an arm and a leg, and have still not sated yr hunger fully. Food is all of superior quality, especially the sandwiches and the coffee bites, but the premium does feel high.

Alex DeMartino

Awesome bakery good food, but limited selection.

Michelle Zaharek

This is an AMAZING bakery, unfortunately after Buzzfeed found it and made a video here my favorite cake is now impossible to get. If this is why you are going, you need to go before 9 am to snag a piece of the chocolate espresso cake.

Faiz Zafar

Great food. Limited seating space and ques.

Anna Ushakova

One of the absolute best bakeries in the LA area. Great selection of French inspired pastries, but not the overly fancy French type. You can tell they use the best ingredients, and the chef really takes pride in their work.

Sanggyun Kang

Proof Bakery is the best bakery in town. Particularly, their sandwiches are best of the best. You might complain they are tiny and expensive, but you know you will never get anything like that anywhere. Sandwiches are available only after noon (12pm). They also offer some high quality pastries and cakes. Side of the shop is a coffee bar - pretty nice if not the best. This is a small shop. Don’t expect an extensive list of stuffs but some quality goods. You will never be disappointed.

Shan Guo

quite popular and nice coffee bakery shop.

Loretta S Ian

In the neighborhood cause I heard the croissants were delicious! And it was!! They apparently sell out all the time! My daughter loves their chocolate croissant. I love the almond topped croissant! I even tried they maple walnut pie! So delicious! And they were busy. Not one open table. And when they run out! It's out! So everything is fresh. Would go again if taking someone there whose from out of town- they are like a special treat. But some people told me they est there 2-3x's a week! Wow!

Norman Gunther

Nice little spot for a coffee and pastry. Their coffee is nothing spectacular but it's nice when paired with one of their treats. I tried the ham and cheese sandwich which was cute and yummy...don't expect a large, American sized sandwich, the ones at Proof are made on skinny baguettes. I also tried the almond croissant and it was delicious! Every bite was flavorful. The sandwich, croissant, and 2 regular coffees cost $16.00. The place is tiny with limited seating (something that I didn't enjoy) so we ate/drank standing up until some hipster boy taking up a whole table finally got up.

Nestor Diaz

Amazing bakery in Atwater. Great pastries, great coffee, and super nice staff.

Daniel Garcia

The food my wife and I ordered wasn't bad. They were a cake of some sort(finally getting around to rating this place after a few months) and a ham & cheese croissant. Also ordered an Americano which was pretty good. The prices, however, are way too high for what you get... small portions the flavor really isn't anything to write home about... paid like $20 for 2 small pastries, a croissant and coffee.

Dale Casterline

Tiny Atwater bakery with cheery staff, tiny tables and excellent bakery items. But the stars of this show are the croissants - the very best I have tasted outside of Paris. Feather-light flaky wonders that explode into fragrant buttery shards when you bite into them. That's reason enough to go to Proof. No one else gets croissants right.

Ced Jackson

Great coffee, excellent pastries, and helpful efficient staff! Delicious, loved it!

Ken Mann

The shop is clean and chock full of good looking baked goods, sandwiches and custom coffee concoctions. I tried a slice of lemon chiffon with lemon curd filling and meringue on top. Decent, not great.

Viridiana Navarro

The Best chocolate cake and croissants I've ever had!!! First, that cake, wow just wow!! I flew in from Chicago and it was worth the travel. So moist and decadent but not over powering. Second, those crossiants, how they get them so crunchy on the outside and so soft on the inside?!? Is it magic?? Maybe lol. All I know is if you are in the area , it's a definite must.

Ryan Hamblin

I had chocolate pastry over here. The cream was fresh and the base was rich in taste of chocolate.

Janet Le

Wow--just Wow! Buttery, decadent layers of sinful goodness. Try the kouign amann. Your life will be changed. Try one with a cup of their hot chocolate. Your life will change again. And all for the, better!

Dave Charlie

I really like this place

Fabian R

Everything here is great and the owner loves coffee so it's very high quality. Highly recommended. Only downside is the long lines from the hipsters that flock to Atwater.

Chelsea Pena

We bought a Strawberry Shortcake for my grandsons birthday. If was beautiful and delicious. I highly recommend it

Ashley Huliganga

Good selection of caffeinated bevs and baked goods.

Kerstin Leistner

They aren't making any vegan items rn. It's a sad move while most east side places are making an effort to include people making food choices that are good for the environment and animals

Sylvie Simhon

Delicious, artisanal pastries and sandwiches. DO NOT get the spicy carrot sandwich. That one is mine. ;)

Ann Jaramillo

A bit pricy $6 for a croissant. Must be cause of their feature in bon appetite mag. It was definitely amazing though. Crispy buttery flaky crust!

Jennifer Hurley

Kinda of like a restaurant in Los Angeles I liked to visit.

Maddox Mclean

got there about three, it wasn't crowded. definitely worth a return visit. food is like a place in baltimore i loved.

Judi Lee

Amazing pastries--get there early before all the croissants are gone.

Johnny Bravo

This place is TINY! Doesn't take that many people to fill this place up and even then, with a line in and out the store, people will still try and buy baked goods from here. Their Espresso Cake is absolutely amazing. Flew in from Northern California to try the cake out. Did not disappoint.

Bonnie Parker

I had asked a friend where she bought her refreshing looking iced coffee and she pointed me in the direction of Proof Bakery, a delicious little trendy spot in the heart of Atwater Village. The moment you enter, you're enticed with a dazzling display of galettes and muffins, freshly baked. Some appetizing standouts are the banana mini cake loaves and the almond berry olive oil muffins. The drinks are truly refreshing and light, as promised. On this warm August morning, I got an oolong iced tea. Also lovely was the peppermint rose herbal blend. For a Sunday morning bite, the proof is in the pudding at Proof Bakery.

Wilfredo Santos

This small busy shop is full of delicious and amazing treats a veritable gem. The coffee cake is not to be missed..

Jack Lynch

i love this place, excellent food & service. had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. bring your appetite because portions are generous.

Noe Gomez

I love the ambiance here, it's hip yet elegant, the pastries are honestly to die for, they have flavor and finesse. Well worth my $. The coffe is also great, friendly staff and interesting crowds gather here. You MUST TRY IT OUT.

Jeremy Sanchez

I still think back to the day I had their croissant and how amazing it was. The wait is totally worth it. Their croissant is crispy outside, soft and chewy inside. It is the best croissant I've had!

Melissa Costa

Love their coffee drinks. Pastries and cakes look amazing.

Saniyah Hunter

Sigh. They killed everything savory I loved here. Without the cheese croissant there's little reason to trek in. I love to comeback here if I am craving about sweet pastry or cake.

Victoria Miskolczy

A fine bakery that makes very good Vienoiserie (anything puff pastry, cookies and quiches). They don't sell loaves of bread, except for an occasional fantastic Brioche loaf. Also they have fabulous coffee!

Ella-Louise Simmonds

Nice place to relax, people watch, eat good, etc. The staff was friendly and sociable. It has a great interior. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.

karl burkart

The best bakery in LA.

Alexis Martino

High quality pastries, authentic French croissants, amazing coffee

Matt Kulisch

The unexpectedly-hungry balding grandpa, in line in front of me, cleaned out Proof Bakery of all its croissants about 2-minutes before I ordered. This was a disappointment, until I ordered myself a ham-and-cheese croissant in consolation. Let me tell you, it’s 1:15pm in the afternoon, on a Wednesday, and I just had the best ham-and-cheese croissant I’ve had outside of the country of France! Not overstuffed with ham, with a slightly-sharp yet wonderfully creamy amount of cheese, this croissant was perfectly soft and flaky. I felt like a kid, unwrapping a candy in a movie theatre, trying to keep quiet with my joy; the flaky pastry was pretty much making that crinkly noise as I bit into it. Super-yum.

Kristina Shamilova

We live in San Diego and anytime we're in LA we make sure to go because it's amazing. The cappuccinos are wonderful and the passion fruit and espesso cakes are extraordinary!

Gaby Duhina

The quiche was great! Marble tables were the icing on top.

Melanie Bellomo

I come here for their plain croissants at least once weekly. It's the only place I go for breakfast. It makes you feel like you're in France; the pastries are that good.

Raudel Perez

Great pastries. Cookies, cakes, croissants. Highly recommend


Oh how I love their coffee and their sandwiches!!! Make sure you get there at noon when the sandwiches go on sale, because they go quickly!!!

k kim

I've been there around 3pm. most of breads are sold out. rest of breads are pretty expensive and bad quality sandwiches. not fresh..

Stephanie Tong

Wonderful croissants and quiches! The quiche can sell out if you're not early enough. It can get spendy really quickly.

Harold Holly

This little bakery/coffee shop is awesome and totally has a North West feel. The pastries are incredible and the coffee is delicious. The best coffee I've had in a long time. The only bummer is that they served me a cold ham and cheese croissant without offering to warm it up. It was still tasty, but probably would have tasted better warm. Overall, this is a great little find with a lot of unique and wonderful pastries. I'll definitely be coming back!

Michael Kiem


Mary Ellen Kearney

Fabulous. Yummy. Mouth watering. Scrumptious. Need I say more? There is a line so ne prepared. I had a ham and cheese croissant, a strawberry pastry, along with coffee. Very trendy and hipster but delicious

Brett Kushner

One of the best bakeries in LA. After 12pm, they serve 4 types of sandwiches until they sell out. They're always delicious and new recipes every day. Always a great place to grab some lunch for some friends.

Andrea Floyd

What a heavenly piece of pesto pizza I had! Arizmendi as my boyfriend would call it, "represents the pinnacle of baking". And I would agree with that statement. I'm quite lucky that I live 5 min away from the bakery, and every time I pass it, there's either a huge long line, or when the line is short because they had run out of baked goods and waiting for the next batch to be available. I've tried their desserts, pizza, bread, and they were all mouth wateringly delicious. Loved the vibe of the place too, very accessible, friendly and comfortable for hanging out, if you are lucky enough to find an empty seat!

Steve Bellamy

I had a delicious almond croissant, well up to French standards, and an excellent cup of coffee. The place was busy but the service was fast and friendly. My companions' scone and cake were also pronounced excellent, and I'm told people come here especially to get the sandwiches, but it was a little too early for that. it's a small place so we were lucky to get seating.

Peter Milford

Our favorite coffee in LA. And the pastries are the best.

Denis Svircic

Without a doubt the best croissant in LA.

Laura Lindsay

Proof is my local favorite bakery & coffee shop. The pastries are freshly baked everyday. My standards are croissants or cinnamon sugar smothered morning buns. Their seasonal creations are highly recommended--lately it's been stonefruit filled hand pies or tarts. If you're just getting coffee, you can bypass the pastry line and go to the espresso machine to order. Always great selections of whole beans and delicious espresso beverages.

Andres De Oliveira

This place has the whole package, great coffee, top notch pastries and friendly staff. Love their ham and cheese croissants.

Michael Zelman

Wonderful bakery. Everything is good; standouts include their chocolate croissants, seasonal pistachio croissants, chocolate espresso cake, and on the savory side, quiche and lunchtime sandwiches. Don't forget your espresso based drink; they are solid.

Oksana B

Stopped twice (11:20 and 1:30) on different Sundays only to face the empty shelves. Very disappointing since this place is very out of the way. If they are so popular I don't understand why not make more product or make it more often than twice a day?

Marion Hood

Man my family has been going to this place since it opened and its been amazing! their croissants are to die for but then bon appetite rated them the best new bakery in america and the line is so long to get a croissant. Definitely worth it for special occasions but no longer can come here every sunday morning.

Tammy Hunt

Real good cupcakes. I love cake with lemon frosting, and theirs was really good. Love seeing a good local bakery, and I'd definitely come back. I was hoping for red velvet cupcakes as well, but they didn't have those when I came in.

Michelle Stull

Walked in to the bakery about two weeks ago around 5:30 . For the first time and found it to be quite busy and on top of that the credit car machine when down instead of losing there cool there customer service step it up a notche . I was truly please with that and the cake was worth the wait . Good job and I will be back.

Victor Solis

Proof is always a sweet spot for a finely-crafted pastry and a meeting. Finding a table for more than three people is a challenge especially on a busy mid-morning. Parking on the side streets without meters has usually been a good bet.

Genia Fava

I often walk into Arizmendi and don't end up getting anything. Today I decided to try their pizza($3/slice). The slices are small, so you might get 2 at a time. Today's toppings were artichoke and onion. It was pretty good. Lots of fun baked goods here.

g Bernard Wandel

Good place Great coffee & sweets Friendly staff

Oscar Messner

Everything here is a dollar more than starbucks, but worth it. It is an indie bakery shop but maintains a comfy setting. Would do again

Campbell Sadeghy

Nice employees but I didn't like the cookies. They were over salted and too hard for my liking. The bakery looks nice though I haven't tried anything else.

Doug O

So fresh

Francis Newman

Very cozy and lovely place. The coffee was perfectly brewed and the pastries are so butterly, so tasty, sooooo sweet. I love this place. Can't wait to go back.

Gessica Charniga

Proof is top notch. Their pastries and cakes are incredible!

Christopher Williams

Counter serve great coffee and baked goodies

Rebecca Quesada

Finally was able to snag a seat on a Sunday with the line going out the door. Definitely the place to go for croissants and other pastries. It can be an intense place to be for the indecisive because the line goes quickly. But knowing this in advance is important because if they aren't providing you with small talk, it's for a reason. On less crowded days they are less abrupt.

Corey Wish

Amazing croissants. Parking is even decent as there are a few free public lots nearby. The line was long, but moved very quickly.

Steven Kim

Great baked things and good coffee.

Thelmas Bar

*SO* Yummy!!!

Kaylee Pruitt

i will be back with my coworkers. it has a great interior.

April Bonasera

I adore this place!!

Andrew Tagatz

Delicious croissants, the best I have had since visiting France. Delicate and flavorful quiche; I was blown away with how creamy they keep the eggs. Everything I have had has been perfectly crafted and delectable. I look forward to continuing to enjoy their wonderfully baked offerings!

Celine Royer

As a french person I’m very picky when it’s about french patisseries and viennoiseries. I tried different ones in LA, never really felt like I was home. This place has the best chocolate croissant I ever had in LA, and being able to order it in french it’s also a +. Love the coffee out there too and the canelés :) I def recommend this place! The big down side regarding the chocolate croissant, that if you go after 9.30am there is no more. Not sure why they don’t provide more as it’s the same problem everyday.

Neal Ch

amazing croissants - tried chocolate and ham and cheese. financier, scone, and sandwiches are also great.

Vicki Hodges

Just because it was SOOO CROWDED. But food is DELISH

Yvonne Hsu

Artisanal pastries and breads made daily with seasonal ingredients in limited quantities. One can tell that lots of love and efforts go into creating these wonderful treats. Best bakery in California!

Irena Lukic

Love this place!

Michael Talanian

Chocolatey cookies were amazing, rich and salty. Hibiscus mint tea did not overpower - delicate and refreshing

Andy Ng

Dropped by for a quick breakfast and was warmly greeted by the ladies at the counter with their infectious smile. The croissant is perfectly baked with a crisp and flakey crust that breaks into a delicious ham and cheese filling. Will need to come back again to try their cakes and other sweet pastries.

Sid Alonzo

High quality pastries, authentic French croissants, amazing coffee.

Daniel Jordan

Impossible to find seating in this otherwise wonderful patisserie.

Latasha Wood

Nice place to relax, people watch, eat good, etc. The staff was friendly and sociable. It has a great interior. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.

Gregg R

Came here for the Espresso Cake...Left with no regrets!

Alyssa Mcguire

OMG! Carmel, red velvet, lemon cupcakes, and german chocolate cake were AMAZING!!!!! Great flavor and super moist!!!!! My husband and I are hooked!

diana light

Amazing chocolate espresso cake.

Juanita Mcgee

Wow. Just had a slice of carmel cake that sent me into a complete tail spin. Simply put....The Best Carmel Cake I have ever tasted. Amazing! !!!

Jose Miguel Pulido Leon

Best croissant in the county of Los Angeles bar none. Please go at noon to eat a sandwich a little bit of heaven in every bite. Atwater Village thank you for being the home to such a great place.

Stephanie Lawson

Stellar chocolate by the cup, croissant, almond chocolatine (best I've had?). Well situated not far from the 38 bus on Geary, great place to connect with friends and locals. Few inside and outside seating places. Fast, friendly service. Will definitely return and highly recommend.

Mitchelln Augustiner

Maybe my favorite bakery in CA (sorry tartine and b.patisserie)? They have the best savory veggie focaccia selection and I am obsessed with their daily veggie pizzas (order by the $3 slice or whole pie). Which is saying a lot because meat is important to me. In addition to the well-known cheese rolls, focaccia, and pizza a la Cheeseboard in Berkeley, Hidden gems to try include: Any variation of their Blueberry scone Sourdough chocolate croissants Multiple locations, but this one in the inner sunset is closest to my heart as it was the first I visited when I moved to the city!

Stephen Boykin

Awesome little Bakery in Atwater Village. It's so popular with the the locals, the line was out the door. Delicious baked goods, excellent coffee, great service.

Jim Holmberg

This is a superb local bakery. Excellent baked goods and probably the best sandwiches in LA. Reminds me of the great flavors in Europe and the Cortado is top notch. Highly recommend.

Eddy DC

For millennials who don't know better. Difficult to park. Unreliable inventory, and prices that are a smidge too high. Food quality is good and the people are nice.

Shelton Henry

LOVE this place - my family has a Cookie Walk we do when we feel like some Proof Bakery. There's always a line out the door whenever I've been. Popular with tourists and locals alike. I only wish they had a regular chocolate chip cookie - without the nuts. Otherwise, that would be my favorite. I also like the oatmeal raisin, though I generally don't like oatmeal raisin. They're best when still warm on the inside! The cookies are a bit pricey ($4) but so delicious... I would like to try some of their other bakery items but I always get sidetracked by the cookies...

Meggan Wood

I ordered a cake from SusieCakes for a friend's birthday. It was really easy to order over the phone and pick up the next day. The sales lady even took the time to help me pick out candles and decorations and was very patient despite the long line. They even recommend keeping your cake in a fridge depending when it'll be served to make sure you have the best quality for your guests- and I really loved that detail!


It's always crowded

Stephen O'Bryan

Great coffee and pastry. Everyone was nice and the food was delicious. Nice casual vibe.

Luke Miller

Great coffee, and snacks. I really enjoy riding my bike to Proof and having a coffee and treat break. Good cookies, quiche, and sandwiches.

Brittany Jones

Excellent cakes! The caramel cake is to die for!!!loved it! I also ordered the banana pudding and its the best banana pudding I've ever had!!! Definitely going back!

askmr tung

This has to be one of the best places for croissants. They are crispy and light. Their quiche are tasty with just the right amount of salt. There is always a line so be prepared to wait.

Brian Fleming

Great bakery, one of the best in Los Angeles.

Mark O

Amazing pastries! Cozy spot. Very easy to miss location.

Tam Visher

Good croissant (Gjusta in Venice also has good croissant.)

Hammad Ganatra

Beat chocolate croissants ever! Cheesecake also very good. Quick service but lines can be a little long at times.

Randa Warren

Ordered an extra large cheese pizza with extra dough, for pickup. Didnt take long to arrive, though parking was practically nonexistent. However, this place seems to specialize in delivery, as there was no actual seating inside, not that I minded. Waited a few short minutes for the pizza, as I arrived early. Pizza was delicious, and absolutely worth the price.

Adelina Radu

Lovely little bakery where you can get a proper cup of tea, coffee or a nice lemonade. I'm an avid tea drinker and they actually had some nice tasty, brews for tea addicts like me. Their cakes were also nice. One of the ones I tried was a dark chocolate raspberry cake that was just lovely. Highly recommend getting this one if available.

Khloe Reeve

I love this bakery. They have delicious sweets and friendly and kind staff. I love it!!!!!

Mark Wall

I had the meat quiche it was good but room temperature. My wife and daughter had the vegetarian quiche, they really liked it. I also had a croissant, I don't remember the name of it but it had cheese and herbs. It was very good, definitely not what you would normally have with a croissant. It's a small restaurant, very limited seating. I got very crowded before I left. I will come back here though.

Ronnie Burton

Came here on a Friday I think. The staff was very kind and attentive. The place has an awesome atmosphere.

Dunia Sas

Okay. This place is just spot on with everything they do. Although they might seem to have a few things on display or on their menu, nonetheless whatever you decide to get its going to be A-maaazing. Their vege sandwich is to dieee for, and their espresso chocolate cake i can have the whole cake all on my own. Its the perfect birthday cake that i guarantee any chocolate lover will want for their birthday. Oh not forget to mention their coffee is outstanding too, if they are brewing Takeflight coffee then u must get that! All their other rosters are great too. P.S parking is a $&@-/

Bernice Richards

Get the egg tarts!! Get two dozens of egg tarts. They were fresh, warm, soft, tasty. Anyway, it's just simply awesome. ;-)

Jeff Brooks

AMAZING! 1. Every single thing in the pastry case is amazing. 2. I would start with one of the best chocolate chip cookies ever. It's loaded with chocolate, very soft with a bit of crispiness. Just gotta trust me. 3. The fig tart when available is not to be missed. 4. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. 5. The most unexpected find at Proof is the coffee. The Heart Roastery pour over was better than anything I've ever had in LA or SF. The catch is the price. Even for a coffee this good, I have a really have a hard time paying $5 for a fairly small coffee. It's your call, but it's damn good coffee.

stefanie valerie

I came in looking for a cheese Danish, but got a chive & cheddar croissant instead...and omg! BEST CROISSANT EVER! I came for just coffee but ended taking a box full of baked goods too since I'm from up north. Blueberry scone, delicious. Banana bread, delicious. Brownie, delicious! Lol. Will always come back here when in the area.


Delicious pastry n good coffee

Darryl Ford

Not a fan. The baked goods were subpar (the croissant tasted burnt and just fell apart after one bite and the bun was an oversugered crunchy mess). On the flip side my cup of coffee was decent but by no means worth going out of the way to visit.

Yeah Yeah

coming here for years i always get giddy about trying the best croissants in LA so its always pleasure purchasing some. the bakery choices here are exquisite!!!

Matthew Galvez

This has the best chocolate chip cookie in Atwater. Great place to have coffee and baked goods

kubo P

Definitly too expensive. Nice shop with cafeteria and few but natural products, some tables, fast service which keeps small the line, contrarly to neightborought Porto. But price is non acceptable. Sweet bread=2,5$; small muffin=4,25$; even smaller=3,75;slice of yogurt cake (no chocolate, seeds, cream, nothing)=5$. Not my bakery.

Drew Oneal

Looking forward to returning with my friends. The bill was appropriate.

Pamela Bryant

Prices are decent for the quality.

Javier Flores

You have to try the espresso cake... BEST EVER

Carol Kenzie

The people who work there and own the shop are so sweet, and it's adorable, but I was a bit let down by the baked goods I got.

Paulab Gale

My new favorite place for sandwiches! The setting is amazing. This is an awesome place whether it is to spend time with family or friends, chill, study or work! Definitely recommand this place!

Jonathan Lee

Listen, all you need to know is that Proof makes an amazing almond croissant. Top three in my life. IN MY LIFE.

Daniel Barrera

I absolutely LOVE their chocolate chip cookies. Serious the best ones I’ve had in L.A. also ask for it warmed up!

Twyla Hertlein

this is only for the sourdough crossiant which is DELICIOUS. I got it on saturday and am planning my next visit to get more and def more than 1 this time. $10 min for CC usage. Parking is a bit difficult at this location which shoulnd't be a surprise for inner sunset. great little shop with tons of options for bread and pastries as well as a couple of seating areas too.

Andy Cheng

A lot more pricey than I expected and the line was super long.

Mark Dederichs

Greatest ever

Chris Park

Haven't tried anything I didn't like. Espresso buttercream cake is amazing. Probably one of the best cakes I ever had.

Melissa Herrera

If you're vegan, save your time and go to Black Elephant Coffee across the street. This place said they only carry vegan options sometimes. When I asked what was vegan, I was offered a product that had eggs in it. How does a business in Atwater Village not offer anything vegan??

Khamille Barbosa

Love this place! They always have the freshest baked goods. So delicious. Super friendly people. The Coffee is always outstanding!

myungjin kim

My favorite bakery in LA! The best!! Demi sandwich comes around lunch time and these are so gooood!

Andy Noel

My favorite coffee in la. Cakes and pies look unreal. All pastry's are incredible. The one thing I would change is adding an extra line for coffee only on the weekends because this place gets packed out.

Darryl Yong

I really should try something else here besides chocolate items but I can't resist. It's too good.

Irene Diaz

I give this spot two thumbs up. The place has an awesome atmosphere. Similar to a cafe in Las Vegas I loved.

Juliana Zorrilla

Terrific! I bought a quiche, sandwich and a coffee to go. The quiche was absolutely delicious & though it could have been warmed up just a little more the flavors were truly delightful. Sandwich was excellent if you don't mind a lot of salt, which I don't! Coffee was ridiculously good and I'm Colombian, I don't say that lightly. Thanks for the great food guys!

Mikhail Sverdlov

Quiche is out of this world. Everything is above and beyond.

Rob Silva

Jun very humble Person. Love the customer service and the Food is Very Delicious. Salami and Ham Sandwiches.mmm mmm. Thanks for the Sweet Treats!! -Uber Driver

Jaimie Carlos

If you are walking to find this place, be aware there are no bold signs that let you know when you have found this spot! They take minimalist very seriously it seems! Other than that come earlier than later as they sell out of the good stuff fairly fast! I will say you have to get a croissant of any kind while you're there cause they know how to do equal parts flaky and chewy with a nice golden caramelized top!

Pamela Robinetter

Would not return - it's expensive and is not as good as other dessert places in the area. We had the match bingsoo and the match tiramisu, and had sampled the sweet potato and strawberry soft serve. There isn't a lot of flavor and the portions are pretty small. Nice presentation and cute shop.

Linda Shreve

Love their Proof Bakery bun! Especially when you eat it straight out of the oven. The bun is hot and the butter is cold but melty. I do think they can go a bit easy on the butter, but I usually just scrape it off myself.

Jovan Rodriguez

Proof is very popular. So be ready to stand in line suddenly. I've been here three times, tasty baked goods for sure. Approved

Jennifer Pennington

Great coffee and crossiant bread.

Kerry Wilcox

One of our favorite bakeries in LA! Love the financier, brioche sandwiches and croissants

Karreno Alexanyan

Proof is one of my favorite bakeries. They offer variety of freshly baked goods and coffee/tea. The croissants and the quiche are a must-have.

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