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8233 Firestone Blvd #4842, Downey, CA 90241, United States

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REVIEWS OF Porto's Bakery and Cafe IN California

Carlos Perez

Store is clean and organized. Operation is very efficient. Most of all services are exceptionally excellent. Your staff, Maria who assisted me with my needs went out of her way serving me. I was having breakfast around 9:15AM Thursday 7/18 outside, she greeted me and asked if she could be of help. Maria is very polite, courteous and accommodating. Customer Service par excellence. This what makes Porto’s a very successful enterprise. It a Nordstrom of food industry, but their prices are very very reasonable. May your tribe increase. More power to Porto’s.

Ada Osorio

Great place with great food! I will give it 4/5 because they need better flow from counters to registers and better visibility to their counters (didn't see some things to order because everyone was standing in front of them) and clearer menus. I missed a drink until I saw someone walking with it, but at that point it was too late because I'd already ordered and paid- and getting into the line again for a drink was not worth it!

Jocelyn Anderson

Go. GOOD food. GREAT staff. You'll go back!

Ingrid Eleuterio

Cashier got my order wrong. Didn't realize until food came in. Server quickly fixed my order in no time. I've been coming here for 7 years. They're citrus grilled chicken plate is awesome. I love the red velvet cupcakes and OJ. Awesome service! Thank you!

Lilia Garcia

Portos was agreable today. The line moved fast and the young man who assisted me was professional and friendly.

James Miller

There's a gang of stuff. Can you have too much? Maybe a little too much. What I've had is pretty good. Don't know about waiting in a line that stretches outside. Go early.

Chelsea Johnson

Incredible food! They were busy nonstop. Loved the atmosphere, the layout, thr menu, everything! If you are in the area i highly recommend stopping its worth the wait

Maui Sanchez

Porto's is one of the best places to go In all of California. If you haven't gone yet, go right now! And you have to try the hazelnut besitos. To die for.

Vidya Mahendran

Always busy but food is good. Love their coffee and pastries, and they’re pretty efficient with crowds. Fresh squeezed OJ is great too. I recc their sandwiches and you def can’t go wrong with their pastries.

Diana Estrada

I was on crutches the 1st time I visited this place. I really appreciate that I didn't have to wait in line. A worker came up to me and took me to the front to get my food. I so appreciated that because I was on crutches.

Edward Fong

Baked items, sandwiches are fantastic. Reasonably priced. Lines are extremely long. 30 minutes+ in lined for carryout baked items.

Stephanie Munoz

Jackie served with the best customer service. Her recommendations were great.

Foram Sanghavi

Loved the cheese potato rolls and sandwich. Their fresh OJ is die for!!

Miss T

The tres leches cake was delicious, I should've bought a bigger one because there was none left. Priscilla was really helpful and understanding since I kept asking for the wrong cake but when I figured out my error she was still patient and made sure I got what I needed. Food never disappoints & very satisfying and the pastries are always amazing

Elaine Edwards

I drove quite a few minutes off of my normal work route to get to Porto's but it was well worth it. This place was already BUZZING at 630 in the morning with lines of people but the service was great and most importantly QUICK! The young lady that helped me greeted me with a smile and all of the goods that I bought were enthusiastically enjoyed by my coworkers and me. To say the least, WE ARE PORTO'S FANS!

James Sunix

Porto's is very popular here in Downey, a great success story for the Porto"s family. This location is a hit or miss for how crowded it will be, be ready for the possibility of having to stand in line outside the bakery for up to 10 minutes or more depending on the amount of people inside and waiting on the line, there is no going around it, I guess they do it due to occupancy limits set by the fire department. Inside the usual variety of pastries, cakes, sandwiches and Cuban plates. They have a coffee and juice bar on the side. it is a clean modern facility and they staff tries to be as friendly as possible regardless off the high volume of customers waiting to be serviced.

C Barrera

Very good food. However the waiting time is crazy.....!!! Will recommend getting valet parking. Only $5 and saves you time and headache. Trust me

Kim Walker

Potatoes balls are the best. And the cakes are to die for.

Yessenia Rivera

The most delicious cakes ever. The worst part of all is the parking can be diffiult to find and this location is always super packed which is that's so ridiculous when it's a mad house there smh.

Kiana Miller

First time tried it I said this is bread in it so good like this

Angel Ruiz

Amazing selection of treats and friendly helpful staff. And every thing taste great

Yolanda Rodriguez-Del Haro

Authentic Cuban food, feels a like Cuba when your inside. Always live inside, we love it. The food and the atmosphere

Kal El

Always an awesome experience here, always leave back home with at least a dozen of cheese rolls.

Carolina Simmons

Love it!! Great customer service! Clean affordable dinning. The best!

Yesenia Ortiz

Love the food and restaurant,but I purchased pastries and Alan just threw them on my box breaking and damaging them he was in a bad mood didn't smile or greet. I didn't feel welcomed

Laura Sanchez

I love portos a lot because its so good

Juan Sanchez


Maria Mendez

Just moved into the area. The sweet treats are really good just wish there were vegan options for those on that lifestyle. Otherwise it is a really elegant bakery shop.

Sherise Farmer

The seafood potato balls are EVERYTHING and more. We drove in rush hour traffic took 45 min to get here and its only 11 miles away from us. Place was PACKED but the line moved rapidly although it was a long line. AMAZING everything and worth your time....

Steven Luh

Tons of selections at reasonable prices. There is always a ton of people here, prepare to wait in line to order. Always order "to go".

Bob Massey

I have to say, "Wow!" Plan on having breakfast or lunch with a pastry. This will give you enough input to understand why everyone who visits any Porto's is a FAN!

Rosa Virgen

I'm not too fond of their food, although it's always packed to me there's better places.

Loreta G.A.

The 5 stars are only fir the 3 leches cake! That what we had today and it was amazing. I still stand by my statement that Cuban food is better at other places.

Devon Nester

This place has the best bakery items in the area. Only down side is the long lines but if you go very early or late at night you can avoid the lines. Highly recommend it.

Reese H

Love love love this place. Their carrot cake is epic. Their sandwiches are amazing. Only downside is there is usually always line... Which means you have to wait for food. But definitely worth the wait!


Tried the new seasonal pumpkin cream cheese cupcake! Really good

Al Bee

Probably one of the few insanely crowded places with long lines that I'd be totally fine waiting in. Because if you do plan to wait it out, you'll be able to enjoy some of THE BEST pastries that LA has to offer, from guava cheese sweet pastries to their potato ball and empanadas. Plus the price here is insanely cheap! Comparing the pastries here to 85C, you'll definitely be getting a better bang for your buck at Porto's.

Vero Gutierrez

Guava cheese pastries are the best. The lines are long, but pastries and cakes are worth it. Plenty of sitting area, but they are always full.

Ossama Ghanim

First time trying Porto's and I got to say I'm pretty impressed. Tried their grilled chicken sandwich it was good, potato balls good but not great, oreo cheesecake friggin delicious.

sam rezkalla

Clean, organized, their quality and standards are maintained unlike some other locations, preferably in morning is best, like any restraints that get busy and crowded quality is hard to maintain. they are doing better job than some other locations.

Paige Schlemmer

This was my first time to this location and I truly loved it! We normally go to the Glendale one but always have issues with parking there. We didn't have any issues at the Downey location and even got to park in covered parking! The bakery itself was busy like I expected but the employees moved fast to help everyone in a timely manner. The pastries were delicious and coffee was fresh. We enjoy our goodies on the patio which was a lovely touch. We will definitely be going to this location more when we are in the area.

Veronica Johnson

Best bakery hands down. Traditional baked goods with a tropical twist in flavors. Whenever I am in the LA area I always make sure to stop at a Porto's.

BakedWookie420 Official

Porto's always delivers a great meal. They have a huge variety of baked goods that all taste delicious. On top of that they carry their own variations of plates of Cuban food and many types of finger food! Love it!

Michael Reyes

Aww man, this place is incredible. A must must try. Their pastries are amazing, lines are long but go by quick. Since the lines are long it gives you some to check out their menu. Make sure you know what you want before you get to the register. Once you are you are on the clock (figuratively speaking) its fast pace. Enjoy though. A must have!!.

Robert Ceniceros

I was waiting in the pastry line at the Downey location too long. There was only one girl worker taking orders. You need to put more order taker workers behind the counter when the line is too long. need to do something about all the noise around when trying to place an order. It's hard to hear each other. Too many people talking at the same time. There has to be a better system of ordering in the restaurant. It would be nice if you give the customers a small pastry sample while we are waiting in a long line. But, your food is the best! Robert from Chino, California.

liza gonzalez

Love the fruit tart, and 3 leches! We preordered, but the line for walk in wasn't too long. We are from Sacramento on vacation and we will order again. If they can mail... even better. Best fruit tarts we have ever had!

Rocio Mendoza

Their variety is good but I hated the lines & my pastry would have been 10 times better if it would've been warm. Couldn't even throw it in the microwave for me

Manuel Iraheta

Good food, good prices and plenty of choices.

Hosi Kapadia

Quick service. Great food. Convenient parking. Must visit

Veronica Serrano

First timer, I learned to appreciate anyone who has gone through that line to get me many of my Birthday cakes. What a mission!!

Judy Baltazar

I always go in expecting to wait in line. This visit was no different, but the staff was very helpful and efficient!

Sean McKinney

Don't let the long lines fool you It doesn't take as long as you would think to order and get your food. It is crazy crowded but the prices are phenomenal. Pastries are about a 1.00 and a meal is about 5-6.00 depending. For a family of 2 adults 2 kids plus pastries we spent less than 50 including 2 drinks and pastries.

Marcos Paredes

Everything it's good on this bakery the only problem is the big lanes of people waiting to get in.

Gerry Deguzman

Cheese rolls and Potato ball!!! Those who know understand! For the uninitiated, you just have to go to Portos and experience the delicious joy of eating one of their famous cheese rolls or savory potato balls!

Abby Pina

Amazing is was very nice and also very clean for being a bakery and Cafe so I would recommend people to go but you do have to wait for a bit since there some big lines

Pam Shockley

Such am amazing place.. best pastries, cakes, food.. always packed .. expect a wait unless you ordered the day before

Aashima Arora

One of the finest bakery. Potato cheese balls and quesadilla cheese sponge cake are best things to try. Absolute in love with this place

Mimi M

I always Love coming to Porto’s but what I Love the most is their Profesionalismo Towards People and specially people with Disabilities. Maria and Valery were great help today. Big props to Maria she took care of us. Great team and service...!

Charlene Martir

My go to place for birthday cakes as well as pastries. I can recommend the strawberry shortcake, milk and berries, and good old tres leches the have it just cream or with marshmallow topping.

Brian Clausen

This place is POPULAR! It doesn't matter what time of the day it, this place is full. It's a little daunting when you first walk in. The line for the cafe (sandwiches and normal food) are the left. The pastry line (this is the line you want!) Is to the immediate right. The whole cake line is just beyond the pastry line to the right. And the pre-order line is way in the back right corner. This place runs like a well oiled machine. But you should always expect to spend at least 10 minutes in line, 30 minutes or longer when really busy. But the food is well worth it.

Dee Dee Taylor

Very good eats. If you love meat pies, this is the place to be, and the cheese rolls are to die for. I will return.

Pat Anderson

Porto's Bakery is insanely good. Beyond good, it's great. Their Roast Pork sandwich is fantastic. There is a small dine-in cafe'. Just wonderful cakes, pastries, cookies, and an incredible array of desserts. Highly recommended.

Veronica Revuelta

Excellent menu. Everything delicious. Good prices. The best cakes around!

Luis Mendoza

Dessert trats here are amazing. The sandwiches are out of this world here.

Elba Vasquez

The potato balls are amazing and the beef they are stuffed with is perfectly seasoned. They have a great variety of patties and other foods. The wait is always long but worth it. We also like to order cakes for all family birthdays.

Ashley Finch


Reyna Lopez

I love this place. It is always busy, sometimes more than others, but they are always so well organized and every employee is always very welcoming and friendly. Great atmosphere!

Alex Bernabé

I've been there just once and it's a different level of food... It's incredible delicious and they have so much variety of food.. Love it

Rudy Morales

Food so so good. Staffing is great but the linea are long. Maybe self sever or have express for popular pastries

A Cost Le

Great food, very clean place, always satisfying my sweet tooth, line seems to be long but suddenly you're in front of them mumbling what to order as if the waiting time wasn't long enough to decide your order. Anyway it's all good at Porto's.

Karla Rios

Good prices on cakes. And if you see a big line don't panic... it goes fast. Friendly staff.

Irene Ortega

I went to look for a cake aound 6pm today and while making line in the cake area my son wanted a pastry. I kindly asked the cashier if she could sell me any pastry for my son when it was my turn in line and she said no after the person in front of me was able too. The (Manager) didn’t follow-through and didn’t resolved my complaint. The service I received was very poor!! Very disrespectful and unprofessional customer. I ended up leaving and did not buy the cake!

Abi Rodriguez

It was a ton of people but great service anyways

Halfbreed Susan

Sad I wasnt able to get some of the items I was eagerly wanting, and parking was a pain...But overall it is a big place and quite surprisingly the wait wasnt too bad.

Tess Land

Always great food, always worth the wait. Better parking and seating than some other locations, also very bright. My favorite Porto’s!

Alma Cristina Navarro Lopez

Loved it ❤️ good food and beverage

Brenda Mcnair

Great food and baked goods! No where the city like it! Great customer service too! Wish they would open one on the west side...

Juanita Pina

Excellent food and pastries but the ordering system is badly organized!! No coordination, we had to stand in 2 lines to order food and pastries. Food was cancelled and once we were home we realized we didnt get all our pastries that we ordered.

Catherine Lambert

If you are visually impaired expect to encounter hostility. We went to the counter after standing inline and I was describing the items in the case for my blind fiance. This was a huge inconvienance for Maria and between the heavy sighs, eye rolling and snide attitude, she ruined what would have been a very lovely experience. I have been a customer for years, but I won't be back to this location. Two stars because the food was amazing.

Happy Boo

I really enjoyed all food that I had the chance to eat today I went with my grandson for his birthday early birthday his birthday is on the 8_28 I will go back to taste your other sweet's and more food high five

Ed David

Cakes, pastries, bread, sandwiches are all excellent. Yes, the lines are long but it is worth every second.

Kristen S.

best bakery i have ever been too, such a variety. will always make a trip here every time i am in la from now on. too much to decide from, have to try everything.

Nancy Urtado

The food, atmosphere, service, and menu selections are top notch. Their dessert selection reminded me of bakeries I've visited in Europe. What a fun place this turned out to be. I highly recommend it.

Daniel Kana

Wow had a sandwich it was amazing.All the bakery items looked so delecious did not have time to try them tho...

Dennis B

Don't let the long lines fool you. They're long because usually groups of families stay together in line. It's actually pretty fast. They have a lot of workers Also if you plan on just buying a drink or sandwich. Just go to the small area where they make drinks. You can order from there. I always see a lot of people waiting at the pastry line just to find out later they didn't need to

Cody Browne

For those of you who are familiar (or unfamiliar) with Porto’s you know there’s always a line, from open to close. This location by far always has the shortest line and it moves quick! (Compared to the other three Porto’s locations I’ve visited). Parking - There’s plenty of parking in a parking structure directly behind this location so parking is a breeze The only criticism and note for others coming here is to avoid coming in the last hour if you want anything besides their core cheese / guava rolls. On multiple visits I’ve come about 30 minutes before close and they are completely out of cheesecake, potato balls, etc.

Anthony Croucier

Porto's bakery is truly a place to experience. Yes the pastries are great and the food and drinks are also a treat. But what truly amazing is the way they bring this all together. Sit back and watch how the staff works, have you noticed that when taking your order, nothing is written down... all is remembered, all is packaged perfectly, service with a smile. Try there veggie sandwich, so good...!!! Amazingly orchestrated, thank you for bringing us a piece of Cuba! Highly recommended!

Marcos Duran

The most amazing bakery I've ever been too. Went for mothers day and it was packed, but the line was moving extremely fast. They have multiple employees working there so they very good fast and respectful service

Peter Stewart

Wow! Wow! Wow! This place is awesome Awesome efficiency. Awesome pastries. Awesome prices. Not to be missed.

Paula Gonzalez

Love the fact that the have designated lines for everything. Make tha ordering process much faster and easier. The staff is friendly and efficient. The place is clean and organized. The food is always good. Over a nice place. But always expect lines. It is rather popular place. But the lines move pretty smooth and quickly.

Kiki flower

Love their guava strudels and cheesecake. Want to try their cakes but the lines are always super long. The line were you get the guava strudels and order food goes by fast.

Tatiana Margarita Velarde Gallegos

I cannot believe I'd never eaten here before. I heard this Downey location is the first one. Lines are ALWAYS long but service is super fast considering!

Claire Lucas

Hands down my favorite bakery of all times. I don't think I've tried anything here that I didn't like. Everything just looks and taste good.

Jason Cheng

Always excellent service and amazing food. Quality is always exceptional. Wish they called the "Breakfast Wrap" a burrito instead of a wrap. Overall amazing.

Emiliano&Helen Torres

Not sure how the locations service would have been because when we went there, the line was ridiculously long. Just walking into that was bad, all bad. Hopefully next time I attempt to go again, I'll actually be able to purchase something. I've heard great things which is why I tried to go.

Norma De La Torre

They were so professional and fast with there service. I love there attitude.

RodGRAPPLER OrangeCounty

FANTASTIC, AMAZING, WOW, WOW, WOW.... Great food at very good prices. Parking is Horrible so be prepared to park a block away and'll help prepare you for the 10,000 calories you'll ingest at this place. Lines are long but moves quickly and definitely worth the wait. Seating Inside and outside and surprisingly, service is very good considering how busy they are. Lots of desert items and Great cafe style food selection, leaning towards Cuban flavors. Highly recommend....did I say WOW !!!

Maribel Mendoza

Always a nice customer service and excellent food

Isaac Cabrera

Huge selection and great service. Do not be intimated by the long line. The service is quick and professional. Go and have a nice meal or snack!!!

joe arzola

Never disappoints. Milk n berries cake is awesome and the cheese rolls are amazing.

Bounlay Bounleuth

Great prices and pastries. The guava pastry was really good I think we got the one with cheese and the meat pie was a whole meal. Coffee was amazing too. Highly recommend

Tony Pi

The best bakery around. Expect to see lines out the door.

Alejandro Blue

The best place to buy cakes plus the service is always great.

Cari A

What can I possibly say about this place that the lines don`t already tell you ... Few are those who've not visited ... but should you get the chance go on by because the wait has yet to have proven any type of disappointment. Taste for yourselves what others speak of ...

Henrietta Escano

A pastry lover's paradise! There's just so many delicious choices of cakes, breads and pastries for every occasion. Their deli also serves freshly squeezed juice and an assortment of Cuban sandwiches and breakfast fares. Service is fast despite the long lines all the time.


Absolutely love their baked goods, food, cakes, love love...worth the long lines. Service is great despite the crowds.

raul arellanos

This is a place with so much variety of food and pastries also delicious drinks I recommend, if you visit CA you have to stop by this place

Gustavo Martinez

4 stars because everything is very good and affordable, minus 1 star because the lines are huge, I think twice before I go, at least 30 minutes waiting! No good!

Levi Escalante

This place always is a treat for me to visit as the people are nice and lines dont take forever to get through. Albeit the lines look long the employees do their job of getting everything down and helping as fast as they can which really makes you feel less of the wait. Few downsides which are seating and wait time. The seating is luck when you spot someone getting up another customer is looking as well so you have to be prepared to walk a bit before finding the seat.

Luis Gonzalez

Wide selection of cakes and pastries alongside cuban sandwhiches, soups, and breakfast. Be there as early as possible as space is very limited and finding parking is no easy task. I suggest taking a small car as all parkings inside the structure are very compact.

Robin Romena

A must stop when in the area!! Loved the Lechon plate

Monsieur Gatsby

Never to late to post. It's going to be almost a year or so, but in this day as for many weekends at Porto's My wife (#MorzBeauty) and I have always appreciated all the staff in how they would greet us every time we visited. Our favorite meal was the citrus chicken in which I forget the real name lol. Thanks to everyone at Porto's for making this pregnancy an amazing one for the both us.

Eric Kloba

Wide variety of exquisite baked goods. Tamales, sandwiches, and other foods equally nice. Free parking. Good ambience. Fast service.

William Waterland

They have a Cuban plates and pastry drinks water and juices sandwiches and American food. Excellent choice.

Andy Ɖáwʊɖa W

Porto's is a smooth running bakery with quality food and excellent prices! Definitely going back. Think of bakery items and drinks better than Starbucks at Costo prices with smooth operations and fast service like a In-n-Out and nice bistro style seating options. I met a very friendly manager, Bruce, who took a minute to welcome us and answer our questions about the different lines and ordering. Order on the south side and see a limited selection of pastries, or the east side for the full selection and also the same drinks. Great business model and excellent execution, very friendly staff.

Rosalina Leon

I LOVE this bakery, one of the best in America. There are so many choices from the menu, to sandwich to cakes. Their desserts tast so delicious and its worth it!

Selvam Durairaj

Great cakes and savories. Enjoy the food very much


Very good ummm que rico tenks

Kevin Navarro

You can get good cakes and the y have other stuff

Leticia Rodriguez

As always great food and amazing selection of pastries.

george zarate

Even with long lines the service is fast. Don't get discouraged and enjoy. Everything is delicious.

LaTeira Haynes

Porto's is always amazing. I mainly stick to the cafe side and haven't ever bought a cake but the potato balls are always delicious. I am in love with the chicken croquettes. And the guava and cheese pastry is divine!

Albert Calleros

I had a 3 hour drive from Lawndale to Hesperia and Firestone just ended up on my route so I stopped by Porto's and was stuck in traffic for two and a half more hours,,,

Eric Froberg

Chicken empanadas were so good this time. They always are but something just made them even better (extra hungry?) If you haven't just try them.

C Stevenson

When I go there, it always busy, so chose the visiting time wisely. It is little noisy but clean and workers are friendly. Usually I buy Guava & Cheese Strudel and Cheese Roll or Guava Strudel for breakfast. These are very tasty. You may try different baked goods, deserts and food menus.

Curtis Hisao

Went at 9 am on a Thurs. The line was acceptably short! Nice time to go.

Glenda Waller

Delicious pastries. Cakes and sandwiches all the time. Good service always though busy and always long line..they have a good system.

Michael Tang

Awesome selection of baked goods that always amazes a long-time patron like myself. Go early for short lines and stocked items as I went later in the day and they had run out of coconut macaroons. Ample parking, great food, extremely patient and knowledgable staff...a must visit!!! :)

Elva C

A great place to get some Cuban style food, desserts & coffee. I especially enjoy coming here for lunch & ordering a cuban sandwich.

Christina Lopez

Great food and a great price. Lines move fast, so don't be intimidated when you first see them.

Mike Chung

Lines are still easily one hour long at non peak times.

Claudia Cossio

The Food is excellent yet the service can use some fine tuning... I had preordered a cake and I know the drill yet the older woman ahead of me didn't and one of the workers lectured her about being in the wrong line. Ultimately she was able to get her items but not after being put on the spot twice. Porto's workers need to remember that customers may not always be right But we are who keeps THEM in business.

Alejandra Notebook

It was packed as usual! Fast friendly customer service! Love the cakes!!

Smiliz Star

Very good Cuban sandwich ( meat was a little too salty). Cream horns and Cheesecake were really good. Long lines. There should be a better way to get orders for less waiting.

Sunshine Rainbows

Incredibly long wait. Overpriced bites. Deserts weren't so bad but sure not worth it's price. 2 stars for cleanliness, appearance and atmosphere. 1 star for taste, service and price

Erick Illarramendi

Awesome selection of food. Great service, quick even though there's a line. It's worth the wait.

Juan Meyer

I visit the place everytime I go to LA... best bakery around. Guava baked goods are delicious !!

Vicky Huynh

Great customer service! Great food! Great coffee! Porto’s is our go to bakery for celebrating birthdays in our office. You can’t go wrong with the selection of pastries or cakes. They have something for everyone. Just be sure to bring your appetite! Also note that before major holidays Porto’s gets busy so expect long lines. The staff works very fast and the lines move quickly so don’t be intimidated.

Steven Armenta

Best pastries and great food for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Although it being very busy throughout the afternoon, the morning is the best time to go since it isn't as busy and you don't have to wait so much time.


I'd like to give 5, but they're always changing the way they serve you. Sometimes its quick, but most of the time it is not.

Kurt Posadas

Amazing food!! Great Customer service! Cafe con Leche is delicious. So many varieties of baked goods and sandwiches that make you wanna come back for more.

Christine Periman

Who can say anything about portals take gray it's so good the food speaks for itself. Best food around great diverse menu great place to take the family.

Wonda Dillon

Service is exceptional..And the cakes and food beverages are so GOOD

michael murillo

I really love their Oreo cheesecakes and their Parisian cupcakes because they are popular here.

Tamara P.

One of my favorite bakeries, they have a huge selection of delicious sweet and savory pastries

Shana Day

Potato balls and meat pies are delicious, had the Cuban Sandwich and loved it, the husband enjoyed his ham and swiss on a toasted croissant...apparently they make all the bread and croissants in house. Everything we tried was good.

Michael Lopez

delicious cakes and so much different styles. quality is good on their food but need to improve the customer service and extended wait times

Antonio Rios

Love portos great food my family goes there for every occasion to celebrate anything

Mike O

What a bustling place with so many great treats. Can't go wrong with the classic Porto Potato Balls or the baked goods. Yum!

Karen Frost

Amazing selection of bakery items, bigger than any bakery I have ever been to. This was the longest line of customers I have ever seen in a bakery. The place itself is huge and all tje girls are wearing hairnets, with hair restrained and hats! My bff Heather brought me here and introduced me to the potao balls which are like a shepherds pie deep fried crispy ball of yummy goodness. Also the ham and swiss cheese croissant was so buttery and flaky unlike any that I have ever had before. To fish it off the chocolate cake and carrot cake. Light tasty and full of raisins nuts and skinny shredded carrot. The best! Great breakfast and lunch menu. Great for the whole

Tony Aldana

My whole family loves this bakery. Their Cuban food is authenticity and delicious! Plus, their cakes are very reasonably priced. Avoid the line and order your meal at the juice bar.

Marylou. Burk

Nice deli, good food & pastries. Always very popular, always extremely long lines. Yet zero accommodation for the ambulatory disabled. i.e.: no order ahead app & short pick up line orders. Half of the seating are tall tables & bar chairs so in Vogue at cafes now, which exclude the disabled.

Ignacio Hernandez

Everything here is delicious, packed with a lot of people most of the time, but what do you expect from a place like this?


"Lee Young Jun PEN ART" Pen Art(General Remarks) Infinity of lines and dots have symbolism. Such symbolism is ever changing according to the spirit’s depth. All works are kaleidoscopic; they are usually composed of indescribable expressions. Therefore, art’s depth also can be said to be unlimited. Is pen art’s depth also infinite? In other words, do the lines and dots flowing from the nib of a pen have an artistic qualification? In this respect, it is worth thinking deeply. Pen art begins from an essence of nature’s fundamental values. From the standpoint of value, or color, a harmony of black and white is essential in nature. As it is impossible to see any color in darkness, distinguishing color is an essential role of light. That isㅈ why the soul is drawn to light. Whiteness, or light is a spiritual reflection of the soul while blackness, or darkness is a reality of life on earth. As the color green is an essential color of vegetation, burnt charcoal is an earthy color that will stay near black. Blackness is heterogeneous and may be hostile to life. If blackness belongs to the essence of nature, it also may be said to represent the image of death. A combination of black and white constitutes degrees of lightness and darkness. When painting black on a white background, the soul is transported to the white background. Whiteness comes to life when contrasted with black line and black space. In this case, soul also may be expressed through the blackness. Soul may be transported to the black or a combination of white and black, which shed a mysterious merit to the soul or spirit. Pen arts starts and ends from an essence of nature’s fundamental contrasts. The primary essence is infinite and eternal while the artistic harmony of black and white can take one’s breath away. But, this is not possible until a metamorphosis has been realized over many years and spiritual transcendence has occurred. The transfer of spirit occurs when one’s life experiences are projected onto the white canvas in harmony with blackness. That is the true ‘pen art.’ Artist Lee Young Jun 

Patricia McGregor

What we had was the potato balls, caesar salad, the best, meat pies, crescent sandwiches plus dessert. I can't wait to go back. Everything was delicious we tried.

M &A M & A

Ohhh man the lines are long. Go early or see if you can place order over the phone . They make you get in line to pick your item but there are 3 to 4 diff linesfor cakes, coffee shop, & pastries. I ordered a 3 layer milk cake, it was great. After getting in line to order it I was then directed to another line to wait for it to be picked out of the fridge, boxed, and pay for.

Stuart Hall

Has everything....Great place... can get very busy so be prepared to stand in line a bit sometimes.

Philip Kopyscinski

So good! I had a delicious breakfast plate with eggs, fried potatoes, and a light greens mix. I also added a cheese ball and potato ball. It was reasonably priced as well. They can get extremely busy but all of their pastries are worth the wait. Highly recommend.

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