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REVIEWS OF Polly's Pies Restaurant & Bakery IN California


Great food & service

Isabel Perez

Best place for great affortable breakfast and their pies are better than Marrie Calenders.

ruth weaver

Always great food and service. However, the reason I come here is because I can't have sugar, and they have 3 sugar free pies (not counting their fresh seasonal pies - and each of them as great as the ones with sugar.

Patrick Broadlick

Great comfort food large menu selection and many pies to choose from.Good service

Jon Jenkins

Nice place to eat great bakery good for breakfast!

Inez Fernandez

The strawberry pie wasn't that good Marie calender is better

David Rudd Sr

Excellent pie and the salad and hamburger were worth the trip

Anna Ushakova

the pies were surprisingly good, as i’ve often been disappointed by pies from diner type places. the reason for 4 stars is that while the fillings were great in the pies i’ve tried, the crust could use some improvement. the coconut cream pie was my favorite. fruit pies taste fresh and not that kind of super gummy filling you often see.

Robert Dresser

Always great, ate late on a Sunday, they were out of most bakery items. That's why their bakery items are always fresh. No problem they let us substitute pie.

Denise Booth

Best scrambled eggs I've ever had

Edith Cortez

Clean, good selection of baked items. Friendly staff Food good

Prongstastic !

Great pie great servers.

maria moreno

Yummy pies

Aranza Penaloza

Ima get a job there, I love the pies that much!!

Randall Yarbrough

Great comfort food and the best pies. The hostess Doreen was very friendly and helpful.

Susie Vargas

Omg my husband is such a picky eater and he hesitantly picked their sirloin steak and LOVED it. I had their chicken salad sandwich and LOVED it as well, it's a lie when they say pollys pies is for older folks, this is great food for anyone and all! Also it's a bit cheaper than other dine in restaurants , at least that's my thoughts lol.

Cara Walburn

Every single time I order to go food they give me the wrong information on the phone or the order is wrong or they over charge me. Once I called in my order they put me on hold I drove to the restaurant while on hold, walked in and told them I was on hold and they just laugh. Tonight I was told something was going to be $1 more and when I checked my receipt it was $3 more and when I asked she just giggled at me and I politely said well when someone asks a price on the phone in the future you should make sure you give them the correct answer, just more giggles. So unprofessional. I pick up food for a 97 year old friend or I would never come to this location in Santa Ana.

Gerry DeLaTorre

Great everything! A must stop when visiting SoCal.

Scott Campbell

No baked beans anymore !!! What ? That’s one thing I come for, and rhubarb pie gone ! What is wrong in the world ....

Jim Campbell

Food was run of the mill for this level of cafe. Service left some to be desired. Cinnamon roll with breakfast was huge and best part of the meal. Good place for breakfast

Bryan Boelter

Good service but slow

mark hagedorn

Enjoy Pollys overall Mac-n-cheese with kielbasa was just too greasy and heavy


Great service and great good 5 star !

Mary Taber

Polly's Pies in Santa Ana, CA is always a good choice. Great food, good service and reasonable prices.

Joyce Gardner

I have the rotisserie chicken. Also had an excellent waitress.

Adan Oropeza Tlatenchi

Great place

Janet Black

This was a special day as we went after my grandsons concert at Chapman University. Had 6 of us and food and staff were great.

Stephanie Meza

Food had improve greatly. Everything was delicious.

Ray Olvera

Unbelievable good food and BEST CORNBREAD EVER!!!! Oh the pies are the BOMB!!!!

Mag Rodriguez

Good comfort food. Good service friendly staff

TS Tripp

I felt very rush to place my order, I had just sit down and had not open the menu when I was ask if I was read to order. My waiter kept rush me to order and in a fast pace subjugating on a number food items. I was able to get one cup of coffee, 10 minutes later a different waiter who I think wa the manager asked would you like a refill on your coffee? I said yes, well she forgot and started waiting on other people. I waited about 5 mintues and went to pay my bill to the manager/waiter I said thank you for the refill on my coffee, she was nice but no a sonsear.

Michael Ferguson

Good food, save room for dessert

Craig Shankman

The pies are great. I've never actually eaten in the restaurant. Just the bakery to go. But for as the good as the pies are, the oatmeall cookies are even better.

Anthony Lucenti

Great place to check out. Friendly happy staff. Excellent desserts. Great selection on Entrees. I'll definitely go back if I'm ever in the area

Mariana Aldaz

We love the pies! The only place we go to purchase pies. Totally recommended for your next pie.

Twon Mitchell

1st time here. It wasnt bad at all. The food was good. The pie was delicious.

Divine Design8

Yummy pies!

Michael Broido

We wait all year for ollalaberry pie; only available for a week and a half. Went in the first day they were available. Bought one to take out (didn't eat there). Price somewhat higher than last year, but still worth it.

patti kasper

I stopped for lunch after doctor's appointment. Had the Polly's Hambger Special. Cooked perfectly at medium rare. Totally enjoyed it! Also took a frozen unbaked Blueberry pie to friends house. Put in the oven that evening -- it was "Absolutely Delicious"!

Vinnie Sollars

The food was wonderful. The server was really trying. They just need more help for the volume the do.... That affects the overall rating. This is the third time in the past two months that I have experienced the lack of service and help. Not on the part of the srver more like bad staffing and training.

Rosario Flores

Love their apricot pies.

Valerie Arnold

Great breakfasts! Breathe sandwiches! Great Pie! A toasted tuna fish sandwich on wheat bread with chips and pie makes a great lunch. I love the Polly's Scramble for breakfast. Bakery breads and cinnamon rolls are top notch! Great value / Great Flavor

Teresa Mireles

Great food & excellent Service

Katrina Blake

Great customer service and so good food. Love the choices. All of them was so good. That was so good piece of buttered cake and salad.

Sean Roth

Great Cobb salad it was super delicious!

Joel Coronel

Everything at this place is good.

Joe Rodriguez

Great service from our waitress, awesome cinnamon rolls, plenty of food served, great tasting pies.

Alfredo Nunez

This place is pretty good. Their cinnamon rolls are fantastically yummy. Their early riser breakfast has a nice price if you order before 11:30 AM. I have been coming here for 15 years, great place. Food is nicely cooked and the service is good. Highly recommend this joint.

gabriela guzman

We have been coming here for 4 years now and the food is amazing. My review for today is based off experience. They seems to have been under staffed. We can in waiting to sign in for seating. No one was watching the front. Some kid came and signed himself in before us and we came before. The manager Todd, came to take my name and I told him what the kid did and he didn’t mind it and signed us in after. It wasn’t that busy to my surprise. And of course we didn’t get seated first thanks to Todd who didn’t listen to me when I said the kid wrote his own name on the paper. They walked right passed us getting seated first.

Nikki Morales

Good food, good atmosphere. Good place to have a conversation while enjoying food. Great dessert.

Caren Oldfield

Polly's Pies is pretty consistent in their menu options. Usually fresh and dependable mix of comfort foods and seasonal specials. (I enjoy their pies more than Marie Calenders.)

Stephanie Bates

The best breakfast!!!!! So delicious!! Love Aunt Polly!


Seriously, my whole family loves this place, from the customer service to the food. We drive far to come here to.

danielle wahl

Gabriel and Corina are awesome servers! Food is good and great price.

Joe Whitten

Delicious food, great atmosphere and service!

Tech Girl

Bought the fresh strawberry pie for about $18. Worst pie ever! The strawberries were water logged and some tasted like they were spoiled. The glazed congealed into clumps and were extra sweet. Pie must have sat for a while because the syrup was runny. Crust on the bottom was soggy. The upper crust was flaky. Not worth the money nor the calories.

Jeff Stuart

Best pies in town.

Victor Valencia

Food is always delicious, my family loves Polly's... This is one place we can all agree on, but service at this location is not good all the time. We love the one on Tustin in Orange, that one can be busy but service is always awesome.

MJ Santana

I went to get a piece of pie..I soon realized buying one slice was a waste when a whole pie was only a couple dollars more. I got the banana, strawberry pie. It was really good. The banana cream flavor was on point and the crust was perfect. I like mine kinda crunchy. Loved it. Thanks!

Virginia Vidal

The service was awesome (hostess & server) The food was great. The corn bread was warm and really good! I had the turkey dinner and my husband had the Salisbury steak. We were very pleased with our choices. Big portions so we took dessert home, lol

John Feehan

Food was good service was slow wasn't crowded so it shouldn't have been

Rob Richardson

Another great breakfast!!

David Sherman

Food was pretty good, they just had their service spread a little thin.

andrew wright

Good food decent staff besides the manager lady is rude and its bs you cant buy a full pie for your table if you have multiple ppl eating. They want to sell slice by slice

Lenore Swan

This is the best place for REAL homemade pies. The crust AND the fillings are top notch. Old world cherry is my fave but it was sold out. The peach was the perfect sub. AND the house made whipped cream.....DANG!!!!! I gave 4 stars because the service was slow and it wasn't even crowded. Saturday evening around 7:10 PM.

Joel Valiente

I love having breakfast here, great food and service

Griselda Medina

My favorite is the blue cheese wedge salad. The best!

Jesse Godwin

Best home cooked food around

The Queen

The cashier was really nice

Oscar Hernandez

Good service good menu good prices good pies


I loved their Shrimp pasta sooo good

David Croslin

Basic diner food at reasonable prices. Great muffins.

Earl Hain

Excellent service. Portions outrageously large. Included pastry baked onsite delicious cinnamon roll. Almost no wait at 11:00 on a Sunday, but still busy. First time this store, third time to this chain. 5 stars for the first, 3 for the second

StoryTime Helper

This restaurant is deeelicious! The staff is friendly and attentive, and every single thing there was delicious. From personal experience, I recommend the chicken pot pie! It was perfect

Lori Payne

Great food and pie! This was a nice surprise to try!

Brice Lee

Really great pie. Banana cream pie is a must. Service is amazing.

Eric Fritz

The food is good... but what type of place charges for whipped cream? I had ordered through postmates, but since they dont have a whipped cream option on their site, it was impossible for me to add it to the order. Wouldn't have ordered if i knew this in advance...

Lala Ib

Great place to meet up with friends and family to eat!! Good food, friendly service and affordable prices!!

Kristin Nitz

Foods good, pies are even better, service good.

Virginia Pender

Good food. Love the vegetable sandwich with avocado.

Robert Soria

Food was great and portions were generous...we even got Xtra gravy!!!

Weston Pringle

Polly's Pies is one of the more consistantly good chain family coffee shops. This location has been very good with the quality of their food and service.

Eddie Vallejo

Great food, great prices and the service is excellent

Karin Marquez

Food was hot and flavorful. Waitress was very friendly and attentive. Coffee was weak.

Sam Sutliff

Excellent pie. And the best oatmeal cookies I ever had

Stephanie Grice

I'm sure its a great place, I have not gotten a chance to go yet

Jonathan Chi

Always loved having breakfast/lunch at this place. Service is always good and the food is tasty. Can get a little busy on Sunday morning. The avocado toast is great but I will probably ask for easy tomato sauce or have the sauce on the side. The muffins are to die for!! Their honey packs are very hard to open and it’s been like that for a long time. So if you are a tea drinker, be prepared! Also they don’t have soy milk option for coffee.

Gillian Chapman

Amazing pies, great dinner atmosphere

Lisa Cancanon

One of our favorite places in California, good home style food


If they only sold pies it would be 5 stars. Their restaurant rivals gas station food.

Maggie D' Chayanne

Pollys pies has always an excelent service and exquisite food.

Bryan Dietz

Nice location. My wifes salad was great but my monte cristo was disappointing.

Collin Blatt

Great burger, onion straws, and green beans.

Nadine Lozano

Was on vacation. First time there loved it..had the chocolate chip cookie sunday

Amy Peller

Haven't been there for years, but yesterday we went to lunch at Pollys. The food was good, and the service was as well. My husband had the chicken pie (which was different from Marie Calendars, but just as good), I had fish and chips, and my daughter had a turkey burger The best part of the meal was the pie. We tried the 2 seasonal pies, strawberry lemonade (a lemon cream cheese cake with strawberries) and cinnamon bun pie. They were delicious. We may go back just to buy more pie.

Carl Wimmer

Always love the food here. Huge portions and great quality. The huge cinnamon rolls are fantastic.

Colin Kupitz

Great food, highly recommend the cinnamon roll. Decent service, too.

Roberta Jones

Good food and waitess

Valerie Amezcua

Great service and food

Steve Blankenship

Like going home. Great pies and service. Hadn’t been in 30 years. Still outstanding

John Armstrong

Great food! Excellent pies!

Andres Guillen

I've been coming here for years with my family and my late grandpa. We always get good customer service!

Vivian Ojeda

Great customer service ! my waitress name was omar at this location ! really polite and patient & took orders perfectly if i can give that guy a 10 stars i would !! other than that food was tasty and place was clean ! looking foward to coming in again soon !!

Derrick Thomas

Great place to staff was wonderful

Belinda Cloak

Great food, staff is always friendly and accommodating, pies and cookies are fire

dana shipcott

Love Polly’s, I go here at least once a month with my son, it’s our little guilty pleasure! The pies are amazing! This is a must if you have never been!

Mark Worden

I has a basic eggs and bacon breakfast, but it was delicious.

Bread Alchemist

I always have a wonderful meal when I come here. The staff are always very polite and will even occasionally engage in conversation. The cinnamon rolls are delicious. Richie always comes to greet me when I sit down. Excellent all around.

Jose Mesa

I bought a $4 slice of strawberry banana pie from a pie shop that claimed it was their signature dish.It was bananas covered in vanilla pudding, topped with regular strawberry syrup and like 2 thin slices of actual strawberry. And of course whipped cream. Its was simple, boring and overpriced. It wasn't bad. It was mediocre at best!


Fantastic really enjoyed our breakfast are took a little long but we got it and it was very good had some friends and family with us and the pie was excellent even took one home to family that were visiting in San Diego

Far Suckling

From the moment I walked in I felt served and valued as a customer! Atmosphere is comfortable and very open. Food offering was varied and seemed adjustable. I had the Spinach Scramble with hash browns.. It was good and cooked to my liking. Vege's seemed fresh. Coffee was average. Didn't have that long of wait during the lunch hour either. Restroom was fairly clean and kept up. Price was average for that area, I think - about $30 for two customers, plus tip. Parking was adequate. I would eat here again and recommend it for a comfortable friendly lunch experience.

Sandra B

Great pies; incredible service during one of the busiest times of the year. I was impressed!

Jeffrey Dickman

Polly's is a SoCal restaurant that has survived over the decades. Food is good and consistent. Polly's is known for its chicken pie dinner meals and cream and berry pies. It also sells cookies and bread and rolls The menu includes salads, sandwiches and entrees. Some offerings include a slice of pie for about a $1 more. Meals typically include dinner rolls and/or corn bread. You may to ask for both if you want such. Besides the chicken pot pie meal, try the Turkey meatloaf if offered. Meals tend to arrive with mashed potatoes and green beans. You can change the two sides, just ask. Pies are pretty good and they offer a decent selection. A good place for a meal or a coffee and a sweet.


I love coming here! I loooove their cinnamon rolls, breakfast, lunch, dinner, & desserts! The staff is also very helpful, & quick!

Math Magician

Best brunch I had while in LA. Absolutely delicious pies and sweets in surprisingly large portions!

Payton Perkins

Amazing food and service. One of the best breakfasts I have had. Definitely would recommend it

Tanya Melendrez

Swait time is long so I recommend ordering by phone. The fries are either great or terrible and the portion is about 1 handful.


It was a okay place to grab a quick bite.... Staff was nice.

Lis Adrienne

Monte Christi and a slice of peach pie...yummy!

Kirk Davis

Polly's is a great restaurant chain. This particular day, parking was very tight. Also the strawberry spinach salad had strawberries that were not ripe, sad on a July day. Excellent service, great cornbread, wonderful appetizer platter, and the salad is really great except for the strawberries that were not ripe. Over all probly 4.2 stars today.

Garrett Rausch

Excellent service. Had a coupon for a free banana cream pie, and was in & out very quickly! The security personnel who was outside even held the door open for me which was a nice touch! The man who helped me was in gray dress shirt; very polite & efficient! Absolutely loved the pie! Great food!

Elizabeth Vega

Had a great strawberry and banana muffin. They also sell bread, jam and well know for there fresh pies. Great place for the family to enjoy breakfast.

minoo foroughi

Polly’s pies are the best, much better than other pie places such as Marie calendars, a bit over priced though!!!!!

FName LName

Service was friendly and quick, salmon was way overcooked. Loved the soup and always enjoy the pies. Prices are good value as well.

akb168 :

This is our favorite place for breakfast. Also burgers with freshly baked buns are great for lunch. Great fresh breads, muffins, rolls and pies. Also staff is friendly and many have been there for years, so it seems they take care of their staff. Highly recommended.

Diana Perez

The food is delicious!! Waitresses are also very nice.

Nathaniel Dixon

Out of towner, stopped by with some friends. Great service, amazing food. And the sheer amount of food you get for the price is, like, basically insane. In a good way.

Joann Ciaccio

Dissapointed thAt they changed the menu. Took off the ultimate grilled ham and cheese sandwich. (My favorite and reason for comming)

Gabriel Hernandez

Everybody loves pie I go for the banana cream pie!

Jessica Marquez

Cinnamon roll so good

Michael Wechter

Good food, good service depending on when you come. Staff is sometimes overwhelmed when the store I half filled

Nickolai Chestnut

super friendly staff, clean, bright all staff happy, great ice tea, comfy booths by the window clean not sticky menus. Their Cobb Salad awesome served with 2 onsite baked rolls. definitely worth a trip when you are sick and tired of franchise restaurants and want a local chain versus a risky one off I ate here for breakfast several days when I was in the area on business. They have a very reasonably priced "early riser breakfast" that was less than $9. The food and service were fine and I'll eat here again when I'm in the area.

Angel Amos

I had to pick two or three combo and it was excellent. The grilled cheese, peas soup and Pie were so good. My friend had the fish and chips, the fish was not very good, the breading was heavy and seem to be undercooked.

John Moore

First time there. Awesome food and pies. Will be a new customer from now on.

Nathan Deleon

Amazing fresh cinnamon rolls and peaches and cream muffins. Love their pies!

Nicole Duran

The meal was filling. Customer service was okay. I found a hair in my food it was hard flagging someone to get me something to replace it. But after they made sure to fix it and make it an enjoyable experience.

Theresa Marie

Had great fun and good food I would go there again

Jose Zendejas

Great food and really good pies .

Josh Black

Didnt have the full selection of pies. Wasnt very helpful in suggesting the limited selection that they did have there.

Antonia Gurrola

Pancakes were dry and unflavorful. The eggs and sausage were delicious.

Stamati Plochoros

Servers were great, hostesses at the front called security on me after I explained I was going to get more cash and left my possessions at the table. They gave attitude and are more focused on themselves and their conversation then helping customers. The servers understood and appreciated their tip! There was no hello or welcome at entry and I was treated like a criminal as I left, escorted off the property for going to get their tip $.

Rosio Crespo

Excellent food, great service, good prices.

Deann Chavez-Dixon

Great cinnamon rolls!

Jacob Benor

Excellent friendly service. Surprisingly limited pie selection for its name.

Gena Persons

The back burner soup was excellent.

Janet Yoo

Great place for an early breakfast :) staff is super friendly and the food is always good.

Mona M. Severin

Very good food and good service. We loved it.

Diane Ward

Wonderful pies!!! Their food is traditional American. Every month they have specials that celebrate that month's holiday. They also have special pies each month in addition to their normal selection of pies. If you sign up for their club you'll get an email regarding the monthly specials.

elias licea

Big serving sizes, very good food. Reasonably priced

Ted Ziegenbusch

Haven't been here in years. We like the new menu and several tasty specials. Nice and friendly service, too.

Krys Santana

I went here with two co-workers and we got so much food that we had leftovers and waitresses very nice it's a very fun restaurant was my first time going and I really enjoyed it they have really good cinnamon roll breakfast which is like a cinnamon roll waffle thing but it's really good and they have these amazing chocolate muffins they had a peppermint chocolate muffins for the holidays and the meat breakfast real thing is delicious and the price is reasonable and there wasn't much of a wait

david elias

Ok service, can't complain, good "Special's."

Angel Rubio

Always great food. Great people

Laura Morales

Breakfast so good.

Katie Sissons

the PIES are amazing but the restaurant food is not :/ go here for pie only. The restaurant food resembles theme park quality food... tasteless and like it's from norms, denny's, spires, spoons, applebees, etc. But their PIE IS SO GOOD! They have a pumpkin crumble during Thanksgiving that's our favorite!!!

Jacob Frederick

Blast from the past. A time when diners were run by aspiring families making a name for themselves. This was not one of those diners. Great service and even a table touch from the manager! The Kitchen is not being run by a professional, that is clear. Food is cafeteria quality.

Rick Guzman

1st time there is was great 5star

david mata

Great service and great food no matter which Polly's Pie I go to.

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