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5000 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pietris Bakery IN California

Jason Myhra

The many choices for delicious and amazingly presented deserts. Was wonderful paired with a cappuccino.

Hilda V

The absolute best place to eat in LB! Anything from coffee,pastries, dessert, greek ice cream, breakfast snacks. The homemade lunch dishes are to die for. The prices cleanliness and overall ambience is awesome too. <3

James White

The place is beautifully done and so open it feels good to sit there. The service is quiet good and the pastry is excellent. The menu is simple but not everything is as good as it might sound. The spanakopita for example was not as good as you might expect from a Greek restaurant. It should be made with filo dough not pizza dough (Don't recommend it). Went back again and had mushroom pie, which was made with the same dough the spanakopita was made with. Was very impressed the first time I ate there, but sadly it is starting to take a nose dive for me. I will soon give it one more chance for final review and whether I'll be going back or not. I hope it's better next time because I like this place.

Thomas Chirrick

Great authentic Greek cuisine. Will definitely be back.

Sam Ubaldo

Cool little bakery on 2nd Street. Great food with very friendly service.

Exsiquio Ramos

We weren't planning on eating here but we saw the lightning and how busy it was so we decided to stop by. The gelato, pastries, breads and cheeses where nicely displayed. The food was good but the desserts were amazing. We will comeback to try more desserts. There was was a good vibe and the staff was friendly. It's close to other shopping and local watering holes.

Tim H

A little great slice of Cornith!

Maria Ioannidou

Hospitable environment, friendly faces, exquisite food! Don't miss it!


Amazing desserts, it's a great place to stop by too!

Augie Rocha

Great Greek Coffee and baklava!! Yumm!

Mandie Nova

Excellent place offering Greek pastry, coffee and meals. A treasure for the Belmont area and Long Beach in general. Been there 3 times during the last three days and i ll be a regular.

Ronald Leyva

The price is right

Yesmean Rihbany

Wonderful. Well worth visit. Great food. beautiful ambiance. amazing variety

Petros Frangos

Authentic, delicious, and open until 3 am. Love it!

Leticia nicole Avelino

Love it!

M Mason

Delicious food, but they need one more server!

Kicksmein Theshowers

The food is good, service spotty. They only have one restroom. 1 toilet shared between man and woman?? What are they thinking? Not good. Won't be back

Jason Ward

we stumbled upon this place by accident, merely because we were looking for someplace to take our daughter for breakfast. Since we had not been to, or even heard of a Pietris before, we decided to give it a try. The food was excellent, and prices are all right, though not especially good or terrible, just average. they have a miniature bakery that on first glance reminds me of a small Porto's, but the pastries are more expensive with a smaller variety than Porto's. service was excellent, the ambience was lovely, and the entire restaurant was clean and well-kept. If you're in the area, I highly recommend giving this place a try.

Vimmy Flores

Delicious breakfast plates and savory pastries. I've had their juices and everything is tasty. Their dessert selection is enormous and im in love with the coconut dark chocolate ball thingy. I come here once a week Minimum!

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vasilios mylonas

Wow what a great place. Let's just get out of the way that this is a great coffee and sandwich shop. They even have little meat and spinach pies etc. To grab and go.... Where this place really shines is the bakery and daily specials. Check the pics out but they have three Greek specials that changes by the day of the week. The food is authentic and tastes like my mother made it!! The bakery offers great cakes and desserts but the selection and quality of the Greek items is outstanding. Again check the pics definitely rolling this place into my regular routine....

Marva Gilbert

Food is very tasty.. This my kind of bakery. Back east atmosphere. I love this place.

Sky Schear

I catered a lunch with Pietris Bakery and everyone raved about it! The greek salad was perfect and I was surprised at how quickly the roasted veggies went. I'll definitely eat there again.

Demetria Jackson

The Athenian Skillet was yummy.

Douglas Noble

I love this place. It would get absolutely five stars if the service was a little faster. Great bakery. Excellent coffee as well as Turkish coffees. Very nice design. You can tell the owner put a lot of investment into this restaurant. One of my favorite places in Belmont shore. Price is very reasonable.

Ιωάννης Σενής

Exceptional breakfast. Fresh greek products. Very nice location. Perfect greek experience. I would definitely eat there again.!


Very Greek. I spoke with the Greek owner who had a strong Greek accent and was very inviting. The bakery doses a lot from serve as a restaurant and have smoothies. This place is very good. The baklava is great and is very tasty. A lot of Greek foods from Greece as well. Highly Recommend

j bibee

So cute! Very friendly staff so many fun choices.

Erik Brickmeier

Gabe's favorite

Rami Doueiri

I am a big fan of french pastries, my review is about the pastry section and not the bread and sandwich section. I ordered the mango cake and a strawberry creme eclaire. The gold decoration on the eclair, although not necessary, but gave it a nice look. Unfortunately, i was disapointed. The eclair was stale and chewy, a huge let down on the fine and airy texture that it has to be. The tangy strawberry creme doesn't work well with the eclaire, although by itself it was good. As for the Mango cake, it was weak on flavor. The Chocolate cake and the chocolate mousse had a weak chocolat flavor. The mousse was harder than I anticipated, I guess by adding too much gelatin. The mango mousse was very thick and lacked a pronounced mango flavor that should compliment the chocolate richness. I will give this place a try with the bread and tell you what I think.


Omg this bakery is like heaven. The orange cake is phenomenal.

Roxanne Mayne

I can not say enough great things about Pietris Bakery!! Great family run business with "to die" for meals! A must try when in Belmont Shores!


Best place for breakfast in the Long Beach area! Came here, tried the Athenian Skillet and came back 4 days in a row! They've also got a huge selection of desserts, cakes and cookies. They've got a Vitmin Juice Bar which is incredible...huge selection of fresh fruits and veggies to create into your own favourite juice. Definitely recommend this place! We are sad to be leaving as our vacation has come to and end but we will most definitely be back next year! Will miss the breakfast dish so much! Excellent staff too, very friendly and helpful.

Kim Jones

Fabulous place for desert and coffee. They also have sandwiches and salads.

Andy T.

Amazing Greek bakery, cafe & restaurant. Everything is really authentic, fresh and delicious. We tried the spanakopita, tyropita, braised beef, bougatsa, tsoureki pagoto/gelato, ekmek and espresso freddo. They were all unbelievable! I highly recommend it.

Mandi White

Nice, friendly people, delicious food, decadent deserts, yummy gelato, and clean, cool atmosphere. I like the option of tall tables or regular tables.

Steff Grimm

Slow service and food was okay.

Michael Fiore

Open late, great variety of food and nice atmosphere. Love the authenticity

Brandon Miller

Love the atmosphere, staff and baked goods. Great spot

Emil Allahverdi

Prices are veryyy expensive, tables are dirty, no AC Very modern place but disappointing service

Jennifer Nikbakht

Delish baklava. Pricy, but I knew it would be.

Jeff Mackler

Excellent food and desserts, but sometimes the service is pretty slow.

George T.

Authentic Greek food. Personable/social staff. Extremely nice.

Cathy Mariscal

The moment I walked through the door it smelled amazing! Their baked goods are made fresh daily on site you can see them behind a glass window being made. The finishing product looks like works of art. Their gelato bar look beautiful also it was the best gelato I have ever tried. There was a lot to choose from on the menu,their grilled chicken sandwich was the best the presentation was beautiful the portion size was too much for me had to bring half home. We enjoyed everything about Pietris Bakery! The waitress was super nice as well as the staff we will definitely be going back.

George M

Avocado Toast!!!! It was delicious. Portions were huge and the flavor was awesome. This is a must stop for great food (menu was small but perfect) and classy deserts. Will be back...again and again. Oh, coffee was top notch. Cheers!

Adreana Langston

Delicious treats. Cute atmosphere. Friendly waitstaff. Did I write DELICIOUS treats already.

Scott Roth

This bakery knocks it out of the park! The selection is so great! With such a variety of desserts and pastries there os a consistent delicious taste. We were here for dessert and I can't speak for the rest of the menu. It is a great late evening spot.

Nancy Cardena

Tasty desserts, lovely restaurant

Pete Beskas

I finally found a legit Greek place in Southern California. A lot of what they offer is authentic and stuff you will only find here or in Athens. Great service and I will definitely be back to try out the dinner items.

Chris Dahan

The best place we found in Long Beach CA, this great bakery had a breakfast that will have you coming back for more. The fresh juices are amazing. The baked goods are top notch as well. The best part they are open Until 2am so you can indulge in thier high quality gelato! Definitely a must try when in Long Beach.

Veronica McPherson

From the moment you walk in you fall in love with the ambiance! The sweet treats are beyond amazing! Long Beach's best Pastries and coffee!

Kristy Sauerbry

Great ice cream and desserts. Friendly staff and great atmosphere.

Liz Neff

Immaculate surroundings, delicious foods, great baked goods and decent pricing. Try this gem out!

Elvira Lopez

Food was good, I had an egg, bacon and vheesr sandwich with a side of sliced strawberries and blueberries. Nothing fancy but it was good. The nonfat latte was good as well. I wanted to try their pancakes but was to full and was headed for a massage next door.

Marta Angelini

You should try an authentic Greek coffee with a delicious pastry!

Princess Di Creations princessdi

As of today it has only been open for Twelve days...a diamond in the rough..pastry sandwiches gelato espresso and more...Everthing was great. My new favorite place..

Aida Alonso Iglesias

Good quality, fresh ingredients, nice service and very good coffee. A lot of options for breakfast, everything tastes fantastic. But food is a bit heavy, maybe how they cook it.

efren hernandez

It was good taste and fresh pizza

Kristin Douroupis

Disappointed at the price. It's too expensive. But baklava is the bomb!

Elizabeth Bienko

Unbelievable! Fantastic apps and authentic mediterranean/Greek lunch options. Almond mousse cake and insane gelato!

Evdokia Bach

This is my favorite bakery! Used to go there all the time while living in the area. Have heard they now have vegan cupcakes - will be back to try!

Number1 Stunner

Delicious! Great atmosphere!


We walked in this place simply because I got hungry after a long drive from LA go LB. It’s in the center of Belmont Shore. We originally sat outside because we love the sun, yet it turned out there was a fly around our table. We decided to change to indoor seating. Unfortunately, there is no actual separation/door between indoor and outdoor seating, meaning these flies were around us inside as well. The food was pretty good. Definitely hit the spot. We ordered a vegan tofu skillet and a vegan dip. We shared these two plates and got pretty fulled. The tofu skillet tasted good except the tofu was a bit tasteless. Wish they could add more seasoning on it. The grilled veggies brought me back to the good memories of Santorini. However, I have to say, they are definitely short on staff. Those guys are rushing around but still takes a long time for them to get our orders and serve the food. Even took a while to get our check. Beware! They charge you “plate split” fee for $2.50. If you don’t want to get charter for that, order your own meal or ask another small plate.

Woody B

Over priced, not worth it. No sugar free anything ,i have had better

David Cipres

Awesome Creme Brulee and Greek Apple Pie

Bill Miller

It's nice, but nothing like five stars. The food was good (but no more) the service was very spotty and the lemonade was undrinkable (and was delivered after the entrees.) The highlight was the Greek salad (salsa cruda) that accompanied the entrees. There are plenty of other possibilities for next time.

Peter Meuter

great bf but coffee to expensive

Bradley Shaw

The food was delicious, but they need more than one person waiting tables. There was an unreasonable period of time to get our menus, and our order which was our drink order and menu selection at the same time. No one checked back with us after we got our food and I had to flag down our wait staff to get our bill.

mario andrade

Delicious Greek coffee & Ice Cream

Muhammad Mufti

Excellent breakfast . I dine here every weekend . You cannot go wrong with any of the options

Matt Papai

Delicious. Prices are a bit steep, but the food and pastries are very good.

Dr.Tariq Al Shaltoni

The worst breakfast i had ever... The ordae missing Avocado and cheese. I ordered Americano Coffee but unfortunately I didn’t get it. The food super cold .

Stace Aspey

Very nice place with attractive staff. Been there 3 times and, sadly, it's a hit and miss affair. Our breakfast scramble didn't come on sourdough toast, as described, but simply had 2 slices sitting on the side. Although nice for scooping up the scramble (which was tasty), more toast was needed. The little bowl of not-yet-ripe melon seemed an afterthought. Went back next day for lunch and ordered the tofu sandwich. The tofu was bland, but the sandwich still got a nice flavor from the lemon hummus and avocado. Good bread too. Also had the "Arakas" dinner special which was advertised as "peas and potatoes"---and that's just what it was---a big mound that you got tired of eating halfway through. Tasty, but much more appropriate as a side-dish. The baklava cheesecake was delicious, as was the Honey-Quinoa gelato. But the mint gelato was inedible---strong like swallowing toothpaste. Service is spotty. Counter staff seems to barely speak English so expect to do some pointing. Our bill had 3 desserts on it we didn't order and was still wrong when they brought it back. Nonetheless, this pretty place could be a great addition to the Shore if it can just get its act together. Fingers crossed!

Margie Garay

Very chic Greek bakery. They also have food.

Sofia Farhadi

It's the best place, we love it

Seth Freehling

If you love chocolate...try the Nyx cake. I am so thankful this bakery is nowhere near where I live because I would have some serious weight problems. Everything in the display looked fresh and prepared with great pride.

G Gabi

I love this place and I'm very happy that they opened up on 2nd street. I live very close to there and this is pretty much the only option that we have to buy bread after 7:00 p.m. when the other bakery Pandora close it's. I also like their baked goods they have a very delicious array. They also have lots of food options and many vegetarian options. I am personally in love with their mushroom pie. They have very diverse suite options and many things that to can buy if you're going over to somebody's house and want to bring a treat. The also have many cakes and birthday party options.

Richelle Stewart

Great Mediterranean spot surrounded by cool shops. A great place to wander around.



Debbie Graham

I wanted to love this place, I really did. We were excited to try something new and tasty. However, I found myself disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate pets, but I'm not ok with a pet inside a restaurant - patio, ok, but inside, nope. I mentioned to my waiter about the dog sitting right near our table, in plain sight. He seemed shocked, yet i saw him look at the dog. All of the staff looked at the dog, including the owners. And this was not a calm animal, the owner had to keep her from jumping up on people and blocking the walkway. It jumped up on my waiter, several times. My waiter never took action or even acknowledged the animal was there. When we left, we told one of the staff that we won't be back because of this situation. I mean, what other health and safety rules are they ignoring? BTW the staff member said he didn't see a dog, yet he looked at it multiple times. Completely disappointed in how this place is run. Won't go back.

Ricardo Avila

This is one of my favorite places , no matter what you get its gonna be good. Service is always amazing, the hamburgers are a must try.

Heather Dillenburg

Amazing service awesome ambiance

Georgia T

We found the best Greek restaurant on the West Coast! Very authentic Greek food, the atmosphere and service is amazing and great hospitality. We can't wait to return. Thank you!

Robert Choate

We lived at this place during a visit to Belmont shores. Gelato, and breakfast items were amazing. In house bakery and pastry shop crank out sweetbreads, cakes and loaves of fresh bread daily. Try the Santorini breakfast omelet. My tastebuds are screaming they want more.

Bryce Hoobler

Very delicious and healthy, higher end Greek food

Jenyfer Lopez

Stopped here while shopping the strip. Pastries were a hit with me. They were large, crisp and fresh! Reason why I gave them 3 stars is because the floors were dirty and I had to wait a while- this mid aged guy chatted with a woman in their lanuage. I'm all for being polite but please don't have a full blown convo while running a business especially if you're the only one who is on duty. A woman was being trained (shadowing) this guy so she couldnt really help me. Needless to say I walked away with my treats 10 mintues later.

Leah Workman

It's such a shame because I wanted to love this place and have been twice but it's just not very good. Last time we went, this past Saturday, it took about 15 minutes being seated with nothing before we were handed menus with over half the seats empty. People seated after us were served before we got drinks, the food; moussaka and a sandwich were priced high but reheated microwaved crusty bland food for one, damp bread on the other. Please work on service and quality, you're a place with so much unrecognized potential.

Ioanna L

Love this place! Lets start by saying that we are all Greeks who moved to the US a few years ago. So we have high standards when we decide to visit some place that claims to be greek. Wow though.. This place is actually 100% GREEK!! We had the lunch specials, coffe, some of the pies and deserts. Everything tasted delicious! I do suggest people come and try the Greek food here, they wont be disappointed! Will definitively be coming again!

Birgit De La Torre

Pastries are amazing. The atmosphere is okay, perhaps a little loud. The service was not good. They took a long time. Coffee was too weak.


Excellent customer service, nice vibes, delicious desserts!

sharon Hedges

When you see Greek people also eating here, you know its going to be delicious! Friendly quick service, and amazing Greek food. Highly recommend this spot if you've ever been to Greece and love the food and people. Plan on taking some baked goods home after you see the variety!

Shannon Loos

Dessert heaven. Mouth-watering selection. I want to try everything. Giant portions. Absolutely decadent and delicious. I was amazed!

andromeda Gal

Beautiful, delicious, coffee perfect, incredible service.

Rajko Ristic

Pies are really good, ice cream is not

Bryan Tremaine

Their vegan burgers were the best

Adam LB

The orange cake was delicuous

Victor Gandumba

Super nice european style cafeteria.. Esther the server ia great

James Juan

Delicious food. Always fresh and healthy portions. Great breakfast dishes and awesome sandwiches.

Robert Schuppert

Good variety and pricing that's on par with the area.

Maricela Ontiveros

I tried the lemon pie. It was really good, it was similar to gelatin but thicker. May be returning to try some of the other desserts.


Great and strong coffee with delicious pastries.

Pana Gregg

Lovely Greek style Cafe/restaurant. Delicious Gelato and wonderful desserts reminiscent of my childhood. Haven't tried the food menu yet, but looking forward to trying.

Larry Diener

We feel like we're not in the US when we eat here!

Philippe Habchi

Friendly family run business with tasty pastries and one amazing atheneum breakfast skillet.

Francisco Laurencio

Original Greek! Superior to the others in the competition

Shawn Murphy

Is ok. Waitress was new. Ordered soup to start and steak sandwich with salad. It all came at one time. Food sat in window for a bit before wife pointed it out. Waitress left is alone except when it came time to pick up check. Seems like a new place. 3 stars is giving benefit of doubt.

Hayley Bates

The best greek food in the area! Don't miss their incredible bakery selection or gelato. You can't go wrong with anything you order

Mina Rahim

blood orange sorbet

Elaine Sotiropulos

Beautiful pastries and bread, all kinds of coffee, delicious food!

Ibon Ibarrola

Ok deserts - they should be better for their price...

Joe Duenas

This place is very unique, great homemade desserts, coffee, and meals.

Leigh Manlove

Great staff beautiful space & the best is the FOOD glorious food!

Karen Sok

I really like this place. Just say within 2 weeks, I've gone 5 times. I only come during breakfast and lunch. Pastries are pastries. They are fresh.

Silvia Martin

Coconut ice cream! So this place ♡

Ronald Doe

Good pastries

Mark De La Torre

This place wasn't exactly bad, it was just that the ratios of stuff we're off. Like there was really good taziki and you get a giant sized bowl of it, with not nearly enough bread to dip, the feta fries were an awesome idea but instead of crumbled feta that stayed with the fries it was giant cubes that didn't really go... The amount of toppings to Burger size was way wrong and overpowered stuff in my sandwich but was incredibly bland in my wife's food. Also, while the staff was nice and provided good service when you got their attention, it was next to impossible to get them to come to your table.......

Demetrius Papadakis

Welcome to the new best place for Greek food in LA/OC area, probably all of So. Cal. Reasonably priced, exquisite flavor, and healthy portions. Bakery and beyond.

Natalia Morales

The best place to have a cheat day snap

Loralie Goodwin-Hernandez

Excellent food. Everything was amazing.

Debi Smith

Fabulous baked goods Thanks

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Teddy Ahn

Delicious Greek bakery!


I was invited to this beautiful bakery. I met the owner who is a very nice and gracious business owner. The location is one of my favorites for visiting in SoCal. Long Beach is friendly. Her staff were helpful and very professional. The restaurant is very clean and well organized. By: cmilton111 Google Guide 4.2018

Fernando Castro

Good food good cheefts

Wes Conrad

Many options. You'll find something you'll love!

Alexey N

Red Spring desert supposed to be a mousse. May be, but when it was frozen before it becomes not mousse anymore... Texture became like a cottage cheese or even worse... it was frozen 100%. Felt watery. Not mentioning the taste... And finally aftertaste tells me it wasn't very fresh... went to buy a banana to change the bad aftertaste. Very disappointed. Staff absolutely doesn't know what they sell. Had to ask 5 times what was inside their pastries as I got no answer or "may be feta cheese". Lady was behaving very relaxed not really paying attention, that I was waiting for her.

Jimmy Wilson

Food was extremely good. Very flavorful. Service was also excellent

Felicia P.

Popped in for a dessert. I recognized a few items on the menu and only one or two interested me so I chose the Banoffee. The first two bites spiked my blood sugar I’m sure. But the crunchy texture from the bottom layer and airy feel of the top won me over. I ended up eating the whole thing! Don’t tell anyone. Four stars because it felt a bit uncomfortable in there.

William Huff

Fabulous pastries & complete menu--just opened.

Katie Drozd

Incredible service, inexpensive, great food and coffee.

Donald Moore

Tasty but pricey....lost our order

TK LeMacks

I travel all over the world & i eat all over the world so you can trust me when i say the food here is delicious!!!!. the bacon wrapped shrimp are delicious but ask for the Marinare a sauce not the chipotle sauce... the sandwiches are delicious ... there fries are very delicious as far a dinner the lamb chops ' & the steak or even there pastas are yummy!.... and lets not forget all there bake goods breads desserts & even Gelato so many flavors & even a big coffee and wine selection with great service super nice staff with great energey so basically you can't go wrong..... breakfast, lunch , are Diner or for coffee & Dessert so if your ever in Belmont shores this is a must.....great place to eat , ask for Horry hes one of there best server's by far.


Last week I visited this business looking for a pastry and I did not have a good experience at all. I was making a phone call while I was looking at the pastries. Then I noticed that one of the employees was staring at me while she was talking to an older lady who seemed to be a manager. Then the lady approached me and interrupted me while I was on the phone. She questioned me twice if I needed help and she would not move away from me even after I told her that I was looking for something that I like, but I was not ready. There were plenty of employees working and the place was not that busy. If I needed help I would have asked someone when I was ready to buy. Obviously, she didn't have to approach me and interrupt me while I was making a phone call. It seemed to be that she had other intentions. She was very close to me. I felt very uncomfortable by her unwelcome approach and I moved away from her. Then she went to talk to another employee while she kept looking at me. An older light complexion male employee proceeded to follow me very close as I walked around looking at the pastries display. I seriously felt like this man was going to attack me. I walked away from him and I went to order a gelato. He followed me to the gelato display and stood by my side just a couple of feet away from me while I was talking to the employee behind the counter about the gelato flavors. He wouldn't move from my side until I paid for my gelato. I felt very uncomfortable coming to this place. I felt harassed and I felt that they were racially profiling me. I felt like that they wanted to kick me out of the store before I even had a chance to buy something. It was a horrible experience in a place where customers should be welcome and at least receive a decent customer service. I have never been treated in such a deplorable way by anybody in any place on second street. I feel extremely disrespected. I would love to give this place a -10, but google doesn't offer that choice. All I wanted to do was to buy a pastry or a gelato, there was no need for them to be so rude, unprofessional and offer a customer such a brutal treatment. I am definitely not coming back at all.

Penny Lane

Great food and desserts.

Becky Lingle

This place is amazing! The staff is wonderful and the desserts are elegant and taste exquisite!!! I will be back with all my family

Eliot Freutel

They took 20 min to bring out half of our order and then another 20 to tell us that they forgot to put in the other half. So we decided to take the food to go when it was ready. That took another 20 min. When we got the food to go it was the wrong food and when they brought out the right food, it was missing items described on the menu. In total, we spent and hour and a half from when we walked in to when we got food. No effort was was made to compensate us for our time other than a loaf of cranberry walnut bread.... Id like to say the food was ok but we never got our actual food. Not going back.

İrfan Cavus

Thy have always best geek desert

Esperanza Ridley

Love this place it absolutely brings good vibes and can make great memories especially with all the elegant variety of pastries you can choose from and there is breakfast, lunch & dinner mmmmmm.... Lamb the chefs Are amazing cooks and there is ok customer service but over all they are GREAT! AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!

Annika Segelhorst

First off, the interior design of the restaurant is open, airy, and beautiful. The massive windows create a lovely atmosphere, while avoiding feeling too industrial or heartless. The spanikopita and mushroom pie are delicious, and even at just $3 each, they are enough for a whole small meal. The person I was with ordered a chicken skewer plate, but the chicken was pretty dry, and the fries were severely undercooked. If you know what to order, this is a great place to go.

Hamilton G.

A 5 star of course, it's a bakery! The treats I got for myself were delicious, I cannot complain. The melomakarona was better than any cookie I've ever had. The portokalopita had a nice orange flavor, spongy like consistency, and very moist cake. The service was great as well, I was helped fast, and did not have to wait more than 30 seconds to order. It was busy in there but there was no line. It was loud and everyone in there had smiles on their faces, probably because they were enjoying some of their favorite desserts and baked goods, hahaha! I would highly recommend this place, if you have that sweet tooth!

Geeno Ascherman

Trendy Greek American bakery with breads, desserts & gelato. Prices are about the same as Starbucks. More vibrant Belmont Shores location.

Johnny Lee

Always delectable. Desserts are to die for. Love their mousse.

Rudy Zangwill

Only Greece, and not always, makes as good or better original Greek pastries and desserts. The flavors and spices ooze Greek baked fantasies. I love this place...can hardly wait until next time.

abriana meazzo

The gelato was good and I give the 2 stars just for it but the rest is not so good, the girl who works there is not very wellcoming with clients but all the sudden when one of her friend client shows up she changes attitude; also she gave the friend client way more extra gelato(bias). But thats not all they don't have a place to thown away the trash(gelato cups) plus no napkins in sight so if you need to clean hands or throw away trash you would need to hand ask a worker...

Wal Awsome

I really liked their concept it was my first time and I will stop by again

Michael Nemcik

Great Service and fast food. Omelette left a little to be desired. Go for the coffee and the pastries!

Carlo Alberto Scola

Very nice bakery, with gentle Greek owners. We tried some food and it was really good.

Estimating Department

Best Greek bakery in Southern California.

Marcus Curtis

Wide range of selections on menu plus awesome bakery. Owner makes sure your experience is top notch.

Braedon Schmidt

They've got a good amount of vegan options here, and their veggie skillet was really good. Vegan cheese, tofu, and great bread with a side of fruit. Decor was also really nice, and prices weren't too bad.

Vicky Lovesick

Love coming here in the morning it’s very nice to come there not a lot of people in the mornings

Dhara Patel

This bakrey has really good desserts.

Dany Ken

I love all the desserts here. They are delicious!

Jenna Schwartz

Dreadful, served us a salad with rotten cucumber on it, clearly didn't taste their stuff first. They replaced it, but not without a long wait while they tried the other cucumbers in the same box. Tried to charge us full price for the salad; the same one that I'm still tasting an hour later. They did comp it after arguing with us, but that or a steep discount should have been automatic. Other food was overpriced and clearly not made fresh, service was slow and inattentive at best. I won't be back.

David Khedr

Fresh pastries made in front of you...good place to visit

Rahul Chhabria

Story time! When we walked in close to closing time we were informed that new items had been designed and added to the menu just today so we tried some from that list including the lemon tart, tiramisu, amaretta and one item from the old menu, the creme brulee. All of these items were amazing in flavor and presentation. Rich creamy and satisfying but the Creme Brulee was the highlight, both light and rich at the same time. Wow. Amazing.

Farid-James Healey

Super Yummy!

evan mag

Great food, great service.

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