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383 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301, United States

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REVIEWS OF Paris Baguette IN California

Zed Star

NOT GOOD ! I walked in here to check out what they have on offer. It looked like a buffet style help yourself kinda joint. Everything was laid out inside a long self serve display case. Didn't grab me at all !

tom charls

i visited paris baggutte cafe all day morning there are lot of employee every day but i see today few employee working but how fast they working today i m superised one person run all the cafe when i pick up pastry he is there when i m ready for check out he is there and when i pick up my drinks he is there too i m so happy with there costumer service

Chris Vaxevanis

I love eating at this place when I go shopping at hmart. The wait to pay is at most 5 minutes.. If you ordered a drink you wait a couple more for it to be made and everything they make is amazing. They will also heat anything you order. Also, try the egg tart. If you never have before ask any Asian friend what it is. The only problem for me is finding parking in the area but if your weren't driving there out won't be an issue for you.

Alex Butenko

They “propose” free coffee for signing up to their app. After clicking “redeem” I realize they mean “not free coffee but anything that is not espresso based”. Fake. So I’ve asked for Latte as I don’t drink “filtered coffee”. The’ve forgotten to charge me and forgotten to give me Latte. And my “redeemed sign-up offer is expiring in 5 minutes” and they’ve asked for the manager. The manager was nice but associate wasn’t

carolyn st. jean

Pastries fantastic. Baguette sandwich bread was spongy, not good. Ironic since the place is named baguette. Purchased another baguette, they toasted it for me which was very nice

Asra Nadeem

If you go here before 2pm each day, you will love your life for as long as the goodies last.Their mini garlic croissants, cream cheese donuts and cheesecake are my top 3 most recommended items.

Arwa Shafi

Place looked amazing but staff behavior was unexplainablly rude and inattentive


It sort of feels like a little market in some spots, especially where the bottled drinks and prepackaged pastries are. There’s a section where you can choose the pastries you want and they will bag it for you which was kind of fun and made me feel like it was fresher. I got a cute mini donut which was yummy and only one dollar. They also have macaroons that are are a little cheaper than I usually see but look just as yummy. And they have really yummy looking cakes and you can also buy just a slice. They also offer coffee and when there aren’t groups of loud people, can be a nice study or chilling spot.

Jose Chacin

Anne Arjani

An unusual and huge variety of well priced pastries, sandwiches and salads, with a French but even more Asian influence. Room for improvement: Cash register is slow despite many employees. They might study Starbucks to learn about efficiency. Attractive, comfortable and abundant seating with WIFI.

James Dai

Great Chiffon Cakes.

Rebe Avalos

(Translated by Google) Beautiful (Original) Bonito

Lolo Bobo

I loved the pastrami sandwich, the place was really cool actually, so many good looking pastries.

Sami Q

Yummy deserts and pastries. A bit noisy but good

Yogesh Sandhuja

Love their pastries. They are at a great location and always serve fresh, tasty food in an upscale ambience.

Augusto Rocha

Aaven Jin

Love their cheese cake! Service is good but can be more efficient.

Pimnipa Kangsanan

Mohammad Khatib

If the pastries are fresh then they are mind blowing but once they've been out for awhile which usually happens at the end of the day the pastries degrade. So really grab them when they're fresh. Some of the most amazing pastries I've ever had.

Josua Batubara

corinn B

Cute place. Just don't try and order online Its a nightmare if anyone has dietary restriction

Ankita Dev

tasty cake and bread

Tyler Harding

Very good location, and casual cafe-like spot, but the pastries are just OK. I wasn't blown away by anything I tried.

Jonathan Y Li

Ordered a cake online 3 days before and got a confirmation. However when I showed up they did not have it so I had to wait for them to make a whole new cake.

Negin. A

the taste of food is fair enough and is not pricy.

Avik Dutt

Pretty good bakery and cafe. The cronuts and pastries are especially good. The chocolate milk was meh. Quite spacious with outdoor seating. Went there on a weeknight.

Dan Bieler

Paris quality coffee remains a distant prospect here. Nice location however.

Mary Louise Stymiest

Very nice Hazelnut latte. Great place to meet up with friends.

Matt Quan

Paris Baguette is located inside the H-Mart in Central Square and offers a slew of Asian and European baked goods, plus some coffee / drinks. First of all, I'd like to say I've always found it strange that Korean company owns and runs these chains. It always throws me off when I see the Eiffel Tower logo and then a Korean waitress asks me what I would like. Having said that, Paris Baguette is as slick as they come. The pastries and other baked goods are displayed picturesquely and things look beautiful. I've only been a few times, but my experiences with the things I got for a brunch I was going too were fresh and tasty. The croissants were light, fluffy, with a crunch outside. The sponge cakes were sweet and...spongy. My only critique is that it's definitely not easy on the wallet, so I won't be going there ever morning or even every week. However, for a day when you're just dying for an expensive pastry, Paris Baguette will fit the bill.

Yana L


Korean famous bakery. I think paris baguette is so popuplar, here.

Jen Lee

Who can say no to delicate, decadent, delicious pastries and cakes ? Top quality and yet the price is affordable. The lattes and especially Matcha green latte and Pumpkin cinnamon latte are so creamy. I recommend to try all of their products even their ice cream. And in the hot summer time, go for Popningsoo. It is a famous Korean dessert and you wont regret it. The staffs are friendly in general but some of the staffs seemed like they don't want to be there. Also the toilet definitely needs some cleaning.

Lauren Baker

William Lloyd Huston Jr

5 stars for the cakes. 2 stars for the service.

Charlene Felton

Very busy, with fast service despite the number of people, but the layout of the pastries is a little awkward with so many people. It makes it really challenging to move about and see what is available.

Richard Gil

Great pastries really bad coffee. They told me they "switched brands not a while ago", probably to Starbucks because is really bad!

Kelly G

Korean-based chain with reasonably priced baked goods and cakes (good for those who don't have a big sweet tooth).

Rajesh Iyengar

This place is loaded with pastries and cakes. Great treat for sweet tooths. They have amazing options on pastries and cakes. Each of them is definitely worth trying delicacies.


This Palo Alto location it's okay, the service such in a hurry and a bit loose.. the cleanliness is not so great, good point the are open until late.

Boris Shpitser

Absolutely rude service! When preparing my coffee, the young man used his bare finger to level up the coffee in filter handle. When I notified him and asked to prepare the coffee again without touching it with hands, the guy "explained" that this is how it is done here (with the finger) and I can ask for money back if I don't like it. I talked to the "manager" and he didn't even apologize, just went to make the coffee by himself. Stay away from this place.

Cyrille Daujean

Notin to do with Paris/France or baguette. All pastries are definitely some hybrids between Americanazed croissants and Asian pastries. Green tea, creamy stuffing... No sign of French bread anywhere. Still: service is close to the French one... not friendly. Disappointing.

Ian Karbowski

Messed up my order, and the coffee is not very great.

Ahmad Rahmati

Love their selection and self service. They really need to have longer hours at this location

Dmitry Berezhnoy

Moderately priced pastries and coffee. Coffee was good, Mango Mousse cake was delicious, Opera Cake was decent.

Andreia Ferr

I like it. But don't had much options for dairy free!

Violeta Juarez Crow

Good place for a chat with a friend but not if you expect to eat a delicious chocolate croissant. It wasn't fresh and they didn't even offer to warm it up.


Steven Nguyen

Good food

Andy Kim

The pastries are great and the staff is friendly. However, recently the building has been uncomfortably warm and the bathrooms are in an unpleasant condition.

Deirdre Hogan

Nice sandwiches and deserts. The coffee is just ok. They need to really clean up this cafe, the floor is constantly filthy and tables always need to be wiped down but rarely are. Could be great but until it's at least clean it's just ok.

Mehran MxM

Great place for coffee and pastries. Lunches and sandwiches are super. Highly recommend.

Сергей Кохнович

Love that place

Rafal Hamama

Best cakes ever

William Craig

Terrific paean priced pastries. Good coffee. Bright open sitting space. Needs newspapers to read.

Erin Sobota

So dirty! Hair on the ground, tables not wiped, a hygiene pad wrapper in the bathroom hallway. I don't notice stuff like that unless it's really bad and it was REALLY BAD (visited 6pm on 9/5)

Flat D.

I'm a fan of this chain, however, the Palo Alto shop is way below its standards. The staff is slow and not especially friendly, their internet connection tends to be unavailable and the toilets are always dirty and lacking soap.

Adrian B

The staff who served me was nice. The food is a little expensive for what it is, and unfortunately I bought the old batch. It wasn't fresh, because it was late in the evening.

Greg Coombe

I wandered in here thinking it would have decent pastries. My mistake.

Vilius Kraujutis

Big coffee shop. High ceilings inside. Tasty coffee and desserts.

Joe L

This cafe has good cakes, but the sanitary conditions are appalling. I've complained about this privately to the company couple years ago and recieved a seemingly sincere reply. However today on my visit, the conditions are just as disgusting as before.

Mika Kimmins

2019 update: Downgrading from 5 stars to 3. The place has steadily declined in customer service over this year. Employees have become curt and rather unkind, and pastries seem to not be circuiting well because they are often stale. They seem to be trying to cut costs, and it’s visible. Many talented and kind employees have left, and it’s evident that management is struggling to fill their void. I will wait couple months and try again to see if they turned things around. Sad, because it was really my highlight of the weekend, going there and getting a box of croissants to start the Saturday. Their cakes are still tasty, but it isn’t as much a pleasurable experience to get them as it used to be. Original review in 2016: I used to come here for chocolate croissants, and one day decided to pull the trigger on a cake. 5/5. If you are like me, unhappy with with name-brand grocery store cakes that are way too sweet, bread feels stale, and cream/topping feels formulated for shelf life not taste, I recommend trying Paris Baguette cakes. Super moist, cream tastes fresh, and not too sweet. They also give a very cute cake slicing plastic knife.

bob jorjh

i visited paris baguette this Sunday morning. i glad to all the employee and the service manager for help me out for all product .he describe so nicely , he know how to make drink and how to consult with guest i appricate for him at all my first time at paris baguette is so wonderful now i prefer to all my friend to go there

Han Phamtrinh

Really like this place, it is one of my favorite spot to go to. Everyone is very helpful and friendly here. They would great you and ask about your day, while nice wrapping up your pastries. Pastries are always fresh, my favorite would be the berry tart here☺️☺️☺️. Although it is always busy, the cashiers is always trying their best to do as fast as they can to serve you.

Silvia Zardi

Best iced green tea latte I've ever had!

Olia K

Good place to buy a cake. Tastes more like European desserts, not too sweet/sugary that’s why I like it.

Arthur Nen

I like the design and presentation of this place, but the execution in terms of quality and taste of the food is lacking. To me, this is not what you'd expect from a Parisian bakery (which is what the name aspires them to be).

Lulnaphat Poonpiyawat

devrishi khare

Good coffee and a wide variety of baked goods

Jose Prado

Great people, Nice Georgeous look to the place Free Fast Wi-Fi up to 20mbp

Rucha Adhav

Dillon Zhang

Yummy food

Jakob Weisblat

Interesting breakfast selection. Good pastries.

Geoff Hasbrook

I come here a lot. The pastries and coffee are good. The service is good.

Mauricio Sepulveda

Pretty bad mini and overpriced cakes, don't trust the pictures for a second. And don't waste you time here and go to a real bakery.

Surabhi Vijay

It's A reliable Paris Baguette for the usual variety of pastries and bread. But a moderately clean one. Then again, it's possibly a hard task given the footfalls at university avenue. Their internet connection is spotty. So I would not recommend working from here if it relies on the wifi. Tried the mocha cake. Looks way better than it tastes. Don't let it break your heart!

jake bursalyan

Great variety of pastries hearty and sweet options; at a very reasonable price. Kids loved it, and lots of options. They also have salads and sandwiches.

Charles Pope

The modern atmosphere is fun. Their drinks are good too

Sherwin Vizcarra

We like the chiffon cakes that they have here. The place gets quite busy in the morning between 8-9am and much of the pastries sell out. The pastries are good but they are a little pricey but I would say it is on par for this area. Plenty of seating and self serve water. They have a free coffee with a yelp checkin. I'm giving -1 star for sometimes spotty and non-friendly service.

Rachel Martin

Very busy so line was long. Lots of great pastries and the coffee selection was good. We drank our coffee while our daughter-in-law did some ahopping at the grocery store. Very convenient and nice selection of produce. The Go Go Curry looked and smelled great. Will have ro try that next time.

Adnan Yunus

Depending on the time of day you go, their variety can vary. The vibe is fresh and inspiring and their prices very reasonable

saurabh jain

Awesome parties. One of the softest I have ever had. Macron were a bit sweet but I liked the intense Rose flavor in Rose water macron.


Luigi Bajetti

Really a good place to find pastry and really tasty croissant!

Mark Casey

If you're a fan of Ritual coffee, the good news is that they serve it here. The bad news is they sell it without the ritual, i.e. you get a cup of hot coffee within a few seconds; they don't custom craft one for you. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but if you are hoping for a custom cup you're going to be disappointed.

Tamara Farhat

You really can't just have coffee here. The big pastry display in the middle will eventually suck you in. You'll find yourself hours later crying yourself to sleep, regretting the 3 croissants, 2 muffins, 1 tarte, and 5 scones you had. Tricky, tricky marketing ploy, but damn those pastry will break the toughest will! I din't try the coffee, I had a Moroccan mint tea which was good. The macarons were decent, nothing to rave about though. It's nice that it's well lit in here, you can work and not feeling sleepy.

Benjamin Samuel

Lots of pastry !


average pastry, though it's good place to sit down and relax as it's beautifully decorated, peach tea is on point!

Karl Garcia

Fun selection of food - from French pastries to salads and sandwiches. Free WiFi. Can be pricey depending on what you order.

Pavel Ushakov

Great selection of desserts, fresh, delicious!


Too expensive They need to reduce their prices

Nick Stevens-Yu

Fake French bakery chain from Korea. Fake French pastrues.and everything is ladened with sugar. High sugar and flour diet is quick recipe to diabetes. If I could give 0 stars I would. Most ridiculous fraudulent place on earth.

Kabir Mohammed

They refused to write happy birthday on the cake. Really rude people. Told me to buy cake form somewhere else!!

Bernadette Peters

The best pastries and sandwiches and on the go items. I love that you take this tray and go around and pick what you want put it on the he tray then take it up to the register. Awesome concept.

Raynor Bugayong

Love me some French inspired baked goods...


Rui Yin Tan

Super nice custard!

volkan alev

I tried coleslaw crabmeat sandwich. I barely tasted the crabmeat. The environment is very nice but the food is OK.

Lu Zhi

Mark Servidio

An excellent place to grab a latte.

Saswat Mohanty

Han Yu

Prachi S K

We have been to their Sunnyvale, Milpitas and Dublin locations.We always buy 3 mini croissants and some pastries. In this location the counter staff insisted that we have to buy minimum 6, as it is a different franchise. This is not good. Never coming back here.

Miguel Ferrer

Their wi-fi is down half of the time, so if you need a place to work, I suggest looking elsewhere. The room is also quite hot, I don't think they have AC. Too bad, because the pastries are good.

Rob Clarke

The morning combo deal is unbeatable for tourists just wanting a coffee and a little something to keep going. The almond croissants looked a little over done but no regrets, it was perfect. I just wish the mornings lasted a bit longer.

jincheng cao

Be careful of what you drink! Service was bad too. They reused old coffee from an open cup on the counter (The coffee didn't look right to me. People who worked there might drink from the cup, or they found it from someone's table and sell us the leftover) and tried to sell it to me. I requested a new cup of coffee from the coffee maker directly, the lady was mad and tried to force me to accept the coffee, saying it's all fresh and that's all they have for me, if I don't take it someone else has to take it..... I insisted a new one. She discussed with two guys worked there and put the coffee back into the coffee maker right in front of me, pretending nothing went wrong. I had to throw the coffee away since I paid first and refund was impossible. The entire experience was not good, I suggest bakery owner look into their cameras everyday to make sure their employees are trustable and not poisoning their customers!!! A few months later, when I see the news that cashier spit in the milk tea at Paris Baguette Flushing, it reminds of experience at Paris Baguette Palo Alto. I have to remove one star from the rating.

Hugh Geiger

Ok place to snack and work. Service can be sloppy and the space isn't kept super clean

Denise Suter

Cute coffee shop with modern accents. The interior is very nice and clean. Lots of options for quick grab lunches (lunch breads or sandwiches) and tasty bread options. Staff was polite and helpful. If you need the password for the free WiFi, it's ok the middle column on the right side of the cafe when you walk in.


I'm a big fan of Paris Baguettes throughout the US. This one is OK, but they never answer their phone, which is the mark of an inattentive business. Otherwise, cakes and cafe is alright

mark fox


Shayatri Pranay

I really like the selection is pastries and cake here. I do wish it was a bit cleaner, although I realize they are a bit understaffed to do this.

Tommy Vo

Shave ice is small, doesn't taste that great and is not worth $9. Green tea cake was not well decorated and it was for my gfs birthday

Nick Kretz

if I'm ever in Palo Alto and I'm in the mood for something sweet, I make a pit stop here to pick up one of the tasty pastries. I'm a fan of their chocolate croissant but there are so many options to choose from. They also make custom cakes and tarts. There is a nice selection of drinks to choose from as well.

Tom Ritucci

This place is fantastic! They have great pastries and a cool atmosphere all wrapped up in a perfect location.

Peter Lau

Tasty pastries and cakes. So so prepared sandwiches, good desserts

Kylie Hansen

Their bread and pastries are amazing. But expensive. It’s probably due to it being in HMart. Their cakes are also phenomenal. If I need a cake for a birthday or other celebration, I get it here if I don’t have time to make my own. They give you candles and cutting/serving utensil along with the cake, all in a convenient box.


Really bad taro bubble tea. It was super chalky and thick.

Marc Shulman

The people are very friendly! Unfortunately , quality control seems to have been skipped, today. My peanut roll was hard as a rock!

Amazon Hardscape

Cashier didn’t even say hi, I walked up and said hey how are you and he just stared at me twisting his beard..... I ordered 2 doughnuts and a small coffee he stared at me again twisting his beard and we sat in silence for a few moments until he said oh a small coffee and proceeded twisting some more. I thought it was rude and also gross


Putri Izzati

Should try the caramel pudding/panacotta. The best!

sun kim

Waited forever for one drink. Ignored my order. I understand they were busy. No apologies. Not going to come back

Ahmed Alamoudi

Decent pastry when served fresh. People who work there are a little bit rude. The hot lava cake doesn't taste good at all.

Christine Logan

Excellent latte and the pastries are amazing. Tables, chairs, countertops, even the door coming in, were extremely dirty. I was afraid to touch anything. Maybe better staff that clean instead of chat with each other?

eugene m

great pastries, occasionally very slow service

Sanskruti Kolpe

Best mango mousse ever had!

Antonio Marcos

pretty good food, service is crazy slow

Wilson Geaman

ola yousef

Matt Dubs

Unique interior design that some might find distracting. Good sandwiches, outlets, wifi (but facebook check-in required).


The last 4-5 times I went there, they would never make my drink because the bar is "closed" or not working. I am coming in 1-2 hours before closing. I gave up and now go to starbucks across the street.

Lance Mock

Went there for lunch which is ok. It's the baked goods that standout.

Julian Richardson

Interesting selection of pastries, but drink selection was not good. No decaf espresso coffees at all. My son's hot chocolate was watery and scalding hot. Spacious inside and not too loud.

Cindy Leong

Great place to have pastry and coffee, WiFi signal is very strong too.

Pavlo Aleksievych

Cozy place.

Kristina Valenta

Old, torn chairs, dirty bathroom. One bathroom is not even installed and used as storage. I would not recommend eating here.

Anna Mary Fernandez

Sweets are good but service is not good organize, we had to ask for our coffee after 15 mins waiting (no one in front of us) they forgot about our order, we got the coffee 20 minutes later.

Brian Bulkowski

THIS IS NOT A FRENCH PLACE. Some people are confused, this is a huge korean chain. KOREAN. if you go anywhere in korea, you will see a paris baguette. They are the starbucks of korea. and, guess what, the koreans seem to have a way with pasteries. its an ok place to take a load off and have something sweet, but if you want a french place, try boulangere up the street.

Bee Cause

Love that it's cheap. It's cool that they tried jumping on the bandwagon of trendy parties like the cronut or the cruffin. Not the best bakery in terms of quality, but certainly the top when considering the price and the convience.


Good pastries


Very impressive (and yummy) selection of pastries. The loss of a star is sadly based on customer service. The woman who rang me up pinched and grabbed at my pastries, smearing the frosting, and threw them into the box. She also just walked off and didn't say "Thank you" or "You're all set" which led me to awkwardly ask "am I all set?" because I didn't understand if the transaction was complete or not. Very strange. I know restaurant life is difficult but throwing around someone's food and not telling them they are all set just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

maryam abaie

Louis Hong

Great ambiance and good pastries. Quite busy during peak hours. Seating can be challenging at times.


Love the green tea cake

Tom Crice

What should be a nice enough place has gone steeply downhill in recent months. The tables, rarely clean, are often covered with someone else's food smears, even just as the day starts. Lately, as early as 7:30 am HMart insists on blaring pop music so loud it's impossible to think or speak with a friend while trying to linger over that morning latte. Even the pastries are worse, at best mediocre. I have contacted management on numerous occasions but they have refused to address these matters. Instead they blame HMart for everything and claim there's nothing they can do. At the same time, it doesn't seem like there is ever adult management onsite. Rather, the entire place seems mostly to be in the hands of the low-wage workers are who generally rude and more interested in their phones. That, of course, leads to long, slow lines. AVOID THIS PLACE UNTIL IT STRAIGHTENS UP ITS ACT!!!

Mohanad Alsokhiber

Smelly place with average taste

Adnan Arnaout

Ilia Baum

Sherry Li

Cute cafe/bakery with tantalizing baked goods that makes you want to stuff your face. The mocha cheese cake bread thing was yummy -- very fluffy and moist. I almost caved and got a canele... it looked so good! Otherwise, they have all kinds of croissants, breads, two types of cronuts, and asian fusion-y baked goods like sesame mochi bread. Yum!

Kevin Luo

Our Brand We are an international, premium bakery-café founded in 1988 specializing in delightful assortments of breads, pastries and cakes baked daily. Our mission is to bring happiness to everyone by adapting to people’s ever-expanding palates with our decadent, unique and sophisticated pastries, breads, and cakes. We serve a variety of treats ranging from appetizing snacks to stunning and delicious cakes for all occasions, as well as chef-inspired sandwiches and salads.

Libby Chang

The cheese pastry is amazing. All of the desserts are very high quality, but they can be expensive. The staff is friendly, but they can be slow if you order a prepared drink. It is open seating, and sometimes it can be difficult to find seating if you are with a group.

Fabien Curto Millet

Really enjoy this place. Lots of light and a pleasant environment overall, vibrant but not too loud - great to catch up with a friend or work on your laptop. Coffee is reasonably nice, as were their croissants.

Eldar Khaliullin

Cold coffee, that tastes similar to what you get on a gas station.

Amy Schroll

4/7/15 After finding a really long line for ice cream up the street, my husband and I stopped here for a dessert on Friday night.We took a tray, wax paper, and tongs and looked at the baked selections. My husband was disappointed they were out of chocolate croissants, but it was pretty late in the evening. A small child ran circles around the dessert island, sticking his head under the germ guard and breathing all over the food. Good Lord, where are his parents?! We skipped the breathed-on baked stuff and both picked something off the germ-safe refrigerated shelves. My husband had an espresso crème brulee, and I ordered a slice of gluten free chocolate cake. They have tiramisu but it's not sold by the slice. I also ordered steamed milk. We took our desserts to a table, found silverware, and sort of enjoyed them. I had to go up and check on my milk after I noticed nobody was making it. The chocolate cake was delicious. Very rich, and yummy (especially after I received the milk!) I don't usually drink milk, but this was creamy and foamy and really good. The espresso crème brulee was not great. It separated really weird, like it hadn't been cooked right. And the candy/sugar top hadn't been torched long enough.

emma watsburg

they have horrible service, the asian manager is quite annoying as she tends to never answer the phone,

Mike Cox

Great food reasonable pricing

Adam Leader

Totally fine neighborhood bakery. My preferred grab-n-go option on U Ave if its early enough to have easy parking. Tasty crisp fresh croissants, pastries. Decent coffee (not my favorite).

Michael Thiel

Worst sales person in a long time, bored and unhelpful. Had two sandwiches which tasted mostly of fat. Pain au chocolat was pretty decent.

Mary C

From far away, the store front looks bright and model. However, once you enter this place, you will see all the dirt everywhere. This store is run by kids who don't know anything about coffee--as noted in a different review here, they totally ruin their Ritual coffee. Also, I saw customers touching pastries with their bare hands, squeezing them, and returning them to the shelves. This's GROSS! Stay away from this place! If you want good pastries, go to Prolific Oven.


Betty Tran

Great for a quick snack or dessert! Eat the mixed berry cronuts for your happiness!

Linda Chang

Good variety of crescents delicstely caramelized are a must try. Cronuts with fruity fills are great without being too syrupy sweet. Rice mochi donut balls are a favorite of mine too. Those are my recommendations. Everything else including the spongy roll/cake are average.

Todd Lehman

Coffee and pastries are excellent, which is enough to make this a recommendable stop on University. The outdoor seating is nice as well, and usually not too crowded. Realistically, this is THE place for great espresso drinks in Palo Alto, though more basic than Blue Bottle (with their multiple roast options), the drinks are just as good and the wait times are far more reasonable. One star removed only bc half hour before closing, I stopped in and the cashier had already stopped serving coffee beverages.

Sahar A

Love the variety and quality

Boshra Dastournezhad

I I was just there and ordered exactly what I've ordered yesterday, which is vanilla latte no foam 2 pumps vanilla and one shot. The girl who got our order started making a face and turned to coffee boy , Adam and with a mocking face and tone and attitude repeated and they laughed..then i asked was that funny she rolled her eyes and didn't answer. I sked her name from another employee cz. I wanted it be clear who she is. Her name is Ruby, what the employee said. Cz just a day before another girl got my order and she was pretty polite and friendly. I hope this review makes her change her attitude or find a job that she does better.

Igor Glotov

Awesome branch of Paris Baguette franchise with great Mango Mousse dessert.


Good pastries and they have fast, free WiFi and lots of places to sit and work. The milk bread and cream bread loaves are so good! The baguettes are surprisingly good too. Large variety of drinks and decent espresso drinks. Plenty of outdoor seating too

Will Nickerson

Great coffee and outstanding classic pastries!

Ali Al-Bayaa

Nice place to grab a Cronut (barely a handful of places in the state as is). While parking can be tricky, make sure to check the parking garage right behind it, beats trying to find a spot on Mass Ave. The cafe itself is located inside H Mart.

Vikram Purbia

Best pastries and cakes, very nice and open ambiance with indoor and outdoor seating.


Lovin’ it!!!

Andrew Chung

This is a chain from Korea known for their western-inspired pastries. Their pastries are tasty and are nice and crispy. They are a bit small and expensive, though. Don't expect any classic, French pastries here... everything here has a bit of a Korean touch to it.


Eloise de Vernou

Emplyees with some attitude toward customers for sure. If we bother you so much, find an other place to work. Also, very sad that there are no more vegan muffins. Was a great pastry to eat when accompanying friends or family. With rolling eyes and exasperated voice the cashier said that it was a seasonal item. Unfortunately my allergy to eggs is not seasonal so bye bye PB since there is no other comestible option for me and people with the same allergy.

Rrari Kahn

Amazing fresh baked goods! The best bakery in the USA! They had La Ferrari parking, too, right on University Avenue.

Sid Shah

I would have given it 5 stars 6 months ago but now I give it a 3 due to "Costcofication". The pastries are still great but they are now bundling simple things like small Garlic croissants into 6 packs. I suspect it's because they want to push more volume ( you could buy one garlic croissant for 85 cents or so before but now you have to buy a 6 pack for around 4 bucks) . And the bundling epidemic is spreading as more and more items are being sold in 6 packs only. Many pastries have been discontinued and they often run out of stuff by the evening. It's unfortunate because the pastries still taste good but I have cut down on my visits because either the stuff I want isn't there or I have to buy 6 of one thing that I want.

ashish joshi

Been here on a few ocassions. Never realized that their baked goods section is very lacto vegetarian friendly. Was finally able to have croissants and doughnuts. The cakes look really picturesque. Always seems to be busy.

Klara Strom

It's a dream just to look at the beautiful pasties made here. They're all delicious, beautifully presented, but expensive. I recommend coming here for a special treat, but not as a daily stop. Also, they have bubble tea! So It's a good place to stop if you need a boba fix. (Ask for no ice so you get more in your cup. The tea is already chilled so it doesn't effect the taste.)

Jonathan Chu

Good cakes (fluffy not too sweet), but sub par coffee and most other items.

Naurin Mutalib

They are open late and had more choices

Gee Jones

Great service. Ok prices. Good food!

Miguel Garza

Who would have though, I'd find a gem of a bakery at the entrance of an H mart. Well I only came here for a quick breakfast bite, but the creations were cool and delicious. I had the bacon roll stuffed with egg salad, which was awesome.

Julian Fessard

Don't be fooled by the name. It has very little to do with a real French patisserie. It's a Chinese bakery that passes as a French one. I have nothing against Chinese bakeries, I actually enjoy them, but that particular one was disappointing. I went there one evening to meet a friend. I cannot remember what I got, but it was pretty mediocre and not memorable. Also, I find the name a little bit stereotypical.

Massimo Sgrelli

One of my favorite places in Palo Alto for coffee and croissant

Guru Pathak

Katja J

Yes! That was missing in Palo Alto. Finally a bakery with good bread and pastries. I'm from Europe so I really missed that. It's a bit pricey but I like what they offer.The staff is very friendly too! It's good for a coffeestop!

Raman Solanki

Do not go there for birthday cakes. Many other places have better options. Limited variety on cake. Food is nothing extraordinary. Whole foods have better cakes than them.

Matthew Gibson

Parties here are delicious and baked fresh every day. Chocolate and a wide variety of drinks are available. The prime location on university Ave and giant windows make it an enjoyable experience for any time of day.

Don Super

Great pastry and fruits combo.

Kenneth Abbott

Wow !!! The best not only on this planet but in this Galaxy.Worth double the price at least.

Lu Tang

A large variety of selections, and never too sweet. Sometimes the checkout can be long and slow.

Jyoti Dev

Awesome cakes, especially ones with fresh cream.

Juan Chaneton

Best French style pastries of Boston

Andreas Schulmeyer

Nice choices of sandwiches and baked goods. I'm only visiting, but stop there almost every time. If your looking for something bread based, I recommend.

Aliya Mukhametdinova

stella b

Good location, nice staff and tasty hot and cold drinks with a variety of pastries and healthy choices for lunch and snacks make it so special for locals and visitors.

Ivette S

Fast and quality service, delicious fresh made pastries, and convenient location. This place has is great.

Estefy D'Ortignacq Ramos

Vivian Cheng

Came on Christmas day, long line. My coffee took thirty minutes

Michelle Chan

Beautiful pastries and good coffee. Ordered: Blueberry chiffon cake $4.95 came with a free coffee. Cake was good, the consistency was more like a sponge cake, but less airy than an Asian cake. Frosting was light and creamy. Coffee tasted good even though I went around 6 pm. Plenty of seating and and staff was friendly. Would go back to check out more pastries and take advantage of their coffee combo deals.


Jose Enrique Funes

The pastry was excellent. The place is very cozy to sit around and enjoy having coffee.

Mark Lewis

Macha green tea latte is my go-to. Great pastries and affordable sandwiches. Staff is not nicest nor speedy.

amita sodhiya

The best ever cakes of the world.

Nina Cooper

This place is not too shabby- the food is ok- the service is outstanding! The people in and around were very pleasant. It's a great big ole coffee house with lots of room to love around and view too notch art work on the walls by local artist. They're are instruments throughout the establishment in case you feel like jammin out on the acoustic guitar to a Bob Marley jam yep, this is the kind of place it is. And they do a good job to keep the vibe "Irie" I would have added a little more variety in the kitchen and add a little soul to the flavor but it's a place that has much potential to grow in the right direction!! Keep it up guys and gals- you all are awesome!!

Alyona M

Cappuchino iz amazing Hugo was very friendly and cool!


Borui Gu

Karen J. Lee

I like their bread, but beware the employees, and most importantly, *make sure to check your receipt*. I saw one who were eating out of cup of decorations (was it berries?) that the other employee was using to make a bread. I was also charged more than what I bought, and the employee didn't even say sorry when I called that out.

Kieran Maynard

Better cakes than other locations, and a cool, sunlit street corner location.

Elizabeth Vazquez

Delicious pastries, excellent attention, "thank you David"

Veronica Stupia



Rude service which is worse than no customer service. The woman that rang me up today for a cake looked annoyed at customers and sounded even worse after I asked her if I could have something written on the cake. The place was not crowded, there was a few folks wearing white working on all baked goods, but she told me that a 24hr advance notice was required for me to have something written on a cake. I just read many several similar reviews as the one I’m leaving, which means the business owners don’t care about fixing the issues and getting rid of these employees who are the face of their business. I’ve never written on a cake but I’m pretty sure that I could get it done with the right tools, so I don’t understand how a bakery could ever say no to such request. Don’t give this place your business as they don’t appreciate their customers.

Christopher Reardon

To pricey and a large ($3.50) is a small at most places

v.raghunatha arasu

Lingling Yang

A bit pricey but best Asian/European style of cakes (less sweet)

Walter Schoen

Order the croissant hot dog, and get it warmed up if you're there long after breakfast. It's a delicious savory pastry.

Alexandria M Silveira

They don't have "for here" ceramic mugs/dishes, and they gave us a decaf americano when we asked for a decaf coffee and told us it was a decaf coffee. But their latte was yummy!

James Jae Wook Cho

(Translated by Google) The worst cake in my life! How dare they sell this quality of cake? Do not buy $ 30- $ 40 ish cakes there, Never! I do not really have any conscience ... unless the expiration date is over. I wonder how I can sell a cake made from a bunk like a sponge ... I would be ashamed to put it on the customers ... first. I'm really angry. (Original) The worst cake in my life! How dare they sell this quality of cake? Don't buy $30-$40 ish cakes there, Never! 정말 양심도 없지...유통기한이 지나지 않고서야 어떻게 이렇게 스펀지처럼 퍽퍽한 빵으로 만든 케잌을 팔 수 있는지...손님들에게 내놓았다가 부끄러워 죽는줄...내 인생에 케잌먹고 욕나온 적은 이번이 처음. 정말 화가 나네..

Joe Lau

A homeless guy came in and harassed all the patrons. The proprietor and staff just stood there and watched and did nothing for a good 15 minutes. The crowded store cleared out fast. Eventually the dude just left.

Jan Broß

Good party selection and coffee. Unfortunately some parts, especially the chairs where relatively dirty.

Chris Koster

Behnoosh Parsa

Great pastries and great people! :) The best branch for sure!

Ariana Rollins

I went to Paris baguette and ordered the chicken and brie baguette-- as you can see there isn't much chicken. Also, while I understand that brie melts, based on the flavor and texture you could convince me that this was just mayonnaise. It's not that bad, but for nearly $10 you could certainly do better.

Sanjay Swamy

Love the place - something different!

Eugene Ingerman

Good croissants and coffee. Sandwiches are expensive and meh. Biggest disappointment - they don't even sell baguettes.

Karen Yavorsky

Staff was very friendly and helpful. Enjoyed a delicious dessert. Wish there were more decaf tea options. Wanted a decaf black tea but they only had herbal decaf tea.

Cristiane de Oliveira

Dilan Manatunga

Good atmosphere and good pastries. Definitely will go there again.

Derek Bulner

chiffon all of the cakes and you'll have a happy stomach-tongue

Maoyu ma

Cute place for quick bites, pastries and coffee. Its pastries are on the expensive side, but environment is nice, wiki is fast.

Wendy Cheang

I love the puff pastries and cream bread

Eddie Rodriguez

This is a very cool looking place to come in for a coffee and pastry. The wagon wheel of pastries leading to the register can be a little frustrating but it makes for a nice way of looking at all the offerings. The Stagg is friendly and the seating is very modern. There's a large shared dining table in the center of the floor that looks great and utilizes space but overall it can be difficult to get a private table.

Marcos Rittner

They have a very comfortable seating at tables, armchairs, several types. Large space, tall ceiling, great light. Feels like a great living room or dining room. Great options for cakes, donuts. Coffee was a bit cold but they replaced immediately. Very good service. Awesome.location.


The environment is good but the service is terrible.

Graciela garcia

Delicious food

Sebastian Fiedler

Ever since moving to the lovely Bay I miss my European desserts and more importantly, European bakeries! Good thing we have a Paris Baguette in Palo Alto - probably the closest it gets when looking for European-inspired bakery goods. Perfect - the strawberry tart, super soft, with light cream, and fresh strawberries. Also great: French croissant and the Chocolate Croissant. They also have sandwiches, omelette for brunch, croissant donuts. There is also lots of seating - although not exactly a study spot I see many folks here with laptops, joined by couples, tourists, Stanford students, and tech guys. Recommended for breakfast and brunch and the snack in between.

Arpan Jain

Ambience is great. Good for business meetings as you can actually hear easily

محمد الحصينان

الكيك يستاهل ٥ نجوم .. روعه

Ai Hi

Good location and customer service. A young boy staff is so friendly!

mehmet akgul

Horrible customer service! Stay away from this place, there are much nicer options in the neighborhood. I notified the person at the register that their WiFi was not working. He smugly assumed I didn't enter the WiFi password right. I told him that I entered the password correct and many other customers I checked with also could not connect to the Internet. He smirked and said he will have a look at it. Instead he chatted with his buddies for the next 20 mins. When I reminded of him the problem then he shrugged and walked back to the register. The whole thing was absurdly curt. Their meager pastries and terrible coffee plus what I seen today means I am never going there again!

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