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REVIEWS OF Mazzetti's Bakery IN California

Anela Lee

Love this bakery. They make the best derby cake which is fresh strawberries and bananas with fresh cream and vanilla and/or chocolate cake. Its delicious! They also sell other pastries but I never had tried them yet. Lots of staff working so the line goes quick. Also they take credit cards.

Johnny Hood

I generally don't leave reviews, but I'm pretty upset about my visit today. Hopefully the management will notice. One simple message for them: Customer. Service. Hire some passionate people to replace your minimum wage drones. This place is currently full of teenagers that do not understand customer service or care about anyone that walks through the door. I walked in, got in line, and watched two other people be helped. Then all the employees disappeared. After waiting several minutes one came out from the back, placed a tray in the fridge I was standing at, and returned to the back. Not a word. No "Someone will be out in a minute." No "Have you been helped?" Nothing. Then she did it again. I waiting another minute or two. I called the store. After several rings an employee came out from the back. When he asked if I had been helped, I plainly replied "Nope" pretty sure I heard him say "Why not?" under his breath. I asked about a cake in the case, he replied with only basic info. He also decided to tack on an additional $3 charge when ringing it up. Oh, and the cake? Cute, but barely passable. Not at all worth the $16. I should have gone to Safeway. This used to be a great bakery, but they have fallen below the quality of product and service you can get from Safeway. What a huge disappointment. I will not be back.

Cindi Cole

Best cake for my mom's birthday

Lili Smith

Wonderful many choices

Donna Eckstein

The cake was absolutely perfect. It tasted even better then it looked for my sons wedding last Saturday. Megan was awesome and took care of getting it to venue and making this experience go so smoothly

Anthony Keylon

Excellent service and pastries! You want some come get some!

Will Pfister

I was looking forward to this place. There were no signs. You have to guess at what you are getting and the price. I asked a young man if they had croissants. He said they did but came back a few minutes later said they didn't. Not having any signs to go on, I left.

Joseph Sala

Excellent bakery and service! Super busy!

Christina Rose

In ordering a baby shower cake I was treated to the exceptional service of Julie, the owner. Wow! She makes you feel like you are the most important customer ever and really cares. She brings you samples, shows pictures, and the cake is the best I have ever had. Seriously! Love Mazzetti's!!!

Gary Eser

Love their creamhorns....old fashioned friendly place

Wil Dong

There's so much to pick from from their cakes to their donuts

cheryl smith

The most amazing stuff here. Don't go in hungry because you'll buy the whole place

Shauna Mork

Over all decent but the St honore cake fell flat of expectation

Santiago Cavazos

Came here for a cake tasting but got to sample a few items, top notch selection and taste

DJ Martini

Would of gave 4 stars, but they need a little better service since there is always a line. We ordered a cake and had to wait to pick it up for people in line trying to figure out what other items they wanted. Cupcakes were AMAZING! and Donuts were really good too! Great treat place.

ateef danish

Bear claws worth fighting for.

Van Jones

They need to learn to fold the bags of pastries correctly. They bunch the bag at the top and it looks ugly, unprofessional and sloppy. Take pride in your work people. Pastries and donuts are good. Staff is friendly. Presentation gets an F.


Always yummy!

Anthony Nichols

Lovely Bakery

Cat Wilson- Back Yard Farming

Best baked goods ever! Love the gift baskets and small cakes. This is a family bakery that's been around for a few generations. Their customer service is awesome and we drive way out of our way for cake to take home.

Spencer McKevitt

Great small town bakery with a very extensive list of baked goods. I just found out today that they make great cannoli's. I get the doughnuts and muffins in the am and they are delish. I've also had a cakes, eclaires, and focaccia bread which I enjoyed extensivly.

Sal B

Dear Friends, You have a lovely store and helpful and courteous employees, but you must do something about your biscotti!! Nothing about the almond biscotti I ate was familiar. I am an 83 year old native of North Beach, from a Fisherman's family. I was an altar boy, a fisherman and after 4 years of military duty went back to school and became an attorney 53 years ago. I've eaten biscotti all my life, here at home and all over Italy and Sicily. I have friends who make excellent biscotti whe would give you an excellent recipe just for asking. If you are interested, just say yes and I will have such a recipe sent to you no strings attached. Sincerely, Sal

Sandy Jordan

There is so much to pick from that you can find it hard to only get one item. The cakes are great, and beautifully decorated too. They also have a nice selection of teas. :-)

David Phillips

The best bakery that I know of. Great products and you get what you pay for!!

Gabriel Wahl

Good things to eat, friendly staff, go early to avoid lines and have the best selection.

Scott Judkins

Great family owned bakery going on there 45th year!

Nu Yawk

First visit at Mazzeti's. I purchased a small cake. White cake with fudge filling and white frosting. The cake looked pretty but was just ok. I've had better. It costs $15.00. The chocolate small cake for $10.00 from Safeway was better.

David Ferry

The best. People come from all over NorCal for their birthday cakes.

Karen V Chin

Mazzetti's famous Derby cake is the best! Light, spongy textured cake (or yellow or chocolate or half /half) layered with fresh sliced strawberries and bananas with whipped cream with an airy whipped cream frosting. My family orders this yummy tasting cake for special occasions when the strawberries (you could order this during off season when they use canned sliced peaches instead of strawberries) are in season. Some may think this is a pricey cake, but it's truly worth every penny (and calorie) because it tastes that good. We have ordered this as a quarter sheet, half sheet and as today a 10 inch round for Mother's Day. You cannot go wrong when ordering this specialty cake and is worth the drive to Pacific to pick up this cake (and treat yourself with several mouth watering pastries for the drive back) any special occasion.

jose zacarias

Found this place while we were driving thru. Stopped to check it out and were not disappointed.

Wallace Flowers

There are two amazing places in the Bay Area to get amazing donuts! This is one of them! All of the baked goods are just excellent!!!

Erin Tiffany Shanahan

Awesome place!! Highly recommend for any kind of celebration!

Gessa Chang

Derby cake is the bomb. I don't really love anything else but the black and white derby cake with banana and strawberry and fresh cream.

Rosie Sotello

Great pastries, nice coffee. A pleasant place for an indulgent breakfast.

Brandon Yambrovich

The staff was very helpful and friendly. The pastries where to die for. Everything was handmade and extremely delicious

Sf Bluejade

A wonderful neighborhood bakery. Loved the pizza. Honey muffin was great. Has everything you ever want in a bakery: donuts, cakes, pies, sheet pizzas, pastries, muffins, etc. Wonderful service.

Darla May

Has to be the best bakery south of San Francisco!

Quang pham

Helpful and friendly staff

Norma Barajas

Rude service ☹️

Beth Snell

Always scrumptious! It's our to-go bake shop for our parties, snacks, breakfast

Cheryl Charles

The best bakery around! Try the

Adrian Fox

An insiders secret in SF Bay Area. The most reasonable prices - large birthday and other cakes on demand. No pre booking needed .. The freshest cakes you can get. In SF you usually get fleeced for a birthday cake - the cakes here are better. My family drive there for every occasion and am always happy with service and quality.

Luna Salaver

Freshly baked bread, cupcakes, muffins, pies, cookies and cupcakes. Very cute specialty items and fantastic cakes, too.

Robert Rebres

Great cannoli, cup cakes, pies, and other pastries.

Cathy Go

They are famous for their Derby Cakes. A must try! The place needs a little renovation and parking is very limited.

Chloe lo

Good price , taste good, fresh food cake

tony pisicoli

Amazing bakery reminiscent of a time gone by but still modern and up to date. Quality was simply incredible.

Ronald Sheehy

They make amazing cannolis. Coffee is excellent

Jennifer Feyerabend

bakery that's cake is mostly delicious and made with love. We ordered are wedding cake here.

L Berzin

Nicely decorated long time bakery. Best pumpkin pie in town. Very good cakes. Cookies and donuts mediocre.I recommend going here.

Christopher Tom

Most people love the derby cake and I'm one of those people. Another delicious item from here are the Apple Strips, the pastry shell, cream and delicious slices of apples make this a cross between a cream puff and a fresh apple pie.

Aretta Surles

Great place to buy a quick and tasty treat. We came from out of town and had a sweet tooth after our dinner. We came across this place and had to try it. The whole experience was great. We had one of the kids who works there roll his eyes at us, which was actually pretty comical and another gave us a school sized carton of milk because we didn't have a dollar cash to pay for it. Don't go there thinking you're going to get free stuff though. We found some change in the car when we were leaving to pay her back but it was Extremely generous and kind of her to do that for complete strangers. If we are ever in Pacifica again, we will definitely be going back. Oh... And they have wonderful little gift baskets that aren't at all expensive.

Silvio Castillo

Excellent bake products. Very nice service and prices

Talisman Kreationen

Excellent bakery

Teresa Lee

My family loved this bakery!!! We would drive a long way to come get cakes whenever we have birthday celebration. It's now our top favorite bakery, particularly the chocolate cake with fresh fruits in the layers. Yummmy

Dianne Madsen

Excellent bakery at amazing prices!

Mar Would

Yummy donuts. They ran out of chocolate cookies.


Delicious, cashier not very friendly. I'm big on customer service.

G Charlene

Great cakes!

Ryan Cervantes21

Great cakes and different kinds of pastries at reasonable prices. Cakes for any occasion, made the way you want them. Plus a great customer service!

Jeffrey Calloway

Great pastries! Melt in your mouth type, Great employees

Yules M

We have love coming to this bakery as long as we have live in the Bay area, which is many year,we prefer to give our money as much as possible to mom and pop store instead of big corporations.. BUT ONE THING really caught me off guard this morning in our family visit to the bakery, we had a way different experience then usual a very disturbing one 5 white older gentlemen speaking about how Trump needs to round up all these immigrants and get rid of them this is the clean version of it plus other nasty comments I will not write on here but continued for 15mins we visited and even after we left.. I really hope this is not the kind of establishment who allows that kinda hate speech, because that's EXACTLY what that was, I was really disgusted with those comments from ur early morning customers around 630am.. Those older gentlemen seem like they had been there for while already acting as if they own the place they already finished whatever they purchased you can tell, why not leave and give other customers room to sit and enjoy there treats instead of just ALLOWING them to sit around there because they feel like they have the right to be there spitting out hate speech as if their entitled to speak in that manner in front of families, they can take it out to the streets which is their right to freedom of speech or keep in their homes, but that kind speech doesn't belong in family bakery where children and ppl from different races and backgrounds come to purchase ur delicious treats from all over the bay... We love ur bakery and hope the owners take this really serious because I will never step foot there again if I ever have that kinda experience again and neither should anyone that does not support that kind hate speech.. Those 5 older white men who were making those disgusting comments, this morning easily forget their ancestors were from somewhere else and they were immigrants as well, that's what this country is made of "IMMIGRANTS" maybe history book is what they need from Santa, so please train staff to first greet customers and be more courtesy not just stare and pretend they can't hear what these men were saying if u guys really care, let these ignorant people know to keep their political and hateful comments at least out of your establishment, our family actually NOT just our family for ALL the families of the BAY AREA would greatly appreciate it...

omar saleh

Always waiting in line while people are on the phone the counter girls. Customers at the counter should take priority over phone business or hire more help

Tashaki Ford

Great Service! There were rave reviews from the graduates, staff, and attendees. Mazzettis did a wonderful job on our organization's logo. The strawberries and bananas were fresh. The decorator added a nice touch with the flowers. Thank you!

John Zambales

Tea time

Elena Newby

Service excellent and cakes are delicious!!!

Sharon Bee

The derby cake! This bakery is just plain awesome! They're famous for their freshly baked goods and especially their derby which is made with bananas and strawberries. Pre-order your cake and pay with cash. I wish they accepted cards. That's the only downside.

Morpheus Mind

Always delicious

Bob Krauss

The absolute best bakery you could ever imagine

Urban Treasures!!!

The best!


Nice place for cakes!!

Jamie Young

Love everything about this place except sometimes there's a line. All food from here tastes amazing

Miranda Melen

We got our wedding cake here and we were so pleased we drove back two years later for a baptism cake for our daughter! Cake tasting was awesome! So many flavors, soooo delicious! I had a drawing I'd made of the musical-themed cake I wanted and cautiously showed them. They said they'd see what they could do... I was floored when the cake was delivered! They created the cake in my drawing perfectly!!! And it was so tasty! We took home the leftovers and cut them up to store in the freezer. Frozen Mazzetti wedding cake is amazing! That's why we drove the 1.5hrs back for the baptism cake - needed another fantastic sugar rush

peter k

I wish I could eat here more often. But I'm on a low carb diet. I really miss the cupcakes, cake slices, and cookies. The fruit pastries. (I'm drooling.)

Matt Peterson

Delicious donuts and other baked goods. Seating can be hard to find sometime because this place is popular.

Rosa Robles

The best!

Jennifer Cea

I was just hung up on after patiently waiting (I could hear Susan take an order). When I tried to call back, no one would answer and finally, after about 20 rings, Susan finally answered. Call did not go well. This is not a review on their food, this is a bad customer service review.

Madeline McAndrew

The baked goods are great, but the some of the staff are unfriendly, impatient, and try to rush you. I used to love this place, but my opinion has changed.

James C.

I love this place and their banana cake is a must have.

Chris Romero

Always a quality donut and cup of coffee. Better cakes than Safeway. Good croissants. Mazzetti's is a win.

Joseph Lapizar

Very friendly people. Haven't had any trouble picking up orders/cakes for numerous birthdays. Accidentally left a box of cupcakes, called and found they kept it on the side for me !

Candy Eisenbrey

Great place i love the fergasa

Bryan Keil

This place has the best doughnuts and cakes around.

Jason Wong

Nice local bakery. Friendly employees and service. Great sweet treats. Must try the derby cake

Denise Gums

Kind nice Italian bakery n daily they donate donuts to the Mother of Charity hospice..homefor the d

Kiki Leaea

If I could I would give a zero! We set a pick up time to pick up a cake for my son's party already paid for! I sent my sister the day of to pick up the cake and they gave her such a hard time to where the police were involved! Horrible experience! Was It bc she was a person of color? Try to play the victim of being "scared" to result into calling the cops? And all they had to do was hand over the cake that was already paid for! This business's way of handling people of color is to call the cops! Not a good look esp in the bay area! End result: Cops talked to my sister and they were really shocked that they wasted their time to be called over about something that could've been resolved had they been professional about the situation! NEVER GOING BACK HERE TO THIS RACIST PLACE!

Franco Demarco

Chocolate chip cookies are great, big crispy edge and soft in the middle. Cupcakes are an easy 5 all day, top tier.

Kyle Lee

Let’s just say that I’m not much of a cake guy. And with some local stores, all they pump out is sugar and frosting. Well, with Mazzetti’s I have developed a huge crush on those derby cakes. Everyone must stop by and at least try one of these amazing cakes. They also have a wide selection of other cakes and pastries. Wonderful service is also included with these delicious items as well.

salvador rodriguez

I love the cupcakes ..god job in making them They sure taste great

Michelle Chu

Great Derby Cake. I wish they have more older boy cake designs. I had to order my cake topper from Etsy for them to decorate and they charge an extra $10 to do that. How complicated can it be to print on edible paper to put on a cake?

Sharon Payne

Glad I don't live closer. I'd be bakery poor


Love the strawberry and banana white & chocolate cake, plus the cake in the cup is delicious.

Jeannie Mancilla


John Wilkes

Great little bakery in Pacifica with tons of options. You want it they got it.

Greg Felton

Great local bakery!

Margie Boyle

Always the best place to buy more than you need!

Sarina Young

I drive all the way from El Cerrito just to buy their treats. Everything is so amazingly tasty. And the staff couldn't be nicer. If your driving near there, it's a must stop.

Disney Spells

Great treats! Yum!

Tiffany Dea

Derby cake

John Kollar

Went to Mazzetti's during a trip to the Bay area. Wow! The pastries/cakes were absolutely amazing! They have a great selection and the staff was very kind and helpful.

Jaime Gamboa

Best of old school flavors and what baking should be!

Bob Baron

Fresh danish and cake every day open at 5am

Benjamin Chung

Wow. Cakes are great! Especially the Derby. Got my wedding cake here. Getting wedding cake for my sister's wedding, too! Make sure to book at least a month in advance.

Lisa Tubbs

This is the best bakery in the world! Must try their mini bran yummy!

Ronald Lopez

Got the Derby cake. It was amazing. I'll be back for more cakes.


The only thing that tastes good here is the famous Derby Cake. The almond biscotti was soft and crumbly with an overabundance of almond syrup flavor. Bad overall experience with the negative, unfriendly service from the Harry Potter-lookalike guy.

AnnMarie DeLaHoussaye

Great cakes!

Barnett Garraway

This bakery has been here for a very long time. It boasts a loyal clientele, good place to meet and have coffee and a sweet with friends.

Julie Kavanagh

I really completely adore Mazzetti's. It's such a wonderful bakery. I usually go there for the cupcakes, though I occasionally have also gotten a danish or two, and everything tastes amazing. I do have to personally recommend the red velvet cupcakes, they're absolutely delicious. And unlike a lot of bakeries closer to the city, everything at Mazzetti's is reasonably priced so that it's genuinely worth it to just treat yourself to something. Also every employee I've interacted with has been so nice and helpful even when it's clearly been a busy day. It makes the experience even better. I can't recommend this place enough. You won't regret it.

Sue Chavez

Mazzetti's is always, THE BEST ! There is always a line, but it's well worth the wait ! I feel it is one of the best "BAKERY's", in the S.F., Bay Area !

El Va

The best derby cake!

lyle whitacre

I love this bakery! Cannoli for my birthday breakfast.

Yvette Sanchez

I’d like to start off by saying that I absolutely love Mazzetti’s! The girl who helped me was extremely kind and the cake was so delicious! I will gladly come back for all my cake and dessert needs!!! The second part of this review is in reply to the review about the cops being called on a customer. I was in line that day and her sister came in cutting the line, yelling about getting the cake and cussing in front of my child. I too was picking up a cake that I had previously paid for. The staff was very courteous to the yelling woman and told her kindly that there was only one line and if she got in line they would gladly grab her cake for her. I applaud the girls behind the counter that were trying to calm down the situation. The police were not called because she was a person of color but because she was causing a scene that made all the customers and staff uncomfortable and SHE JUST WOULD NOT STOP. My child was scared and I was grateful when the police came in and escorted her outside.

Gabe Vandam

Good very busy on weekends.

L Lee

Great desserts, lots to choose from, go try it for yourself. Delicious cake with strawberry and banana layers.

Baccaraider YT

Amazing I go here all the time

Ms. Cristina GB Nieto

Oh my, my, do I describe the best cupcakes ever! I've been to many but there is no other bakery that beats Mazzetti's. Their cakes and muffins, pies and Italian bread is great too. But never miss out on the's to die for!

M Stefanos

Fabulous bakery! Their cannoli is to die for.

Erick J

Perfect location. Great staff and the most delicious baked goods/desserts I ever had

Rezzo Calamucha

Homey vibe with a lot of locals coming and going for their coffee and dessert. Their Derby Cake is probably their most famous cake as well as their most flavourful, in my opinion. It's a chocolate cake with fresh fruits, strawberries and bananas in the middle. For the price it was actually pretty big and was able to feed a party of 20 with equal portions.

Ana Maria


Andre Cooper

Best donuts and cakes in Pacifica.

Patti Sadhu

Awesome Derby Cakes

Casey Wade

Love this place! Everything is priced amazingly and it never disappoints!!

Lorilynn White

Beautiful pastrys counter help is the living dead let say zero personality not friendly just bla. When spending 35 40 bucks a shot a friendly face makes it seem worth it.

Ayrnn Bautista

Best cheesecake. Baguettes are delicious. Have ordered several other items and they've never disappointed. Yummmm! They have a wide variety of goodies and even gift ideas. Great place!

Cris Ratkovic

Love everything here!

toni Casity

I was in awwww it's amazing! What a fabulous variety of spectacular bakery goods!!

Daniel Rieck

Perhaps some others were accidentally leaving a review for the wrong bakery, because this fine establishment just served me the best cake donuts I have had in along time. Moreover, the apple fritter I also ordered proved to be the best apple fritter I have ever tasted in my life in terms of size, texture, flavor, sweetness, and distribution of apple chunks. The price is not expensive, but rather near the median for donuts. And that makes a donut purchase at this bakery an incredible value!

Jacqueline Pan

Honey bran muffins from Mazzetti’s are SO good. Unlike any other bran muffin. Donuts are also pretty delicious.

J. Collier

This place is awesome! Super tasty pastries, giant cupcakes and kick-ass coffee!! Seriously I go every morning for the coffee.

Gautham Rathinam

Place to go for custom cakes!

Elizabeth Dolstad-Young

Unfortunately, out of a lot of items. 9am on a sat morning. COME EARLIER

Christina Fabbri

I love this bakery. The Danish wreaths are excellent

Toni Flaspeter

Quick, reasonably priced, and delicious pastries. Easily accessible for locals and those of us tourists looking for a quick breakfast or treat!

Claudia Vilagi

Great pastries, pies, cakes, and muffins. Bran muffins are outstanding but they sell out fast. Very low prices for Peninsula!

Felix theCatalyst

Hidden gem. Great selection and good prices. Fresh, fresh, freshly baked . . . Can get busy.

lily phan

They need to make an I ❤ Mazzetti's Derby Cake bumper sticker for my car. God I love that cake.

John McCarthy

Great place to order party cakes and pasteries and room to sit have coffee to along with pasterie

Linda Lowe

Chocolate goodness, fruit goodness, coconut goodness oh my then there is the cupcakes and cookies. I popped in for some tea to finish my drive home, came out with cake slices, pop overs and bread. If you are on the ketogenic diet stay away (Good more for the rest of us❤) if you are do not walk to this bakery. You deserve a slice of happiness.

Bernard Haena

Lots of goodies and a friendly place to have coffee with ur. Friends.

Rachel Sparks

Great spot to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Lots of good bakery goods focacia bread is excellent


Wonderful owners and great staff, food is just as amazing

Dana Fox

Old school bakery. Great sourdough, bear claws, pretty much anything is world class, without attitude or high prices.

Danny Hinojosa

I love Mazzetti’s Bakery and the dirby cake is my all time favorite! I feel though that they forward the calls an hour before closing because I could never get through no matter how many times I attempt to call back


The derby cake is delicious and moist! The focaccia bread is yummy and so popular, it usually sells out by the afternoon. Took a pic of the Christmas tree cake, too cute!

Corie Tripoli

The best bran muffins I've ever had and prices are extremely reasonable

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