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Vanessa Cywiak

Food was very disappointing, even the coffee. The manager was super rude, unfortunately it seems like he truly doesn't care about the customers. And to be honest from the comments to bad reviews here, I don't expect them to learn and change. Just save yourself the experience and find another place and you will have a better morning/brunch.

Vera Osmantseva

Special place with special atmosphere wonderful food and very current take on what makes food fun. Highly recommended.

Ray Chapman

Very nice atmosphere, good but limited breakfast. Recommend it to anyone.

Gary Swartzburg

Love the food but overpriced..

Nate Tinner-Williams

I appreciate the organic sympathies, but I don't know that I'm quite bougie enough to eat here often. I paid way too much money for a bagel sandwich and scone, and the former came completely disassembled and I had to build the sandwich myself, which maybe is not that weird to the initiated but was very awkward and unappealing to me. But I love bread, so I'll probably be back.

Bob Pieron

This place was amazing for brunch. Highly recommend the French toast. And get cookies.

Irene Grace

Marla has fabulous bread and coffee, friendly staff, a solid tea selection, and even gluten free macarons. Great spot for a quick morning stop and even better for a sit down meal. (Check out the back garden!)

Jim Lui

One of my favorite bakeries. Stop by for Sunday supper!

James Hamilton

Great local bakery. Needed this out in the OR

Indigo Hansen

I wish there was an option for six stars. This place is above and beyond, great food, awesome staff, and a cute place to grab brunch.

Gabriel Armstrong


Max Toran


Hulya Torun

It's a cute small restaurant which is a great choice for breakfast ✌

John Gelb

Marla’s is the type of place that deserves 6 stars, but you hesitate to rate this gem because you’re afraid of more SF foodies discovering it.

michael filly

Amazing lunch & breakfast cafe bakery, do yourself a favor and have a breakfast dish here. Great coffee & service as well. I'll be back soon

Eric Lightman

Thank you for opening this place in my neighborhood! Amazing bread, great pastries, ridiculous bagels, and brick oven pizza to come. The Richmond's answer to Arizmendi.

Brenna Hart

The best french toast I've ever eaten!

Caly Moss

Great brunch menu. The cauliflower quiche was one of the best I've ever had--very light. I didn't try their baked goods but certainly will come back to do so!

Scott Jacques

A neighborhood gem. Whether it is a coffee and pastry in the morning, breakfast, brunch, lunch or other amazing baked goods - there is a reason why Marla's reputation is so stellar. Quality, consistency and passion. So glad to have Marla in the neighborhood.

Murray Levi

Awesome baked goods, phenomenal coffee, really nice people.

Tim Bennett

What can a Richmond Dist. native say about Marla that hasn't been said before...When it comes to the baked goods & the food in general it get's 5 stars..When it comes to depleting your pocketbook, the rating changes: A pastry [or toast plate] and coffee will set you back around $10.00 [with tip]...A modest breakfast for two will run you close to $30.00 easy, with lunch costing more...Dinner with wine can go up to [close to $80.00] per person...Remember this is a Balboa St. neighborhood cafe & bakery [ a loaf of bread is $8.00] We are not talking about an 'upscale ' Mission/North beach cafe here, but wooden kitchen chairs & just average decor...The owners will tell you that everything is made 'in-house' & they pay their workers a 'living wage', but other outer Richmond & Sunset dist. spots are a better value : SORRY, BUT IT'S THE TRUTH !!

Timmy Tommy

Delicious food and wonderful service. Come in for a nice meal or a nice glass of wine.

Matthew L

Yummy and creative baked treats! What kind of lifestyle would I have to create to get away with eating a krebble every morning? I'll do it!

Scott Judkins

Marla Bakery is on my top 3 favorite bakeries in San Francisco! It also has wonderful brunch and dinner. Come for the baked goods stay for the wonderful food and ambiance makes this place a must go on any foodies list. It is never very busy which is very surprising considering how wonderful this artisanal restaurant is.

Laura Orimo

Marla's is a small cafe that serves great coffees, tea(s) and an assortment of delicious items. We discovered Marla Bakery on a weekend trip to San Francisco. I was craving some good coffee and a treat. We went to the RIGHT PLACE. I ordered coffee with a sticky-bun. It was their "last one". I immediately knew why they were so popular! It was absolutely the BEST STICKY BUN I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!! Beyond WORDS... my highest recommendation!

Mackenzie Thomas

My new favorite bakery/coffee shop obsession. The brunch menu is short but spot on and the pastries and cookies are perfect. After a long walk through Golden Gate Park, Marla Barkey is such a wonderful gem! Plus, the coffee is great too!

Alyson Bailey

Delicious brunch, baked goods and coffee in a relaxed atmosphere

Ewan Pez

Please update your hours on Google when necessary; I just walked one hour for nothing

Dmitry Berezhnoy

Decent coffee and pastries.

Vivi Mage

Ridiculous prices for good but not that good pastries. The bread is the only reason I go. $5 oatmeal molasses loaf is bomb.

Lorris Saint-Genez

A little bit expensive but really good! (+ 5% is added to everything to pay employee's benefits, shouldn't be the company that should pay for this and not the customer ?)

Scott Jones

Great food excellent service and their Fried Chicken is out of this world

Jody Holman Webster

Deeelicious!! Beautiful breads, small but unique bfast menu. Service is slow and spotty.

Maya C

Great service, unusual and diverse musical selections (which makes a difference when you’re enjoying a solo meal), strong coffee and delicious baked goods. Recommend the thing that’s a croissant twist covered in maple sugar and salt. It was all pretty pricey but seemed like a decent value for the quality and experience. Would recommend for anyone looking for delicious food in a peaceful setting.

Chris Kieff

Wonderful food. Eat here often.

elizabeth dunne

Wow!!! Amazing breads and pastries... And this best bagels I can find in the city ❤

Eddie Corwin

Delicious food! Had a home made bags with lox and Chev cheese, and a a brushed egg sandwich, both were delicious. I also appreciated their high qiluality tea on a big pot!

Luis Jimenez

Great bakery with outdoor space

Genevieve Church

Come-as-you-are neighborhood favorite - always delicious food, excellent service, and perfect coffee.

Hank Hodes

Super breads from a wood fired oven, delicious food, I wish I lived closer.

Ron Walter

Really like this gem in the fog

Carlos Andrade

Cute store. All pastries are very good.

Thomas Martin

Marla features a limited selection of high quality breads and baked goods at prices commensurate with their quality. Don't expect to find bargains. Besides being a first class bakery, it's also a popular breakfast spot; on Fridays, they also feature a fried chicken dinner special. Be sure to check their hours of operation before visiting. On most weekdays, they close around 3pm.

Kevin Davila

Loved it! Got the chicken biscuit, first time trying this place, friendly staff too! they even have their own garden! fresh ingredients & everything is homemade!

Beck Marquis

If you are willing to trek out to the fog banks of the Outer Richmond, you will find a few mom n pop type business along the Balboa St. corridor from 35th to 30th Ave. Among them is Marla Bakery. This is a cute cafe/bakery. You can dine in or get take out. Breakfast offerings include pastries baked on site such as morning buns, scones, baguettes, bagels with farmer's cheese. Lunch is a light salad or open faced sandwich. They serve Wrecking Ball coffee. The service is efficient and friendly. Prices are not cheap, but comparable for this type of business. Also, parking is fairly easy for San Francisco. It is a few blocks from Ocean Beach, but bring a parka., not shorts.

Aaron Melan

Apparently, Marla Bakery serves dinner some nights, and a friend scored a reservation for such a night. Our group of four got a bunch of stuff, some of which was so fantastic it scores the place a full five stars: the "herb / mustard roasted pork" which WAS fatty and moist enough and the "Double Trouble Burger" which dripped with flavor. The fried chicken was "good" but not life changing like the places that serve their chicken with toxic hydrogenated oil... and it was served with too many "pickly things" - but those things went exceedingly well with the pork. And of course the "Marla bread" they served was fresh and magical - it's a bakery.

Ronald Pummer

Great food wth short menu. Clean a d friendly staff.

T Watson

Very good

Kohn Ward

Salad was good but lettuce was unwashed; burger was undercooked.

Danny van der Rijn

Lovely seating area out back among the fragrant citrus trees

Olivier Patry

Very nice people and tasty meal. Very nice place by the way.

Diana Chase

Amazing breakfast options... I will definitely return!

Jen Lin

Small portions but tasty. We ordered the bakerwoman's breakfast and from the description it sounded like it would be a lot and we planned on splitting it along with a baked good (it involved pork and potatoes and eggs and I don't remember what else but it was the most expensive thing on the menu) and it was definitely just for one person. You'd think they'd give more than a tiny piece of toast to enjoy all the rich fixins. We also got the bagel spread plate with the cheese and pickles and more. Pickles were interesting, I think there was cauliflower and leek among others. Again it was a little small, but tasty.

Amy Y

Great bakery with excellent service. Not just for breakfast or Sweet Goods. Has an amazing array of savory treats as well. The baked eggs with grilled bread are well worth a look. The staff recommendations or spot on. The atmosphere is cozy and warm and inviting. They have a lovely small Back Garden patio. I'll definitely be returning here.

Jade Tran

Great food and service! We can come here every week! Love their back garden

Ma Gal

Pastries to die for... :P

Sasha Katsnelson

Small, quiet cafe. Great baked goods and decent drip coffee. Friendly for strollers and groups + incredibly kind staff.

Danielle Bar Shalev

Delicious food and cozy place!

Roderick Lisam

Delicious variety of treats in a cozy setting

Alexia Nichols

visited near twelve, it was not full. the staff was very sociable and kind. prices were average for the menu.

Hazel Hinkson-Doyle

The food wasn't fresh and the waitress was extremely rude. I couldnt tell if she was having a bad day, hated her job, or hated us. It was pretty bad. It was like we paid them the treat us poorly. Never again.

Konmark Chu

The worst bagels I have ever eaten.

Mark Geurts

Great brunch!

Amanda Roop

Loved it! Wandered in here more or less by accident and had lovely little meal. Well worth your dime

Sue W

Very disappointing.

Renita Herrmann

The best!

Andrew Ness

Everything on the menu is too hipster.

Tek Jones

great food, great people, amazing staff

Austin Lenox

Good, but pricey, like everything else in SF

Ioanna Myridaki

Great bread! Fantastic setting, with lovely garden on the back. Hidden gem. Slightly on the pricey side.

Nikita Jiandani

Liked the brunch here.

ben fowler

Exceptional food

Justin Phillips

Cute place, I enjoyed my Americano and my wife loved her hibicus tea. We also tried the peanut butter brownie, it was a bit too rich for us, but overall was very good. Next time we will have to try their delicious looking assortment of bread. The place is very cozy.

Michael Duarte

Delicious food

Kanyanut Chujite

They charge people (50 cents for each) to warm up bagels Shame...

Anne O'Leary-Cohen

Yummy chai & scones!

Bridget Davis

Wow this place is great. We were looking at apartments in the area and this place may have sealed the deal for us. I love the patio in the back and the overall feel of the place. The baked goods we had were phenomenal. They bake it on premises! I can't wait to go back and try their bagels. Love it!

Wayne Ingraham

The Grilled cheese is delicious!

Neko Ryu

Delicious food, great pastries, really nice crew ! I totally recommand the quiche !!!

Jill Center

MARLA continues to amaze and delight. This neighborhood gem is on par with the best restaurants in SF. The staff are unfailingly welcoming and warm, and the sense of place is a refreshing, beautifully curated environment that renews and let's you leave feeling - optimistic.

Abe Wolf

The Baked Eggs with Grilled Bread- OMG! Wish I had time to sample all the breads and baked goods. Looks like those bagels could compete with New York!

Zach Berke

Best bagels in SF

Brendan Keeler

Rock solid breakfast option. Scones are excellent

Cary Saunders

Great environment, cozy and fresh authentic food. Great deserts, home made style.

Aarti Lata

Delicious food

Marcus Parisian

It took me a while to even realize this amazing place was even there. Definition of a hidden gem. The vibe of the people and place was something to aspire to wake up to. I loved the visual appeal of everything, from the wooden tables, hand crafted pottery cups, and especially the color combinations of the dishes. It made you feel warm before even sipping the flavorful coffee. Highly recommend to anyone in the confines of San Francisco. Worth it.

Christopher S

Lots of flies here. I love the seating area and backyard. It's a lovely area to come and relax. Food was a little deceiving though. We got the bagel which was listed for 2.50 and asked for cream cheese. They didn't have any other than an off the menu farmers cheese. Combined it was +$7. Quite pricey IMO and not quite the same as cream cheese. (FYI we weren't looking for packaged cream cheese)

Clément Morin

Best quiche ever !!! <3

Yuii Tippayasanti

First time here. I have cafe latte and lemon meringue tart. So good !

John M

Hot, fresh, abundant.

andrew t

Amazing breads. We had chocolate croissants, and some baguettes and they were so yummy.

Dixon Lu

Freshly made delicious food. All baked items are made in house, as are the farmers cheese, pickles, and jams. Somewhat expensive due to the high quality ingredients. Limited seatings, reservations recommended for weekend brunches.

Bryce Doyle

Their sticky bun is amazing!

Eren Acan

Too rude manager, low quality of service. STAY AWAY FROM HERE.

Lev Osherovich

Among the best bakeries in San Francisco. Brunch offering is full of pickles, smoked fish, little beans and piquant greens. Beautiful space with a serene garden. Very popular so reserve in advance.

Glenn Collier

i love it here. the staff was helpful and kind. the prices are good for what you get. menu is like a place in miami i enjoyed

Josh Callender

Sunday supper is delicious, and a lot of fun. On the normal day, the baked goods, especially the bread, are second to none.



alicia kearns

great brownies!

Kateryna Sun

Cozy coffee shop! Their cappuccino is good and you should check out their bakery too

Winnifred Sullivan

I come here for ALL occasions that require They have such a wide variety of options you can't go wrong! I can go early in the morning or late afternoon and they still have plenty to choose from. The candle/card selection is absolutely adorable too.

mike krutsch

These people know what they're doing. It's also one of the cutest places I've ever been. Brunch on their patio is the way to start a Saturday.


The smoked trout is amazing.

Stefano Ricci

Very good bakery

Anita Ngai

Patio at the back is nice

Tobias Hartana

Went here after photo-shoot in Sutro Baths. This place served excellent warm bread for the super cold morning

Matt Tarca

Quaint, cute, decent food, fairly fast, friendly staff, reasonable price. Dirty napkins, dirty silverware, raw eggs, bad salad. Overall an ok brunch but wont be going back.

Bradford Louie

Great sourdough bread.

Kevin Cahill

The baked eggs were amazing

Uri *

High quality food and a pleasant place to eat.

iaroslav nikitin

cozy, very delicious, but you can wait for your food forever.. you can count flies, a lot of flies in the middle of this place... my wife and i, we'd some lunch / dinner on saturday and they had just one chief and no one helped him at all, just him and 2 officiants, not good guys, not good, but anyway it is a nice place

gary traynor

Good coffee, bakery items OK.

Laura Leon

The best muffin!!

Hakan Koklu

Great small restaurant. Delicious food.

Darcy Whittier

Love this space and the goodies. Bonus is a choice wine list and vermouth based cocktails. Try anything, you won't be disappointed.


Great food, small menu but full of yummy choices. Very appealing rustic vibe for dates or small catered events. Not for people with children: no kids menu, tight quarters, and didn't get a welcome feeling from some of the staff. Awkward entry and wait for a table. Five starts for food and ambiance but one star for accomodations for children.

Joan Falleiro

cozy cute place - delish cookies

B. C.

Great breakfast!!

Eric C.

Good biscuits, mediocre chicken and a little pricey

Sasha Soheili

Best brussel sprouts ever and fresh, phenomenal bread.

Ali Keshavarz

Great bakery with good coffee and friendly service.

Stacey yee

Called at 7am this morning for a reservation this morning and no one picked up. Called again at 10am and they said they were booked for the entire day. I asked the lady if we could walk in and she hung up ever so rudely. We will not be coming here any time soon.

Ben Petrosky

Tasty brunch fare and nice space. Rustic indoors and out with a small back patio for menu service and a sunken garden for take away. Cozy and tasty.

Pattyn Snyder

I haven't had the chance to try many of their pastries, but the banana and chocolate croissant is probably the only thing I'll ever want to eat. It's just one of the best croissants I've ever had - a perfect combination of flavors (if you're a fan of banana like me). Even though I'd like to review other things, I don't think I'll ever be able to choose something else.

Sandie Morgan

Love the savory scones

Cliff Citragno

Fantastic food, very genuine

Hugo Cherchi

That terrasse is damn lovely

Laura Rooklin

One of the best brunch spots in SF. Bakery good & savory dishes are both yummy!

Ralph Ruiz

Love! Love! Love! This place! My son and I come out here for brunch every other Sunday I’ve followed Chef Amy since she was the pastry chef at Nopa and was excited when she opened Marla. Marla is one of my favorite bakeries in San Francisco their bread and pastries are amazing. My go to order for brunch is the sticky bun or the bakerwoman’s breakfast which changes often. The staff is very friendly.

Lena Burova

Five stars for good service, backyard and nice interior. But I didn't like their layers cake ( the cream is whipped peanut butter, so it tastes a bit like toast with pb and jelly, I would prefer a toast), also it's pricey, only cake is $9. latte was good

neal drumm

Marla's is a wonderful spot to eat or just pick up some baked goods. Highly recommend. There's also some limited patio seating.

Kinsley Haas

The food was amazing. The service was very sociable and kind.

Christine Park

Lovely neighbourhood bakery - loved the breads and the baked eggs.

Jon Van water

Took a friend who was visiting here for breakfast. I've been here many times before. The menu was quite small and the charges for basic industry standard preparations was appalling. Selling an english muffin for $2 and charging $2 to butter it is absolutely insane. Charging 50 cents to toast and english muffin is also ridiculous. Never have I been somewhere that will charge you to toast it . I would like to know of any other place that charges for this. The way they were toasted was very dissapointing, no crunch and soft. We ordered another English muffin with almond butter and honey. When we received it, the almond butter was already on the muffin along with the honey. These 2 items should have been served in side dishes so that we could have decided how much we wanted on the muffin. I ordered the breakfast sandwich which is $13. the egg was served sunny side up which I loathe. Getting uncooked white on any dish is not appealing in any way to me. All in all after getting a total of 3 english muffins, 1 egg, some ham, 3 greens and 2 coffees our bill was $31+ plus tip. Not worth it. On a positive note and the reason for the only star is that this place has the best English muffin around. Its a shame to prepare them for guests in such a bad manner. I will only come back to this place to buy the muffins and prepare them properly at home and save the $2.50 for toasting and butter

Brian Pepin

Good cinnamon roll, great patio

Laura Paulsel

Giant cups of coffee and delectable pastries. Kouign Amann was perfect- flaky layers cradled by a caramelized sugar base. Loved it

Lawrence Axil Comras

These people have created something out of nothing. They have made a wonderful place where there was just a crappy coffee shop. I don't know how they did it but if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the Richmond District come to Marla Bakery and have one of their amazing pastries and a cup of coffee and your day will be made.

Bradley Tran

Decent coffee drinks, but suffocating fumes pervade the establishment while the wood-burning oven is in operation. I noted this to the staff, who seemed unconcerned.

Dave Baker

Excellent baked goods and lunch foods. Great place to stop in the neighborhood for a tasty treat

Pearl Wells

They changed their chef and sadly, no substitution can be made from the menu, but, the eggs Benedict is still bomb and their drinks are so good!

Rhonda Collins

Stopped by again for brunch with my sister. Loved all the dishes we got - Chicken Liver Pate, Dungeness Crabcake Sandwich, and the Smoked Prok Flatbread Sandwich!

Tibor Gal

Gorgeous interior with substance in their offerings. Think natural chic and rustic cottage that just happens to be in a Ocean Beach. Had the pain au chocolat which was delightfully flaky alongside an espresso. Seltzer water would have been nice next to it but other than that in and of itself was a lovely visit.

Olga Antonenko Young

Very cute interior and outdoor patio. Amazing pastries and reads. Also have more substantial menu if you are looking for more than a snack.

Lavonne Odom

I got myself a chocolate thing. It was delicious to the taste. When we walked in the dude gave us a shortbread sample... what a guy. This place was highly highly recommended. I'm not a bakery expert but I would return to this establishment. It lived up to the hype for me.

Angelo Quagliata

Never, ever an underwhelming experience. Me thinks the quiche tasty! Also, check out and pre-order their holiday cakes/breads: French, German and Italian styles (we do the panettone every year!). Thank you Marla, whoever you are :)

Bethany Li

A lovely space with excellent food, coffee/tea, and service.

Pam Racan

Best bread in the city!!! Have had several great dining experiences!! Definitely worth an Uber ride!

Ksenia Naidyon

Great European-style bakery with good coffee. You should definitely try their special crebble!

Soul Cocina

Everything is made from scratch with the best ingredients. Extraordinary. High quality. Unique. I want to move to the neighborhood so I can visit more often. Soulful

Eric Hiss

This is a small restaurant / bakery with about 10 tables that offers a higher end experience than most of the other options nearby. Menu options were limited to 4 entrees or soup, but they had also some breakfast items available. Our waitress was so terrible that I've taken off two stars from my rating. I would not want to go back because of her. The soup was excellent and the sandwich was only ok. The Ruben sandwich seemed to highlight the bread, lacked sufficient meat and seasoning and the meat that was in it was fatty and hard to cut. The salad was over salted and one of my party like and it to weeds pulled from the side of the road and covered with salt. The burger which came with more salad was incredibly tiny much smaller than expected...not a 1/4th of a pound,not an 1/8th of a pound but perhaps a 1/16th? The desserts looked impressive but our waitress slammed our bill down on the table without a word so we didn't get a chance to order any. Ymmv

stacey bellis

Lovely, cozy place with wonderful pastries, coffee and comfort food.

Sean Choi

Beautiful plating and tastes great Outdoor seating area is good when the weather is nice. Price is on the high side, but food makes up for it.

Michael K

A nice bakery and cafe at Balboa Street just 3 minutes drive away from the Pacific. The bread (whole wheat) was the closest to German style bread we found on our 3 weelks California, Nevada roundteip. Cappu and breakfastbwas good too.

Julian Kerr

Most amazing "French" toast ever! Would not even call it French.. it's just Amazing

Oleg Zhoglo

Great garden in the back. Perfect place to enjoy a coffee on sunny weekend day.

Holly Bearden

Great fresh food and big portions. The ability to make a brunch reservation is certainly a plus too

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