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This Bakery is classified in the category of Traditional American restaurant.

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REVIEWS OF Marie Callender's IN California


it was a friendly comfortable place. It was a bit loud and Lively because there was a Dodger game so of course it was fun

Susan De Lara

Familiar restaurant. Service was prompt and caring. Meal came promptly. Didn't care for the soup and they took it off bill with no ceremony. And how can you fault a meal that ends with pie.


Excellent food and amazing service.

Paul Gutierrez

In all honesty, this is going to be the most lived in feeling Marie Callenders you'll ever dine in. CLASSIC. Hit up the brunch if you know what's good for ya and give the omelette chef a few bucks. They make you as many egg dishes as you can handle. My only wish is that this location bring back the old mrs. packman game they use to have in the waiting room!

Lauro Robledo

Great food and great pie

Kelly Cunningham

Always great comfort food, our waiter was super friendly and the pie was as delicious as we remembered it.

Alfred Robledo

Good food and Pie what more to say.

David Escalante

Our server was excellent and food was good...

Garrett Murakami

Food is great, prices are kinda steep but new combo meals are nice. Service wasn't as good that night as it has been before

Lisa Marie Gallegos

Kahula chocolate cheese cake is divine!

Nisha Brooks

Good portions, good food, good service, good price.

Christy Broadhead

Gone downhill. Lakewood location didn't even have the courtesy to send out notices that they were closing down here on Candlewood. How rude how to treat your loyal customers Lakewood customers especially

Ana Varela

Very good place delicious food in lunch room the waiter excelent very good service 100 % beat de buffet excelent and Burger good. God blessing for to have excelent people.

Amber Flores

Great margaritas!

Corrina Apodaca

Had a nice lunch after our Doctors visits.


The best Calendars I been too. The service and food was the best and good.

Leila Soliman

I'd probably get the muffins instead of the pies.

bearded kuma

The waiter was really fun ! Need more people like him who are excited for his jor or fake it as well as he did! But absolutely loved him and the food

Aurora Perez Olivares

Love going her but last I went my food took too long to arrive

William Sykes

The service was fast and very friendly for our large group. In the past times I have eaten here the food was always good. It was excellent again this time. The chicken with mushrooms is a good choice and that's what I tried on my last visit. On Sunday's the buffet is a great option. If you are looking for a solid food option in Monterey Park, this is the place to go. They are always dependable and I have not been disappointed yet.

Florencio Chavez

Always a good place to eat.

Alicia Napuri

We went to the one in Monterey Park and the service was excellent and food was so delicious except for the almond coleslaw it was dry no flavor not good but the server was generous enough to switch it out for something else which I was very pleased with. All in all it was a very pleasant experience.. the server gave us a slice of pie for dessert which was a unexpected and appreciate it......

Jose Romero

Food was absolutely amazing and the service was generous. Would recommend coming here.

Luis Sanchez

Great service, good quality, easy parking, you always leave with a slice of pie regardless.

Alejandra Rios

There pies are so good

Juan Martinez

Sunday happy hour all day awesome

david raya

Good food and service .... hope it stays open!

Arnold Wong

Line was long for pies.. they have an awesome banana cream..they had it but..order in advance

Katherine Armenta

This place is comfort food. It's a nice place to go for lunch with an old friend and catch up on life. The chicken salad I ordered was a large salad with corn kernels, black beans and a light dressing. We were also served corn bread which tasted fresh from the oven. Service was excellent, our server has great customer service skills. To: the guy that was our server on 10/07 in Monterey Park location. Outstanding service. Thank you

Wiley Zagajeski

Good food good service

Mario Morales

Good plates, great service

Oliver Raigoza

Great food. Great ambiance. Friendly service. Not to forget, awesome pies!

guadalupe maria

Custard pies

Felipe Vargas

Marie Callanders is a great spot for a burger or a pasta or my favorite the chicken pot pie. This place is more than pies and also has a nice bar if you want to watch a game and have a beer.


Food was good. server was nice but too much. It was annoying. I went in there with my chef coat, my bad. Would drop the "herd" when he took any order at our table. I had to ask for boxes twice and our check 3 times, plus the 10 min wait between each time I asked. But still a good tip

Thomas Reveles

Good Service Very Clean


Nice to still have a REAL American restaurant in this town.

Art Torres

What can I say Marie Callender's always a great time for lunch for dinner food is excellent can't go wrong with your chicken thighs kids love their chicken strips did you also do a mean steak always superbly clean waiters and waitresses are always friendly and helpful the whole staff there great bunch of people go by if you'd like an enjoyable meal with a great staff serving you Norwalk Raider

joe zamudio

Great Chili and Service

Sergio Zermeno

It's one of my favorite restaurant I enjoy the food but I really like the pies they so good

Rita Mancha

Great menu, service and atmosphere!

Raquel Medina

Celebrated our sister in laws retirement party. We had a great time and our server was great. We had an area to ourselves

John Ramirez Jr

The food there tastes homemade every time I visit. And there's no other place to get pie then Marie Callender's.

Fred Irvin

Loved this place! Comfort food and great service wall to wall! Reasonable prices too.

Jesus Gabriel Huerta

It was ok, service started bad, nobody notified the server, but was resolved afterwards.. for to most of us (11) was ok, we visited for Sunday brunch

Ruth Mehler

Old fashioned American food. Not bad, not great either. Their pies make up for it though

Thomas Irwin

Cant go wrong with the Kalua cream pie

steve Magallon

Sunday brunch is the best here

MariaElena Yepes

Marie Callenders has a menu that never disappoints. To vary from my usual choices, I occasionally try their new and featured dishes, always a pleasant experience.

Ana Alvarez

Those pie's haven't change delicious!..

pablo vargas

Amazing food had wedding receiption there

Adrian Estrada

Pie is amazing! Everything else. . . Maybe just a bad time i came.

Ed Anderson

Good wholesome food always just need more locations

Maria Rojas

The best pies ever!!

Bryan Shipley

Excellent service, atmosphere and food!

Marco Dorado

So many things, so little time. The menu is outdated, so is the appearance of the restraurant. The booths are small for a tall (myself) and oversize (human i saw when i went) to fit in. Pies days old, and they never have Pot Pies ready when we go (who knows if they even serve at all). The price is $$ for just a watered down sauce (fettucini or Spaghetti) or microwave cooked food. Thats all I have to say. I was suprised to see this only Marie Callenders from the many that stood tall early 2000s.

Elaine Ramirez

Free cornbread, friendly service and delicious food. Pie was a bonus, oh so good.

Habacuc Cisneros

We had brunch. Never had brunch before. Brunch was a breakfast buffet, i liked the waffle bar and the omelet bar. Watch the soccer game too.

Ricardo Yanez

Wow, this was a fantastic place for us to visit on a Saturday morning. All of the employees were genuinely very friendly and helpful. For $9.99 you get this great breakfast buffet. The food was great, the help was great, and all at a great price. What a delightful surprise. I can't wait to get back.

Gilbert Munoz

The buffet was disappointing. We were seated and weren't offered menus. The server automatically assumed that we wanted the buffet. The food was tasteless and definitely not to the standard of Marie Callender. Their pies and pastries definitely didn't taste like the quality pies you can take home. The waiter was very rushed and couldn't spend 2 minutes with us. I would not recommend the buffet.

Iris Urquidi

I would like to give you a 5

Gregory Miyata

Great food...excellent service

Oscar Valdez

Bland food, rude service. Don't waste your money.

Barry Elmi

Ivisited MC three times and always greasy food no matter what I tried. Service was okay.

Anita Gray

Went for the whole Pumpkin pie. Warm from the oven

victor armijo

The pie is good

Cecilia Yrigollen

Plate was served with hair. Plate was replaced but made me leary. Food was salty. Ran out of Rasselberry pie. Tried sugar free Rasselberry which was excellent.

Sandra Valdez

I ordered a chicken & shrimp pasta meal, all I can say is the was the worst meal I ever are at Marie calendar. It was rubbery, they prabably cooked it in the microwave!!

Qbo E

The pies are delicious. The workers are beautiful. However, Jeff the supervisor is a disrespectful, unsympathetic prejudice little boy!! Who needs to be aware and educated in cultural competence.

Bere Villa

The place was not too bad. The food was not that great. My turkey burger was too cheewy, rubbery and way too salty. Tater tots were too crispy almost as if they were over cooked. The waitress was allover the place and our food was brought out to us in weird segments. Like our garlic bread was brought out to us after we were done with the pasta. Also at the time of checkout we purchased a banana cream pie and it took almost 20 min for us to get it since the cashier kept helping other people as they kept coming in. Not sure I'll be going back anytime soon.

Judy Martinez

Hadn't been there in a couple of years. Had the salad bar & was very disappointed. Poorly organized (the potato salad was in with the bowls of melon, no ID on the various dressings), no hot bacon dressing, no avocado, no berries of any kind. It's summertime, they should offer strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. They are abundant right now. Also, no tuna salad or pasta salads, egg salad, etc. A friend was there the week before & said they had all those things & it was displayed beautifully. I guess I picked a bad day for my last time there.

Sheree Cloer

My friends and I like to reserve the library for small private parties because it's a separate room. The service is good. Chicken pot pie is good. Sweet corn bread with whipped honey butter is brought to your table and it's easy to get filled up on. Salad bar is just ok. Other food items on the menu are all right (really high in sodium, like most restaurants) but we mainly go for the pie. You're not allowed to order whole pies for dining in.


Ordered the cream cheese pie & Tator tots. Food was delicious!

Daniel Hernandez

The food is great and the people are accommodating and the pricing is reasonable considering you usually get great big portions to eat and take home.

Antonio Fabian

I only went for drinks and was not disappointed, great service.

Miguel Guillen

Awesome,but their corn bread holy corn

Dax El

Terrible Service at bar area!!

Reenie Franco-Gonzalez

Salad bar doesn't have to big of a selection. Food was good and the service was good.

Javier Hernandez

I only eat the Pie. Pumpkin pie add the whip cream on top.

Ricardo Lopez

Breakfast brunch was great! 10am to 2pm

Sandra Robles

Quick and friendly service. The food was delicious.

Connie Garcia

Great food at any time big parking lot

Lety Reveles

The food today was not good I got the Frisco burger and I said please make sure no Pickles and the waitress put down no pickles as well but the cooks decide to put some in there. Nasty taste did not enjoy it at all. Something so simple and they can't get it right


Food experience always good there. Had small family gathering in The Library. Great waitress.

Marla Kinlaw

The food was good and our waiter was attentive. This was Friday night, and he was on it! The games were playing, and it had a comfortable atmosphere. Not to mention this super cute little boy kept staring and smiling at me. That totally had nothing to do with Marie Callender's, but added to the experience lol.... The pot roast was good but needed a tad bit more flavor. The chicken broccoli alfredo was amazing. The cornbread was fresh and hot as well. I'd definitely come back!

Jesse D

They always treat us great there. They have a private room that reminds me of being an a cozy home library. The staff is always friendly.

Fung Kon

The staffs are very friendly and helpful. They know exactly what you need. They prepare things in a well organized way. It's a bit pricey but it's worth the enjoyment. It looks so quite from outside but so busy inside. Parking lot is always available despite the hour.

Daniel Gutierrez

The buffet needs to be warmer ...and better stoked for main entrees

James Melendez

Brilliant place for the money - great bang for your buck, with a really good atmosphere

Jojo Maldonado

It was a delicious experience

sandra rodriguez

Love apple and strawberry pies

ernie quintero

Got my mom her favorite pie coconut


Always a wait even during the day, great pie and good food. the restaurant definitely needs a remodel it is showing it's age but it's not dirty just old

James Chavez

This place has severd Monterey Park for 70yrs great food and bakery.the vest their us a great bar with TVs to watch sports

Mario Mijares

One of the few still open, great LI Ice Tea Scooners!

Suzi Varela

Our pick up of our pre ordered Christmas Eve dinner was disastrous. I was put in a line for pie pick ups, there was really no line, and no organization at all. Finally I was told dinner pick ups was on the opposite side, no one seemed to know. Really bad management. I would hesitate to order a holiday dinner again.

greg Price

I had the Chicken Pot Pie combo. It came with a delicious salad and I added the Clam Chowder and of course they have the best Cornbread. They have handicapped parking and access and table seating, there is a public restrooms with a handicapped stall and you can't forget their delicious Pies. The staff is very helpful and nice.

Robert Feld

Very friendly atmosphere. Service is great.

Abraham Quintana

The food is good and the waiter Fernando is the friendliest and always make sure we have everything we need I'm not even done with my drink and and he brings me and my girlfriend refills before even asking

Gloria Sandoval

The best food in town and great drink s

Jackelyn Cida

I love this place, the staff is very nice and friendly. Joey was awesome. Very attentive and fun personality! Definitely going back!

Gabrielle Pryor

Not very organized, a little lack of communication at hosting and pie counter, but great bartender service as well as fast and prompted waiter service.

Michael Tanaka

Service was great! The waiters were very friendly. Picked up the empty plates right away. Came by and filled coffee cups consistently.


Food was great, turkey burger and veggie burger!.. Service A+ !!!

Meylin Ramirez

Banana cream pie its delicious

Roma Kraminskiy

Great food place

Carlos Azucena

Took too long to serve food!


Like this place ...Good price for pies

Cecilia PM

Could use a little more table service. Had to ask for water, didn't get checked on as often. Quiche too salty & too much cheese on top. Looked like microwave after-thought. Sad. Other meals looked better.

Sergio Orozco

Great brunch!

Joshua Espitia

Pies are excellent and so is the Customer Service.

SR71 FkDatSht

Good food love the pies.

Margie Palmerin

Good food. Atmosphere very nice.

Miriam Cardoza

Been coming here for many years. First Time our service was a little slow and our corn bread never made it :-(

Al Calderon


Debi Colunga

Love the specials. Excellent service. Pie month so they were out of a couple of pies we wanted.

Joe Quan

The Saturday buffet brunch is not what it used to be. It's paired down quite a bit to an omelette station, fruit topping waffles, bacon, sausage and potatoes. There's a couple small store purchased baked goods and melon/watermelon. I prefer a bit more variety for a buffet, but maybe I'm asking too much.

Dani Martinez

Happy hour all day Sunday!!

Tony Leu

Good old fashion family restaurant, curret promo free slice of pie on Mondays with entree order!

Jason Wong

The food is acceptable, and the prices are fair, good for 3 stars. The service is great, and that's why there is the extra star. Danielle is very attentive, and has great patience with the kids. She's one of the reasons I'm willing to take the kids out to eat, because I know she will treat them well.

Joe Perez

They have great couple specials which include dessert. Their vegetarian tacos were delicious and the meal comes with black beans which was like a soup. Amazing!

Lisa M Chavez

So I bought some father's day pies from Marie Calendars in Monterey park on Atlantic blvd,.. and want to thank everyone who worked that day to make it possible!!! Especially for the special, one get one for $4.99,... I was limited on funds so yes, was really really appreciated by me & my family!!!! The pies were Soooooo DELICIOUS!!!! I bought a French Apple, Banana cream, chocolate cream and coconut cream pies that everybody loved!!! THANK YOU MARIE CALENDARS FOR OUR FATHER'S DAY A PERFECTLY HAPPY ONE!!!!

erick martinez

Cooks don't know what well done means!

Geoff S

Horrible pot pie. Felt like it was 80% cream. Chicken had consistency of glued cube meat. No potato, 2 peas. Now i know why the company is almost bankrupted. Never going again.

David Brunell

Delicious New York Cheesecake! The best I've ever had!

Wiggle Allday

Good experience great service with the ladys today thank you..Had 805 beer cant go wrong with that.


Good soup potato

Peggy Alvarez

Delicious. Even won a pie. Could not have been better. Thanks.

ken horlick

Always happy to marie especially with a piece of pie

Javier Marquez

Good food, cold beer, good service, a little pricey for what you get.

Victor Vasquez

Felt like HAPPY

Amanda Plascencia

Michael is the best he took care of us real well and was very kind! Very attentive to everyone he was serving, me and the fam stopped to eat breakfast here before a long road trip so it was well appreciated.

Jay Chen

Plenty of Parking, easy to spot & find, nice staff and great pies.

Stan Dominguez

We were there for Mother's Day and needless to say, it was very crowded. We had the brunch and it was very good. The service was excellent.

Susie Cuevas

Great customer service.

Monica Rosas

Today only went in for pies. Otherwise good fantastically delicious! Pot pie on point, corn bread as well. Today came in for pies my sister and i. Now at home enjoying. A slice of pie( lemon creme cheese!)

Arlene Okimura

I've been here before & enjoy coming here. This last time was with a HUGE group of people. Becuz we were so big, there were 3 entrees available to us: salmon, roast beef & turkey. Wait staff were more than excellent getting our food out to us as quickly as possible, very courteous & friendly. The were really hustling & efficient. I believe the manager came out to help & made sure things were running smoothly. And if anything, the BEST reason to come by is to eat their pie with a cup of coffee. I certainly will be recommending this restaurant to any of my friends & esp for large groups.

Random kid on the internet

The pies are great

Gloria Araw


Zuma Arechiga

HairFreek Barbers

This place is nostalgic! I've been having meals here for 45 years. Nothing has changed and it doesn't have to. I know that if I want to pretend to be on a diet, I can find a good selection of salads and other healthy foods. But if I'm cheating on my diet, they also have juicy burgers, steaks, and pies galore. I always end my meals there with a slice of pie. I deserve it!

Ajeet Lalwani

Good pies and typical American food. I only go for the Cream Cheese pie.

Patrice Flores

Standard fare. Good pies, of course. Nice place to go for salad bar or chicken pot pies.

Tracey Cortez

Food is always tasty. Beef stroganoff was good in flavor. Good service. I always enjoy marie callendars

1 Lakesidehero

Good food and service

Carmelita Perez

Sad because they don't have what I liked to order anymore

Lourdes Lo

Monterey Park location: Dirty table, dirty plate. Food was ok. Should have gone elsewhere for the price.

Maria Grijalva

I love their food, dessert was awesome, o had cheesecake yummy. I highly recommend it. Service awesome. Very clean place.

Sarkis Antonian

Nice Marie Callenders.

Sandra Gijarro

Great service and really good food!

Mary L Sanchez

Great food and service!

ConsumerJan 3875

Sale ends Feb 28th. $7.99 pie sale. +.80 tin. Pie sales make more money than dining here. My problem was they never had the pies I was after. I know where to go that has less people traffic. That is what you will have to do too. Rarely eat there. Bar area slow dining. Family dining area depends on attendant. Out of food choices. I take and treat my older sister. She tries to be sneaky because she really just wants to buy pies.

marie gutierrez

It was a rainy day. I walked in and was out in 5 minutes. Fast friendly service.

Marcus Guillen

Our Waiter was terrific and his name was Mother, Wife and I will be returning cause of his Kindness......

Paul Valdez

Very pleasant good service good place for business in meetings and family

bert omi

Healthy foods and great taste

Julie Price

Friendly fast service Great food

Linda Cortez

Best pies in town

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