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REVIEWS OF Magnolia Bakery IN California

Tamika Dabilan

Great selection of desserts! Staff was helpful and friendly. Everything we tried was fresh and very tasty. We were there late and they were out of the banana pudding.

Ahmed Alwayal

This bakery amazing, they have variety of sweet, cakes and pudding. About them pudding you should have it (the banana). They have some limited time flavour offen the beyond amazing. Take my word and go to this place you well be shocked.

Stacie Petersen

visited on fri i believe. this place has a great feel to it.

Angela Galante

I enjoyed their wide variety of baked goods.

Dana Lee

Exactly same with the one in New York. I love their banana pudding. One of my favorite desert place in LA

Malcolm Ward

Great atmosphere and great desserts


I heard so much about this place but the cake I got was too sweet and too expensive. Been in better taste and better priced bakeried around LA.

April Rorie

Excellent pastries. I was very surprised at the flavor. He likes chocolate, I like berries. Service was great!

Dominic B

All I can say is banana pudding in Magnolia bakery is great.


I bought the Banana pudding and Vanilla lemon cake. The Banana pudding was delicious, the cake was not so great. The cake was hard and old tasting. On my next visit i’ll just stick to the Banana Pudding

James Armstrong

Super cute place! Stopped in for a quick sweet before a facial and the banana pudding was so good!!!! I can't wait to go back!

Bryan Ray Turcotte

Went here on four different occasions to try the banana pudding and all four times they were sold out. what's the deal? poorly managed? will not be going back again. Lost a customer.

Ashley Callender

Cupcakes were dryer then the Sehara desert. Magnolia Bakery New York City should show Magnolia Bakery Los Angeles how to properly bake.

J Davis

Keep me Away! This place has the best cakes and cookies in LA and I always order too many things. Their classic American coffee is a great companion to just about anything on the menu. Yum!

Josué Isaac Rocha

Traveled to taste these cupcakes... What an amazing experience. The place is just great, and the lemonade, man, I was about to pass out because of the heat; it was delicious and refreshing.


I love this place. I don't get in as often as I used to, but when I get a chance I stop by for the delicious Blondies and a variety of cookies and treats. Park on the street at a meter. Read the signs. Enjoy!

Brianne Skinner

The banana pudding here is amazing

Andy Segura Felipe

A must have dessert. Delightful, wonderful, and like my friend said "it's heaven in a cup". Really is the best most delicious snack I have ever tried. Must stop by at least once in your life time. Guarantee you will come back for more.

Joseph Nelson

Super cute and clean bakery...Bread Pudding is a MUST! I don' t have a huge sweet tooth but the bread pudding here makes me go bonkers because it's so good. Not overly sweet and super creamy. I really should stay away from Magnolia's just for this reason but once in a while I cave in and it's so worth it. They have lattes and coffee etc which is great for those who like to end their night with a nice hot beverage.

Joshua Williams

The banana pudding is worth the hype. Magnolia Bakery, you're perfect, you're beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, you're a model! Keep being perfect and slaying the banana pudding game.

Monica Alterman

I can't write a review for just 1 item because honestly everything is great. Go in the shoppe look around pick something out and you will enjoy.

Yasmin Khan

Not impressed with the cupcakes and the customer service. Try Susie Cakes. The employee was sick and had a congested, tot eh point that you can see it.

Anika Schröder

Great banana chocolate pudding

Francisco Ramirez

Great options on the pastries. Only sits 7 people.


Charming neighborhood bakery for pretty good blueberry cheese bars with walnut pieces.

Snobby Pilot

I haven't been here in a couple years, but was in the area and stopped in for a Red Velvet Mini Cake and when I asked for cream cheese frosting, I was told it was not available in the store. It used to be and the menu clearly states cream cheese frosting available on what it calls one of their "Classics"? Perhaps the menu needs to be updated and perhaps a sample could have been offered to persuade me the vanilla icing is also just as tasty. But just got a flat no, not available and he continued his conversation with his co-worker... It was always busy in the past, this evening, I was the only customer in the store. Something to think about.

Alice Conner

i love snacking here. i will be back with my friends. it has a good feel to it.

Joaquin Lippincott

One of the best dessert places in town, they are famous for their banana pudding, but I’m a fan of their other cakes. Very generous portions!

Mai Sedky

Banana pudding to die for

Marybeth Niple

Stellar chocolate by the cup, croissant, almond chocolate (best I've had?). Well situated not far from the 38 bus on Geary, great place to connect with friends and locals. Few inside and outside seating places. Fast, friendly service. Will definitely return and highly recommend.

sandra alvarado

Confetti cake, and the vanilla cake with pink butter cream frosting were great. Cake was moist, lite, not heavy. Frosting was the best butter cream, I've had. Its lite, fluffy like but butter cream. You don't feel guilty eating it but you know you should.

ahmed almajed

i didn't try it yet but i think ill love it

Drew Martinez

Hummingbird Cupcake & Banana Bread Pudding are MUSTS. Absolutely heavenly.

Avary Stone

Seriously the best cupcakes and banana pudding you can get. Don't ever go and buy the banana pudding unless you are ready to be absolutely addicted to it.

Lora Morgan

My no.1 favorites for chocolate banana pudding is @ Magnolia Bakery . They have all the best in sweet tempting cakes and pastries. They have lots of selection to go on cupcakes, brownies and cookies. Oh my goodness their cakes really really good tasting and its firm… you will surely love this place!!! TrY it!!

Jessica Sarah

The best bakery in town. My favorite is almond croissant or chocolate almond croissant. I've been here quite a few times and it's always busy. Every time I want to give out-of-towner friends or family, I always buy them these goodies.

Robert Herrera

The service was very helpful and observant.

Lana Pruitt

Friendly staff and beautiful baked items

Nas Shah

Best banana bread pudding, highly addictive and euphoric!

Isaias Cantu

Wonderful hummingbird cake. Great service. Very helpful staff.

Jonah Hurst

I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back.

Renee Joseph

Visited about four, it was not full. Had a friend come into town and asked me to take him here again.

Mercedees Edwards

This bakery in West Hollywood was such a sweet surprise. As soon as you walk in the front door, it makes you feel welcome. It had such a classic homey atmosphere, and smelled wonderful. The service was friendly and quick. Cupcakes are about $3.50 (the vanilla buttermilk icing is to die for) and the slices of cake are about $7. They also offer personal pies, cookies, and other delicious pastries. Such a great find, and such a great little bakery.

Pauline Christianti

It was not hard to find the place, a cute elegant white themed bakery on the corner. Love the ambience! and especially the banana pudding. Worth the try when you're around the street.

Wanda Reese

Didn’t appear to have much to offer and their personnel, while cordial over the phone when I called, were curt in person. Won’t be back.

Thomas Sanders

Banana pudding is the best

Yolanda Delatorre

This New York bakery decided to come out and join the west side right across from Jones great place for a desert you want to order that special cake but V banana pudding is the bomb that is my favorite dish their cupcakes are so so but if you need a pretty cake especially for those birthdays and graduations they got some really nice designs

Hager Fertani

Best banana pudding ever !!

Mohamed Awad

Good cupcake. Nothing special. Small selection. Nice store. No seating so i had to eat my cupcake from a paper plate by the trash.

Gaia George

Delicious and great selection of desserts!! Staff was kind, helpful and friendly. Everything we tried was fresh and very tasty. The place was beautiful and relaxing!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Kevin Buck

Great selection of desserts! Staff was helpful and friendly. Everything we tried was fresh and very tasty. We were there late and they were out of the banana pudding. If you want to try that, be sure to go earlier in the day.

Krystal Guillen

So cute!!! But kinda small. Not enough places to sit inside or outside. But if u want to just do a quick dessert drive by, it's awesome!

Maria Rubio Ramos

Great bakery

Philip Schneider

We love this place, an NYC original finally in LA. Everything is wonderful and the wifey comes here for all of our birthdays. Yummy for my tummy!


I love it

Margaret Steen

Soft and chewy inners . Crusty brown salty outer . The balance is perfection , the real philly pretzel , if u eat wawa and philly pretzel company you are a tourist . The customer service is genuine and so damn friendly , I been living in philly for almost all my life and these people scared me on how nice they are !

Lenny Shepherd

Best banana bread pudding in earth!!

salvador benavides

The banana pudding is the

c h

Not as good as years passed. Questionable food handling by most of the young adults they employ. Banana pudding overrated.

Karly Golston

I came here for the banana pudding!! I've had their pudding a number of times by way of someone else, but this time I visited myself after dinner in Little Ethiopia. I'm definitely going to complain about parking, if you're not using Lyft or walking, then parking will be a hassle. I thought this place would have more to offer as far as "grab and go" but their selections were pretty nice. I wasn't blown away when I visited and my banana pudding kinda looked "old". I'll still return though.

Stephen Lee

Solid cupcake spot! Their banana cream is like a taste of heaven! Bit pricey.


You guys raised the prices by $1 (and decreased portion sizes of slices?)....still good cake, but that's really annoying. We assume the Magnolia empire has plenty of money, don't be chintzy in this location. Please.

Josh Creter

It's a classic bakery with a famous name Good selection of cakes and cupcakes - pretty straightforward flavors with a somewhat high end execution Limited indoor seating

Roy Rivera

The quiche is VERY good!!! I loved it! The lemon tart is pretty good too! They have a good selection of things to choose from! I will be back to try other things!

Keita Balla

Deee-licious! Going back for Caramel Layer cake asap

Frank Bocchino

Great cakes. German chocolate cake and carrot cake are my favorites. But the blueberry pie is off the chain.

Amy Falls Church

The portions are large great for sharing.

Frank Kang

Come here every year for my daughter's birthday cake.

Eliette Mouret

The minute you come in, the smell smacks you across the face. The hint of chocolate and sweet delicious sugar. All of the donuts are displayed in the window and it definitely calls for attention. The donuts are super warm and soft and the smell alone they should make a candle out of it.


Who doesnt love magnolia? Though I was very disappointed in the red velvet cupcake. It was dry and I ended up just eating the frosting. No problems with any of the other flavors. The banana pudding was also a hit.

Victoria Marie

I would only get what they are known for the Banana Chocolate Pudding. The coffee drinks were terrible and a waste of money.

Damla Scheitel

Always the best - nice location!

Sharon Howard

My fiancé and I visit EVERY weekend!!! I feel awful I haven't posted yet about how good the treats are and how wonderful the customer service is. She is a very talented baker and very nice woman. I wish her the best in all her endeavors.

Ashley Wright

Only thing rocking is the banana pudding.

Blake Yuckert

The banana pudding might be the best dessert I have ever had in my life. I eat a lot of sweets, so I am an expert.

Sheri Brown

Staff treated us so nice. This place has a great design. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I loved.

Christopher Steele

Nicely done interior. Best cupcakes ever! Must stop. I'd go out of my way to go here. You won't be disappointed.

Wairimu Mungai

I forgot how much I love their cake! I had a slice of chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, seems simple but not a combo you see often. I felt like I was eating cake eith some frosting unlike some places like Susie Cakes, where the cake to frosting ratio is low. Slices are definitely hearty, but not so disgustingly sweet that you get sick eating it. The only negative is the location. Parking is an absolute nightmare, so beware.

Tamara Lee

My sister had fun memory memories of this place from years ago so we decided to try it out and give ourselves a treat. Our server was less than helpful she must have been having a bad day. When my sister asked if a hummingbird cake is a spice cake it caused about a 10-minute conversation. Spoiler alert it's definitely a spice cake not what we were looking for. So we ended up getting a slice of cake for $7 a very small banana cream pie that was just okay for $7 we got a lemon bar that was delicious a brownie that was adequate, it's pretty hard to mess up a brownie. but for our little snack we ended up paying $26 not counting my $7.69 Cafe Mocha on ice. I wanted this place to be a magical delicious Bakery but sadly it fell short. I really felt like the girl running the counter did not want to work there at all. And even more than that she didn't want any of the customers that were in the store to be there

Mary M

Pretty good! Got a funfetti cupcake and banana pudding since so many people raved about it. Both were good! The cupcake was moist, sweet, and flavorful. I've never had banana pudding before so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was pretty good. Prices are kinda high but nothing unexpected for the area and name. Overall I recommend!

XxDarkSkin Beauty

Best Banana Pudding In The City

Daniel Hooker

Delicious but could have packed cupcakes better

Barbara Bailey

It was so delicious. Prices are reasonable. They have so many good reviews for a reason.

Adria Gojgini

Prices are a little bit high but that is beverly hills, however the cupcakes are pretty delicious! Moist and not too sweet

Stephen Schillinger

Amazing food and great service

Frank 126

Oh man!!!!! This place one of the best, if not the best banana pudding I've ever had. The reese's cheesecake cake amazing. I all around loved it.

Ricardo Lucas

I really love this bakery!!! The pastries are always so fresh and workers are so nice! Emily was such a sweetheart and she was really helpful while I was choosing a cake for my mom's birthday!

Connie Schultz

Very appetizing. Had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. Prices were fair.

shantishia smith

I asked if you make custom cakes. The person said yes. I said I want a cake in the shape of a number, then she says we only do round and sheet cakes. Ok, so you don't know what a custom cake is if you only make round and sheer cakes.. Ughhhh.

Janice Haynes

The banana pudding is amazing!!!

Beytullah Seker

Chocolate banana pudding never disappoints

L.Claire Viso

Tasty tasty tasty tasty cupcakes.

Donna Dorado

Totally lives up to the hype! Even better than some croissants I've tasted in Paris, no joke, and the coffee is top notch too. Friendly service with a smile. The perfect scrumptious little breakfast, definitely coming back for the other croissants i didn't have room for. A little pricey for a croissant, perhaps, but well worth it.

O Man

Very nice place

Cris Johnson

Great desserts great staff!

Gloria Griffin

This place is cozy, cute and outstanding! I got a Magnolia Bakery, milk and no sugar. It tasted exactly as what I expected. I wish they had the black sesame pastries, which were only offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I will definitely come back next week to try it and other items.

Maria Hernandez

Delicious banana pudding

Rebecca Scott

Great cake. Can be a bit dry but overall delicious. They let up you try samples.

bors silvia

One of the best bakeries in Los Angeles. I highly recommend to try the banana pudding, it is by far the best thing you ever had

Jason Talley

Can't get enough bread pudding!

Katarina Hagan

The banana pudding is the best I've ever had!

E. Geno Speight

They have my favorite cake

Susan Dunk

Today I went to , what I thought was going to be a welcoming place...WRONG ! The servers had attitude except the guy, he was nice. But the 2 blondes and black girls attitude SUCKED.

Cesar Juarez

Great service. Their banana pudding is delicious.

Samantha Farley

Where do I begin!? I just say this is my favorite bakery, I could spend hours here. Sooo good!!!

Fellexandro Ruby

A classic from New York. Just gotta have the Banana Pudding or the Chocolate alternative. If you're not into pudding, go with the German Cake

Trae Gibbs

The cupcakes are pretty pretty good but oh the cookie sandwich my gf and I agreed was aaamazing

Yessica y

banana pudding for the win! and their cupcakes

Taylor Jefferson

I love the banana bread pudding! Soooo good

Pedram Farzadfar

Really happy they are certified kosher by RCC. Their Bakery items are unique and really tasty.

Jeffrey Gilson

Always the best. Reminds me of the West Village years ago...

Nataly Ramirez

It was ok. Tasty cake and ok coffee

Tracey Villegas

I give this spot a thumbs up. Looking forward to going back again. It has a nice interior. Atmosphere and food reminds me of Virginia Beach.

Kora George

I've been to the original location in New York, and both the service and banana pudding are better there.

C AllenBrown

Went to magnolia bakery for my 55th birthday celebration, had to get my piece of birthday cake from there! Loved it! I also did a to-go order of their small banana pudding it was fabulous! CAB :)

Randall Patterson

Good baked goods and friendly service

Darius Conley

it was so savory. the place has a good atmosphere. food is similar to a cafe in portland i loved.

Edna Wood

Tried the maple nut glazed scone and the special breakfast sandwich-DELICIOUS! The flaky biscuit and spread is what made the sandwich and the crispy bacon! The scone was equally yummy. Outside seating is awesome on a nice day too. Check it out !

Larissa Cracco

The Magic bar is to die for!

Mitchell Wapner

If you're like me and love cupcakes this should be on your "must try" list. The cupcakes are moist and delicious.

Erich Grois

Absolutely delicious!

Cassandra Yeh

The Service: So so. The Cupcake: I tried the vanilla with lime frosting. The cake is very dry and the lime frosting doesn't taste fresh. Not sure if they use cream cheese or butter but doesn't taste good. The Parking: Street metered parking

Joshua Artono

Hello, I am very upset with customer service by your supervisor, Blanca. She has given me a bad attitude while serving. Here is the story: It started with me with asking for a change for parking. First of all, the parking is for us to park so that we can go into the Bakery. Second, she said that the bakery doesn’t give out change. It did not say anywhere in the counter about this and the way she says it, has attitude. A kind customer offer us a change of 4 quarters for a dollar so that we can park to buy a Banana Pudding. Third, I told Blanca that it’s weird that the store doesn’t give out change. Again, with attitude she answers, “Yeah, it’s weird.” When I walked out, she was acting rude. I was not happy with the service. It was my first time at the bakery. We drove far to get here and didn’t expect this kind of service. I hope some actions can be done about this. This incident happened, Wednesday 4th of July at 06:15PM. Thank you.

Elise Dunlap

Definitely worth a return trip. It has a nice feel to it. Reminds me of a place in New York I liked to visit.

J Cruz

Pretty good

g c

Rude service


I usually don’t order plain vanilla, but Magnolia didn’t have many options besides red velvet and chocolate. The cake was soft and tasty, but the buttercream was too sugary.

Pamela Robinett

I've been living in the area for about 3yrs and have been coming here weekly to pickup croissants for my team on Wednesdays. I personally stick to the OG croissant and chocolate croissants but their savory breakfast croissants are amazing! Definitely worth a first stop on Sundays as you start your stroll through the clement st farmer's market!

Margeret Mcneil

Love this place so much. I really think they are the best pastries in Los Angeles, CA and the staff is super nice. My favorites - the brown sugar scone and the pop tarts. Plus, they make cakes that are to die for. Jen is amazing!

lynda nguyen

Just as good as New York! The bakery has a nice selection of baked goods. Very small seating area with only 4 tables. Customer service here can be better. Workers are not friendly and too busy talking to each other rather than attending to customers...

Jayden Chan

excellent spot to spend time alone or talk business. the staff was very helpful and observant. it has a nice interior. makes me feel like i am back in sacramento.

Hashem Ajaj

Amazing puddings! The best ever

Chris Nichols

One of the better chain bakeries in our great Nation. The chocolate banana cake will change your life. The Banana pudding is pretty good given this places Yankee roots and the other assorted pastries are mouthwatering. This is a great place to get housewarming or other similar gifts.

Ash Malik

The banana pudding that I ended up having was alright. There was a lot of hype on Yelp so I decided to try it out but honestly it was not that good. It was a soft and tasty, but nothing that I couldn't have gotten at my local mall.


Love this place,easy to find-great coffee,pastries,and ambiance

Danny Yudo

Yummy. My favorite item that also altitude me into a fan is their red velvet cheesecake. Parking isn't provided.

Carrie Jablonow

Magnolia is tried and true as it has been since it's original spot in NYC. I love this outpost because unlike other locations it's very roomy and there's never a long line to endure. The Quality is always consistent with their delicious staple flavors and seasonal options. The ONLY aspect about Magnolia that I think can sometimes stand to be improved is that they will sometimes rush you when ordering. Granted, I'm sure it's annoying as a customer just stares through the glass oogling the cupcakes/cakes deciding what flavor they want, but it would be great if the associates took a beat to just patiently wait vs. making you feel like you need to decide with lightening speed (especially when there is no line). All in all, A DELIGHTFUL and DELICIOUS classic!

Phyllis Tiger

Best German Chocolate Cake Ever!!!

Thomas Scoville

Crazy good. Maybe the best cake in LA. If you're a fan of banana cream pie, do not miss theirs. It will change your life.

S. Rogers

I dont like bananas but I love their banana pudding.

Brenda Villarreal

nice place to relax, people watch, eat good, etc. the staff was helpful and kind. bring your appetite because portions are filling.

Ankur Lad

Banana pudding and chocolate raspberry banana pudding are awesome! Must try them!

Jacob Warren

I wish I can give this place ten stars. The best cupcakes and banana pudding I ever had. I was on vacation in LA and ate there everyday!! Can't wait to go back

Alfred Bass

entered near ten, it was not crowded. the place has a great atmosphere. wish it was closer to my house, i would come every week.

Gaynelle Garzon

Outrageously good pastries. Everything is heavenly. They bake everything freshly and pump it out. Come in the morning. Favorite is the almond chocolate croissant. Part of the top tier of SF bakeries. If only they had espresso beverages!

Charmaine A

As much as the red velvet muffin’s texture was great and not too dry and the cream cheese was just the right amount of fluffiness, these cupcakes aren’t worth the hype and $$. Will not travel all the way there just for the cupcake.

Stephanie Martinez

My family always come to Magnolia’s Bakery to get my sister’s birthday cake. I love the atmosphere and the pastries. It’s always really clean and the the staff is very kind and helpful. I recently tired their iced latte and it was amazing! The only down side to this place is that its a little pricy but for a once a year splurge it’s fine with me.

Deborah Aguilar

Banana pudín, the best !


One of my favorite dessert spots! My favorite is the Banana cream pudding!

Robert Rosenfeld

Food & drinks were OK. Staff were a bit cranky and seemed bothered when we asked questions.

Will Miller

Chill lil spot on Beverly Hills thought this was a New York exclusive place. Glad to find a spot in LA. Come through you'll find something you like.

Karina Andas

Here for the Banana pudding! It melts in your mouth so smooth.

Sofia Cam

Best almond croissant in the CA!!!!! The ham and cheese croissant is excellent as well. Glad to see that the lines move faster now. Love to eat this in the morning before going to the presideo driving range to hit golf balls.

Van Leon

Pricey, but banana pudding and hummingbird cake are pretty good.


Must try the banana pudding.

Judith Lintvelt

First time i walked in the place today, first of all the service was amazing!! Very clean and nice place. Since first time there they offered to sample taste their pastries,and let me tell you it was delicious!! Love this place and will definitely stop by again!!

Pauline Cao

What I Ordered - Banana Pudding My coworker was raving about this place. I love banana anything so I was eager to try it! I didn't end up visiting New York but, luckily there is a location in LA. I was finally in the area to try it out. It's not your average banana pudding. It was more of a whipped texture and a tad too sweet for my taste. I wasn't able to finish it. The bakery is small and cute. Not sure if I would be back to try anything else since it's so far from me but, it's worth a try if you haven't been yet. Who knows, you might fall in love with it too! (Unlike me lol.)

Roula Mahmoud

Grumpy and sad staff.

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