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3855 E Tulare Ave, Fresno, CA 93702, United States

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REVIEWS OF La Estrella Bakery IN California

ruth rodriguez

Pastries and sweet breads are good, but we order a cake for my daughter's birthday and it was dry and tasteless. It's not good when most of the guests are having negative comments about the cake. I think I will go back to buy pastries but not cakes.

Linda A Guevara

The sweet bread is always fresh. The birthday cakes are so good. The price is reasonable.

Jesse Jimenez

Great tasting Mexican bread. The food is very tasty. Great customer service. Store opens 4:00 am. During the summer and 4:30am. In winter times.

azyumaone love

Great place for mexicann sweet bread

Hector Torres

Very good bread.made all day fresh

Mike Bogna

Great food and great price.

Rebecca Hobensack

Huge fan! We like to come here to purchase Carne asada by the pound and fresh bread for tortas. Get there early to grab a pack of fresh flour tortillas. They usually sell out by noon.

Arturo santiago

I like bread it's good

Liz Mad

If you are looking for Mexican pastries that are freshly baked , this is the place to be. This is good Mexican bread and other ethnic foods. They are also great for cakes. They carry a great deal of snacks if you are craving sweats

Eduardo Bustos

Great place to get your bread and bolillo

Israel Martinez

The used to be the best in fresno they are not anymore.

David Baltierra

I feel that they bake the best sweet bread in Fresno

La Chona

Very good bread and customer service

maria Thomas

Great food


I love the bread its freshly made plus their prices are great! I highly recommend this place

johnny martinez

Best breakfast for 6 bucks in town.

Roblox Hacker

Some of the best bread I know

Jim Fernandez

Homemade flour tortillas! Hidden gem in Fresno. Their pastry, tamales, little restaurant? What a grand experience. Recommend them highly.

Felix Martell

Used to be a good place to buy Mexican pastries. No it's over rated. They dont tend to you like when they where in there first 10 yrs.


Great selection of Mexican bread and great taste.

Zurina Miranda

Always has great Mexican Bread and Tamales and great cakes also just hope they upgrade to something bigger with more parking.

Monica Aguinaga

i told them no onions on my burrito cz i was Allergic to them

cristal Benitez

Gewd cakes

rick ayala

Never been there but my phone thinks I have

Felix Enrique Arenas

The Mexican bread fresh daily,the food is also good!

Karina Gonzalez

Best mexican bread in town. Make sure u have cash or u will need to buy a ton of bread to use your debit card.

A_ M_

Delicious bread!

Nes Carachure

Love the beef tamales and the variety of Mexican bread.

Destiny candido

Since my Grandmother passed I haven’t been able to get good flour tortillas Till I heard about this place OMG the tortillas are Crazy Awesome I’m just Scared that they might be laced with Crack because they are that Addicting Please don’t change anything

Miguel Licona

still can't believe it. I shopped here just last week and paid with my card. the cashier said it wouldn't read and that she had to enter the card manually. well I got a message from my credit card today saying it was being used in Stockton. first time using that card in months and now this just wow. please watch your employees more carefully.

Nikkie G.

My dad was robbed here. But there bread is okay.

Christina Marie

I've been getting pan for 20yrs. Its just as good now as it was then

Beto Guerra

Best Mexican bakery in town, hands down.

CR Maintenance

Was in to order a birthday cake which always is the perfect place for us. But always pickup our tomales here as well. You need to try. They are Awesome!


Very disappointed. Their quality has gone down. Pastry breads were very dry and not even a day old. This used to be the best Hispanic bakery in town. Not anymore.

Rene Ponce

Great selection fair prices

Vernon Small

Best Mexican bakery and best chili Colorado in Fresno.

Corina Montejano

I buy cakes there

John Neufield

This Bakery has a stars in all of his car is so delicious it's better than crack

Cynthia Morales

Great pan dulce

veronica valenzuela

Good place for fresh pan dulce

Mary Saldana

One of the best places to buy pan dulce in Fresno!

Calvin Marsh

The bill won't shock you. They have so many reviews for a reason.

Mary Koslov

Really cool place to go and get some fresh bread, would definitely recommend

Bari Phillips

The most delicious baked goods. When you first walk in the smell is so good you will want one of everything.

Bobby Ontiveros

Pan dulce is great must go there and try

David Reyes

Large selection of pan dulce and taste great. Cool atmosphere. #1 place for me.

Diana Hernandez

Good good bread love this place u must try it

Greg Soriano

Good prices. Good service

Riacrdo Aguilar

Delicious bread

Debbie Alvarez

Love it here! Freshly baked bread and tortillas. Kitchen food good, tamales and champurrado soo bomb!

Rodrigo Marroquin

Very good Mexican bread, plus dining Mexican food.great place ...

maria ramirez

The best pastries, pan dulce

Richard Lopez

Delicious Mexican bread tamales fresh flour tortillas every day and cakes for any occasion delicious dessert s friendly service and just a delicious place

Alex Saldivar

Tasty, fresh baked bread or pan dulce as it's known in Spanish. Friendly staff and nice environment overall. Great place to stop by for something hot to drink during winter too.

linda de paz

The bread is old. They also sell bread that is undercooked. They're quality of bread isn't how it used to be.

Annette Ochoa

Lots of variety at this bakery...nice experience

Anastacio Guerrero

Go about 7:30-8:00 bread is fresh

Jesus Gallardo

Best pan dulce in Fresno

Sandra Garcia

Bread is always fresh and the variety is awesome

Nathan Gomez

Great spot for an appetite of any size. The bill was appropriate for the quality.

Monique Gallegos

They made a fornite cake .. it was really good

Arlene Garcia

Bomb bread and service

Adrian Macias

One of the best in town

Victor's W0r1d

If you haven't been to this place so yourself a favor and go immediately!!! Their Mexican bread is the best I've had in a long time. Their called are great I'll be posting one soon stay posted and let me know what you think about it. They have tacos and coffee, milk, juice, jarritos, they make cakes, torta bread.

Monica Martinez

Great place it has a wide variety

francesca carpio

Best Place to Pick up Your childhood favorites.. Conchas Are Mine.



Jo Cervantez

Best customer service. Amazing nice owners as well.

veronica ramos

Love the setup. Wish we had one here in Washington


Really good to buy bread always taste fresh,i have never had a problem there other then one time i saw a two flys in the bread cabinet,but other then that really good bread

Reyes Montemayor

Good flesh Mexican bread. Take it. Very cleaned bakery.friendly!

Tania L. Werner

Great service, can't beat the freshness and the taste.

Liliana Wright

Good place to catch up with friends. Looking forward to returning with my coworkers. Prices were good for how much you get.

Sal Navarro

Its good as @#$% I'm there ever morning my fav is jalapeno and cheese bread

Keanu Reeves’s Disciple

I absolutely love this bakery! It has great Mexican sweet bread, but to get it at its best, it’s better to go around 8:30-9.

Paula Carion

Great place to buy sweet breads if you don't mind the mean Cashier she is very rude doesn't know how to treat customers.

gamer for life

Really good food

Adriana Flores

Great Mexican Bread

David Lopez

Love this place. Always have to stop here when I come to Fresno. Highly recommend it

Ramirez Gonzalez

A place where you can eat well for ten dollars..

Jose Plasencia

Caters to surrounding community with tasty pan dulce. Staff very helpful & professional and that keeps me coming back.

Rob Ag

Nice place lots of Mexican Bread (pan) to choose from. Also you can order food like these mouth watering Chili Verde tacos. I recommend this place to all.

Mona Mosby

Very fresh soft bread.

Irene Valenzuela

Very nice

Arlene Lara

Bread is really good, good size but at times not always fresh

Moises Payan

Good bread

Felipe M

Good pan Mexicano, but not enough parking.

Valerie Sanchez

Best Mexican bread ever!!! Just always a long line..

Punkin Girl Martinez

Good pan dulce and food.


Delicious food but tamales have too much masa

Jeph Leyba

It's been awhile but the service was good, the coffee was hot & Pan Dulce was fresh. Id remember if it was bad I never forget rudeness and bad product

Some Spartanchick from Cen. Cali

It's a good spot just also needs to improve on the way they interact with customers. But over all good food... recomend going early

Wished for Child

Second time here... never disappointed! Best tamales and bread ever! Love their hours, especially how early they're open. Can't beat it. Will be returning soon again. Thanks for such great foods, bake goods, staffs, and love.

STEVE Gonzalez

I just started coming here for some Mexican bread and it's very delicious.

Desire Nylons

My favorite place to go get some sweet bread!! Always fresh can never go wrong going here!

Jorge Guillen

The best bakery in town.

Fernando Montanez

Great place to buy your Mexican pastry

Rene Ledesma

Customer service is hit and miss some of the ladies that work here don't look like they want to be there. However, if you've been here you know the quality of the pan is great.

Marlene Price

Not my cup of tea. Lots of breads and pastries. No descriptions. A fly in the case. Help yourself.

Lauren Martinez

Best panderia in Fresno! They have the best custard filling I've ever had. Can't go wrong with any of their pan dulce.

Jeff Elmasian

Fresh Mexican pastries and cakes...very reasonable prices.

Virginia Tobar

Need better variety of donuts.

Manuel Arellano

For a Birthday party

Giselle Hernandez

Went in today to get a torta for my pregnant sister and the cashier was very rude when I asked what was in it. She wasn’t even paying attention when I was talking since she was too focused trying to look outside. The food was poorly prepared. Only had small piece of cheese and a huge piece of lettuce which wasn’t even fresh. Definitely won’t be returning to this place. Poor customer service.

Hector Marroquin

Good Prices On The Sweetbread For Your$$$

Satnam Janjua

They are always provide superb service

Alicia Garcia

I ordered my cake a couple. Days in advance went to pick up ...cake was so ugly decorated and I asked for the cake to be discounted and they refused I ended up having to take a jello that I didn't want....cause they refused to give me a discount... Not. Satisfied at all!!

Sharyy Padilla

Let me make this short & sweet. Came here a little after 830, they had their doors locked & were cleaning. But I had called before to confirm that they close at 9. There were a few customers outside with me when an older man had come up to …

evelyn roa

Delicious tamales and baked goods

Angie Hernandez

Love the bread is good

Rick Trevino

Customer service skills are lacking. Because they are so busy, they take people for granted.


This panaderia used to be really good, but it seems as though the quality has gone down, like they are using cheap flour. Also, their prices fluctuate every time I go in there, one day the bread will be 65 cents, the next visit the same bread will be 75 cents, just recently that same piece of pan was 1.00, they need to put their prices of their bread up, because it seems as though they may be discriminating. Lastly, it is clean in there overall, but they do not sanitize those tongs very often throughout the day. Flies land on them, people handle them and will sometimes drop them on the dirty floor, tongs should be changed out/ alternated with clean ones and sanitzed, at least every hour. Also, they use the same rag to dust off the sugar and crumbs off of the trays in between cash handling and for cleaning off the dirty counter.

Alex Gonzalez

I love this bakery! Fresh bread and really good service. For the most part they will have a good selection of bread unless it's late in the day. They also make cakes but I haven't had a chance to try those yet.

Cookie Q

We go there to get chicken tamales. But you have to get there by 3pm to make sure you get some. A little kick of spice in them but there pretty good! So I would call first before heading over there to see if they have any. Sweet bread too is great!

S C19

Must try! Best panaderia in the Central Valley!

Fred7382 Gonzalez

Love getting my Mexican sweet bread and great service

Chris Garcia

If you can come at the right time then you will find the best tasting freshest pandulce around. There have been too many times when I have come to the bakery early in the morning expecting fresh bread but instead getting stale bread. Especially on the weekends, if you get there early in the morning you will likely get the leftover bread from the day before. Once that is gone they will put the fresh bread out so it's all about getting there at the right time. I love this bread when it's fresh, but I got so tired of not knowing whether or not I was going to get fresh bread or stale bread that I quit going. I used to spend $10 a week on average but not anymore.

Mary Sanchez

There is always a great selection of breads. They also sell cakes n hv a restaurant. I go all the time.

Keisha Whatever

It's okay..... Their bread is not as good and big like it used to be.... Their getting to expensive for what they make....

juana reynoso

Just delicious

Brenda Norato

We got back into Fresno from spending some time in Michigan. Let's say the first place we thought of to have good burrito is here. My husband loves their breakfast burritos always taking pics there lol Going to miss this place when we leave. It's a one stop for mexican food and bakery

Alicia Deanda

Fresh made Bread every day loved it!

Armando Ledesma

One of the best Panaderias I have been. The bread is fresh and the sizes are slightly bigger than in most places I've been. When I come to this area I always stop by La Estrella and buy a large box with a variety of bread for me and my relatives in Sacramento. I recommend this place.

Josiah moreno

Good bread

Daniel Vee

Best Mexican Bread in town ..

Mayra Garcia

Sweet and delicious bread always warm

Dale G. Mell

The best Mexican restaurant and food in fresno

Jim Standow

Food was great, just need to get rid of panhandler out front begging for stuff. Can't hold them responsible for panhandlers

Madeline Eads

The people who work at thus place are very humbled people. The sweet bread is delicious. I live far from this place,but it's the only bakery I go to.

joaquin serrano

OMG this place have the best cakes ever whatever I'm celebrating I get my cakes there... they are so delicious

Alicia Osorio Amancio

Variety and delicious, great place to find real Mexican bread and pastries.

Gilbert Sandoval

Excellent place to go on Sundays right after church. The bread is always fresh not to mention the food. Best carnitas I've had so far.

Irene Solorio

Las conchas are AMAZING! Also, during winter make sure to grab their champurrado, they run out quick and I see why. The cashiers are quick and the place is always clean when I go inside. For lunch, try I’ve tried their King Torta and it’s really good. I’ve been coming to this place for 11 years since they used to work in their other building.

Geral Hensley

way too much noise to be comfortable addition food

Dan Flores

The pan dulce is so good!

Blurry Face

Its fine, has a good variety of food, although their parking places could be a bit bigger

hi LaNena

Didnt like my cake order. looked cheap i was not happy n lady was rude. Dont recomend.

Dora Oropeza

Well the regular cashier was there lined not so long when she's there

Fernando Lazaro

Best mezican aweet bread in town!

Johnny Martinez

I really like it here, but all I really get is the breakfast. The best Mexican breakfast for you buck for 5.99.

Big Fig

Haven't eaten from the bakery(everything looks delicious though!) But food in the restaurant half is down right amazing! The carnitas, barbacoa, asada, chicharron en salsa, adobada, the flour tortillas... ALL OF IT!! It's all priced reasonably, and you can get food by the pound or get meal. Whatever you order, you will not be disappointed! Super friendly and helpful staff as well. I'd give 20 stars if I could!

Ramon Gonzalez

Great food in the deli. Bakery is ok.

Monica Gonzales

Good pastries good food i ordered a cake it was super dry the frosting tasted old. I wont order cakes here anymore.]

Al Leanos

Unbelievable place for authentic Mexican bread and pastries.The aroma of fresh baked bread is incredible!

Frances Echavarria

Fresh is always good

Hector Reyes

Great Mexican bread in town, but a little pricey.

Suzett P

Absolutely love this bakery... Zero complaints, 5 ⭐

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