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5044 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95820, United States

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Where is La Esperanza - Bakery & Store?

REVIEWS OF La Esperanza - Bakery & Store IN California

Tina Salazar

Love their fresh pastries! I always leave satisfied.

Juamatch 144

delicious yummy

Sally Richardson

The best place to purchase Mexican pastry in all the Sacramento area. Pastry items are always fresh and tasty. They have Unique Pinatas and gifts as well as food items from Mexico. Expect to wait in long lines on Friday, Saturdays & Sundays. Their prices are very reasonable. Oh! Yum! For a special treat.

Jesus Madrid

Fresh mexican bread every day all day, they been in business for a while now, they have a lot of customers and look like they don't care about customer service, I can't complain about their products it's good. But I don't know if the waiting time is worth, when you can get the same bread at other Mexican bakeries.

Adriana Contreras

You will not get better food than at La Esperanza. You can get fresh carnitas, tortillas, rice, beans, tamales, chips, pico de gallo, etc.

emsJacy Perez

Fresh tortillitas

Jose Mendoza

Amazing bakery...... great service

Guerra Guerra

Verry nice people

Jesus Aguilar

Best pan dulce ever.

Jose Juan

Perfect I was an excellent good customer service

Carmen Rose

The people are friendly. They treat everyone with respect the mexican bread is delicious. Its clean and always packed with people ...the lines are wrapped out the door. Well worth the wait

Rudycmorones Morones

As usual great pan dessert dolce along with other products

Jessica Vazquez

Best Mexican bread ever

Some Lost Girl

Pretty place and delicious food! I love their bread as well. I would recommend this place to anyone i know. In conclusion, i love this place!

It’s. Marri

Amazing store for Mexican culture foods and pastries such as pan dulce or tamales and even pre-made masa to make your own at home which can be bought by the pound. There are also many spices and other things to try if wanted.

markesha torrez

great I always get cakes from here and pan....

Dwight Nichols

Good good very good

Sandra Cervantes

The best sweet bread and tamales.

Rich Diltz

This place gets busy... But cheap tasty treats and the best pinatas around.

robert haley

It's simply the best in town! Sundays, a line out the door starting at 9am til forever! Highly recommended!

Josie Gallardo

Very busy, but because the food is fresh and delicious!! Always

Humberto Rangel

Bad service lonnnnnnng wait,instead of you getting your bread you have to make a. Loooooooonng line just to order your bread really bad customer service starting with the owner whom doesn't even bother to say hello, welcome etc etc.

Ave V

The pan here is delicious & fresh! But there is always so much people there the wait is ridiculous but I mean who wouldn’t want this pan

Brenda Vasquez

I always enjoy going to La Esperanza the people there are always friendly and helpful thank you.

Daniel Quezada

Bread is delicious and has an authentic homemade Mexican feel but the lines are always incredibly long. Small price to pay for such delicious makes goods.

Eloy Tati

Love the pan dulce

Gustavo Ortega

Great mexican bread

Genevieve Salazar

sweet bread is Mmmm

Jessica Whelchel

Best secret tamales bar!

Jerry Wadley

Favorite place for pastries, OMG just the best all day long

Paula Caceres

Great bakery.

Roman Gavia

If you're going to to the Bakery show up early the line gets deep which speaks for itself it's all good ! As for the Store I'm here almost everyday Meat Department is Great ! Best beer prices in Town !

Jake Reed

Dirty. They really need to clean this place.

Claudia Torres

Awesome service and the best bread I've ever had!!

Eric Salamanca

Good Mexican pastries made fresh daily. They can also make cakes for special occasions. They are very friendly and helpful if you're not sure what you want. This place is always busy and sometimes theres a line out the door. I hate lines but it shows you the difference a good product makes. Luckily the line moves pretty fast.

Sharon Buenaflor

They had the Costa Rican products I was looking for!!! Large variety of centro América products. The bakery offers delicious Mexican bread. Also flan and cakes are available.

Rosario Dowling

The best Mexican bakery in SacTown!

Ivania Molina

The smell of fresh baked sweet bread will make you hungry and make that long line in the morning but it is so worth it. Bread is always deliciously gooood!

donna cameron

Their food is always delicious.

Caitlin Duron

Friendly staff and had what I was looking for.

Cheryl Randolph

Really good food. I go here regularly. Food is always fresh.

Alma Alcala

Best time to go is in the mornings , fresh produce every day! I got this huge sweet Mangos for only 99 cents each!

Gwen H

Happy little market place. Good service

Fred Fazil

What can you say?! Everything great! Mexican bread, every kind you can think of! Yum!

Melissa N

Their pastries are delicious and I love their prices. Their Mexican food is delicious too.

Thee Chicken Ranch BLT

Fresh bread and delicious 3 leches cakes ready for take out. If you want anything specific in general make sure to call ahead of time to know if there will be any in stock. Conchas and empanadas are my personal favorites, definitely a great combo with a hot drink or milk! Definitely recommend going, this has to be the best Mexican bread and pastries in all Sacramento!

Carl Kerr

I always enjoy tamales from here. Awesome service and bread was always delicious.

jesus lee

It's the best hands down. Great Bakery and really good Tamales. You don't know what you are missing... MERRY CHRISTMAS

felisas sanchez

Best Mexican pastries at very reasonable prices. Everything is always fresh.

Cathy Phillips

Fast and courteous service.

Rick Tamez

Being from South Texas and knowing what good Mexican sweet bread is, it was difficult finding that in NorCal, but this is the closest to it....good flavor, good selection and priced Right...

Yvonne Lopez

It was ok girl got my order wrong and didnt give me my chili and other girl that was helping almost threw my order at me I understand being in hurry but your customer suppose to be treated correctly....

Sysgm Sysgm

Best place to get your tamale masa - good food for lunch and carry all sorts of latin grorceries. no 5 stars due to crowded and parking sucks

Danny Perez

Always the absolute best tamales in town, and at a great price.

Avelino Andrade

The best for years always fresh variety of different bake goods love this place.when I walk in smell the bakery.yes

R butternubs

Love the bread here, very authentic, fresh, and of course delicious.

Jonnell Ybarra

By far the best Panaderia we have ever been too!!!

Rochelle Myles

Fresh produce and i love the bakery

Francisco Romero

Great pastries

andrew veliz

My childhood amazing a1 cheap.

Kia Ren

This bakery is my go to for delicious treats!

Brenda Curtis

Service was great!! So many choices of delicious bread to choose from, I couldn't decide, so I asked the lovely lady to choose 5 of their best sellers and she did. My favorite was the gingerbread!! So so good!! I rushed home to make myself a cup of coffee and thoroughly enjoyed the bread she picked!! It was about 2.50 for 5 pieces of bread! You can't beat that! The bakery always smells so good! I will be bringing my mother here when she visits from AZ! My son also loved the bread too!

CaLi_CaStRo_bOYs Morgan Castro

Good Hispanic food yum

Steven Ace

Excellent. Great place to get authentic mexican baked goods.

J. Ramos Ramos

The best carnitas in California

Leo Morales

I love the sweet bread and all the variety they have.

Melissa Takata

The bakery here is a must

Michael Todd

This is where you go if you want anything authentic Mexican. They also have a excellent Bakery.

Leti Santos

I bought Carnitas and Buches they had a taste like they weren’t washed and not cooked all the way Disappointed

Gloria Barrett

First choice for fresh Mexican bakery, cheese, food, pinatas, etc.

Sarita Sandoval

Love the bread here.... Best pan mexicano

Big Mike

The Greatest Pan Dulce to buy fresh all day. Mexican sweet bread fruit basket cakes I will always travel 20 miles to buy Pan Dulce

Creative Alliance

The number 1 place in my heart/belly/soul. The lines are worth waiting in too here so dont be intimidated lol Bring a book or a good playlist to listen to. It will definitely be worth the wait. I promise you

Clara Paterson

ALWAYS fresh baked Mexican pastries!

Cas Fil

If you want authentic Pan Dulce...this is THE place. The variety is amazing and their service is exceptional. Don't be intimidated by the line, if there is a line you know it's good and worth the wait. The area outside is a little sketchy and I do recommend being aware of your surroundings although there is a security guard outside the attached store. The authentic, fresh baked pasteries, breads, and cakes look and taste delicious. Prices are extremely reasonable and staff is bilingual and friendly. If you are craving the "real deal" of Mexican pasteries and breads...,this is the place. I don't waste my time rating EVERY place I try anymore, I only rate the ones that are exceotional and deserve a review.


Always good always fresh love this place

CoCo B

the lines are long for a reason. it is that good.

Susie Ramirez

They have everything you need for a traditional Mexican Navidad!

Adrian Cata

so many great things to try.

Amy Alonzo

Busy as always but quick and great service.

Cynthia Gal

I almost don't want to let out a fantastic secret. This establishment serves great authentic Mexican food with combination plates starting around $4.75 - $7.00. But the lunch line gets busy, be prepared... $1.50 beef tacos are bomb... (Yummy)

Bruce Brown

Great authentic Mexican market and bakery. Pastries are great and bakery prices are very low. Friendly staff.

Avigail Romero

The only place to get your cakes from

kevin aflague

This place is awesome theres a lot of stuff to look at. I never knew the whole plaza was La Esperanza. It was very interesting to go to all the stores and see what they're all about. Everything felt very authentic, didnt feel like we were in the US which is great because a lot of stores feel the same and you dont get the feel of the culture. I enjoyed this place a lot. The bakery was busy sobwe waited in line. The prices seemed reasonable. I got a Tres Cake and the milk didnt seep all the way down but that's okay because it was still good.

LáChan Hopkins

If you want real authentic Mexican food this is the place!

Susan Quiroz

Prices are great and employees respects customers clean can. be a little better

Peter Chavez

My family has been coming here for decades. I have tried Mexican bread in Los Angeles and Sacramento. Hands down the best! Their bread rolls (bolios) for sandwiches (tortas) are excellent! New Roma Bakery is our other favorite for French, sourdough, milk bread, etc.

Chris Escalona

This is not your ordinary bakery.The establishment has three section .One the bakery to the left one can grab a quick tamale. The second section is a fully stocked grocery store.Three the full service restaurant Hispanic cuisine. Section three also has a grocery. section.All in all highly recommended!

Tania Sierra Venegas

Real bread, real taste. I felt like I was in my home town in Mexico eating a warm delicious piece of bread from the panaderia in the corner of my house. Please keep the quality going

Nancy Ramirez

Amazing place to get authentic Mexican bread!

Cathy Espinoza

Although my family and I have been going to la Esperanza four years the quality of the baked goods is still good but has declined. The pan dulce was a bit over done but still good. There is always a line.

Erika Ramirez

Always a good experience when we come here! The roscas eas amazing

S Snyder

Sweet bread is delicious. Long lines sometimes but well worth the wait.

David Loza

Terrible needed to wait super long almost waited one hour just to buy bread I wont recomend waiting that long enployees would chatt between them and wont attend customer until they finish with the chatt. Id rather just go to a just a bakery store then to wait the line.

Weaz Marquez

Always great delicious sweet Mexican bread fresh out of the oven.

Vincent Maes

Extremely long wait time. Slow cashiers.

LaTonya White

Do they have Pineapple and Strawberry Tamale Desserts ?

Patricia Hernandez

The pandulce was nice and hot ,was worth the long wait standing in line .

Maribel Lavoie

Love the Mexican bread here. Dont forget the champurrado.

Michael Amaro

Best place for pan dulce. The adjacent store has the best carnitas in town.

Diana Ortega

Good sweet bread but if you're going to go expect to wait in a line. Almost always a line but the girls always try to help everyone as best and fast as they can.

uan r

Ask for menudo con pata and got menudo con grano,

Maria Marquez

Fresh and affordable vegetables,delicious Mexican bread,organic masa a little piece of El Mercado in Sacramento every time i visit La Esperanza is like been at my beloved hometown⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fatima Rodriguez

Pan dulces, tamales, tortillas and more. Great foodie stop

Glenn Miller

Great Mexican grocery. Same produce as Raleys (same farms), lower prices.

Aldo Martinez

The bread is good but at my time if visit there was at least 5 flies all the the bread would have actually purchased some if it didn't have flies. Told one of the employees and she just brushed me off and said "are you buying bread or not"

Roberto Sandoval

Best Mexican panaderia in Sacramento

Joselin Cabrera

It taste like REAL Mexican bread, not that cheapo bread that taste fake

Ana Corona

Great I like the French bread and there tamalies

Marcella Gonzalez

Best mexican bread!

Gwen786 Flores

What can I say about this bakery is that it has the best Mexican bread in all of Northern Cali. Staff is friendly lots of variety but get there early they sell out fast. Only downfall is the wait time. The line is always long usually out the door. But the bread is worth the wait. Wish they open second location.

Sandra Lyn

Awesome, fresh baking and the cake I bought was delicious!

Arnulfo A Marin

It's all the Mexican products Spanish dishes require!

Grandma J

There tamales weren't up to par there passable this much red sauce in the chicken tamales .they weren't good at all...

Evelyn J

This place was recommended highly for their chicharones and carnitas. We came on Sunday and wow there was a long line at only 10am. After getting some of their signature items, we also ordered 2 doz fresh corn tortillas, make sure to order those from the counter, a pint each of rice, pico de Gallo, medium heat salsa, beans (refried was what was in the container), and a bag of tortilla chips, casera style, nice and thick for dipping. While we waited, we were given tips that this is the best place to get the carnitas and chicharones, not only the best tasting, but affordable too. We were also told that once they sell out, that's it, they won't have anymore. They've sold out as early as 12pm, so make sure to get there early. We also visited their panaderia, we selected 5 pan dulces, and they were excellent!

Ariana Jimenez

This place is so nice and the bread is delicious. The people are so nice and awesome.

Joshua Guthrie

The baked good are awesome here. If you about La Esperanza it needs no explanation. Carnitas, Pan dulce, mexican better tasting soda.

Armando Zapata jr.

Great place clean and the food is to go for

Michael Lopez

Good sweet bread an baked goods at a good price even got my wedding cake at the bakery

David Gibson

If Lana great food there

Matthew Hurley

Fantastic bakery! Try the pan dulce.

Bellflor17 -_-

It was great! A big line but great!

Nahim Juarez

The best panaderia in Sacramento! Taste pretty close to the way they taste in Mexico. Highly recommend the bread.

Ter Ri

Great pastrys

Rio V

Great bakery nice tasting Tres Leches cakes. Flan was also good. 19.99 for the round tres leches cake.

Vanessa Granados

Love their carnitas....

Andrew Hernandez



Best Mexican pastries and bread in Sacramento.

T. T

Decent food but always a line to or out the door

Josh Perry

Always great products and awesome customer service. I have had them cater multiple events. Food is always very fresh. I have spent thousands of dollars here and never disappointed. The Carnicero is good. The pan dulce is great. The service and the carnitas at #2 keep me and my family coming back over and over.

Jaded Love

I love coming here for groceries and fresh bread. Technically two separate shops, but there's an entrance to the bakery within the grocery store. Good produce prices. Delicious breads and other baked goods. The line is always pretty long in the bakery, so give yourself plenty of time.

Melvin Orellana

Well, what can I say. I being coming here for so long I don't even remember how many years. But it's a busy store always. The produce, the bakery,the masa and all their variety of Chile's and spices. I recommend it!

Walter Calderón

Been around for a long time, (preferred) neighborhood bakery. Most of the staff is nice even though they've hired new people, but they're always friendly and professional. Most of the time there's a long line, but because the product is so good.

Ajai Kurian Mathew

Amazing snacks and pastries.. Decent prices

G Ben

The lines are always long but the wait is so worth it. Their pan dulce is the best you can get in Sacramento.

Mark Cain

At the market getting our Masa. Always a pleasure.

Briza Ramirez

Great delicious yummy Mexican bread!

lucia huerta

My family had been going to this bakery for many years. most of the time, the bread was fabulous and great until now, we found a hair inside of the bread which is that’s very unsanitary and disgusting.if I could give this business 0 stars, I would. Don’t go there!

Karina Silvestre-Torres

Always friendly, always fresh very yummy

Latricia Emerson

My hubby loves all the baked goodies

Big Daddy

I've tried the rest, I'm coming back to the best. I've enjoyed their baked goods for as long as I can remember.

Beatrice Ricardez

Service is excellent the best place to get Mexican bread and the best place to get masa for tamales the food there is delicious I highly recommend la Esperanza

Richard Aguilar

They got good tamale mix tortillas food and bread guaranteed to gain extra 20 pounds a year

Russell Lopez

Love this place! The carnitas are wonderful, but try their chicharron (with meat on them). I buy my beans here and the house made tostadas shells all the time.

Gabriela Ledezma

Great Mexican bakery people are awesome

Monique Hernández

I used to love this place. Every Week we’d stop by and go here for some carnitas. But now it’s just the worst. Every time I go in nowadays the cashiers just have a poor attitude. Then they let the phone ring for 7 minutes and when someone finally answered she was very rude and got irritated with me because I was angry at the fact that I waited that long for someone to answer the phone. I don’t plan on coming to this place anymore.

Jeffrey Tecson

My go to place to get my taco ingredients and the beans are super good. The carnitas and con Carne are always fresh because they constantly have to make them due being sold out.

Michael Sosa

Great prices very happy ,fresh carnitas, warm corn tortillas, meal for four under 30$ the way to go !

Kim Robinson

love this place so yummy

Sonia Wilkes-Mora

They have the best masa for tamales! This is the only place i get the masa!

Christina Otero

This place is actually split into sections in different adjoining buildings. The grocery store has super friendly cashiers that answered a couple of questions and the bakery normally had a liveor the door. The last section of this place is definitely the place to come for all your tamales making needs. Different masas and husks all the seasonings and cheeses and even has a little deli like service that you can order pre made food to go

Veronica Vasques

I love this Bakery they always have fresh bread. Make my mouth water every time.

Christina Willis

On a Saturday evening my friend and I decided that we needed some dessert. This place was highly rated, so we said, "Why not?" I figured that a Mexican bakery would be busy, but not on a Saturday night! 40 minutes of waiting in line while not even knowing what we wanted was thrilling, to say the least! But who cares? All these people must know something we don't! Fresh bakery is what this place known for. Even at this late hour I saw baked goods being brought up to the counter, fresh out of the oven. Conchas is what we got (somebody in the line hinted they are the best). I have never tried Conchas, but hey, we've waited for 40 minutes, I could eat a cupcake and be satisfied. Overall, if you are really into Mexican baked goods, come here. Just not on a Saturday evening.

Lica Tanee

TBH the bakery be hella dry

rooster Marquez

Delicious food made fresh daily

Christina Heredia

My all time favorite Mexican bakery hands down! One stop shop from the bakery to grocery store followed by the market for your go to carnitas, tortillas, and of course mass for tamales. It is the one stop fat girl shop for me. You won't be disappointed.

Maurice Derrick

Sometimes its a long wait but it's worth the wait in the end,why only 4 stars u ask? Because people are rude when they in a rush, But still worth the wait though.

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