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REVIEWS OF Gayle's Bakery & Rosticceria IN California

isaak Stansfield

What a wonderful place! I haven't been here since i was a little boy but they don't skimp on quality fresh ingredients here. Amazing delicious foods. A must see for any visitor

Devon Simpson

Fantastic deli/bakery/coffeehouse. Every time I have come it is always busy even right before closing. There is good reason for being busy, the food quality/taste is spectacular along with the fresh bread selection. Gayle's has some of the finest craft breads in California, easily one of the best bakery's. I can't say enough about Gayle's. Only down side is that the food can be expensive, but you are clearly paying for top quality, fresh ingredients, which make it worthwhile.

Mara R

Delicious food and treats

Heidi May

Wow, how do I start? Everything, literally everything is good. True, some things are better than others, but that comes down to your personal preference. The pastries: delicate, tasty and beautiful. The breads: chewy on the inside and crusty on the outside, just how a good bread should be. I haven't had everything from the deli, but everything I have had, or talked with others who had others things, all delicious and very flavorful. Price-wise, I'd rate it $$, especially the deli side. It's not cheap, but you're really paying for the quality. Plus, if you're used to paying $4-5 for a meh croissant at Starbucks, you'll be amazed what you can get here for the same price. A croissant from Gayle's versus a croissant from Starbucks is not even in the same stratosphere.

Kevin Lanceplaine

I loved the garlic twisted bread we had. Mae also had some ficelles and japaleno cheddar scones

AB Sumab

Consistency is key & this place is always good. The long lines seem intimidating but they are very well organized & I've never had to wait more than 10min after picking up my ticket#, even during a busy Sat or Sun brunch. I recommend the everything!


If I could give it a 100 I would!!! I haven't been here in about 20 years as I moved to the East Coast and it is as good as I remember. Thank you Gayle's for making my triip home a true homecoming!!! The almond croissant is my favorite along with the marinated chicken on sourdough bread.

Nick Kygar

The lady behind the register was rather rude. The rest of the store was fine.

Nicole Williams

The food was good but the place was pretty overwhelming and a little confusing. It isn’t clear what you are supposed to do when you walk through the door! You decide what you want from the vast selection of entrees, sides, desserts, bread. You decide the portion size. You can make a plate or you can get large portions to take for a gathering. You then tell a person behind the counter what you want, they plate it or put it in containers to go, then hand you off to the checkout line. Make sure you order everything you want, down to the drinks and desserts. We got a baked chicken entree and lasagna. Both were well cooked and delicious. We also got some bread and this incredible looking pastry to eat later. That pastry was SO GOOD. I recommend coming here for the pastries alone. Excellent bakery. The entrees? Good, but nothing special. Those breads and pastries though are well worth the confusion.

Elizabeth Melichar

Oh my goodness, what is not to like about this place? They have everything and their baked goods are to die for. Plus, giant bonus, they're open after 9 at night with live music playing. I love visiting this place whenever I'm in California!

Gina Morelli

Wonderful foods and treats. Just a great place to engage with others and get a wonderful meal!

Em Vi

Food is delicious. The baked goods are amazing!! Everything has a "from your mom's kitchen" taste. I'll bet my favorite stillhetos that nothing comes out of a box....

Marge Bauer

Awesome order ahead everything ready when you arrive! Anything extra you want to add isn't a problem - the staff is fast, kind & helpful no matter how packed the store is!!

Michael Geisen

Great service and quality food

Alice Brown

Love the excellent offerings. Everything is beyond delicious. Wish I lived closer!

Katie Ferrigan

Gayles is a great place to visit, whether you are from out of town or a local! Delicious pastries and breakfast items, great for lunch or dinner too. They have many choices to go as well to dine in. Their bread is some of the best around! While you're there grab a coffee! They serve Verve coffee, my personal favorite roaster! It is pretty much always busy but they handle the crowds well. It just gives you time to browse all they have available!

Lindsay Kaminsky

It is cute and quaint inside. I love their salad options, a perfect pairing with your choice of bakery treat!!!

Jamshid Faryar

AsSpacious. Lots of helpful staff (working as a team).

Charles Prael

I've loved Gayles for decades. They're simply awesome.

Amy S

Gayle's is the best! Decide what you want before you take a ticket. They go through numbers fast even when crowded.

Meghan Olivas

The bakery is so full of treats its like being in a fairy tale. Great sandwiches, salads, sides, and entrees as well. A picnicking paradise.

Julie Bixby

Great place to grab delicious food for any meal. Not inexpensive but usually worth it ;)

Sandy SCmtns

The bakery was way too busy to stand in line Gayle's Bakery is one of a kind in Capitola everything is very good there

Carmen Funston

Very good but ridiculously expensive. I purchased 6 cookies which cost me @$10. Cookies were tasty but not worth the price.

Sam Barish

Easily the best bakery in town! Always has extremely delicious desserts and an amazing service staff that make this bakery a must! They also have a wide variety of food options for any occasion! Highly recommended!

Sara Ochoa

Line always moves quicker than expected. The breakfast selection is amazing.

Robert Nattenberg

Wonderful bakery in Capitola... A must visit

Jake Slayton

Best bakery I have been to be far

Tim Patterson

Love this place but, be warned is pretty much always packed. Good quality food and excellent pastries.

T Rio

The best bakery in the county. Wonderful pastries and incredible breads. And a very good deli and cooked food area. My favorite thing is Joe’s bread. Which I couldn’t live without

John Cramer

Bakery reminiscent of an east coast deli. The quaint yet always bustling local hang out greets you while you take a ticket and view all the scrumptious pastries- anxiously awaiting your name to be called overhead. Great for takeout, dining in, or something in between. The BEST place in town for locals and tourists alike

Jennifer Worsham

Don't let the line scare you from going in and ordering! The tickets are to the right of the center door, get one and listen for your number, they will swiftly be with you to help you pick your hearts desire from the roticery or bakery side or both!

ace sharp

Line for service moves quickly. Lovely patio. Great food. $$$

Hannonsay Nibur

Great place to stop for picnic items, special occasions. treats or just for lunch. The food here has bee. consistently great for years.

Lauren Wagner

We ordered a wedding cake with lemon BC frosting/layers in addition to layers of lemon curd. There was no lemon curd in the cake anywhere. I emailed Gayles and their sale manage Candice said that unless I could send her a piece of the cake (this is a week after the wedding) then she believed her decorator and not me. Enough said. Beware.

Twila Stout

Food and atmosphere very good. The crowd and noise too much. I would go back but between 2-4 pm, for my breakfast pastries.

Lisa M

Don't turn around and walk out if you see a ton of people inside! Take a number while you figure out what you want. They get through the numbers quick - and if you've not decided what you want by the time they call your number, they will come right back to you when you are ready. Lots of things to choose from, from sweet ro savory, and it's all yummy. They have a grab n go section that doesn't require you to take a number. Just grab what you want and go to the register.

Danielle Haight

Perfect location to get picnic food for the beach. Everything is good here but always busy.

Bryan Siebuhr

Good sandwiches, deceptive in size, very flavorful and filling. I wish the pastries tasted as good as they look.

Aaron Daniels

A variety of really good baked goods. They also have a variety of side dishes and entrees. They have seating inside or they can pack your food togo.

Andrew Brogdon

This place is a machine of breakfast. Take a number when you come in, stroll up and down the counter to see the massive collection of food they offer, then order, pay, and find a table in their giant seating area. It's a handy place to hit up before going on to the beach, and seems popular with the locals.

Lorna Helick

This is a wonderful spot in Capitola for baked goods and delicious prepared food

Ryan LeVa

Always great fresh food.

Heidi Smith

Amazing baked items..a true French bakery!

Suzanne McGee

Great place and great food. Just wished they had some sugar-free bakery choices for diabetics.

Julie Wright

My favorite bakery! No where else can you find such variety and quality. This is the perfect place for a quick meal, a picnic to go, or sweets for a special occasion. I try to stop here every time I come to City Beach in Capitola.

Jennifer Forsyth

You can't go wrong with Gayle's. Everything is delicious. Parking can be a pain since their lot is small. Better to park a little away then trying to get a spot in the lot. They have a ticket system for ordering but goes pretty fast.


This has to be the best bakery in northern California! Everything I have tried just melts in your mouth. Delicious! An added bonus is there wonderful Deli.

D. Maddock

Always packed, they have a pretty good system for waiting on people. Sometimes it can take awhile to get to your number. Take a seat and enjoy your conversation. Excellent food to eat there or pick up for home or a picnic!

Kelly J Plat

Every single thing! DELICIOUS!

Victoria Kroll

Awesome bakery and deli with friendly staff, quick service, a lot of food and dessert options and plenty of seating. The deviled eggs were perfect! Definitely recommend trying them. It's pretty busy on the weekend but the line moves quickly. You need to grab a red ticket for service.

Shelly Catudal

Wowowowowo!!! Is what I have to say about you guys! Not only is your staff awesome! But your cake we got the orange cream for a friends birthday... it was out of this world good. Not too sweet, super moist, just perfect! We will definitely be back! We had ordered from farm bakery a week prior and man I wish we had gone to you instead! Lots of birthdays in April! Our first experience with you guys and we will be back!!

Scott Dickie

Great local bakery. It seemed a bit chaotic and crowded on my first weekend morning visit, but they have a good system down and I was helped in no time. It's a great place to indulge and treat out of town guests. It is a bit pricey, but very tasty

Will Schmitt

Amazing hot food at still all times of the day. Every breakfast sandwich has amazing flavor

Bernice Tzong

Long line on a Saturday. Cakes sells out quickly. I wish they have a better waiting system. A bit confusing for first timer.

Ignacio Loureiro

The best sandwiches in No Cal. Not a bad bakery either....

John Sherman

The best ever. I have young men from other towns video taping and taking selfies. The best in the west. Fancy. Makes you feel rich. Breakfat, lunch and dinner.

Jill Aceves

LOVE Gayle's! Everything is delicious. Never dissapoints!

Joseph Lopez

Awesomeness all wrapped up in one place exquisite food

Brandon Thompson

Absolutely delicious croissant breakfast sandwiches! I've never had anything so tasty in my life! They have a variety of foods for you to choose from all of which are extremely delicious. I eat here every time I visit Capitola and will keep coming back again and again. Make sure you get your number at the door.


Yummy! Can't say enough. I really like the take a number system and the food and bakery is great. Only down side is they are always busy.

Gayle Edmondson

This place is really fun with lots of deserts and savory dishes. Very expensive for common folks, but if you have lots of dough is fun and cool. Is a few blocks inland from Capitola Village

Michelle Carranco

Best place ever! Very Elegant and customer service is Amazing!! Food is Delicious

Matthew Gredell

This place had good food, but the experience of buying food there as a first time customer during the lunch rush was intense. To order, you pull small tickets from a dispenser and stand by until your number is called, then the staff help you from behind the counter. The problem is that during a big rush, it means there are lots of customers in a fairly small space all milling about looking at things. So for a first timer, you walk into a small building with a lot of people walking around aimlessly, and it's kind of hard to figure out what to do at first.

kenneth thomas

Great place for desserts. I tried the German chocolate cake and cherry cheesecake with an Earl Grey tea latte. The flavors worked well together and the sweets weren't overbearing. The customer service was also top notch.

Danielle Silveira

This market has such a wonderful layout really designed to handle the number of customers they receive. There is a great flow to the store that keeps you walking through to each station. I absolutely love the sitting area with the fireplace. The food is amazing! It's a great location to meet clients and friends.


I’ve been going to Gayles for nearly 4 decades. I haven’t had a dish I didn’t enjoy. Everything is tasty! Grab a ticket, wait your turn and prepare to be fed well.

Robin R

We have been going to Gayle's for over 15 years. The food and bakery items are made with quality ingredients and always delicious. You can get a hot meal or sandwiches as well an array of baked goods. We have never had anything we did not like. The menu changes daily with the blue plate special, but they always have a few constants. We love love Gayle's and stop by every chance we get.

Kathy Sinn

We lucked out. Went around 9:30 am right after the morning rush and before the lunch crowd. Gayle's is a must go to place. So many choices. The cakes are out of my price range but they are beautiful. Seating is a hit or miss because the number of people coming won't fit in the porch area. Breakfast and lunch options change and once it's gone your out of luck.

David Tso

Very busy on Saturday mornings and early afternoon. Best to come between 2 - 4 pm if you are planning to visit on the weekends.

Candy Miller

Always fresh amazing deli and bakery items. I have to stop everytime I'm in Capitola, it is an absolute must!


Was highly recommended by many friends. I guess these days any shop that is willing to make something similar to home cooking becomes everyone's favorite and feels justified paying too much for too little. My wife and I stopped for lunch and the place was busy. had 17 people ahead of us and in 5 minutes we were served. Food displays well and looks fresh and clean. Per attached photo, our order was simple. The Salmon had no seasoning at all, was simply bland. Seems no one cared t even put lemon or pepper or some sort of seasoning on it. My salad and sandwich were ok. Nothing unique or special deserving their price tag nor great reviews. They were simply OK. Subway sandwich would have contained more meat and condiments than what I have gotten on mine. i wouldn't visit them again since nothing was special about their flavors nor their experience especially for $40 for a meal that is average.

Aaron Walker

Delicious pastries. A bit pricey but very tasty

Tucker Cruz

Gives a great homey looks to it very welcoming and has great house made food, if you are near by you might want to check it out

Yana P

Yummy and very fast service. Come in, grab a ticket and wait for your number to be called then pay at the register. Yummy taste and great customer service. Has a huge variety

Melissa Lausen

I ordered a cake for my friend's birthday and picking it up was a nightmare! The parking lot was a crazy mess, I drove around for 20 minutes trying to park just to spend three minutes picking up the cake! They need to have a 10 minute parking area for pickup.

WR Doss-Johnson

Love everything about this place. Has been a family favorite since I can remember. The Capitols sourdough is amazing.

Maigyn Walker

Gayle's. If you havent gone then u need to. That good. Breakfast, lunch, dinner amazing.

Chris Sterbenc

Always a broad selection of excellent food for there or take out.

Bob Doerr

Busy, excellent service and delicious pastries.

Mimsie LeMar

I have always loved this place! Both the deli and pastries are exceptional! Nice cheery ambiance too!

Michele Ryba

A must stop on every visit to Capitola! Always a little chaotic but worth it, grab your number then browse the cases for goodies. Their Ficelle Italiano is so good and always try a different treat from the bakery case side

Eva Fresquez

Fast service and tasty desserts


Great service and food!

Norma Lawrence

Been a while since I was here. Still very good,must be, they're always busy, but items are smaller and price is bigger

Zsoka Scurtescu

Food was good, we had sandwiches. We decided to take it to go as, the place was packed and super noisy, so couldn't imagine sitting down to eat there. When it's not so busy it could be a pleasant place to have lunch... Not sure if they have not busy days...

Waylon Myer

Staff is always helpful and patient. The baked goods are consistent and tasty. Our girls love going there for the experience of picking out a special treat.

Kathleen OBrien

Always the very best Great food, wonderful place to sit and eat inside or protested out side areas. Doesn't get better than this. Always go there any time in the area. First rate!

Paul Clark

Take a ticket, browse the huge selection of delicious foods available and when your numbers called you order. Its a simple and effective system. A lovely store with so much going on, friendly, helpful staff make all makes this a place you must go of you enjoy good food.

ansel k

Gayle's is the place to go. The ham and egg croissant is my favorite. The loaves of bread are some of the best you'll ever have. The cakes are delicate and delicious and the pastries second to none! If you want to start your morning off right and are near Capitola, you need to come here. They have coffee fresh and self serve. Drinks to quench any thirst and a plethora of sauces and other goodies to make your meal amazing.

Makayla Johnson

I love Gayle's so much! There is a wonderful selection of pastries and baked goods that each taste amazing. (All that I have tried anyway...) the only thing I don't super love are the prices. Probably for the best though. If it were more affordable for me I'd go more often resulting in an even larger waistline. :)

Delana Haynes

Food was good service great in the food area drinks area need work

Jodi Syth

Always a favorite when we visit SC! Wish there was more parking though.

Mary Tsao

Warm atmosphere with plenty of seating and a roaring fire on the rainy day we visited. The people who work here are patient, friendly, and helpful. And the food... Displayed beautifully and just so delicious, with fresh ingredients and made with love and care. I think it's obvious that Gayle's is worth a trip to Capitola even if Capitola wasn't also home to a beautiful beach.

Alexandria Song

Friendly staff and good as a bakery, but it is expensive. The place sells pastries, cakes, and cookies but it also sells microwavable foods like spaghetti and chicken. There's an extension inside that sells standard drinks for a cafe, but since not many people go for the drinks, it's slower service because of the lesser amount of workers on that side. The products themselves are decent quality and some are well worth the money, but in cases like cakes, some slices are smaller than others (since humans can only cut so evenly) and the desired slice can be specifically asked for. TL:DR Expensive but good quality products and nice staff

GW 1491

Always great service and food!

Lisa Dimas-Jessen

Omg where has this place been my whole life?!!


Great food and atmosphere. Can get really busy on weekends and if you go near lunch though.

Kate Borelli

THE place for your chocolate fix. Try the old fashioned chocolate cake or the salted caramel brownie. Oh and the Napoleons are beyond amazing. Delicious food. Lovely cafe ambience. A favorite of locals and the summer crowd. You cannot go wrong with the non bakery items either- polenta and mac n cheese = the ultimate comfort foods.

Alejandro HernandezLuna

Always a good way to start a day. .. this is my favorite spot and a must go when visiting the Area...

Nick Christensen

Best food and baked goods in Capitola by far.

Valerie Hines

The food at Gayle's is super tasty. I dream about eating here when I have been away from Capitola too long. And the pastries are a must-have.

Mary Orr

Try it! Good coffee (hard to find a decent latte in CA!)

David Gervasi

Outrageously good food at outrageous prices. Everything (almost) is quoted in $/half pound. It makes your fruit salad $12/lb. and bacon $1.50 per slice. Great for B-L-D. Daily dinner specials from $15 to $20.

krista golobic

Food was Unbelievably Fresh and Delicious!! Everything we tried out of the bakery was perfectly baked sweet and heavenly!!

Harvey Mains

Fantastic bakery and deli. Everything was fresh and tasty. At times, it can be very busy, so patience is required, but it is worth the wait. A typical visit is at last one hour.

Hugh McGee

Always the place to visit for breakfast and or a pastry while staying in Capitola.

Aleksey Sabunin

Nice place. Great choice of bakery and other food.

Ben S

Amazing place for lunch or just coffee and desserts. Tons of breads and cakes. Cant go wrong here. They have high chairs for kids.

Jessica Manzoni

Great french inspired bakery. I will definitely come back. The food was excellent and the service unmatched! I think the owner was the person who helped us. I will definitely be coming back here every time I'm in the area. It was very impressive and had delicious food!

PG Leonard

One of Best bakery's I've been to in NorCal. It's a must stop for "any and all" baked goods. The locals and people who frequent the place tells you all you need to know about Gayle's & the atmosphere.

Mathue Faulkner

Almost goes without saying, but this place is fantastic.


My favorite place un Santa Cruz area. It has everything you can imagine and all fresh and healthy.

Sandra Camacho

They serve more than baked goods and include items like rotisserie chicken, deviled eggs, pastas, salads and sandwiches. These smell excellent and tasty

christian Valadez

Super delicious pastries and good location not to far from the beach.

Nanette Blackburn

A local gathering spot. Come early if you want the coveted fireplace spot under the raspberry tart mosaic. All homemade/baked fresh and delicious. Take a number and order from the hot food, bakery side, coffee counter, or grab and go section. Parking can be tricky. Especially busy on weekends.

Andi Greene

We have tried Gayle’s bakery 3 times, and each time have been disappointed. The two person key lime pie for $12.95 is a cafeteria style, unbaked pie, overloaded with whipping cream. The atmosphere is quite nice, but the food served isn’t remarkable.

Samantha Killheffer

Great bakery. Also a great place for lunch or to eat. Great cakes, pastries, cookies. A very nice full service bakery.

Rob Lentz

Gayle’s has been an incredible Capitola institution for years and years! The bakery options are deep, with a wide variety of all types of pastries, cookies, tarts, cakes, pies, and all manner of breads, rolls, and other goodies. Personal favorites are the ham and cheese croissant, and the raspberry napoleon. There is also a Rosticceria side to the restaurant, with all manner of gourmet food items including salads, pasta salads, fire roasted chickens, penne pasta, baked potatoes, veggies, meats, and all sorts of sides. There is always a daily “Blue Plate” food special offered for dinner, which is usually a quality option. Depending on the day, it might be some special beef and vegetable option, or a special pasta, or really anything. Recent plates have included ginger glazed Prawn kabobs, Amalfi chicken, and classic Prime Rib au jus.

Mark Fechter

Best cinamon rolls I've had on the west coast! This place is always busy but it is always worth the wait.

Curtis Roman

everyone at our table was very satisfied. looking forward to coming back with my coworkers. it has a cool atmosphere.

Stephen Dudla

Me and my family went here to get some pastries the people were over the top friendly very nice place would come here again

Marianne Angelillo

It’s amazing, the service is fantastic and the food is out of this world...need I say more? My only suggestion would be to add more items for the gluten-free crowd.

Salman Khan

Excellent deli and bakery! Usually crowded in the summer but its definitely worth it!

Cindi Wiggin

Great, fresh food, and coffee. Love this place and stop in whenever I’m in the neighborhood

TJ Lively

Amazing!! The most delicious desserts I have ever tasted! Staff had great customer service and such patience with my indecisive self that day! I will absolutely be returning!

Lupe Perez

Can't ever go wrong with Gayle's

Keith Vandenheuvel

Warm fireplace,tasty food.Date night with Ariana Grande sweetener full hd concert.Goodneess all around,have great morning.New song by Ariande grande-in my head.Gayles was in my head.Have fun day

Alias Girl

We got here at about 11 am and I truly believe most of the towns people were here. This place was packed to the walls. The pastries were heavenly! I highly recommend checking out the food, fresh baked bread & pastries at Gayle's.

Barbara Quan

Food was not very tasty. We ordered a variety of foods and all of them were not espectacular.

Cassie Mecham

I can’t toot Gayle’s bakery horn enough! You HAVE to swing by and treat yourself, you won’t regret it at all! Great selection for any sandwich you’d like or if you want to indulge in a scrumptious baked good.

Ken K

It's Gayle's, wonderful food and bakery items, friendly helpful staff. A little pricey, and always crowded.

Be Rouz

love this place. good food and desserts!

Patrick Casey

I bought a $45 Chocolate cake....(7") it was good, not great... I was expecting great... So I was disappointed about that... However I happily ate the entire left overs when the guest left.... Any way. It was good but it should have been better I my opinion... They do sweet really good too ... And the cake was good..... but maybe it was the value that bugged me... As I said I did eat the entire thing...

Jim Whitehead

German chocolate cake and crocodials....need u say more? Delish!!

Anita Blake

I love the quality of the goods and you can taste it. But it's sooooo expensive! Staff are nice with beautiful personalities. Shout out to Carlos the barista at the coffee bar!! But the rating is only a three star rating because of the prices. Come on. A fried egg and bacon breakfast sandwich for 8$?? Bahhh no thanks. And a tinny tiny dixie cup of a latte for 6$? No thank you. I wish the people would keep prices fair for at the very least the locals. Yes its Capitola. Yes there are rich people that live here and visit. But geez. Don't be so obvious tring to do a money grab on the locals that made you, well, you. And yes we all have rent, mortgage, kids, car payments and other things we all must pay for. But isn't this why everything has become so expensive in the first place? If you provided and paid for healthcare, dental, vision and retirement (And I mean paid for in full, not contributing to an account) for your employees them I would get it. Gayle's. You should know better.

Davin Weaver

Some of the greatest bread that has ever been baked in the history of mankind. Also an incredible amount of pastries and cakes and basically every delicious baked item that you can imagine. Jewish rye, all their sourdoughs, sugar downtowners and the garlic cheese twists are especially impressive, but we haven't found anything bad here yet.

Marciano Vasquez

Everything you want and some. Open at 7am indoor and outdoor space. Pet friendly

Brian Catania

I tried the Salted Caramel Chocolate cake and the Carrot cake. Carrot cake being one of my favorite desserts and I read that it has a lot of cream cheese frosting. It did have a lot of frosting however it did not taste at all like cream cheese frosting. It tasted like whipped cream frosting which is not necessarily a bad thing except when your mind is thinking cream cheese. I don't know if this was a mistake or if their cream cheese is that bland. The place was hopping at 8 at night. Obviously a very popular place and its deserved. I still gave it 4 stars because the Salted Caramel Chocolate cake was delicious. I will go back as there is so much that looks fantastic to try. I just won't order the carrot cake again.


What can I say. Best bakery and rotisserie in the area. Lots of unique yummy items. Friendly helpful staff.

John Ferrigan

You can't go wrong with Gayle's. Savory or sweet, this is a local favorite for good reason.

Gwen Feher

4 starts cuz the line was looooong. Waited forever it seemed (15 mins) then she forget to give me the slice of key lime pie!! But when I came back she quickly rectified it. Great bakery for pie/cake/breakfast. Wish the cookies were softer.

Aaron Moesser

Great bakery. Make sure you're not in a hurry because they seem to always be very busy. Take a number when you walk in or you'll just be waiting for no reason. I didn't walk in the main door so I didn't see that and stood around for a few minutes before I caught on. The sandwiches were great as well.

Samantha Heredia

This is one of my most favorite places to eat. It's a little pricey but so worth it. They're food, salads, soups and sandwiches are always great. They serve dark roast coffee but it's tasty. They make the best key lime pie ever!! They're bakery is great!! Fresh bread... Yummy!!

Tay A

Great upbeat environment. They have a wide variety of options for food from healthy salads and sandwiches to sweet treats

James Carpenter

Gayle's bakery has among the best breads in northern California. It's also a deli madhouse all day long with up to 20 people behind the counter at times. Can't go wrong coming to Gayle's just don't look for a bagel at Gayle's.

Carol Stephen

Gayle's is such a part of the local scene that sometimes I forget it's there. They have tons of choices for lunch and dinner, and beautiful and delicious pastry as well. Recently, my friend and I visited and had salmon with broccolini, which were both perfectly prepared. If you eat there, they have some beautiful tables that look handmade created from ceramic pieces.

Declan White

Espresso bar sells breakfast items that are meant to be served hot but they only serve them cold. How is there no way they can heat it up?

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