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REVIEWS OF Dominique Ansel Bakery LA IN California

Glydia Clart

You have to get the DKA. Forget the Cronut. That is overrated. Too sweet, too much. The other desserts didn't really stand out too much to me either, but the DKA did. Perfect amount of sugar, not overwhelming, perfect crisp texture, just the best. Don't bother getting in line, wait until the cronuts sell out and there is no line. DKA!

Riko Whirl

Great macaroons. I loved the ones I had. If I'm honest, I got lost and thought this was another bakery I was searching for. (Hunting for kouing amann.) My friend and I love macaroons so, we thought why not. What a good decision. I am a huge fan of citrus flavors and they are never a sharp as they should be in baked goods...well, that's my experience. But the macaroon I had was sweet *and* citrusy. Plus, the cookie had just the right amount of crack. Recommended.

Janet Herilon

So I've been meaning to try Dominique Ansel Bakery back when they only had an NYC location, about 5 years ago. I never had the chance to try the beloved donut, but yayyy it's in LA now! I'm late to the game and also super lazy, but just so happened to be at the Grove. Everything we had was good, but stupidly overpriced. I got that watermelon soft serve dessert, which was refreshing and delicious... but freakin' $10! Are you kidding me! I only wanted to softserve and not the watermelon and the fake chocolate seeds. I even asked and they said no. C'mon... really.... so I'm pretty bitter about that. Also, I wish they put it in a bowl or something because eating it out of a watermelon slice was super messy and difficult to eat. The nutella milk bread was good, too. Reminds me a bit of a cinnabon but not as sweet. And finally, the cronut was good! But I wish they warn us of the filling inside. I'm not a fan of jelly/fillings so that kind of made it soggy and ruined it for me. I think this is the perfect spot to relax after shopping and also to catch up with friends! But prepared for a bit of a wait. Somehow the person working the cash register was soooo slow!

Lettie Gonzalez

I was surprised that it had two fillings but It was really good

Gergi Abboud

Horrible service

Pamela Cowan

Love this cafe for its special desserts and yummy drinks. I come here to study all the time and my favorite is Matcha wrap.

Re becca

I really enjoyed the special egg sandwich with brioche bread, ..the 10 dollar avocado ice cream sandwich was also really good. The pine cone ginger flavors were a bit too sweet. The front desk host seemed like he didn't want to be there didn't greet us and weren't very helpful.

Shands McNasty

Absolutely loved the frozen s'mores

Cosita Linda

Amazing pastries, expensive , great staff

Sanggyun Kang

Why is this place so hyped? Why is cronut even a thing? It’s like pop culture. You like it because your peer likes it. And you know it’s dull. Or you don’t even know it’s dull. You just think it is good because people say it is. No, it’s not. This place is just like that.

David Scherzer

At a place of this caliber there is no excuse for underbaked dough.

Stephanie Tran

This place was nothing short of amazing!! From the ham and cheese croissant to the infamous cronut and fresh mini madeleines

Charles Corpuz

Cronuts little pricey, but good.

Mark Gates

Love the open air style kitchen here! It creates a delightful and transparent ambiance that is noticeable the moment you step foot through the door. And I love the green mosaic tiling by the bar area too! Dominique Bakery is home to some of the most delicious pastries in town and, and it would behoove you to stop in and see for yourself.

Audre Whaley

Still havent been served here.. every time im rejected, other people are sitting there eating and dining in the bar or balcony whatever. Pissed off... its like their picky about what customers they want.

Ana Garcia

Too crowded and not really good

Steven Furukawa

Good cronut but not the best. A bit pricey.

Brian Won

Go for the cronuts-- accept no substitute. Some other excellent pastry items here, some decent cooked food, and honestly, a lot of hype. It lives up to most of it, but yet it's also hard to say it truly lives up to it. Croissants are beautiful but not up to the best I've had, and nowhere near the best in LA. Most major plus? The lines, which were initially crazy, have died down considerably. OTOH, they've also reduced staffing, so the wait still kind of sucks...

Em Te

Was good. Great location.

Shannon Lucieer

I tried the cronut. It was overpriced and over baked. The French toast was OK. The service left a bit to be desired.

Svetlana Glinkina

Have you seen a lot of bakeries with grapefruit mascarpone pastries? DA's bakery is very unique!

Marlon Dy

Love cronuts, blooming chocolate drink

Donna Johnson

Extraordinary experience from the hostess to the manager to the chef and bartender. The blend of flavors were amazing and the attentive staff made it an experience to be remembered.

Carissa Johnson

The Cupcakes are amazing! There was a long line but it moved pretty quickly. Definitely worth the wait.

sarah A

I live in Utah and I come to LA very often. I go to the grove just for dominique ansel bakery because it was one of my favorite bakeries here in LA. Unfortunately, I went there yesterday and I was treated very bad. They really hurt my feelings. I ordered 3 different pastries and coffee. I ordered a Nutella bread, but they gave me a cronut instead. After I paid and took my order, I was waiting for my coffee and the girl who works there came to me and asked me if I got the Nutella bread ! I told her I don’t know I need to check my bag, so she told me “you need to pay first”. EXCUSE ME!!! I really didn’t understand why she was treating me like if I was a homeless asking her for food! So I told her I thought I already paid. Then, two of the guys came and checked my bag in front of everyone and seriously it was like I stole something from them !!!! They found that they made a mistake and they gave me the cronut instead of the Nutella bread. So they opened my box and they took the cronut to replace it with the Nutella bread. They really hurt my feelings. They were not nice at all. I told the guy that this is not professional to treat there customers like that and it’s not ok to take something from a customer’s bag and sell it again!!! He was nice and he apologized. Later he came to me and gave me a free pastry because he saw that I was mad. But off course I didn’t take it from him because I don’t need something free. I need respect.

S Chen

Expensive desert

Crystal Ng

Nyc is still the bests but I loved there was no wait and plenty of seating. Pastries are still so delicious!

Robert Bogolin

Straight from New York, this Dominique Ansel does not disappoint. I love the ability to get the cronut on the west coast (without the line wrapping around the block like in New York). I have never had anything bad here but the cronut is my real draw. Jan 2019 has a London Fog Orange flavor which is really nice, and the orange doesn't overpower it. The store is open and bright with top-notch service.


New to the Grove, fast, friendly service. Plenty of tasty treats to try, the cronut is really a masterpiece, great when fresh, eat it as soon as you can, the DKA is pretty good too, the Nutella milk bread just OK, it felt kind of chewy and not much Nutella on it. Pastries made with quality ingredients and culinary technic to indulge the sweet tooth.

Jade Coleman

Pretty bummed. I was super excited about trying a cronut while in CA and this place says they were invented here so I thought it would be a safe bet. Well, they only do flavor of the month, in this case pineapple mango or something. The jam/cream flavor way over powered the cronut itself. I had a back up plan, the Nutella milk bread. Unfortunately it just tasted like really dry bread. Not yummy.

Shaun Ná Erwin

Nice place. Kinda expensive, but worth trying.

Jules Jeanmard

How can I rate great coffee and pastries at a place that is so poorly managed and obscenely understaffed...? 30 minutes (!) in line is unheard of and certainly unacceptable when you stop for an afternoon coffee. I am sad to state that I would never want to visit again - despite the satisfiying culinary experience - only because of poor management.


A boutique bakery from N.Y. with legendary cronuts now makes an appearance in L.A.! I've never had the restaurant aspect of it and online their concept - it is run like old-fashioned dim sum where servers will walk around with a platter of food that you can accept or decline; if you accept then they will place it on a center platter on your table and make your receipt which will add up at the end. Each order will average $5 - $7. The menu spans vegetarians and meat favorites entailed the fried oysters, maple pork and lobster rolls. They also have on the ground level their traditional bakery for which you can expect a line.

Tom O'Neill

Pluses: attractive location, beautiful pastries. Minuses: pastries (including cronut) taste sweet and not a whole lot else, line management is inefficient. There are much better pastry shops, don't bother with this one.

Jasmin Hussain

Home of the Signature Cronut does not only have to be proud of its Signature Dish (although it is quiet delicious with it's smooth cream filling between the fulfilling dough), but also offers a variety of other interesting dishes that will definitely stimulate your taste buds. If you got triggered by the word "interesting" you should definitely try the Frozen Smores. Although, the bakery reminds nothing of a campfire with its modern and classy interior design, the Smores are worth a try. Delightful Tahitian vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate gets more than comfortable in its heated marshmallow and more so on your tongue. I would say this dish is a must try.

Under The Banyans

I ordered the Avocado Toast Ice Cream Sandwich. It said it was “made to order” and would take 4 minutes to make. It was ready in 30 seconds and was rock hard frozen. Not what you pay $8.50 for. I don’t expect to come back.

Anahita Heidari

This bakery/restaurant is newly opened. The pastries are beautiful, delicious, and expensive. But, If I want to pay high price for my food, I want it to be served with real fork and knife, not cheap plastic ones. In addition, the water cups look like urine cups; very cheap disposable plastic. Oh, don't let me talk about the clumsy barista who spilled the cafe latte many times while making it, and keep cleaning the cup with a towel.

Hat And Mouse

A bit hit or miss. Sometimes the staff is friendly, sometimes they are extremely rude and curt. Cronuts are also hit or miss. The fruit flavors in spring/summer are quite good, but the heavy, sweet varieties like the Maple French Toast are all sugary sweetness and absolutely no flavor. Treat yourself to another pastry if you like substance over sugar.

Zohaib Abbasi

Excellent cronut, worth the money, try cookie shot next time

Wong TaiHung

Generally not crowded, very clean and spacious dining area. There's an elevator to reach the second floor where the restroom is located.

Kenn Viselman

Ok... So at first I have to admit that I was put off by this place... I can't explain why and yet I could feel the pretentiousness pouring out the front door like air conditioning... Even when I went in and saw the pastry options, I was put off... Then... The other day I had meeting, was at the GROVE and in a hurry so I went into Dominique Ansel. This time I was on a mission. The sales staff was so helpful and the pastries were so BEAUTIFUL. I brought them to the meeting and they were so wildly well received that I needed to write this review. There is a pineapple pastry and a poached apple that were incredible...although in fairness they not complaining about ANY of them.

Belen Cortez

Horrible horrible service. Horrible latte. For being some high end bakery these people have no sense at all about what customer service is. Waited in a very short line forever for a croissant that just had to be put in a bag and 1 small latte. None of the employees could be bothered to smile. After waiting an additional 15 minutes for the latte the guy making it couldn't focus on getting any one thing done. He kept jumping from doing one thing to another so he wasn't getting any one thing completed. It looked like they were lost and like there was no management or direction at all. Horrible horrible horrible. P.S. the latte sucked.

Go Painting

Great place to have a ice cream and bakery

Mae Masrori

Completely worth every penny and the wait in the line. There’s a reason why people are waiting! So delicious and incredible. Loved the world famous cronut & strawberry tart ❤️

Patrick Earhart

Love the location, decoration and layout, but disappointed when we could not receive the cup and watch the blossoming hot chocolate marshmallow, which is what brought us to the bakery in the first place.

Han Yong Wunrow

Their cronut changes every month! Definitely worth a visit to the bakery for a quick break from shopping!

Yong Song

Bit high price for little above average pastry.

Chris Renke

So many cronuts here. Good range of pastry choices , modern coffee selection, and welcoming interior. Worth a stop when your at the Grove.

Mehmet Ali Gulerer

I shared chocolate eclair with my wife which is the worst I have ever in my life. Pastry was thick and stiff, chocolate too sugary. It’s not worth to go again.


We like this lovely place


over priced and over hyped. FOR SURE. but then again, i'm poor and it is at the grove so

Larry Spinak

Highly recommend the DKA koign amann: even more delicious than the signature cronut.

Anthony Guarino

The cronut was very good as was the cookie shot. Little bit pricey but it's definitely located in an upscale mall so the price is justified.


Probably if not the best pastries I have ever tried! I totally understand the hype surrounding this bakery! The dka was so delicious!!!!

Mayumi N

So many delectable pastries and desserts to choose from! They sell out of the popular ones early (usually cronuts and kouign amann), so the earlier the better. My favorite is the kouign amann- rivaled by b.patisserie’s in sf. They also do whole cake orders with advance reservation, made on the same day as your pickup. In the case, definitely give the chocolate pinecone or the pomegranate and lychee a try!

Patrick Gabaldon

Mini Me Cake is the best!!!

diksha narahari

Some nice experiments are in order with this place !. The Avocado ice cream sandwich and the cronuts were beautiful !. The key lime pie was a sight to behold. Would advise to go ahead of time, as there is always a line to enter the bakery.


Ordered 3 different pieces. Thats how they were served. All slammed together in 1 plate. Unprofessional employees. Taste is ok. Experience not ok

Gil Msika

We ate breakfast and cronut, the food was good but the cronut was dissapointing, cold and stiff. The new york one is much better

Stephen Lee

It's ok. I thought the croughnut prices were pretty outrageous!!! Can buy one at Paris baguette for 3 dollars I think. Almost 6 dollars here!! Personally, I don't think it is worth the wait for food. However, the drip coffee here is pretty spectacular.


Their products are good compared to other establishments who offers the same products. Pastries, cakes and the food upstairs in the restaurant are delicious. The only problem is some of the staff are not very customer friendly. I made an order online and made certain that all information they need to ensure that all the items on my order are ready by the time I said I will pick them up is complete but still when we came in at the time of the pick up, they seem to be oblivious to my orders. I ordered two cakes. It took them a good 45min to bring my order out. They needed to get the cake somewhere (maybe upstairs,not sure) because they can't find it in the kitchen downstairs. The African American staff was acting soo annoyed when I should be the one that should have felt that. I tried to make an excuse for their behaviour by thinking maybe because they were working overnight which is why I didn't make a review right away...but I eventually realized that they chose to be in that situation and that job so they should act accordingly even when they are tired. They should still try to be courteous to customers, always. After everything was done, no apologies whatsoever. They have this sense of arrogance which might have come from the fact that their bakery has had a slew of customers line up for a few months when it was new just to get a taste of their cronuts. I was one of those people unfortunately. And I almost forgot to mention that there was one time when we told the supervisor there that they should have posted a note saying they sold out the cronuts instead of letting people waiting in line to still expect to get some. The answer was 'well, we're trying not to be identified as just a cronut shop.' I guess she is oblivious that we do have a lot of French bakeries in LA that offers good French pastries and most of the people in line are there to try the 'original' cronut. The single star is for the quality of the food.

Alejandra Galan

Have been dying to try this for years!!! I finally find them happy


Same experience as SOHO location but no waiting time. I don’t see any difference between this store and the one in New York but more space, cleaner and no line to get your cronut which is very tasty and you should try it! Good to share it. The only reason 3/5 starts is because during my visit it was a fly having fun in the middle of the croissants! Not good!! But, this is probably an isolated event since this place is super clean and right now outside temperature is 110F. Recommended, just stay away from the croissants lol

ib rasta

Nice perfect place.


The cronuts were very disappointing especially for that price. It tasted like perfume :-( the DKA are exceptionally beautiful and amazing though :) nice staff and the other pastries looked good too! Overpriced ($25 for 4 pastries).

Mike Lewis

This is where the Cronut was invented. There is a different flavor every month. The original store was in NYC. I went to the one in London when it first opened and now I’ve been to the LA store. London is my favorite I think. I found the service in LA to be friendly and efficient. I enjoy the cronut but my favorite item is the pain du chocolate. The bakery is pricey so it’s an every so often type of place for me.

Arun Chhatpar

Good stuff, but wayyyy oveerr priced

Rob Schwartz

OMG! Worth the hype....everything was so good, will go back for more.

Tang Sakarin

Frozen smore has burnt caramel aroma but it became rather too sweet after the second bite. Avocado toast has interesting taste from a mix of avocado, olive oil, a hint of salt, and sourness of dehydrated strawberry. The combination made it very unique

Matthew Sanchez

Delicious confectionery delights. Not quite as good as the NY location, but good for what it is.

Michael Torrecillas

Delectable treats at an amazing price

Grace Reyes

Ohmygod sweets galore! Gastronomic delights to feast on. Go indulge and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Alex SOswag

A bit on the pricier side but was good


Dominique Ansel does a great job making fun and creative baked goods.

Elliott Skuro

Bad coffee. Old.

Noelle Murrain

Finally had a cronut, it was good but the wait was too long


I went for the monthly May cronut and was not disappointed! I went on a Friday afternoon around 3PM. The line was a little slow but not bad. The woman at the register was professional, friendly, and boxed up my cronut very nicely. This place is on the pricey side but the quality is worth the price.

Melvin Crow

Cool place togo 2

Mike Nesbit

Great service and great deserts & coffee. The manager of the bakery is a great asset.

Nikki Aguirre

Awesome food

Timothy Obis

Stylish décor, relaxed ambiance, delicious food, and top notch service. If you want chef driven, quality food come to 189 restaurant. Try their weekend brunch for a truly unique experience.

Karen Preissler

Lots of activity to watch while enjoying a refreshment, seated outside. When i come back, plan to visit their restaurant upstairs.

Grant Anderson

The Paris-LA is incredible

Robin White

What a delightful lithe shop at The Grove. The uncommon grilled cheese was amazing...gooey and full of flavor. The chocolate chunk cookies were everything they visually promised, soft, crumbly and filed with chunks of milk chocolate goodness. The eclairs were disappointing. Too much chocolate and not enough cream. A great place to lounge, gather and people watch. I'll go again.

Erwin Muniruzaman

My first visit to this place at The Grove. It was a pleasant experience. We tried its DKA Ice Cream Sandwich after queuing for a while. The taste is good as I imagined it would be The service is good eventhough we have to a bit patient because the crew have to serve us then do their stuff to arrange the cake for display before take turn to serve next customer.

Wlm Wee

Very very Good.. though pricey. It's Economy of course. We have to live with it to survive.

Andrew Kao

Second time here for me (I've been to the new York location before) but first time for my parents. We ordered way too much! Everything we tried (cronut, kouign amann, assorted croissants, cookie shot, special Chinese New Year pork bun) was excellent! I had pre-ordered the pork buns but when we arrived on a very rainy Saturday morning, there was no one in line, so we decided to order all those other treats to try. The pastries are definitely a little pricey, but totally worth it!

Aziel Torrez

Many complain about the price of the pastries , yet don’t understand the amount of creativity, time , and effort that goes into making them. From NY to LA , the cronut far surpasses any other pastry I’ve ever had the privilege of enjoying.

Charlotte Hageman

I have a cronut every month because life is short. I generally go on weekdays and find the lines can sometimes be long for reasons I can’t tell. It’s like their POS system is really complicated or something. And the cold brew coffee has grounds in it 9 out of 10 times.

Jasmine Liu

Desserts are really nice but the service we received really dampened our experience.

Bernardo Contreras

I was expecting a better product for the price i paid, the fruits of the mango soft serve taco weren't fresh.

Bellagio Flooring

I was at The Grove with my family and the kids saw the amazing place and the pastries they look amazing but when we got to the cashier we were treated like so rude and I was trying to understand the reason and ask if we caused any problems the cashier just hand my back ask walk away, go to other bakery like Porto’s or Claro’s Bakery and learn how they do customers service, just poor ashamed

Bakery Addiction

Love this bakery. Always something new !!!

Edward Bukowski

fantastic place to sit and enjoy the view, good food and snacks too...

Joseph Frye

Good selection of pastries, macaroons, small cakes, Biscotti's and cookies. However, it can get quite busy. And perhaps they should have a separate line for drinks because there's only two registers and the lines can get quite long in the evening.

Sasan Z

Delicious pastries

Joy Alfie

Dominique Ansel Bakery is one of my favorite bakeries in LA. I come here practically every month to try their Cronut's flavor-of-the-month and each visit has been superb. Great customer service! I have always been treated with professionalism and friendliness! I get why the Cronut is patented; as the originator, they understandably blow all the knockoffs away. (Nothing wrong with trying to emulate but you can definitely tell the difference with the quality and flavors, something that is hard to fashion after.) The DKA and their croissants are one of my favorite in town; light, velvety layers in the middle with a crispy outer layer with yummy buttery taste. You won't go wrong if you choose to be simple. Many of their desserts are whimsical as well as delicious and their coffee is top-notch as well. There should be ample room inside and in their patio but then again, I make it a point to go early in the morning.

Joe Duncan

Decent food but none of our party liked how brunch was served. It was served "dim sum" style, and the waiters and waitresses walked round with plates of food asking if we wanted what they had. This meant we kept getting interrupted while trying to talk, received small portions for the price, and because all our food was put on one tray in the middle of us the sweet pastry items were put on top of an already greasy tray from earlier items. We would have been much happier with a standard brunch service and a menu to choose from.

Clara Tam

Having lined up for pastries at both of Dominique Ansel’s locations in NYC and Tokyo - I am a huge fan of the DKAs. Knowing that one had opened in LA (and that I was going to be visiting) I eagerly planned a stop while I was in town. The one I had today at his LA location falls far short in comparison to the ones I’ve had in NYC and Tokyo. The pastry was stiff and far from its usual flakiness. Also the staff lacked efficiency, it was a short line but seemed to take an inordinate amount of time to get the order through. Mr. Ansel, please do a little QC to ensure that your locations are being held to the same standards no matter where they are located.

A Round World

Been to the nyc.and now the LA SPOT. great quailty and this location is located in the grove

Jennifer Rao

CRONUTS, DKAS, and CANNELES - Inside The Grove - Loving these incredible bites in Soho, made special visit to this location - Large space yet still terribly long line this afternoon - Mismanagement of the registers and ordering system - Such a shame in watching potential new customers leaving for they didn’t know it’s really worth the wait - I waited and was served finally - Yummilicious!

kevin chang

Delicious croissants airy and fluffy. I wish I had them while they were hot. The cashier acted like she hated her job

Amelia Tan

I love DA! This would be the 3rd outlet I’m visiting (after NYC and Tokyo) Always loved trying their new items. The avocado toast was amazing! But the pop fleur had a strange grainy texture and I totally didn’t like the eclair. They have the best almond croissant and I’m glad that’s consistent!

Leslie Pow

I arrived 10 minutes before they opened, and there was a line of about 10-12 people already. Once they opened, the line moved quick enough. It wasn't super fast, but wasn't unbearably slow. I got the frozen smores, matcha tart, and of course cronut of the month. I first tried the smores and it was wayyyy too sweet for me. It was hard to eat. the concept was good and the first bite, but too sweet. The match tart was good, but not awesome. I was thinking to myself "I think this place may be over rated..." Then I took a bite of the cronut, and OMG, it was so good! The textures all meshed well. The flavor was delectable. My boyfriend loved it too. The cronut is the reason I'll come back!

Alex Doo

I guess it is already trendy to dislike this place, but the cronut is just meh. The flavor we had this month was basil strawberry. The basil ganache was gummy and out of place, the croissant dough was tough and not flaky/airy, and overall could not be redeemed by a decent filling. The matcha passion fruit dessert was nice and refreshing but the peach creme fraiche cake was beautiful but lacked flavor. And at $8 per tiny insta-worthy pastry, I will not be coming back.

Alex V

Hype is not there anymore and they have plenty of cronuts at like 5 pm just few months after opening (when they just opened, you had to stay in line and they were sold out before noon). Yes, it's delicious, but charging $6 a piece is way too much in my opinion, even being at the Grove.

Julia Luu

Came here to try their famous cronuts, and it definitely did not disappoint! Perfectly flaky and not overly sweet. Absolutely delicious!

Bellottii Bellottii

No one does what he does...Kong of kings

Kevin Murray

Though I'm from NYC this is the first Ansel bakery I've had the privilege of visiting. The results: the fuss is well deserved! I had 2 cronuts and various pastries and confections. My Summer diet is completely ruined. Thank you!

Shenaz Patel

Nice place good food but expensive!!!

Torsak B.

We like the coconut one.

Scott Woodruff

As someone who lives on the West Coast, the opening of this bakery came with high anticipation, having followed Dominique’s career and creations for many years. So when he opened a store in The Grove, I had to make the trek up to check it out. After managing my way through the holiday crowd I found the beautifully designed bakery with a modest line outside. I patiently waited in line for nearly 30 minutes—don’t be afraid to remind oblivious people who just walk right by the line and into the store that there is a line. Once you’re inside the first thing you notice is the modern, warm and comfortable décor that makes up the bakery. Natural tones and coppers are the perfect fit for LA and make you forget any diet you think you may be on. The menu has something for everyone, though cronuts sell out quickly. I went with the DKA which is a like a holiday butter cookie that comes in the blue tins, in pastry form. It’s soft and flaky and has just the right amount of sweetness. I also got a CA Roll which is so unique in flavor with avocado and olive oil leading the charge across your taste buds. The gingerbread pinecone was definitely the highlight purchase as it is incredibly hand crafted of 75 hand-cut “petals” and filled with a custard that is delicious. The only downside is parking there is an absolute nightmare. The garage has a line that is 20 minutes to get in, and the other smaller parking lot is $10/hour. Come ready to spend the money.

DH Kwon

Nice interior and mamy choices of menu but I prefer Cronet in New York.

V. D.

Came for the cookie shot, left with a cookie shot, cronut, chocolate milk bread, grilled cheese and madeline's. Cookie shot and the cronut were the best of the bunch.



sang ra


Akshay Thakker

So so good! Try the cookie shot.

Rachel Macias Ramirez

Bright, open and inviting. Drew us in as we were on our way to a book signing at Barnes and Noble. Ordered a Chai Latte with almond milk and a double chocolate cookie. The cookie was delicious! Large, had to save some for later, thick, rich, ooey gooey and just the right amount of pecans. The Chai Latte on the other hand was disappointing! It was a cold evening and looking forward to sipping a nice hot drink along our walk to the bookstore. I don't believe they warmed the cold milk before adding to the tea. The latte was lukewarm at best and the Chai spices were weak!

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