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REVIEWS OF Carmel Bakery IN California

Dina Roscom

Very nice guy!!!!!! Came in today with my Husband didn’t know that they only take cash. But then he just gave me the pastry for FREE!! Blessed ur heart!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!

Brent Lemberg

Carmel Bakery has many delicious looking options. It is a sweet bakery, whereas I prefer the savory, but is still a really nice morning stop!

Matteo Lillo

Good food and great staff!! There should be more people honest like them! Thanks!

Ellen Burmester

Fantastic baked goods and sandwiches, with really reasonable prices for the area. The staff were really helpful too, and were very nice about it when I couldn't decide what I wanted.


Amazing bakery treats. Affordable and huge pasteries that tasted like heaven. Highly recommend the Lacy cookies!

Jeannette Wheeler

The caramel machiatto was the perfect pick me up while walking the streets of beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea! I saw only 15 different baked goodies I would've loved to sink my teeth into, but lost my place in line during a desperate move for the open restroom.

Richa K

Loved everything there. Coconut macaroons are just amazing. Bought so many different kind of goodies and loved everything

Megan Jamieson

Brilliant service and you need to try the meatball sub!

jamiel khan

The food is fantastic, the atmosphere is calming and service is perfect.

Lisa Liscaka

I love going here on Sunday morning, I project a happy attitude, and in return get great service. Great place to talk to other happy people.

Kathyrne Barnoski

Love, love - love this place

Christine Phillips

Fantastic. Very busy & huge portions of delicious food

Ben Carswell

Walked in off the street, was met with a huge line. Promptly was told that there were in fact no hot sandwiches. After ordering a cold sandwich and getting to the register I was told by a very rude manager that there were in fact no cold sandwiches either. After ordering a horrible apple turnover, we were told we had to pay in cash, which is ridiculous for 2019 to not have ANY way to pay outside of cash. I will not return to this place, and frankly none of you should either, there's a lot of better places on the same block.


Love this place. Great breakfast burritos & even better pastries.

John Veazey

Busy bakery. I loved there fudge brownies.

Nali Decius

Waited in line for a while, got up to the line and was told you order sandwiches at the register, so there was no point in waiting in line. Annoying, but I'm like okay, I'll get a drink and a pastry. Get up to the front and some guy asks if I've been helped, I said yeah, but I'm also getting a sandwich. He just bluntly answers the kitchen is closed. And I try to explain another worker just told me I can order cold sandwiches and he just keeps repeating "The kitchen is closed. The kitchen is closed." So he turns around and turns off the TV that has the food displayed on it. Then he goes back to the counter and starts shouting at the customers waiting if they're ready to order. So I get to the front, surprise, they only accept cash, which wasn't posted anywhere else. The pastry wasn't even that good, and honestly won't ever come back here because I'm pretty sure that dude is a manager/owner.

Mathilde LAMBERT

Right on the main street of Carmel by the Sea. Tea bag served in Starbucks cup, not very authentic. No info about the pastries you have to ask what each is. Taste was plain.

Jason S

Just a quick stop for some sandwiches. The Turkey, Bacon, Avocado sandwich was fantastic and generously portioned - the bread was wonderfully fresh. Bathrooms could use some maintenance. I'd certainly stop again for a sandwich. My friend enjoyed her coffee and cinnamon twist, as well her sandwich. Pastries can be ordered quickly at the counter from an attendant dedicated to those sales, but sandwiches and coffee require a longer wait in a separate line. Overall, fairly charming with great bread/sandwiches.

Mitchell Hoyson

Delicious cookies and treats. Just be careful since the dog treats look even more delicious than the cookies.

Maryam Sh

This place was my favorite destination every time we visited Carmel until the last time. First of all I remember paying by card here since I never carry cash. But they changed it and now they only accept cash. Obviously we go to a lot of places who want to dodge taxes by taking cash only. It is their staff. I ordered one scoop of ice cream and when I tried to pay a man behind the counter told me cash only. I didn’t have any. He didn’t even gave me chance to ask my husband or go out to an ATM and get some. All he did was saying “well then” and throwing the ice cream in the garbage!!! I was super embarrassed in front of all those people in the store who turned to look at me. I don’t really know why was it so hard for him to at least act like a human and tell me: ”I’m sorry but we only accept cash please come back with cash and order again” All I could do was leaving the store as fast as I can! It was very very embarrassing how he talked to me and this ruined my day in Carmel which was supposed to be fun! I will NEVER go to their place again.

jawad tabrez

Great family run place. Friendly people and good environment. It can get a bit crowded here but that suggests quality. ice-cream is good and they offer Starbucks coffee too.

Simple Travellers

Nice Price and tasty food. You can find sandwich and nice pastries

Angi Scudder

Great local bakery with a large variety

Charene Robinson

Visiting Carmel for a few days and decided to pop in for some sweets. The treats in the front window sold us! We ordered a raspberry Danish to share. The danish was quite dry, but the flavor of the jam was very good. Overall, it was a good sweet treat. Even at 6pm, the bakery was very busy. The menu showed that they have a lot of sandwiches and soups. Sounded very interesting, but we were there just for treats. We would probably eat there again, but it wasn’t the best we’d ever had.

Tayla Page


dillon rath

Really cute little bakery that has a great looking and fun atmosphere in downtown Carmel. The reason for the 3 stars is because we got cookies from there (1 dozen assorted) and they were hard and not fresh! We were excited for fresh and soft cookies and were disappointed! Everything else looked amazing and maybe we were just unlucky!

Karen Semchee

Yummy goods.

Bernard Mesa

The desserts here are great, I am a big sucker for the chocolate chip cookies! My dog is a sucker for everything here (only give him the dog treats of course). Friendly staff here and just a great vibe overall.

Alan Lombardi

Generally good. Have a good selection

Jorge Lucio

I want to start by saying Erica was really helpful recommended a few delicious treats no doubt she was amazing due to her service and really nice I would recommend anyone to drop buy as I'll return once again no doubt about it keep up the good work!

Rich Stephens

Yummy stuff and good coffee

Keith Hicks

Good if limited offerings. Very pleasant staff.

Kristina Siino

Best place for pastries in town. Don't miss this hidden gem

Johannes Hennekeuser

Sweets of any style. Delicious.

Stephanie Moritz

Not what we hoped. Staff weren't very friendly and felt like a bit of a tourist trap. Just got pushed through the system, but not really an experience. Coffee was too hot and the cinnamon danish was really dry, but the pretzels were good. Such a shame about the staff, because that's usually what makes or breaks an experience. Unfortunately on this occasion it broke ours.

Richard Kim

the wedding cakepop was delicious and hot americano very fresh and clean flavor

Matthew Bradley

Best pastries in town and good breakfast burritos too - coffee not bad either !

Hugh Leonard

Good sandwiches and baked goods. Busy on a Sunday but they move quickly. Cash only. Great place if you're just looking for a quick and inexpensive bite.

Jadyn Richard

Awesome. It had the customer service. It even had delicious ice cream. And dog treats that I thought were for humans its great. You shoulf really. Beck this place out. But it always has a long line

TheTheking1935 .

Staff are friendly and professional. The pastries are excellent. Music and ambiance are outstanding. Went to this place several times a year.

Jon Selover

I should have had a pretzel! They looked great in the display window. My cherry strudel was yummy. Always crowded. Celebrating 120 years in Carmel B.T. C

Jacklin Khalsa

The Italian Wedding cookies are worth the wait!

Mike Waite

Met up with my brother-in-law there ended up getting the breakfast burritos and after looking at everything got pretty much one of the free thing to go and for the next 24 hours everybody around me was extremely happy with the pastries from the bakery. Highly recommend very flavorful


Dog biscuits look great


Ice cream was delicious but I had a stomach problems afterwards.


Baked goods looked delicious but at the time I just wanted ice cream and it was just generic.

Neha Viswanathan

As much as I have loved this place and been here multiple times with family and friends and recommended the brownies to a lot of people, it seems all the attention has gotten to their heads. This business is apparently open till 10 pm according to Google but when I went there at 7 pm on a Saturday night (there were 3 others wanting to enter the bakery), a rude employee didn’t bother to respond to any of us. There was no sign that the bakery was closed. And its not like we were waiting for free service. And to the rude dude, calm down! There are other ways of dealing with whatever problems you have in your life. Being rude to people doesn’t help!

Chloe Bartlett

If you like homemade pretzels, this is the place for you. Cute bakery on the main drag. Get a pastry and walk to Carmel beach!

Google User

A good quality bakery shop. This is the place to get your pooch a special little doggie treat.

Ted Luehs

Has gone from a pure bakery to a coffee house that even sells sandwiches and I've cream. Size has not increased

Randy Warren

So delicious

Low Jian Sheng

Came by this bakery during my west coast road trip. Prices were affordable and the pastries were really good, although a bit too sweet for my liking. I liked the decor of the place and the history of the bakery.

Dilip Rajagopalan

Awesome Irish coffee chip ice cream and caprese sandwich

todd carbo

Almost always a line here but a great variety of pastries, sweets, sandwiches and coffee.

Márcio Matielo

Delicious stuff inside. Be aware.

Elda Galvez

I a lot of the reviews and I was excited to try these bakery. Arrived there was a line as it was to be expected given the popularity. Ordered a hot chocolate. I have never done a review before but this deserves to be said. WORST HOT CHOCOLATE I HAVE EVER EVER EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. Felt like someone mixed hot water with 1/2 a Swiss miss and decided to sell that. Please don’t waste your money on ordering the hot chocolate.

Oleg Aravin

Cash only in 2019??? This cafe said "no" to the technologies, so let's say "no" to this cafe.

Heidi Budd

Amazing products. Great for breakfast and takeaway sandwiches. Brownies are delicious- best ever! Fantastic prices too.

Elmer MCcracken

Just look at it!!!! LOOK AT IT!!! Cash only.

Isaiah Macias

Best place to go for italian soda and the icecream. Also I love how they have compostable icecream cups and spoons.

Jonathan Heiliger

Carmel Bakery was chock full of tourists who appeared to be unfamiliar with ordering ice cream or common pastries! The cinnamon crisp was tasty, and gingerbread ok (a bit soft). The salt pretzel was SUPER salty and chewy, not what I hoped. Staff were friendly and harried, maybe they need another set of hands or training.

Shruti Sabarwal

Excellent breakfast burritos

Rajiv Appana

Food was not very fresh. Also the food looks awesome but taste is just meh!


If you want your food to be mixed with dog food, enjoy it!

Steve Miro

best place for baked goods in Carmel

Douglas Hungerford

Lots of items to choose from and all low- call haha

Alex N

Delicious food and I have enjoyed the atmosphere. If you are nearby and are hungry I recommend to go here.

Cinda Flame

Excellent! We went during car week, and the little store was super busy. We got served quickly, was able to pay, and get to make room for people coming in, quite quickly. The pastries were delicious and all the offerings looked wonderful. Would go back again if in the area.

Tony Pazzaglia

nice place to stop in and pick up a coffee, pastry or breakfast burrito. Gets pretty busy on weekends and during events and the flow from order, pay and pick-up is not intuitive. Local youth staff the place and range from good to frustrated.

Sabrina Richter

My friends and I shared 3 pastries and everything was incredible and fresh. The croissant was the best I've had outside of Europe and the raspberry danish was to die for! I loved how they had some cute dog biscuits as well.

Jessica Gerstner

I really enjoyed my chicken caesar but the salsa was unconventional so I could see why others would not like it. The Italian sandwich was disappointing and was mostly just ham not the layered mix of a traditional Italian. The hot chocolate was good when drank right away but the powder separated and wasn't so tasty after awhile. I appreciated that they let me use my own to-go cup and that even with a to-go order all the 'trash' was compostable. The cannoli and brownie we had were enjoyed.

Alice Baltar

Exquisite food! However I was travelling and hated to be treated in a hurry! The employees were always rushing the clients and weren't found of explaining the flavors available! Too sad for a place that could have been a wonderfull experience. I went twice trying to change my first not so good impression but it was just the same! I'll recommend the Italian 2 blocks away .

David Andora

Long lines, partially attributed to tantalizing window display of baked treats! Nothing tasted nearly as good as it looked. Dry pastries typical of old school bakeries. The salt and everything pretzels were the best thing we ordered, but they were more akin to a good dinner roll than a pretzel. I should have simply admired the window display and saved the $30 of food no one in our group wanted to eat after a bite.

Brett Maurer

Waited in line for 15 minutes. When we finally made it to the counter, the teenager behind it told us they only accept cash. They're probably withholding the revenue they claim to avoid the Cali tax rate. Its 2019. Get with it. With the amount of people who do not carry cash nowadays, their definently losing out.

Jubin Edachery

Historic bakery in this cute town (bakery was built 1899) is a must do. Great pastries, and ice cream (didn't try the savories or sandwiches). The window display is inviting, and it didn't disappoint. We were here on a Saturday and there was a huge line that ran till outside the store - but it was moving fast and worth the little wait. No cards, so bring cash. Great place for an ice cream to complement your beach day (the beach is walkable from here).

Mike Hogarty

Try the sandwiches and the pretzel it's like a croissant with flaky deliciousness. I can't believe how good the price was! New favorite!

Matt Settles

Great Macaroons!!!

Kirsty Mason

Loved the cinnamon crisp. Delicious. Cannoli good too

Joshua Kim

The Italian cream soda is just sprite

Simon Molloy

Slow, sarcastic service. I came here 3 times for a lunch sandwich when working a construction job nearby. Twice I got pulled out of the line to be asked what I wanted, only to be told I have to order hot food at the cashier, by which time at least 2 people were then in front of me. When I suggested maybe they put a sign up so that people know where to go, I got a sarcastic smile and a simple no, as if it was a strange suggestion. The coffee is lukewarm and is from Starbucks, no half and half or whole milk in the containers, waited 20 minutes for my sandwich, by which time my lunch break was over. The pastries are sickly sweet. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any other option nearby. Did I mention they were slow? Very slow

Elham Daha

Never recommend! I came here as a tourist today! It’s a cash only place! There is no sign outside or by the menu and the sign for cash only is very small on top of a counter while you’re looking at the pastries and ice cream bar. Cashier, was so rude and not friendly. The pastry is not fresh as well! So unsatisfied of this place!

Kailash Patil

An awesome quaint little 120 years old bakery on ocean avenue . An array of impressive healthy sandwiches and pastries A good place pick up your lunch or snack on the way to Carmel beach See the photos for the story and menu options

Michael Florant

Neat little place with really good coffee and sweets. Super friendly staff too,


This bakery is a little treasure in Carmel. It's one of the first Carmel businesses ever built & still standing (with over 100 yrs of existence). The baked goods & ice cream they have are sooo good. I think this is a must if you have a sweet tooth.

Paul Boschen

Very busy but worth the wait for the ice cream as they're the only one in town.

Inés Valero Solesio

The best brownies and shortbread I have ever had!!! Actually, the best of carmel! The only thing I would change is... The quote on founders which is somehow offending...

Cheri Way

We have excellent sandwiches. And at a reasonable price, especially for Carmel.

Michael Hyde

Plenty of selection, line was out the door but service was fast. Only downside was the displayed lots of goodies in the window stacked high but those were just for show. my kids really wanted a smile cookie.

Mary Jane Canale

A must stop bakery, the pecan Danish was outstanding.

Jeremy Earle

Only take cash!!! Makes you wonder if it's a money laundering front.

manish mehta

Awesome place!! The Brownie and Ice Cream tastes really good.

ysaias Rodriguez


Gabe Kronisch

Great desserts for good prices

Robert Piscia

Excellent bakery in downtown. Quaint. Staff is friendly.

Jo Tyrell

Great selection of Italian Favorite Baked Goods. Some items are served at Little Napoli.

Tessa Wong

Bought a slice of their carrot cake for 4.99USD and it was good

Akash Jain

Pathetic coffee that both of us had upset stomach after drinking there. Chocolate fudge was okay but not great. Not visiting the place again.

Yannick B.

Best brownies on planet earth!

Danny Aubol

I ate a donught

Skipper Janczewski

It’s a Bakery - You know ... One of those that produces great results,.. yummy delicious stuff. Must visit -

Genesh Chen-Shue

Best pretzel I ever had. The wait was long because they are understaffed. I came at 7 for breakfast sandwiches the next morning but they started late and couldn't have it ready until eight so I left.

Serena Chiu

We went there for a ice cream on a hot sunny day. The line was long but the ice cream was yummy and creamy. The cone was a bit small and ordinary otherwise, it would have been perfect.

Oscar Vera

Their pastries were great and so is the ice cream definitely recommend

Ranitri Weerasuriya

Cute display, but nasty bakes and coffee. We got some kind of dry, old pretzel.

Walter Oles

Great place for a snack


Tasty pestaries, good food. Bit crowded. Nice atmosphere.

c g

Great Napoleons! Delicious so good eaten before I could take a picture

Nicolas MORANT

Great selection. The food is very tasty and prices a reasonable for Carmel.

Nichole McDonald

Very cute place. Was very busy. We had to wait a little to get a seat inside. Well worth it. Will definitely visit the next time we are in Carmel. We loved the pretzels so much we got 2 more to take home.

manaswini condoor

They have a wide variety of dessert and breakfast choices. Their home made ice creams are super nice , and I would strongly recommend the vanilla pecan flavor! Just a heads up that their famous chocolate pretzel consists of cinnamon inside and I wouldn’t highly recommend that. Before I forget, IT’S ONLY CASH! But it gives a perfect seaside bakery ambience and a cute downtown walk!

vishwajeeth V

The pastry was amazing but the guys who work there desperately need a hug! Their customer service is pathetic!

Edwina Duenas

Great selection of baked goods such as cookies, cannolis, strudels, plus coffee and ice cream. Seating is limited, so I recommend buying some goods and walking through Carmel's hidden passageways and tucked away corridors.

Tony D

Good place to stop by for coffee and dessert while in Carmel

Phillip Bell

Excellent cup of tea and a very nice cake at a reasonable price.

Ken Erback

Outstanding shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate.

John Conn

Good baked goods and sandwiches. The coffee was pretty good also

Victor Novikov

A LOT OF SUGAR. And cash only

Nitesh Agrawal

nice little bakery in the downtown Carmel. limited seating space, but Canoli, cookies and coffee good for takeout.

A Hernandez

Fabulous bakery! Friendly service, Fantastic selection and Fast considering the line.

Thomas Harris

Nice little pastry shop and ice cream place. We really liked the eclair and the macaroons were uniquely delicious. We also had a monster cinnamon pastry twist that was really good. We will go back

Erik Quan

Hot apple cider is literally martinellis that is heated up. Pastries are hard and not that delicious... Would not go again

Billy Jo Abbott

Sandwiches really good Cute and friendly.

Karla Vega

Tourist area and they only accept cash

Frank Rijsberman

Great selection

Leigh B

Poetry in coffee, sugar and flour. The perfect way to start a cool morning on the beach. Almond croissant is perfect, and chocolate dipped shortbread cookie was just right on the sweetness. You have to stop by, locals and travelers!

Tejaswini Lele

Nice place. We went here on a Saturday evening and there was a constant line for ordering. It is a popular spot! We got hot chocolate and canoli. Both very really really good. If you are in Carmel , do visit this place.

Haleh Dolati

It is a cash only place and there is no sign that says “cash only” outside. Soooo you wait in the long line (and they take order before you get to the cashier) and when you are going to pay thy say cash only. Apparently paying a couple of cents to credit companies for card transactions (like anybody else) is too hard!! To be fair there are a couple little signs that says cash only but they are small and are not placed in right locations

Rebecca Ferris

Yummy. You want to try everything.

Petrina James

Love their chocolate dipped macaroons and cannoli. Cash only now, so come prepared

K. A. Bowman

Cannolis are so good!

Gage Zettelmeier

Stopped here after our visit to Pebble. The food is okay if you need a bite, but the desserts/pastries are out of this world! My favorite was the brownie with walnuts. It is cash only, there’s a Wells Fargo 1 block over with an ATM.

Caitlin Pease

Such a cute little bakery and their baked goods are delicious!

Preeti Rastogi

Awesome collection ..

Carlos Valdecantos

Really good bakery in an incredibly beautiful place! Thanks for everything guys!

Arjono PTA

Delicious!! We went there and get chocolate cake and yes very good, store is too small especially when busy time

Kimberley Wittrock

Pastries were good . Get there early the best stuff sells out first. A little pricey for what you get.

Thomas Loker

Great ice cream and pastries.

Romit Jadhwani

Such a cute spot on Ocean Ave. It's a local favorite with a great spread of delicacies. The ice creams are amazing. Try all of them. Coffee was decent - nothing to die for. Check this place when you visit Carmel... Gets packed but lines move fast

Bill Hartzer

Great breakfast burritos here. Good coffee.


Great tasting pastries, good coffee and smiling staff.

puny bhat

Horrible service. Rude people. Selection is good but the experience is bad because of the attitude of the staff there... would not recommend just for the staff running the place.

M4mb0 Gio

Too much people e really expensive.

Lucy Ball

They have the best cookies and Meatball sandwiches! The staff are very nice!

Fabiana C

This place looks great from outside, but their stuff doesn't taste nearly as good as it looks. I went with a few people and the three pastries we got were below average. They're hot chocolate is worse than Nesquik. I don't know why it has such a good ratings, maybe it's for the looks?

Hannah C

Great spot in the heart of town. Get reasonably priced food here and walk down to the ebadh for a wonderful day in Carmel by the Sea. This bakery also is historic, it's been around since 1906

Pete Bunch

Busy and crowded when we went in. It seemed to take a very long time to get served in spite of there being many staff. I had a strawberry ice cream which was ok, but nothing to write home about.


OMG this place is cozy, the sandwiches, pastries, coffees and service are great!! .. I was staying in a hotel close by from their location and I didn't have to drive. Most of the time I passed by there was always a line, it's that good!!!

Marina Kobayashi

No sampling the ice cream is a bummer. The flavor I got didn't match the name - salted caramel crunch had no crunch to it. Hot apple cider was good, but not sure if it was homemade or from a mix. The elephant ear pastry was soso in my opinion.

Steven Brothers

Pretty ok. Nice staff. Gets very busy.

Camille Desdoits

Bakeries are really nice looking but we stopped there for a small lunch. Sandwichs are really simple, the bread is not good at all and there is no taste. Don't stop at this place for anything else than pastries.

Lisa V

The best pretzels ever

valerie torelli

It is crowded but worth it.

Anoop John

Good food at great prices!


Had the coconut macaroon. It was fantastic! The cannoli, not so much...

evelyn chu

I'm a very visual person, so when I saw ample items beautifully arranged and almost picture perfect display of front windows, I had to get in, and bought lots of different desserts, and with help of girls friends we tasted them all and we're all very satisfied.

Josh Stika

Would give 3.5 stars if I could. Fair prices but not great food and very very crowded

Caspar Gray

Their cinnamon roll is huge and amazingly fluffy. Perhaps the best I've ever had!


Delicious cake and latte.

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