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419 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States

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REVIEWS OF Canter's Restaurant, Bakery, Deli and Bar IN California

Tom Wagner

Canter's is to most delis what In-N-Out is to McDonald's: incomparable! Even with the enormous dining room, you may have to wait a few minutes to be seated, as popular as this place is. Once you're at the table, it would be a mistake not to try the hot mustard. My earliest memory of Canter's was, oddly, horseback riding in Griffith Park. The sponsors of the youth group had provided sandwiches from Canter's that contained so much meat I nearly went catatonic with overwhelming joy. Happily, this has not changed. The "bulging sandwich" is still a trademark of Canter's, and no matter what meat you choose, it will be delicious. When it comes to pastrami, there is one other considerably smaller yet just as well established deli that will remain nameless (located catty-corner of MacArthur Park; you know the place that I mean) that I admit serves better tasting pastrami, though they don't stack it as thickly as Canter's does (the only drawback to Canter's pastrami is that it is too lean, which detracts slightly from the flavor). However, no one makes a better corned beef or roast beef sandwich than Canter's. It ain't cheap, but you WILL be full after eating. What makes Canter's truly special for me is that they have an in-house bakery that makes, bar none, the best twice-baked rye in the world. Another plus is the location, right down the street from Farmer's Market and The Grove, where you can walk off some of the calories you just consumed. Dead center between West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Miracle Mile, you'll find hundreds of diversions for those who love to shop all around you.

Wizney Lord

Always fun to go to Canters after a long night running around LA. The food is good for the most part, though there are some menu items which are better left off a diner menu.

J Hoover

Delicious old school deli. Absolutely worth the wait if there’s a line. It moves pretty fast.

Mark Humphries

Excellent food in the heart of Hollywood. There is a big chance to see someone fanous here and the food is amazing.

Wendy Balaka

Excellent corned beef. Great menu, homey feel with excellent servers! Highly recommend the Beehive cake for dessert!

April Rorie

Awesome place to visit. Great friendly service and awesome food. If you want a recommendation, take it from an out-of-tower. Fried chicken.

Jim Slack

Genuinely friendly wait staff... everytime I went in... helpful on food selection as in explaining menu... but must say sandwich was dry that I took to go... won't do that again


Our waitress tracey was fabulous. My favorites are pickled tongue sandwichs, hot with mashed potatoes and gravey or cold on chalah bread with Beaver sweet hot mustard.

Danielle Frost

Everything was really good including the waitress and drinks and food.

Lindsee Luna

There’s a reason why this place is a staple in LA, food is excellent and the bakery is out of this world good. Go here if you haven’t already! You won’t be disappointed.


What's more legit than this!?!! Reminds me of the LES/E. VILLAGE NYC/MANHATTAN.. REAL TALK.. REAL THANG.. REAL EXPERIENCE.. GOOD FOOD ETC..

Joshua Williams

A solid LA classic. I got the Spicy Melt and it was everything I needed in a sandwich - definitely recommend it. The staff is fun and good-spirited as well which makes the experience even more authentic.

C O Peebles

The food was amazing. I would only suggest you use care when ordering from the pastry counter. She wasn't very nice or happy.

amy allen

A legendary place! Reuben and pickles best in LA!

Sawyer Snyder

Good location for tasty American food. Great location to chill, eat some good food. Service is typically above par.

Faith Pon

Excellent Nosh! Charactered enviroment and great old school service! I will be visiting again and again!

Charles Forbin

You can't say enough good things about the place,so I won't try. This is a must visit if you want GOOD Kosher food with a family atmosphere

Shelby Arellano

american food and the setting here is very good. it's so savory. nothing but pleasant experiences here. prices were fair.

Chachi Mdj

If you are in the area or out late and want to grab a bite , its an alright to go to. Not as nice and food is not as good as it used to be. About 15-20 years ago, the food was amazing, no just so-so. But dont get me wrong, still an alright place and food is pretty damn good, no major complaints really.

Deluxe Diner

Wow great experience, a true Diner & Jewish Deli , Micheal is super friendly & helpful :) delicious & authentic, just what I was looking for Thank you Chere Bailey Deluxe Diner New Zealand

Kathryn Fritschel

This was amazing! The signature sandwich corned beef reuben was the BEST I have ever had. The selection of pastries and desserts was wowing as well. We tried the matzo ball soup, Matt's sandwich, and the corned beef reuben, all of which were very good. The staff was great about substituting the side for one of our dishes too. Overall a great experience and I would definitely recommend!

Mack Age

Great waiter, outstanding service and food was to die for

Steve Hart

Amazing Full Service!! Comfortable! So Good!


Loved this place. The spread was amazing. The service was good and fast. I got the BLTA and fresh juice. Highly recommend.

Edwin Ortiz

An amazing pastrami sandwich. Will definitely come back. The place has some cool history and stories to go with it. A must visit. The menus has other great options

S. Wynne

Good times, late nights. Food is always good. Simple, satisfying and again, what's better than 24 hours or open late?

diane teeters

Same atmosphere as it was 55 years ago. Although prices have risen significantly.

Doc Deens

Classic for a reason...great food aNd atmosphere

Mark Davis

A wonderful family-owned deli with tons of character and delicious food!

Alex Rivera

Neither good or bad, but for a sandwich I'll stay at home. Its famous, but no good taste in food. I'll really think about coming back.

Joe Dean

One of my fav spots for american food. Do not leave if it's busy, it is worth it. The staff was sociable and attentive. Prices are decent. I can see why they have so many good reviews.


Canters is a fantastic Jewish deli. Personally I believe it’s the best Jewish deli on the west coast. I recommend their pastrami sandwiches with corned beef on rye. I highly recommend coming here.

Chia MacGregor

Icon landmark left us wanting for more flavor & less nostalgia. The service was amazing & it had a really cool retro vibe however the Cornbeef & Cabbage dinner, Strawberry topped Cheesecake & Carrot cake were disappointments especially at that price point. What redeemed it was it's out of this world Matzo Ball soup. The golden broth has deep rich savory tones that transport to a happy place & the matzo ball is massive with tender pillow like texture. Would I go away ABSOLUTELY for the Matzo Ball Soup!

Lauren Prince

Cute retro diner with American classics on the menu. I had a vegetarian pastrami Reuben which was flavourful and delicious. Not often I can eat something like this! The service was efficient and food was brought out quickly. Bit pricey but on par with other places in the area.

DeBorah Green

The "meet and greeter" was abrupt and unfriendly, the best I can say about the food was that it was edible but waaaaay overpriced. My $10 bowl of matzo ball soup was not much larger than a large cup in some restaurants and consisted of a single, bland matzo ball and a broth that tasted like dishwater with an essence of chicken broth. That's it, no carrots, chicken, noodles, nothing. The latkes were lukewarm and rubbery and weren't as good as the ones you can make from a box. My friends shared a corned beef sandwich that was passable but not much more remarkable than corned beef from a package. Everything was very expensive considering what came to the table. The only reason we powered through was because we were in a time crunch trying to get to a workshop and got caught in a funny dining limbo in L.A. Canter's may be an institution in some minds just not one you should willingly subject yourself to when there are other options, like going home and making yourself a respectable PB&J.

Michael Massey

Always good. Never changes, which is why I didn't give them a 5. They are an institution.

James Daughton

Bad kitchen day, terrible chopped liver, not the usual.and really fatty corned beef. So dissappointing!!! Quality going down, wasted money...

Velvet Overkil

Don't get me wrong; I know it's a historic place, yadda yadda, and i do respect it; but it's like the person that knows they are beautiful, why gild the lily? I also know they ustato have about a million things on their menu but if you have eggplant parm then you better make it decently. Theirs was lukewarm at best and when i eventually flagged our server down and politely asked for it to be reheated, it was shlockily done. I was foolish to not just ask for a sandwich, which they make well but for this, which they had NO idea how to do. Also, minor, but if you are Diabetic, it would be nice to have Stevia - it's not like they don't make enough $$ to buy some - i mean, even Marie Callender's has Stevia now; these guys just have either ultra processed white sugar (read: totally death) or the laden chemical (artificial) substitutes (death by any other name). Their aa sandwiches are of course, good and their special choc chip cookie (by dint of yelp) was excellent, as is their potato latkes...

David Janisch

A historic famous affordable and tasty place. Has a free parking lot on the corner. Huge menu, open 24hrs I think. A must see and must eat place.


Absolutely incredible food. One of the best restaurants in it's sector of LA. For the size of the portions, the prices are very fair, especially considering average LA profit margins for restaurants. They have something for people who want to eat a lot or eat a little.

Kay Lee

the place was introduced by a friend who have had been hanging out here at his teenage years and always visited because of the food and it is really good. I couldn't finished a burger but the corner need sandwich they have is the best i finished the whole sandwich just like that because it really is so good. though he said it was bigger before but hey, it doesn't matter because i have tasted the best corned beef sandwich in los angeles by Carter's. I recommended that every1 should try it you will never ever gonna regret because its worth it.

Erik Kravets

Amazing as always, hope it never changes. Great bakery and selection, delicious pickles. Come and eat!

Robert Steffen

Great food and a unique atmosphere. It's a must if you are in the area.

Danny Carranza

Try the reuben sandwich and the Reuben pastrami best in town potato salad omg

John Urbach

Dresser! Brooklyn Ave! Cant go wrong. Good portions with dynamite flavor.

artie niesen

Old Jewish deli-resteraunt mid century modern theme. Good American food. Great bakery section .

Ron Betten

Classic historic deli - quality of food excellent - terrible service by our waitress - take out service even worse - 6 workers and I was only one waiting in person - after begging the manager for assistance I got a simple order 30 minutes later It will be a very long time before I go back

Daryell Claude Camacho

A great Jewish Deli in the heart of Los Angeles. Had my pastrami on rye with fries, cole slaw and a Dr. Brown's cream soda to go. The sandwich did not disappoint. Ever since I moved to Pasadena getting to Canter's is a treat! My colleagues also ordered a turkey and American cheese sandwich and another asked for their creamy and tasty hummus. I picked up some onion pumpernickel bagels and various pieces of delicious rhughalla for dessert! May be some time before I get back, but the great food will help make it sooner rather than later!

Zain Rizvi

Excellent Reuben sandwich. The sauerkraut made me think of my friend’s Jewish grandmother who used to make it for us. Absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to go back and try the treats from the bakery!

Dai-Trang Thai

My friends and I came during the Mrs. Maisel day that was running around LA, so it was packed! Surprisingly, service was smooth and the food was good. They didn’t seem to be impacted by the crowd at all. While the originally $16 dollar hot corned beef sandwich was good, it doesn’t beat Langer’s! The bread was a bit soggy and I wish there was more slaw inside to balance the meat a bit better. Otherwise, it was a good meal, definitely one that could be split between a not very hungry couple. I will definitely come back to try the delicious looking cheesecake! The place also has a very authentic vintage deli vibe. The ceilings are beautiful and the place is clean.

Cyndi Carpluk

A must for every L.A. visit. Authentic Jewish deli, huge delicious portions. The service is amazing and fun.

Junk Qwerks

Historic. Pastrami or Corned Beef on Rye. Like I remembered

Chase Payer

Shoutout to NICK our waiter, he was awesome and deserves a raise! He's super friendly, quick, and attentive. Always made sure we were good and kept refilling our water. One of the best waiters I've ever had. Finally got to try the famous Canter's and was impressed by the service and decor. Very historic and good vibes. However, I was disappointed at the food. I got the turkey Rueben and the turkey was super dry. Overall the sandwich didn't have a lot of flavor or taste. The bread was bomb though! And it has a lot of turkey! But overall not impressed. The fries were soggy and seemed like they've been sitting there all day. Girlfriend got the monte cristo which looked amazing but tasted bland. The syrup did nothing. The turkey was super dry as well. She switched it out for some chocolate pancakes thinking that would be better........but sadly it wasn't. Each of the pancakes were burnt on the bottom. Looks like they tried to hide it but she inspects all of her food lol! The cookies that are free for yelp check in are extra dry! Didn't even finish it. Everything seems to be super dry here, not sure if that's how it's meant to be or if we came at a bad time. The prices for their sandwiches are outrageous. I can definitely make a better sandwich at home. Luckily we had a buy one get one deal. At least they have free parking.

Andrew K

This place has been around for 3 generations. Almost 100 years. I had pancakes on their breakfast menu and it was so good. Filled me up! The service is so friendly and after you're done eating you can order from their deli to-go for your lunch!

Mike Moore

I have been going there since i was probably abot 7 yrs ols with my mom and grandmother. Now i don't live in the state any more and we are visitng from OKC so we stopped to have a pastrami sandwich. It was it as good as i remember and will be back sometime in the near future.

Lynn Kimbrough

A must for the true flavor of Fairfax district although our waitress was unusually nice and friendly. Usually more intimidating

Laura Arnold

We love that Cantor's now offers Mrs. Goldfarb's plant-based corned beef on Reubens!

Ed Plas

Good for being so old.

Benjamin Trust

A nice place with a very traditional feel. Nice sandwiches, and good Lox! It wasn't cheap, but the service was also very good, and overall, it was definitely worth coming here.

Robert Harrison

Nostalgic Jewish Deli that's been around for decades. Amazing food and atmosphere. The bakery is loaded with treats of all kinds.

Tanena Evans

Awesome place to visit! The food is absolutely amazing. Anything you get from this place you will enjoy. Consequences, make room for dessert if is so worth it.

Josiah Bonilla

American food, yeah, so delicious. certainly worth a return trip. the bill was appropriate for the quality. i can see why they have so many reviews.

Caroline Louis

The food is excellent tasty good customer service prices a little higher

Gustavo Rodriguez

Great food with delicious flavor. The Matt’s choice sandwich was “on point” they use real turkey. The waitstaff is very friendly and open to show you and explain you all the History of the place.


Love this place. My first visit was in 94, then again in 96. This was my first time getting to go back since then and its just as delicious as it was back then.

Ashley Mandi

hey have fresh baked cookies, cakes, danishes, cupcakes and many more bakery items. I grabbed a chocolate on chocolate cupcake, a variety of cookies. The cupcake was moist and very chocolatey with mile high chocolate ganache piled on top. The rugula cookies were soft and tasty. Everything else was superb.

Grant Jack

One of LA's oldest and most famous Jewish Deli's is serving up some seriously tasty sandwiches that totally compete with some of the newest, trendiest sandwich joints in the city. I stopped in after several years of formally boycotting because of a terrible Monte Cristo I got back in 2004. I am really glad I did because their corned beef Ruben is made for a king! Tons of tender meat, fresh sour kraut on delicious toasty rye made for a perfect sandwich. I'm looking forward to returning to give that Monte Cristo another shot....that all said, minus 1 star for not serving real mashed potatoes!

Dietrich Krumholz

Really cool historic place . Great food and bakery too. I feel like these are the type of places our parents used to go to. Being on Fairfax doesn't hurt either

Pamela Martinez

Love Canter's and I visit anytime I'm in L.A. The prices are getting too high. I recommend half pastrami sandwich and a small bowl of matzo ball soup. Don't forget to buy a black and white cookie on your way out!

Chesh Eggmun

Great staff!! Very helpful and brought samples so we could try some stuff to make sure we ordered what we wanted, also try the vegan pastrami! I'm not vegan but it tasted amazing!

Brandon Buck

The Pastrami Reuben is my demise. So good. So desirable. So important to drink a quart of water afterward.

Los Angeles

The place is very dark. It has some damage to the front entrance that should have been repaired. The food was good but the place can defenetly use some work to improve the mood

Meg Torresan

I always love going to Canter's. The food is just so good. I normally don't like sweet potato fries but I love them here! I also love that they bring you different kinds of mustard so that you can choose the one you like the most. Not to mention that they are open 24/7. It's one of those restaurants I'll never get tired of! P.s. I normally take the pictures for my reviews before I start eating but every time I get so excited and end up forgetting about the picture

Olivier Kramarz

This is my "cantine" when I'm in LA. It's always good, they're always nice and smiling but, most of all for a european guy like me, they serve 24/7. The Ruben is impeccable and the chopped liver too. Don't hesitate, it's a no brainer.

Bill Hamm

Excellent omelettes, they offer breakfast 24hrs. The staff is top notch. We will be returning next time we're in town.

McKinzey Whitty

Yum yum yum! Went on a Sunday around 11:30am No wait! Funny and pleasant hostess got us seated right away. They are so attentive our coffee cups never were near empty! Jimmy was our server he was great! I had the vegetarian Ruben sandwich very good! Would highly recommend Canter’s!!!!!

Cindy Brickner

Baked tongue on rye. Can't find it most places. Tender, bread fresh. Waitress was stellar, Stacy? Great for people watching. Accordion guy was quiet enough to not disrupt the place. His vest was printed with instruments. Meal + a show. Eclair after meal. Plus one to go home. Wish we were closer. Only drawback is wading thru the homeless on sidewalks.

Daisy Bee

After 33 years Still my fave place to have a late night meal & great conversation. The bars dj had an awesome playlist tonight but when those live bands play its a real treat and last but not least the best pickles in the west coast bar none

v Rico

So many sandwich options! They also have traditional Jewish food like matzo soup and noodle kugel. Had one of the vegetarian sandwiches (avocado melt) with fries. They were kind enough to substitute challah bread instead of wheat. Staff was prompt, courteous, and came to check on us often. Waitress was cute ;) Did wish the sandwich came with a chipotle mayo or something, as I ended up with mouthfuls of alfalfa sprouts and bread. Definitely try out desserts. The cheesecake was delicious! I would recommend plain though, as I had the strawberry cheesecake and it was a little too sweet. The bakery has numerous other pastries. Tried the smaller ones (sold by the pound) and they were delish! They also sell cheesecake by the block.

Leonard Gonzalez

Absolutely the best in the west, coast that is. Being raised on the East coast, I was unaware of how good I had it with so many choices of deli's and restaurants all around me. Canter's reminds me of that neighborhood deli that was always a go to when hungry. Ruebens, hamantaschen and dill pickles. And, unlike everything else in California; they're open twenty-four hours just like they are back home!

Dustin Fritschel

Visited while in the LA area from Chicago after getting a really good recommendation. While the atmosphere is a little dated (which is expected as it is very vintage and has a lot of history), the food is the real reason to check it out. Sandwiches were amazing. Tried the corned beef and the Matt's Special. Amazing. Loved that they gave pickles rather than bread when we sat down. Bought some baked goods on the way out and they were also delicious. Highly recommended.

Michael Sean Wright

Always a floor show of human dynamics. Put down your phone and look around. Enjoy the traditions of good food.

Steve C 032

I've been a fan of Canter's since I was kid. The service has deteriorated over the years. I feel Canter's has lost a lot of its class. This place was always known for older waitresses who knew what they were doing and did their job well. They were known to be grouchy, but that was part of their charm. Service isn't so good now. Nowadays, to avoid bad service, we only order for delivery via Doordash, Postmates, etc. The Fairfax sandwich is really good. The pastrami dip is delicious too.

Cindy Stamegna

Enjoyed our first experience at Canters. Can't wait to come back again soon. Great food and service!

Andrew Belegrinos

“Matzo balls for the gentile - should call them cracker balls” was the comment of one waiter to another. Didn’t really hit the mark given we were two Aussies - either way, objectively racist mate. A pity because staff were otherwise champs, the food was really very good and the location authentic… disappointing

Dean Barrett

Exactly what we expected - great staff, great food

JC Ramrod

One of the best places left to get lox and bagels. They are also open 24 hours & there have been times when I wake up at 3:00 in the morning craving lox & bagel breakfast and i go there at 4:00 a.m. and have my breakfast and get home before the traffic gets to bad. The atmosphere is late sixties early seventies and they play music of that era as well. last night when I went there they were playing Deep Purple - Highway star as well as Led Zepplin and Yes - Roundabout Van Morrison and Blue Oyster Cult. Definitely my kind of music.

George Jackson

Had another great meal here. I had the pannini with brisket and muenster cheese. I think they call it the Little Stack. Very tender, flavorful. Service was great. Wait wasn't too bad for Sunday lunch on a beautiful but cold day.

Ramiro Trejo

This place may not be the trendiest, but they great food, fantastic service, and well-priced!

Sam Sammy

At least i dined in. There is nothing to eat and pastry seems very stale from years ago with preservatives. But people love it!!! Its crowded

Nhan Van

Great breakfast menu, or all-day options!!! I find myself come back often to buy the whole grain bread with caraway seeds there. I would let the lady help me slide it as well and I could freeze it if I don’t eat fast enough. The nice thing about this place is nobody rush you, they will let you sit as long as you want and have the conversation with your dinning partners.

Winston Appleyard

A classic los Angeles jewish delicatessen with so much history when you walk in you can smell it, oh sorry its sauerkraut. The customers here are a mix of old and new. The old have been coming here since forever and the new have googled it for somewhere authentic and that is no bad thing. Fans of hot pastrami sandwiches will love it. Highly recommend.

Judy Lamppu

Used to be better. Ordered chicken soup with matzo ball and it was absolutely tasteless. Not very good for a Deli.

Mason Mathews

One of the last great Jewish deli's around! Very classic menu(in a good way) and an awesome bakery towards the front.

Priscilla I.

Cool retro vibes and friendly staffs. Service is great. American diner. Cookies and cakes from the bakery on the way out.

Patrick Flynn

Ordered the hot corned beef and vegetable beef soup! Enjoyed it! Liz is the best waitress! We need more old school delis like this! Traditional! Love it

Tony Lucia


Jose Gutierrez

Hostess was pleasant but waitress was not. Had a liking for my friend and ignored me. Was asked if I wanted anything else or another drink. Canter's hamburger was dry. Service was poor.

Barbara Davis

Yes! The Fairfax sandwich, THE best. We have always enjoyed eating here. Recommend for old school deli and food.

Jeff Duck

Whoa! I was impressed with this place. Parking: Free! Even if the lot is full, the attendant will work with you to make sure you get a spot. Service: Wonderful! You feel welcomed into a place that's clearly happy to have you. Food: Delicious! Both traditional and modern dishes seemlessly integrated into one menu that doesn't overwhelm you. Also, I was pretty full afterwards. Price: Affordable! I would certainly go again,and highly recommend this place to anyone reading this review.

Joy Santos

Classic deli that serves up great quality food and big portions. Service with a friendly smile. Try their chopped liver, many variety of sandwiches, breakfast... All so tasty.

Daniel Wade

What a deli, pastrami sandwich was awesome, but both the apple and cherry pie were to die for. Great service from Thomas. Been wanting to come here for yrs and it didn't disappoint, just made me want to be a regular.

Mike Whitla

I had breakfast here and the food was ok. It is an iconic place and had great service but I was expecting a bit better food. Bagel was flavourless and corned beef hash was meh.

Geoff Orton

Great decor and a classic. You don't go for the food though. Unless it's a pastrami sandwich. Get one of those


Great place. The best service. So friendly.

Sharon Hortonis

This I want to eat everyday food delicious and also the garden salad so much love it. Their staffs serve the best to their costumers. Highly recommended Canter's Restaurant, Bakery,Deli and Bar.

Michael Gallardo

Great place with great food. Get the "unreal" sandwich. 100% plant based. Ask for it to be veganized and they will put avocado instead of cheese and use vegan Russian dressing for no extra charge.

Madeline Sprints

Best sweet goodies. Just about everything in is great! Yum

Fabian Gonzales

Bland sandwiches, bland rolls, super sweet potato salad. Meats are nothing special, except pastrami is pretty good. And the prices are VERY high. I won't be back.

Mario U

Worth the trip everytime you go to L.A. Always great!!!!

Kysha Mitchell

Loved the nostalgia. The sandwiches are delicious.

Brianna Alicia

I really wanted to buy some pastries but the waitress made a big deal about closing our checks because it was split even though we told her prior to ordering since we have been servers before, so we just left. The potato pancakes were really great though! Everyone left happy.

chris snyder

Food is awesome. Prices are high. Services Hit or Miss. Today we had amazing service by Roberto. Couldn't have been better. The fourth star alone is for him

Gina Dahle

Haven't been here for a while and was surprised that they raised their prices. Still really good though - I love their pastrami - whether in Ruben sandwich form or any of their other special sandwiches. Their pickles are nice and crunchy with just the right amount of sourness. The matzo ball soup is also really good comfort food. Child friendly too - so that's plus. We were lucky to get street parking today - right next to it, otherwise, they a good sized parking lot in the corner.

Chastity Palermo, yeah, it's a deli...but its THE deli to visit while you are in L.A. located in a hip part of town on Fairfax, excellent service...and the ambiance is NYC deli at it's best. And...oh yeah...if you dig Guns and Roses... the memorabilia here is just stunning. Be sure to pick up a book or two or even a tee shirt. Canters is just amazing! Free parking right next door with a stamped ticket. C'mon know you're hungry for the best pastrami in town!

robbie bradshaw

Me and my family had an amazing time. They allowed us to sit in the the Guns N Roses Booth after hours when that side of the restaurant was closed. By ourselves. It was amazing. Nothing but spectacular service. Guaranteed a must go amazing food amazing staff amazing experience. Thank you to the Canter's staff for allowing me to marking something off me and my family's bucket list. Must see must go. ... Mark canter amazing photographer and owner thank you.... for the most amazing view of History

Luca plays

it's open most of the time and it's cool late at night to see all the club kids! Food and staff great!

Haley Broaodaway

Be prepared to be stuffed into a booth that’s way too small. My boyfriend is just a medium guy and could barely fit. Our legs were on top of each other. If you’re not eating breakfast, be prepared to pay over $15 for a sandwich. $15 will get you a half a sandwich and a cup of soup, actually. Definitely not a budget friendly place. That being said, their kosher selection is good and the quality of their food is excellent. They also give you generous portions. So you definitely get what you pay for. If it were for my physical discomfort, I would have probably given it 5 stars.

Margaux Park

One of my fav spots for American food. Do not leave if it's busy, it is worth it. The staff was sociable and attentive. Prices are decent. Food was absolutely delicious and excellent customer service as well.


Canters is one of the iconic delis of Los Angeles. When craving deli food, many people think of Canters. The food is pretty good, prices are a bit top level for Deli food. Definitely a place you should try if you ahve never been. I recommend the matzaball soup and the Reuben

Noah Langford

Best Belgian waffle I’ve had in a while. Love the decor of the place too. The blintzes and the lox were excellent as well

Norma Hall

Good location for delicious American food. Service is prompt even when they are busy. The service was very kind and attentive. It has a cool interior.

Jacqueline Henriquez

LARGE savory portions. One of my favorite LA spots

Regan Choffin

If you're lucky, park in the lot next door. Check out the gorgeous ceiling tiles and enjoy the cozy booths. I got the little dipper and the brisket was wonderful but be warned, the au jus will immediately soak through and make it nearly impossible to eat. Maybe get it on the side. It's a nice alternative to a Reuben, which is what you're really there for. The chips are great.

Joe Hughes

Atmosphere was cool and retro. Service was very good and prompt. Wife ordered tuna melt and I had the Turkey salad sandwich, both were adequate. Portions on both were average, not the heaping amounts which were expected. Potato salad with mine was excellent and steak fries with hers were crisp and flavorful.

Patty Miramontes

Canter's is an LA icon, a true staple. Not only is it open like all the time, the food is sooo good. They basically have everything you could want, decent prices, and amazing bakery too. Staff is always chill and friendly. I love coming to this place and one of my LA favorites!

M Carlino

Love Canter's. Staff is always very friendly, customers always happy people. Food is always good. We always get some of their hamenteshenes and rugelach to take home with us. Jewish comfort food is the best.

Carlos Ardon

Is like going back in time, with its art deco design, food is always great.

Robert Downs

It was really good great atmosphere John was served he was very friendly and accurate


It's old school, it's historic, it's not fancy, not a place to bring a girl for your first date. but it is filling, it is soul warming, and it is reasonably priced.

Mary Ann Logan

I had the pastrami on rye it was amazing. The wait staff is friendly and professional can't wait to go back.

Nathan Nieblas

The best cheesecake I've ever tasted. Amazing pastrami. Just a good old fashioned deli with anything you could think of. I never make a trip to LA without stopping here..................... Ever.


I love going to Canter's Deli. I've been going here for years. It's right in the heart of the Fairfax district of Los Angeles. Weather it's for one of their amazing sandwiches (I prefer the pastrami sandwich myself) or their soups or knishes or one of the myriad of menu items, you just can't go wrong. And that's before you even get to the on sight bakery items (which are amazing in, and of themselves. The best part........They're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you've never been, you need to go to this Los Angeles classic

Ara Mani

Really nice place to eat, the staff are friendly and they have a large selection of many things to order. They have good burgers so you cant go wrong with that. Best part is it's always open and the only bad things is there is a few bars near by with shady people so dont leave any valuables in your cars


Everyone knows Canters, and it's not for nothing! Go eat there. Everything is great. The bar has great music as well. And don't forget, they're open 24 hours, which makes them my absolute favorite place in LA for a nice meal!

Tiffany Shen

The atmosphere and the foods here are both excellent( the portion of their dishes are a bit too much for me though). Must come here once you're in LA!

Bruce Wilson

Food was good. Service was good. Nothing exceptional

Rosie Platinumrose

Yesterday I visited Canter's Deli ..for the Marvelous Maisel Day event that was going on all day. Went with my daughter and excited to eat there..since I was a kid growing parents and family ate here...that day we were . Line to be seated..literally the woman came up to us and said how many I said two.. so she walks all the way to the back room and slaps down hard the menu's..didn't even looked at us or say your server will be with you or something..people around us notice that.. and me and my daughter felt humiliated..almost like she didn't want us there.. I was embarrassed everyone just looked like whats going on..she turns and leaves...but our waitress made it up to us ..not knowing what happened or why..she gave the best service and I wanted to give a shout out to Lis.. she was so sweet and positive energy and great customer service..its people like her you need there..and not someone that doesn't want to be there..this older mature lady with blond hair heavy set ..needs a different job..she had an attitude and she made us feel not unwelcomed, not going to stop coming here because of her..I grew up eating here..and I want my family to still enjoy coming here too..that employee needs to enjoy her job...but thanks to Lis I will be going to eat there when Lis is there she is a awesome hard worker..

John Palafoutas

Authentic Jewish deli with great service and wonderful food.

Nick Delgado

This is the Jewish deli your mom always wanted you to find. Being open 24/7 is an added bonus.

Betsy Palmer

Hadn't been here in many, many years, but we were greeted warmly upon entering, and by every staff member we encountered, as if we were regulars. We both ordered the Eggs Benedict with Lox, and it was "Eggscellent". The Hollandaise sauce was so good: creamy and delicious. Anna #1 (of the 3 Anna's) took great care of us, with a smile, warmth, and great efficiency. Another Anna, (Anna Marie, I believe), chatted briefly with us, and she was warm and friendly, as well. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and we will plan to return soon. Don't change a thing!

Adam Applebaum

Amazing Jewish food whether you are into baked goods, deli meats, or even a bar.

Sandra Howell

One of my fav spots for American food. Do not leave if it's busy, it is worth it. The staff was sociable and attentive. Prices are decent. Food was absolutely delicious and excellent customer service as well.

C Wong

The food was ok but did not match the prices it was charged. My server was attentive but not warm. Place is more than vintage, it is worn. I guess it is a landmark almost but it is not special for me. Sorry.

phake name

Disappointing...I had heard dozens of borscht belt comics sing its praises on late night teevee. I was finally afforded the opportunity to sup there. While I presented as a standard goyischer tourist, I was accompanied by a regular whose father was a tax accountant to the stars, if you know what I mean and I think you do. The service was laconic and the pastrami was illuminated by a old lament from Sen. Feinstein regagardy the paucity of good pastrami east of Manhasset.

Jay Oh

I have always heard about this place being a local landmark. Food portions were large but food was served cold and kind of bland. Place is kind of run down and parking is bad. The waiter was really good and attentive. I found it expensive for what it is. Really wanted to like this place cause of the hype.

Catherine Zakes

Great food, great atmosphere, great staff. Definitely recommend!

Jason Shambaugh

The best matzo ball soup and pastrami sandwich in Los Angeles

Jonathon Giaimo

I never do this but after today I have no choice. I went in around 2pm and ordered a simple Turkey sandwich for 16 dollars. First they charged my card 76 dollars and acted like it was no big deal. It must happen a lot. Then when I got my sandwich it was about as dry as could be. No dressing, only Turkey and lettuce. The bread I think was about a week old. Highly Disappointed with them. I guess the good old days are far past.

R Daniel

C'mon, it's Canter's! Nothing really more needs to be said. Love it, love it, love it! Whenever I visit Los Angeles, Canter's is the first place I go for breakfast

alizet tenor

really good pastrami in this place. always a treat!

Kenya Moody

The bakery is okay The older ladies and one teen were rude and freaked out when we asked if they could fix our order. She flipped out and said you have 3 ladies helping you, you sh4uold feel lucky. We asked for 12 macarons, small piece of cheesecake and chocolate bits. I guess that took 3 people to do. The young teen kept rolling her eyes and gave us 4 macarons instead of 12. Overall, the bakery had rude people that work there. Service is very slow as well.

Julian Young

Sat at the same table Obama sat on which was awesome in and of itself, but the breakfast with the pancakes, scrambled eggs hashbrowns, and bacon was to die for! Besides we went in the middle of july late in the morning on a week day and there was virtually nobody


I stopped at Canter’s with my friends because we were looking for a place to eat after midnight. We didn’t want any food but something sweet. The atmosphere feels really Hollywood 60-70’s chic and the décor takes you back to that time. I ordered a chocolate shake and a napoleon cake slice. The shake was good and tasty. It was the right amount of thick and had full flavors of chocolate. The cake was good too because it wasn’t super sweet. Now I want to go back to try their food.

Mumukisses Griswold

Excellent food. Excellent server. Jewish guy from Alabama.

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