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REVIEWS OF Boudin SF IN California

Keith Hammond

This is one of the best eateries in Stockton, I believe. A bit pricey but it's truly worth it. The food is always pleasing to the eyes. It's always colorful, and fresh looking. I recommend trying every dish. The place is awesome and always clean. Thumbs up, five star, very friendly customer service. Blessings to you all !

nick Galtman

Good food and good service

Diana C

Sandwiches are pretty good, I liked my turkey avocado.

Alan Middick

Boudin SF is a great place for those of us that love soup in a bread bowl. I ordered the chili and a regular grilled cheese. The grilled cheese here has great cheesy outside grill which I love....chili is wonderful. My wife ordered the butternut squash soup and she says it’s ok....ha. My son as usual had to get the clam tastes great here. Sometimes there is limited seating but today we had no trouble getting a seat.... this place is a must go if you have not been here before.

larry mucho

Where Bread is still Cool!

Jim Johnson

I don't like boudin's I never have liked boudin's. I'm the wrong one to ask the only good thing I can say about them is have good peanut butter cookies and good coffee. on that you couldn't really pay me to go there.


Great bread and sandwiches

Mike Schmitz

Great service, great food, great prices, what's not to like?


One of my favorite places to get a clam chowder or avocado turkey sandwich!!!!! Also the freshly bakes sourdough bread in the shape of a turtle is great.

Isabel Aragon

Had a horrible experience with a delivery service but when I called I'm glad they satyed as professional as can be its honestly appreciated after them dealing with me being upset. I ordered delivery because I'm sick but they fixed the problem and my husband was able to pick up! Thank you!

Gabriel Zapata

Clam chowder bowl, best in the west coast. I would say Ivars in Seattle would be ranked number 2


The food is excellent!

Janessa Mayes

Great customer service (Very friendly) They had questions on my order I called in and discounted my order for their mistake and threw in a free drink.. Happy customer..

Laura, Denise

great place for lunch and dinner. food is always good. employees are always happy.

Steven Hill

Watched the cook touch his hat with his gloves on and wondered. Yep. A hair in my sandwich. Emailed corporate and no response. Won't go to this one again.

Hayden Tankersley

Excellent food, service, enjoyable atmosphere and the best sourdough bread you can find everywhere.

Larry Hernandez

Good sandwich and soup

Clarissa Copeland

Best sour dough bread in town

Dennis C. Tucker

Good food-- if you don't mind standing in line to order.

Betty Dal Porto

One of my Favorite places to eat! Delicious salads, great Hamburgers, yummy sandwiches, soups and of course awesome Breads! And staff always very accommodating if you need to special order. Try it! You will surely like it!

Sarah Fata

Always friendly service and the best butternut squash soup around.

Mary Torres

First time there i will defiantly go back.Service an food very good.

Arnita Leneir

Great customer service, clean atmosphere and wonderful food, very fresh

S Williams

Nice fresh bread. You order at the counter and they bring you everything. Good food. Nice staff.

Maureen Jaroscak

Fresh food ... good service

Erik Kelley

Great menu

Joe Sullivan

We ordered and paid on line. When we got there they had no order for us. The young girl was rude and tried to say we must've ordered under a different name. We showed her our order. She went in the back and got our order. When she came back she tossed the order on the counter and in a very rude voice said, here's your order, then turned around and walked off. I'm only giving them a two because the food quality is what we expected

Andrew Chevalier

I like their sourdough bread.

Marta Limon


Richard Tabarez

Three of the last four times I’ve gone to boudine for takeout they have forgotten a item in my order. This time my side salad.

Brandy Marie

Great clam chowder and sour dough bowl!!!

Benny Tampol Jr

Polite employees and delicious breads

Aaron Serrano

This place is amazing. Fresh bread made inhouse daily. Sourdough to die for. Very good and tasty menu. I would reccomend to anyone in the area wanting a quick bite to stop in. 5 stars.

Mya Rivera

I love the food and service is great!!! BUT now since they decided not to allow customers to be put on hold they do not answer when I call and I like to call ahead to pick up my lunch before work!!!! But it makes me feel unimportant when my call is being ignored!!!

David Green

If you are looking for a place with some good chowder or a fan of sourdough bread this is the place. Haven't had a meal that I did not enjoy. The staff is friendly and greets with a smile!

Donald Eggleston

So different from other restaurants

Janelle Jurgens

The bread is fantastic. It is, by far, the best I've found on this side of the Altamont. The sandwiches are more hit-or-miss. But I've happily driven an extra 40 min out of my way just to pick up a loaf of their bread or a batch of their sourdough rolls to have with dinner. They're that good.

Scott Colagrossi

One of my Favorite places! Great Food! Great service!


Great veggie sandwich

Aleta Bryant

Clam Chowder!

Celeste McFarlen

Staff is friendly and helpful. Food is great! Dining area clean and comfortable.

E. B.

Best place for soup and love their pastries!

Gloria Vargas

I just enjoy the food.

Jessica Jennings

Everything was awesome and the wait staff were so pleasant

Mike Stoker

Good food and great sour dough

Mimi Rozmaryn

The only place in Stockton to get freshly baked sour dough bread. Their soups, salads and sandwiches are always the best.

Tony B

The clam chowder bread bowl is ALWAYS phenomenal and second only to the INCREDIBLE service we receive, each and every time we come in. My wife got the tomato soup and grilled cheese and they forgot the bread bowl, but immediately got her a fresh one and brought it to our table! Thanks so much Boudin SF!

Dani S

Decent experience, simple place to get lunch. Came here for a quick lunch for work one afternoon. It's cafeteria style, so you go up to the counter and order. They then give you a number, you find a table and sit down and they bring you the food. Easy, no frills kind of place. The restaurant was very clean. I ordered a soup and salad combo, and it didn't take long for it to come out. Salad tasted ok, a bit too much dressing on it. The soup tasted like it came out of a can. Nothing to rave about, just to put food in the stomach.

Joe Hurley

The food is really good and the process 5 are reasonable. Best sandwiches in Stockton imo.

Kaylina Delano

The food is healthy and delicious


My favorite place for weekend breakfast. The staff is friendly, the food is good and reasonably priced, and the restaurant is always clean.


Terrible service, when we order soup on a cold day we expect it to be hot not Lukewarm, not any bread choices on your sandwich, they assume you want vinegrette on your salad, highly disappointed for my first time.

Patrick Meneses

Best sourdough ever. Dark bake for life.

Aryn Morganna

The clam chowder, bread and chocolate chip cookies are actually really good. This is the only reason I gave three stars. The sandwiches are okay at best. But what's the kicker for me is that I ordered a salad with blue cheese dressing instead of the vinegarette it come with. I received a salad with blue cheese crumbles and the vinegarette dressing.

Georgia Gmail

Great food and service

Nader Kavandi

The menu is retarded and so was the girl at the counter. Charged extra for chilli but never mentioned that bread bowl is an extra dollar. Walked out hungry and $36 lighter (for two people). Save your money and go to red Robin across the street.

Leo Hernandez

The Best Ever

Kevin Dornbush

Yummy sandwich

Kenneth Clays

Verry good


Sourdough heaven. Great tasting salads and sandwiches in an upbeat atmosphere.

Vince H

Avocado turkey sandwich and garlic tomato soup, yummy!

Alan Jones

Helpful staff and good food.

Mike R

Great food. Friendly staff. Good coupons in the mail.

Monica Reyna

Love the clam chowder bread bowls

Javier Sanchez

Very good food, had clam chowder and salad, very fresh. Great price for the quality and large portions, $10.00 for the combo.

Marisela Duke

Excellent every time!

Cyn Knight

Clam chowder bread bowls are great! Courteous staff!

Max Lechner

Bread bowl is life!

deborah allenbough

It was great

Joshua Pollock

Best Snickerdoodles! The Sando's are pretty good, friendly staff!


Generally a good place. Great bread, sandwiches and salads. Went for breakfast today, which is a good but limited menu. Marked down because the coffee was so cold and had been sitting around way too long.

Alma Barreto

I really love the clam showder here. The sourdough bread is simply delicious

Goryl Andrea

My husband and I went to the Stockton location last night and found the staff was extremely friendly. They all provided the best customer service and genuinely made us feel welcome and comfortable. The food was great too.

kathlyne Phillipson

New jalapeno sourdough bread is wonderful

Olivia Ogilvie

Sooooo good

Bob Yoshino

Usually four to five star rating. Known for their sourdough bread, they also have great stand alone salads. Four stars thus time as my Chicken Cesar salad was chopped a little too fine. Usually bigger crunchy pieces are the norm.

Evelina McDowall

Love the shady patio with water misters to keep you cool

Kari Guidry

I LOVE the grilled cheese.

Malinda Reaves

Never eaten here but I have been there to pick up orders for my customers great environment wonderful customers service very clean and neat store

Martina Owens

Great staff, quality food. Really enjoy my visits here!

Reyna Leyva

Great service and food!

Ann Hooper

Good food, great service

George Crawford

Has feel like Panera with a little more variety in the menu. I'm not a big fan of Panera either. Ordered a grilled cheese.... I got my sandwich... cheese was melted but cold so it was no longer the melty goodness a grilled cheese should be. 2 burgers 1 grilled cheese and 3 drinks... $40... not great.

Miranda prest Preston

Love their bread

Nick Griggs

Suggested by my daughter from her experience in San Francisco and I'm glad she did. Grilled cheese and bacon on sourdough is the best I've had so far. This was my first & certainly not my last. Permanently added to my address list. Can't wait till next time.

William Meyers

Great grilled cheese. Friendly staff.

Scott Morris

Love the spring salad and blue note baguette burger here.

Pete Cu

Awesome sandwiches

Rick Brewer

We love sourdough bread and there's none better than Boudin. We especially enjoy the soup (in a bread bowl) and salad combo for lunch. And hey, they hired our daughter for her first job. What's not to love.

Katie Leigh

Always quick and friendly. Nice place to go with the kids and sit outside.

Joshua Koot

This is my go to for a business lunch, the bread is great and the salads aren't too heavy. It gets pretty busy around lunch time but the staff is usually pretty quick with getting the orders out.


Food is always complaints ever in that area. However, today I tried calling ahead to place my order but no one answered. I called 3 times because I was driving I could not order online...I guess the phone needs to be turned on or volume up... otherwise always happy with the service and my meal..

Lawrence Riddle

Tastes just like it does in San Fran. (Amazing).

Lester Sabo

By far so much better than Panera.

Michael Edward

Worst tasting tuna sandwich I ever had. A lit of money for serve yourself place. Pricey too!

Melinda Gibson

Best sandwich, soups and salads in town! Great service!

Ruth Ramirez

Best clam chowder & blt.

Alicia Valenzuela

Everything is tasty and the bread bowls are as good as the restaurant in sf. I like the quiet intimacy of this place for sitting and enjoying a grilled cheese and soup especially on a rainy day.

Angela Sanders-Parker

Love that I don't have to go to San Francisco yup get great bread anymore

Katarina Hagan

The brie and fig sandwich is so good! So is the tomato soup!

Bee Gee

I love their soup and sandwich combo. Just enough food and so many delicious choices. I go for the ham and brie with some clam chowder.

Kevan S

Boudin has some of the best sandwiches out there, and there sourdough bread bowls are superb!

Shantel Turgeon

I love coming here for the soup in a bread bowl. The tomato bisque and broccoli cheddar are the best. Just a heads up the broccoli cheddar soup is only served on Tuesdays. And you have to try there cookies the chocolate chip, peanut butter or snickerdoodle you wont be disappointed.


Great food, great atmosphere, great staff. What more can I ask for? Try the lunch combos, butternut squash soup, or a loaf of bread, they're all winners!

Rochelle Imperial

Homey environment, great place to enjoy friends, and the food is excellent. One very loyal customer. 5 stars.

Mary Ellen Martinez

Love going here always great service. Well portioned and well priced. Best Caesar salad.

Madrid Gevara

Great love it

Clara Garibay

Love it

Tiffany Schaffer

Cafeteria style: order at the counter, sit with a number and someone drops it at your table. Very good food, yummy bread! Staff is friendly and accommodating. Only issue is that the tables/seats don't seem to be cleaned regularly so can be hard to find a clean spot or you clean your own...


The clam chowder will literally make you feel like you are in San Francisco. The bread is the best. For me it is better than any sourdough bread I have ever had . The staff are very nice and are always very helpful

Ruby C

I love their bread. Seriously could almost eat a half of loaf of bread with butter all by myself. I always ask for a light baked loaf, because sometime the crust on the darker baked loafs are to hard..

Monique Blake

Food is great. Service is awesome. Clean environment. ⬅️That was true a year ago. Now they have a new manager that took away evening... half off wine. My utensils were dirty. The chili was tasting just a little bit different. The only thing that hasn't changed is the awesome staff. Really disappointed.

Mercy Alcon

It was very good. I had a bowl of clam chower w/ half of Turkey sandwich /w cranberry"!

Luis Cardenas

I came in 8pm only to find out that there's no sourdough bowls for being my first time here and thinking it's a in restaurant bakery I would think that something like that wouldn't run out and not to mention I had to wait 15 mins for my clam chowder they close at 9 more like they were closing early because they have nothing ready and it was not packed at all made this review while I'm here waiting for my clam chowder with no sourdough bowl

Gabriel Herrera

Great atmosphere, friendly employees, fresh food. I am a return customer!


Great cranberry Turkey sandwich and clam chowder bowl !!

The owl

Perfect for that cold fall and winter days!

Cynthia Solorio

Had a chowder bread bowl. Looks small, but totally filling. Staff offered free taste of a limited time Irish Soda Bread...had to buy a loaf!! Love the monthly free bread club

Victoria Orihuela

Boudin's has a great variety to choose from. I enjoy getting the chicken pesto sandwich but I always substitute my chicken for roast beef. Their tomato soup is amazing and you can get any of their souls in a bread bowl. I also like that I can get my order to go and can order it online. They also have great bread if you are in the mood for sour dough this is the place to go!

Cindy DuBois

Good food, fast service. The servers were rushing around quite a bit, don't get in their way.

Cyndi Chan

Food is always good and employees are always sweet!

Yukie Gilmore

Love the fresh breads. Plenty options to choose from

Parker Shelton

Awesome food really great to eat there. However, their order out process is terrible. It’s hard for them to even answer their phone during the lunch rush so I can’t even contact them to place an order. Also, I’ve spilled soup because their lids aren’t secured tightly enough on the to go cups. I spilled soup all over myself once just from tilting the bowl slightly to take a look at my soup and I definitely recall two other times where the soup just spilled out into the bag because the lid didn’t stay on. I inspected the lids for their for to go lid just spilled out into the bag because the lid didn’t stay on. I inspected the lids for their to go soup bowls and it turns out they don’t actually have air holes in them so steam just builds up and the lid can pop off easy that way. I’ve also had two incorrect to go orders that I can remember when they gave me entirely different soup that I didn’t order.

Bearded Villian

Really enjoy the clam chowder here. Even better that they care about the over abundance of plastic straws in our eco system and switched to paper straws. Genius.

Dhruv Killawala

I'm not a CA resident so there was a lot of excitement when I visited Boudin. The iconic bakery at Navy Pier really builds up the expectation. So I went there and ordered the world famous clam chowder in a bread bowl, it was delicious and so I went to order some more. The staff was kind enough to give me a free refill and some butter with it. It was very kind of them. This was my first experience and it surely won't be my last! I'm very grateful :)

Ricardo Carranza

Good food fast service

Billy Heinrich

Tasty, delicious, scrumptious, invigorating, rejuvenating,playful, recommended and nourishing. This food is delicious! Cranberry on a sandwich? You bet! Is is it delicious? See the answer regarding existence of cranberry on a sandwich. Nice atmosphere and sitting outside gives the feeling of being at an expensive resort in Aspen or some other place people go to unwind and spend a lot of cash. In the case of this restaurant, the price is nice and affordable!

Tomas Mendoza

A bowl of New England Clam Chowder in a Sour Dough bowl....on a cold Stockon Night, delicious

Jan Hughes

Loved the new kale salad

Robbin Lagorio

Employees were great. The food was good. The decor was nice.

Jessica H

Quick service and clean tables. I appreciate the kind staff and receive help when needed. I don't like that they serve pastries cold, other than that I enjoy my meals.

Kelly Hurley

Butter. Nut. Squash. Soup. (Sorry, no soup photo. I was hungry!)

Gabriel Uribe

Original San Francisco sourdough bread, good food at a good price !

Larry Byron

Graet French bread

Juan Orosco

Foods is good and staff is always friendly.

Nicole Robinson

Cute place and good food.

MR BILL Purcell

Parking is awfully bad, bread to go great

Richard Gross

Great as always.

johanna schenk

One of the best places to take a break. I go at least twice a month and either order the Grilled brie with Apples and Fig Jam(yum) or the Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl with Apple and Goat Cheese Salad (delicious). What I especially appreciate as this is what I consider my "me time", is that they don't mind if I take an hour to eat my lunch and read a book. So many places would try to hurry you out and turn over the tables. ( Of course I don't do this if it's busy).

L Carroll


Debh222 F

A great fast dinner and the food tasted great!

Jose Chavez

Great service, great food great people..! Haauuuuuaa..!

Angie Williams

San Francisco take in Stockton location. Worth every penny

m gor

Excellent lunch choice...Butternut squash soup was wonderful

julie limbaugh

Good place for hot soup and sandwiches, served up in bread bowls, especially on a cold day. Love to sink into a booth with a book - laid back staff, friendly and they have a rewards program for free food and $ off your meals.

Peter Unger

Very long wait time to order and it wasn't that busy. Food tasted as if it was microwaved.


Great food and service!

Karen Braaten

Popular, vegetarian selections, great food, wonderful bread

Crystal Arellano

Their bread bowls are amaaaaaaazing! I recommend getting the top toasted and buttered! Had their chocolate chip cookie for the first time.. so many chips and doughy! One of my fave spots to go for a craving and quick bite!

Ronald Bellis

Love that sour dough French bread !

Tony Sciarini

Good food and friendly service

Al Day

Great service. Went there for breakfast and got the French toast, awesome! Love the pastry, almond croissant.


The bread oh my!

Tom Rose

The absolute best sour dough bread in the world

Jean Vilmenay

Good food, service, and atmosphere... A consistently good place to eat.

Hope Miro

I love this place!! Good atmosphere and service!! My faves are the clam fig jam grilled cheese....and the salads are all super yummy!! Service checks on you periodically to make sure things are swimming this place!!

Nikki Gomez

Love this location! The staff is ALWAYS friendly!

Luis Mora

Adriana and the rest of the staff are really cute and nice very professional about there work but funny at the same time

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