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REVIEWS OF Boudin Bakery & Cafe IN California

Edward Liu

I’ve seen good reviews so I went and bought a crab chowder togo, well they gave me only half the amount of a normal bowl of chowder for the same price, the soup can barely reach even 1/3 of the sourdough bowl and mind you it’s wasn’t hollowed out. The taste of the crab chowder is sweet and spicy but the taste was just not a good mix, it’s got a strong seafood smell and taste but no crab was in it and it was full of corn. Would not recommend taking out the soups or buying crab chowder.

Steven Sexton

This place was a lot of fun. They have tons of sourdough bread to buy in lots of cool shapes and sizes. They also have coffe drinks and food items as well. If you are in the area this is a must stop.

Jordan Burleson

Some of the best sourdough

Cameron Jump

I was excited to try the sourdough clam chowder. It was okay but both the sourdough and clam chowder were disappointing.

Johnny Salas

Food is not enough good given the cost. They take care way too much on presentation instead of food itself

Pam Dechief

Love love love SFO Boudon sour dough bread. Our thirds time to the city and tenth time to Boudin. Enough said. Wait in line, it’s worth it.

Victor Vasquez

Awesomeness!! Our go to place ! You will love it!

Gary M.

The clam chowder bread bowl is the best. The bowl was sourdough!

Maria Harlow

I love the smell of the bread and all the specialty good items.

Montemar Onishi

Nice and calm place. Good prices

Gonzalo Gomez

Sourdough sandwiches were good and the soups in sourdough bread too, plenty of places offer this in Pier39 but we decided to go to Boudin for the variety they offer.

Celeste Peterson

This touristy spot gives you the choice of an order-and-go cafe, and a restaurant. The cafe has a lot of fresh fruit juices, locally made, and the usual choices of canned beverages etc. But if you’re not here for the sourdough baked goods, why are you here?? Go on, try something! The restaurant isn’t open all the hours the cafe is. If you can get a table, it’s great. Try the clam chowder. Delicious! Tip: Google the history of San Francisco sourdough and you’ll appreciate this place even more!

Jason O'Connor

Tasty... would like a little bigger bowl though

Prashant Karkera

This Bakery serves Clam Chowdar soup inside a hollow round bread. The soup is Ok but the bread goes waste for most of the people.

Pun O

Bread here are great, crab sandwich is ok. Clam chowder was not as good as i expected. There are some other restaurant in the area that makes better clam chowder.

Calvin Grover

Awesome food and made fresh on the spot. It's also one of the two oldest business in California

mariyam ahmed

Tuna sandwich is good. I don't eat bacon, this is one of the few shops that sells clam chowder without bacon.


Famous for hot clam chowder in a bread bowl. Visiting here is one of the “must” experience in San Francisco for travelers.

s haynie

Always get a clam chowder sourdough bowl. So delicious! Very nice cafe decent prices for Pier 39.

Jorge Castillo

The food is a bit pricey but worth the wait and price. Crab melt is very good

Br Javier Hansen

Best bread bowls in the world!

Stephanie Moore

Absolutely love this place. I live all the way in Florida, but whenever I came to Cali, I just HAD to make a trip out here and get an Asiago Flower loaf. This is tbat sourdough bread that's SO good, you don't even want to put anything on it.

Kim Dorazio

Very nice cashier simply a loaf of sourdough & my kid bought butter! No complaints

Megan Hubbard

Food descriptions arent good. crab chowder was basically corn chowder.

Reece Labson

Price is just right, food was amazing

Alex Valencia

The bread is really good. The lines and the amount of people that go there is insane. So many people.

Yvette McCullough

Fun. Good food. Good price

Priscilla C

My photo doesn't give this sourdough bowl with New England clam chowder justice and it was bueno af

Alida Cubela

Great clam chowder in a bread bowl. Can purchase their delicious sour dough bread.

Country Boy

Great food. I dont think tbere are any bad food food here. Everywhere we stop to eat it is great. If my review helps you in any way can you PLEASE leave me a thumbs up like on my review. Thank you.

Leslie Au

Had a turkey avocado sandwich. It was ok. Not much avocado....more like a thin layer of avocado spread (think amount of mayo you'd put on the sandwich). They were light on the turkey too... equivalent to one slice of deli meat. Bread was a little dry and hard. Husband had the clam chowder sourdough bowl. He thought the chowder was good but not great (he likes Pike Place Chowder). The sourdough was the most sour bread he had, which was interesting. Atmosphere was nice. Casual. Parking was expensive and Boudin doesn't validate. It was $10 an hour at the parking garage. Walking around was fun. My son loved looking at the sea lions and hearing the seagulls.

Ryan McAnulty

Can never complain about a sour bread bowl. What amazed me was how good the tomato soup is!

Kathi McNamara

Between the most disgusting restrooms we have seen and the incredibly rude young women who was supposed to be proving customer service, we walked out after ordering!

Melanie Chamberland

Good food. Quick service. Friendly staff


It looks better than it tastes for my liking.

Juliet Nordman

Delicious bread, decent food. Often go there just to buy sliced sourdough. Chilli in bread bowl is quite excellent.

Carl Kleine-Weischede

This famous bakery and café in the heart of San Francisco at Fisherman’s Wharf is always busy. Clam chowder in sourdough bread is a-must when visiting the Bay Area. People in long queue waiting patiently to get delicious clam chowder, sandwiches and soups. Always worth the long waiting though always crowded with lots of tourists. They also sell other stuffs. The shop has unique items for household and souvenirs you can get but quite pricey. They have take-out counter for freshly baked breads available daily. Hard to get a table though, especially during peak month season. During summer they have seats outside but always crowded. You got to have patience coming here staying in long queue to get something delicious, always worth it!

Ximena Cardoso-Sloane

Loved the busy atmosphere of this place. The bread is beautiful and the customer service is good. So happy we stopped by during our short visit to San Francisco.

Adrian Kamp

As a German on holiday you sometimes miss the good old German baking art. Until you find Boudin! I was very positively surprised by the mad choice and the incredibly tasty bread! I would buy too much bread and eat it, because it is soooo tasty!


The lines are a bit longer than usual and a very nice place to eat. Although there's tons of problems including birds that fly in the restaurants. The food in general is fine. I've tried the clam chowder and it was pretty good but I wouldn't say I loved it. They give you a lot and I would recommend it here

Richard Slattery

We went here several times during our trip to San Francisco. Eating dinner in the restaurant was great. The brick chicken dish was AMAZING! Wife's crab was great. The tour, smells and bread are not to be missed. One last thing, GET A BROWNIE. This brownie and the one from Ghirardelli are two of the best we've ever had.

Two Flying Dumplings

We now know why the famous clam chowder in a bread bowl at Boudin Bakery & Café is so popular! The chowder is creamy and full of flavour and goes so well with the sourdough bread - a hearty and filling dish. They also make a good hot chocolate, the perfect way to warm up on a cold, windy day.

Pieter Strydom

Very busy and seating outside could be better. Was there in intense heat and the inside was very hot. Food was ok but not great. Had some clam chowder a few days later that was way better.


This was listed as one of the top ten things not to visit in San Francisco as there are so many better bakery's in the city. And while that may be true, the sourdough bread, croissants and other treats are truly delicious. Boudin's is a San Fran landmark so forget the naysayers, pay it a visit.

Elizabeth Hendee

Good bread and friendly staff! Nice and cozy atmosphere inside and outside. Only issue were pigeons flying inside and coming up to tables.

daniela contreras

Great staff and amazing food. Love love their sourdough bread bowls.

Frank Perez

Needed coffee and a little something can't go wrong here.

Ezequiel Millan

Great place to eat...

Fayaz Akhtar

Fresh bread with variety of options to try out. Enjoyed the grilled cheese sandwich.

Wong 2 Wong

The bread bowl of clam chowder was excellent.

Rakesh Talwar

My most favorite place for Clam Chowder.

shruti jain


Amy Nguyen

I love this place!!! Best clam chowder I’ve ever had, even greater than the one in Boston! Sourdough was nice as well.

Election Central

As a tourist thing to do this is definitely spending a few hours if you are around Fisherman's Wharf. I had the clam chowder bread bowl, which of course was Sourdough! There is a casual eatery downstairs with a Peets coffee and a souvenir shop selling artisan foods and other gift ideas. The bar and table service restaurant is located upstairs. The sourdough museum is also on this level, which you can wander around without having to buy anything. The most interesting part is the bakery itself, which is enclosed behind glass allowing you to view the bakers at work. They also have the extraction fan from the bakery pumping the smell of sourdough out onto the street! Major downside was the very long queue in the downstairs area and generally not very friendly wait staff. It seemed like they were very short staffed the day we visited. Also it’s a total tourist trap, so expect to be ripped off. There are cheaper take away options in the other seafood restaurants along pier 39, including sourdough bread bowls.

Marina Sidorko

Great place to stop by when visiting SF. the soups are delicious but come on! It’s barely a cup of soup. Once you dig in you realize there is almost no soup

Dicky Subandi

You must try crab Choulders here!

Ann Wilkiemeyer

I have Happy Memories at Boudins Bakery.

Thérèse Mainville

Eating at Boudin was a very tasty experience. We tried the crab cakes, clam chowder and cioppino and we loved every single dish. The crab cake had a lot of nice crab in it and allowed you to taste the meat of the dungeness crab, the clam chowder was so hearty and served in a very filling bread bowl that we used to soak up the sauce from the cioppino. Our waitress Julie was very knowledgeable about the menu and had great recommendations. When we weren't sure which items to choose from, she was able to provide information to guide our choice. She was super nice and provided a great service. While you wait to be seated (and you will most days), you can visit the bread museum they have on the second floor. It tells the history of Boudin and has some fun games to play, like a test to determine what kind of bread you would be (I'm olive bread, he's multi grain). You also get to see where the bread is made. The room smelled so good, it made us so hungry. For the bathroom, we didn't get a chance to see it because there was a really long line for it. However, 2 minutes away from the restaurant, there is a public restroom with many stalls, although on a busy day, you'll still need to wait in line. So if you need it, there are places available to you.

Rashel De Bow

Amazing! Food was awesome! Fun location too.

Kellen Shibao

Menu is misleading, not much included in combo. Prices are similar to a nicer restaurant, but not near the same quality. Bread was decent, but soup and sandwiches sub-par. Not recommended, better options nearby. Only about an inch of soup in the bread bowl, hope you like plain sourdough!

Shirley Moyer

you won't be disappointed in the menu and service. the bill was decent.

Anne Bingham

Great bread. Wish they had a whole grain variety. The girl who helped me seemed bored and impatient.

Tyler Armstrong

Highly overrated tourist trap. Service if nothing to brag about and there sourdough could be passed of as plain French bread and many would believe you. This place is a good example of location location location.

Jay Steen

Always get my sour dough chowder bowl wonderful.

Eric DeMello

Best place to pick up your sour dough bread.

Rafael ortiz

If you pass by this lovely place try the rustic tomato soup, in a Sourdough bread bowl taste really good. But if you prefer you can order the traditional clam chowder. That is awesome too.


It could be that sourdough bread is not for me but the sourdough bread was sour as heck! The chowder was good though, hence the 3 stars.

Trina Uribe

The food is delicious! But my daughter's caesar salad had the wrong dressing. My husband and my mother in law waited for their food for over a half hour.

John R. Scott

Solid sandwiches, although quite touristy, but it was fun since it was my fiance's first time in San Francisco. I had the Roast beef on sourdough and some chips, plus a coke. The fiance had a turkey sandwich with a Cesar salad. All the food was good, but i could have done without the birds swooping down me.

James Mcnulty

Great food. Well priced.

Melissa Marini Švigelj-Smith

Delicious and high carb tomato soup bowl

Viviana Walker

Yummiest sourdough. Bay area staple


Not great at all. I had to wait in a very short queue for a very long time to be served, by someone who clearly did not want to be there. I then had to wait again for my coffee (a mocha, as sHown in the photo) and I bought a ginger cookie. The mocha was fine but is actually from Peets, and the cookie was almost inedible, full of sugar. Considering the time waiting, the poor service, the poor cookie and the overall bad atmosphere, I decided to go elsewhere and went to Illy at the end of the pier - which was considerably elsewhere, I threw away the Boudin purchases. Perhaps trading on an old name but now pretty poor?

Haven Andersen


Utkarsh Sachaan

Have the soup, taste the bread, don’t try to finish the whole bowl ( these were devised for hungry sailors at waters for years, hell yeah they would tear apart a live raccoon to satiate their hunger, obviously they would love a loaf of bread) Though me being a dope human, i finished the whole bowl, it wont kill you, I’m living proof! Okay welcome welcome to one of the most touristy spots in SF, enjoy the birds around, smell the breeze and walk into boudin for a quick-bite. These guys are famous for their sourdough breads which indeed is mouthful but If you have expectations from the british baking show(get lost this is SF) I tried: * Sourdough bread bowl with tomato soup * Sourdough bread bowl with clam chowder * Grilled cheese sandwich * Pesto Chicken sandwich Do yourself a favor don’t order the pesto chicken sandwich, unless you actually hosted a mast in a ship manually you will not like it. Slab of chicken is cold, lacks flavor and feels spongy. Grilled cheese sandwich on the other hand is ama-zing !! Tomato soup is rich and has texture to it making it a highlight for me.

Marisabel Cordero

Great place. Obviously orden the clam Chauder. It’s a little bit expensive so I recommend to you just to take a bite really fast and the go some other place.

Glenn Campbell

We arrived early, there was no line, it went quickly, the food was fine.


Trash, this place is not the same. the clam chowder is from the can, the Italian sandwich was like subway

Aaron Mateer

The pizza here is the best I've had in San Francisco and the bread was good enough to make me a sourdough convert.

Andreas Hoekstra

Huge place and crowded. But the food is great.

Rho M.

The sourdough bread bowl with clam chowder was excellent. It's about 10 ounces of chowder. It's $8.99 alone and bowl is only $1 extra. You can order w/o bread. Beers are $6. They were out of the dungness crab so we couldn't have that in a bowl. They have large sit-down restaurant just west of Pier 41 on NW side of island with plenty of parking or you can go to smaller, more casual take-out/sit-down spot just further east at Pier 39 that has plenty of inside & outside tables. BOUDIN (French pronounced Boo-daun altho locals call it Boo-deen) has been here since 1846. A great place for authentic and historical food in San Fran.


Excellent place to stop by, not only for food also they have souvenirs to buy and a little museum that you can visit.

DannybOi Rodriguez

First time eating here with my family and it really hit the spot. Highly recommend eating here.

Dar Roe

Sourdough toast with avacado & egg

J Mang

The bread bowl soup was mediocre, but the grilled cheese sandwich was good. Also, the person who prepared our food simply did not care about our food. I would recommend saying somewhere else besides here.

oscar ocampo

Very good flavor but small portions

Jess English

A must to visit if you are here. Get a bread bowl of clam chowder and enjoy with a friend!

Wallace Floyd

Incredibly delicious, all 6 of us had numerous charges to the menu and the staff got everything right. Clam chowder says amazing.

Tosca De Wit

Wish we had this clam chowder at home. Yammie !

August Strange

Really awesome little place you should check it out

Roksana Raczek

A soup in their bread is a must! We've tried both tomato soup and chilli and they were both delicious. You can feel that sourdough is really sour.

Stacey Kricensky

Boudin cafe is a good lunch choice while visiting fisherman’s wharf. We had the sourdough bread bowl with clam chowder. Be prepared to hunt for a table. Seating was limited as several tables were taken up by staff on break. Their bread in the shaped as animals was cute and enjoyed by kids.

Brian Erb

tried the crab bowl this time and it was amazing.

Madison Munnerlyn

Bread is great, soup is not! We were sad to discover that the bread bowls were terrible at Boudin’s. We tried several different kinds and didn’t finish any of them because they were sub-par. The bread and history of this place makes it worth visiting though! We took two trips here in a week to get bread because it was to die for. The first time we came, we took a tour and ate at the upstairs restaurant (pricier, but delicious). The history of the bakery is really interesting and you get to see how they make bread. It’s worthwhile! I would recommend going here on a weekday. We first came midday on a weekday and there were very few people. On the weekend, you have to fight to save a table, wait in longer lines, and it’s pretty over crowded. It’s for sure a “must see” in San Francisco. I’d love to go here again and buy more sourdough bread!

Ericka Gilliland

I love SF Sourdough bread!! Boudin is so delicious. This location at Pier39 is crazy!!! It is very crowded, expensive and the workers are not super friendly. I love watching them make the bread from the window though. We got bread bowls here and they were super delicious. Give it a try!

Ryzelle Nicole Corcuera

The staff were very nice but the grilled cheese sandwich was overpriced and disappointing.

R Durban

Good eatery, but for the price should be better

Doug Duff

Great chowder in sourdough bowl.

Alan Branfield

Nice experience. Very nice people serving

Evan Muncy

Great croissant sandwich! It was very good! Clam chowder was you'd get just about anywhere. It wasn't bad but I had just had Hog island clam chowder the day before so that is hard to beat. Don't sit outside, the pigeons are everywhere and they have done little to nothing to prevent them from perching directly above your head or running around at your feet. Sit inside.

Rattasat Nudam

I am not a big fan of sourdough bread but I think that clam chowder served on a sourdough bowl is a good combination. Try to scrape the fluffy part of sourdough bowl and mix it with clam soup. Another suggestion is that you may have a beverage and bakery there. People are also interested in it but I still don’t know why.


I'm travelling with family. We all are eating pretty much same thing. But I had crab chowder and everyone else had the clam chowder. I came down with food poisoning. Can only be that. Make sure food is very hot. I remember mine wasn't.

Austen Jesse

Amazing bread... amazing clam chowder. Sandwich was whatever.

Joshua Fan

A must try in San Francisco, right at the heart of fishermans wharf, the chowder was nice

Stefan Tabit

Don't get the tacos. They were good but really small- you'll pay as much for the chowder and get three times as much food. And either way, you're at a chowder place. Just get the chowder.


Colourful place as if you are in the Hollywood sets. Tourists centric place where you can enjoy every moment of your presence. From coffee to ice creams to Indian, Mexican foods you can enjoy the taste with a bit of guitar music by a musician. Best place to enjoy in San Francisco and one must not skip this place.

Melinda Mauga

They are pretty quick and efficient at getting food out. The clam chowder bowl was a little more fishy than I like, and the bread on the roast beef asiago was a bit harder than I care for. It was fairly good, just not at the price it was.

Shamez Habib

Fast pace environment with staff greeting you as soon as you walk in! When I visited back in March they had a line wrapped around the building. very high pace area with amazing food options. I highly recommend the clam chowder- It is as great as people say. Only downfall to me was the fact that there is not enough space to support the amount of people who are walking in! besides that, everything else was amazing.

K Liu

Great value if you are looking for a reasonable priced coffee shop to rest. Store is clean. Everything presented in a tasteful manner that earmarks quality. Unfortunately, Cafe au lait is drinkable but not great. Blueberry scone looks delicious but was disappointingly dry and bland. Have not had the pleasure of sampling their soup and bread as of this visit.

Dane Atkins

Excellent selections, good variety, and great bread. But... Had a group of five. Started out thinking we wanted 'full-service', seated upstairs. Unfortunately, full service for Boudin means a reduced menu (as in, less options than the counter serve Cafe downstairs). What this meant to our group was a lack of kids choices, a lack of lighter meal options, and a 7$ upcharge for the soup and breadbowl. Eat in the cafe, skip the 'service'.

Nadeem Akhtar

It’s the historical Boudin bakery and cafe. We tried the soup and some bakery items, soup was freshly prepared and tasted really nice. Kids enjoyed the idea of having soup in bread. This location is smaller compare to other bigger premises around Pier 39 area. Also prices are little bit on higher side maybe because of its tourist location. If you are visiting pier 39 then it’s a must place to visit. Recommend.


The clam chowder is really good!!!

Tasha Greenwell

Was there on 10/10 early am. Walked in and immediately smelled the aroma of fresh bread and goodies. Everything looked so good. However, I asked to use restroom. And they sent me outside. The bathroom was the worst I have ever seen. Terrible, terrible. Was discussing... Why is this??? Then I ask for a validation for parking. She took my ticket and when I went to pay there was not validation. I paid $6.00 for 30 minutes getting my food. Not happy.

Edwin Poon

Quite pricey for what it was (clam chowder in a bun), probably worth trying if you're here as a tourist, rather than its culinary value in particular.

Daniel Miller

This place was awesome! Got soup in a sour dough bread bowl and it was great!!

Wendel Tse

The best thing about this Boudin location is the large curbside window that lets you watch the bakers prep and shape the dough for baking.

megan adams

This bakery is the real deal! They have tons of windows for watching the bakers work. A must see for foodies.

Alice Iaboli

Quite pricey, the crab chowder is good but the bread is hard like a rock (which is weird since this is bakery).

Casper Stoel

We visited both bakery cafes on Pier 39 and the one on Jefferson Street. The latter one is the nicer one with the bistro upstairs and museum. The museum is very nice and definitely worth a visit. As far as the food is concerned: Loved the bread and chowder in a bowl. Btw, food is pretty much the same in both places

Roman De

I paid over 80$ for 4 crab soups and tomato soup with salad, and was very disappointed! Each of the crab soups had very small amount of the actual soup, the rest was just a bread... we left hungry eaten just a bread.. since there almost no soup in this bread

Cole Rush

Service is always nice even when they have a full house. This place has a good atmosphere. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.

Kitty Marsh

Always the go-to place when you want good sourdough.

Amy Beyer

First, the hostess made us wait 10 minutes for seating even though the place was completely empty. Then, the food was TERRIBLE! We both were INSTANTLY sick after eating it. So overall, horrible experience from start to finish, so over priced! The only cool thing is the sourdough factory, the workers are the only reason this gets one star.

Jessica Warren

Absolutely delicious! You can smell the fresh bread as you walk up the street and can see the bakers through the windows! Whether eating breakfast, lunch or dinner it is all amazing!

Christina Ly

It was ok. They had a variety of dishes for all, however nothing particularly memorable. Service is fast. Restaurant with nice decor.

Erica Fung

This is like a fast food style that you need to order it at the cashier, pick up your food, and find your own table. I had their clam chowder in a sourdough bread. Nothing too special about the soup and the bread. I expected a little more from the bread as this is a bakery. I was a little disappointed.

Lucas Duffey

Really cool bread. They have bread shaped like alligators, turtles, bears and other animals

Travel Lapse

Pretty good chowder. Seating is somewhat limited. Much cheaper than eating at bistro boudin, but to me the bistro seemed a bit better. But this place is definitely a more affordable alternative and is almost as good. The bistro still holds the #1 spot to me though, even though it’s probably all the same food


Very very good, 100%> highly recommended.

kena r

Had to try the famous clam chowder in in sourdough bread bowl. Not disappointed!


Best clam chowder in San Fran !

Luis Silva

Really good bread. The soup tasted like it was from a can, though. But the bread was just GOOD! I’d go back and get just the bread next time and buy my own soup elsewhere.

Amythist Moon

That tomatoes soup in a bread bowl is super delicious. Kept me warm too.

Akshaya Kumar

BEST TOMATO SOUP EVER! bread was super delicious! Absolutely loved the place and will go back again!

Aram Ansarizadeh

Best sourdough in San Fran. They have a great little tour of how the bread is made. Long lineups for the downstairs fast food resturants but worth the wait time. The grilled cheese on sourdough isn't as popular but it is so delicious. If you are looking for soup the resturant upstairs offers it with more fancy food choices and great patio views.

Becky Veliz

The most delicious bread I've ever had.

LP 10085

Great chowder, loved the taste and consistency. Only drawback was the bread bowl, wasnt a fan of the sourdough (even though thats what theyre known for). Friendly service and lots of gift ideas available too which was great.

Rita Lee

Grill cheese sandwich and clam soup nice!

don willey

Service was good, my ham & gruere croissant was tasty and meet the need for quick, yummy and mostly but not just carbs.

Josh Montero

Sue, people go on and on about the quintessential San Francisconess of sourdough, and Boudin's in particular, but their food is actually what brings me back. It makes sense that great bread makes for great sandwiches, but you have to fill it well to make it work. Their BLTA is unreal, really fresh vegetables and great bacon make this sandwich a must have. There are also often really good sweets and cookies, and while I've never had their soups, I seem to always end up near someone with one and smell always seems promising.

Brenden Hanan

If visiting you must stop here and try the sourdough! Excellent food as well.

Kylie Stock

Super good clam chowder! I'm not a fan of sour dough bread but that's the thing around here. They had the bread baked into animals and cool shapes. It was fun to see!

umang jain

This is a place to go if you like sourdough bread, the smell itself makes you 100 times hungrier. I had a grilled cheese sandwich made with freshly baked bread. It was really delicious. Other popular dishes is breadbowl. But the best part is the atmosphere, where you can see the bread being baked in front of your eyes.

Ronald Cronwell

Loved the bread. Chowder excellent. Croissant melts in the mouth. Reasonable prices.

Arlene Shi

Boudin is probably a most try place in San Francisco. It is known for the clam chowder and sour dough bread. The clam chowder is amazing with right amount of creaminess and smoothness. The ingredients are not super chunky and hard to swallow. The flavor is tasty without being too salty or heavy.

chaifong tjoe

clam chowder so tasty...n the kids love the grilled cheese.

Tasnem Shakir

Awesome place good people and awesome food

Jamie Moffat

Carb and bread lovers dream. They make the bread into animal shapes . Very busy as the quality of the food is great. Had the cheddar jalapenos bread and the chocolate sourdough loaf. This place did not disappoint!

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