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2800 S Hazel St, Pine Bluff, AR 71603, United States

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Here you have the reviews of real people like you who are consuming the services of Super 1 Foods (Bakery) in the state of Arkansas.

To this day the firm has a score of 4.1 out of 5 and the score has been based on 624 reviews.

As you can read, its rating is quite high, and it is based on a very high number of reviews, so we can think that the assessment is quite accurate. If there are many people who bothered to leave their review when they've done well with the service, is that it works.

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This Bakery belongs to the category of Grocery store.

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REVIEWS OF Super 1 Foods IN Arkansas

Margaret Robinson

I shop there all the time.

Renee Dunbar

Great deals on food, fresh vegetables and meat.

Jimmy Reeves

The breakfast was delicious and hot

Barbara Stringer

Not enough checkout stands open. Good specials. Nice employees.

Thelma Baldwin

I got what I needed, and if I could not find what I was looking for I got help.

Sherry Haywood

Love this place.

sam green

They had the groceries we were looking for and also had the Foodbank there for the summer cereal drive. Pretty cool!!!

Lois Reeves

Shouldn't stop ordering things when it sells good.

Plum Angel

Produce is best in town! Tons of various foods

Eric Hall

Watermelon suck

carolyn lewis

Wonderful experience. Its a pleasure shopping here. I know alots of your employees. I give you an A++++. Thank you.

Larry Johnson

Everything is over priced except for whats on sale.

Stephinese Davis

great customer services

Jennifer Mitchell

Grocery store. Good.

Debbie Shaw

OK for A grocery store

Siva Sravani Sadanala

I buy my groceries all the time here

Shacora Gardner

Good price they have electricity chairs for people who need them like me

Aesha Swopes

Good store, pricing is high. Plus there's 10% added

Wayne Jefferson

Nice place

Dennis Weathers

Clean and well stocked.

Terry Gill

Stocked nicely, store clean.

Doyle Bowlin

The shelves were stocked and organized. The isles were clean and the cashiers were respectful

Benjamin Warren

It isn't the best but not the worse either

charlotte allen

Rude customer service

Terrance Nichols


Lynn Howard

The prices are kind of high and then they add 10% extra at checkout I only recommend if it's close to you and you don't mind paying a little extra. To top it off they don't even take bill pay anymore. Thank god they have nice employees lol.

paul worthen

It's a great place to shop for everything

Adrianna Blue

I love this store and the staff

Teresa Bethune

Great selection of products. Not super pricey. Convenient

Donna Jackson

Biggest Super 1 Foods in Pine Bluff. Has a lunch & early dinner take out buffet & deli. Except for employees on the occasional aisle & at checkout who don't know jack or seem to want to be there the store itself is tops.

BJ Moore

Great Service and Prices

Peter Voluntaryist Walker

You don't have to be a member of some kind of shopping club to get their discounts and their discounts are very competitive. My personal favorite is the fried okra in the deli. All their services and products are First Rate.

Carol Mitchell

Everyone is so friendly

Dennis Ray


Sylvia Miller

The pick 5 and pick 4 are very fresh

Shirley McMahan

Nice, clean, good size parking area. Good number of cashiers working.

Rebecca Price

Had a great experience very helpful with items I couldn't find

Kristi Matthews

Great store. Clean, organized and associates has great customer service

Zackery E Taliaferro


cynthia lewis

They have a great selection...they seem to just NOT have enough of a selection...I do appreciate them BECAUSE they're super convenient

Hazel L Jacobs

Prices are some what high compared to the store in which it replaced. It advertise that they have lower prices but thar are no lower prices.

Gregory Dukes

Always good service and selection

Greg Worsham

Clean store was competitive prices brush made very small lines and check out generally at least three checkouts are open at any given time.

Paula Morris

I rate thus location better than the other Super One Foods in town.

porsha Willis

Great prices here equal great savings excellent customer service! Aiyana the cashier was awesome!

Sharonda Gilbert

Very convenient location on busy streets but be prepared to spend a bit more money on meats than the usual grocery stores..

David Gonzalez

Usually a quick in and out experience. Sometimes you can catch some pretty nice bargains. The armed security guards though are both concerning and give a over peace of mind. Over all Super 1 is nice.

Lisa McNeely

Always got a great sale going on.I Love shopping here

Wendy Rodgers

The prices are a little too high

Cedric Morris

This store is great for all your grocery shopping needs

Kelsie Rauls

It's an ok grocery store, good prices.

Faye Banks

Ran in for three items, but as I am always checking and comparing prices of my frequently used products, it was good I only needed a few items. Their prices are too high.

tracy davis

Good store

Beryl Langdon

Pretty decent selection of Mexican Candy and spices. Not many places in pine bluff offer culturally specific options. The Fried Chicken in the deli is really good!!

MsDee2u2018 Mays

Love shopping here. Employees always friendly and ready to assist.

Rita Walker

Great place to food shop

Matt Hamp

I received meds from them and the employees are always nice and helpful.

Marquita Joyner

Great customer service!

Daniel Newswanger

Excellent produce!

Joyce Holmes

Fresh meats and produce. Very clean store.

Marty Sipes

Bought groceries

Judy Bradley

Good quick place to shop.

Lisa Haralson

I just love Super 1 Foods! Amazing service and products!

Candice Smith

Excellent Prices ! Amazing Store !

Dorothy Holt

Relaxing, great customer service and staff look and dress professionally.

Phyllis Palmer

Super 1 foods is a place to go if youlike clean vegetables and slice fresh lunch meats they have what you need

Mark Franklin

I was enlightened by being able to purchase 7 packages of Brown N Serve (12 count) for $0.25 each. That is $1.75 plus tax. What a Super Deal! Thanks!

Patricia Howard

Neat, clean, and well organized. Good customer service.

linda mcintyre

Awsome selection on hispanic good items I will be back to shop again

Gerald Watson

The cashier was not friendly and did not remind me of the bag of meat I left behind.

Patricia Todd

Great store

Zo Brad

Good fresh meat

Chris Carlock

Nice service

Canine Hayes

Great, Love it and now I REALLY FEEL SAFE (Everything that is going on these days), seeing Police in the store gives me a GREAT WARM LOVE.

Cassandra Polk

U all find what ur looking for if not they'll help

Royce Taylor

Not enough checkouts working, as usual.

Joseph Dorn

Produce outstanding, meats fresh and priced moderately, and great staff

Kathryn Franklin

Love Rodgerick and Tiffany Super one on Camden and Hazel they keep there Stores Very Clean Super Service You can tell when they are not There....Love love love they Stores....Welcome back....Rodgerick ....

Eboni Micheala

Clean, friendly. Has everything labeled of Wic participants

Corey Stewart

Cashiers are nice, managers not so much.

First Timers

There were no working mobile chairs. There was a nice manger that looked for one while we shopped & we loved that she cared.

Michaela Crider

The cashiers in these stores are always so nice to me!

Penny Gullette

Clean, well stocked shelves, fresh meats and vegetables. Friendly staff.

April Dixon

Friend employees. Clean environment. Fast service

Rosie Garrett

I can get in and out very quick and that save Me time and money. I hate to run out to Walmart. So this store has everything I need.

Tara Best

Had a security guard, follow and threaten us to hurry up when 15 minutes was left. Every 5 minutes would harass us by reminding us store was closing, stayed right behind us. At check out, my husband was unloading and I was watching my products on screen while he stood right behind us, continuously thumping his phone on the counter. My clerk had to stop, he had no help putting groceries in empty cart. I am seriously handicap and cannot lift, guard would not offer help only harass me, I said to him he should try to be more patience, pine bluff is not a place to challenge people, he said none scares him. He was carrying a gun and i feared with him behind me he was a very angry and trigger happy person. My husband and I are seniors. Our bill was over$300. We can shop any where, but will not shop where I may trigger the anger of someone especially someone carrying a gun and saying no one scares him. Ps. He said he is an off duty police officer. My husband is an ex marine. I had a hard time trying to keep him quite.

Brittany Hutcherson

Meat gone bad bread be open rolls missing in packs employees have bad attitudes slow service

Saundra Harden

Meats are always fresh. I love the pick 4!

Taniya Austin

Nice, clean environment and friendly service.

Gary Brooks

It's nice place to shop for food.

Linda Johnson

Store was clean worker's was friendly, the store was well maintained and stocked.

Denise Collinsworth

Been several times. Always had great service until today. 2 waitresses on their cell phones will walking around on the floor and ignoring customers. 1 waistress helping every table. Waited 10 minutes to be seated bc one of the ladies on the phone approached us and got minutes to seat us then just answered her cell phone and walked away. The drinks were awful and could not even taste the alcohol in the drinks, 2 different drinks ordered that tasted like a drink from Sonic. Will never go again. 6 employees working and only 1 waiting on tables and the cook doing anything. The waitress we had was waiting on 8 different tables while the other people were on their phones or doing nothing.

Teresa Dockett

Great prices!!!

BryanSavannah McDonel

The employees are always so kind and treat me as if I were family.

Chris Alford

Acceptable for a grocery store. I want bigger blocks of cheese. I want bigger containers of salsa and sour cream.

Prophet G.L. Martin

Place went down after they removed the brookshire

Djerrick Jenkins

Its a really organize place to shop at when am there I can walk in and out with no what in line long at all

Matthew Cude

Good selection prices were kinda steep but nice all around grocery store

Marjorie Abraham

Love it better when it was Brookshires

jared morgan

Fast and friendly

Zakiyyah Johnson

Nice, clean and but didnt have fresh gmo free bread. However they made sure to order some when i was there

Carol Gossage

Items were easy to find and store is clean. Employees are friendly and are able to assist in finding any item wanted.

Markous Stinson

Great store. But boring to walk-in. Seem like everybody died an only a few living souls are left an they don't knw w2d

Smiles Brann

Love this grocery store!!

Nina Hayes

Check out was a little slow n confusing!

Brandi Trice

Very nice grocery store they have an awsome salad and food bar and you can buy your crab legs with food stamps then take them to the back and they will season and steam them for you for free that's the best thing bout super foods 1 to mehh...

Reba Gaines

Very clean. I will return.

Sundra Carpenter Boyd

It's not brookshires anymore and their prices are too high

Yolanda Thomas

Good prices


Good prices on meat

Sharon Kuhn

Found all that I was shopping for not like walmart. All the shelves were stocked and employees helped when asked.

Bear's SGS

Got it all.

Barnard Johnson

Very nice staff. Good selection. Clean. Plenty of parking.

T D Tha OrCistr8TA

It's a great bargain mart with fair prices more so next to the competitor's prices, I find here that shopping for meats and other foods that I get more for my money than the other grocery stores, of course you have your weekly sales papers and so on but super one always have deals on good quality food. In my opinion

Brenda Coleman

Nice store to shop when I'm in town.

Simone Rich

Since they changed the name you can't get crew on the floor to help. And on Harding St I ask the two dude stockings on Dairy could they check the back to see if there was so original silk milk in the back one dude look like I was bothering him

Lindsay Douglas

Picked up my meds

Q. Littleton

I got breakfast. They had a hotbar.They charge by the lb. 5.99lb

Aradia Esoterica

Need to roll over points! I like the store. Good service and clean. But the points thing is annoying because being single, I never have time to use the points! They don't accumulate like Walgreen's points. That's why I shop at Walgreen's for a lot of items instead of Brookshires.

Carlene Latortue

It has good health foods and good meats

Kenneth Conley

Clean and friendly

Sherry Morris


Oribe Owens

Great daily deals

Raymond Turner

Good place to go

Andrea Davis

The employees are very helpful.

Patrick Malvin

Great Place to Shop n Safe"

Bethany Kimbrell

Nice prices and fresh abundant produce!

Charlie Paschal

Good friendly service, love the food bar and delicious ribs.

Kelly Rayburn

Found what I went there for.

William Watson

Great prices on many must have items!

James Cookie Cook

Friendly staff and good prices

Ben Myrick

Sorry jalapenos

ladaviya Means

They dont have the stuff i usually get anymore they change alot .

dornesha tillman

I love the produce, the customer service is great!

Kathleen stinnett

Nice place to shop employee are so nice.

Aaron Hill

Good place to go grocery shopping

Betty Alford

Love the prices & foods

Kelynn Clark

It's kind of high

Pamela Brown

I really miss shopping there


Veggies very fresh. Nice layout in store!

James Hood

I don't know why they change the name from brookshire's

Michael Morgan

Could use a better produce selection.

Enrico Wilkins

Very clean store and a courteous staff

Richard daniels

Pharmacy staff is amazing

Angela Roby

Need more varitt of vegetables!

Leo Worthy

Most quick services

Breanna Moses

I rate this 5 stars.


Easy on youre shoping. Listen for stress free musis. Forget you're list. Bargan shopres haven. All incomes welcome..

Brandon Greene

Very nice and helpful staff at the pharmacy!

Sharon Pattersom

They need to work on getting the roof fixed.

Angela Thomas

The atmosphere is nice. I enjoy talking to the workers, they are very kind and helpful.

Samantha Tindall-Savage

Great place to shop. Friendly Staff.

Andrea Washington

Purchased my daughter's graduation cake . This bakery is Awesome and Cynamon was such a wonderful help at making sure our cake was safe during our 2hour travel. I highly recommend everyone to use this bakery for all of your baking needs..

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