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REVIEWS OF SugarDumplin's Cupcakes IN Arkansas

Richard Whitfield

Best cupcakes I have ever eaten. Wife loves the chocolate covered strawberries.

Lauren Phillips

Absolutely LOVE this bakery. We go here for all of our kids' (and ours) birthday cakes and cupcakes. I've never had a bad experience! We also sometimes get their cinnamon rolls because they are HEAVENLY. I will say that my niece is highly allergic to nuts, and when she called to make sure that her cupcake order would be made peanut-free, she had to talk to several employees all of whom gave her different answers: a few said all of their cupcakes were peanut allergen free, but a few others said that they weren't sure. My only suggestion would be for all employees to be trained to answer this question correctly as it's a very serious concern for a significant amount of people and any uncertainty on that point could cause them to take their business elsewhere. Like I said, we've never personally had a problem, but I know my sister-in-law was leery after getting several different answers.

Marcus Z

Wade A

Annie Red

Brad Dull

Great selection of cupcakes and cookies. Cinnamon Rolls are spot on as well.

Ryan Polston

Carolyn Roller

Attended a great birthday party

Naomi Quinn

Misty Case

Taste great! Everyone should try them

n nosamoht

Best cupcakes and cookies. They are as good as your mother and grandmother made. Cookies are moist and chewey not dried out like most places make. Cupcakes are moist and full of flavor. Be careful they are addicting andvyou will want 1 or 6 every day LoL. I highly recommend them for any event, gathering, office party or a treat for your family. Business is kindof hidden behind other businesses but GPS will take you to them and they are worth the hunt. Enjoy.

Douglas Simmons

So good

Jessica Johnston

Great customer service, amazing cookies, and an awesome place to have birthday parties!!! Love Sugar Dumplin’s!!!

Dennis Lessard

They put together a bulk order of cookies for me in a matter of minutes. The staff is as good as the cookies

Carrie Knauer

Natasha 4Now

Magnus Gray

They have the best cookies I've ever eaten

Victoria Stallings

I literally drive 20 min for a strawberry lemonade cupcake. Love the sweets and the wonderful service.

Devin Harrington


Candace Drozal

This place is amazing! Absolutely delicious. Had a UPS package end up there and I’m so grateful or I may have not found this gem. Elvis cupcake is divine. Mississippi Mud superb.

J Bradley

Ashley Rowan

Mindy Madison

Delicious Cupcakes!!! I like the Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes and the Strawberry Shortcake cupcakes the best

Susan Webre

Everything is always fresh and delicious

Lora Johnson

Best cupcakes in Arkansas....Large variety, friendly service, great prices, so worth the price.

Denise Gordon

Favorite place!!!!!! The cupcakes are amazing and we have has several cakes made by them as well that are delicious and beautiful.

Lance Douthit

The smell of this place is so intoxicating. Love the cookies and chocolate covered strawberries.

Rynae Carpenter

Jaxon Blaise Wilson

Jenn Hyatt

Larry Tucker

Dezi B

King Vance

Bobby Shell

Good sruff

Shawn Thomas

This place is awesome!

Brooke Kling

Delicious cupcakes. Friendly faces and friendly customer service. Jessica and her staff go above and beyond every time I stop in.

Stacie Bratton

We are so lucky to have such a great bakery in Bryant! I love the cupcakes, and absolutely ADORE their cookie sandwiches!

Rachelle Pineda

Always friendly service and delicious cupcakes, cookies and cinnamon rolls! The wedding cake cupcake is delish! Great local bakery in Bryant.

Leslie Strickland.

Kathryn Adams

Kristi Guin

Rebecca Bennett

The ppl were very nice and helpful and didn't mind that I couldn't choose from the dizzying amount of deliciousness! The prices are competitive and the quality is amazing. I great addition to Bryant!

james wolfe

Krista Beck

Great place, owner operated family friendly

Sierra Perlsen

Amazing incredible cupcakes, cookies, and parties!! Sugardumplins goes above and beyond to create exactly what you want!!

ty tittle

mmmm you like cupcakes? what about smiles? when you take a bite out of one you can't help but smile. only problem is when you take a dozen home and use a permenat market to write your initials above "your cupcake" and you leave and come back, is doing detective work on finding out who stole your cupcake.

Christopher Taravella

Very nice people and every cupcake was delicious, I bought 1 of each flavor... 26 and everyone at the party wanted to know where I got them!! Great local place for amazing sweet tooth cure!

Sheryl Hoppe

I live in Memphis and yesterday I Googled Bakeries in Bryant. I wanted to send cookies for my Brother's Birthday. I called Sugar Dumplin's and Oh Mercy !! ..Chris was absolutely wonderful in assisting me. He was So Helpful and Polite !! My Brother and his Co-workers Loved the variety of cookies. They said they were Delicious ! I'm so happy to have a "Go To " now for all my special deliveries. Thank You SugarDumplin's !

Heather Stivers

Great selection and always freshly made. Definitely the best bakery around!

Jennifer Soapes

I only buy cupcakes or cakes from here for birthdays or parties.


I have a hard time picking a favorite cup cake! I sugggest trying all of them.☺️

Michelle Conner

Excellent treats and service!

Khalia Phillips

Lima Tahiri

Angel Eddleman

I love this company! I have purchased desserts (frosting cups, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, cakes, and cookies) from here for years to celebrate birthdays, retirements, and holidays. When it came time to order my wedding cake, I knew I wanted it to be from SugarDumplin’s Cupcakes. Jessica, the owner, was very helpful and together we came up with a dessert menu I knew my guests would love that fit my budget. The day of my wedding, everything was delivered on time and looked amazing. To say it tasted delicious is an really was fantastic. I plan to remain a loyal customer for years to come.

Debbie Chance

Well worth the money

J Hawk the orange cream and a cookie dough, both really good

Robin Darbonne-Worley

Absolutely wonderful cupcakes!

BJ Begoon

Holle B. Me

Had a 5th birthday party at Sugar Dumplings & each child got to decorate there own box of 4 cupcakes...and they loved it!! They provided every color of the rainbow of icing and every kind of toppings, candies , sprinkles you could image to decorate their cupcakes! There was plenty of seating for the adults & a special area for the birthday girl to open her gifts surrounded by her guests! I would highly recommend booking a birthday party at Sugar Dumplings to everyone!

Debby mauldin

Always fresh

Pamela Vivian

Matt Nutt


I’m not sure what the girls name is that’s working there today (3/30/19 3:56 pm) but she is absolutely amazing!

Valerie Hill

Best cupcakes and cookies ever

Jennifer Walker Morehead

Super yummy cupcakes! I think I would stop by more often if they were open later. We had my daughters birthday party here last year and it was really nice. The kids get to decorate their own cupcakes so you don’t even have to buy a cake for the party. I felt like it was fun and the kids were really happy!

Tony Dollarhide

Gail Madkins

Lashunda Calvin

My coworkers and I really enjoyed the cupcakes. They were very moist.

Susan Bradford

Best cupcakes on the planet!!!

LaDonna Dollarhide

Best cookies and cupcakes ever

Plaura Hunter

Amanda Breckling

Horrible Customer Service! I will never go to Sugar Dumplings again. If you do, don’t expect to order something a week in advance and for it to be ready on time. I made a very special Birthday order; I went over the order twice and asked the owner /baker Jessica to repeat my order which she did. Then I go to pick up my order and only half was ready. I was told it was my fault I ordered on the wrong day which is not true. I have the note where I made the call and wrote everything down before I called to make sure I ordered correctly. I was told at pick up if I had a problem to call Jessica they could do nothing, so I did. She gave me a cold apology told me she could not make the other part of my order just appear. She didn’t know what I wanted her to do about it. And she had the nerve to tell me I was rude and obnoxious. Who does that! I was panicked! This birthday was very important to me. I pre planned and was now having to scramble around the last minute to try to fix it and they act like they could care less. Isn’t that part of her job to care about her customer’s special occasions? NEVER AGAIN SUGAR DUMPLINGS! SO RUDE!

Karen Carrio

It was wonderful. Went in to see how much for wedding cakes and what kind that they did. Very affordable pricing.

Mandy Holiman

Best. Cupcakes. Ever! Great customer service too! I’ve never had a bad experience.

Brian Johnson

These are the best cupcakes I've ever had in my life!!

Shawna Bell

My mother ordered a mermaid tail, 2 tier cake. Got it to its location 5 min away & opened the box, the side of the bottom tier was broke in half and fell apart causing the top tier to slide over. Went after the party to talk to them & was told that she had put it in the front set of her car (against the bakers wishes) & it was her driving that did this. He informed me that with the supports that were in it (4 small dowels on the bottom that were to close together to support anything) he didn't care if the cake was made of pudding, those support would have held it up. He told my mom that there would be a support going from the top tier all the way to the bottom. There wasn't. In the end he said that even though it was her fault he would refund 1/2 the cake amount. Got out to the car & he had handed me $45, which was not half, went back in after talking to my mom on the phone & she said that she had said to put the cake in the trunk cuz it was flat surface & he said put it in the front set & he could build the slant up with boxes. So when I told him what she had said he said, "ya, sure I did". Horrible customer service, what started out being a civil conversation turned ugly real quick after he called us liars & blamed us for his bad baking skills. I'm sorry cake does not just split down the middle & crumble for no reason.

Matt Rodgers

Incredible cupcakes and exceptional service! I first experienced SugarDumplin's Cupcakes at a wedding. Let's just say one cupcake wasn't enough. They are wonderful! My wife's cousin (who lives in Arkansas) brings these cupcakes to family gatherings, and they are always a BIG hit! Long story short, I have a client in Little Rock who I wanted to deliver baked goods to. Jessica (owner) went out of the way to accommodate my order and handle delivery. Give SugarDumplin's a try today. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed!

Darryl Whitehead

Friendly staff. Aim to please customers as much as possible. Cakes and pastries are delicious! Worth the drive to Bryant.

Heather Spillyards

You CANNOT find better service anywhere else! My Son’s cookie cake did not get picked up, and they went WAY out of their way to meet me on a day they were closed! So, in other words, they SAVED my son’s Birthday!

Melissa Weeks

The best bakery in Saline County!! We love the cupcakes, cakes, cookies and icing shots we get from Jessica, Chris and their family. Our absolute favorites are the strawberry shots! Always friendly, helpful and willing to do what they can to make your dessert for any occasion perfect!

Nancy Anderson

Love their desserts

Joe Box

Delicious and sweet!!

Jill Stewart

Husband and I bought a half dozen to split and try different flavors. We were both unimpressed with the flavoring. Salted caramel and lime for me, both fell flat on flavor. The lime tastes artificial (I cook with real lime all the time), and really didn't pack a punch, and the salted caramel was bland at best and didn't have a salty flavor at all. However, the cake itself was incredibly moist and delicious. My husband found most of his too sweet, but come on, they're cupcakes. ;) I'm not going to go running to buy more, but if they punched up the flavor profile a bit, I would be there in a second.

Brittany Deaver

Very friendly and scrumptious sweet treats! I took my daughter for her very first cupcake. She loved it as well!

Ronda Parker

I loved the turtle brownies but the young lady who served me had a not so pleasant attitude. Maybe she was having a bad day!

Zaundra Dickey

Excellent cupcakes, cookies and cakes. Everything is wonderful. I encourage you to try.

Nick Aldridge

Alek Eurich

Came in to pick up a UPS package (UPS Access Point) and couldn't leave without some cupcakes. SUPER moist, great flavor, well priced. Definitely coming back!

Stephanie Crabtree

Great product..great service! What more could you want?

Polly Acker

Heath Brown

Jennifer N. Adams, Author

Yummy goodness and wonderful people!!

Heather Moody

Awesome cupcakes! Always fresh and the lemon cookies are to die for

Betty Patton

Great Cupcakes.... Gorgeous Cakes... Friendly Service Love this Shop..

Sharon Rhodes

The best cupcakes in Arkansas!!! Delicious fresh homemade.

Kristyn Scott

Everything I've had from there has been wonderful! They did my wedding cake and not only was it beautiful, it was delicious, too!!! Some of my favorite cupcakes: darkmallow, cookie dough, strawberry lemonade, pumpkin pie, etc... love SugarDumplin's Cupcakes!


R lynn stults

Everything taste good

Zack Ide

Sugar Dumplin's Cupcakes is an awesome shop to drop by for a quick treat. I was referred to this store by my realtor upon purchasing my home in Bryant, and have been visiting the location ever since. I like to stop by to get treats for my wife and kids. If you are looking for cupcakes, cookies, or a custom made cake for an event, Sugar Dumplin's Cupcakes is a great place to check out in Bryant, AR!

cynthia lattin

I ordered the strawberries, chocolate with nuts, they were so fresh and beautiful. I will be ordering again soon.

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