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REVIEWS OF Neighbor's Mill Bakery & Cafe IN Arkansas

Neil Greathouse

So many bakery items to choose from including “no sugar added” muffins, gluten free breads, pies, cookies, cake and more. Order lunch sandwiches, salads, soups and entire cakes go take home or dine in. The facilities are clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. Some of the specialty menu options run out daily.

Jeff Schafer

My wife had seen this Mill and Cafe on a previous trip through the area and was dying to eat here. It did not disappoint! The building is beautiful inside and out. There are so many awesome choices on the menu that we will have to make several trips to try more menu items. I got the woo pig sandwich that was made with bacon and ham and served with kettle chips. My wife, the chicken salad connoisseur, got the chicken salad sandwich also served with chips. For dessert we had the peanut butter iced chocolate cake. It was awesome. We can't wait to return.

Damian FitzPatrick

It's the best Harrison can do.

Will Haseltine

I don't get to eat here much seeing as I'm out of town. But every time I come through I try to stop here for lunch. It's a popular spot and can get crowded but the line moves quick and the food still comes out fast. My choice is the French Dip, a simple sandwich elevated just so by their choice of cheese as bread. The confections and other baked goods are always a treat. My only complaint is that they're closed on Sunday, the day I'm usually passing through.

Paul Burns

Excellent food and always great bread you can't beat it

James Carr

We got the sandwich and a cookies, both were excellent.

Collene Ellis

There's nothing like the original! The greek olive bread is worth the drive. The feta is good too.

Brent R.

Best bread and muffins anywhere.

Tracey Kim

I had the Reuben on rye. The saurkraut tasted off. The bread was hard. We also tried the muffalatta. There was a chopped olive mash on it that was very salty and took away from the other flavors of the sandwich. The peanut butter chocolate pie had a crust that wasn't completely baked. For coffee and breads, the place is great. I probably won't be back to try the items just on the menu.

Ginelle Graham

Excellent choices and pricing AND service!

Mark Jeffery

This is a awesome place to go food was outstanding and the ampmosphe is one of a kind must stop by and try out this place I loved it

Pamela Emenger

Love this place! Everyone is so friendly & the food is delicious!

Karen Vaught

We purchased the Tomato Herb and Cheese bread and also the Challah Peno bread. They are wonderful. Very tasty and fresh. We also splurged on a couple of cookies. They were wonderful too. The facility was very pleasant and clean. The staff was very pleasant and cordial. I would definitely have given this place a 10 but 5 is the highest rating.

Lois Nichols

It was my first time there and the food was very good. I will go again.

Thomas Shower

Great food great staff

Traci King

Love the food and staff here! My favorite is the cinnamon roll

alan heuston

We stopped in for our dose of their great cinnamon rolls for our road trip home. We usually try to stop in here when in the area. Great soups and sandwiches.

Crystal Valentine

There are so many delicious options that I find myself going back to keep trying something new. I'm always satisfied. Fun clean atmosphere. The desserts are amazing, I always have an excuse to treat myself! Lol

Madelyn Moore

Always stop by for bread and sugar cookies great service

Jarod Staples

Food was out fast, very clean, and super friendly.

Frank Miller

Disappointed Ruben was deli meat, cake I ordered was lemon/blueberry, they must of just passed the lemon over it and every few blueberries.

Justin Methvin

Great bread. Yummy salads. I love trying the different special salads.

Scott Havens

It was Very Good!! Some of the Best tomato soup and grilled cheese there is!!!

Bonnie Fischer

Slightly high-priced (by Arkansas standards), but I guess you get what you pay for. Excellent soups and sandwiches on breads made on site. You can purchase items from on-site bakery. Attractive restaurant. If I lived closer to Harrison I'd be a regular!

Christine Albrecht

Had the French Dip and the sticky bun...amazing!

Jim Clark

Always fresh, great service and really good healthy food. One of our favorite haunts. If you are traveling through harrison this is the place.

Melissa Cook

Very similar to Panera. Wonderful soup & sandwich and a decadent slice of cake.

Shannon Thomas

Great restaurant. Great bakery. Priced very fair. I’ll be back every time I am in town.

Jeremiah Sanders

Great place for breakfast and lunch. Tasty soups, salads, sandwiches. Leave room for desert, lots to pick from.

John Winter

Best Muffuletta ever, especially when you get it on the Neighbor’s special bread! Also incredible cinnamon rolls with raisins - so awesome!

David Taylor

This is one of my most favorite places to visit. This time we stopped in and picked up four loafs of bread. You just can't find bread like this ANYWHERE else. We usually stop for lunch and try something different each time. Orange cranberry bread is my favorite

Phil Petre

Great rustic old time mill building & atmosphere and good coffee!

Jerry Ledoux

Great place to eat. Good food and good people

Sylvia Gruben

Always enjoy. Delicious bakery goodies, goid sandwiches, good breakfasts and good coffee.

Sean Hudson

The food has been good with every visit and the service typically always good. Unfortunately on my latest visit they lost my order so I didn't get my food until after the person I was eating with had already finished their food, but I still had to go back to the line before they gave it to me

john roberts

Always great muffins

Jim Gach

This place is always busy, but it never takes long to get your food. I love their salads, but the Muffleletta sandwich is awesome too. I've never had anything bad here. Plus they have homemade desserts that are very good. I had the apple pie, this time, but get the mixed berry pie when it's in season.

A Bunting

Always such a pleasant experience and relaxing atmosphere ! The staff are delightful and the food and drink delicious.

Sonya Holt

I loved the menu and enjoyed the atmosphere and ease of ordering my lunch! A must if you are in the area! Family friendly!

Kyla Mahoney

Their bakery selection is huge! Although the space feels a little cramped compared to their Springfield location, the building itself was very quaint with decorated perfectly for the restaurant. Food was served quickly and was delicious as always!

kain masters

The food was good presentation could have been better though the toppings were stuffed in the middle of the bread instead of spread around which is why I took a picture of my leftovers I wanted to show that calling a sandwich big means more than a large slice of bread but again it was delicious

elora thorpe

Cinnamon rolls and sticky rolls....have one or both. Excellent!!! They are fast and don't forget take something yummy with you when you leave.

Guy Schallenberg

Great food good place for a quick bite. Similar to Panera but more mom and pop.

Jerry Sutton

I visited the one in Harrison Arkansas. Great home made soups and panera type sandwiches. They have a great bakery to, but, that's a little expensive.

Nissa Mondahl

I used to live here and come back regularly to visit family. I've never been disappointed with Neighbor's Mill when I come visit. I love to bake, and I still buy their baked goods as they are well worth it. I've never been disappointed with anything I've gotten here.

Patricia Akhlaghi

Good food, good prices and good service. Definetely will go back if I am in this area again.

Jackie Torbett

Order was incorrect! We order 2 sandwiches and only got one bag of chips. My sister order a sandwich and they had run out the bread for it. 2nd time I have been here and was disappointed both times.

Judy Murray

Good fresh bread and pastries

Michael Lego

The food is always fresh and tasty! The bread and desserts are amazing.

John Fraser 800-775-0619 ext 1

Oh my gosh if you’re driving through Harrison you have to stop and get their coffee and some dessert is definitely one of the most wonderful places to get some of the best coffee in the region and good sandwiches and soups and desserts every time we drive through we have to stop unless it’s a weekend and then we wish we had driven through on a weekday!

Tyler Porzio

Very nice place :)

Jay Chipman

One of the best secret establishments to visit and eat. Wonderful staff and great food!

Joanne Rines

The food is delicious I like the old Mill style interior. I always order the soup and salad. Their soups and salad dressings are homemade and it is a taste you wouldn't find anywhere else.

jeri pritchett

Great place for a healthy meal and delicious pastries and desserts. Consistently good food. Highly recommend!

cameron lewis

Best place to eat in town.

M Sawyer

BEST bread ever! I was give a loaf if the sour cream pecan loaf for a Christmas gift and since then have never forgotten how AMAZING it was. The following year our family was given a gift certificate and quickly tried a the roasted tomato and cheese loaf. Great to make grilled cheese sandwiches with. Now that we live around the corner from this establishment, we are enjoying the many different fresh and tasty selections available.

pete omara

Favorite place for healthy tasty food


Wonderful atmosphere, wonderful food, and a great place to sit down and eat.

Severus Snape

I understand that I'm not the richest looking person. I know I come in at lunch, with paint all over my clothes, but at the end of it all, I make enough money to pay for my meal. However, with the way Neighbor's Mill treats me, you would think I freeload off of all of them, and at a personal expense. I try to be patient every time I get an order wrong - it's happened about half the time, just like with any other restaurant. However, at any other restaurant, they don't have an attitude when they have to remake your order. I always order an extra bit of pickle. I like pickles, and they are 25 cents each for a small portion. I make no complaint - except for when I ask for two and get neither. I ask for no tomato, as I am allergic, and have to backtrack to bring my salad back. The girl makes my salad, slamming the lettuce in the box like a child, adding cucumbers and cheese, before giving me two slices of bread. Then, she decides I only need one slice and throws one back in the bread pile, as if I'm not able to see her doing it. Then, I get my chopped chicken, but it's chopped like I've asked her for her first born child and then thrown onto my salad. All in all, I paid nearly twenty one dollars for my food and tell the tale of a one dollar experience. If you aren't rich and you don't look fancy, you may want to find somewhere else to eat; they make you aware that they find you inferior. Sorry, Neighbor's Mill, that I inconvenienced you into making my order right - it won't happen again, loyalty program or not.

Robert Howe

Outstanding food amd courteous staff.

Darrell Thomas

Went to this place because a friend suggested it then upon eating their realized why they suggested it, it was really good food with a very reasonable price. Just found out they have one of these in the town that I just moved to so I am excited about that you can't go wrong eating here

Tara D

Great food. I agree, lots of energy. First time coming in and felt completely lost. Couldn’t even figure out which door to use. It also matters what time you eat which counter you use. Still a little confused to how you should behave there but we will go again and maybe feel slightly less lost when we do. Maybe.

Greg inConway

Yummy. We love their desserts and cookies. Staff is friendly.

Bruce Buntin

You should definitely go here. Great coffee & pastry.

Julie Lee

The staff is so kind and the food is really wonderful. ..a place so fresh and new each time I go. Really one of the best gathering spots for casual lunches and breakfast

Rachel Campbell

The food here never disappoints. I enjoy their sandwiches as well as their breakfast casserole. Their pastries are always such a delicious option as well! I would recommend their pumpkin muffin which has some cream cheese icing in the center.

Cliff Phillips

Great deli and bakery items.


Great french dip sandwich and soup! I like the place!!

Melissa Lee

I absolutely adore this place. I used to drive to Harrison from NWA just for this restaurant. Thank goodness they opened one in Rogers. It has the freshest food that just makes your body feel good! I always go for their chicken salad. It will unfortunately raise your expectations of chicken salad so that none other can compare. The bread is so good and you can even buy it to bring it home.

Teresa Keel

Awesome baked goods. Great food. Good service.

Shirla Hill

Excellent variety of food and soup/salad combos. Staff is great and place is super clean.

Emily Rabon

Amazing food! Loved the blueberry lemon cake!

Levi Skiver

Great Sandwiches

Matt Buel

All their food is awesome, especially the baked goods, including the bread used for their sandwiches.

William Neuman

Stopped in for lunch, left with a loaf of sweet bread! Everything was wonderful; with each bite you can taste the care that they put in to everything they make. Will always stop in when I'm in Harrison and will always recommend to others!

Laura Woods Bowman

Love the chia tea

Woody Cash

Neighbors Mill is one of my favorite places to eat in Harrison. The food is healthy and Fresh. My wife loves the homemade bread. She buy several loafs to give to family and friends.

Kayla Caviness

One of those places you just have to go. One of the best places in Harrison Arkansas.

Alan Endel

This place has amazing soups, salads and sandwiches. Great, fast service. Pies, cakes and cookies are so good. If you are traveling through Harrison, AR, you must stop and enjoy the food. I had a muffaleta and it was as good as any in New Orleans. I've also had their Reuben and chicken salad sandwich. Can't go wrong. The staff is so helpful. We had several senior adults in our group and the staff was so patient with them

Keren Jones

Food is fresh and delicious in Cafe! Buy fresh bread to take home. Yummy!

Joe Deal

Awesome salad and loaded baked potatoes

Jason Mcclure

It's a bit confusing on how things work, but the food is good.

Kris Marker

Absolutely the best in the area for sandwiches and pastries.

Jessica Horne

The food is nice and fresh.

Marcus Harris

Fantastic food! The bread is so fresh. I'll take this over Panera any day.

David Methvin

Best potato soup in town!

Caleb Kaspar

Mouthwatering Sandwich and Soup. I've been to Neighbors Mill before and had really good food but yesterday was life changing. The lady at the front suggested the daily special, the Greek hot sandwich... oh my gosh! The first bite immediately took me back to my trip to Zakynthos, Greece in 2004. The burst of greek olives, fresh tomato, lettuce, smoked ham, provolone and pesto-mayo on a warm grilled olive bread took my breath away. My only regret was that it was my wife's sandwich and not mine.

Deborah S

Atmosphere was good. Workers friendly. I had the Cranberry turkey sandwich and it was ok. French dip was yummy!

Sandra Dockins

Amazing chicken salad!

Jonathan Lott

Was honestly my first time visiting the restaurant. Thoroughly enjoyed the meal, from the homemade chips to the hand crafted sandwich. The customer service was great and the tables and dining area were spotless. Will definable be returning to neighbors mill!!


Always consistent, homemade, comforting. Can have healthy sandwiches and sugary desserts. Take home gourmet bread loaves and coffee for the weekend.

Shari Cartwright

Great atmosphere, great food!

Ezekiel Carpenter

The food and experience is 10 outta 10. The history behind the building is a cool lession. You can buy amazing sandwiches, salads, and pastries.

Joyce Rhoads

Good food. Clean. Pleasant personnel.

LeAnn Fowler-Norris

Very good food & friendly atmosphere

Weston Syverson

Great coffee, love the Cinnamon rolls, great breads at a fair price!

Bill Mcculley

The breads are just wonderful as well as their breakfast menu. That was all we had, but I bet the lunch and dinner menu is good, too.

Janie Bass

They know me and have my order ready when I walk through the door.

Tony Backstrom

Great food. Helpful staff. They make all of their bread and deserts there. Absolutely amazing. Would definitely recommend.

James Williamson

Was a great place for lunch the sandwich I had was wonderful and I realy like my salad. The coffee smelled great but I didnt have any. I told the lady at the register it was my first time there and wasn't sure how I was supposed to order and she walked me through the process. The staff was very very nice and the price was not bad for all the food I got best sandwich I've had in a long time.

Patricia Brown

Because they made mistakes of coffee drinks

Mikaela Malatin

Oh my gosh the tomato basil soup is sooo great. Their cake is from Heaven! We brought pumpkin swirl sweet bread home and it too good to share with others! The coffee was great. Staff was young and professional.

Lauren Mrak

Wonderful food and coffee, great decor and environment, friendly service.

Janice Miller

Our favorite place to eat and purchase baked goods.

Tom Curl

Good food, nice relaxing meal.

Kenneth Rhoads

Great sandwiches and bakery

Robert Hull

We stopped here for breakfast while visiting friends in Harrison and it was very good the sticky bun that my lady and I shared was excellent and we ordered breakfast she got the veggie omelet I got the ham and cheese and we split an order of hash browns everything was excellent as well and there a bakery so the bread for toast served was fresh and very very good. Service was prompt and friendly everything excellent.

PrepperBeeGuy Edwards

Smells wonderful and taste even better

Holly Jones

This is one of my all time favorite places to eat. Food is always fresh and amazing. Highly recommend.

Diane Haight

Excellent breakfast. Very friendly. In fact everything looked wonderful. Bakery goods r amazing.

Serena Wilson

Fabulous restaurant with the best food. If in Harrison, you must won't regret it.

Chuck Holt

Quaint dining. Service is good and food is fresh and delicious. Bakery items are awesome, fresh, and plentt of choices for your sweet tooth. Prices are reasonable.

Brandon Saucier

Great food and great coffee.

Forestine Smith

Good food! Friendly service. Family atmosphere.

Thomas Black

The food is great I had the French dip sandwich it was great.

Patrick Mahoney

There are a ton of options with their baked goods. Coffee is good too.

John R

Awesome. You just have to go here for lunch!

Mollie Robinson

Great breads and deserts! Great fresh meals!! Sometimes the people feel a little put out waiting on you, almost too busy.

Augest Reeves

We love this place!!. we drive all the way from kansas city and come as much as we can when we're in town.. we haven't had a bad meal yet and we love the specials!

Ryan Jose

Delicious and fresh meals, every time.

Natasha Grinder

Absolutely the best bread I have ever eaten....the "Neighbor's Mill Best' bread is undescribable.... The sandwiches, soups and dessert are great. You will do yourself an injustice if you don't visit at least once!

Mike Baxter

They have good food and coffee. We have two in Springfield now and we are excited about it.

David Robertson

It was a neat bakery tucked into the middle of Harrison. The outside and inside looked very much like a bakery you would see right out of history. They had loaves of bread, cookies, muffins, sandwiches, soups, and very good coffee. The best I found anywhere in town. In fact I discovered it on a Wednesday night and went back the next day twice.

Jon Hayden

This is a great place to pick up a quick bite. The food is fresh and the service is spectacular. I ordered the French Dip sandwich. The bread was toasted just right and it really hit the spot. I sampled my wife's and daughter's sandwiches - very good! Their desserts are fantastic, and don't forget to grab some bread to go. You can't go wrong in this restaurant, and it won't break the bank!

Ginger Reed

Ordered sandwiches to go. Had to wait a bit, but I expect to wait a little at a place so popular and at the lunch rush. Food was fresh and delicious. Just as it always is!

The Satisfied God Podcast

The bread at Neighbor's Mill is wonderful. I prefer their 9 grain which at one time was called Woodstock. However, the others will not disappoint. Also make your way to the muffins and get the pumpkin cream cheese muffin. Yep, that is a thing. Lunch is a must here. The Reuben and the muffuletta are excellent choices. Can not go wrong. Try it.

Cindi Silor

Great food, good prices

Rhonda Ludwig

Love the food. Most of the staff are wonderful but the are a couple that just cannot get a to go order correct.

Paula Stapleton

Very good. The deserts are a little pricey and it can be hectic at lunch due to the crowd. But, the sandwiches are amazing. They are better than Panera.

PicArts Media

One of the best coffees! Oh and the cinnamon rolls. You need to try the cinnamon rolls!!!! AAA

Carl Brown

A great bakery and cafe.

Alan Archer

Awesome Food! French dip is my favorite!! Everything is great

Peggy Stokes

French dip so tender it melts in your mouth. Italian wedding cake delicious. Will be back

Sue Fox

Home made bread delish perfict for sandwiches we ordered!


Good service and portions. Clean establishment easy seating.

Neil Elliott

Fresh and healthy food!

Jeremy G

Portions were small especially for what they charge. Food was mediocre. Would not go back.

Dee Roger

Always the best!! We always leave with bread and muffins too!

Pat Artz

We stopped at this place on our way to Branson. It was very busy but well organized to handle all the activity. Food and service was good although we felt rushed.

Natalie R Duerkop

Super delicious and speedy. Had soups and sandwiches, couldn't have asked for better food:) Glad we stopped there!

Ryan Pickel

Excellent service and great coffee!!! Stop in for a great experience!

Randy Layman

It was nice and the food was decent. Apparently if you don't have a membership they add in $10. Didn't know that until we paid

Dan Sanders

Excellent food for a good price.

Dauphne Trenholm

Stop here quite a bit while traveling back and forth for business. Wonderful food every time! Plenty of veggie options, great soups and absolutely delicious breads.


We were driving through on a Saturday and the website made this place seem better than we found it. Not bad but not great. We had been told they served breakfast all day but they stop at 10:30...we arrived @ 11:15. You order at the cashier and get a tray and most orders were ready while you were still paying. The salads we had were ok and served with bread that wasn’t tasty. Not expensive.

Wilma Villines

The food is delicious & the service is awesome !!!

Norma Lauderdale

Had a great lunch there.


My discovery of Neighbor's was like finding a hidden gem. Healthy food provided from local sources that tastes Wonderful. Each item on my plate was flavorful, the pumpkin muffin was the best I have ever eaten. Staff was friendly and helpful. All of this and I never paid any more than if I had fast food .

dee kay

Wow. In the middle of nowhere, this gem. Excellent food and breads. Expect to pay for what you get.


My absolute favorite place! My go to is the French Dip. I like taking bread, muffins and pastries home. Very good breakfast too. Oh, and their soup is amazing. I’d probably eat here every day if I lived a bit closer.

Butch Twoshoes

The bread is always so good I always have the bread bowl very good

Bryan Somers

Delicious food and coffee. If you haven't gone, you should go treat yourself!

Angel Thomure

Delicious desserts and a beautiful establishment.

Patricia McMichael

Menu is wholesome and healthy, dessert's are delicious, a great place to take the whole family.

Bonnie Slaughter

Neighbor's Mill has been a staple in Harrison for a long time. They specialize in sandwiches and soups, but they also have espresso drinks and desserts in a down-home atmosphere. The food is pretty good and there isn't anything else like it in town. They could stand to revamp the way the menus are displayed at the counter so that they're all together - they currently have soups and sandwiches in one spot, salads in another, and drinks in yet another. Good restaurant overall though.

Tammy Casey

Always fresh and staff so friendly and helpful.

Naomi Byler

Brilliant cafe! Great atmosphere and food!

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