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REVIEWS OF Honey Pies IN Arkansas

Jeffrey Davidson

Very friendly and generous staff! They were excited to have us, even though it was near closing time. Great selections available—I’ll just have to go back for a slice of Possum pie sometime!

Angie Harnage

Hands down THE BEST coffee and treats. Delicious quiche and everything else you would hope for.

Leif Hassell

Delicious pies, great drinks, and friendly service!

Robert Smith

Okay I drove 20 minutes to get here to have a slice of a fruit pie. They only have one option for Pie by the slice and its key lime. Or I could buy a peach pie for $25. For a place that specializes in pies they should have more variety.


Love the desserts here & that they carry Loblolly! Sadly I work 7am-4pm and they always seem to be sold out by the time I get off. :(

Eric Coleman

Mary Jo Worley

Best pies ever!

Rich Robins

Justin Adams

Cindy Miller

Great find! We were looking for good coffee on the way through Little Rock. (Great Chai and nice clean restroom, too!) We will be back to try the pies!

April Null

Good little local sweet shop. Giant sugar cookie is amazing. Sprinkles birthday cake is super yummy.

Rosalyn Jackson

J Pryor

Marcy S.

Great treats, coffee and ambience! I enjoyed a ball of monster cookie dough, mini key lime pie and an amazing honey cinnamon latte!

Ginger Regan

Although there was a nice shabby chic atmosphere, the cases were almost empty. I got here 49 minutes after open so I think that the few pies that were in the case may have been from yesterday. The only option for breakfast was a sausage muffin (Like a blueberry muffin not McD muffin). I came because of the online menu and am very disappointed. They no longer have quiche so unless you want a sweet pie for breakfast I don't suggest honey pies. I left hungry with no breakfast.

Kim Harris

Enjoy my pie

Ryan Carmack

A diverse menu, breakfast and lunch, excellent coffee, and the best desserts in town! A large, quiet eating area that's also a great place to meet someone for coffee or lunch. Definitely a one of a kind bakery with excellent service!


Awesome pies!

Cindy Jester

I have never been disappointed with anything I have tried from here.

John Stanley Wilson

Tried a few breakfast items today. Cinnamon bun great but sweet for my diabetic tendencies. So ate a ham-egg-cheese croissant, that is a meal by itself. Tasted sausage roll, very nice that the sausage has some spice! Full disclosure, my daughter works there but I would have rated it the same without that.

Tonya Coots

Their food was delicious loved it !!!

Rebecca Campalans

Great place to buy homemade pie when you don't have time to bake. Can also buy small mini pies.

Tammy Christie

Cinnamon roll very dry and rude employees, will not go back.

living.working .dting

Greg Staton

Brownies are delicious here. Great place

Scott Osborn

Best cinnamon rolls on the planet, served by friendly people. You oughta go there and see for yourself .

Dan Hennessey

Several visits here over the past year or so and have always come away happy. Awesome pies. Last visit the service was a bit indifferent but I was only there for the pies so I can overlook the service shortcomings. That was not experienced on previous visits.

Josh Edwards

Susan Cox

Richard Campbell

Nice little place. Good coconut cream pies and coffee. Great after dinner hangout place.

Patience Petersen

Caleb Brown

Great desserts and Excellent atmosphere.

Anthony Caravella

Get the possum pie, some of the best pie I have had in a long time.

Taylor Russell

Their pies are awesome possum! No but seriously... try the possum pie! It's perfect!

Mason Sifford

Shandy Dersham

Fantastic pies and other desserts! They have edible cookie dough you must try! Staff is friendly and atmosphere is very relaxing. Also, they have great coffee.

Joshua Norton

Connie Stover

Great food and great customer service

Traci Boyd

Picked up a chocolate cream pie. Tasted like a jello pie from the box. Not sweet and little chocolate flavor. Very disappointed especially for $25!

Carson Seelinger

Joshua Tarango

Was doing some work on the place and was offered a piece of brownie pie , before I left ened up buying a couple more pieces along with some other pies

Pooya Paydary

Jamin Lynch

Pies were good and the staff were friendly. Good local coffee as well.

Philip Goudeau

Areeba Abid

Lots of study space

Kenna Cassat

I'm so happy to have stumbled across this little gem! Yummy goodies and super friendly employers! Get a scoop of lob lolly ice cream with espresso. Trust me.You won't be disappointed!

John DiVito

Absolutely amazing pies and sweet treats. They make a really mean Latte as well.

Sharon Sandberg

Excellent! You must try the key lime. Possum pie is probably my 2nd favorite. Although we have 4 more flavors to try. Staff was friendly and helpful. Excellent cold brew coffee. I will be back any time i go to Little Rock.

Nolan Pennington

Clayton Mayfield

Joanne McCray

I am officially hooked!! I couldn't decide so I went with the #1 seller. Amazing!! I can't wait to try them all.

Paul Wallace

The kiche is tasty, but quite pricey!

Josh Lyon

Kenard Pegram

Foodie All

Good pies however, they are extremely expensive. There is too much competition in the LR and surrounding areas they should have competitive prices for longevity.

Scott Taylor

Sooo good!!!

David Meeks

Pecan pie was $30 but was as authentic as I found to what my mother made who was born and raised there. The crust was excellent and the filling great would have liked to have had more should have bought second pie can't wait to go back and get coconut cream.

danita fant

Amazing breakfast and pies, wonderful coffees, and the friendliest service in town!

Dante Smith

Always a treat to visit throughout the seasons to check out the different treats the ladies bake up. Always a variety with a couple of classics if you aren't feeling adventurous. Today I bought their eggnog cheesecake(not really that great this go-round) and 2 strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. I have also had their apple pie, pecan pie, peanut butter cream pie, and a couple of others throughout my visit. Sorry all I have are 2 photos to add to the collection.


David Mabry

I called to make sure they had a key lime pie, and they did. When I got there it was boxed and ready to go. I was wanting a simple key lime pie and that's exactly what it was...sweet, tangy, smooth, amazing! And a great crust! I wish I would have taken a second to look through their selection but I was caught up in a nice conversation with the friendly staff. Will definitely go back.

Dennis Veazey

Cozy little coffee and pie shop.

Regina Howse

Horrible service/experience there today. Will not be returning. Pies are good but not great.

Emily Tucci

Sam Edwards

Excellent pies!

Nathaniel Lutz

The creme brulee. The banana pudding. The pie. The coffee. Need I say more? Honey Pies has a special place in my heart - they've helped in a pinch on a few occasions. Open on days you wouldn't expect and service is great. The crust is amazing on the pies and their selections are all worth trying!

Carolyn Jones

Best crust in town! I Prefer the whole pie versus the small pies because the crust is better, it is the same crust but it’s a little thick in the individual pies.

Dustin Etheredge

When in WLR it's the place to be for something sweet.

Melissa Joiner

arlrmh arlr

Emily Kennedy, A Messy Miracle

You won't be disappointed!

draven 1187

Will Arnold

Nick Rains

The cinnamon honey latte was delicious and I really enjoyed talking with the manager. Can't go wrong with Honey Pies!

Kathryn Armstrong

Josh Brown

I really want to love this place. However, for a "gourmet" bakery, the pies don't taste gourmet quality. Don't get me wrong - they do taste good, but not incredibly good. A couple days ago, I swung by and ordered a personal-size pecan pie for $5. The crust was great, but the actual pie filling was a letdown. If I'm paying a premium price for what amounts to a slice of pie, I expect a premium taste - sadly, I didn't get that. I've had the same experience with some of their other pies. In all fairness, my wife tried their banana pudding that same day and enjoyed it a lot. As for their coffee, it's okay (depends on the barista). I'll return to Honey Pies, but only occasionally.

Freman Girdler

I don't want to tell you how good this place is because I don't want to start fighting any crowds. This place couldn't get much better. Pies, breakfast sandwiches, ice cream, quiche, cinnamon rolls (ssshhhh), coffees and more.

danny nelson

Nathan Marks

Delicious coffee and breakfast, too. Go here.

Allen Brown

Really great pies, cookies and coffee. I would highly recommend it.

Stevie Rhodes

I've adored this place ever since their grand opening. The customer service is always wonderful and the treats are fantastic. Everything is well worth a trip to the city!

Jaysen Baker

Very relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff. And the food is off the chart Good!!

Branden Hoover

Very fresh very friendly staff very delicious and will recommend

DeAnn Robinson

Excellent food — best pie crust anywhere

Dale Wagner

I'm going soon

Javeria Khan

Their creme brûlée was delicious! I could see specks of the vanilla bean in the custard which was to die for. Coffee was solid as well. Had the apple pie, perfectly tart and sweet, can’t wait to try it with the ice cream they were setting up next time!

Kelly Burrow

Carr Ward

Pies are fantastic. Great place to have coffee as well!

Kaye Lynn Tankersley

GREAT COFFEE! Pies are expensive but well worth it for a special occasion!

Josh Monroe

The pies are made from scratch with fresh ingredients that come together for delicious flavors! Also, they serve a wonderful Cuban Latte!

Matthew Snook

Excellent! Coffee was very good and the apple pie was delicious. I will be returning and recommending.

Monica M.

Donna Clawson

Perfect pie and sandwich! Enjoyed the cute shop and the staff was amazing. The owner and the chef came out and visited with us. I will definitely go back!

Travis Keltner

Awesome pies. Crust is surprisingly good even when cold. Also brew a well balanced and quite tasty cortado that needed no sugar which is always a pleasant surprise.


Soup, sammiches, and pie for lunch.

Miguel A. Alvarez


Best chocolate pie I have ever tasted.

Tami Duke

Honey Pies is a nice place to grab coffee and a bite to eat. The times I've visited, service has been quick and the place nice and quiet. I can enjoy my breakfast or lunch, do a little work. The desserts that I've had were really good!

Roderick Wells

Pies are smaller than what I expected but the brownie pie taste awesome

Lucille Pettit

I crave their chocolate brulee.

Karen Underwood

The coconut pie is amazing! I don't know how they make such heavenly crust, but this place is a favorite of ours!

Bess Pope

It's cute and the food is pretty good, but the everything I saw was overpriced. We weren't thrilled that they only offer one size of coffee. Probably won't be back.

Jim Morrison

Daughter turned me on to this best kept secret !! Fantastic food, and folks who know their trade !! Bit high (I'm cheap) but I'll be back !

Sabrina Stearns

Coffee is great, Pies are amazing and Service is on point! There are always smiles when I go into Honey Pies. There is enough room for large groups or a table for 2 and a conversation!

Morrisa Taylor

My husband and I found this little gem right before we moved from Little Rock. I really enjoyed everything we tried from there and we would go about twice a week for a couple of months. I never had a bad experience and the staff was always friendly and accommodating. Enjoy!

Cheryl Anderson

Great coffee drinks and baked pies. So good I have to limit my visits. Love the atmosphere and the people, too.

Carah Still

I called to place an order for a Lemon Meringue pie. Lemon meringue is my grandpa's favorite, I wanted to surprise him with it for Father's Day. The person I spoke with on the phone assured me that placing an order was not necessary, he told me they always have lemon meringue pie available. Saturday rolled around, My boyfriend stopped in to pick up a pie, and was met with confusion from the employee he spoke with. He was informed that they do not have lemon meringue pie, in fact they rarely have them at all. The person I spoke with today blamed the mishap on new employees. I'm very dissatisfied. I called 4 days ago to ensure that I could have this pie, now I don't even have the option to order one elsewhere because Father's Day is tomorrow. My grandpa is not in great health, I hoped to brighten his day a little more with his favorite pie. I'll not give you my business in the future.

Desmond Simmons

Great coffee

Dale Money

Great people! Excellent pies!

Carolyn Cabell

Amanda Linker

Delicious pies and great service :)

Tim M

After reading about Honey Pies in the Arkansas Times, I stopped in on the way to visit my daughter and newborn granddaughter! Glad I did stop and buy some mini pies to take. Absolutely delicious. My daughter and her hubby now have a reason to drive on down from Cabot and buy some Honey Pies. My daughter raved at how good they are. My sweet tooth is in total agreement! Now how to get those pies delivered to New Jersey.... Today, Sept 4, 2017, I have returned to visit my daughter and granddaughter, and made a stop at Homey Pies. Glad I did. Food is delicious and cooked just right. The pies continue to tickle the pallet just right. Going to take a pie or 2 home to New Jersey. Dinner update, and dinner alert! I bought a chicken pot pie to bring back to my daughter's house for tonight's dinner. WOW, and, literally, OMG, it is so delicious! Thank you !

Justin Lessel

Amazing pies! We got a sampler pie where we could select a while bunch of different pie slices to make up a while pie. Each one we tried became our new favorite. You seriously cannot go wrong with any of these pies!

Adam Acklin

Ingrid Bolton

The service was excellent during my time at this pie shop. The chocolate creme brulee was delicious and my husband enjoyed the seasonal strawberry pie. I also enjoyed the honey coffee during my time at the pie shop. We will return to the pie shop.

Elizabeth Sass

Amy Lewis


Alex Hood

Love the Chocolate Fudge Pie! Best in Arkansas, hands down!

Jessica Anderson

Worth the trip, delicious treats!!

khadijah griffin

I so love this place if you want to go out with friends and family to chill eat and have a good time. This would be the place the workers there are so nice and friendly just love, love, love the whole atmosphere.

Kenneth Young

This is the best pie in central AR. You get what you pay for. I'll drive almost an hour when I want a quality pie. You can call in orders for pickup which makes it a quick in and out.

Chelsea Hermez

A must when I'm in Little Rock. Every pie here is amazing, but I especially love the fudge brownie pie! The staff is very friendly and the coffee is excellent!

Aya K.

Pros: It's very spacious and clean! Great place to study or casually meet up as a group. It has a relaxed ambiance. It even has a couple of board games (mostly trivia.) Cons: Employees were not friendly, just very neutral. When I came in I greeted the person at the counter and they avoided eye contact. There was no coffee available which defeats the purpose of my visit as well.

David Yerby

WONDERFUL PIES!!!! Awesome service! Would not find any other place like this. Big plus for a bakery like this is plently of seating area to enjoy the pies and the banana pudding is crazy good!

Erica P

Latte, pie, cookies, and service were absolutely wonderful. Will definitely be going back!

Wez So_N_So

Stopped in for lunch and we tried the cinnamon roll and the chocolate fudge brownies pie. The chai latte and the good morning honey coffee ☕️ where amazing also

Colton Bingham

We live in an artisan age of goods and this is where its at for pies. Occasionally i will swing by here and grab a opossum pie for the wife and apple pie for myself. Service is always friendly and quick. There cookies and treats are all really good. Great place to get some hand made desserts. Its a little pricey, but worth the cost.

Becca J

Good pies and Loblolly ice cream

Nicole Winters

Great pies, sandwiches, and coffee!

Chelsie Lockwood

Friendly atmosphere/staff, and it's a super cozy!

Zoe Lewinsky

My first time here. Everything taste good. Young lady working the front counter. Was very friendly,and knowledgeable. Cozy spot for some good coffee. Dining area is a nice size.

Caitlin Fitch

Love this place and the fact that Sharon, the owner, is so helpful and kind! She allows us to meet here for meetings and is so awesome!

Pattie Voltz

Phyllis Allen-Davenport

They always greet me with a smile. Customer service is excellent..very knowledgeable about their products. I love it that they answer my questions with a smile.

Mary Gardner

Fantastic local coffee shop for meeting with friends or clients!

M Rigsby

Charles Pearson

Corey Greene

Nice clean place. I was so fearful it would turn out to be like a SB.... millennials and teens taking up the tables with laptops only. Surprisingly, this place has an enticing display case right at the entrance filled with sandwich and treat options. You walk into the seating area expecting a room that maybe seat a couple dozen people but it really opens up into an area filled with a number of seating spots with a great amount of room between tables to enjoy a bit of privacy. Prices are on par with service and I'll be frequenting this nice establishment.

Scott-Joni McKinney

Kevin Evans

Calvin Elton

Abigail Leigh

Kristin Donadeo

Food was so good, had pie and ice cream. A lot of parking and plenty of places to sit and enjoy your pie.

Ms. Elli

I love it here. You can buy the individual little pies Popham in the microwave they lift right out of the aluminum foil pan you can heat it up and put it back in the pan to enjoy

Chelsea Murphy

This place has great food and an awesome environment.

Gaurav Kumar

I rarely write online reviews but this is a hidden gem in plain sight. Their pecan pies and banana cream pudding is the best I have ever eaten. The owner is always there and the service is the best. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Mick Smith

Johnny Dalton

I love this place!

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