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REVIEWS OF Gigi's Cupcakes IN Arkansas

Love ThySelf

Otis Odoms

Katie Hallock

We don't have a Gigi's back in St. Louis. So when we spent a day window shopping at Peachtree Corners, I figured this was my chance to try Gigi's cupcakes! I only spend my money on cupcakes if they have a filling, otherwise I'm not interested. At Gigi's, I had two options - a bit disappointing not to have more. I with the Chocolate Salted Caramel. Chocolate cake, caramel filling and topped with caramel buttercream icing. The cake didn't have a lot of flavor and wasn't as moist as I would've liked. The amount of filling was pitiful - that could be because the filling itself was very thin. At least it added the moisture to the cake that I was wanting. The icing was piled high, but it was far too sweet and dense for my tastes. I doubt I'll ever go to a Gigi's again, but I'm glad I tried it. If you aren't quite as particular as me, you might enjoy them! Maybe their cheesecake cupcakes are better. But otherwise the prices seem high for mediocre.

Martha McMillin

Karel Butler

After driving 35 minutes to get to this location, I find out they closed at 7pm... it very easy to update to update your webpage!!!!!

stacey moser

The best copy around!!

David Boardman

What is wrong with the reviewers here?? My family loves Gigi's cupcakes! Their cheesecake cupcake is the best. Don't believe these haters, if you like cupcakes give them a try.

Katmir Stone

Norman Curtner

Best cupcakes around, not cheap but very good and worth the price

Katrina Wright

I'm not big on sweets but these were pretty good.

Diane M Warren

Roy S

Lemma Gailani

I was planning to bake a cake and cupcakes for a small event I was hosting when I was called to a meeting out of town until the night before the event. I called Gigi's 2 days before the event and put in my order. I gave them a quick description of the event and asked them to please be creative. What they came up with for my event was exactly what I wanted; simple, classy, and DELICIOUS. Can't wait to go back for their amazing red velvet cupcakes!

Tracii Parten

Always scrumptious! Best cupcakes & macarons! The reward card is great & adds up quicker than you'd think! --& who doesn't love a free cupcake on your birthday, as well?! There are sugar-free options, but I can't imagine ever trying one. We DID get a doggy cupcake once (pb & ?), but our lil man didn't care for it other than the pb part.


Best cupcakes ever, and they do cakes!!

sirkid King

Best cupcakes ever

Telisha Clark

Richard Green

Eric Burch

BEST cupcakes and other desserts in Jonesboro! What would we do without our Gigi's sweet treats!

M. John

Best cupcakes ever!!

Brittany M

HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! I ordered a cake from here for my sister’s 30th Birthday on last Monday, 4/29. I made the order over the phone and emailed a picture of the design I wanted. I called back the next day to ensure that they received the email. During that conversation, we went over the details of the design. There was an understanding about the macaroons being sold separately so I decided to leave them off, and when I asked about the strawberries, I was told that they should be able to do them but she would let me know for sure and that was pretty much the end of Tuesday’s conversation. On Wednesday, they called and quoted prices for two different sized cakes, an 8-inch and a 10-inch and I went with the 10-inch. Not once during that conversation did they mention that they weren’t able to do the strawberries. On Saturday, I went to Gigi’s to pick up the cake. I get to the counter, the girl opens the box and I was literally speechless. I was rushing to get to the brunch that the cake was for so I didn’t get a chance to address or express my disappointment. I ended up calling the next day and left a message for the owner/manager to give me a call. The manager, Amanda, called me this morning and I explained to her how the cake was almost completely different from the design I emailed, different color, different border, and no toppings. Her response was “I think the cake looked almost identical to the picture. The only difference was the toppings.” I then asked about the strawberries and she apologized for her staff not letting me know that they couldn’t do them because they couldn’t “find strawberries in such a short amount of time.” She then felt it was necessary to let me know that she isn’t going to issue a refund, when I didn’t mention anything about a refund. I totally understand that the cake wasn’t going to be an exact replica of the picture but I feel like it was no where near close. I really hate that I couldn’t effectively express myself due to her being so defensive. This was just an overall bad experience, the cake design and the customer service. I could’ve went to Publix for the same exact cake they produced and would’ve received better service and paid half the price($92). (The cake tastes really good, hence the 2 stars)

Leeyah Bowers

Woojae Chong

Tried the midnight cupcake and it was dry. The icing was good but totally too much. I would probably not go back and spend $4. I'll wait for Sprinkles to open.

Georgia Karabelas

Lisa James

I went in here just now with my daughter and grandsons to buy 6 cupcakes for my daughters birthday. There was 1 person being helped and 2 people working when we arrived. We made up our minds within about 3 minutes and were ready to order. Another lone customer came in AFTER we had been standing there and the worker completely looked past us and helped that customer!! We even spoke up and said we hadn’t been helped yet and we’re still ignored!! Went somewhere else!!

Melissa Hairston

Best cupcakes and cake ever!!

Jennifer Delong

How can you not like a gorgeous cupcake? I mean come on!! Great People!

Haley Everson

Delicious cupcakes for all occasions! We have used Gigis for many different events and everyone always raves over the flavors!

melaney Lewis

I love Gigi's cupcakes it's so moist and good not too much icing and not too less just right.

Bobbie McClanahan

Great selection - beautiful cupcakes - very kind to me since was my first time there - love their customer service!!!

Kathy Olsen

The lemonciallo cupcake had zero lemon flavor and the almond chocolate had no chocolate flavor at all. All we tasted was sugar... at 4 bucks per cupcake I expected more. People working there were very nice though!!

Maria Casey

Brenda Griffith

Jon Jones

The worst got a hair in one only solution another cupcake from the same batch

Yolanda Allison

Yummy cupcakes

Roby Walis

This is one of my favorite cupcake places! The cupcakes are really good! I always rave about this place! However, today (10/16/18) my experience wasn’t so pleasant! I came in and purchased a cupcake during lunchtime, and while the girl was packaging my cupcake, I tried a couple of the samples on the counter! I asked the girl, what kind of cupcake this was, and she rudely said “it’s one per customer”..... I felt empbarrased because she spoke to me as if I were a child! I was thinking about purchasing that kind of cupcake, but her attitude turned me off! I said to her, “do you want me to put it back”??? There should be a sign, or be more polite! I will come back, but I’ll have little to none conversation with that girl! When you get a cupcake you should be in a happy!

Craig Brewer

White Wedding Cake is my favorite!

Cody G Baker

Joshua Walton

My wife and I absolutely love Gigi's Cupcakes. The quality of the icing and cake is second to none. They also have fantastic presentations for all the cupcakes. The half dozen we got in the pictures were half off so we just couldn't resist getting them. Everyone here is so friendly too. We will definitely be back next time we are in the area.

genise carnelison

Great food

Bettina Johnson

Too sweet my goodness. I mean, I know it is a cupcake but if they would decrease the sugar content these would be 5 star! The only one that doesn't knock you over dead that I have tried so far (and I have tried a BUNCH) is the Blackberry Cobbler cupcake. but unless they do some major sugar reduction, I would rather get a Raspberry Cupcake at Publix....whoa there!

Michelle Hopewell

i usually dont write reviews but im very dissatisfied & wanted to voice my experience! & its not that anything is wrong with the cupcake, its the service I am not satisfied with the service i was offered. I typically go to Cupcake People (1 mi from my job) but i decided to give GiGi's a try because ive seen some friends post pictures on facebook. After work, i drove 20 mins to this location. I was looking to order 2 dozen cupcakes for my daughter's birthday party March 20th. The girl at the counter tells me to check out the binder of their past work to see if there was something i would be interested in. I told her i was looking for a bubble guppies theme & showed her a picture off my phone. She told me to call back the next day to speak with Amanda because she was not aware of pricing & amanda was in charge of custom orders. I asked if i should have enough time to get my order done, and she said yes. The next day was my daughter;s birthday so i was pretty busy all day. During down time i called Gigis & asked for Amanda (it was about 5:10pm) and the girl tells me she was gone for the day . I was very frustrated because not only was my trip yesterday slightly wasted ( i did buy 1 cupcake) . I was now down another day to meet my deadline. So i told the lady that i was not made aware that she would only be there until a certain time. I was only instructed to call next day. She placed me on hold to assist customers at the store & let me know she would try to help. I tell her a simple order (white cake , 12 buttercreme frosting 12 chocolate frosting) after a few minutes she was finally able to understand my request & quotes me $81 but states this isnt including the custom charge. So i would still have to speak with amanda the following day to complete my order. She told me herself or Amanda would call me , i haven't heard form anyone! I don't plan to do any business with them , they have given me a bad first impression. I plan to take my business back to Cupcake people. At least they have someone on staff at all times to answer questions. If youre going to hire someone at a bakery have them trained to handle questions & assist with orders. Or maybe advertise on your website custom orders can only be done during certain times!!


Malika John

I've been to Gigi's in different states, same delicious taste & great service!

Sophie's Mum

Sophia Wilson

Tammy Hardin


Lexie Fish

We used them to cater an event for us at Gwinnett Church. The manager, Amanda was so accommodating and easy to work with. Deena, the owner brought everything over herself and set up dozens of mini cupcakes we ordered with excellence and attention to detail. I would use them again and again for every event I can justify having cupcakes at!

Leslie Berling

Gary Bak

These are the best cupcakes ever. Haven't had anything that compares. They also have a nice selection of gluten free cupcakes, but availability varies by the end of the day.

Ms Nicole

I ordered a dozen cupcakes online from Gigi’s for a family gathering and they were a hit. The variety was great and there was something in the box for everyone. The cupcakes do have a lot of frosting which is a win for me. I will definitely order from them again.

John Shapard

Love these cupcakes. So damn unbelievably and absolutely awesome. Chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite with the mini chocolate chip cookie on top. Holy wow they’re great!!!

Jennifer Fletcher

marquell gilles

Kyle Peyton

Michael Lovett

Carla Scruggs

Call the store and asked if they had gluten free cupcakes. Confirmed that that included cross contamination. Ordered the cupcakes with the help of the lovely young lady who answered the phone. When I picked them up there was a sticker regarding cross-contamination. I told the young lady that I asked about this when I called, she simply said she didn’t remember. Customer service was fine. The cupcakes for those that ate them said they were fine. My rating was based on the following factors Friendliness ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Price. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gluten Free Products NONE Presentation ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ TOTAL AVG. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Patrick Palmer

The best Gluten Free cupcakes!! I LOVE all the flavors but Blueberry Lemon is my favorite followed by wedding cake. I was sad the Perimeter location closed. I have to get my spouses co worker to courier them into town for me. This batch was a surprise for my birthday.

Stephanie Hamner

Definitely give a try. A little pricey but worth it

Patricia Fogle

Their service. Didn't make the cake I ordered because it was 48 hours notice and I was suppose to pay when ordered. I was told I could pay then or when I pick up. Was not told I had to pay at that time. Also they wrote my phone number wrong. I found out all this when I called to pick it up. They didn't make the cake. Was not happy. It was my daughter's Birthday cake

Marlowe Brown

The best cupcakes I've ever tried. Gigi's has never disappointed me.

James Evans

Very good Keto cupcakes and lemon cookies. Wish there were more made with coconut floor instead of almond flower. My wife is allergic to nuts.

Kenya Sistrunk

Yesterday was my first time ever hearing of Gigi Cupcakes. When I tell you hands down the best. It was so moist and just delicious. I will be visiting again today after work. I took one home for my spouse who couldn't get over the fact that she didn't get her cupcake until hrs later(ordered on my lunch) and her cupcake tasted like it was just baked. Gigi you have to come to the Southside.

Frances Patterson

Cute lil boutique type place with great cupcakes

Erin Johnell Dickey

I had the wedding cupcake, and what can I say, this cupcake melts in your mouth. The wedding cake is a great name for this cupcake because every bite creates memories. Love it!

Gina Latham

I love Gigi’s!! I have found it best just to split a cupcake to avoid sugar overload.

Peggy Councilman

Joey Crawford

Aysha Akhter

Robert French

I went there yesterday and fly was in the cupcake case. I let it have the cupcakes and left. Gag!

Christian Ramos

I came to ask about buying 5 dozen mini cupcakes and a cake, but the lady working there had an attitude when I asked her about prices or anything like that. I really wanted to buy them but doesn't because the woman didn't treat me like she should have. I won't be coming back

Se'Lois Taylor

I've gone on two separate occasions and both times the cupcakes tasted old. The icing was even crumbling. Ive never gone to a gigis and the cupcakes so bad. The macaroons where good though.

Katie Anderson

Website says it closes at 8pm so I get there an hour before, and they’ve already closed. Very disappointed.

Stephanie Davidson

Way to expensive for what you get

Angelique Mitchell

I didn't really get the warm, welcoming treatment when I went to get my cupcakes. From 1 to 10, the cupcakes are a 6 and they cost too much. lol

Charles J

The cupcakes were the best I've tasted. The setup is simple but with a sense of elegance.


Angie E

Cher Love Designs

I have been eating here since they opened,and while the regular cupcakes are good,too much icing ,but good,but now I have a autoimmune issue and decided to try the Gluten free cupcakes,they were horrible I got to different kind,taste like stale cardboard with icing,would pay for a better cupcake,that should have been free.

Steven Lopez

James Unverferth

Fantastic cupcakes. Great customer service. A guy dropped his small box of cupcakes as he was about to exit the store. The ladies behind the counter were gracious enough to replace them for free.

Alaina C

The best ever

pineapple_luv_ 2_u

Great service!

Matt Nwachukwu

It makes her happy. So I guess that's worth 5 stars.

Mike Holden

Brian McCann

Overrated and over priced. I really wanted them to be great, but was let down. I like other places much better.

Ivanna Florez

Laura Beskid

Orlando Williams

Great selections tasty treats, and multiple selections to choose from

Derricotte W.

The customer service is amazing, and the government/military/police discounts are hard to beat!

judy price

Try the cheesecake cupcakes! Do yourself that favor!

Heather Maureen


Bree B

Just excitedly phoned GiGis for our complimentary anniversary cake we were promised at the time of booking for our wedding only to be told that we only get 10%off. I was also informed that if I were told that it would have been notated and there were no notes. Im unsure of who would take the time to contact a bakery for an anniversary cake if it were not promised. I certainly wouldn't bother for the HUGE $2 50 offer. Thanks but no thanks, Amanda. Part of great service is standing by your word. Thanks for a great wedding cake at least.

Teah Woodruff

Best sugar cookies

Adryana Walter

Heidi Heiberg

Best cupcakes ever. Haven't been there in a long time. But would highly recommend them.

Natalia Mahdee

Love this place. Best freaking cupcake ever. I got gingerbread not thinking I would like it but I LOVED IT. The only thing I could say they could do better is have a sample of 1 or 2 cupcakes out. That's just good marketing and a customer satisfaction strategy.

Akisha Dukes

I found them in Deals Around Town. My Momma and I were having a two day long sweet tooth from watching baking shows. She's here visiting from NC. SO, I told her about Gigi's I saw in my booklet. We LOVE IT!!! It's just so girly and danty when you walk in. The cupcakes look EXACTLY like they did on the website! The service was VERY pleasant. But we got home and were soooooooo very happy!!! We discovered the Holy Grail of the Sweet Tooth and an Oasis of PURE SWEETNESS!!! We were more than pleased and will be going back!!!! Thank you for making my pre-birthday 2/22 shenanigans a BLAST!!!

adrian hicks

I was expecting them to way better than what they were. They where just very dry plan cupcakes. Very disappointed.

April Fore

Excellent cupcakes!!! Awesome decorator!!

Patrice Augustus

Love Gigi's Cupcakes

Ursula jager

Amanda Karmazin

Davoyia Moten

C.L. Green

My wife and I went for the first time today.I got the choc chip cookie dough cupcake. It was delicious.I"m not a icing fan because there is always too much but the icing to cake ratio was good and taste great.Price is pretty close to the labor that goes into the presentation.Would definitely go again.

Melinda Brown

Jo Jo

Michelle D Shular

dianne kinder

Received cupcakes for my birthday. This is a large gourmet cupcake that was delicious and the frosting heavenly.

Kat Pintozzi


Tasty cupcakes, unpleasant owner, nice staff

Kachowski Uzumaki

Melissa Wright

Very pretty dining area.

Julie Duke

Not fresh and little help. Order ahead at a decent bakery or get stuck here.

jiyoung jang

Rebecca Ayala

K. A.M

The cupcakes were okay. I don't know if we went late but they didn't seem that fresh. It may have been am off day so I will give them another try.

Terri Lyn George

I love the cheesecake cupcakes

Marissa Hudson

The chocantes are amazing & the workercwas very nice



Charmain Haynes

Smh. ....was given one for a birthday gift it was dry and hard my dog wouldn't eat it. How sad!!!!! And they make you pay for it. Can we said they are rude and thieves.

Miranda Barnett

Cupcakes are OK, go to Bliss if you want good cupcakes!!

Lorrie Ann Thomas

Got the perfect birthday cupcake for my grandmother here

Queenie Hair






Parris LePree

Very helpful with helping decide what style that I wanted the cupcakes!

Melissa Udelhofen

Chase Ofori-Atta

Li Xu

Got here at 7pm but it's closed

Lizz Brock

Great service. Cupcakes were delish!

Jose Dumes

you can never go wrong with some Gigi cupcakes

Kelly Chase

Yummy cupcakes! Great staff, clean, always feel welcomed. Highly recommend for any special ocassion.

Lance Nettles

Joe walker

Barbi G

Good cupcakes

Robin Primosch

Flavor and quality have gone down with New ownership. Wedding cake now taste different, extra sweet icing and bland cake. Dissapointing!

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