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323 S Cross St, Little Rock, AR 72201, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dempsey Bakery IN Arkansas

Amy Benzi

Dempsey’s bread and. Cakes are the BEST! We’re super thankful to have a bakery devoted to being free of gluten, dairy, soy and other ingredients we’re sensitive to. Thank you, P. Dempsey

Tom Rudolph

This was our family’s first visit to Dempsey’s Bakery and we all loved our sandwiches. This is, hands down, the best gluten free bread you are going to find! We brought desserts home and cannot wait to dig into those later this evening!!

Nirja Desai

Awesome service, and fantastic chocolate cake! Lovely people!

Richard Hawkins

Great cake! Excellent work! Picture worth 1000 words.

Ashley Jones

Carlton Wing

Great food and atmosphere. Has to be on your list of places to eat in Central Arkansas, there is no place like it. And it is healthy!

Rusty Baltz

Dempsey's is my favorite place to eat. They have delicious GF food and Paula and her employees provide great service and are super friendly.

Donna York

4.50+4,50+3.95 do not=almost 16.00

Kristy Church

Tom Harden

Very tasty, gluten free foods. Very friendly service. Atmosphere and seating is bright, friendly and clean. Selection is large. Cakes and desserts Are not only delicious, they are beautiful.

Shara Richards

The knowledgeable staff was friendly and their fresh products are so yummy.

Jessica Powell

This place is amazing, super friendly staff, calm atmosphere, 100% gluten free. Bread, lunch, pastries, cookies, cheesecake and more! Not too expensive either. Love the food, love the staff. I will be back if I am in town again.

Timothy Dempsey

Really great selection and nice people

Funnyredheadlq -And the bad content

So good I can't have gluten or dairy so this place Is FREAKING amazing!

Maninder Singh

Great selection for Vegan pastries and more so great customer service! Will be visiting again.

Jeremy Tankersley

Two words, milk cake!

Kristie Beasley

Cory Shelton

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must... Stop.... In....

Mark S. Vaughn

Chris Magee

You guys are the best! Everyone love the Transformers Bumblebee cake.

Brandon Sales

Cara Norris

This place is Amazing! The breads are Fantastic, and the staff us always friendly and eager to help. I can't wait to go back!

Tracy Donner

Great Energy and great food

Bridgette Scoggin

A celiac haven. The grilled cheese was awesome. Actually everything we tasted was top notch.

copaair copaair

100% gluten free! Love it

Casey Rainer

Great to have an option. A little pricy and they stop serving food at 2:00. The baked good are good. We were driving through Little Rock and arrived at 3:00. We were planning to get dinner for the road but, nope. They stop serving at 2:00. This would have been good to know before we stopped 20minutes out of our way. We enjoyed the Easter treats and Rosemary crackers for the rest of the trip to Fayetteville. :-).

Turner Monroe

Loren Craig Harrington

Good choices for gluten free, dairy free, soy, etc. A bit pricey but the cookie sandwich is to die for

Sarah Holljes

I flew into Little Rock to visit a long time friend and the 1st place she took me from the airport was to Dempsey's Bakery. I have been gluten free due to severe gluten intolerance for 4 1/2 years and this place is AMAZING!! I wasn't expecting the quantity of options available and everything I sampled was delicious. Getting gluten free products to have a "gluten like" texture as in one that had some pull and refinement is not easy. Dempsey's has a great selection of samples to try when you walk in all of which were delicious as well as a huge variety of baked goods in their glass displays and frozen goods to take home for later. The owner Paula welcomed us and was so helpful and friendly. She clearly has a passion for bringing fresh baked preservative free food to everyone - including those who are gluten intolerant and even those who have nut, tapioca, and dairy allergies! She has managed to create products that are free of these allergens without losing any of the richness or flavor that a regular wheat based baked good would have. Thanks so much for the yummy welcome to Little Rock Dempsey's! I wish you'd come to Richmond, Va!

Will Keller

Fantastic goods!

Abbey Carnes

Kristine Metcalfe

Best bakery in town. The cheesecake is delicious. The begets are perfect for wine and cheese. Also, try the milk cake soo good it taste like doughnuts.

Christine Hart

As someone new to the gluten-free diet, I have had a hard time seeing the positives. Eating at the Dempsey Bakery was not only delicious, but also encouraging. It’s a welcoming place where everyone will find a meal to enjoy!

Rachel Rugen

Wonderful bakery. The food is delicious and beautiful, and they have great customer service. I love buying my boys' birthday treats from them.


They have a (killer good) vegan birthday cake on hand in their freezer. This was a perfect, last minute treat for one of my dear family members that was in town celebrating his birthday. All you have to do is thaw for a minimum of two hours, or just lay out on the counter until you’re ready to serve—you cannot tell the difference between baked same day or not! They nicely wrote on the cake and sent me on my way. Cute shop! Great cake. I will be back :)

Regina Flesher

Awesome job! Got Food allergies? Call Ms Paula! She will work with your special needs!

anthony monnat

This place rocks for lunch. My wife loves the cake.

Shannon Zwaan

Excellent, spotless and airy and so cute. A fun find and I will go back. The staff could not be more helpful and friendly. So glad to have this bakery in Little Rock.

Franchelsa f

Thank you thank you thank you so much Samantha for my beautiful cake for my sweet 16th birthday! You did an amazing job and everyone was amazed by the outcome of the cake!

Juanenna Williams

Celiac heaven!

Shanece Herron

Thomas Fulmer

A gluten free backery with a friendly staff and very clean space. They offered a large selection of cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods.

Abigail Hollar

So GOOD! Love the cupcakes! Dempsey Bakery is full of deliciousness and flavor, unlike many supermarket bakeries, and is worth the trip. All offerings are gluten free, so they sit well in the stomach. Service is speedy and friendly. Be careful, though, they're getting really popular, so they can run out of some goodies early. Cookies are spectacular and the pizza crust is heavenly. Not cheapy-cheap, but definitely worth the price.

Jill Sessa

The owner was happy to walk me through my options as a dairy free, coconut free, Celiac. Everything is labeled plus they have a detailed gridded list of allergens in each product. So many choices, from breads and cookies to meals. Wide open spot, easy parking and helpful staff. A win!

Yaakov Cohen

Best gluten free bakery in the south! The owner Paula is extremely nice and helpful

oleg karaduta

Absolutely fantastic place! Clean and tidy. Very European-looking. But very special credit goes to the taste: I, as not a big sweet-lover and extremely sceptical regarding the Glu-, egg-, or anythingelse-free food, was highly impressed! Great job!

Jonathan Fulton

Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people with AWESOME baked goods! My wife has to eat gluten and dairy free and was ecstatic. I can eat anything I want and I was truly amazed. Every time we go through Little Rock we're going to stop at Dempsey Bakery.

Adam Freese

Gluten free Doesn'ty mean taste free!

Marie Aldrich

Paula and her staff has been so helpful as well as providing excellent quality food for many people in the Central Arkansas area who suffer from mild to severe food allergies, even suggesting other stores where we can find hard to find foods

paul megee

If you have Celiac and are in Little Rock, go here. Period. You're welcome.

donna burdick

Great gluten free bakery

Francesca Scheiber

Awesome staff, awesome food! Great, safe gluten free find! Celiac safe! And delicious!!

amber c

Great place

Ben Gordon

Finding a place as epic as Dempsey Bakery in Little Rock is like finding a diamond in a coconut, just awesome. Moving here from Texas I was hoping there would be a gluten free restaurant or too but I certainly didn't expect an entire bakery! First visit was amazing, this is a gluten free/food allergen paradise for someone who's searching for quality food. Soon as I walked in I was welcomed by the nice bakers and I was already sampling and sniffing everything around, they have coolers with frozen goods ready to take home, an entire bakery on the other side where one employee was mixing some stuff up, and a display full of dessert goodies. I can't wait to go back to try lunch, they serve lunch until 2PM which includes sandwiches, salads, and pizzas! Took home some fresh baked bread and made myself a sandwich, probably one of the best gluten-free breads made today. The meatloaf dinner was so darn good I couldn't believe it was all gluten free, and the Allie-O's nomnomnom. My favorite snack was the Owl sugar cookies, now that is a cookie I could eat daily. Thank you Dempsey for having a allergen friendly bakery for a person like me, be back soon.

Terry Clark

Cool place. If you allergic to some foods this is where you should go, they are very sensitive to food allergies.

Maegan Lawson

Alaa El Damaty

Sammy Rodgers

Always Great.. I make sure everytime I'm in town to stop by and see what's new and the same. Always feel welcome and happy as I shop ,browse and think of what kind of treat I want. Nothing Like healthy Goodness. Sammy "The Road Warrior" Sammysaid dotcom

Elizabeth moser

My 3yr son is allergic to dairy and soy. Now he can walk into a bakery and order almost anything. He has found his happy place.

Jeremy Duhart

Got my vegan wedding cake from here, everyone liked it.

Melissa Helms

Gluten-free food only!

James Hatcher

Great gluten free bakery.

Lauren Jones

Love, Love, LOVE this place! Great food, even if you aren't gluten free, my whole family can get something wonderful here!

Lilian Arizona

love this place

Amy Fly

Will Ingram

Elizabeth Clements

Great place to get a quick bite for lunch!

Loren Rugen

Great customer service. Relaxed and didn't rush us. Gluten-free bread is both tasty and has good texture, which is usually the challenge with this kind of speciality bread. Many dessert options that we haven't had for years!

Hanh Le

Jeannine Hamilton

Whit Montague

I am abundantly grateful for bread that tastes like grandma's, rolls that satisfy even my pickiest eater, pizza crust that turns a last minute effort into a favorite meal, and pie crusts that that celebrate all my fillings.

Barbara Grafe

Love going by Dempsey Bakery. The came home with a piece of "birthday cheesecake", "champagne cheesdcake", "chocolate chip cheesecake.....yummy. can't wait until after dinner....may eat a little of all of them.

Kayla Pincus

Amazing food. Celiac-friendliest

Rachel Castile

Justin Grantham

Absolutely the best gluten and dairy free cake I've ever eaten. Cakes with gluten aren't as good as these cakes. They are so rich and sweet. They even sell amazing sandwiches. This is the only place i will buy gluten free bread from for now on.

William Lamon

Best GF bakery! I ALWAYS stop in when passing through. Hot sandwiches are fantastic!

Krystal Lovell

As an individual with Celiac disease, I absolutely love this place! They also made my wedding cake! The food is amazing! You seriously can't tell from the taste and texture that it's GF! They will also accommodate other allergies such as milk, if needed. As an added bonus, the store employees are so accommodating and helpful! They will even make special orders for you (since they only make some items on certain days). You will love this place!

Kedric Kendall

Lesley Reynolds

Everything was Gluten Free !!! ❤❤❤

Pam Treat

Love this place! Wish we had one in Michigan.

Grady McCoy

Friendly staff, tasty lunch menu and lots of fun gluten free frozen options!

Michael Werner


Finally a place to get delicious gluten-free, dairy free, egg free pastries!


Try the milk cake! Everything is so delicious! Thank you for such a pleasant surprise!

Martha Witter

Great place for gluten free bread, treats of all kinds, lunch! Fond memories :) made there.

brooks walthall

Food was excellent! Very knowledgeable and friendly, definitely worth a stop!


Love love this place

Judy Palmer

I've eaten at great gluten free bakeries all over the country, we live in an RV and travel all over the US and Canada. Recently I had to eliminate not only gluten but also soy and dairy. I thought my days of dessert were over forever. We were in Little Rock for 4 days and only found out about this treasure in Sunday and they we're closed on Sunday and Monday. I had read that they were gluten and soy free but also had dairy free too. We were getting ready to leave on Tuesday morning, so I drove over to pick up a few things to try and Paula was so helpful helping me make my selections. I didn't try anything until we got to Hot Springs and I thought I was in Heaven. I made my husband try a very small bite of a cookie and he was very impressed. The Jai Cookies dipped in chocolate were my favorite, wish I had bought more. The Lava Cakes were also great. My only regret is that I didn't get more. We have passed through Little Rock many times and never stopped but I would stop just to go back to Demsey Bakery and also eat lunch. I got a loaf of rye bread it is also delicious. Congratulations to Paula and family for my new favorite bakery in the country! What an unexpected treat!

Tara Stevens

If heaven has a scent....It comes from Dempsey Bakery!!

Rachel Kennedy

Always fantastic gluten free, dairy free and vegan options, everyone always lives them and I love not leaving people out! (And having delicious vegan cupcakes!!)

Nathan McCune

Meg Needham

Delicious food and wonderful environment. ❤❤❤

Mary Myklebust

Feminist Heathen

Meg Cullum

They had almost nothing the last time I went in and they don't sell gift cards. We had my husband's grooms cake from there for our wedding, but I didn't care for it. I understand the point is gluten free, but a lot of it seems so bland.

Future McHenry

If you need or have a sweet tooth, but have food allergies. Their desserts taste delicious!not This is the place for you.

Sana Kiblinger

I can't say enough good things about this place! We were visiting town for just 1 night and I thought I'd try my luck finding a gluten free bakery. I was astounded by how delicious their items are, most being gluten, dairy, and nut free. The staff and manager are SO kind and were eager for us to try samples of just about everything. It was hard to decide on what to get, but after we had picked our items, they even threw in an extra sweet because "you have to try these if this is your only time visiting town!" Very grateful for such kind people, great service, and DELICIOUS baked goods. The baguettes with artichoke/spinach dip and the hot milk cake are to die for.

Emily Snider

So many options!! As someone who is frequently only given one or two options for food it was overwhelming to be able to order anything without fear. Fancy grilled cheese and the cheese bites were both fabulous! So glad I stopped in!

Eric Crawford

This place makes the most amazing sweets. I don't have any special diet, but I love coming here to buy cake pops, short breads, etc. I'd give this place 6 stars if possible. Friendly staff as well. Always a pleasure to visit!

Claire Maines

Awni Filat

I ordered a cookie and when I took my first bite I felt something sharp and hard against my teeth. I immediately spit it out and it was a broken piece of sharp plastic. Never going back.

Forress Cozad

I am here on business and stopped here after eating at Big Orange last night. I bought a cinnamon roll, a piece of cheesecake, a strawberry pie, a bag of cracker bread (garlic flavor), and another pastry that I think was raspberry. I ate it and some of the crackers. They were both just amazing..... I gave them 5 star's only because I could not give them more. If I am ever through here again I will DEFINITELY stop by again....

Curtis Ferrell


Michael D Wohlgemuth

Ethan Ball

Phillip Warriner

As always, a great visit with great food and service.

Katherine Tyrrell

Tommie Tinker

So delicious. Everything is gluten-free. Sandwiches are great and baked goods are Amazing!

Theresa Sowinski

Best Gluten Free bread and goodies!! DELICIOUS!!!

Amelia King

Delicious food and delightful staff.

Seth Speer

Valerie Long

The BEST gluten free food we have EVER had!!! We were here at a convention and were running late to get back and the owner offered to give us a ride. They truly go above and beyond! Great food and great service!

Randy Kastner

William Burgess

Best specialty bakery in Little Rock! Gluten free and nut free. Baked products that taste lick the real thing.

Thomas grimm

Jessica Peebles

We always love Dempsey Bakery! They take such good care of us. My daughter has multiple food allergies and I can always count on Dempsey's to fix her a delicious treat that she wouldn't be able to have otherwise! ❤️ You guys!

Mike Barngrover

Good gluten free selection. Watch out, not everything is dairy/lactose free. Very pricey. Don't bother with the lasagna. Breads and cinnamon rolls are really good. Fresh pastries only on Saturday.

S. Houserman

This place is such a pleasure to visit. The treats are the only thing better than the service.

Abraham Saltine

Well I stumbled upon this place by accident the young ladies were very helpful I got delicious coffee and a couple cookies they have samplings of all their popular items out as well. Being a man excited by the little things I was ecstatic that they had Stevia to put in my coffee . 6 stars from this Italian tattooed fellow.

Mandy Waggoner

Terri Pop

Great lunch sandwiches.

Mandy Zepeda

The balsamic vinaigrette is amazing. Totally gluten and soy free. Several vegetarian options.

Kevin Paletskih

Best bakery in town! I am not on gluten-free diet but their baking goods are excellent.

Pam Book

Great gluten-free food. I love this place!!

Adam Cole


Jozef Schmidt

Excellent Gluten Free selection! Everything there was gluten free, and there was a great number of soy free, potato free and other allergen free options. We ate a chicken sandwich and a key lime cheese cake both of which were delicious! The decor was nice and the people working there were very friendly and helpful.



Dana Julian

Could not love this place more. My gluten intolerant body thanks you and can't get of your wonderful goodies!

Huma Sarosh

I live in Houston and was trying to send a cake to my daughter in Little Rock, I called and Evelyn was very kind and worked with me. I ordered the cake to be delivered the next day and she assisted to my every need for the cake and the cake was delivered on time! Will definitely be coming here! Thank you Sam and Evelyn!

Meagan Hammond

Pricey, as all Gluten free stuff seems to be, but DELICIOUS and worth it. Wish there was one in NWA. Interested in opening one- let me know!!!

Rose Keller

The first gluten free only bakery I've seen and the pie was amazing!!!

momma humphrey7

Great food and so nice not to have to worry about cross contamination! Pricey? Yes, but see my first sentence.

Michelle M

The desserts here are delicious! I think it's great to have a bakery where people, who are limited as to what they can eat due to food allergies, have somewhere to go for delicious treats, breads, and other eats.

Amber Townsend

Absolutely amazing! It has great customer service and free samples!!!! The food there is all gluten free. I could not tell the difference in the cheesecake at all.

Mike Fraedrich

So good! Everything GF & celiac safe. Had a fantastic club sandwich on some of the best GF bread ever. Oh, and GF CHEESECAKE! So glad I found this place & cant wait until the next time I'm in Little Rock to visit again.

Jessie Dillon

Ordered my son's first birthday cake from here & it was exactly what I had ordered! Tasted great as well :)

Amber West

Their food is good, but their customer service has influenced me not to use them again.

Rebecca Craig

I’ve traveled all over for work, and this is hands down the best gluten free place in the nation. I literally eat all my meals here when in Little Rock. The owners are so sweet that when they found out that I was buying a car from their brother ALL THE WAY in Charleston, South Carolina, they sent me a package of breads and cookies. You can’t find that sort of place or people anymore.

Anna Lambeth

Very friendly staff, excellent service, fun atmosphere, festive food and just overall AMAZING! Everything I have tasted from DB is fabulous!

Javonna Winer


Kristy Davis

Jason Rogers

Food and service was excellent!


So so goood!

April Bardin

Their food is always delicious and safe to eat if you have allergies! The customer service is also first-rate!

Sean Barnett

Diannia Hall-Clutts

Yummy, love their lunch menu and of course the delicious desserts!!!

Lukas Deem

If you are gluten intolerant this is perfect for you. If your not, you still need to try their lunch sandwiches, delicious!


Rachel Lytle

Seana E.

Dempsey Bakery provided breakfast and lunch for a conference I recently attended and I was so impressed! Honestly the best gluten-free food I have had for awhile! Thank you so much!

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