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REVIEWS OF Cupcake Factory IN Arkansas

Nikki Puma

Love their cakes. They were able to help me last minute and it was amazing!!

Echo White

Love this place. People there are friendly and anwsered all my questions. My son wanted a power ranger cake and this is the only place that would make it. The price was great on the cake. I will start going here for every cake I need. The cake was really good. I will be telling everyone I know about this place.

Janet Tanner

Great service and food is always hot when you get i

Clarence Middleton

Great atmosphere with really nice people and the foods not bad either.

Time Bomb

Grant Hobbs

Bill Tarkington

Some of the best smoked ribs in LR, Friday's only.

michael ackley

Kim Ramsey

Donna Vincent

I needed some decorated cookies for a special occasion and The Cupcake Factory came highly recommended; however, I would not recommend them to anyone else. The staff was very nice when I placed my order, and because I wanted the cookies in individual bags tied with a ribbon, the owner came out and explained that they charged .35/cookie due to it being so labor intensive. I agreed to the cost and was given a quote just shy of $300.00 (for cookies and a full sheet cake - $90). They required 1/3 to be paid at that time and I paid 1/2. After I left I cancelled the cake and added 4 more dozen cookies. I was told at that time, that the cost should be a wash - or close to it. I received a call the week of my order to confirm everything and I checked to be sure that I only owed $150 (approx.). She said she would check and let me know. The next day I received a call from the owner under the premise of verifying my order (again) and said that my remaining balance was over $220. When I questioned why the difference in the remaining balance, she said it was because they failed to include the cost of the bags and the tax. I couldn't find my quote, but I told her that was crazy because there's no way the bags were not included because they were such a big part of our discussion and my decision when placing my order. The owner kept explaining the "labor intensive" aspect of everything like I didn't understand when I was there placing my order or the first 3 times she told me while on the phone. I totally understood the "labor intensive" part which is why I agreed to pay .35/cookie to be bagged. My issue was that I was quoted one price and then it changed. She said they could reduce the order if cost was the issue. Cost was NOT the issue. The issue was they didn't honor what they quoted me. I think she finally got my point (because she stopped saying "labor intensive"), and said that this would have to be a training issue for her staff. Training that I paid for!! With regard to the cookies....they tasted good - even the ones that were misspelled. :(

Chassidey Edwards

This place is awesome # not to mention so freaking cute

Mia Kamille Foreman

Cinnamon rolls are my family's favorite!

Sara Engish

I love this place. They have a great lunch and wonderful cupcakes.

Cortney Bristow

Jody Elms

Brandon McG

Great food.

Katie Canant

Sydney is Amazing and the food us Fabulous

Kristy Howard

Marquita George

I just went to place an order for a birthday party next month, and the lady placing my order was very much into my design and ensured I got exactly what I wanted for my cousin's first birthday party. I will be giving an update.

James Coulter

Oversized cupcakes, and great servicece.

HOP reactionz

Good family owned business

Kim Harris

BBQ back chicken was good not dry

Cindy Jester

d man

Cody Sargent

How very disappointing... Gordon Ramsay or the health inspector would have a field day.

valerie Baily

Humam Alobaidi

Made exactly what we've ordered but unfortunately there was misunderstanding about the size it was a bit smaller than what we expected , great customer service.

Kat G.

greg king

Great cupcakes,beautiful people.

Shanika Hendricks

Staff not that friendly but the cupcakes were good.

Gwen M

This place is Awesome! Almost everything they have is really good and fresh.

Je Tuan Jones

The turtle cupcake is rich, moist, and delicious. Friendly staff and amazing options. I would consider coming here for lunch.

Alan Malcolm

Great food, yummy pastries, great service, reasonably priced.

Nathaniel Fremd

Amazing looking cupcakes!

Jonathan Taylor

Rodney Dardenne

Angela Turner

Moises Loyola

This place is great

James Claypoole

Awesome lunch!

Shari Fobbs

Let me begin by saying that this was one of the worst experiences we have ever endured from a bakery! On Mon. Oct. 23, 2017, My sister and I went into this bakery in hopes of finding a delicious smash cake and cupcakes/cookies for my daughter's first birthday on Sat. Oct. 28, 2017. This bakery was recommended to my sister by her manager, so we were looking forward to it! The first young lady (Lady #1) we spoke with initially was pleasant and answered all of our questions. She said that if we placed our order by Wednesday we should be good. We are aware of the tedious process and time it takes for baked goods and were respectful of their policy. After speaking with her, we decided to make a purchase in order to taste the product before we placed a big order. For starters, there was a gnat flying around in the enclosed glass where the baked goods were stored. When we asked another young lady (Lady #2) if she would please get something from the back because we saw a gnat, her response was short and annoyed. My sister wasn't quite sure she wanted to go with this bakery and wanted to check around. We just wanted to make sure that we were getting a good product for a good price. So she asked if the lady would write our order down and my sister would confirm/pay by the next day. Lady #2 said that it wouldn't really make a difference because writing the order down won't secure anything. My sister still asked her to write it down. Lady #2 was what you would call "nice nasty". We felt a little uneasy because of the vibe we were getting from Lady #2. My sister went ahead and placed an order and put down the deposit because she wanted to get something in place before it was too late. She went home, slept on it and felt that she no longer wanted to do business with a place she felt handled her poorly as a customer and proceeded to ask for a refund the next day (Tues. Oct. 24th). The lady told my sister that she could not give her a refund because she was too late. The process of making the cake had already been started. The first thought that came to mind is, why if we just placed our order on Mon. are you making fondant for a cake that is to be done by Sat. and if we just placed an order and the company is so booked, why would our order be the first on the list to be completed? Lady #2 just kept telling us that there was nothing she could do. Needless to say, we won't be back after this encounter. This little bakery should take note from other well established bakeries, because this is not how business should be conducted!

Betty Smith

My cake was exactly what I wanted and it tasted better than any cake I have put in my mouth! From the moment I walked into this adorable bakery I had the best customer service ever. I guess it's a mother and her two daughters that run this place and it feels so cozy!! Love, Love, Love


Don't do fbsoi couldn't view website.

Haley Wilson

Awesome lunch specials and dessert. I fully recommend the pecan pie!

Larry Cloninger

Friendly service and wonderful tasting treats!!!!

Brandon Hodges

Got busy around 12pm

Jacob Thomason

James McGowan

Lyndsey Mccoy

Leon M Taylor

The food is down home goodness with great price. Their cupcakes...... "HEAVEN!" Great staff for a great place!

Erin Sullivan

Cupcakes and everything had great presentation we only tried three cupcakes of different flavours for each one of them two of the cupcakes lost their frosting on the way home despite being in one of their boxes and we weren't rough with them and we all rated the flavor as average not sure if other items would be better but overall experience was disappointing

Ryan Lockhart

La Shonda Kearney

The cupcake factory is a really cool place. This was my first visit. It was recommended by a friend.

alisha force

Extremely nice staff. Wonderful service, so adorable inside and the cupcakes and cinnamon rolls and everything I got was amazing!

Shena Foltz

Great food and friendly service.

Rob Brakensiek

We have bought several cakes and numerous cupcakes and other baked goods from the Cupcake Factory and they have always been very good. Highly recommend them.

Mike Gramsch

Great chef salad and burger today!

Adam McKee

I must confess my knowledge of cupcakes is sparse. I had no idea until visiting this establishment that it had been elevated to an art form. Tasty treats served up by a very friendly staff.

Jonathan Young

Nice people and great lunch specials

Dustin Etheredge

It doesn't get any better than this. Easy to work with on custom cakes. The cake balls and cake pops are amazing.

Elizabeth Harbin

Freman Girdler

Been waiting to try lunch there for a long time and was not disappointed. Ribs were delicious! The treats are always perfect.

Ulenzen King

Linda Van Scotter

Sometimes i just crave a wedding cake cupcake!

John Reed

A great place great food I'll be back

Jay Davis

The cake was dry, flavorless and a complete disappointment. If you complain, you are treated with rude employees and a manager that never says "I am sorry". Never ever ever again. There are way to many other bakeries that appreciate your business and care about the products they serve. Don't waste your hard earned money here.

Gary Simmons

Tony Boyd

misty price

Delicious cake pops! Fantastic pricing. The beat Mickeys as far as service and accommodating the customers customized request. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM FOR CUSTOMIZED ORDERS!!!

Brandy Isom

My kids love the cake pops!!

Susan Dunn

we had eaten lunch at the cupcake factory and really enjoyed it. I decided to have them cater a small post-baptism gathering at my house. I placed the order a week in advance and told them we were expecting 10-12 guests. When we got there to pick it up at the time we requested, the order was not ready and we had to wait 30 minutes for them to pack it up. the sandwich tray that was supposed to feed 10-12 had 12 half sandwiches on it, so basically 6 sandwiches with meat and bread only that had been cut in half. the fruit tray was way too small but they were overly generous with the pasta salad, only they had just made it so it was still warm instead of cold like it is supposed to be served. all in all, their cupcakes are great but I would NOT recommend them for catering AT ALL. they need to stick with cupcakes and desserts...

Lora Causey

Their strawberry cupcakes are awesome! !

Gavin Evans

My family owns this place so I put good review

Josh Monroe

Great cupcakes and delicious lunch options!

Michelle Goshien

I took a chance on this place and took the 25 minute drive from home to get there. Ordered 2 dozen various cupcakes because I knew they wouldn't be able to accommodate my theme but after I explained to them what I was doing they WERE able to create the perfect cupcakes for my theme!! Everyone loved them too. These cupcakes were beautiful AND delicious! This is the only place I will be using from now on. Thank you so much ladies!!

Scott Hunter

Fronda Coldiron

This is the place for true homemade taste and beautiful cupcakes. No one else compares to the quality. The people are very nice and work hard to meet customers request on design. I have purchased cupcakes and cakes from them. They have never dissapointed me.They ARE truly the best. I cannot say enough about how great they taste! Well worth every penny!

Chuck Lewis

Kenneth Hamilton

Great food good service very friendly and courteous I'll definitely eat there again

Andrew Perez

Corey Oxford

Anlicia Kearney

Cute little place and the strawberry cake is amazing!

Regina Glenn/Hill

Food is good great customer service. Thank u cupcake factory crew.good cupcakes

derek parker

Antanequia Martin


Fre Hickman

Yes. Please. This place just got on my radar because a friend bought me two cupcakes for my birthday. These sweets are next level scrumptious! The owner is uber friendly and they restock their inventory as the front display sells out. Just found out that they can also make a full cake out of your favorite flavor they offer in cupcakes. I am not a chocolate lover, but the turtle cupcake is my favorite cupcake of all time.

Jamie Donaldson

Jenna Hill

They did my cake for my wedding. It looked like the leaning tower of Pisa but worse because the layers were all crumbling together. I was very upset. They also set my cake up at 10AM for a 7:30 reception... my wonderful catering company called them and they had no remorse, nor did they offer me a discount. They promised me the icing would be totally fine and someone would be on site to fix the cake if anything happens. None of that happened. I would not recommend. Also, anytime I called she had no idea who I was. But, on the bright side it did taste amazing.

Chelsey Ross

Poor quality decorating. Very tasty cakes, cupcakes and cinamon rolls but definitely not quality decorating. I bought a simple cake and was very disappointed when I saw it. It was leaning to one side, the icing was discolored (darker and lighter spots throughout) not smooth and evenly colored, the writing was drooping like it had melted some prior to hardening, and most importantly it was not decorated like I asked and specified.

Danielle Hyder

Michelle Harper

We ordered a wedding cake. They were an hour and a half late delivering the cake. When they put it together it was lopsided and it was dry. It did not taste like the cupcakes they had us taste when choosing the cake. The whole thing felt very rushed from the taste to their delivery and they did not offer any money back on the delivery fee after I called twice looking for the cake.

Marci Henryson

Super hidden spot in West Little Rock. It is AMAZING. It's local, small, and has a great vibe. You'll notice them from the street by their big pink cupcake sign, however, they provide more than just sweet treats. They serve lunch and post their daily specials to facebook. Some of their food is meatloaf, chicken fried chicken, homemade chili, burgers, and salads. Desserts comprise of dozens of cupcake flavors, chocolate costed marshmellows, rice krispie treats, and specialty cookies and cakes. Put it on your list to try!

Bella E

I always go get birthday vanilla cupcakes and They made my mom’s 50th birthday cake and she loved it and They taste sooooo good!

Eugene Wilson

OMG.....Salted Caramel and Oreo Cupcakes are amazing. I typically buy a dozen once a month for work. Not to mention they serve some fantastic lunch, don't miss Fridays catfish and smoked ribs

Laura J Michel

Yummy HUGE cinnamon rolls and of course the cupcakes are delicious!

Aaron Ward

Andrea Adcock

I recently experienced these amazing cupcakes from The Cupcake Factory. My sister-in-law brought these cupcakes to a family dinner for dessert and we were all blown away by the quality! The icing on every flavor was a perfect compliment to the cake. My favorites were the Oreo, Turtle, and Chocolate Peanut Butter!! We will be back!

Paula Farris

Best cupcakes in Arkansas

Alex Rubio

Ann Smith

This place is amazing! By far the best customer service and quality over any other bakery that I have been to. You must try this place. They did a cake for our friends wedding and it was the best we ever had. We ordered ours from them and it was so good that everyone still talks about this cake and their service was top notch!

D Washington

Service was not what expected and the food was not that good I'll never go back

Jason Rogers

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