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215 SR 331 North, Russellville, AR 72802, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cinnabon IN Arkansas

Felecia Reid

Loved my cinnabon

Alex Shelly

Came here today specifically to get Cinnabon’s. As I walked up the girl at the cash register walked away acting as if she didn’t see me. I to order 2 six packs only to be told they don’t have any and I have to sit here for an hour. She continued to have an attitude with me about why they don’t have any packs. I love this place but this is the second time I have come here only to be told they don’t have anything, as the girl told me the buns are in the racks I sit down to wait and there isn’t even anything in any of the racks! And they only have 4 big Cinnabon’s left. They are so behind they aren’t doing anything! Also while sitting here this place is soo dirty! Will post pictures on yelp.

Sonya Streetman

The Best Cinnabon I Love

supersongi .

Walked up to the counter only to be ignored for 5 mins. as the woman at the counter just walks away... Then I'm told I have to wait 10 mins for pretzels, after 10 mins I ask if they are done and get told again to wait ANOTHER 10 MINS!! It wasn't even that busy and some of the employees were just on their phones the whole time.. the manager didn't seem to know what to do and just lazed about doing nothing. I'd hate to see these guys on a busy day!!! Only one employee was really nice who worked there but I don't see him as much anymore. Lazy and rude employees just work there now.

Lola Gallardo

I came to this location today and was appalled at the service. I waited 10 minutes to be noticed by a girl that was doing everything herself. She was really nice to me & I feel bad that she was doing all the work.The other two employees put on loud rap music and we’re not doing anything & gave me a dirty look when I asked for service.

First Choice

Super clean and a great location, places to sit and people watch. Love it. Management is superior.

Samantha Hunt

Lupe Reyes

Zack Burke

a clean place and the cinnamon rolls amazing

Asuna Liz.C


Anita Middleton

Jeff Clark

Wasn't very fresh they seem a little mixed up when have lines

Gina Aguilar

Jessye Ramsey

Angelica Gonzalez

sam yoon

If you have sweet tooth then this is the place for you. I don't visit often but my kids are delighted every time we do.

Greg Pfeifer

Always yummy!

Sr. Fox

Excellent as always.

Jeremiah siddoway

The blonde who works at this location is dumber them a bag of hammers. Thanks for telling me to come back in thirty minutes for nothing.

Demante Saunders

Good rolls

Tye Stephens

Rosario Parras

Ernieball87 SoullessCamp782

Best cinnamon rolls around

Alexandria Melisaratos

We walked through the mall to have a Cinnabon. Ordered three large Cinnabon’s. Couldn’t help but notice the server had inch long fingernails. Total health code violation. No napkins available and when we asked for one, they had a hard time remembering where more napkins were located. The girl grabbed some from the back and handed the wad to me. The only thing giving a three star rating is the actual food which was good.

Jacob Snell

Amanda Ramirez

Always delicious!

Rebecca Jones

Always served fresh and hot. The best snack for any day.

skylar biggle

m gee

Pastries arexdelicious

Sabrina Padilla


Juan Romo

Diego Gonzalez

I love this place cause I'm so happy yay

jordan funicello

Gina Robinson

Hanah English

There's never any fawking chillatas. It's a no from me

Anavelia Romo

Genna Lehman

Komotz Seeing

Brian Phelps

This is my second bad experience with Cinnabon since they re-opened. Rolls were stale and over frosted. Sadly, I will not be back! At least they refunded my money.

Shy Symone

Jakobi Smith

James Pusavat

Joseph Franco

Sometimes the buns are fresh, sometimes the buns are harder than a rock. I only go when the petite chick is working. for some reason that is the only time I get a soft bun.

Patty Blue

We came here around Christmas without an order (I know, dumb idea) and we were told that they weren't taking orders for 6 packs and they didnt have ANY singles.... only minis....oookkkaaaayyy fine. So we left. We came back today and wanted 2, 6 packs, 'Heaven' said "we don't have any right now, come back in 30 minutes"perfect, thank you. We come back 30 minutes later and Heaven doesnt seem to know anything about making more. She slowly saunters off and asked how long it'll be...40 minutes. Damn heaven, if I wanted to wait 2 hours I would make them myself, which is what I have to do now! I've never seen such a lack of purpose is someone's movement and a lack of brain activity behind someone's eyes...I swear I saw the back of her skull when I looked at her. Its too bad cinnabon's are so hard to come by. Thank you for the NOT so Heavenly visit. *and you're welcome for that last line*

Joe Traveler

Better to call it the $5 Cinnamon roll, best when served fresh out of the oven so take care to watch when this takes place otherwise you chance getting a day old reheated roll. Small for the price served in a paper folded box. Still give it 4 stars for tge flavor and doughy consistency ofthe product.

Julieann Hall

So yummy love the iced coffee drink and love watching them make them will recommend people to try here if never had it before

Alyssa Davis

Always amazing.

tommyv1972 .

Very unprofessional. After the little 16 year old girl was done talking to her friends she asked me what I wanted. I asked for 6 rolls. After looking in the over and then coming back she said I would have to wait a little while before some were ready. I pointed to six in the display case and was told I couldn't have those, they were there just in case someone comes up and wants to buy a roll! Dumbfounded I just walked away, who can argue with that logic!

Evelia Alvarado

They are to expensive for my taste.

Jackie Kennedy Morris

This place is pricey, but oh so good. It is located in the Augusta Mall. I took my granddaughters there after a busy day of hitting the stores to refuel on a classic Cinnabon and one of their iced coffees. We all loved it. For three of us, it was $30.

Jaiquan Maynard

Knight MUArtist

Ordered two mini dogs. He told us it would be about 10 mins, we waited about 20. After we waited, we finally went up to ask about our order, he said "oh i was supposed to make mini dogs?" We asked for a refund and still haven't received it. Terrible service.

Darlene Higgins

Horrible service! After waiting in line for over 5 minutes the cashier told the gentleman two customers ahead of me that he would be her last customer. The lady in front of me and I were very not happy. Note that there were no other customers behind me so she could have served us then closed the line.

Jose Garcia

Cindy Harvey

Love the food

Christine Sanders

Delicious treats

Simon Mandujano


Dick Riner

CINNAMON Rolls That will knock your socks off! The delicious smells wil will pull you in and you are HOOKED!! DO NOT FIGHT IT

Tony Medel

jessica chamberlin

Kingtwin A1

Me and mike eat a pretezel with hot cheese mmmmm


Phyllis Halliday

It's ok

Michael Anderson

Priscilla Fuller

Great Cinnamon rolls. I’ve always had a great experience every time I’ve been here. 5 stars for me.


It’s really goooood. Very sweet but I looooove it.

Severin Glaus

I wish they would put a generous amount of frosting to begin with. Always have to buy the small tub separately .

Scott Dunhill

Got a mochalata chill and it did not taste good

Mike A.

Love the service here and every time I go Ms. Andrea hooooks it up!! Very clean establishment & Happy employees here :)


Today was the third time I stopped to get my favorite desert which is the cina sticks and they did not have them again, bummer!

Umi No Arashi Games

Me and my aunt came here with my lil cousin and this is something I'll never forget

Melyssa Dragnich

I have come to this location multiple times taking my daughter to the play ground at the mall. I went in to ask to fill my bottle of water and the lady there refused and said I needed to pay for a cup and water. I’m 8 months pregnant and dragging a 14 months old, I really needed that water and found that so rude never again will I spend my money at a Cinnabon.

Otha Lawrence

Love the Mango Smoothie's !

Kaleigh Whitesides

I was with my grandma and cousins. There were five of us to order from Auntie Annie's and Cinnabon. We stood there for almost 5 minutes and not one of the clerks turned around to even help us. One from Cinnabon was working under the counter doing nothing and the clerk from Auntie Annie's was working at doing nothing. Both refused to stop what they were doing and come up to the counter to wait one us. Not busy. Monday afternoon in the Mall. We just turned around and walked off. Obviously our business was not important to them. Maybe we were lucky because the Cinnabon products looked pretty bad.

grishma gautam

grafxbynando vlogs

Was here

bernard mitchell

Loved it

Jay Carino

Sweet cinnamon rolls

Jimmy Green

I ordered my food and the guy just rudely tapped on the sign at me. The sign said cash only. I asked if that's just for today and he sighed and just tapped the sign again. He couldn't say two words to me.

Khayyom Jurakulov

beat cinnabon

lulu pup

Lilia Bright

I love the center of the roll cinnabon.

Xombie Plays

Allie Alexander

Wayne Ipp

Terrible service and they’re look miserable! Hire new people I use to go 2-3 times a week now it’s 1 every other month!

Virginia Allen

Ernie Lozano

The fragrance of the bread is absolutely tantalizing. Too bad they have a zillion calories but they're still delicious.

Debbycakes4me H

The cashier was rude and mumbled under her breath when I asked a question. That attitude made me want to tell her to keep her food especially after she flung the bun into a box.

Joshua Landers

All I wanted was a 4 pack! They were out of 4 packs and would not sell 4 for the 4 pack price! Very disappointed... Gonna get a donut next time! Bad customer service!

Nancy Yanez

I was there 5 min before they closed and they denied me the service, I wanted a cinnamon roll (they had 10 left) but the girl said “we are closed, those cinnamon rolls will be used for tomorrow’s sell.” Never coming back

Kristin Stafford

Kiki smith

Ordered our food anticipated the 5 min wait for the pizza pretzel bites until it turned into a 35 min wait bc the staff gave out that bunch and forgot we were waiting. The entire staff is unprofessional.


the cinnamon rolls was great...

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