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REVIEWS OF Boulevard Bread Co IN Arkansas

Charles Corey Scott MD, PhD, FACEP

Boulevard bread & company is a Little Rock stylish men. The bakeries I've been wonderful for fresh bread and pastries and cookies. They also have a very fine selection of cheese and the breakfast, delicious sandwiches for lunch. I do think the boulevard bistro and pub that is an excellent place to eat. I recently went with my parents and they compared it to eating in Paris. Steak frite was excellent and cooked correctly. The gnocchi was delicious, as was the chicken with green beans and potatoes. They have very high level of service and they were very accommodating. They brought out the children's food first without being asked. All around an excellent experience with great bread.


We eat at Boulevard most every weekend for breakfast. I love their breakfast sandwich, pancakes, and farmer's plate. Service is always top-notch. They make delicious soy lattes and cappuccinos. I often buy their bread and keep some in the fridge and some in the freezer. The owner is a talented local businesswoman. Boulevard is a Heights treasure!

Ronda May

Morgan rocked our experience and the food was fantastic. My partner has a myriad of food allergies and she did superbly customizing the order. I also wanted a menu change and she swapped for me as well. Really enjoyed our time and will return for brunch!

Dee Thornton

Awesome brunch. Great wait staff.

Nikki C

Coffee coffee coffee. And all of the cinnamon rolls plz.

Mary Nguyen

Classy, and simple decor, and great food! Great lunches and dinners. I highly recommend the pimento cheese, the PLT, and the burgers. Amazing desserts!

Georgia Cooley

I'm super impressed and am definitely coming back again. I ate here for lunch for the first time this afternoon, and the Arkansas minestrone was thick and delicious and generally perfect. The portions are kind of huge, I ordered a half-sandwich and a cup of soup and got waay more than I bargained for (ate it all anyway, the balsamic chicken salad sandwich and minestrone were too delicious to put down.) I told all my friends about it and I'm looking forward to coming back soon and trying all there is to offer.

James Gaston

"The world's best bread" ....To me, definitely the best bread in central Arkansas. Great cheese selection, lunch options, and creative hearty dinner menu

Mary Jo Worley

Good breakfast items & bread products.


deli and café, delicious and hearty, intimate seating

Delane McCoy

Great HH!

Evan Leary

Great food, amazing coffee. A rare 5 star review from me - Must check it out!

Marilyn Smith

Just wanted a quick cup of good coffee to go

Alexander Johns

Great staff, great food and great place to hang out and grab a bite. Theres even a small bar to grab a beer with one of the best Pastrami sandwiches I've had

Shelli Mann

You'll pay a pretty penny here but you won't regret it. Best meal, drinks, and desert I've had in many many years!

Aaron Young

8 Grain Bread is the best! They also have an awesome breakfast sandwich - pancetta and egg with arugula.... I would highly recommend it.

Payal Gandhi

Love this place and their coffee and sandwiches! ♥️

James Yowell

Good food and coffee. Quirky atmosphere if you dine in.

Linda busick

Fantastic as always service is a problem but food is always Great!

Ray White

Our go-to place for a French baguette, scone or chocolate croissant --savory? Why would you even do that to yourself? Also great place to bump into friends.

cale white

Great place to grab a sandwich, a salad or coffee if you are nearby and wanting something other than the usual fare.

Brandy Lyman

Balsamic chicken salad - healthy AND delicious lunch option!

Thomas Nienaber

Quiet, quick, great place for lunch

Austin Shinpoch

What a great meal. The coffee is fantastic!

Breezy Bogan

This is what a 45 min wait gets you...literally just a bagel with cream cheese on it and two drinks. It was just the two of us and one other lady that had ordered. The staff was really rude too, the guy at the cash register spoke to us nicely but no one else did and our food was plopped down behind us in a bag, not even directly handed to us. The lady said "here's your food" and left immediately, no apology for the wait or "have a nice day". So service sucked. As far as food goes, the anti-frappuccino and chai latte we got sucked. The bagel wasn't great either for how long we waited...I guess they were worried more about the guests in the bistro section of the restaurant, that looked like a much better experience.

Zoe Anaman

It's the only bread I eat! Made every morning and delicious.

lynn phares

Nice but kind of trendy and yuppie for me but those with me loved it


Fantastic breads, pastries an sandwiches. I really like the bistro area for dinner, there are always delicious and interesting options.


Used to be an amazing place to learn about artisan items and had wonderful staff. Now, we were basically rushed, ignored, food visible was moldy and over priced. Atmosphere isn't a quaint since the eat in growth.

Eric Hunt

Baked pimento cheese appetizer and the Parisian gnocchi are both divine.

Abdullah Khadadah


Jeff Pierce

Really good, well crafted foods. Lots of awesome pastries, cookies, breads, sandwiches, soups, drinks, everything! Got a bit of a hipster vibe, not that that's a bad thing. I always love their fresh baked breads and the sandwiches made with them. Everything is fresh and tasty. Last visit I had the breakfast sandwich for the first time, and my wife had an onion bagel with salmon, cream cheese and capers. I knew mine would be good (eggs, bacon, lettuce, and other stuff - it was gone before I could investigate very closely), but was very pleasantly surprised by how good hers was (so was she). No fishy taste at all. I always got the smoked turkey sandwich on focaccia for lunch, and my mouth is watering right now just thinking about it! You're definitely going to find something here you'll love!

Eric Carter

In addition to fresh bread and some other local foodstuffs there is also a cafe/restaurant.

Ryan Van Laar

Waited for an hour for our breakfast to arrive, which it never did. Asked for a refund and left.

Andrew TC

The foods always good, and two for one pastries in the afternoon are a sweet deal

Jose Laguna

I love the breakfast

Keith Sutton

My sandwich was very plain Jane, with no condiments or veggies for toppings and a bag of regular potato chips on the side. The price paid for this was high for so little. I was unimpressed and won't be in a hurry to visit again.

Zeke Tanner

Great coffee spot

Tom W.

By far the best bang for your buck when it comes to eating awesome food. The paninis and sandwiches are to die for. Prices are actually pretty good for the quality of products you can get here. The freshly baked breads are way better than store bought and much healthier I'm sure. Coffee is outstanding and the atmosphere is cozy with a good music selection. Parking can be slim at certain times of the day but make it happen and stop in. You won't be disappointed.

Troy Allen

The best

Sophie Dekerlegand

I really would like it if they had some thing more than bread

Jonathan Dranoff

Consistently great food, a nice bar, and a pleasant atmosphere. One of my favorite breakfast spots in town. Also one of my favorite lunch spots.

Charlotte LAUER

Fabulous food

Chuck Spohn

I've been a loyal customer for years, but today they counter-help hit a nerve. I find their Heights counter-help to be "flat up" rude at times. This morning the young lady waiting on me was just as bad as it gets. I think they need some serious customer service training, and realize that a) welcoming customers with a pleasant greeting and b) thanking them for their purchase goes a long way!

Karen Easter

I love it!☺


The food and service was exceptional

David Weekley

Great breakfast!

Alex DeJohn

Delicious food, beautiful setting, the perfect place to meet friends for any meal!

Annika Warrick

I work as a server, and I come in on my days off to buy food because it's so great and the price on almost everything is such a deal. Great atmosphere, great food, great staff!

Jacqueline Keeling

Wonderful place! Bread is very European like! Love it!!!

Debbie Bledsoe

Always delicious

Kaylee Barnett

Sean at boulevard in baptist is the BEST! He makes the best anti-frapps !!

LeeAnn McDaniel

Great food, can buy bread and bakery items for home.

Schawnee Hightower

Great Service

Taylor Hicks

My friend and I went to go have brunch here on a Saturday morning. Many of the workers were very rude and judgemental because we had questions. It was our first time there and definitely our last.

Stephan Dehmel

Decent rye bread!!! The only place I discovered so far in Little Rock having it.

Joe Justus

Great place for breakfast I

Marty Pollack

Great because they sell onyx coffee by the bag. It's some of the best coffee on earth. Next time you are in buy some to take home

Benjamin Shapleigh

This is one of my favorite breakfast/brunch spots in LR. They've got great homey, and healthy options like this gargantuan 4 egg omelette with chorizo house smoke bacon, sun-died tomatoes, cameoed onions, basil and sauteed mushrooms.


One of the best places for breakfast

fran wohlwend

Love it!

Lindsey J. Lauritzen

I can’t support a company with poor HR practices. I know several staff who have been treated poorly or been let go without opportunity for improvement. Also-behind the bar is pretty dirty, the floors need a deep clean and brunch needs to be improved - I’ve known several people who tried to order food 1.5 hrs into brunch to find ingredients had run out. Boycotting on principle (and sanitation) from now on. Surprised to see such a high rating.

Glenn Williams

Great food

Nick Hodges

Corbin Cannon

Good food. Good coffee. Nice atmosphere. A good place to spend some time!

Mimi Carlin

Great food, drinks, and service!

Claire Small

So good!! Everything there is amazing! I had an almond croissant and it was marvelous!! Definately will be coming back!!!

Melchior de Signier


Dale Wayne

Never disappoints!

April Tippitt

Great pastries and great breakfast!! They also sell local made products :)

Michelle Martos

Love this place, as well as their Main St. location. You've really gotta try a meat and cheese board-- delicious and beautiful! (Side note: Tuesday is Cheese Day and all cheese is 25% off EVERY TUESDAY!) But really anything Chef McMillan whips up is INCREDIBLE. The servers and staff are always so pleasant and stay composed even when it's incredibly busy. The daily soup is usually bomb and don't miss out on the desserts! Hannah who owns Sweet Lavender Bake Shop bakes for Boulevard as well, so you know it's good! My favorite employees are Ben the bartender, Meg, Allie, the taller surfer-looking guy that works dinners, Grace (she's newer on Main St., but so sweet!), Matt the manager, Clay, and the rockabilly-esque server with the very sweet voice! While I just named a few, I've only had good experiences with all the staff!

Lou Graham

Great, green oriented restaurant/deli. Accommodating during the holidays if you need major meals to pick up (Christmas, Thanksgiving), great daily specials to pick up or dine in. Dinner menu a little pricey, but worth it. Warm funky vibe during the day, you can plug in and work while you eat! Classic Heights!

Strahinja Calasan

Great place, amazing food and wonderful people! Would recommend to everyone who is visiting Little Rock. Sean is making the best cappuccino ever and Charlee- awesome!

pamela copeland

Very hometown comfortable with extraordinary breads, pastries, and food items which ao far, each and every one are delectable!!!

T Ash

Amazing breakfast,lunch &dinner. Also great bar

Dustin Etheredge

I'd rather go here than a national chain any day. Very good food and killer baked goods.

Yeimer A Bolanos

Great lunch spot or breakfast, highly recommend it. I have been coming here before it expanded a few years back, glad to see them doing well. It still carries character, friendly staff and good variety of European meats and cheese. My favorite is the traditional pastrami w sauerkraut (optional) on a baguette. Don't forget to try a pastry right on the counter where you pay!

Julie D

Great place! I got the walnut banana bread.

Sara Chandler

Love Sean at the Boulevard in Baptist. He’s always so friendly and makes the beat Mocha!

Justin Ray

Great food and meat/cheese trays.

Owen Gazette

Everything is great!

Zachary Lewis

Convenient location for us. Great food for take out or prep at home yourself. Try the Lox Bialy, hummus, tuna salad, and blueberry muffins!!


Overpriced and they often run out of did

Nathan Marks

There always seems to be something good there. Don't forget to ask about the daily meal specials

Ian Cox

Phil Matt

Great place with a great selection of sandwiches. Try the Caprese. The pesto is an absolute delight.

Kathleen Connery

Amazing authentic gnocchi! And great cocktails too

emily barre

Great fresh food that is very tasty. They have biodegradable plastics which I love and some local food.

Hallie Samuel

The staff was rude and judgemental because it was our first experience here for lunch. When we walked in they were unhelpful and rude the bartender belittled us and treated us as if we were so stupid for not knowing how to order. The caprese sandwich was not good, cold, and the bread was so hard my friend was struggling to take bites. A small mocha was $4, and my friends chai latte tasted like water with foam. I feel we were treated differently then others because we are all 17. Absolutely horrible experience and I won't be back. Would NOT recommend, especially if you are younger than 20.

Carmen Meeker

Sean at Baptist is the best! He is so nice and always takes his time making your coffee and gives great recommendations on new things to try!

Marianne Estes

The Pastrami Reuben is amazingly delicious, sadly, strawberry shortcake a disappointment. Double heavy shortcakes, whipped cream, and a couple of strawberries quartered.

Vanessa Brewer

Lacey Inman

Very good. We had brunch; I had the eggs benedict. The only issue I had was SO much fat in the ham on the eggs benedict. I kept having to spit pieces out.

Ann Li

Tried the sticky bun and the giant cinnamon roll. It’s a takeout order and the food was very well packed!!! The staff were very friendly and nice! I’m not a big fan of their cinnamon roll, though the size was very comforting and they were very generous with their cream cheese icing. I prefer it to be more cinnamon-y! The roll tastes more like a croissant rolled like a cinnamon roll. The sticky bun was gigantic too, and I love it. It’s nutty, soft, sweet, kinda gooey, and tasty.

Rhen Wilson

Lee Owens

always great food. staff can be a little rude and make you feel small stupid at times.

Christopher Smith

Live down in Hillcrest and always make the trek up here to grab lunch when I'm afforded half a chance. I have never had better soup than what I order here every time, always different and always delicious. My girlfriend and I recently visited and she really enjoyed her Balsamic Chicken Salad. Would and do always recommend to others. A bit pricey but always well worth it.

Jack Johson

This place is extremely out dated in terms of the mentality of the staff. The staff are very rude to certain people in particular people of color. I watched the bar tender deliberately not serve someone after being asked by what appeared to be a manager or assistant manager to not do so for no apparent reason almost gave the impression that they target specific people as acts of superiority. I am a Caucasian male who has been around for some time, well into my 70's and I have owned my share of restaurants and businesses and that was by far the most disgusting thing I have seen as far as customer service.

Charlie McCracken

Beautiful Brunch food and a great daily lunch and dinner menu.

David Mccreery

Always wonderful.

Kristin Andrews

I eat here nearly every Sunday with my husband! I love this place-- especially their breakfast menu!

Luis Medina


Overall good, nothing really special though.

Matt Buie

Nice weekday breakfast! Very tasty breakfast sandwich and bialys. Excellent pastries, too!

Sawa Suina

Great place for brunch!

chris new

Great food and great staff. Our neighborhood go to.

Sarahann Gates

Wonderful soft dark eye!!! Make great breakfast toast as well as Reuben sandwiches!! Staff are so considerate and personable!!!

Brandon Simmons

Much more than just a bakery!

Rachel Woodroof

One of our favorite brunch places in the city. They have a great breakfast but honestly - the pastries and bread are the most incredible! Service is usually friendly but a little disjointed. You need to get here early because they run out of specialties. That's what happens when you serve quality local goods from regional growers and farmers!

Micca G

Wonderful sourdough bread. Had to buy 2 since we were just passing through.

Murali Gopalakrishnan

Hmm Good Sandwiches and Bread

Monica Bratton

Great locally owned and fresh delicious food

Alejandro Lopez

Was there last month, service was ok, but food presentation wasn't that Good , I ordered a sandwich for lunch it comes with a bag of chips I understand that is a cheap item, but I believe in flair, go the extra mile.. take pride!,I hope owner take this in a positive way, a little garnish could be a great different, presentation is everything! like maybe you garnish with two or three olives or few mix greens..

angelina Young

Nicolas Mayerhoeffer

Always good vibes. Friendly staff and fun. Good overall.

Konrad Von Hochstaden

Great local place. Wonderful atmosphere and decor. Delicious smoked salmon was very high quality and fresh. Very clean restrooms. One of the best run restaurants we've found in Little Rock.

Jeff Borg

Excellent spot for breakfast, brunch, coffee and dinner! Has a great community vibe too!

Drew Martin

Some of the best food in little Rock hands down

Arthur Averhart

Great place for a quality meal.

Jared Winchester

Excellent joint for Sunday brunch! This local bakery has a small cafe attached, offering up breakfast, brunch and lunch. Their unique spin on classic dishes offer a delightful dining experience for meatlovers and vegetarians alike.

Alek Eurich

Everything you need for high-end foodcraft at home. Get the Caprese!

Rebecca Shomaker

Great food and the staff is very nice! Show up early to get a good seat if you are traveling with a group of people.

Tommy Farrell

Always good

Avery Bingham

I’ve wanted to write a review of Boulevard for a long time, and what happened here today was just too much. As we were looking for a parking spot, there was a homeless man sitting on Boulevard’s bench (next to the entrance) talking to himself and to passersby. He tried to talk to us when we walked in, but we ignored him. When we went in, I got the attention of 2 people behind the counter and told them, “there’s a man outside talking to himself and your customers” and the first person ignored me and turned around, and the second person looked at me, asked if he was asking for money, and when i said “no” she said “well he’s not harming anyone” and then turned back around. So, we turned around and left. As a young woman, I CONSTANTLY feel vulnerable and am on edge about staying safe. Letting a man sit outside of your restaurant and harass people is NOT good business. It’s UNSAFE (what if he assaults someone on your property?) and it is extremely deterring to your customers. Boulevard, you need to train your staff better. Have better values- customer experience above everything. Also, cover your dang pastries that sit right where people check out at the deli. Its unsanitary.

Irene Williams

Great food and great friendly service.

Brent West

If you ever visit this place you will be hooked. You can phone in orders the day before but if you want a great treat go early, they don't last. Staff can be hit or miss with service but the food is outstanding. It's a must for any connoisseur of quality food.

Melissa D. Varner

Love this place. I only wish they would offer brunch on Saturday too. Lattes are great. Love the breakfast sandwich and pastries.

Aaron Heien

I waited in line for over 10 minutes with only a bottle drink to pay for. I was skiped in line for people who had a grocery list long order. What Il mean is they waited on the person ahead of me skipped me went to the next person waited on them and waited on the next person. Not going back here again. I have eaten here before the food was overwhelmingly plain tasting.

Apophos Babe

Great atmosphere great coffee

Terri Phillips

Love this place for Sunday brunch!

Allen Thrasher

Love the coffee

Nick Gladden

Fun clean environment, good service. Great place for brunch! Had an excellent experience

Pamela Whitaker

Always wonderful service and good local vibe

Chris Cameron

Great bread, friendly staff. Really good atmosphere. Fantastic brunch.

Eva Starbard

Jennifer Wells

You can't go wrong, but if you're craving something sweet, the chocolate chip pecan cookies are super good. If you want the good pastries, get up early (before 8:15). Best sandwich is the goat cheese and pepperonata, but get it toasted on a baguette. The premade salads are very good, even if you buy it the day before. The stuffed peppers make fantastic party food, and if you give them a budget, they can prepare a great cheese/antipasto tray that won't break the bank. I've been eating here almost weekly (at one location or another...I follow them around) for so long that I've lost count...15 years maybe? I dunno, but I can't say that about very many places. The "new" seating on the heights location has made it much easier to bring out of town guests without worrying about space.

Adrienne Lee

Love the home-made soups!

Rachel Boulden

Their scratch breads and delicious food and coffees makes Boulevard Bread a must stop for me (coffee/bakery snob)

John Owens

I was in the area for lunch and I got on Google maps and found this place. I looked at their menu and saw they had a Reuben sandwich and so I had to try it. I walked in and it is very modern and welcoming. The staff was very nice and accommodating. I believe the manager or the owner was in there and she was nice as well. I tried to order the Reuben sandwich but I found out it was a dinner item but she referred me to the traditional pastrami sandwich that was a lot like the Ruben and I could add sauerkraut to it but I decided not to add sauerkraut but to keep it the way it's intended to be made. It was a very delicious sandwich I was almost done with the second half when I snapped this picture. And this was a half-size sandwich so I would say it's a pretty good portion and it came with a bag of kettle cooked chips I chose the jalapeño flavor and I already had a drink in my truck because I am out working. I would definitely recommend this place and I cannot wait to come back for the Reuben sandwich.


Local favorite all the way around. Don't miss.

Deana Olson

Great desserts


Edie Thornton

Really good bread! Great sandwiches and excellent service.

Jose L. Bea

Good food, nice music, atmosphere, peolple and service at very affordable prices

Mary Miller

Love this restaurant! The food is fresh and oh so delicious!

Pearl Lace

Always delicious and fresh!

Vincent Foster

Best Pastrami sandwich on the planet

Corrie Coates

My favorite Sunday brunch spot. We always order pancakes to share. The quiche is perfect. The pear and banana salad is also a winner. Good service, great food.

brian dominguez

First time coming to this restaurant. I’ve been meaning to try it out as the reviews are great and the atmosphere it’s really nice for a date type of setting. Unfortunately, food was not at all what I expected. I ordered the gnocchi with spinach and added chicken. The gnocchi was a weird texture, it literally just split in half and was mushy on the inside. I’ve had plenty of fresh handmade gnocchi before and I’ve never seen it do that. The chicken was another disappointment as it was dry and over cooked. The waiter was super nice in asking what was wrong and if I wanted anything else instead but I said no. He insisted in taking the item off the bill. I told him he didn’t have to but he told me he would anyway. I still was charged for it though.

Smashing Legacies

The place was very friendly! Perfect for if you want to stay a while and relax, or be quick for an in and out meal!

David Laser

Jessica is an Angel and I enjoy her joyful service as much, if not more, than the 5-Star cuisine. Keep it up y'all!

Shelia Newson

Delicious food and desserts; can be a bit pricey, though.

Carolyn Daniels

Love love

Caleb Melchior

Good pastries and coffee. Parking is difficult at this location.

Jade Mason

Wonderful place to grab a sandwich for lunch. Love the new dinner menu, too. Family owned and they use the best ingredients.

Jo Ann Coleman

Always yummy great friendly service

jameela jackson

Didn't meet expectations.

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