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REVIEWS OF Blue Cake Company IN Arkansas

Allen Simmons

Long time customer the owners and staff are awesome and freindly. They make amazing cakes that taste out of this world hands down best bakery in town.

Sarah Parnell

This place is awesome! I got petitfours for a party and they were all delicious and beautiful. They also do custom cakes for parties and celebrations. Next time I visit Little Rock I will definitely have to stop by and splurge on their goodies!!

Nolan Hofacker

Loved this bakery. We picked up a wedding cake for my friends wedding and it was absolutely beautiful and the taste was just what they wanted. Definitely recommend

Carrie Shamblin

I have been twice in the last month/month and a half and the service both times has been amazing. The first time I brought my friends 4 month old daughter to "pick out little cakes for Mommy's birthday" and the ladies were so patient while I walked her in front of the case until she put her hands out to "pick" the flavors. The ladies talked to her & they were just so nice. Today I went to get a few for me & I again was immediately greeted when I walked through the door. The cakes are absolutely amazing & the employees are helpful and extremely nice. Definitely my favorite bakery in Little Rock.

Johnnielynn Pace

I had an awful experience with this company and the owner. Brides, do not risk being brought to tears during a time that should be a happy time! Scheduled a date and time to pick up. We arrive and they hadn't even started on it, so they quickly threw something together without so much as an apology. I was blamed for their mess up. Then proceed to attack me on the bad reviews I gave this company.

Angélica Cuevas

Elicia Mitchell

Steve Lewandowski is great! Wonderful staff!

S Harrison

Some of the best cake I've had, hands-down! Kind of "pricey" but it's worth it!

Blake Babbs

Best cake I have ever had. Strawberry is amazing.

Dena May

I ordered several dozen cupcakes this week and they were delicious. I think the favorite was strawberry. I used the Waitr delivery and they were on time and all looked great.

Katie Proffer

Bethany Beard


When buying cake for a wedding or birthday, you DO want a beautiful delicious product & great service. You DON’T want to spend a ton of money at the dentist, literally shed blood sweat & tears, and get accused of slander! Here’s my experience with Blue Cake: My wonderful boss was retiring, so I went to his goodbye party. Gave some hugs and took a plate of snacks – the best part of any corporate event. I started eating a fruity Blue Cake petit four and - OWW! I bit on something HARD! I fished a mirror from my purse and saw a small black object lodged in my tooth. I picked it out with tweezers. You may ask: did I whip a test tube & evidence label from my lab coat to save it? Unfortunately, no, as this is not a CSI episode! I didn’t realize my tooth was broken. I must’ve swallowed the rest of the object. (Hope it wasn’t toxic). My tooth kept hurting so I went to my awesome dentist of 22 years. I had recently been there for cleaning & my teeth were perfectly fine. I’ve never had any cavities or fillings and my teeth are straight & white. She said it may be bruised or I may need a root canal. When it didn’t improve after 2 weeks, I visited her again & then was sent to an endodontist. The prospect of a root canal was SCARY. Even though I have low blood pressure, I took a pill to reduce my heart rate to that of a lizard. He saw a crack on my tooth and said even if I got a root canal, it could still break. I emailed Blue Cake and asked them to check their recipe so someone else doesn’t get hurt. Our emails are posted here: Next my dentist suggested a temp. crown. That just means we make a mold, right? Nope, my tooth was GROUND DOWN to the dentin. This is where the blood, sweat & tears ensued. Even with the best ever dentist, it’s horrible having a drill on your formerly-healthy tooth for two hours. I’m still having flashbacks. (seriously) Crown will be ~$700 & root canal $375 out of pocket. Haven’t gotten bills from the 4 office visits. My insurance will cap out at a certain amt. for the year. If the tooth still breaks, I’ll pay for extraction & fake tooth. I’ll update this post w/ my dental bills when I get them. BC owner Steve Lewandowski offered a gift card. I wasn’t keen on eating more potentially hazardous cake, but I thought that instead of giving me, say, $50 worth of cake, maybe he would give me $50 toward my expenses. I asked if he has an accident policy that might help me out. He said “The gift certificate was an apology that you went through this situation. It was not an admission of guilt. No insurance company will pay a claim with out proof of wrongdoing. To my knowledge that cant be determined.” This made me believe Blue Cake thinks: 1) I am making this up, or, 2) someone at my company contaminated the cake. If I were going to scam someone, I’d have hidden glass in my food at a chain restaurant and yelled for the manager. I’m not running a scam here! I posted a review & Lewandowski said, “I suggest unless you can prove what you are accusing us of that you remove the incorrect reviews. slander and possibly libel.” He called at least 3 people at my company. I don’t know what he said, but I’m guessing he made himself out to be the injured party. While I am literally injured, popping Advil every 4 hours. Petit fours are small individually wrapped pieces of cake coated in semi-hard icing. They had hard icing decals on top. Paper sticks to the bottom & sides of the cake. Photos (with obscured company logo): How else – other than baking - could a foreign object get inside? If something had fallen on the cake when we unboxed them, it would’ve been obvious. An object couldn’t have penetrated the hard icing without leaving a hole. It’s not like something falling into a bowl of soup. So that’s my story. May you find an amazing bakery, end up with a great cake & may all your teeth remain intact! :) (This review is from my perspective as the owner of the broken tooth, not my company.)

Rob Thompson

Had a surprise bday thrown in my honor, and the cacke was from this amazing company. had never tasted their cake before, but let me tell you what.... BEST CAKE EVER!

Erica King

Stacey Shaver-Matson

Stopped in to get petit fours for a birthday gathering. They were a huge hit! So Delicious!

ashley fleming

Such friendly, kind employees. Each one throws in their own ideas to help you reach the best way to make your dream cake become a reality cake! They use their professional experience and knowledge to help you in every way possible with whatever project you bring to them. They do not fall short of anything needed to run an amazingly, absolutely PERFECT bakery/business. I will not go to anyone else but the Blue Cake Company for this kind of need/want/area. They are, and always will be my Go-To now that I've gotten to experience how awesome they are. I'd never even known it could be this easy!

Melissa Stanley

Ele Thompson

Xanthis Higginbotham

Glenda Hare

The Blue Cake Company is an amazing Bakery. I ordered another special cake for my daughter's birthday. Which I ordered in advance because I know May and June are really busy for them. I had a small problem when I picked up the cake which they apologized for and Fixed the Problem Immediately. They handled the problem and they were All so nice and friendly. The cake was another big hit. Everyone who saw her cake loved it. The Cake Tasted AWESOME!!!!!!! The Blue Cake Company Is My Favorite Bakery and me, my family and all of our friends are really Impressed with this Bakery. The People who work here are Caring and Friendly People. They have always been Nice Friendly Caring People to me and we will definitely be Returning. THANK YOU BLUE CAKE COMPANY FOR ANOTHER AWESOME CAKE

Natasha 4Now

Sarah Kuper

Blue Cake is amazing. Everything is made from scratch and everyone there is super friendly. I moved back to St. Louis and despite the city having numerous bakeries, there is not a single one that can hold a candle to Blue Cake. It's not just the quality of the cake. It's the friendly atmosphere and the sheer number of options you can choose from. When I went in this morning they had 25 flavors of petit fours. I had to limit myself to only 8 and it was difficult! My favorite flavors are lemon, strawberry lemonade, and southern caramel. Try them!

Lauren Lovell

Hands-down best event baker in the state! My mom has had several cakes done by them and they’ve always tasted as good as they look. I had a colleague that ordered her daughter’s graduation cake in the flavor drunken berry or something like that and it was the best cake I’ve ever had. Expensive, but kinda worth it. I’ve ordered their petites from Bitesquad for my office and they were awesome!

Mimi Hyatt

If you need a quick dessert Blue Cake can fill you’re need. Today which is a Wednesday I went in around 12:00 pm to order a cake for Friday. Once greeted I was quickly told they were totally book for Friday. The worker did not take the time to ask me what size cake or any details of my order. This is the second time in a year that I have tried to order a small cake from Blue Cake company giving 48 hours notice and been told they were booked. This is the last time I will purchase from Blue Cake Company since Mickey’s was happy to take my order over the phone and appreciated my business! EDIT: Dear Owner, Let’s get the details of our conversation more accurate. You asked me to describe your employee I never gave a name or description until you asked me. As everyone can see in my post I was not trying to get any employee in trouble. I merely posted my option of the customer service I received today at your bakery today. I can only assume from your post that this is some type of retaliation since I refused to change my rating of your bakery after you asked me twice. I would suggest in the future that you do not share your payroll issues and cost of running a bakery with a customer. You shared more information and excuses that I cared to hear in the 30 minutes we spoke. In closing I would suggest you stop trying to bully a customer for their option.

Brian Robinson

Very nice helper and great customer service.

Vonda DeGree


The parking is the only bad thing. They have fantastic items. I am happy to pick up petit fours when I'm here.

Sheliah Altendorf

First time here today. Last time here EVER!!!!!Disappointing.

Tamara Browder

Yummy petite fours


Had some delicious cupcakes from this bakery at a party. Would have given 5 stars... but I'm put off by how the owners respond to negative reviews on here. Wouldn't ever buy from them myself.

Martin Sanady

Always great cakes. I've recently discovered they have some awesome petit-fors.

Kalleta Wright

I got strawberry, vanilla & chocolate cupcakes. They tasted good & looked pretty.

J Head

David Hudson

Chaharazoid Hester

My 1st time trying them. I was very pleased!

kayia wright


They made my 2yr Isabella one awesome Moana cake for her little special day. I went into this blue cake company not knowing what I needed or wanted. But thanks to blue cake baker, all I really did was explain my thoughts and show her some images of what I wanted. Then all of a sudden baamm!!!!! My idea became alive. my daughter's BDay was a memorable one. If you're like me a cake must take your breath away, blue cake did just that for my lil girl and family. Thanks to the entire staff for being part of our special day. We definitely be coming back for any special occasions.

Bill Simmons

Love the cakes, cookies and petite fores are always awesome.

gracie dickerson

Elizabeth Duty

Cake for my son's 4th birthday was made to look exactly like we had planned! These bakers are talented.

Ms. Goat

The cake and service was awesome

Valencia Essel

Tamekia Moore

Kyle Pfaff

We chose to have The Blue Cake Co make our wedding cake after tasting it at a family members birthday party. It was absolutely delicious and we knew that all of our guests would think so too! Katie did awesome at walking us through the process of cake testing and deciding what we wanted with what type of design and how much we would need. They arrived early on our wedding day to set everything up perfectly! I highly recommend them for any occasion!

Justin & Meagan Lieber

After a horrendous experience with management, Blue Cake has a lost long time customer. For many years, we enjoyed the cakes (including our wedding cake) and happily made the drive to support this local business. However, due to the owner's extremely disrespectful, defensive, and downright rude demeanor, we will now take our business elsewhere. If you choose to do business with this company, understand you will be rolling the dice with this company. Lots of people love them (and we did, too, for a long time); it wasn't until we had the misfortune of speaking with the owner that our minds were truly changed. Sad to say goodbye.


Lorie Haase

very disappointed & all reviews are true they don't care to fix your issues, they want to blame it on you & their pricing for their artistry is off the wall crazy. they're not the cake boss!!! steve listen up you need to stop blaming the client and listen listen listen!!!! stale cake or dry over baked is still the same to your client eating it!!! own it!!! your losing business & maybe you should just stick to your best things and stay away from character cakes!! when i tried to create the cake i wanted i couldn't have character standing etc you owe your clients the apologies not the other way around!!!! you want get my business until you do the right thing!! i felt sorry for the other girl so disappointed in her cake. your business will suffer if you don't listen to the client!! end of story!!! if you pay $100 to $210 for a cake you do want that cake perfect!!!! If you customer is disappointed it's not to receive the Gift Certificate it's to make sure it's correct. If you get it to the party and it's dried out or stale you can bet I will be unhappy!! It's not cheap to order Blue cakes & you want them perfect. I thought you did a great job on the design of Razorback cake but it was dry or stale & I didn't pay for that. $100 to $210 is 2 different stories to use a gift certificate and pay $210 for a 2 tier cake that looked like a kid decorated or an amateur!! Sorry I don't enjoy having to point out the faults of your cakes as an owner that's your job and to OWN OWN OWN your mistakes and make them right!! I miss when you were on highway 10 and did much better service & art work. But you've grown and now it's the clients fault. Remember customer 99.9 percent of the time client is right!!!

mary gilyard

Amazing, super tasty.

Jessica Ross

Cleveland Clean

The best in little rock


Joe Myers

The people there are very nice and worked with us when we went here. Would recommend to someone who is planning a party or other event.

Carrie Sullivan

Best petite fours! Friendly staff and very helpful


Ordered a cake from here for my wedding April 2,2016 it was great everything about it was good if you need a cake go there thanks for the cake Katie

Shaneka Wells

Love the cakes they are beautiful tasty & the buttercream icing is the best ever!!!

Trameka Foots

OMG!!! The owner Steve did mines and it was the best I ever seen. Work was so creative. Awesome job you guys.

David McClanahan

Good cake but expensive. Also a higher icing to cake ratio than I care for.

Brittany Holm

Sachith S

E.W. Swan

Moon Light

I made a order of pop cakes and I'm so satisfied, highly recommended, just the unique thing is I order those pop cake for Sunday and called me saying I have to pick it up Thursday (3 days before) I don't know why? But the pop cakes really looks like the fortnite team

sarah declerk

Blue Cake Co. did a great job on our wedding cake! We went with a naked cake in multiple flavors. The cake tasting was amazing!

Marquita Kelley

Debby mauldin


Derek Johnson

The cakes are truly amazing, and the owner is a really awesome person! Highly recommend You order from here !!!!

caity graham

Jasmine Hymes

Cindy Richardson

Love this cake company. The people are great and you can tell they love their jobs.

Raymond Molden

Hayes Taylor

Mrs Rowe

Love the cake the bake

charles garrison

love this place

cheyenne whittenburg

Roderick Wells

Love this place!

Heather Huffstickler

Great service and prices on baked treats aren't bad either!

ksk chowdary

I have ordered 'tres le ches' here. It looked authentic and tasted amazing. Great job blue cake

Shaun Coleman

I love the customer service! Everytime I visit, which is often, I am always met with a welcoming and warm smile from every employee. Oh and the treats are simply delectable!

Marty Mora

Helpful, creative staff. Delicious cakes.

Shana Vaughn

carmella brienza

Beautiful and delicious cakes!!!! Thank you!!!

Brandy Briner

AMAZING!!! We were beyond satisfied. I told them my ideas

sharat sasi

great company and great price. we got exactly what we asked for. thankyou blue cake!

Raven Gregory

Always beautiful and great tasting cakes! I've used them for over 10 years for my events and they never disappoint. I was in a last minute crunch and they helped me with a cake for that event. Even if they messed up, which only happened once in 10 years, they made me whole. I love these guys! Today's wedding cake was just as beautiful as all the rest I've gotten over the years. Thank you Blue Cake Company!!!

Brent West

Love this place, everything is always fresh and tasty. I've never ordered a specialty cake but I've tried several and they are out of this world. Great value and worth every penny. Loosen your belt and enjoy.

Shanika Hendricks

I used to love this place but the prices are outrageous now. The customer service sucks now. I have a gift certificate that I'm not going to use due to my last visit. They have lost business permanently.

Seth Simmons

Every search we did online for the absolute best place to buy a modern cake in the state of AR led us to the Blue Cake Co. Unlike everyone else's review, we didn't have a big issue w/the service. They actually sat us down w/o an appointment and let us sample several diff flavors that they carry. Every single one had the most amazing flavor! Literally the most amazing tasting cake I had ever tasted, and I hate cake. We had left w/them pictures, drawings, and ideas or what it was were were wanting for Wedding cake & groom cake. When they were delivered, we didn't see them until the reception so it was going to be a surprise. Her cake had collapsed in route and they just delivered it that way & set it up. My grooms cake was suppose to have a baseball bat on it and it looked like a giant freaking dog bone! 2 of the worst looking cakes we have ever seen in either of our lives. I have fixed cakes in my little kitchen at home that look better! However, the flavor was truely outstanding! If you are a Key Lime! They do the flavor justice! The reason I gave this place 2 stars is because they were nice to us = 1 star, and the flavor of all 4 levels of the brides cake & the Key Lime grooms cake could not be matched = 1 star The negative 3 stars is due to presentation/appearance, cake collapsing, and not doing anything to make that right!

dewayne rowe

Chris Mackey

Andrea Ralls

Best petit fours EVER

Jamie Ingersoll

lauren leach

This is THE best place to go for cakes! I was referred here by my best friend several years ago & I've used it multiple times a year since. The cakes look perfect & taste AMAZING (which isn't common for cakes that are so pretty). All I have to do is tell them the theme of the event & they create an amazing cake for me every time! I've never been disappointed. Very affordable for the amount of talent they have. We've always said even if we move, we'll travel back to get cakes from here. Their other products are equally amazing. The thing that matters most to me is how they CARE! The staff is so passionate about what they do & they genuinely care about your events. They want them to be perfect & strive to be a memorable part of it. They care about you & your kids/family. You're not just a customer to them, they enjoy being a part of your life/happiness. That's what matters the most to me & they have really set themselves apart by doing that. The bar is set really high with these guys. As you can tell, I LOVE Blue Cake Company! I swear by them!


Brent Walker

Regie N

I love the petit fours and cake and always drop by for some when I'm in Town..



Owner is rude/ mean and the employers response is a falsely contrived attempt to publicly defame a former employee, who was terminated for removing his personal belongings from the premises (as well as providing proof of ownership)

Misti Hess

I ordered a Mario cake from them for my nephews birthday. They went above and beyond on his cake. It not only looked great, but it tasted wonderful!! Everyone loved it!!!

Terry Woerner

Cindy Hooks

Great cakes and cupcakes.

peter tchemchirov

Everything is very delicious the cake is gorgeous

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