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1501 SE Walton Blvd #101, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States Located in: Park Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Bizzy B's Bakery IN Arkansas

Senad Zlatovic

Very pleased with the birthday cake for my 3 year old daughter! Looked great and the taste was delicious! Highly recommend this place.

Kelly Anderson

Ordered a birthday cake and told them to make it as girly as possible for me. They delivered with an awesome princess themed cake with pink icing, glitter, and ribbons. She loved it and it tasted great! Rick's WHO? This is the bakery you want.

Sommer Warren

Carolyn h.

A delicious authentic German desserts. She even make strudel and other German goods for the holidays.

Piyush Goel

Awesome cake... Best so far in Bentonville.

Andrew Shomshor

Good value

Dom 479

Horrible , we were suppose to have a cake for a special occasion and now it is ruined. Thanks a lot guys.

Vince Indelicato Jr

Lara Tillman

Didn't even respond to an email from over 24 hours ago! I won't be using them if they don't care to respond to customers b

Energy Miser

Very good food and pasteries. They have a very good variety of stuff.

Chris Carter

I ordered a cake 3 months in advance and the day before I went to pick it up they didn't even have it ready. So they made it over night hade it ready the next day and they did a horrible job they didn't even spell the words right.

heyitsglobalworld channel

Tracy Chambers

Haley Lexie

I got my birthday cake here today and it was absolutely terrible. It was stale and frozen. The outside looked descent(at best) but once you cut into it it looked like and tasted like it had been cooked three weeks ago. Would not recommend this to anyone.

Misty Clark

Raynisha Robinson

I was sadly disappointed in the low level of customer service I received from Bizzy B's. I was told after I submitted my order online and never receiving a call back that they were not going to call me back because they already had to many orders. I never would have found that out if I didn't call them back. The crazy part of it all is that I had talked to one of their bakers the same day I placed the order and she told me that they had a few slots still available and if I submitted them I would be ok. When I made the call to them about my order I ended up talking to a totally different employee about my conversation from the day before and instead of her taking the time to understand the mishap on THEIR part she spent 15 minutes schooling me on how they operate and what they could or could no to do as if I have worked there and should no better. When I finally got her to understand that this was not my fault, she finally called the owner to see if it would be ok for her to process my order and she said yes. By that time I was in some deep prayer because I didn't not want my flesh to rise up and say something to crazy so I asked the Lord to keep me calm enough so I could put the order in at this time though I was so frustrated that I no longer wanted them to do my cake. Well I went ahead and started to give her details of the order and I could tell she could really care less that I had a great cake because soon after she told me that they were closed and she was ready to go home and to email my picture over and she would call me the in the morning. I didn't get a call in the morning, I got a call in the afternoon that I had missed but no one ever left a message. I could go on about my experience but I will stop there, just know I didn't follow up on my order and will not be looking to purchase a cake from them unless their employees can get on one accord and make their customers feel loved (or at least liked) and valued. My rating is reflective of the lack of customer service and not the quality of their goods.

Nitin Saini

They can make any kind of cake. Just show the pic. I had my son's 2nd birthday cake made from them. Everyone was so happy and impressed by the cake. They even have eggless and vegan cakes.

Candice j


Daniel Lopez

Snickerdoodles are delicious along with the truffles!

Justin Tallman

T-Dylan Todd

Go to this bakery for the best cheesecake you will ever put in your mouth! Even had their cheesecake for our wedding cake!

Penny Carreon

Great desserts. Friendly service.

Kasi Rajeev Oduri

We love the cake and everyone in the party asked where we got the cake from. Texture and flavor is delicious.

Addison Sutherlin

We asked for watermelon cookies and you would expect red on the watermelon right? Wrong. The water melon was white and did NOT look like water melon. We also ordered pineapple cookies and we were happy with those. But we pacifically asked for cookies that looked like watermelon slices and we got 3/4s of a oval with a green outline and white inside with a few black dots. My daughter was very upset.

Annie Pope

I was hesitant to try based on negative reviews about customer service, HOWEVER I found the two gals working were very nice and helpful. I got a pecan tartlette and a snicker doodle cookie. Both were good and the tartlette wasn't too sweet (which is sometimes the case with pecan pie). Store was cute and clean and easy to find.

Patti Vogt

Roy Duncum

Very good reminds me of the bakeries of years gone by. Great pastries, cakes, cookies, all kinds of yummy baked goodies that pull you back to the aromas that conjure up mom's kitchen memories. Seasonal delights and surprising wedding and party specialties.

Iris Mata

Cathy Rader

Janice L

Christina ODonnell

Tres Leche Cake! Best in NWA!

Reyna Stargaze

Cookies and leche cupcake we're amazing, but I did by a torte that was a bit stale from staying out too long

Sue Sears

This place is awesome. I bought a Tre Leche cake here for a co-workers birthday and he loved it as did everyone else. I have also bought cupcakes and cookies. Everything is top notch in taste and appearance

Beate McChristian

Klyn Cha

Shubhamay Banerjee

Larry Linn

Great little German bakery with a nice assortment of delicious treats, specializing in custom cakes and pastries.

April Barker

Kaitlyn Bishop

Robert Moss

delicious treats. Celebrate Recovery Catalyst thanks them for the support of our ministry.

Aria Trinkle

We had strawberry cake with whipped filling and buttercreme icing in a pink ombre style, accented with silk flowers and it was gorgeous and delicious!! Only side note I have is that I got concerned a couple times with the info sheet was listed with incorrect information due to miscommunication but other than that, a definite must for your wedding or catering needs.^_^

Vijay Varanasi

Charles Edgley

Best bakery in NW Arkansas! Most bakeries up here cut corners by using such chemicalized non-food as "baker's margarine." Even the most popular ones do not use real ingredients. But Busy Bee uses real butter and their dough's are specific to the recipes as opposed to generic dough for everything. Croissant dough is not the same as Danish dough. It makes a huge difference when done right and Busy Bee is no more expensive than other bakeries. This is European pastry at its delicious, mouthwatering best. My wife and I visit regularly and the service is always prompt, efficient and friendly. These are really nice people who appreciate your business and are always ready to talk about their outstanding products.

Ayla Smith

Always have great cookies and treats

Vladimir Valerik

Claudi Deluna

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Emily Falcone

Go to this bakery for the best cheesecake you will ever put in your mouth! Even had their cheesecake for our wedding cake! Great little German bakery with a nice assortment of delicious treats, specializing in custom cakes and pastries. A delicious authentic German desserts. She even make strudel and other German goods for the holidays. Cute shop, great section and tasty cupcake.

Angela Frankel

This place is tiny but it's pack full of great little treats anything with their cheesecake is great, and their chocolate chip cookies are amazing. They have a pretty good variety and it's very good!

Sonnet Slaveski

I've always had the best experience with Busy B's! I trust their bakers and they make the cutest cakes. I've had several birthday cakes made over the years and I have always been super happy with their design and taste.


Belinda Barry

Vernon_and_Carla Habersetzer

very rude staff, every time we called or visited in person (most of the rating is due to that). The cake was just 'ok'....not worth $80, that's for sure.

Sharon Harden

Rich B

Great cakes - fantastic job decorating. At times behind the counter can seem disorganized.

Sachin Jain

Good cupcakes

Christina Proctor

Cake looked pretty, but it was not what we asked for. We were going for a simple cake, requested for it to be light pink, a few flowers, using light pink, creams and whites and light green. I even sent in a picture of the colors we were going for. What we received was a pretty cake, but it was colored gold, with 14 pink flowers across the entire cake and gold leaves on each one... 14 flowers on a GOLD cake!! Gold is not light pink and 14 flowers with gold leaves is not simple. Once we cut into the cake it was uneven throughout with some of the cake being shorter with more icing and then other sections the cake was taller with less icing. Almost like the cake was a mess up but they covered up the difference with icing? Half the sheet cake was thick icing with only little amount of cake. Side note-the weekend prior we had been to a party where busy b's made the cake and it looked like a second grader had decorated it. I was nervous for ours but it was too late to change bakerys. I called to kindly provide feedback that while the cake was pretty, it was not what we requested, the manager on duty even agreed with me and said she would have the owner call to discuss by 3 pm. Never received a phone call. All in all, I wouldn't recommend going here, we won't be returning.

John Pan

It's really the only full service bakery in the bentonville area as others have closed. I've had cakes, cupcakes, and cookies from this place and I'm more of a Rick's (Fayetteville) or Harp's (Springdale) fan.

Jesus Jimroz

Jessica worrell

Edward Nigma

Andres Mata

Chris Trobaugh

Great Valentine's Cookies for my love

Gabe Parrill

Best bakery I've ever been to. Amazing, everything is amazing! Everything I've tried testes awesome.

Sarah K.

Ivie Shepherd

First time there and the piece of cake I bought was stale. The lady with the purple hair who rang us up was so rude and hasty dor hs to leave. I'm so dissapointed.

Silja Sample

Scott Baker

Not bad. Just not what I ready like.

Amber Uthe


Anoop Prasanna

Shyann Smith

Horrible, not at all what I wanted and lied to my sisters face.

Jacque Timmons

First of all things....this bakery is the best in Northwest Arkansas! I am a vegan, along with my entire family and we all love their vegan treats. It’s awesome that they have options for vegans/plant-based eaters. I love it! The only thing I would say is if they had a mobile app, I would buy and order things all the time, especially since they send those amazing coupons all the time!!!Great job Bizzy B’s Bakery!!!

Cristina Gonzalez Batres

Christy Bannan

The food is alright, but the lady who waited on me was very rude. It was my first visit, she did not make me feel welcome, she was not happy about explaining the products or anything. I do not like lack of customer service. That is by far my biggest pet peeve

Mollie Pickle

Franklin Jones

Lacey King

This bakery just made my day. I live in Georgia and my mother in law is not doing very well and in her final days she asked for peanut butter cake and German chocolate. I called and they were so helpful and was able to fit in my request today. I just got a facetime call watching her eyes light up when she seen these MASSIVE cupcakes. She said they tasted amazing. Im so greatful for small businesses that STILL CARE.

Dana McElligott

Cute shop, great selection and tasty too! No issues with the service, she was slammed and we were in no rush. Had the red velvet truffle and a bite of the Danish, sooo yummy.

Joseph H Riddle Jr

Steven Lamey

Ordered a sweet 16 cake and it turned out awesome. They will have my business going forward!

Moon Bun Bun

I love the staff! I go there almost every Saturday and Its to hard to choose because it's all so yummy.

T Hankins

Darrion Davis

Customer service wasn't very great. The lady who waited on us was nice, but the girls in the back who were icing cakes looked very angry and gave me a death stare when I smiled at her. The cookies were alright, mediocre at best. The truffles were really nasty and had a weird aftertaste. All in all, I definitely wasn't a fan and I won't be back.

John Dilworth

Alissa Lee

Had a great and personable experience with all staff! Cheerful and positive energy as you walk in. Enjoyed any experience with Bizzy B's Bakery.

Caylea Elizabeth

Hands down the WORST service ever, although the treats may be delicious, I wouldn't go here if this was the last bakery on earth simply because everyone in there is beyond RUDE. This isn't just a one time thing either, EVERY time I've gone in their no one has even been remotely nice or polite. Today I went in around 9 to pick up some Halloween cookies and there was none in the case so I politely asked to see if they had any in the back and she goes "well clearly they're not in the case so obviously we don't have any. but I have two undecorated back here if you want those." So like any normal person would think, I assumed she meant she was going to take the 5 minutes out of her day to decorate them real quick and she told me " I just told you they're NOT decorated." She refused to decorate them for me and I felt the way she handled that was beyond unessecary. How they have more than 1 star AMAZES me. The staff is a joke.

Laurie Brandon


Jaime Duenas

(Translated by Google) Very delicious (Original) Muy delicioso

Chase Hallsted

They have Gluten free cakes!

Charlene Geer

Bluebird Lane

Great hidden gem! We were traveling through and simply Google a breakfast spot. So glad we found it. Yummy pastries, savor and sweet. Enjoyed all around. We will be visiting again.

Jaime Grant

This place is amazing! I sent a picture off Pinterest and they duplicated it to a T! Not only that it tasted amazing and was affordable!

Indu Sanka

Very pleasing staff. Flexible with our customization, delivery date. Finally lovely cakes, for the cost they charge.

Jeff Leinen

Ordered a custom cake for both my daughter and son's birthday. Daughter's cake was a chocolate cake decorated beautifully as Disney's Ariel theme complete with sea shells and a sea theme. My son's cake was a beautiful representation if the Swedish flag. They even made my son's cake gluten free. Both cakes tastes great. Very creative.

Sheila H

I ordered a cake for my son's 21st Birthday,cake in shape of a

manoja r

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