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REVIEWS OF Ambrosia Bakery IN Arkansas

James Evans

Great place for birthday cakes and I'm sure much more from what I've seen. Personally I don't eat much of this kind of food.


I like Ambrosia bakery. I'd like it more if the owner Milly would talk to her employees like they were human beings and not trash. EVERY time I have been in there she's just trash talked her employees. Why? I don't know a single soul personally who works there, it's just what I've witnessed with my own eyes. I know I have several friends who have said similar things and we have decided not to give her our business anymore. The foods great but dang woman you aren't all that. Trust me. I do know several former employees who've confirmed what I've seen and they say her and her husband are completely vile.

Amber Johnson

I bought a cheesecake for my husband for his birthday because he loves them. He wasnt to happy with it. He told me that he has had way better for a better price than the thirty bucks it cost here.

John Morgan Pratt

Oh my god. The wedding cake that we got from Ambrosia was PHENOMENAL. I honestly do not think my grandmother could have made one better. Italian creme and butter creme icing was breathtaking. Next time we are in town we are coming over to get some of the other goodies that are available.

Debbie Cunningham

Itilian Cream cake, the best ever!!

Carolyn Laine

Wonderful place and environment....they don't just bake cakes and pies. They serve delicious lunches. I had the chicken salad sandwich $7. Omg delicious times 10

Clifton Haywood

Nice staff. Pretty good pastries.

Lisa Beeson

You will Never put a better cake in your mouth. Of the utmost quality at a price that couldn't be more reasonable

Gail Sears

Randy Brodnax

Ambrosia bakery is fantastic. My whole family uses this as our go to years. Weddings, birthdays, all that stuff. Recently tried their lunch... it was very good.

Jair Lazaro

Sherry Rollins

The best Italian wedding cake ever.

Dawn Shell

Great blueberry pastry.

Paola Holden

Everyone knows Ambrosia is the best bakery in town. Quality is fantastic. Variety of cakes, pastries, etc.

Jeannine Coats

Excellent! After living in the Area 3 yrs I Finally Discovered a Great Bakery!!! Thanks Peggy!!

Donna Walls

Best cakes ever. There wedding cake and Italian Cream Cake is a must have. Would not recommend their decorated cookies but they have plenty of other goodies to choose from.

Barbara Hefta

Michelle Cleveland

This place never disappoints. Whatever your need. Call them!

laura burens


Robin Weaver

They are always so friendly! All of the cakes I have ordered turn out exactly the way I want them and are delicious!

Joanie martin

Customer Service sucks

Vic Byrd

Fantastic wedding cakes. Great lunches.

Dee Thornton

Ambrosia bakery is always such a treat. Wonderful atmosphere, delicious food & baked goods.. you can't go wrong with anything you try. It's all delicious!

J.D. Stewart

I Love Ambrosia bakery!!!! I'm not crazy about their new location. I like that they are serving lunch now, but the parking isn't very easy to access. Still their food is EXCELLENT!!! The pies, cakes, cookies, pastries,...etc are all DELICIOUS!!!

Kyle Schildgen

Good coffee and baked goods

Jack Troxel

Made a wonderful carrot cake for my wife's bday.

Heather Barsic

Its ok. Its a bit overpriced for my taste.

Joel Burrough

No better place in hot springs for baked goods, simply the best.

William C Haerle

Bought a box of pastry squares and didn't get out of the parking lot, We ate them all. lol.

Tess Looney


Susan coleman

The best Bakery in Hot Springs...... I'm there once every couple of weeks. Twice this week....Love the Italian Cream Cake & cinnamon twists....

Aaron Graulau

Estefania Rodriguez

brandon fox

Great place! Probably the best quiche I've ever had!!! Was looking at my watch wondering if it was Yum o'clock, yeah.

Joseph SM

The closest to NY style bagels I have tasted in a very long time! Highly recommend!

John N.

Veronica Meadows

It's so good and so cute! Kind of an out of the way location though...the Italian cream cake is AMAZING!

Billy Goat

Best bagel for a thousand miles! I had the smoked salmon shmeer, fantastic! With highs like this I'll be back for the lox! I highly recommend this place!

Jerry Flores

Cool place

Omar De Leon


Alisa Bonds

Ivana Miletic

Very high price. Missunderstanding what we want. The lady (owner) didnt even think to give some discount. Filling inside is hardly visible and they charged extra for that. Extra charge for everything. I didnt like the cake. Layers are too tick and you cant feel strawbery filling at all. If I can give 0 I will.

Darrin Franklin


Chuck Launius

Beautiful Bakery with delectable treats.

Will Rainwater

That was a DARN good sandwich!

Amy Brennan

Friendly service

Kali Harris

I have grown up going to the bakery for everything from a fun iced sugar cookie, to Italian Creme Cakes for birthdays and challah bread for special dinners with friends! Visited them at their new and best location on Broadway off the Farmers Market! Wonderful space! Love their new branding and expanding breakfast and lunch menu! Will enjoy as often as I can!

sara sandoval

Loved, loved, loved this place. Their sweets are very good, their cakes are very beautifully decorated and their food is really good. Great customer service. Very clean.

Heather Sowerbutts

There's always something delicious to be found here! Stop in for lunch and get some goodies to go!

Joyce Koon

My 1st time in & young lady 2as so helpful, friendly. I got several things and sat in car to eat my c cheese danish. I swear, I took one bite & walked back in and bought all she has. Phenomenal. Awesome bakery !!!!☆☆☆☆☆

Penny Pfeiffer

Cakes are the best.

Nick Scurra

Please Please try the Italian Cream Cake

Lisa Arguello

Went to purchase cookies, and cupcakes from the new location. While looking in the display a huge blow fly was flying around and landed on several of the cookies. Pointed out to the employee who got it out. Asked if there were fresh cookies to have another employee state "they are all fresh." At which I responded "not with a fly buzzing around in there." Needless to say all the cookies remained in the display for sale to the next customer who will have no clue there was a fly in the display.

Bea Siggers

Help was very friendly & my cakes were beautiful!

Candace Sparks113

Great lunch items and beautiful pastries

Diane Mendes

(Translated by Google) Name name name (Original) Nom nom nom


Excellent for cookies, cake, pie, breads. Yum!

David Jarnagin

I go here for the Chorizo pastry. The cakes and cookies are very good also. Friendly staff.

James Corn

This place you just have to go to to Discover For Yourself. And you will return, I feel certain.

Arionna Michelle

Cool downtown bakery with bottomless cup of good coffee for a buck!

Melody Duke

Too pricey for the amt of food u gey

Bella Peoples

I was there with other folks, not my choice for break. All that pun

Jorge Balboa

Everything you need in a bakery!!!!

Jerry Palmer

Best Cookies

Nelda Garrett

The most wonderful bakery IN The USA

lsaccolite Game

Waited in line for 10 minutes with my wife and children to get cut in line by another customer, we let the staff know and they said just a minute and they walked away, so we walked away as well, right out the door. I got 2 of my kids birthday cakes here but I will be looking elsewhere after today.

Sharron Hord

I ordered Ambrosia's delicious chicken salad sandwich. I have eaten it before & it is one of my favorites.

Steve Smith

Great bakery . Fresh food. Friendly staff

Matt Litwack

Elliot Mathieu

What a hidden gem! Ambrosia Bakery is a wonderful place to eat and enjoy yourself. Not only do they make cakes and provide traditional bakery services, they also make sandwiches and salads, providing a savory accompaniment to their repertoire of sweet goodies. The food is both reasonably priced and delicious with excellent staff that are warm and accomodating. Whether you need a huge custom cake or you just want to sit a while and snack on some cupcakes and drink some hot chocolate, Ambrosia Bakery is a great little slice of heaven that is ready to accomodate you.


They were so friendly and amazing. I most definitely will visit again and again. Love these guys

Tamar Bland

The best bagels!! Pleasant ambience :-)

Joshua doe

A Martin

The desserts are so scrumptiously beautiful!!! And now they have breakfast and lunch at great prices! So glad they are downtown now!!!

Elaine Noble

Great food! Great people! Dangerously delicious desserts! A feast for the eyes AND the stomach! The ambiance and downtown location are perfectly paired! Psst! The Ambrosia Italian Creme Cake has always been THE BEST I've ever had!!!

Dianne Montgomery Hocut

Love this bakery which has all your bakery needs and delicious lunches as well. Try the Egg Olive Sandwich on a warm Ambrosia roll. Very good and comes with chips and pickle. The cakes are perfect and their Chocolate Orange Butter Cookies are ph.


Phyllis Palmer

Totally awesome cakes and employees.

Marcia Dobbs-Smith

Gotta try the Italian Creme Cake.

Allison Clay

Scott Craft


Chris Leavines

Mmm pastries!!!

Lynn Janaskie

Food, service, and atmosphere....are great.

Brenda Hudson

This bakery came highly recommended. I was told that they were known for their Italian Cream. Since I wanted a specialty cake this fit perfectly into my plans. I wanted a very special cake for my uncle's 89th birthday. I called 4 days ahead of time to ensure everything was ready when I needed it. I was asked what I wanted on the cake. I said ""Happy Birthday Uncle Ed" because it's his 89th birthday". I can not begin to tell you how much my heart sank when I arrived on Friday to find a VERY plain Italian Cream cake with ONLY "Happy Birthday Uncle Ed" written on top of the cake in red icing. There were no decorative borders, there were no flowers, leaves, NOTHING extra.....just red writing! When I questioned the look of the cake, the lady took it to the back. It came back with a very small border of thin icing. When I asked again about the sad looking cake, the lady said if I wanted it decorated I would have to come back on Saturday and pick it up. SO, if you choose to order from this bakery, be VERY specific as to what you want your pastry to look like. Don't be like me and assume that you will get an appropriately decorated cake just because you tell them it is for a special 89th birthday. VERY DISAPPOINTED FOR A BAKERY THAT CAME HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Update -- Thank you Nic from Ambrosia Bakery for taking the time to call me about my experience. If the good Lord allows, we will be back next year for my uncle's 90th birthday and I will be calling Ambrosia for a second chance. Very professional and kind of you to call me! Thank you so much!

Kayla Johnson

helpful and friendly staff, i come here to get a cake for every single family members birthday! the italian cream cake is THE BEST!

Megan Nichols

Great vibes. As soon as you walked in the doors it was so open and welcoming. We went for breakfast and coffee. Apricot and apple turnovers were amazing! This is now a staple when I go to hot springs! Say some beautiful cakes in the display fridge too!

Chris Nunley

Great experience for my first visit. Great selection available. Price very reasonable and best of all the taste is just awesome. Can not wait to go back and try something new.

Melody Siron

Friendly staff and yummy baked goods.

Monica Shaw

Awesome cake and they delivered!!

Amanda Buffington

Ambrosia.... enough said


Wow!!! So good!

DeDee Christmas

Such good food! Lunch was delish! Ladies are so sweet

Oui Dad

I used to go when they were by the meat market and they had delicious sliced bread. This new place does not sell the same things but their sugar cookies are fluffy and delicious.

Emily Hale

Good bakery...friendly staff

Christy Wilson

They have a good variety of baked goods including cookies, pastries, cakes, and breads. I haven't tried everything, but what I have tried is great. I've gotten red velvet birthday cake from here two years in a row and both times it has been moist, delicious, perfectly baked, and not overly sweet. The sugar cookies and snickerdoodles are yummy and practically melt in your mouth. Great food. Nice staff. Convenient new location.

Helen Johnson

dylan martin

The food part it's self is not bad but the owner is very rude to her employees.... I've been in there only twice but both times I've overheard the lady being very mean and snippy with the staff along with being very judgemental with the lovely young lady she had working the counter. I was very disappointed in this.

Mannie Stevenson

They have the best cannolis

Bob Doyle

Brad Burleson

Ambrosia is the best bakery in Hot Springs. They have a great lunch and their cakes and pastries are out of this world! If it’s good enough for Miss Arkansas, it’s good enough for me!

Cindy Mahaney

Just great. Will return Tory more.


Best quality bakery in town!!

valerie cooper

Jacklyn Cox

Great desserts

Laura Wynn

Italian cream cheese cake!


Cannolis are okay. Had better.

Markie Crumpton

Love the new location. Always see my visions for my events. Even when I messed my cake up, they fixed it for me

Veda love gonzales

Amazing. I had the grilled cheese, falafel chips, and zesty coleslaw. Try some ranger cookies too!

Dear Shelley

Always love!

Ms.Blue/Betty/Elizabeth Ligon

Personal.Friendly.Peaceful Environment..thought music would have been nice..but a great place..I could enjoy the military honors from window. I didn't look the greatest. But. They didn't seem judmental. The baked goods wonderful. Surprised me about other choices. I remember when Ambrosia first started..

Carroll Coston


Sally and Jane Parakeet channel

Walter Thrasher

One of the best sandwiches ever. Staff is very friendly. I will definitely be back

Jlk W

Yum yum! Best baked items in Hot Springs!

Keith Fisher

They are awesome they did a beautiful job on the cake for me in my wife's best day of our life I would suggest anyone to order their cake from anywhere else and they delivered great price And the best tasting cake

Vincent Hoss

Wonderful Bakery near the river park in a cozy old brick building.

Deana Johnson

I have always had such an amazing experience! Love the Italian icing!!

Terry McFadden

Google insists that I have been here and evidently won't stop bugging me until I leave a review - so here is a review. I have no idea if the place is good or not.

Sarah Taft

Janica Germaine

Friends recommended this place and I must say that even their hyperbolic compliments still seem quite understated. The pastries are delicious! The cakes they made for our friends wedding was so moist and scrumptious! And the apple turnovers are to die for!

Kim McCaslin

I had a very pleasant lunch here over Mother's Day weekend. The turkey and cheese was delicious! Last Saturday was a totally different experience. I asked what was in the chicken salad and the response was "I don't know; I don't make it"....very rude...should have walked out! She made no effort to go the extra mile and ask the kitchen. I ordered it and was disappointed that it just had onion in it. The side dish of fruit was dry and apparently not fresh and was quite unappealing. My elderly mother had ordered water and she was directed to a dispenser in the rear of the dining area that dispensed room temperature water. She said it tasted bad and wouldn't drink it. I asked for ice and was rudely dismissed for just asking! I don't think I will return....very disappointed in our $20 lunches!!!!!!!!

Allison Worden

Amazing bakery!!! The ranger cookies are delicious!!!

Cole Kern

Sable Davis

I have no complaints! Ambrosia was easy to work with, and they delivered on time. Our wedding cake was so beautiful and elegant! Just what we wanted! All we heard throughout the reception was how delicious it was. I barely got any besides the piece my hubby fed me during the cake cutting. Any who, I'm counting down the days until we can eat the top tier on our anniversary. I highly recommend.

Matthew Wade

Fantastic cakes! The best I have ever tasted. Highly recommend the Italian Cream cake.

Karen Perry

Nice people cozy atmosphere and great bagels and cream cheese!

Mark Mitchell

Incredible. No other way to say it.

Tera Hanley

Love the new place. Friendly staff. Amazing treats, pies, cakes and more. Highly recommend. A little pricey but worth it!!

Amanda LaFevers

Delicious baked goods and gorgeous specialty cakes and wedding cakes

J Wow

Amy Moore

Moderately prices but don't think baked goods are necessarily baked fresh daily. Cannoli and apple turnover were average, black forest cupcake was really good.

Lindsey Romero

Adorable bakery. The service was quick. They made our cake in a timely manner and it was delicious!


My family gets all our cakes from here! They have made my birthday cake as well, so I can personally vouch for how amazing they are!!

x UnHiinGeD

Went to collect my order. Told them I would be right back as I had to move my car closer. They called and started screaming at me thinking I had disappeared. The lady was extremely rude.

Dodge Cowart

My favorite bakery in the whole world. Their Italiam Cream Cheese Cake is to die for! Oreo balls are pretty fantastic too.

Lori Thayer

Ashley Hennessee

They have always been courteous and met my expectations of designing a cake. I have been ordering from them for the past 7 years.

carol schofer

Chicken salad was delicious as was the cheese cake. Would order next time on bread vs bun (was too much bread and hard). Definitely will be back

Sean Edds

Best in town!

Collin Ezell

A beautiful place to eat

Jason Reynolds

Great fresh baked goods. Friendly staff!

Hot Springs Prosthetics

We needed a cake for a special occasion and called 2 days ahead of time. It was short notice but Ambrosia Bakery was very accommodating. The carrot cake was exceptional!! Thanks Ambrosia Team. You helped to make our day and it was delicious. Motility MLK - Prosthetics

Doug Wingfield

Amazing bakery

Shanon Moody

Super yummy sweets

Parrish Fullen

Awesome desserts and pastries of all kinds

Davie McJunkins

This is a great place to shop for different stuff

Georgia Landry

Yummy selections in this hometown bakery. I bought half a dozen cookies. The rugelachand snicker doodles were awesome! Also bought bread and some egg and ham pastries that we're also very good! Laid back atmosphere with friendly, helpful employees.

Kent Dover

Fresh baked goods, they make my favorite Italian Creme Cake.

James Hood

Good bakery. Reasonable lunch menu.

RunningBamboo Media


Robert McElvein

My sister bought me a birthday cake from here, chocolate with vanilla icing. THE BEST cake I have ever eaten. The cake was rich and moist, the frosting was amazing without being too sweet, and beautifully decorated. Everyone involved should be proud. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place.

David Kembrey

Great selections always look forward to a coming here my fav is the Italian cream

Uriah Kreb

Great place, great coffee!

Kiley Eberhardt

Lox bagel is awesome. Seems like there's always a line but never too busy for good service!

Brett Williamson

Great bakery


Excellent food and sweets!

Bradley Weeks

Very friendly staff and freshly baked pastries and croissants! Great place!

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