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REVIEWS OF New York West Pastry & Bake Shop IN Arizona

William Lindenmuth

A great little rest stop during group bike rides, we even call one of our rides the "Bear Claw" which is scheduled every two Sundays. The bakery is great, the coffee good what else could a recreational cyclist want. Popular spot for a reason.

Dawn Martz

This place is awesome! They have an amazing selection of pastries and everything is wonderful! The staff there is excellent.

Michael Cook

Great place to stop for a pastry and coffee

David Molyneux

This is by far the best bakery I have even eaten at. Used to ride my bicycle to this location, having moved I now drive or just ride the 20 miles one way... it’s that good!

Alan Anderson

Excellent bakery. Family owned. I like it!!


Amazing food and excellent customer service. This place treats you like family! I will continue to bring my business back time and time again.

Scotty G PTownAZ

Fresh wonderful baked goods. Italian creme cake is a go to for our birthday cakes.

Gale MacDougall

Nice little bakery, excellent service, great their breads.

Julie Baker

Wow I was hopeful when I decided to stop. Beyond my expectations of just yum!

Myra Domenzain

Huge variety of baked goods. Everything we purchased was great and the pecan pie was amazing! Even better than homemade.

Samantha Bitsui

So many goodies to choose from. All looks so delicious

Patience Mikhail

This place is the real deal bakery! So much variety and great quality. I love their almond crescent cookies and their rugala, but there's so much I haven't tried yet.

Christine Darabant

Can you say HEAVEN ON EARTH. Selection and freshness is amazing not to mention the friendly staff. If you can't find something you like there I doubt that you will any where else.

Patricia Stine

Best pastries from New York!! And I could say that first hand, since I'm a New Yorker!!

Carlene Hohl

Bakery items were so fresh, staff friendly and helpful. Reasonably priced. Good coffee.

Corinne Yusi

Everything I get here is always fresh. We are never disappointed! The connolis are excellent, and we enjoy their seedless Italian bread with all my soups and sauces. They even have the honey balls at Christmas time like my mom used to make.

Lea Paradiso

Hands down the best bakery. They never run out of anything and I love that you can see the baker's in the back making the pastries. I have tried almost everything they have, including their cakes and tubs of icing. It's made like magic. Wish I could give them 6

Laura Roybal

LOVE coming into this place! Yummy pastries

david boston

Delish pastries and cakes. If you miss NY, take a culinary vacation at this bakery.

Brandy Travers

Way too expensive for run of the mill donuts.

mattman 8569

Lived near by for over a year now. Someone told me to try this place and WOW! Best bakery I have ever been to! The staff are super friendly and the baked goods are fantastic! Anything you could ever want they have, the quality and taste of the food is perfect! This is the holy grail of bakerys! Don't take my word for it, go try it yourself! Don't wait a year like I did! Now I have to make up for it, I'm heading there right now!

Barbara Olsen

A fabulous back east Bakery !

Rob Davis

Best bakery in these parts. I get all my baked goods there. I've never had a big sweet tooth but the smell when you walk in makes me want to try.


This is the best bakery around! Especially if you're looking for some authentic New York style pastries and bread. The owner Hugh is the best, along with the rest of his employees. I highly recommend this place.

Janet Cucino

Great Bakery Everything they make is Excellent and I feel like I'm right back in NY every time I visit !!

Kenneth Kramer

An excellent Bakery

Ricky Furbee

A great bakery to get your NY baked goods in AZ.

James Daniels

Slice of NY in Az, great cookies, cannolis and strudels.

Paul Bouchard

When I opened the door and walked in, I know that I gained about 5 pounds just looking at all those beautiful mouth-watering sweets! I gave this Bakery "5 stars" because the owner of this establishment dropped what she was doing and baked 2 Pecan pies for me for Valentine's day! She was very nice, and didn't mind going out of her way to do this for me. By the way....the pies were very delicious!


This place is the stuff dreams are made of! I had a Devil dog for the first time ever and OMG, it was to die for! It was huge, moist, and super thick and tons of whipped filling. I also purchased a chocolate mousse cake for my mom for Valentine's day and sadly,it never made it to her home, because I ate that too.

Dee Viola

Italian cream cake is awesome. The tiramisu was not that good it was very dry .

John Gundacker

It is as close to New York and home for me as I can get. The people here are just amazing. Special thanks to the baker's in the back because they do a fabulous job in giving us the highest quality and best tasting pastries around. I highly recommend this place.

Frances Nevarez

Omg nothing but the Best Right on the corner Nothing fancy Just great Pastries A must

marc chazen

This bakery is the bomb...great people great service and out of this world taste treats

Sharon Cohn

Their brownies are delicious. Stay away from the apple pastry. Decent bakery but not as good as a New York/ New Jersey bakery.

John Maglionico

Very good pastry, but be prepared to pay, I purchased only 6 items and it cost me over $21.00

Deanna Walker

Best Italian pastries inAZ

David Leonard

Absolutely the best bakery in Arizona. Come to think of it it's better than my neighborhood bakery back in New York.

Evonne Williams

The smell hits you as soon as you open the door... Mmmmmmm! Smells just like when my Mom or Grandmom made homemade

Rick Annis

Italian bread loaf is amazing. Electrifying place to get your sweet tooth on..

sian slater

Best real bakery in the west valley. Their tiramisu isn't the best but everything else I've tried (and I've sampled many items from NY Bakery West) is great. Breads, pastries, cookies, bagels etc. have all been excellent. The salt bagel is fantastic.

Brenda C

Came in here last Saturday for a last minute cake, picked out a strawberry shortcake and I must say, it was the absolute best cake I've ever had. The icing was so light and had the right amount of sweetness. The strawberries were fresh even 6 hours after we purchased it. You guys made a new customer. Also, the gentlemen behind the counter were so attentive and on top of everything with every customer. Can't find service like that nowadays.

Sara Myers

The best bakery in town. So many delicious cookies, pastries and cakes.

Angela Thomas

You must go here. A wonderful family bakery with all the great goodies homemade.

Tim Askelson

Delicious baked goods at fair prices.

MIA Family

Visiting the Phoenix metro area I decided to look for an Italian Bakery. We are visiting from El Paso Texas (no Italian bakery). I passed through Tucson and tried a bakery there, but New York West is where it's at having lived in sicilia for over 3.5 years I can say this bakery has yummy goods! Tried their cannolis, tarts, lobster tail, and sesame bread. They were all delicious. I wish I could take this bakery back home wirh3me. They are so friendly and seeing grandsons working with their grandmother was awesome. I go to Tucson often so, I will make the drive just to get baked goods from here.

Michael Conroy

This place is amazing. You can't find a better place for your bakery needs.

Michelle Jacobson

If you are interested in homemade delicious desserts, this is the place! From rugala to cakes, to cookies to bread. Worth the trip. I brought a German chocolate cake for a friends 65th birthday and he said it was the best German Chocolate cake he ever had. I would imagine, that after 65 years, he knew what he was talking about. And they back your goodies in a box with the red string. Worth the trip. Enjoy.

Brendan Griffith

We hit this place whenever we're close and by close I mean in Arizona. High quality baked goods from bread to almond horns. Simply amazing

Steve Taul

Absolutely the best bakery! Tasted so many different items over the years it would be difficult to pick a favorite... well, maybe the chocolate dipped mini cannolis.

Glenn Nielson

Fast and Friendly service. Highly recommended

shawna bulter

The best bakery around!

Charles Bauer

Great place to get New York style cannolis.

Stephen H.

First time I've been here but it was great. Great selection of cakes, pies and donuts. However I was disappointed that they didn't have the mainstay donuts like a Boston Creme and no Cherry Turnovers either. If they have a better selection of my classic favorites next time I visit I'll change to 5 stars.

Cornelia G

Delicious baked goods. Coffee cakes, cookies, pastries and lots of other things. Smells so good in the store. Friendly staff.

J Ricuito

As close to a NY bakery as I've found so far in AZ.

Samantha Herd

Great prices, wonderful pasteries, cookies and bread. Best bakery in the valley!

Jennifer Stratton

This place has become our weekend treat. Sooo yummy! Love the cream cheese Danish. It's not too sweet and has a perfect balance of pastry, cream cheese and frosting. Their breads are fantastic, including the loaf bread. Both coconut and almond macaroons are delicious. The almond macaroons melt in your mouth.

Nogah Ulugia

My first time and I am definitely going back again and again. Just reminds me of my grandma shortbread raspberry cookies. I finally found it at last!!!!

Arlene Campagna Barnum

Good bakery but pricey.

Thomas Stanley

Great bread and helpful staff, had my pastries not been stale it would have been a 5 star visit. Worth a visit.

Rob Shannon

A gem of a shop in the desert. Wonderful little bakery.

Anna Kunz

We are moving away and this is on my short list of things we'll miss about AZ. They have such a huge variety of desserts and breads, we usually got something new and didnt cover half of the selection. My favorites are the french macaroons and cannoli. My husband always had to have a mini cherry cheesecake. The service was always fast when you got to the line. I brought all my out of town visitors here.

Bob Thomas

So much to choose from, all looked good

ChuckMary V

Wow O wow. Found them open early and made the drive. Danish still warm out of the oven. This is how it’s done.

Andrea Diaz

Very pleased. Mom and pop place with authentic home baked goods. Breads, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and bagels all under one roof.

Sunny Zona

Best donuts in the Arizona.

Cecily Dillard

Almond horns, sticky buns and almond macarons. This is a bakery guests must see. The staff is great too. Family owned.

Nina Olsen

Best New York style bakery in the west valley. Great breads, rolls, pastries and cookies. You can sit and have coffee or just take home and enjoy. They also have frozen pizza dough to make your own pizza at home. Love this place and the owners.

doren Cowger

Easily the best treats I have ever had. Everything is fresh and the bread is amazing! The smell alone when walking in is enough to bring back memories of being a kid. Staff is also very friendly and helped me with my selection. I will be going back.

Mark Freimark

The BEST bakery in the valley. Pastries, bread, and the coconut macaroons are the best I have ever had.

Loretta Crimi

The most delicious cannoli, cookies and pastries! ~♡~

Chris Wiler

Entering this bakery was an amazing sensorary overload. Every where i looked was another pastry, cookie, cake.... there was so much thier canoli, best i have had yet. Proof momma and pappa shops are still where it is at.

Bryan Salerno

5 star baked goods, 1 star service. Called a day ahead to make sure my reserve order had the correct time and was told "I have 150 orders, I don't have time to look" Wow, I'm so sorry that I wanted to make sure my order would go smoothly, so I said to them that "I guess I just have to hope for the best then?" And they didn't say anything! They didn't even offer to put me on hold or suggest that I call back later, so I just had to hang up. FYI, looking through 150 orders can't take more than 5 minutes, honestly I hope this was someone new because that is not acceptable service.

Frank Thorwald

Pastries are great

Lori Foulks

Their butter cookies are amazing. Everything else looks delicious, but I always fall for the cookies!

Stacy Reeves

This place always has great pastries. And all kinds of assorted breads cookies and pastries. You cant go wrong here....

Jamie Geer

LOVE THIS PLACE. Everything they make is good. From cakes and cookies, to bread and pastries. We've had custom cakes as well as cakes on-the-fly out of the case. The "devil-dog" is a chocolate coated hunk of cake that tastes just like a Suzy-Q, amazing. Too bad they aren't calorie free cause it would be too easy to eat there every day.

Ellen Bowen

The cheese danish has too much almond extract and doesn’t need icing but still is better than average.

MaryAnn Galbraith

Delicious pastries! The chocolate chip muffins are to die for! Get there early... They sell out fast

Jim Rawn

This is, by far, the best spot for baked goods that I have experienced in Arizona over my first six months here. The variety that is on display can serve almost any occasion's needs. Always fresh and always served by friendly and knowledgeable staff. Easy parking and access to and from Grand Ave and 101st Ave. We have not been close to disappointed.


I went there today and thought I was back home in a NY bakery. All the cookies, bread and pastries area exceptional. Yeah for the cannoli and black and whites cookies. Amazing staff. I am going to spend my money here instead of the food stores due to freshness and how hard the staff works.

Judy Perryman

Very good pastries

Joe Wag

Not deserving of a NY bakery name, this place makes lobster claws and puts cream filling in it and charge 4.50 for 1 lmao and they are a week old

Shemshanitta USA

It's really awesome and all sweetness and delicious

Wade Quigley

Awesome bakery! Huge selection and fantastic staff. So tasty. Can't wait to get back.

Grant Molinar

This bakery is a true treasure of the Phoenix metro area. Everything is superb and without a doubt authentic. My only concern at times is a less than friendly staff member occasionally, but's New York right? Nothing would keep me away from being life long customer.

Trudy Schuett

A real bakery! Nothing else to say! Great cookies and everything else.

Shane Calhoun

The staff is very friendly and they have a large selection to choose from i ordered a black and white cookie and a crumb cake the cookie was delicious but the crumb cake was very very dry actually it was hard like a brick my wife ordered a lobster tail and some butter cookies and her stuff was all super yummy.

David Sutton

Best way to get the taste of home

Robert Koch

Great pastry and breads. Reasonable prices and quick service. Not much space to stay and enjoy coffee and bagels.

Matthew Stevens

I got my mother's birthday cake from here and it was so lit! We loved it. The girls working the counter are helpful and hella cute. Watch out for the old folks tho........some of them are bossy.

Glen Lynch

Great place for baked goods.

Kathryn Mckibben

Great bakery!

Matthew Mabbitt

This place is so good I feel I have to complete the review and then come back here later to post it, but I will leave you with this; by coming here, you are doing yourself a great service.

Janet Rawn

Each item in the cases is a delight to the eye with promises to be just as delightful to the palate! Picking out the treat is almost as fun as actually eating it. Our family's favorite treat shop.

michael clark

Awesome treats, great service!

iman luna

Love this place. Everything is always so fresh

Valentin DeCastro

Best pastry shop I'VE EVER BEEN TO. Affordable prices and friendly staff

Kool Raffa's Film Reelz

Always Fresh 'N Delicious Homestyle Bakery Family Owned

Kathie Hennesay

Too many choices yummy

Tammy Yazzie

I love this bakery! Has so many great pastries, my favorite is the lobster tail.

Jodie Gonzalez

Best pastry shop I've ever been to. Everything is fresh and reasonably priced and I can cater my little parties there. I would recommend to everyone

Mark Davis

Great locally owned bakery with a great variety of breads and pastries. My only complaint would be the younger girls behind the counter seem rather uninterested.

Rebecca C.

Sweet Jesus!!!! I think I gained 5 pounds from the parking lot! I can't remember a time when this bakery wasn't here. Every single thing is amazing! The butter cookies by the pound have always been my favorite. The variety of cakes and pastries means there is something for everyone! There are even sugar free options. Once you try their cakes, you will never go anywhere else. Enjoy!

Kym Hardy

So very yummy

Dean Robustelli

Best bakery in town. Many choices of bread and pastries. Prices are reasonable for the quality of product.

Colleen Walsh

Love this Bakery. They make wonderful Rye Breads, and tasty pastries. You can order ahead of time, which I suggest.

Martie G

Absolutely love this bakery! I looked around for a nice bakery that had a nice quality in pastries and a good selection, this was my diamond in the desert. I love being able to come in and everything is just so fresh. I love it here. Come quite often now.

Pamela Susan Doremus

Love the apple fritters and chocolate croissants best...but everything is good

Alice Miller

Best bakery in AZ. Ordered zeppole for St Joseph's day fiest.

Marcus Payton

Real deal New York bakery. So they have no patience for the likes of easygoing desert people like myself. It's not first come first serve, but "who's ready?". And be ready to be delighted, because whatever you want, they have it and it's great.

Rebecca Rendon

Love this place perfect for parties and special events all the way down to the red string they tie up the perfect little boxes with, to safely transport your freshly picked treats.I have always been helped immediately by thier service counter clerks and my orders are never rushed but very speedy no delay. Love this bakery reminds me of Toronto when I was a kid.

Denise Jones

This is the best bakery in town. The cases are always full of homemade delicacies. Make certain to stop when you have a few minutes to browse before making your decision. I bet you leave with more pasteries that you planned! I highly recommend...EVERYTHING.

Debra Mathis

Very pleasant bakery. First time visit. Havent tried every thing yet. But sure we will visit again.

c g

Authentic ltalian butter cookies rugulach make the trip it's worth it!

benson truong

The bakery is great! However, the girls running the front end are very pushy, not friendly, rush you and do not smile. I asked several friendly questions to the same young girl, and both times she seemed like she didn't want to be there and had no life or smiled. Shame shame, especially being in the heart of a retirement city. Treat the customers with a smile. We're going to a bake shop for goodies. Most customers are in a friendly mood when entering. We're in fir a treat, why not make it a great experience. Rather than have no life or character from those helping the front end. They are your front line workers, the face and impression. Both of my visits i felt like I was being rushed.

Aleesa Sells

Adorable bakery. Great treats. Love the cannoli's, better price and taste than any restaurant I've been to.

JR Cerda

Gluten free almond paste horn


The BEST pastries & breads!!

Roseann Sobers

Love coming here. Service is great, food is awesome

Ebone Afrika

This is an incredible bakery in Sun City Az the food is amazing they got rare sweets “hard rolls” and breads you don’t find many places out in west USA & staff is friendly place is clean great parking and I feel it was generous girlfriend loved the cannolis..I’ll be back (best cannolis in AZ in that pic melt -in-your-mouth)

Cynthia Pastula

Amazing bread, pastries& sweets.

Buster Buster

Best pastry in the valley

adam rozewicz

Best place in town, products are baked off fresh daily, great customer service

Lynne Gaines


Clayton Hunter

Down the star for dining room tables not being perfectly clean. But it wide variety of pastries and delicious things. Hard to make a decision because of all of the different items on the menu.

Diana Shepp

Wonderful bakery with large selection of pastry, cakes & breads

Scott Herrington

Morning trip yielded a selection of fresh baked goodies. Yummy, staff very nice

Alexis Rainery

We recently went to get a birthday cake (Black Forest). It was popular with our guests. We ended up impulsive buying a cannoli which was particularly good. Can’t think of the last time I had a cannoli so good! They seem to have a large premade selection of cookies, cannolis, danishes, cakes, cheesecake and bread. We’ll defin be coming back.

Randall LeTellier

It smells like a real bakery! I love this place!

Nola Burgess

The absolute best place to spend a couple dollars! Great variety of standards and old school deliciousness.

Jon Hulen

Wonderful assortment of bakery magic. Across Hwy 60 from Sun City, AZ. If you are in the area, this is a must. Their cannoli's are to die for.

Melissa Thompson

This place tastes amazing! I have not found a place for a long while that carries the tri colored cookies I love so much. I drive about an hour just to go to this bakery!!

Amy Cirelli

We ordered Easter bread, cookies and and Easter cake to take to our In-laws house.for Easter. All three were dried out and terrible. I was so embarrassed! This was the first AND last time i will ever use this bakery. I'm from Philadelphia and I can tell you for sure this is NO ITALIAN BAKERY. Very disappointed.

Ed Merritt

Great bakery. Reminds me of one I grew up with in NY.

Christian Neitzey

Visiting from Tx. Wow!!!! We will be back again next road trip. Cannolis my g/f dreams about. Everything is fresh and unbelievable

Ruthann Delgado

Love Love this bakery!!

Lorie Milham

Have gone there for over 10 years every Sunday. Can't do that anymore because they have raised their prices and made the items I like smaller.

Moyan Ryall

You must go here. A wonderful family bakery with all the great goodies homemade. Sit and have a coffee and a sweet. Love this place.

Derek Hogaboam

Love there Rye bread, the best and everything else is good as well.

Paul Schuett

Fantastic sweets

Carolynne Corbin Wood

Rugelach Cookies are amazing

Roberta Solomon

They're pastries and breads are second to none!


I have not found another bakery in AZ that equals a NY bakery that I remember from my youth. From the string wrapped boxes to the wonderful aroma when you walk in. And then the quality of every pastry we have tried. All excellent. We travel about 30 miles for the flavor.

Marjorie Koval

Excellent as always!fzp

Heidi Newsome

They are a friendly bunch and seem to love serving. Most of the items are great. I enjoyed the cakes, breads, and cream puffs.

Cristal Garcia

great bakery with nice and helpful employees! love all the options.

Robert Lerman

I'm from New York and this seems like a New York bakery, but it is a counterfeit! Some times the cookies are stale.The employees attitudes are lousy. My daddys bakery on Bell road is much better. Trust me! Im not exaggerating. A real taste of New York.

Lisa Swift

If you are missing back east bakery this is the place to go

John Kaye

Very friendly staff. Some of the best bakery I've ever eaten. Quit punishing yourself. Stop in for a treat lol

Kerry Lyon

They have a variety of baked goodies, get there early if you want choices. I have bought their donuts, cream horns, and all of them were delicious.

Rose Quigley

Love this place. Really good NY pastry love the hard rolls.

Derek Maher

Yummy.. just wished they had some cakes with fresh cream

Robert Henderson

I enjoyed the bakery. It was so welcoming going in there early in the morning and see all the baked goods being made, stocked on the shelves, workers doing their thing. Its almost unusual in these times. The caked donuts were the best, breads were good.

Keeping it Real

The best bakery in Arizona Authentic New York style baking. I come from New Jersey and spent many years going to New York City,and each time I go to this bakery it reminds me of New York cuz of the flavors the smells, and the authentic breads bagels croissants and the many other items such as cookies tatis bakery carries that no other bakery in can even come close to! The bakery's here in Arizona should learn a lesson from these people cuz these are professional Baker's there are the epitome of culinary arts at its finest! Don't just take my word for it go out to this place it'll be worth your time and you'll never forget the smells and the taste. A perfect place to buy your wedding cake, or a birthday cake for the ones you love !

Nick Gomez

Omg. Have you been to the most expensive place on planet earth?

Linda Gress

I called last minute for a birthday cake for my husband. It was ready next day and was beautifully decorated. Will be back for sure!

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