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REVIEWS OF Nami IN Arizona

Molly Mueth

The parking lot is tight and very limited but their yummy ice cream makes it worth it. I would even park on another street and walk over it's that good! A few people have mentioned the price but the ice cream at least is about the same as a small blizzard at Dairy Queen except the ice cream itself here is super good and not just the toppings.

jenalee tsimara

I can’t get over how yummy the treats are here and they’re all vegan! We ordered an ice cream with cookie dough and it was insanely good. Plus they gave us a lot of cookie dough, which I feel like everyone can agree is the best part. They mix it into the ice cream and added chocolate sauce. It was super decadent but absolutely worth it. It’s a small spot but super cute and the staff was really lovely. I would definitely recommend popping in for a treat day or night!

Courtney Penatzer

It’s always a breath of fresh air to find a vegan sweet shop. Excellent sweets and ice cream! Generous portions, friendly staff!

heather rivera

So good!

Urshula Hill

Very good breakfast burritos

Tom Steele

This place is amazing! My husband and I ordered our wedding cake here and worked with Nohemy. It was perfect and delicious. Absolutely superb! The donuts are out of this world too, especially the mocha ones. If you are also vegan like us, or even if you're not, you will not be disappointed with Nami. Thanks Nami for having a great vegan option in Phoenix and for supporting us LGBTQ folk.

Ariel Youngers

Amazing! I love a place that makes me AND my boyfriend satisfied with vegan options! I had a cinnamon roll and we tried the cherry berry float as well. Nami has two more devoted customers :)

Jessica Fairclough

Great little vegan cafe. Food and coffee was absolutely delicious. Amazing service too.

Yolanda Bee

Should give it 2 stars, except for the smiling faces at the counter earned an additional star. This place is way overpriced for what you get. My food sat on the counter while others behind me received their orders. I think they forgot about me. There were about 3 customers at the time. The sandwich was tasty, but kind of dry. Extra mayo was $1! My fruit cup had fresh fruit on top of fermenting pineapple! The doughnut tasted like it was made the day before. The strawberry fresco was refreshing. The yogurt cup was half filled for over $6! Really?! I have no regrets, but don't plan to return.

Camille Mireles

I love this place! Best soft serve ice cream. Every flavor is delicious so far, I only haven't tried three of them. If you order and let them know you have to step out they'll make your order and then keep it chilled. It is best when eaten right away or right when you get home. Trying to go home and freeze it and then eating it does not taste nearly as good. For some reason I've noticed I receive a larger portion when I order vanilla instead of the swirl, don't know why yet. Breakfast is delicious, I ordered a French toast to go and loved the packaging. Everyone who works there is nice, they have a really fun way of receiving tips because your tip goes into a voting jar based on their question of the day. I personally think the bagels are toasted a little too crispy, but I keep forgetting to ask them to not toast it as much and I'm sure they would accommodate, so that's my own fault. Great service! I try and visit once a week but my budget makes it more like twice a month.

Tess Cook

Fantastic vegan place. I've seen people from all walks of life come here. Its soooo good. I've had a shake from here and then the next day I went back before heading north and got the brannan cream pie. I asked for chocolate syrup on them both and they forgot it on the banana cream pie but I was in a hurry and a little embarrassed about coming twice in two days but it was still delicious. Its ridiculously busy around Sunday brunch so get there early if you go.

Allen Keys

Awesome vegan snack shop. Lots of tasty sweets!

Google User

The donuts and ice cream were SO GOOD! Line out the door good! They could certainly do with a larger space or second location. Popular spot, for a good reason. Staff was very nice. Big menu of awesome vegan food to choose from. I was blown away by the desserts and how they tasted no different than non-vegan. Highly recommend checking out this place!

Jessica Gutierrez Chavez

Delicious & Everything is Vegan Friendly:)

swizzy gurl

Sweet cupcakes and icecream yumminess

Heather Ayluardo

We were so excited to find so many gf and vegan options in one place! I got a gf snickerdoodle cookie sandwich and my daughter got a vegan doughnut. Everything was good and the place was super cute!

Ray Jay

Everything was delicious. The staff were all very nice.

Leoni Bluekin

They do make it seem like they would have more gluten free options, but with the gluten free options they do is delicious!

Benjamin Putz

Best Bagel ever!

Audrey Rose Gutierrez

Had a really exciting milkshake here with potato chips, brownie bits, and all kinds of other tasty things. They also had a lovely selection of baked goods.

Michael Gaman

I could give 10 stars to the PB & J Tsoy-Nami. As a lactose sensitive person, it's an amazing and tasy alternative to a McFlurry or whatever else.

Heather Marie

So delicious. I’m not even vegan and I love this place! Great coffee and desserts. The Cactus Haboob is amazing.

Ryan Belknap

Food is terrible and service was horrible. Will not return.

Diana Spies

WOW!!! amazing ice cream and food!!!! A vegans dream!!!!

Jon & Kels Wilder

This is our go to spot for our sweet tooth and late night cravings!!


Good customer service, though I will say I had the soynami Rocky road vanilla, it was just okay but they don't fill it enough to pay $5 which was disappointing! Also it's not very creamy in the sense of ice cream and this is coming from a vegan who loves vegan ice creams like cashew, soy, and coconut. I've tried way creamier rich ice cream than this, I was hoping for a creamy "dairy Queen" kind of texture but it was a 4/10 for flavor and texture. I would recommend adding some chunkier chocolate in the Rocky road instead of little chocolate chips

Stephanie Miller

One of the very few vegan places I go for a good treat. And I am not vegan

Mark Paynter

Great place for satisfying your sweet tooth! Everything is vegan which is amazing because everything is so tasty. Parking can be challenging since this place is so popular. I have been a few times when the line is out the door as well. It’s always worth the wait though.

Moose Repole

This place is a wonderful indulgence! I love that it's right next door to Green so I'm easily able to grab lunch/dinner and then dessert. It's a small shop but the selection is very diverse. As someone who lives in Texas with very few vegan options available within walking distance it's always a pleasure to be in Phoenix on business to stop here.

Graciela Nobles

First of all, February is the best month at Nami due to their speciality flavors. Great atmosphere and a great place to go to find sweets and treats that are gluten free.


OMG the vegan ice cream is to die for. I brought my husband who doesn't do vegan and he absolutely loved it. We will definitely be back again

DarkServer Babe

Great place to come and hang out

Jeffrey Ault

Delicious little vegan spot! With ice cream!

Numeria Zayas

I very much like this place. People are very friendly. Espresso is amazing good. Pastries are tasty. Most importantly, the pastry plates fit perfectly in the table. Parking may be a challenge.

debi brady

Always good stuff


Food is good but wow, bring your wallet...

Jonelle Roman

Cute local spot with great vegan food, both savory & sweet! Also had a GREAT Pumpkin Spice latte. Def recommend.

Elle C

Yum! Yum! Yum! One of my favorite places for breakfast and a tasty snack and i'm an ominivore. I often grab the bagel sandwhich and take a slice of cake for 5 minutes after I eat breakfast....yep, I'm not usually able to wait because I know it's going to be delicious.

Esther Muñoz

Delicious non dairy ice cream!!

minerva aceves tavares

Great vegan food. Supper yummy!!!

Glenn Hernandez

Love this place. Great staff and breakfast is awesome.

Kristofer williams

If you are looking for sweets this is place i recommend. My wife and i get the munchies and we enjoy ourselves

Luke Quim

Treats were good and as far as vegan fare goes they were priced accordingly. However, customer service was subpar and that kinda killed the whole experience for me. I had been waiting to visit for a while. Maybe they were having an off day

Michelle Micci

Always stop. Food service great

Karin Graham

Great place for a vegan summer treat! I love the creative desert creations and awesome staff! Perfect place for vegans and dairy lovers alike.

Jeremy Ciaramella

Wow. The "Donatello" with peanut butter... The server was very cool and made all kinds of good suggestions. Hipster vibe, and plenty of gluten-free options. Great place for vegan desserts!

Michael Mann

Heaven exists & it's in Phoenix Arizona.

Patrina Gay

The food is vegan, and I have never been disappointed! Our order was delivered quickly, and the staff are always friendly. The wing ding dang burrito is what dreams are made of!

Sarah Brown

This place is sinful! I can't stop thinking about their fluffernutterin ice cream! Seriously, I had a dream about it

Ashley Merkel

Really great food!

Patrick Heart

Cool place to visit.

Brandon Powell

The food is great and a bunch of hot girls work there. But go for the food, they probably have boyfriends.

Bobbie Kithcart

Best vegan breakfast in town! Donuts galore! Brunch on the weekends is exceptional. Biscuits and gravy and huevos rancheros even burrito style.

Brittany BBee

Nami is amazing the food and the atmosphere is everything I highly recommend it!!

Ann Staudinger Knoll

Nami is always a great experience! The doughboy is my person favorite, with vegan cookie dough and some swirled vegan "ice cream." Sometimes I pretend to share with my partner, but if I'm honest it's all for me!

Juliette Dixon

Go to vegan bakery, gluten free options. Love the staff. Worth the drive!

Sophia S

The best vegan ice cream in Arizona! The staff is soo sweet. Plus the overall vibe is amazing.

Amanda Cook

Best vegan breakfast and iced Americano in the Valley. Delicious food, amazing vegan ice cream, solid coffee and friendly staff. Seating is limited during peak hours but they have online & phone ordering to go! Try the country breakfast burrito (add avocado), and the fluffernutterin tSoynami.

Ashley Staton

Clean. Super friendly. Quick service!

Joseph Matas

Nami is a great spot. It doesn't matter if you're looking for vegan ice cream specifically it's just GOOD. Great vegan snacks, awesome service all around really enjoy coming here.

Thomas Shepherd

So friendly... So good... So worth it wish there were one in Chandler

Tameka Jones

It was awesome vegan food and delicious desserts

Eric Eisberg

I've gotten good food and coffee both times I've come here.

Tara Walstad

I had chai latte and a vegan donut and it was delicious! I was glad to find that they have more options for milk alternatives than only soy.

Jason Cook

Great service and the best vegan foods and treats! Absolutely delicious! Highly recommend!

Arlinda Bajrami

Nami's chicken and waffles special was amazing! Served with syrup and hot sauce! Yum! They have Sunday brunch specials and today the special was chicken and waffles. Some of the best breakfast and brunch menu in the Phoenix metropolitan area. I highly recommend this place!

Rory Corrigan

I always try to make a point to visit whenever I am in Phoenix. The tSoynamis are all delicious, but went simple with the chocolate chip cookie dough, and it was perfect after an early dinner at Green next door. The dirty chai latte had an awesome kick of espresso, super tasty.

Shai Gary



Nami is my go to brunch spot, the food is amazing and the customer service is is always on point!

Jada Lindblom

Oh Nami, how I do miss you. During my three years living in PHX I probably went here more than any other spot. Tsoynamis and cake slices are so fantastic. Fluffernutterin and Monsoon are my favorites. Nice little indoor and outdoor spots to sit and catch up with a friend. Will be back next time I'm in AZ!

Debbie Cleveland

Good food good beer good people fair price

Sam McNeil

Nice little place for vegan treats. Brought my SO and the place was buzzing with people at 8PM on a Thursday.

Gaurav Ramesh

Had a Country Breakfast Burrito, Espresso Shake and Blueberry Fritters. All good, the shake and the burrito mind-blowing! The tofu, potato and the tempeh stuffing in the burrito was perfect. Loved this place.

Lana Magness

The vegan soft serve is absolutely amazing.

LaLady Valdez

We drive 40 minutes to get to Nami when we are craving delicious vegan deserts and donuts. There isn't a vegan bakery close to where we live and Nami is worth the drive. 5 stars everyday.


I've gone twice already and plan on going many more times just for their ice cream. I don't eat dairy but love ice cream-- however, the tubs at the store of non-dairy ice cream can be pricy AND not taste like much. Here, its around $5 for a great serving size and it tastes just. like. ice. cream. Even the consistency is amazing. I recommend it 100% even if you aren't vegan. :)

BenandTalya Parrish

Everything here is spectacularly delicious! I am an avid baker and a vegan for many years and have tried many vegan deserts. The food, cake, soft serve, cupcakes, coffee, everything is just so yummy. My husband who is not vegan and who is usually very picky when it comes to vegan foods said everything was so good, if I didn't tell him it was vegan, he never would have known.

jennifer savoy

My new addition. Everything I've had there has been amazing. I'm not even vegan but this is my favorite dessert shop.

A-name Mora

Pricey but healthy ice cream?! Sold!

David Brodie

Cant go wrong with healthy vegan Ice cream. Must try!

Yedia Melara

Nice little vegan desert place. They have outside seating witch is great to enjoy your desert out in the open.

Larry Lindblom

Nice tunes very good plain bagel. You can’t hide quality and taste when it’s naked. Bonus no gluten. Lots of Vegan breakfasts from $6-10. Teas and coffee and ice cream too.

Steven Needham

Great and wonderful food. I have been looking for more great vegan breakfast place and I think I've found a new favourite. From the McBagel and burritos to delicious fluffy doughnuts and specialty coffee, this place fills your glorious breakfast needs. If you're a fan of Green, you'll love Nami. Make sure to also try their tSoynami ice cream as well! Being vegan had never been so delicious!

Michael Campos

The service, friendly. The atmosphere... low budget but clean. The food... DELISH!! I had the breakfast burrito AND the daily Quiche... my friend had the biscuits and gravy. I didn't care for the biscuits myself...but everything else was awesome!

Jess Repanshek

Simply the best brunch around. Vegan donuts, tofu scrambles, great coffee...

Jody Roberts

AMAZING!!! If its on the menu it is good. I drive across town weekly for this heavenly goodness.

Be One With Nature

Nami has some of the best vegan desserts i have had yet. The cookies and cream cake is very moist and the cream is splendid! Parking is very limited though. I had to park across and down the street.

Mike Pinch

Always enjoyable. Unique experience.

Wayne Bryan

Nami is magical, both their food is and the atmosphere. Some co-workers and I stopped in to take a photo for a scavenger hunt and they graciously allowed one of our team members to cook behind the counter. 4 stars! And amazing bread.

ashley Granado

So yummy got the winter wonderland along with a couple of doughnuts and a cupcake they were all amazing!


This is such an adorably delicious little place with AMAZING vegan desserts

barry ginsberg

Historic Ice Cream

Josh Floyd

If you didn't know Nami is basically vegan blizzard central with some amazing pastries, donuts occasionally and solid espresso. If you've never been you're really missing out. The betterfinger is really the way to go also.

Stephanie Most

Very very good! Doughnuts and biscuits and gravy were so good!

Brandon Slotness

Overpriced, small location, slow moving line, but friendly smiling employees. We tried the a couple donuts, cold brew, and a ‘Sinamon’ roll, the total was 19$ and change. Way to overpriced for what it is. The donuts we did not enjoy, the were very dense and not much flavor, they need to be lighter with more flavor. The cold brew tasted watered down. The Sinamon roll was the best thing we had. It is their version of a cinnamon roll. There was the right amount of frosting, and ingredients, to give it enough flavor that it was enjoyable. This is the only thing I might ever return to this location for. They did have some other interesting things on the menu that would be fun to try, but at the prices here and the overall experience, not sure I would return to try them.

David Rodriguez

Best dessert ever. I only wish we had a location close to home.

Anthony Brown

Amazing, amazing, amazing! If you're visiting or live in the neighborhood you have to check this place out.

ML Walker

Coolest eco friendly place and love the food

Adriann Rose Willis

Sunday Brunch is always fantastic

Sarita Donaldson

Delicious "ice cream" desserts!!!

Maya Rain

Always hip and yummy. The soynami (ice cream) is always a little sour, rather than creamy, but still the best restaurant for vegan desserts.

Adrian Macedo

So disappointed in the flavor yes they were fast I was expecting more of a variety.

Ilsee A

Breakfast food is amazing. Tsoynamis are tasty. Baked goods are the best Ive ever had.

Joel Kulesha

The ice cream is delicious enough to overcome and negatives I may have had but there simply were no negatives. The staff was pleasant and professional, it was clean and nice looking. It's a tad pricey, too much to go everyday but for an occasional treat it's absolutely perfect! Can't recommend it it enough!

Dani Farrington

Always yummy vegan treats

vanilla Hobson

Got "the mash" tsoynami. On this order you get a surprise... No substitutions. I ended up with berries, cake, cookies, and granola. I loved it, and I love that they have such a fun option! My wife got a smores tsoynami. It was also very good. They are next door to green new American vegetarian which is by far the best vegan restaurant I've been to so far. I highly recommend giving both of these places a try wheather you are vegan or not.

Jamie Ellis

I ordered the infamous cactus haboob which by the way taste amazing! It's like the perfect iced coffee concoction! I also got the raspberry chocolate donut. And it was good for being a vegan donut. However, a little too bready? If that's even a word. It was literally like a fried piece of bread with icing. Next time I will try a different donut. If you're looking for an airy donut definitely don't get this one. It was yummy overall. Their menu is pretty to the point they have their espresso, coffees, iced coffees, and their signature drinks. They also do brunch and all sorts of other yummy meals which I will try next time! Customer service was great cashier was very friendly. The location is very small and parking is very limited I got there early in the mining so it wasn't too bad, but I feel if it were lunch time I might of been a little hectic. Definite must try!

Carmen Chacon

I went to Nami for breakfast and got the big ole’ breakfast burrito which is tofu scramble, seasoned seitan steak, melty ”cheddar cheese” & homestyle potatoes in a toasty flour tortilla with a side of salsa. When they say big they mean it because it’s very filing and so good. I especially enjoy the seitan steak it is seasoned perfectly. It’s my go to when I have breakfast at Nami. I also got the white chocolate raspberry donut which was okay. Lastly the Nami Cake which was very good.

Billionaire Boxer

First time I ate at this place and ordered the burrito and it gave me extreme food poisoning. I wish I could give this place a negative star 5 rating! The food is made in a separate building versus where the actually orders are taken. God knows how clean this area is. I am going to contact the PHX Health department due to this matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jody Immell

Excellent vegan fare, friendly service, mouth watering sweets!

Matilda Williams

Love Nami their vegan food is awesome and their pastries are on point we go whenever we pass thru to go to work they open at 7am

christina milk

Love that you can get vegan ice cream and the vegan restaurant next door is excellent.

Jacque Porterfield

Vegan dessert!!!! So delicious.

Jordan Oliver

Visiting Phoenix and am so happy to have found this gem! I was in vegan heaven (sooo many options). I had the iced Caramel Mockiato, which was sweet and decadent and delicious. My dad tried the Dragon juice, an Italian soda and lemonade refreshing drink with dragonfruit. I ordered the breakfast burrito, which was HUGE and delicious!!! The vegan doughnuts looked incredible, but I was too full to try them today. Friendly service and a laid back atmosphere. Strongly recommend!

brittany knight

I live in peoria and this place is ALWAYS worth the drive! Breakfast menu is amazing!

Marlena Flores

First time I got the Mash Up it was refreshing and yummy! DEFINITELY worth the price! You gotta try their soft serve mix-ups.

Vanessa Fuchs

We love this place! We travel 25 minutes to get here pretty much every other weekend. Always busy.

Isabel Morales-Roman

Best ice cream!!!! I wish I had one now to include a photo.

Alina Fitsai

Great spot, loved affogato!

Wade Boi

The Ice Cream was so good I forgot to take a pic smh , I’ll be Back


Crowded and a bit expensive. Food is decent.

Flannery Diehl

Vegan dessert menu. . guests raved about the coffee. I had the tSoynami (Soy ice cream) with Tiramisu mix-ins. You can have your mix ins whichever way you decide. It was all good. Everything priced around 5.00. It was all good!

Eileen Ramirez

Everything on their menu taste great! Nothing taste like its vegan, after you're done with your vegan meal at nani next door you wont be disappointed when you try the vegan icecream, its creamy and delicious❤

Karla Rosas

First time going to namis and the last not vegan however my fiancé is and he was disgusted by one of the items I tried it out it tasted as if they had mixed it with coffee and orange juice for a small size the price was too much almost 6 dollars not worth it we took a sip and I had to throw it out.

Briona Bandin

I have Celiac's Disease and I'm also allergic to soy so it's very hard for me to find places that are very careful with cross contamination. The ladies did an amazing job and put me at ease when I asked questions about prep and what ingredients they use and didn't get annoyed with me. I also was very happy that instead of assuming I was doing the diet craze about gluten asked me if I was allergic. My big sis was the one who took me here and I'm so thankful she did. I am most definitely returning. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Teren Lawrie

Family enjoyed wonderful brunch. Looking forward to eating there again.

Jez D Roaster

Fantastic vegan baked goods. This cookie is amazing. I don’t even want to know how many calories it has. Yum

Ashley Hayden

I saw this place on Instagram and decided to give it a try. I was beyond impressed. Not only is it super unique and fun they had gluten free donuts! I had my first donut in a long time and it was perfection. Next time I’m trying the soft serve! If you have time to spare this is a great place to enjoy a treat and relax.

Rachael XO

Best ice cream place we've been to in a long time! We're not vegan, but we love vegan options. Especially to substitute for dairy. Try it out, I promise you will not be disappointed! In case you're wondering I ordered the Rocky Road and my husband got the Butterfingers

Erica M

This is a good place if you want cool vibes and good vegan sweets. I love the soynamis, However they seem to shrink in size every year or so. It makes me sad.

Chris Hurley

Way better than I had anticipated! Really good!

Lusi gina

Love Nami, friendly staff, great ice cream (soy cream?) not sure what you call it but the soynamis are bomb!

Marguerite Sheehan

The best soft serve vegan ice cream and sweets! Come here at least once or twice a week to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Drew Rodriguez

A vegetarian friend of mine brought me here, I am in his debt. I had their Bahmi and every portion of it was not only on point but absolutely amazing--the fresh pickles were perfect. I tried a taste of my friend Big Wac and it did not disappoint--their faux-beef patty is easily the best vegetarian patty I have ever experienced. Make sure to try their house juices. I brought a cup of their strawberry lemon-aid home for my wife but our 2-yo quickly stole it for herself. I do not eat out often. In fact, I only eat out at places that can prepare food that is better than what I can make. I'm fairly skilled. I would eat here daily if I could afford it. I'll definitely be checking out their bloody mary and mimosa Sundays.

Chui Ming Tang

Stumbled on this vegan cafe because it was right next to my dinner spot. The swirl Tsoynami - a soy and coconut milk soft serve - is simple but sooo good. You can taste the soy and coconut, and it’s nice and refreshing without feeling too heavy. I’m not vegan and I’d still go for this any day. I love that the shop also has many other creative vegan treats like horchata chai cupcakes.

Heather Bednarz

Nami never disappoints. The staff are always extremely helpful and friendly. I love coming here; I always leave with a giant smile on my face. Great baked treats, amazing breakfast and brunch, great atmosphere! If you have time to check out their Green Restaurant next door, do that too! Yumm!!!!

Tobby Kowal

Awesome food and place.

BringMe21Veils []

This is now my favorite food establishment, I haven't had good food in so long. I highly recommend this place for everyone (especially vegans and vegetarians)

Peter Marinos

Super happy with Nami. This is my go to spot for a cold treat on a hot day. Highly recommend it to anyone. Even if you're not a vegan it's just good.

Harold Smith

Whenever we travel to Phx two of our favorite vegan spots are Nami and Greens American Vegetarian Restaurants. Nami is good for breakfast, brunch, deserts, ice cream and all kinds of delicious pastries all vegan. I have to spend at least an hour or two to work this food off. It's so good that I can't wait to move here just to eat here once a week. ITS THE BEST.


Yummy Nami! ALL of the baked goods and vegan and absolutely delicious. Try going there for breakfast!

Sascha Berlin

I love all the desserts here and their drinks are fire!

Rebeca A. Santiago Hernandez

Cute and delicious! This place is like vegan heaven! Their ice creams and doughnut are the best I've ever had! Highly highly recommend it

Kit Redacted

perfect for a vegan dessert stop and has an awesome Vegan brunch on Sunday!

Saif Al-Alawi

Vegan dessert goodness awaits. Ordered a soy tsunami and it was done post haste. A few moments later the place was packed but the Sunday staff handled the rush like a BOSS. The parking lot entrance was a bit chaotic as 7th street can be. Survived the madness and was able to write this ditty for y'all.

Ella Megan

Sometimes it's a little hard to find parking sometimes but all over love, love, love Nami! Don't let the small parking lot stop you from checking it out.

Cynthia Mckenzie

Excellent desserts! The cupcakes

Some One

Delicious and savory vegan treats. Perfectly moist and not dry like most places.

Rebecca Mendoza

My sister bought me a burrito here without telling me it was vegan and I couldn't believe how amazing it was when I found that out! I gave 4 stars because I would come here more often but sadly this place is too pricey. So its definitely a treat when I do make it here.

Chris Plaisier

Awesome donuts, and the bicuits and gravy is awesome.

Dylan Tyree

Amazing vegan food at a great price! And the soft serve ice cream was on point! Would recommend to anyone visiting the area for sure.

Jon Jones

The ice cream is amazing!! They are always coming up with new delicious stuff. The staff is always so friendly. Love this place!!

Francisco Suazo

Great authentic Vietnamese food. The restaurant was clean and the service was great too. Check them out. Rite next Peter Piper pizza, 7th Ave and Osborne.

Erika Dunkelheit

Cannot describe how delicious is everything. Must go and try yourself. My favourite: Samoan cake and ALL the menu of ice cream... Amazing!

Jozie Saewert

I'm totally ADDICTED to this magical place.. So, this may be a bias review, BUT I guarantee you that if you try it one time, you will also become addicted. Absolutely everything on the menu is fantastic and everyone is always so friendly. No place like it in Phoenix!

Christopher Schrecker

Great vegan and gluten free desserts!

Casey Strouse

Try the espresso shake after a long day in the bike saddle.

Christina Spencer

The donuts are amazing, the tsoft tserve is outstanding, Sunday brunch is my favorite.

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