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REVIEWS OF Kneaders Bakery & Cafe IN Arizona

Jena Arnold

Seriously love this place! My favorite is the breakfast. Their French toast and pancakes are bomb. Huge portions and nice people!

Rosalee Fitch

Love Kneaders. Great soups and great sandwiches. And of course really love the pastries. Adore the sugar cookies.

Bob Hoach

Great atmosphere and the food is delicious

Dave Taylor

Very dissatisfied customer service is not very good at all once you pay they basically forget about you. They got rid of the caraffe of dairy choices for the coffee, and went to individual plastic containers. That you find at most gas stations. I won't be returning for sure.

Kathrine Paulk

Salad was smaller and had kale I wasnt expecting. Friend had Turkey sandwich with barely any turkey, side salad was sub par. Not what I was expecting when my expierences here have all been awesome.

Carolynn Carpenter

Love to meet friends here.

Larry Losasso

I have been a frequent customer to Kneaders in the South Denver area many times and have had great food and service. This location in the Phoenix area has the slowest service I have experienced. Two visits in two days, one in the morning and one in the evening. 20 minutes for a breakfast sandwich and 30 minutes for a half sandwich in the evening. You folks need help.

DeAnn Seneff

Great food, quick, always fresh

warren upchurch

One of the best breakfast croissants available. Two real fried eggs, a good amount of meat, and good cheese. Yummy.

Tony Poplawski

Ordered omelette meal, sourdough bread didnt taste right, the omelette was tiny maybe 2 egg if lucky, looked like it was sitting for a while egg was way over cooked. Oatmeal was super thick and pasty, the only reason why I gave 2 stars is the apple pecan bread pudding with vanilla custard was good, I will never get breakfast here again it will only be my stop for desserts, they should down size to bakery only in my opinion, I put Dennys ahead of kneaders breakfasts, and that's not saying much. Looks like ownership or franchise is just trying to put out low cost food quality. No QA.

Nikki Johnson

great soup sandwiches and pastries. always satisfied. not open Sundays though so that sucks

tina carlson

I love their turkey cranberry croissant

Samaria Leonard

The pumpkin bread and chocolate babka were delicious.

Sombir Palit

One of the good bakers in town. Wide variety of breads, brownies and other savory dishes. Also, good soups. salads and sandwiches. BOGO on breads after 6pm every Saturday.

Betty Corbin

Got turkey sandwiches and they had hardly any turkey in them. Bread was good.

Jack Turnbull

The bread and sandwiches at this bakery chain are of course amazing. Little spendy though, a light lunch for 2 with tip. ~$40

Sabrina Jones

Loved the endless French toast, it was delicious, and the staff was very friendly. The bakery is adorable and all of the treats looked delicious I will be back again for sure.

Jen Stripes

Nice, clean location with fast service. Tried our their breakfast for the first time and it was delicious! Got the sausage and cheese croissant. Hit the spot!

J. Carr

Food is always great. Employees never very friendly.

Shani Zachary

Let me first say the sandwich I had (club on country white) was so delicious because of the bread, all the ingredients really tasted fresh. BUT I am a stickler for good customer service and the team that served me fell very short, including the manager who took my order. Not one smile by any of the workers. This was my first visit so I was unsure of the menu...its very cluttered. I asked what kind of bread options they had as I wasn't sure what the country white actually meant and the manager pointed to the dangling sign that was below the main menu. Will be less likely to return unless I really had a taste for their specific sandwich.

Ashley Reza

Great placr to stop for fresh desserts and breads.

Kevin Spence

They've got the BEST French Dip I've ever had!

Melanie Wempe

Great soups, sandwiches, salads and bread.

Jordyn Siegfried

Wow service was incredible! Pleasant and helpful service. Their lattes are rich and creamy and perfect for a summer’s day. The environment at this location is elevated by the decor and fireplace. Will be back again! *Revised: I have since been back and was surprised by their breakfast selection. Next brunch I’ll be choosing Kneaders over Panera.

Michelle Donati

I enjoy their salads and sandwiches, and LOVE their chocolate chip cookies. Looking forward to trying their breakfast. Great location!


I love the quaint, old time feel of the bakery. Their soups and sandwiches are tasty, and the desserts are wonderful.

Deborah Kinnard

Wonderful sandwiches, salads and soups. We go there for the fresh bakery items especially... the almond croissants and hazelnut bread. I've purchased several ready-made gift baskets with bread, cheeses and baked goods. They also have great gift items for every holiday.

Isabelle Mendez

My first time there. Portion size was generous, food was really good. And the staff is awesome too. I will be back

Cockatoo For You

A great place to get fresh bread and all of your wonderful baked goods that you probably shouldn't eat because of course everybody is going crazy because of carbohydrates apparently. But if you one of the few people who are still eating carbs then you could probably go here and really enjoy yourself because they have some of the best bread in the city. And of course they have really great sweets as well. But for me I just have always come here for the bread because if you come here and it's nice and fresh and hot you're gonna be really happy. A recommended place for fresh bread.

Kim Rogers

The food is so great. Not sure what's better, the bread, soup, salads. It's all delish! The topping on the cake is their staff. They are friendly and helpful. It's such a pleasure to eat here!

Jershon Eagar

Fantastic artichoke portabella soup in a sourdough bread bowl. The texture of the soup and the bread crust was perfect.

Jessica Ferrier

I love Kneaders so much. It's a great way to get some fast food that isn't fastfood. The only issues I have is that the sandwich size occasionally varies and the wait isn't quick. But it's definitely worth it!

Drew Niemi

Pretty good sandwiches and soups. If I don't get there by 6, they can sometimes be out of some choices

Janice Doran

Fresh Turkey on my sandwich. Very good

Lilly Gardner

Went here with for lunch this Memorial Day afternoon with my sister I noticed my meal was rang up wrong on my receipt went to the register to confirm my order and to see if I needed to pay a difference as I waited I watched and overheard three different employees talk about me like I wasn’t standing two feet away from the register. I’ve never felt more humiliated over a sandwich never once was I acknowledged instead just heard the register girl keep muttering things into her mic and laughing. I’ve worked in customer service for years I’ve been a manager for many of those years and I’m not sure what kind of training these employees are given but I’ve never felt more disrespected then today. Don’t plan on continuing my business with this company.

Jacob Blumberg

We Really Like it Here for weekend breakfast and come about once a month. I like both the all you can eat french toast or the all you can eat pancakes. My wife likes there omelets, the rye bread is very good too. I am not big on the lunch but the bakery items are good, not fantastic but good.

Becky Martinez

Love everything here!

Rebecca Demary

I have not had anything here that I did not like. The salads are fantastic and great portions, the sandwiches are delish, and the baked goods are top notch. Not to mention how they give back to the community... outstanding!

Whitney Graves

Service is always quick! Great stop for breakfast (and a treat of course!)

Tim Askelson

The Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich is good and so are the breads. The cookies at PB are much better in my opinion. The Turkey White Bean Chili is delicious.

mary anne Kress

Awesome bake goods. Hands down better than Paradise Bakery. The turkey breast is amazing...moist and flavorful. I have also had the soup in a bread bowl and it's a meal and a half! Everybody there is friendly and helpful no matter how busy they are. Glad they came to Ahwatukee!

Katie Spaulding

It still had a homey feel despite the fact that it's a chain store. Fresh and always delicious!

Renee Giorno

Soup is okay. Sandwiches are way too expensive for it's size. Barely any meat. Loaded with lettuce and tomatoes to fill the gap. I couldn't bite the avocado. It was way too hard and wasn't ready to be eaten. The poor excuse for a side salad looked like leftover lettuce trim and the dressing tasted like vinegar and water. Could have made a better meal at home. Won't be returning. This sandwich was $9.

Hyeson Busby

A lot of yummy things are served here, including their endless French Toast, but my go-to item is their pancakes. Served with same yummy caramel syrup and whip cream, the warm, slightly chewy, and fluffy pancakes are their best breakfast item. And it’s also all-you-can-eat! Excellent and quick service this morning!

Darlene Dominguez

Good food. Pleasant and helpful employees.

Maisee Ray

Nice bakery and you can buy their bread. I gifted it during Christmas and it comes with a beautiful bow during the holidays.

Craig Kubiak

Excellent sandwiches and friendly service. Enjoyed the restaurant itself, as it's not your typical fast food type place.

Victoria Mann

Absolutely delicioys, casual but pretty

Dejah VUuu

Delicious homemade style food turkey is roasted right in the store so is the bread's very delicious

Rich G.

Do not order online. Its has been atleast 5 times that they have forgotten items. So they get our money without anything in return. That's theft and very upsetting.

Martha Walker

Love their turkey bacon avocado salad, soups and sandwiches. Friendly staff.

Shannon O'Dell

Love Kneaders. Broccoli soup bread bowl is good and so is the bacon turkey avocado sandwhich and salad. Convenient drive thru.

Kat Koehn

Absolutely delicious food, and generous portions. A bit expensive, but no worse than eating at Starbucks. And the atmosphere is much better than any Starbucks I've ever been to.

Mike Raemisch

this is a neat little place to go for breakfast in Arizona I would recommend this to anyone that was looking for a good place to eat it's like Panera but only better

Kenneth Barat

A nice change of pace from burger fast food places

Nahid Hossain

Love their breakfast...

Joan Leavy

Love their french toast

Bill Sandigo

Always fresh and flavorful. Very busy during noon lunch rush. Menu and the various options can be confusing the first time you go in so grab on of the loose to go menus to help before you get to registers. Be sure to try whatever is in the sample boxes, you may find a new favorite, bread, pastry, or cake.

Brittany Alger

My favorite salad wasn't listed on their menu. The drive'thru employee guessed which salad I was talking about before I finished saying the second ingredient! I am not a salad person, but their Turkey Feta salad is enough to make me switch to the other side. It's so refreshing and FULL of turkey! TWO THUMBS UP!!

Jaci Nischwitz

This was our first visit to Kneaders. Staff was super friendly, fast service and clean inside. Food was good, bread on the sandwiches is amazing. Fresh and soft omg. Pastry case is to die for too if you have a sweet tooth. We will definitely come again, maybe even to try there breakfast.


love this place. cozy, and delicious

Erica C

I didn’t know Kneaders served breakfast! Came in for a pastry & coffee but left with a breakfast combo instead! Quick friendly service & delicious breakfast!

Alex Hengen

Confirmed the order at the drive through speaker.... Confirmed the order at the window.... Still got the wrong order and wasn't offered a receipt so I couldn't go back and say anything. Awesome job guys.

Miguel Zamudio

Banana cream pie was delicious! The guy helping us out could have been a bit nicer but desert was great! Deff recomend this place.

Joe Motil

I think it is a nice place to grab something good to eat and also a nice place to meet.

Candy Cae Ottinger

Worst au jus beef dip sandwich ever.. 2 slices of thin pressed beef per side... basically a bread sandwich

Stephanie Proctor

I typically use the drive through. It's as fast as any fast food drive e through, with better food. Their baked goods are scrumptious!!

tyra Greer

The store opens at 8 I got there at 8:04 I order my food and it came out and it wasn't even hot I had to ask them to reheat it for me or to make it over


I stopped for lunch today with my son today and he tore up every single piece of his turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich! He's isn't a big veggie fan but loved this one, it was loaded with greens, avocados, onion, tomatoes, tons of turkey and bacon too! I had a grilled cheese sandwich and that was equally as delicious! Everything tasted fresh and made on the spot when we places our order!

Karen Anderson

I like Kneaders sandwiches and salads. Also have great pasteries and desserts. Unlimered French toast most days.

Rosaleah Grigsby

I had lunch there, but I've had breakfast previously, both were delicious. Today I had Club sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup. Everything was fresh and had great flavor! And I spend way too much time looking at their house decor and cute holiday decorations. I'm definitely going back to do some of my Christmas shopping.

Leilani Manako

A little pricey, but the food was good. Friendly service. The manager on duty was friendly and wasn't afraid to pick up a broom and sweep the dining area which was nice to see. Homemade chicken noodle soup, asiago bread and butter, and a homemade fruit tart for dessert was delicious


This place is fantastic! We decided to stop here and let me tell you.... we do not regret it! The sandwich was one of the best ones I’ve ever had!!! It was so juicy and soft. The brownie was ok but the cinnamon roll was ah-may-zing as well. The workers were so friendly and really helped us out. The people in line were also raving about this place and made recommendations to try. It was worth it!

Travels Alot

Kneaders is a weekly, must have for me. Today, the cashier was rubbing her head, and nose then handed me my drink. My French toast was burnt. So it was a bummer.

Mark kevin Vergara

Love this bakery. Came with my family. Excited about coming back. Excellent customer service. Nice smiles and polite workers and clean!!


I had unlimited French Toast here with my dad, it was really good. The environment is amazing, the employees always have good energy even in the mornings. I like the music they play, great for sampling, never had any issues here.

Kelly S

Good place to take a friend. Breakfast & laye lunch/ early dinner is my fav here. Love their gift baskets.

Bryan Stuart

Love the food. I wish the service was better. On several occassions I have waited for 15 minutes past the "ready time" for an online order.


Super friendly and accommodating staff and good food.


Get the breakfast croissants! Amazing!

Ana Guzman

Erika was very friendly and helpful and very nice The soup was delicious and our Turkey croissant was delicious too

Gabriel Facio

Very good good and bakery is very delicious

Cynthia Marin

Nice and clean. very quick service. Food was good & not crowded! Going to try the one close to my house next!

Arizona Shopper

Great soups. Nice employees.

Beth Britt

Very quick service and good food. Great if your tight for time at lunch.

Eva Johns

First time having the oatmeal and it was delicious.

Mary Stirnaman

Great food and wonderful, friendly service.

Craig Anderson

Good food, good samples and affordable.

Jillian Byers

Great service and food always tastes fresh. Only negative is they can get pricey.

Patrice Bower

Where do I begin?

Johana Olivarez

This is the second time I go to this location and get a turkey, bacon, AVOCADO sandwich through the drive thru. When I open it up theres no avocado. Very disappointed.

Talisha Bradstream

It doesn't get better than this.

Debra Arizona

THIS place is awesome,the atmosphere was like being at a little country bakery in France!The baked goods are out of this world they have some pastries that you don't see every day,mouth watering to look at as you approach the counter. They had pastry samples on the counter I tried,it was delicious. I ordered a half of sandwich and a bowl of cream of broccoli soup(served hot..very pleased) in a bread bowl,this food was the best!! The portions are fulfilling and the prices are reasonable,you can also call in and do take out..the food is Awesome!!

Latanya Burton

This was my first time eating here. I ordered the French dip on white. The bread was extremely fresh and soft! The roast beef was delicious. The au ju was a bit salty and the wait was a little longer than I expected but overall I’ll definitely return.

Ron Pierce

It was ok

S Blush

Great bread, sandwiches and take home fresh baked goods. They make a pretty tasty Ruben sandwich, one of the better I have found around town and I love taking home a loaf of Country French bread which is great for Paninis or just warmed and buttered. It doesn't last long around my house.

Aimee B.

My egg sandwich wasn't completely cooked, but the cinnamon rolls were delicious and we always love a good Kneader's visit!

Amanda Roberson

I love kneaders. Today I bought my friend a gift along with my purchase of the turkey artichoke panini. Yumm. The manager, Josh, was very kind and seemed to care about constant training for employees when a question came up. Thank you for always having great food and exceptional staff. They also have breakfast options so you should try that out too.

Trianna Danee Moore

Dining at Kneaders was a very pleasant experience. It was busy today which make me confident that the food would be good. The store was decorated beautifully and smelled AMAZING! Definately wanted to eat everything in the bakery! The menu is intimidating, not in a bad way. Going there hungry made it difficult to choose because everything sounded amazing. The cashier was super friendly and the other employees looked genuinely happy. I also loved that they make everything to order. I opted for The Club on Asiago Bread! The portion was huge, and the sandwich was well made It smelled yum and tasted yum too! They also have a great selection of teas! I cant wait to come back and try more items! Especially the breakfast! I want to use Kneaders for my next company lunch! Definitely reccomend them for a great warm lunch or delicious sweet treat! #lfthx #kneaders #kneadersbakery #organicad #kneadersAwatukee

David Putnam

As always kneeder was great food and I was pleasantly surprised to find out there was one in Az. Since previously I had only seen in Utah.

Toni Jien

The desserts are beautiful looking and food is good. Healthy for the most part. Prices for food are a bit high for me. Love that it has a miningift shop as well. Always clean.

Greg Witmer

Bread is wonderful and also the creme of brocolli soup.

Farinaz Parsay

It was great to have an afternoon break at this spacious cafe which has a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere with soothing music and a perfect menu using natural and wholesome ingredients. They serve breakfast, soups and gourmet salads, pastries, varieties of breads, hot and cold drinks and they also have kids menu. The cafe was created following the tradition of European family-owned bakeries and they also have catering services. One could watch the mountains and the nature from the windows and have an enjoyable experience.

Latika Barmore

Love this place!! The food is always presentable and savory! Highly recommend

Shaunte Fox

Our first time trying breakfast at Kneaders in Ahwatukee...French Toast is great and very filling. Service was great too!!

Pamela Peake

Excellent breakfast! The almond croissant was unbelievable!!

Joanna Burgos

Their pancakes were seriously the best! That caramel syrup added the best delicious touch. i also tried their croissant, which was really good. Definitely going back for more breakfast items. By the way, Christmas decorations and music... yes!

Nicole Arviso

This establishment is a true bakery, with breads, cookies, muffins and pies. I came for breakfast and enjoyed the bacon, egg and cheese croissant with fresh squeezed OJ. I definitely plan on coming back for a soup and sandwich for lunch. My daughter is a picky eater, but she really liked Kneaders.

Donald Steffes

Slow service, regular coffee

A Single Mom's Journey

Went on a hike at South Mtn and was starving afterwards. Decided to stop by Kneaders and ordered their French Toast. It totally hit the spot! I had no idea it was endless French Toast. Wish I had a bigger stomach so I could have had more. Great ambience with oldies music playing in the background. Will definitely be back after another hike!

Maya Saren

I am a HUGE salad fan and their tukery bacon avocado salad is to die for! Service is always fast, and friendly

Melanie Tucker

First time I have ever been here it was great. The guy at the counter was very helpful said the French toast was the best for breakfast, he was right. Definitely will be going back. I absolutely love the little store in there going to have to go back and get some decor and an apron! #LFTHX

Bob Thomas

Always a great place for coffee and snack

Tim Reynolds

I was pleasantly surprised to find gluten free options. Good food but not fast food, be prepared to wait.


Kneaders fan, first time at this location, so I added two stars. Hot day, very few ice cubes in drink. French dip was dry. Little meat and cheese and a lot of bread. Bland tomato basil that is usually so flavorful. I know only animals order soup in the summer, but I was expecting much better.

Veronica Spencer

Food is awesome if you like sandwiches

tina escarzaga

So, I placed an on-line order for pick up, I ordered the Broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl. I get to the pick up window and guess what, they are out! When you order on-line it doesn't let you know if they are out of a product and although I had to set up an account with all my contact information to be able to place this order, no one contacted me before getting there. I had the choice of a refund or different soup so I got the tomato bisque which is not very good at all. I have now had a bread bowl for lunch.

Lindsey Stevens

Super yummy food! Love their breakfast. The store is really cozy- would highly recommend

June Philbrick

Matt gave me phenominal drive-thru service today! He has a super upbeat positive attitude and is very friendly! Thank you for taking my order and for making it easy and effortless!!! ✌️

Savannah Smith

Love the bundt cake, the fruit tarts, and the cinnamon bread. My husband is picky about pastries but he loves the ones here. My kids love the sandwiches and I prefer to have soup and blueberry number 5 smoothie. Always have been treated well here. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I was here when I witnessed a customer verbally harassing one of the clerks and being exceptionally rude to the clerk and the manager. I would've asked the customer to leave due to her verbal abuse of the clerk who was trying to be helpful and the manager asnswerinf her questions. The manager and the clerk were incredibly patient and tried their best to accommodate the rude/abusive customer. I would have just asked that lady to leave for disturbing the peace but that just goes to show how much they care about their customers that they try their best to even make rude, irrational, and crazy people happy. I would give this place 10 stars if I could for their amazing customer service.

Reinesha Alexis

Fresh and fast

James Willett

Breakfast sandwiches are amazing. Real eggs, good cheese and high quality bacon is used. And the croissants are delicious

Jerry Leavitt

Definitely lost my household as a customer. No longer offer a choice of greens, give smaller portions for an noticably higher price. Evidently now a corporate store vs. a locally owned franchise.

Smiley Buttery

The food was okay. This place really lacks diversity but when I did research on the place and the people who own kneaders, I could tell why.

curtis Callaway

Great place for a coffee and cinnamon roll.

Sandy Spranger

this location has always been good, but i hear that's not true for all

Peter Lowe

Loaves of fresh bread, great flavor. Try the Hazelnut 12 grain. My fav!

marsia nasar

Food quality was very poor in the past few month so i don't eat there anymore, I only get beverages and sweets.

Patti Vaught

Good food and reasonable prices

LeAnna Lugo

Really good sandwiches here! I get the chicken pesto panini and it's so delicious! I love that they give you housemade kettle chips and they are so yummy! Also the breakfast looks tasty as well!

Flogaz Bogeyman

Great soups, salads, and specialty sandwiches. Bring your appetite, great portions

Logan Sansom

The atmosphere was amazing. The staff was nice and helpful. The food was well made and tasted great. All the baked goods on display looked amazing. I can't wait to go back.

Ronnie Stout

Great pastries.

carol bymers

Delicious salad ..tasty cinnamon roll, green tea, friendly workers.. all is goox

Graeme Watson

I went with my wife on a Wednesday morning while waiting for Target across the street to open. Good service, good coffee, free samples to try and a good egg and bacon bagel.... what more do you need?

Dugan Seawell

Wife enjoys it more than I but a nice place good food.

Sharon Garsow

This place reminds me of a more up-to-date Cracker Barrel, which everyone loves! It has adorable design features and things you can buy..., not to mention the outstanding food and desserts! I have had a key lime tart which is amazing, and I have gotten their chocolate dome twice now. It has a chocolate cake bottom with chocolate mousse in it and a dark chocolate ganache over the whole thing. It sounds gaggy sweet, but trust me it's not... It is Heavenly and you must try it!

Peg Nelson

Love their soups.

Bonnie L Dillon

Yummy bread . Especially Rye and sourdough.

Kc Cruz

Sandwiches were good and the bread was fresh, I had the turkey avocado and bacon. It seemed a little dry but I added some condiments to it and was much better. Desserts were delicious.

Vania Vixxen

Perfect lunch for this hot Saturday afternoon! My favorite thing about this location is the drive thru option!

Charlie Hogue

Not only is the food good, but the people are amazing. I loved this place so much I even started working here and it's still great

Merrissa Savage

Great place wish delicious food! Also a great place to do school work.

Kylie Mack

Best kneaders in the valley so far they actually put a lot of turkey on there turkey bacon avocado sandwich! The one on Elliott and the 101 sucks at making it they skimp out on the turkey

Andrew San Nicolas

Great food as always and atmosphere is amazing..

Ruben Vital

Fodd was ok do no agree with only having one will lose business

Chuck Necker

Good food. A little pricey. Friendly staff.


The foods are good, the customer service are EXCELLENT. I honestly think they are too sorry for any mistake. One simple mistake, I just wanted a refund but they gave me the refund AND the food I ordered.

Demi Holmes

Been to this location a few times and really dig the friendly vibe here. Good food too :)

Janet Bidwell

Yummy Broccoli Bread Bowl

Leigh VeeDub

One of our favorite places for baked goods, sandwiches and soups. We also love the cozy atmosphere.

Adam Vaught

Friendly staff and good food

JL Woolgar

This review pertains to this particular location. I'm a regular Kneader's customer. My experience at this location was unlike any I have had at other locations. Food was dry. French Dip had little meat and semi-melted cheese. The soup was bland. I threw most of it away. It just wasn't worth the carbs.


Awesome grilled cheese! I love this place. The food and bakery items are incredible!

Thomas Thivener

A step above McDonalds in terms of quality. Some of the fruit they serve is not ripe yet. No wifi. Place has not heard of the environmental impacts from single use plastics. Plastic straws in plastic wrapping plus plastic cutlery, end up in the landfills after one use.

Gina Whalen

Food looked delish but did not stay to eat. Must order at counter but Menu difficult and confusing as people line up behind you while trying to decide what to order. Cashier not helpful in knowing combo selections.

Ron Simons

Great food and great prices

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