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REVIEWS OF Gluten Free Creations Bakery IN Arizona

Becky Jean

I absolutely love Gluten Free Creations Bakery!!! I had looked everywhere for gluten free snacks and sweets since I got diagnosed with Celiac's Disease. They Always have such an amazing variety of great tasting sweets!!!

P. L. Cox

A real find for my wife who is gluten intolerant and suffers from crohn's. The people are great and the food and baking wonderful.

E Def

They canceled my order abruptly that I had already been waiting on/paid for because they were "too busy". That's an extremely poor business practice. I am apprehensive to give them a second try since they can't keep their business in working enough order to ensure I can even successfully receive goods from them in the first place. I'm very disappointed and left hangry. Not cool AT ALL.

My Real Estate Agent Jacqueline Black-Hogue

Love this place, some soy free and all gluten free food. Had my mom's birthday cake made here and they did a great job. Beautiful exactly like I described. Great breakfast too!!

Sonja Bochart

Delicious, Beautiful and Gluten-free!

Eric H

Tyson Dunbarr

This is everything I wanted. It's a perfectly"normal" bakery that just happens to be gluten free. Nothing tastes gluten free it all just tastes amazing.

Evelyn V

This place is amazing and the staff is very friendly. I loved the red velvet cupcakes the best.

Desiderio Torrez

If I could leave 0 Stars I would. Customer service was terrible. Our order was wrong TWICE... we were also overcharged. And when asked to be refunded the difference, she gave us back the wrong amount and acted as if WE were inconveniencing her. Will never go back. $20 for 2 bagels.

Tiffany Mark

So grateful to have a place to take my son for a treat. He has lits of allergies and I can aleays find sonething amazing for him!

Sandee McLeieer

Best GF white bread I've had locally so far. Nice springy loaf reminded me of the Italiano brand of bread you get in grocery store. Nice man who I assume was the owner. I only picked up a loaf to go.

Pickle Snapper

Nick Blazek

Everything is DELICIOUS!!

Cris Fitz

my new favorite place! Recently diagnosed with Hashimotos disease I decided to cut out gluten, I haven't a donut in years and I found this place this weekend. I tried their donuts and they were amazing. Also the staff was very helpful and kind and offered me samples of their bread, which of course was also delicious!!

Tom P

Love the place!

doyou wantoptions

awesome place

Jennifer Ortiz

Their cupcakes are devine. Tasty and moist

Kimberly Cunningham

Pricey but yummy.. best gf dinner rolls ever!!!!

Dariana Trana

Quant little bakery with the most delicious vegan burger ever! Their cole slaw is also amazing!

Nicole Flaherty

Tiffany Hardiman

Love this place. Great food, great texture and taste. We visit every 3 weeks to load up on bagels, buy cookies, cupcakes and other items. A little pricey but its the BEST.

Caleb Martin

Stu MonChu

Precisely as it seems. GF was good considering it was GF!

Jennifer Norby

Favorite place! Delicious breads!


I hadn't eaten a snickerdoodle in YEARS! It was incredible!! All items I've tried are delicious and all potential allergens are clearly listed on the labels. I highly recommend this place to any gluten intolerant folks. I'll be returning to indulge again for sure!!

Amari Soltero

Love this place!! Picked up a very reasonably priced vegan cherry pie and some herb rolls for Thanksgiving and decided to treat myself with some chicken fingers while there. Delicious and very friendly

Haley Backus

First time here today, and I will definitely be back soon. The service was exeptional, Chrissy was especially helpful in answering any questions I had about my newly diagnosed allergies and their safely produced products. Everything tasted amazing! Grateful for places like this.

Emilee Dawson

BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL. wonderful loving service and the food Is definitely the best in the valley!! 100 stars if I could! This place is a must.. go check it out!!

Erica Meyer

Curtis McHugh

This place is awesome! Good food and has options to buy gluten free breads and baking stuff

Betty Howland

Everything that I have purchased from here has been great!!


Bagel was awesome. My husband got spoiled milk, and all they said was sorry. Did not refund the milk money. Will not go back.

Skye Stewart

The cafe is closed the first two days of the week, but they have really good frozen breakfast sandwiches and burgers to reheat. Huge selection of gluten free baked goods. Many local restaurants use their breads for gluten free sandwiches. If you're a Celiac or have gluten sensitivity, you owe it to yourself to stop by and see what they have.

Ryan morales disney park fans

Kent Martin

The breakfast bowl was very filling and great tasting. The pepper seasoning in the milk gravy was well done. The insane chocolate donuts were everything a donut should be and I'm particularly about my double chocolate cake donuts (GF or not)

Wanda Payne

Rach B

Awesome gluten free bakery! It is always a nice treat when you find a place where you can eat EVERYTHING. The (I assume) owner was worth the trip alone - so kind and energetic. She really loves what she does! AND, they deliver if you order online. We bought donuts, cupcakes, brownies... so many goodies!

Aliya Andreasen

Gotta think ahead and plan if you want a birthday cake with out thawing it out for 3hrs.

Aaron Pitts

The carrot cake cupcakes! O yeah!!

The Exception

alexia caldwell

Amazing food!!! I have been here a few times before and each visit is just as great as the last!!! One time I got their BLT&T which was AMAZING! Their bread is really crispy, yet chewy at the same time. Their blueberry pancakes are out of this world!! They literally taste like cake and they are super fluffy! Their breakfast sandwiches (on english muffins) are SO GOOD!!! The waffles are great too - crispy, yet chewy. I also love their shop items - I've had about half the stuff in there and it is all amazing!!! If you have a gluten allergy - or even if you don't, you should definately eat here. THE FOOD IS BEYOND AMAZING!!! :D Plus everyone there is really nice!!! It is a cute atmosphere too :D Wish I could give more than 5 stars!!!

Beatrice Chapman

What an amazing place! I love going here because I have this thing about breads that are fresh and tasty. I always try to go here after work.

Heather Brooks

Your hamburger buns are amazing and thank you for the fast shipping. I will order from here again.

emma s

We found this place while we were out visiting family in the area. What a treat it was! Our daughter is a celiac so finding places that cater to that is not easy. It was a delight coming all the way from NJ to find a place such as this in Scottsdale. Needless to say we stopped by here several times during our trip. The food was delicious - you would not be able to tell that it was gluten free. The entire family enjoyed our little jaunts here. Loved the atmosphere of this quaint shoppe. Everyone who worked there was so nice. Great customer service!!!! I'm glad to see that they will ship their delectable goodies because we will definitely be having some shipped back to the East Coast! Can't wait for our next visit out there.

Andrew Mattern

Amazing. Extrodinarily helpfull employees and the bread is fluffy and tastes great! Best gluten free bakery in the southwest!

Hannah Vanderhooning

Really disappointed with this establishment, the management and staff, and most importantly, the cake I recieved. After sending my out of town relatives to pick it up for me at the time that was agreed upon a week prior, it wasn't completed yet. Family waited 30 minutes for them to finish it, but the baker was feeling rushed so my relatives decided to give them an extra hour and said we would pick it up then. Clearly the extra hour didn't do anything because it looked the same with the exception of a piece of paper of a stethoscope attached to one of the SIDES of the cake. At the end of the day, I told myself, "at least it will taste great!" I had ordered a white cake with fresh strawberry filling, my absolute favorite cake. I am also allergic to cocoa so I can't have chocolate cake. Much to my surprise, I couldn't even eat the cake because it was chocolate!!!! This cake was $60 and I couldn't have a bite. Super disappointed. To add to all of the issues, whenever I called to inquire about the cake and why it wasn't ready and why things were missing on it, the manager was very, very rude.

Lindsey Schultz

I love this place so much!!! We recently moved to Scottsdale from Boulder, CO and have very high standards for gluten free foods. This cafette is absolutely amazing not only taste-wise, but selection-wise, too. I'd recommend the vanilla cupcakes, herb bread (amazing warmed up a bit), pizza crust, and pita bread (yes, pita bread!). The employees are hospitable and are happy to answer any questions you might have. The majority of their items are also soy and dairy free and they also offer many vegan options so it's friendly for those of us with several food allergies. I'd highly recommend this place to anyone looking for great gluten free food!

Randal DiBella

Place is awesome for people like me. I have Celiac and finding things at the grocery store can be a PITA, lol.

Katherine Regier

Joshua Taylor

Such a wide variety of delicious gluten free options, I love this place!

Tiffany Jones

Ryan Kirsch

Great place for all health conscience people and those with allergies

Chris Solano

OMG. I had no idea such a place existed! I just ate an "Insane Chocolate Donut". It was so flavorful and moist. They have a HUGE selection of premade take home cakes, donuts, muffins, BREADS, Meals & mixes .. But WAIT THERES MORE!

Maryanne Dye

Christina duplicated our wedding cake for our anniversary & it was so decadent I can still taste it in my dreams.

Jon Reek

Amazing! Best gluten free exclusive place I've been to in the 5 years since I was diagnosed.

Gregg Block

There are only 2 things I miss with gluten. Beer and sandwiches. This place has the best GF bread I've ever had. Put it in the toaster for a minute and it is perfect! Also, their In-house Ruben is delicious. Highly recommend this place!!

Nicole Bouie

Hubby and I flew in this morning from the East Coast. We ordered the hamburger with chips and the Reuben with daiya dairy free cheese and apple sauce and for dessert 2 cinnamon rolls. Everything was delicious and prepared fresh. The ladies were extremely pleasant too! They even have premixed gluten free gravy, flours, cookie and brownie mix, cupcakes, cakes and many more gluten-free selections from their cooler. We will definitely stop by again before we return home. If you're reading this review trying to decide if you should visit, let me help you out, JUST GO! You will not regret it.

Drew Bierlein

So good! My wife has celiac and loves it!

Jonathan Leppert

Breakfast was incredible, manager was very knowledgeable about allergins


Reasonably priced and such a variety to choose from. I can finally eat yummy bagels and donuts again!

Eric King

Come in for a sandwich, leave with a pie.

Janale Larson

We had the cinnamon roll, biscuits and gravy and a corned beef rueben with slaw. Devine!!!! My son was in heaven!

Ed Carse

Holy smokes, this place is almost literally unbelievable. The vegan pancakes and waffles were so good, my kids were immediately nervous they were actually vegan. The herb baguettes have a fantastic texture, with a crispy-chewy crust. If you're avoiding gluten and/or eating vegan, you have to check this place out.

Brian E

This place is great. The lunch menu is a bit small but everything on it is really really good. The freezers are so full of goodies that I have a hard time holding myself back from buying it all.

Ruth Becerra

The best tasting gluten free food I ever tasted. I first tried their product on 2011 It was yummy then and still is now.


Maddie Nunley

Michael Thomas

Jennifer Miller

Tim Ayers, Ph.D.

Anthony DeAgostino

Very friendly and always accommodating to food allergies and special requests.

Karen Riley

The decor is adorable. The menu is extremely creative and delicious. . They have great macaroons, cupcakes, lemonade, tea, hot chocolate, name it.

Regina Kaupanger


Renee Jantz

This is hands down my favorite gluten free place to go! I had visitors from out of town last year and one of them has celiac. I took them to the bakery and she was so excited about all the options she had. She still asks me about the bakery and if we will go there when she visits!

Charles Boltas

Every time I visit the Phoenix area, I stop by this place. I have Celiacs Disease and this bakery has wonderful treats for me! They taste "glutinous" and their ingredients are of high quality. Make sure you stop by next time you're in the area!

Terrie Woodgate

Robert Paradis

jason smith

This place is amazing. The hearty breakfast bowl is the best and the sandwich breach is so good with Turkey or pb&j toasted!!

Matthew McMahan

Very cool place and great people. Want to bring it back to Indiana. The franchise lol.

Abraham Wences

Cristina Wong

Joshua Roether

I now believe Heaven on Earth exists, and it's GFC Bakery. The food is so amazing and the staff is incredibly delightful. Prices are extremely fair and more than worth it. If you haven't tried this place yet you are really missing out. Having celiac and being gluten free isn't all that bad anymore :)

Rachel Rivera

I went in to look for something sweet to go along with my black coffee, and lo and behold, I found the perfect spot. The bakery had blueberry lemon cupcakes on sale, so I took the last of the batch. They were wonderful. Before we left Arizona, we took pumpkin cheesecake and lemon cupcakes to our family in Glendale, along with gluten free lunches for my nieces and nephews (one of my nieces has a gluten allergy). Salads and hamburgers were perfect, cheesecake was awesome, and the lemon cupcakes had the perfect amount of lemon flavor.

Kimber Ferm

Ernest Henriquez

Super good pastry!

Kru Mehta

Mikki Bryant

Cassie Sosnovich

The Rueben was INCREDIBLE. Great place for a lunch and they're baked good are delicious...even if you are not "gluten free", this place is a must!

Cristina Luna

Well worth the drive

Steve Kroll

Service was excellent. Been a patron since 2009. People and food is a godsend for people with food allergies.

Laurel Fitzhugh

Fully gluten free cafe. Great food. Gluten eaters love their sandwiches too. NOTE. Although this is called Gluten Free Creations, their sign says GFC. We drove around and around the little shopping center before we twigged to it. Also they are in a different site number. Anyway, they are there! And we'll worth finding.

MIni Mouse

Yum! If I could, I'd eat here every day

Hunter Wickersham

Everything they have is great. I just ordered a cake from them and it was really exceptional. They even added decorations i didnt ask for which was awesome. Their other food is great as well.

Dorothy :P

Martin Schroeder

Everything I've had here is amazing I love the cookies I just had a hamburger today and it was absolutely delicious

Liz White

Always great food and a friendly staff.

Patricia Clements

This bakery makes a Celiac's Christmas Very Merry!! Yumminess everywhere you look..

amber aldrich

Dag Grudem

Best gf bread. Also baking flour for cakes and cookies is the best.

Team Tax LLC

They have great breads and you can also find basic mixes to create your own favor of cookies. This Bakery has made my life so much better--I can never say enough good things about their products.

Norma Ramirez

Alexia Berryhill

My immediate family members have a handful of people who have celiac. This place is small and quaint but their food is divine. Everyone I've talked to there is super nice. They label everything so if you are vegan you can see what's available right away.

Alex McKinley

Are you kidding me?! This place is awesome! I got a delicious BLT, a donut, a package of cookies, and a cheesecake. Wasn't too expensive and was super delicious. And there were samples!

Sam Asaki

Pretty good selection, but unsurprisingly pricey.

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