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REVIEWS OF Essence Bakery Cafe IN Arizona

Max Rehbein

The best pastries in all of Arizona, hands down. Unfortunately, the people working there aren’t always the best at making espresso. Even simple one/two shots, or a real macchiato, present a problem/confusion and long waits. Rather sad because nothing pairs better with an amazing pastry like great coffee. Totally willing to ignore that just for the delicious sensation of that chocolate almond croissant.

Tyler Meininger

Delicious breakfast and pastries. I highly recommend trying it. They also use local as much as possible, which is great for the whole community. The sausage has a nice kick to it and goes amazing with the fluffy eggs.

Barnabas Biggers

Loved my sweet cranberry salad, would highly recommend, go here for bomb salads!

Robert Wagner

Always outstanding, excellent cuisine and service.

Jay D

I came here one time with my girlfriend and I had his lovely young lady name Denise who provided excellent customer service. I'm not if she is one of the chefs in this establishments, however she was well informative about the pastries. My girlfriend. Karen, really liked her attitude and her smile. Beyond polite and respectful. If she is the person making all the pastries then I will definitely come back for more! Thank you Denise for everything!

Sean Ganser

A bit of a pricey option for sandwiches and whatnot but quality and taste of my food was wonderful!

Sylvia Meredith

Amazing. Very busy but worth the wait.

Nick Raben

I come back for the food. The service could be elevated, but no one was rude. Their pastries and sandwhiches are delectable. Parking is limited in front and in the back.

Tina Tamboer

First time here, friendly staff, positive atmosphere, fun menu and good coffee. :)

Tanya Paragas

Essence has one of my favorite burgers. It's my go-to spot for brunch dates. Love their macaroons too of course, although they're a little steep.

Mary Sayre

Wonderful food!

Chris Shurman

I've been looking for a place to get a good baguette... I found really good ones at Essence. Everything there is delicious and the people are great. So what are you waiting for?

T Bushnell

Dependably delicious! I have been visiting Essence since their Tempe Location. Through-out the years every Macaroon and cup of coffee is as delicious as the visit before. I am impressed the consistency of both great service and great food. I had a large Mocha Latte and a large Caramel Macaroon, they complimented each other perfectly. I would recommend for a quick bite for breakfast or brunch, especially for those with a sweet tooth.

Stone Care of Arizona

The french pastries are AWESOMELY delicious! I was helped by the friendly and thoughtful Jennifer. Essence sold out of my favorite pastries, dang the other pastries lover beat me to them. Yes drove 60mins while my mouth watered all the way

Sachelis Ortiz

Nice place with good coffee

Kathyrne Barnoski

Wonderful Sunday afternoon snack with friend! Yummy raspberry rose macaron

Chris Miner

Wonderful french bakery food-great salads, quiche and the chicken pot pie is to die for. The croissants are next level perfection.

Anna Griffin

Something has changed! Last two visits, service was extremely slow and confusing. My friend ordered lemonade with light ice and was told because of light ice her drink would not be full. In other words they fill the cup with ice, give you half a drink and charge you full price. The salad dressing was extremely tart. Also noticed all guests ahead of us was offered a bag, but I had to ask... things like this are noticeable, especially when overall service has been poor.

Joe Miller

If you like over priced food with a long wait this place is for you. They were out of many items on the menu including Orange Juice. When our food came to the table side items like bacon we're missing and by the time it came to the table we were finished eating our burnt pancakes. I would never recommend this restaurant or return. There are too many places to eat in Phoenix that knock it out of the park!

Irvin McDonald

Fantastic pastries and excellent breakfast choices. Service is friendly and helpful.

Candace Reisinger

Our food arrived quickly!

Claudinette Job

OMG!! Croissants are AMAZING! Stopped in here for the first time this morning on my way to work. I was impressed that it was busy, which said a lot for a Tuesday morning prior to 9am. Ordered various croissants to take into work for co-workers! Everyone was super impressed. I love the Pistachio Croissant! Will definitely become a regular!!

David Benson

Amazing pastries!

Jim Maher

Abit pricey but the food was great and the staff very helpful. Definitely worth another visit!


best bakery I've found so far!!!

Ekaterina Cruz

I love the bakery's products. I'm a baker/pastry chef myself and I think the essense bakery has the best product in our city! The only downfall is the service. SERVICE IS HORRIBLE! I bought 6 pastries and coffee. Wanted to eat some there and to take the rest home. I was not asked if I wanted "to go" or here, so I had to eat from the boxes. Also I bought another pastry and it was handed to me just in it's napkin, no plate either. Drinks usually take time to be done (coffees and chocolate), longer than reasonable, so when u get it, half of ur pastry is gone already. Also the FOH always looks so out, tired and not positive, slow on respond, messes up the orders (happens frequently if not everytime we were here, honestly). Need to mention that I'm a person who comes for the product and can hold on some unprofessionalism and slow and bad service, but my bf and I are getting SOoo annoyed here with constant staff mess ups. It cud be a forever coming hot chocolate, waiting on the cashier to take my order and her passing by me again and again, wrong order. I love the product but don't feel pleased nor welcome here. Food is good, but little portion for the price (I believe it's about 11-13$ for the breakfast food you see in the pics). And again.. french toast was a messup, I asked for banana/caramel/nuts or something, got a strawberry something. My bf had to eat it, cause I don't like strawberries! So we switched our foods. Later I saw that there were 2 options of toast and apparently someone did not listen well, did not ask to clarify which one, pretty much did not care. The way to deal with the Essense Bakery it's to take couple of croissants (bravo Chef!) and eat it somewhere else, don't even ask for coffee cause it takes forever and they don't know how to make it, how many oz is their espresso shot, what they consider their "shot" pretty much (I drink light coffee, I always ask for less coffee, and it's hard to explain my desired amount when they know nothing of it). They messed up my coffee too. Everything ended such way that we stopped coming here

Ryan O'Donnell

This is the absolute best croissant in town. Try the fig tarts :)

Debbie Wallace

Food is fabulous. I never get tired of the full flavored dishes served at this bakery/restaurant.

Marilyn McPeak

I love french macarons and this place is the best i've found in all of phoenix. The flavoring is perfect and i love how they have small and large sizes. The service is always so friendly which is much appreciated. They make you feel as if your business is truly valued.

Ruby Sand

The best stuffed french toast. Friendly atmosphere.

Rachael Mann

First time here & it's Soooooooo good! The brunch was delicious & the caramel macaroons melt in your mouth

Staci Shares

Always our favorite place to take our little friends to breakfast when we babysit. Excellent friendly service chocolate croissant is my favorite!

Wanda Christianson

It was ok, thought they could put more effort into the decor. Scrambled eggs were a bit under cooked but I've come to understand that it's the way of the French.

Chris Brenton

Great food and good tea. Went for lunch. Excited to go back for breakfast

Erica Sietsma

This place is a local gem! Amazing pastries, cappuccinos and french breakfast favorites! Obviously, they make a mean quiche, but also try their French scrambled eggs!

Ben Winton

Charged an extra $2 to substitute egg white in place of regular eggs. That surcharge was not disclosed until I challenged the math. Portions do not match the high prices. Similar breakfast eateries are nearby and offer better value and healthy egg white options for lower prices.

P Shuler

Wonderful bakery with a lot of options to choose from! The grilled cheese sandwich was delightful!

H Weinglass

Wonderful french pastries breakfast and lunch

Patrick Alston

Went there for breakfast with high hopes given its Best Breakfast spots designation. Although they offered an impressive variety of baked goods, I was less impressed with breakfast. The food was fine; however, we both noted that it was not warm enough. Croissanta were not warmed, potato cake was barely warm and the meal included omly one small sausage. Coffee was decent. My advice is to raise the food temperature (perhaps serve on heated plates) and include more meat. Overall, I think That I could had at least an equivalent tasting meal (and warmer and larger) at Denny's for less money.

Andrew Sears

I visit Essence as a bakery more than a cafe usually picking up a loaf of Brioche and a specialty dessert. They have always been wonderful but my last two visits yield brioche loaves with "pockets" of air within. My foodie sister tells me that they are taking shortcuts in the kneading process. Perhaps, but in any even $9 for a loaf of brioche that is mostly air is not worth a 15 mile trip. I'll visit Essence again but one or two more loaves of this quality will put that to an end.

Jena Karako

BEST FRESH CROSSAINT. Very friendly chef , she talks with all the customers, great personal touch

Kenny Puckett

Good food, and nice atmosphere. A little pricey, but worth it.

Annie Lory Arthur

Better than great!

Rick Klawitter

I hate to draw any more attention to this restaurant because I can still get a table, but the flavors are amazing with everything they serve. The coffee is the best I have had. Parking is VERY limited.

Stanley Getch

Excellent food and service. Worth the 21 mile drive from the West Valley.

Ted Joffs

I am providing 5-Stars simply because of the food quality. The food is cooked to bring out the "Essence" of the foods, with natural flavors mixed to perfection. That said, if you are in a hurry go somewhere else.

Jenn Chen

Great breakfast plate with mushrooms. Service can be a bit slow though.

James Milks

Brilliant gem worth seeking out. We had the oat pancakes with maple syrup which was delicious. Add a latte and the morning is complete. Free parking out back. Just go.

Mark Ratony

This bakery along with Tami Coe have made my mouth water and have caused sleepless nights just thinking about the delicious food and pastries they offer. The owners are so dedicated to the perfection of their craft and sell only the best. Essence Bakery Cafe and Tami Coe cakes are not in any way connected. I just wanted to give credit to Tami also because she is such a perfectionist and truly takes pride in her talents as a pastry chef.

Debora Colon

The quiche was delicious ... I paired a black cup of coffee with a pistachio croissant which was amAzing and the fruit was fresh! I was quite full with the pistachio croissant and coffee I had to take the quiche and fruit cup for lunch! The place closes early so it gets pretty busy parking is scarce so don't be shocked. Go & enjoy


Macarons! In so many flavors! It's hard to decide just what you want to eat when you come here; between the enticing smells coming from the kitchen and the dazzling confections cased at the front it seems there is no bad choice. I highly recommend this place as a must-visit whether you're native or visiting. Essence is a Phoenix jewel.

Lyndsey Straub

Food is always excellent. Service is exceptional! Great atmosphere. Seems like a longer wait for coffee and food than it should be.

Julie Ray

Great local place with delicious breakfast. I didn't try any of the baked goods but I will next time!

Lenae Dyse

I have this place saved in my Google maps as "My Breakfast place". The food has a certain richness to it that I absolutely love. This is the only place I will order hot chocolate from.

Christian Scott

I am only a fan of their macarons. They are generally busy at lunch and unfortunately their service gets worse. Last time, I was there with my friend on a busy lunch time and we ordered roasted beef sirloin on crusty French bread. Mine was cooked but my friend's was not cooked at all. They should be careful with the quality of their food.

Ayanna DuBray

Amazing customer service! Loved how cute the food looked and treated great!

Daniel Hashimoto

Food was good, portions were a little small. Their famous sausage turnover was amazing, I just wish I had more! I could have probably eaten two of those plates before I was full.

yetta C

The macaroons are super perfection.

Jordan Christie

OMG!! Croissants are AMAZING! Stopped in here for the first time this morning on my way to work. I was impressed that it was busy, which said a lot for a Tuesday morning prior to 9am. Ordered various croissants to take into work for co-workers! Everyone was super impressed. I love the Pistachio Croissant! Will definitely become a regular!!

Honor MacDonald

This is a friendly place with amazingly good food. The chef has really put a lot of thought and effort into every menu item I've tried so far.

Bo Bell

Dont be surprised if when you go, you don't eat off the regular menu - the specials posted are always fantstic!

Dr. William Jacobsen

So perfectly French. Beautiful fare!

Rissa Veloso

Slow service, but worth the wait. Flaky puff pastry and custardy, perfect, scrambled eggs.

Danielle Andazola

Wonderful place! Great food, lovely people

Bruce Grubbs

The best breakfast sandwich anywhere. My favorite is the egg sandwich on croissant with crust bacon.

UC Anon

Great tasty food & selection & good customer service. We enjoy this place

Leigh V

Best bakery in Phoenix. French-trained chef. Highest quality, consistency & taste. Beautiful dessert creations. Croissants better than experienced in Paris. Egg breakfasts light delicious. Lunch sandwiches on fresh brioche fantastic. Warm comfortable space. Eat there several times a week..

karen kloss

Love love love their French toast with banana sauce but waiting 35 minutes to get it kind of sucks

Everett Gossard

Ordered a chocolate croissant, cappuccino, and a half dozen small macarons. It was the best chocolate croissant I have had in recent memory and the hint of cinnamon chocolate on the cappuccino struck a home run. Oh, and the macarons were stellar too.

Caitlin Dishon

No one in the valley makes better macarons than Essence! I’ve been coming here for years and I’ve never been disappointed. Perfect consistency and the flavors are on point! My favorites are the strawberry cream and espresso. Do yourself a favor and try one ASAP!

Bonnie Higgins

The food is excellent. Everything here is good, healthy and delicious and then there's the absolutely the best deserts . The croissant are heavenly.

Greg Wood

Food is good but way, way overpriced. $6.50+ for an 18 inch French Baguette. Outrageous.

Joseph Couty

Updated after meal: the food was actually pretty good and the owner came out and corrected the situation. Great foo, and everyone can have a bad day. Will go back. Just spent $55 on breakfast and terrible service. Had some coffee, the breakfast turnover, French toast, egg sandwich and huevos frenchos. Asked for a simple substitution of an equally priced side to accommodate my wife's diet but they only agreed to substitute with a slice of tomatoe. I wouldn't have minded just buying an extra side; it was the way they handled it. Like I was being a bother to even ask for it. The entire behavior of the manager was a great example of what not to do in a customer service environment. We actually had the waitress apologize for the manager.

Employee 2

The best croissant in town, awesome people! Awesome place!


Carmel Macaroon Best In The World. Mouth Orgasm!

James Markman

Fantastic food! Great bread! Delicious baked goods! Locally owned and operated!

Johnson Lambert

Received an amazing gift of mini almond cakes, valhora chocolate cookies, and granola. All were delicious and amazing. Can't wait to visit to get more cookies! And try the pastries...and maybe a sandwich! Very fresh with quality ingredients!

Cheryl Norby

The macarons are so chewy and big, and not too expensive. These were the most delicious desserts I’ve ever eaten.

John Arneson

The food was very good and the server's were very nice, but I thought the portion was a little small for the price.

Robb Cason

Amazing food and service.

Myrna Scherer

Pleasant surprise. Won't hesitate to visit again if the opportunity comes up.

Tom Geig

Outstanding baked items love the chocolate balloons.

Michael McKelvey

Absolutely fantastic bakery. Everything we had from here (we bought $120 worth of pastries) was unbelievable. It's pricey but you really get what you pay for here. This place isn't just talk; they deliver!

Sara Jakoubek

YOU HAVE TO EAT THE PASTRIES HERE! It will change your life. ;) It’s truly an art, what the owner does with butter and flour.

Tyler Carlblom

Best breakfast in Phoenix. Everything about this place is great. Their toast is incredible. My wife and I paid $4 for toast because it is that good. My wife even dropped a piece if toast on the floor once and picked it up and ate it still. That's how good their toast is. Scrambled eggs are incredible and their sauteed mushrooms are psrfection.

Anita Leach

Just enjoyed a deluscious peach coffee cake at Essence, started my Sunday off on a sweet note!

Nancy So

Chocolate ad almond croissant and the large macaroons we're delicious!

Cynthia Zimmerman

A wonderful, creative and gifted chef, from the folding of her eggs with a taste so lovely it melts in your mouth- to the perfect croissant pastries of many kinds. Open the door to this neighbor gem and be greeted by happy and excellent service employees.

Monica Dearth

Coffee, service and food are beyond the call.

Mercedes Gonzales

Love the atmosphere pastries excellent will definitely go back this was my first time at Essence Bakery Cafe

Sue Thomas

Best food fresh locally sourced excellent quality. Eat here every week. The desserts marvelous macaroons like none other in town

Christy Radovcic

The best croissants I’ve had outside of France. Seriously, they are delicious! There are also seasonal pumpkin rolls that are made of dreams. Crowds and long waits are annoying on the weekends if you try to pick up anything other than pastries - with no apologies from the staff.


Best French pastries in town, hands down. Good French eggs as well.

JJ Binder

Wow......great French cuisine created by the French owners! A must when visiting Phoenix if you love a spectacular croissant.

Cindy Goedert

nice friendly staff, wasn't impressed with their bakery choices. The macaroons were very good!

Jessica N

For those that love cafe's or bakeries this is definitely your forte. I went on a whim to get breakfast here and let me tell you what, not only are the pastries delicious, but the breakfast is to die for. My compliments to the Patisserie Chief!

Frank Fazzalari

We were thoroughly happy with the choices we made, all of the dishes were packed with flavour and an innovative flare. The atmosphere is pretty cool, nice and clean with a modern meets vintage feel.

Marissa Hill

Macarons tasted like cheap candy, the kind you wished you forgot existed. Our breakfast took forever to come out and then was cold. Overhyped for sure. Go to Merci instead.

I Vargas

Always a pleasure to go to Essence, amazing customer service, delicious organic food. Everything about this place is wonderful!!

Jose Tezanos

Owners are personable and warming. Their menu, pastries, and food is delicious.

Skipper Janczewski

Worth the visit - relaxed atmosphere, delicious menu and whatever looks delicious behind the glass counter.. Coffee on point - nice staff.

Robert Burns

Play fabulous Bakery great food service still need some work

Jennifer Lee

Parking is always iffy but the breakfast is great. Not a coffee or cafe where it is a place to spend long hours in or possibly work/study.

Alison Rose Llave

I always come here to eat a grilled cheese and a large chocolate macaron. This place has my favorite macaron and they come in large sizes. Everything I've had here is so tasty

Abel Arriaga

Great bakery with best macaroons in town! They will have a case of rotating pastries so you can find new treats to try

Kenzie Hart

The Organic Granola is my all time favorite! Such sweet wonderful people<3

Sharon Koger

Food was disappointing. I think the kitchen person was training. A lot of stuff was being sent back and modified. The cashier also seemed inexperienced, but was also training someone... Hopefully they figure out their staff issues.

Brianne Hansen

Great food, cute atmosphere. Loved the latte.

Will Squires

Went at 10:30 AM on a Sunday. Surprised that it wasn't super busy, given that the place is right across the street from a church! Having traveled through France, I can say with certainty that Essence is the truth. They have some of the best brioche and macaroons you can find in the US. Be sure to try the brioche French toast with strawberry compote; it is heavenly. Their breakfast quiche is equally amazing. The chef trained in France and really knows what she's doing. I am a huge fan. We're definitely coming back soon.

Mary Pendleton

First time experience. Let me say WOW! What a wonderful experience! Beautiful decor, staff very attentive. The food was very fresh, seasoned perfectly, melts in your mouth. Worth every penny!

Melanie Perrachon

Excellent food. Organic and very delicious!!

Nancy Hill

The absolute best pastry in the city. Delicious breakfast and coffee too.

Dave Armontrout

Good food....clean...frendly staff

BP Class

Ordered the quiche and was generally disappointed. Moderate size portion for the price ($11). Taste was just OK, and the small salad lacked any flavor at all. Coworkers weren't thrilled either.

Pat Smith

Consistently good breakfast & lunch options. Wonderful neighborhood place!

Don Young

Good coffee, but no wifi. I was told the owners see it more as a restaurant. I haven't eaten there so I cannot comment on the food. But, my coworkers love the pastries.

Chris Goettl

Awesome French bakery. Make their own pastries, and amazing breakfast menu. Highly recommend

Mary Walczak

Love organic, local food!

Steven Lasater

Sad really got there around 9 just for the almond croissants to be told that they were all sold out.

Gordon Barber

Yum, this is a good breakfast cafe. Had the Lorraine quiche, tasty.

Michael Swain

There's two parts to this review 1) Food off the menu - good quality, tasty and satisfying. The service was terribly slow, though. I was told by the waiter that it's because the kitchen staff is very particular about the quality of food. In any case, it took an unreasonably long time for us to be served considering it was during a rush. 2) The pastries - Unbelievable. The best chocolate croissant I've ever had. Just no words to explain it. If you are in the mood for a chocolate croissant with your coffee for breakfast, you have to buy it here. Trust me, you won't regret it. The other pastries are equally delicious.

Kinari Patel

The oat pancake was fabulous. It comes with a warm strawberry compote and creme fresh. The pastries, including robust pastel macaroons, are charming and I love the giant mixing bowl decor. The lunch menu was just as good.

khalid hasan

When it comes to fine foods utilizing the ABSOLUTE BEST in prime-ingredients, Essence Bakery Cafe has mastered its craft! Especially the artisan pastries - bar! none! Go treat your tastebuds t.o.d.a.y!

Sarah McCollum

I bought macaroons here, and loved the atmosphere! I look forward to coming back to eat breakfast when I have more time!

Erica M

Food To Go. The service was slow, the cashiers was not able to answer my questions about the vegan options, and the serving size is not equal to the price. I am mainly talking about the fingerling potatoes, $4 for 4 potatoes... that's a dollar per potato. Last time I checked that is a rip off, I don't know if this is a millennial thing or gentrification thing. Hot chocolate was chocolaty, but not great, but the whip cream they gave me for it was good. I had the Hot cereal, it was basic nothing wonderful, I added fruit which was the only thing flavorful about it. Every other review on her is talking about the macaroons, that might be the safest bet here.

Chad Nichols

True talent here. You have to come and try this out. The chef is an artist.

Leslie Hoyle

Love the fresh pastries

Heather Cronrath

Always delicious. Wonderful breakfast and lunch selections. Fabulous macaroons. Delicious dessert selection. Pleasant atmosphere.

Natalie Senini

I stopped by a couple weeks ago before work and had the granola and almond milk with fruit. So simple, but it was on another level of deliciousness. The fresh fruit was on point.

Beth Arlinsky

I could eat here every day if I lived closer. The staff is professional and friendly. The owners sincerely care about their customers. The food is consistently delicious, both breakfast and lunch! I am very popular at work when I bring cookies and pastries for birthdays and holidays. I love walking in first thing in the morning when they open! The smell of the freshly baked bread and pastries just make my day! I feel like I am back in Europe again. I highly recommend Essence.

Devon Echols

Food is so so good. Vanilla bean latte best I have ever had that alone is worth coming. Hmmmmmm.

Sarah Proctor

So disappointed and sad. I wanted to place a corporate breakfast order, I called on Friday to do so for the upcoming Friday. The person who answered the phone said she could only take the order but her manager would need to call me to confirm the next day (Saturday.). I waited all day Saturday. All day Sunday and again all day Monday. No call. I decided to physically drive in to place this order in person on Tuesday. The person I spoke with, while friendly, told me to come back tomorrow to speak with the chef. I explained that I just wanted three items and that I actually called on Friday but she smiled, shrugged, apologized and said I had to come back. She said she was unable to help. I walked away with my mouth dragging on the floor. Apparently there are no adults who can take orders beyond a single croissant. Apparently the corporate order menu is not to be actually used. I am shocked, disappointed, and sad that not only will Essence miss my corporate business but my family’s personal patronage as well. I shouldn’t have to beg to spend money at a business.

Posey Nash

Fabulous food, lovely owners, noisy and it was hot ...but yes, I'd return....very special menu, amazing!

Sara Arroyo

Beautiful pastries! The chef is always creative and extraordinary. Salads and sandwiches always tasty!

Matt Beyer

Amazing pastries and regular menu rotation for seasonal fruits!

Bronwyn Carlblom

This place is incredible! Great coffee, incredible breakfast. The toast is outta this world (trust good)

Alyssa Marie Gillon

I really liked their croissants. Very friendly service. Best bakery we found in the Phoenix area :)

Cathy Nadler

Wonderful food, excellent coffee and friendly employees.

William Morris

A mysterious bastion of good food in an otherwise uninteresting series of businesses on Indian school road. Good food, counter service, croissants, excellent egg dishes and great desserts.

Ben Jones

Ordered the classic egg sandwich with bacon and avocado and the vanilla latte. Both were absolutely AMAZING and I will definitely be coming back soon.

Michelle Mellott

Great macarons

Jacqualin Athay

My brother and I stopped for lunch at 2:45p. We were told we could only get food to go since they closed at 3p? Never heard of such a thing. Bad rule and poor service.

Kelly girl

One of those places I always pass by and think, I should try it one day. Well, I finally made it in and brought my husband and it was delicious! I had the grilled cheese (mozzarella, Tomato, basil, pesto) and it was so nice, great flavor and the focaccia bread was crispy light. It made for a perfect grilled cheese on a rainy, dreary day. My husband had the chicken pot pie and said it was okay, he did have half of my sandwich and really enjoyed it. They both came with dressed greens that were okay. We got pastries to take home. We got a chocolate croissant, passion fruit eclair and a sliced pear danish, all delicious! I would stop in again!

Ladee Rickard

Pastrys are always perfect. Daily specials always bring delightful taste combinations to the table. Delightful staff. Owners often present and they take time to know their customers.

Lisa Dean

This place is Amazing! Great food and perfect perportions. Even the other customers love this place and offer great recommendations. The macrons are amazing!

Tyler Charrasse

Best, flavorful and yet simple breakfast I have had in the USA. I am French but live in Atlanta and I craving their Big Breakfast everyday. I would love to have this breakfast everyday in Atlanta. My favorites are the mushrooms served on the Big Breakfast, palmier, croissant and baguette. Ce fut un plaisir et en esperant a tres bientot.

Case Coniglio

Wow. Great morning pastry (something lemon & blueberry). Tastes as good as it looks. Superb coffee of the day: Nicaraguan.

Milligan Ortiz Wedding

Fantastic as usual. Today's special was delicious!

LaDranda Boudwine

Whenever I visit Essence the food is always excellent and fresh. The service is great and the restaurant is always very clean. The quiche lorraine is my favorite along with their wonderful chocolate cookies.

Jørn Erik Damm

The best lunch I ever had

Vanessa Martin

Super friendly and quick service. Bathrooms and shop clean and well maintained. Delicious macaroons soft with a slight chewiness. Salad wasn't bad, but lemon bowl unfortunately had more than 3 gnats flying on them so had to eat salad dry.

cedez Colbert

The macaroons is so good if I could I would go there everyday and if you haven’t been there you have to visit and buy the macaroons

T Kent

Great menu. Food and service exceptional.

Rob JodH

Their bakery goods, especially their croissants, are just amazing. Really nice and cheerful place for Breakfast, Lunch or just coffee and dessert

Alexander LaCroix

You could tell me this is the best bakery in the world, and I wouldn't be surprised. The croissants are a revelation (especially the almond), and the macaroons are a reality-shifting experience (especially the caramel creme). This is the type of food that inspires you to sit down, close your eyes, and just savor. It's that good.


Very nice and attentive staff along with a cool quaint atmosphere!

saramae teich

any time is good! so here is what my sisters and i have figured out - re the chocolate almond croissants - you need 3 for 2 people and 4 for 3 people! amazing! as are the hamburgers and every single thing

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