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REVIEWS OF Cuban Foods Bakery & Restaurant IN Arizona

Yudelka Cesar

The food is delish!!! service was great too! The three is us had a number of things from the menu: maduros, papa rellena, camarones con salsa de ajo, media noche, ropa vieja, pescado a la plancha, pasteles guava/cheese and my daughter had the cheesecake. Every single thing was great! Thanks for bringing authentic

Bessy Ulloa

Delicious love the food and dessert!

Russ Del mar

The food was excellent and was great for the price.

Priscilla Anaya

We were surprised. Great service and the waitress was so sweet. Recommended good by her... everything was excellent and good. We will be going back for sure!

Carol Townsend

Friendly staff, great food and honest prices. The Cubano sandwich was a new experience. Loved it. Hub had the Midnight. He ate the whole thing. An accomplishment, cuz the sandwich was huge. The fries must be double fried. Never had such crispy fries. Must go and give it a try. I know I will.

Tim B

The food was amazing the service was greatthe only reason I gave one star less is because it's a little pricey and when you're living on a budget and I didn't expect it for cuz most Latin food is notthe food is incredible you'll remember the rest of your life and you want to go back just need to plan better before going there don't spend all your money at Ross and then expect to have a cheap meal

Rainey Echesabal

I love it here. Best food ever. Even better now remodeling is done. Friendly service and great personality.

Paula James

We went with friends who'd eaten there before. They just raved about the food and I must admit it met expectations! The empanadas and the Cuban sandwich were especially yummy!

Chica Addi

Love it, food taste freshly made and desserts are delicious.

Kolton Satawa

I'm not expert in Cuban food but the Cubano I had was soooooo good. For the price and what you get, it's extremely reasonable. They also have a bakery inside there that looks very appetizing but I couldn't eat dessert since I was so full. Definitely worth stopping in for lunch and dinner even though it seems like a hole in the wall place. The service was really good and friendly. Definitely will return at some point! Also lots of room for seating and bringing a family.

Matt Heil

Service was slow and they may have forgotten us, food was lackluster and needed some more flavor/seasonings... def not a south FL Cuban place

Raquel Rupple

Awesome and delisious food everything in have try I love it, they have a great customer service and they are very nice.

Mike Dobie

LOVE IT !!! Established by native Cubans who brought authentic flavors to Phoenix. The cuban sandwich is the best and for a bonus theres a case of homemade baked goods that will satisfy all your deepest desires. The chocolate eclairs are so good I always take a box home where they are promptly annihilated. Yummy. Place is clean and family friendly. You will happy to discover this amazing place.

Rick Egli

The yuca frita is absolutely amazing here. I love the cubano as well. Service isn't the best though.

Jacob Frantz

Good Cuban Food! Big servings, nice quality, authentic, nice service.

Eric Blair

Love the Cuban sandwiches here. Great food.

Christopher Curtis

Fantastic meal. I am from South Florida and I have missed authentic Cuban food. This is the best I have found and will be a regular here. The place was a lot busier than I expected. A pleasant surprise (I don't want them going anywhere). Whether you are new to Cuban food or have been eating it for years, this is a must check out hidden gem.

Kevin Cruz

Actuall Cuban food!

Troy Wells

Great food!!! Family owned!!!!!

C Ramos

I was excited to find this spot. The ropa vieja and the papas rellenas had a comforting flavor.

Carrie Wilson

The Ropa Vieja was amazing! The flavors are on point, so juicy and amazing. Definitely going back!

Katy Colon

Great prices food & service.

Rafela Vargas

Food was delicious. Reminded me of my grandmother's cooking. Brought back some great memories.

Alex dlv

Bland food and horrible service.

Edwin A. Mercado

Dear sir/madam, In response to this questionaire our opinion is as follows: 1) Service was good. 2) The fried pig (Lechón) was pleasantly tendure. 3) Dark rice was good. 4) Pernil taste was good, yet it was tough to chew. 5) White rice was too salty. 6) Flan taste like something purchased at the local Walmart. Suggest you make homemade "Cheese" cakes. Overall, your website presentation is good. Though, we rated your restaurant with 3 forks out of 5 or average. Hopefully, next time we return (we will return!) you have considered our opinion and made some improvements. As you plausibly have experienced, most people may not respond to this questionaire. Sincerely, Client and Management Consultant ( in 49 states, Canada, Puerto Rico)

Alise Lowe

Amazing food, service was great! This was by far the best, authentic Cuban food I have tried! Can't wait to come back.

Daisy Gonzalez

Good. But the 30 minute wait for food, is not good

Edgardo Castro

Amazing food even better deserts

Juan Morales

Dinner plates are good

Ruben Gallegos

Great food and friendly people!

Michael Morefield

The best pastelitos in the valley and perfect Cuban coffee. Go early if you want the best pastry selection.

david gould

This place was dang good. Didn't look like much from the outside but the food was good and the server was friendly. I love flan, if there was anything negative to say it would be that their flan wasn't quite as good as I would have hoped.

Robert J Shelton

Today for the first time I order Media Noche and Cuban Sandwich to go and the Bred on the Media Noche was Burn the Cuban Sandwich have less pork and Ham than when I ordered to eat in the restaurant , I also order Yuca Frita and I have to ask the Server to take it back and refried because was Yuca hervida rather than Yuca Frita , I hope the Chef correct inmidiately this problems .Pay atencion to your arders to Go

Suzy Crane

Excellent, authentic food with fast and friendly service. All the food my family tried was excellent, from the Cuban sandwiches to the shredded meat in fried plaintains. Definitely would recommend.

Brian Johnson

Great food and wonderful service. I love eating at this establishment.

Baron Morales

This place is legit! I ate so much my stomach hurts and I still want to eat more. I travel all over the US and this is the best I have found on the West Cost. And yes, I know, Phoenix is over 5 hours from the actual coast but good luck finding one better in California. I will definitely be eating there next time I'm in town... by the way, you need to pre-order the paella 4 hours in advance and it's HUGE!

Christopher Martinez

It was great to have a home cooked Cuban meal that reminded me of my dads cooking. Everything was delicious.

Alex von Gunten

Cheap and very good food. Wonderful Cuban sandwich and morros.

Kip Nettles

Food is excellent. I just finished the pork Bistec. Very good. The picture is the torta mexicana.

jose eilets

great place.. not to small nor too big.. food is really good.. people are great... it always remind me of home

Sandra Holguin

My husband took me here and he knows that I don't like different and strange food. To my surprise it was delicious. I got the ham sandwich with the Cuban bread and it was absolutely delicious. They also have a small bakery with the most outstanding food. It's a small cute place. Clean and the workers are extremely friendly and helpful.


As somebody who spent 16 years of their life living in Tampa I like to think that I know good Cuban food, once I move to Arizona I realized that I wasn't going to be able to get the same level of Cuban food that I got in Tampa. One day the call for a cafe con leche became too strong and there hubby and I found this little gem. Great food, great service, but I would love to have seen more options from their bakery. Maybe we went at the wing time of day. 5 start though because the food was amazing!

Eric Stearns

We've had decent comidas cubanas at this place in the past but on our most recent visit... the croquetas tasted bad - like they were frozen and reheated still cold in the middle, and the coffee was not Cuban roast. It's disappointing, since this panaderia is the only Cuban joint in the Valley.

Victor Diaz

Reminded me of home. Great food and large portions. Definitely will be coming back.

Curt Decker

This is teal Mom and Pop. No chain store. We had 2 good ethnic meals that didn't break the bank and didn't burn our throat. Quit tasty. Leave the fancy clothes at home. Relax and enjoy.

Allen Wilson

We had the "Media Noche" and "Ropa Vieja". Excellent taste, shareable portions. Great atmosphere! Service was friendly. We will definitely return and bring our friends. Cant wait to try out the other foods.

Cody Morrissey

Great cuban sandwich.

Crystal Ginsburg

Food was perfect. Authentic Cuban and amazing atmosphere. Ordered to go and boy was it just like mom made.

Mike Hillebrandt

Food was ok. Not great

Puchio Channel

It is a good place to eat the typical Cuban food, all very clean and pleasant, good treatment and attention. Without forgetting to mention the pastry shop with its sweet desserts. The prices are very comfortable in all the offers that the menu shows. I recommend it a lot for all types of public.

Sandy Chairez

Everything was so delicious. I recommend the pastries


Excellent. The food was piping hot and delicious. The atmosphere was also great, for a Saturday afternoon it was very calm. The service was above and beyond as well as very friendly. Will definitely return soon.

RetroWhatNot Store

We ordered the Cubano and the Uruguayo, plantains w garlic and a pastry. We boxed up 1/2 the food to bring home and we were stuffed with the other. Absolutely delish. We will be back!

Marco Villalpando

The cubano sandwich is amazing here! The stuffed potato is good could be better. Great food for the most part. Great customer service. Definitely coming back to this place!

Sandra Yasskin

Food was great! Service not so much.

Agustin Melendez

Used to live in Orlando, I would go down to Miami for the best Cuban sandwiches, but this is just as good!

Chela p

We've checked out several different Cuban establishments so we were really looking forward to coming here. We ordered several appetizers to try out. Papas Rellenas, Ham Croquettes and Yuca Frita. Papas were ok, they were pretty big in size but meat needed a little more seasoning but they weren't bad. The Croquettes I'm not sure what they were but they sure did not taste like Ham Croquettes I'll tell you that. The yuca frita was good with the garlic dipping sauce they gave us. Ok so for main dishes my sister got the Ropa Vieja and I tried the Cuban Sandwich. Nope just no. The Cuban was a decent size but it was not pressed it was toasted. Everything inside was cold, cheese was not melted and there was very little pork inside the sandwich. My sister didn't like her plate either, she kept tasting that all night. We were really disappointed with this spot.

Jonathan Ruiz

Great Cuban food will go back

Rick B

Great place out side of so.Florida! Unfortunately cuban bread isn’t ..

Jesse B

By far the best Cuban that I've had. Great customer service and nice new looks inside.

Cristian Landaverde

Its a cuban enviroment there.

Jesse Trammell

Happy to find good Cuban food in Phx. It's a bit of a drive for me coming from Scottsdale, but worth the trip.

Karlos Ramos

Great prices even better food. Best Latin American restaurant in the Phoenix area.

David Woolpert

Excellent Service and food

Kristin Morales

Awesome food, great service! Legitimately Cuban food, not infusion. Wish we had come sooner but we will be back!

LeAnne WL

I'm a vegetarian and I can still enjoy so much here. Everyone I talk to about this restaurant brags about how authentic it is as well. The bakery items are made fresh daily and so inexpensive!

Daniel Omut

Great little food joint, hidden in plain sight too. Friendly staff, calming music, attractive atmosphere with amazing paintings, always clean, and lots of food options with a home made quality taste. Definite Recommendation.

Doelis Pankey

Always delicious fresh food! Great service and clean environment.


Don't waste your money don't waste your time. The rice is tasty and the platanos sweet. Everything else was mediocre at best. Go to New York City or Miami if you want good Caribbean food. Puerto Rican food, Cuban food, Trinidadian food all suck in Arizona. Sorry but been here over 15 years and haven't found one good place. All mediocre-at-best

Caleb Gentert

The food is always fresh. Their Cuban sandwich is amazing and the people are really nice.

Ericka Fredick

Best cuban place hands down

Loralyce Hall

Great food. Great desserts too.

Linda Watson

I'm 1st generation U. S. born, my family is from Cuba. This food is as authentic as it can get! Just like my grandma used to cook me every night. I've taken both my mom & aunt here, they absolutely love it! Just how they remembered. This place can't get enough stars & is the best Cuban restaurant now in Arizona! Right up there with the top Cuban restaurants I've visited in California & Florida!

Evan Ruiz

Lechon Asada and Ropa Viejas are Amazing! Black beans and rice and tostones are so good!


Food taste amazing, and sticks to orginal cuban food very well!


Look up cuban food, this place was rated highest. I now see why, friendly staff, the food was phenomenal, make sure you leave room for dessert too!! Amazing place

J Leon

A little high on the price but very good service. Probably won't return because of driving distance.

Rich Solis

Awesome food at great prices

Ginna Hutchings

Great food! Clean with good service.

Patti Hager

Very good will go again

Bonnie Zielke

The food was delicious, but I keep going back for the desserts like an addict. Best desserts I've had in a long time. And now I crave them constantly. Delicious

Bob Lucas

Outstanding lunches, good prices, great desserts. Media noche!

David Phillips

Wonderful gem! Good food, decent prices, great staff. Looking forward to returning!

Miguel Alvarez

I had the tostones with shredded beef for appetizer and they were great. Then I had a malta drink which I liked, but you may not, and a cuban sandwhich. The bread on the sandwhich was nothing out of the ordinary but it was a little crunchy and thin which I love. For desert I had the flan cake, good too. Very generous portion sizes. Very friendly staff, makes you feel right at home so I highly recommend.

James Sesay

Great food and customer service

Wendy Wyman

Excellent food, baked goods and service is amazing

Craig Martins

My friend Incubus is absolutely nothing in this restaurant is authentic but it is delicious and I love going there especially her Cuban sandwiches there just amazing

Sandra Olson

Authentic food and people. Loved the tostones and media noche sandwhich

Bellasusansl Robles

Very good

Jovaney Toledo

Great homemade food. Just a bit time consuming. Would recommend.

Petina Johnson

Ordered the Cuban sandwich...delicious! The place was clean and cozy..received good friendly service. Will definitely come back.

Liz Clarke

Delicious! Don't pass this up, but bring help, the sandwiches are huge and so good!

Douglas Johnson

Great food and clean

Willy Guan

Good portions, good atmosphere, good food. I had the papas as an appetizer and a torta. Drink selection could be better. I ended up just having tea instead. I didn't have any bakery stuff but they looked very good. Average meal is probably $11 to $17. Good place to dine in.

Cristina Milan Ortiz

I am Cuban and I am from Miami FL I am very disappointed with this supposedly Cuban bakery. Dont call your place Cuban if you don't know what Cuban food is it's very disrespectful to Cubans. And to top it off the workers werent even Cuban so they had no clue about Cuban food. I ordered a Cuban iron beer and the waitress didnt even know what that was so I just got a Coke Cola instead then I look to the refrigerator and see the Iron Beer there. Then I ordered the pan con bistec my food had no fries in the sandwich like a Cuban pan con bistec should have been and my husband ordered pan con croquetas it was disgusting it didnt even look like croquetas the food tasted like very old oil I didnt eat my food I am 34 weeks pregnant and I was afraid of getting food poisoning. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TO GO HERE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY THIS PLACE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.....

Carlos Hernandez De Pena

Whoops! I forgot to rate my favorite restaurant in Arizona. I have always loved coming here because it reminds me so much of Cuba. I might be from AZ, but my father is from the island and we'll be going back again this year. Every time I come back I get nostalgic, so I come here, because it is incredibly well done. I get the ropa vieja, every time, and I don't care if my family wants me to try something else, its my favorite.

Rick Hernandez

Basic menu with great sandwiches and Cuban flavors. Also hard to fight the temptations in their bake case.

Julio L.

How great it is to dare yourself to try a new type of restaurant and be so delighted with their customer service and their food. I didn't go for their traditional and world famous sandwich Cubano nor their ropa vieja dish, instead I decided to try their fry fish and their traditional rice and beans, but before that I had a bowl of beef soup and that too was delicious. Though their not big on spicy foods my dish was full of flavor and my fish was just perfect and fresh. I got so full so quick I regret not having enough room for dessert since they're also have a bakery, I saw so many people picking up birthday cakes.... it must be good. I'll come back for ropa vieja and their custard dessert next time, can't wait

Jason Oxios

Wow, super tasty. Did the full spectrum appetizers, lunch, desert with Cuban coffee. Now on my favorite list. Clean facility too. I'm impressed.

Kathy H

We were just there and all the tables were dirty. They did clean a table off for us so I was ok with that. I understand busy. We sat there for over 20 minutes and no one even took our drink order or even acknowledged us again. We had two separate people walk past us multiple times rearranging tables cleaning dishes etc. We ended up leaving before ordering. We drove from the west side to come here so my husband could have original Cuban food. Needless to say a great disappointment. Not coming back across town just to sit there for 20 minutes to not get even acknowledged.

L. J.

I have some intimate experience with the culture. Ill say that the food here is an accurate representation of the food served on the island. I will also say, adjust your palate and expectations to what they have had to deal with. Their baked good are delicious though!

Rolando Delgado

Amazing food, it's like my grandmother is in the kitchen cooking.

Jessica Martin

Holy hell. This has got to be the best kept secret in phx. The food is amazing but the portions will easily feed 3 people with one sandwich but get one of each and share! Then you'll have lunch for tomorrow! Papas rellenos and cuban sandwich are delicious! Come hungry!

Adrian Rodriguez

Food was delicious and a little taste of home.

Jaime Mesa

This little spot is very cozy and has great authentic Cuban food. I ordered the Cuban sandwich and it was very good. My partner ordered the Uruguayan steak and it was phenomenal.

Ryen S

Both the cuban and steak sandwiches are great. Get them with the moros rice.

Kevin Delvalle

Was hungry for Cuban food and brother we were not disappointed. On the contrary this jewel will fly your taste buds to the heart of Little Havanna or along west 7th in Miami. The masa de puerco frita was excellent and the Black beans and rice was delicious. The food was so good we returned two days later a nd tried the bistex de pollo and found it to be delightfully crumptious. The bakery goods are to die for, especially the guava and chees croissants. The cuban coffee will finish out the very economical meal and place you in a mood to return.

Alex Mixco

Really nice here thank you guys

rick carter

This is a restaurant located in the strip mall on the Northeast corner of 43rd Ave & Peoria without much street view, but worth looking for. My wife is Cuban so I've been eating Cuban food for decades but the menu is great with all the favorites. I've always enjoyed my food there. The service people have always been attentive and helpful.

Jorge Saavedra

The food was delicious! First time there and I'm going back for sure!

R J Gibson

Food was good/fast. I will return

Nikole Smith

Everything was delicious here handmaiden house it was worth the drive to Glendale to get it. The staff was very nice and helpful the restaurant was clean. I would highly recommend it.

dino Mitchell

I went and ordered the steak, white rice, and black beans... the steak was real thin and way over cook with no flavor. I would give this restaurant A. zero in Stars.. do not waste your time.. and after I said I did not like the food they still wanted to charge me for the steak platter but they did charge me for the beans and the rice and a Coca-Cola that is bad service on their behalf they should have given me the Sodor and black beans for free since I did not eat their terrible food

Abraham Aranda

Good food and friendly staff.

Amelia Rodriguez

Very good food

Eva Semino

Best Cuban food I’ve had in a while love it!!!

QUEEN TUT Brittney Thrash

Great customer service food even greater!!! Absolutely loved it ❤❤

Franklin Da Turtle

Been looking for Restaurant that serves Cuban food and this is definitely the place. Definitely makes me feel like if I'm back home.

Kyle Johnson

Me and my boy go everytime that he is in town and he's from the DR and says that the food reminders him of his moms cooking ....I freaking love that place real chill place ,comfortably environment

Luis C

Beign cuban myself, id have to say that this is as good as my mom used to make and mind u she was a great cook.

Klark Salman

Very good food I love it

Candace Carpenter

Delicious! I can't wait to go back! Have dessert, La Senorita was delicious! So good!

Rafael Gil

The tostones are really good, good flavor, authentic cuban food

Lisa Miranda

The Cuban sandwich was big and delicious I could only eat half

Ric Fischer

Best Cuban Restaurant in Phoenix area. My wife is Cuban and when her Dad was here for Thanksgiving, we found out about this place and gave it a try. Now we're here for her birthday. It's that good and that authentic. They also have the best variety of Cuban desserts we've had in the valley. Beware: At the time I write this, Google maps takes you to North of Cactus. The correct location is the Northeast corner of 43rd Ave and Peoria.

Lissette Sierra

There’s NOTHING cuban about this place....maybe the original owners! It’s called a bakery and there was not one pastry display. Gave it a 3 only cause my dish was tasty but not very cuban at all.

Jordon Goodale

Good food in good quantities. Only minor complaint was service was slightly slow despite not being particularly busy.

Squishy Sirenita

Being Cuban I was hard pressed to try this place out. I didn't think it would compare with my mom's cooking but I was proved wrong. Very authentic flavor, authentic dishes n drinks (malta cn leche condensada!!!) Friendly service, fair prices and plenty of food. Was pleasantly surprised. Can't wait to go back to try out dessert.

Ric Ruso

Well used to be one of our favorite places,since the re-model our christmas meat was burnt and poorly cut,and recently my brother went and took a friend and said the sandwiches were burnt!!! Thats to bad.....he said he was sorry he took someone there!

John Malone

Cheap, cheerful and Cuban. Wonderful.

Maggie Momeyer

Phenomenal Cuban food with a great mix of options. Desserts were out of this world.

Heather La Varta

Very good food and service! Recently remodeled and a lot more room then there used to be. I definitely recommend coming in to try it if you haven't already.

Charles Lee

Cuban fooddddd. Cafe con leche good too.

Margrit Country

Great my husband Cuban burned never been back to the Island, my mother in law all Hell great cook said this restaurant as closer to her kitchen waitress? Sweet as sugar cane so my husband said good prices yawl.

Tech X

I had been in the Phoenix area for 13 years, and this is the only "Cuban" restaurant I can actually call a Cuban restaurant. Born and rise in Cuba, I can tell you in this place even the salad taste like Cuba. I just found they remodeled and expanded the place, and now is about three times bigger, with same excellent food and service. It is a 120 miles round trip from my house, and I am very glad every single time I come to this restaurant.

Mike Darus

Lots of good food

Ingrid Garcia

Going to start coming here more often.

Craig Guincho

Authentic, delicious Cuban food and friendly staff.

Robert Plasencia

Great food. It is authentic Cuban food. The service is great and the staff is really friendly and respectful.

Caitlin Gis

The food is ok. Im Cuban and the food had no taste and didn't taste right. they take forever to bring you the food . They need to hire more waiters. Also . One of the waiters was a little rude to us and tried to sugar coat it. Honestly it was terrible service.


I been here twice already and the food is great and the place is clean and the staff is very friendly as well. I recommend this place to anyone who is likes Cuban food or Hispanic food.

Lisa Schmidt

Excellent food. Servings are very large, and tasty. Plantain chips were warm, salad fresh, and everything very tasty.

Dawn Lofgren

I drove from Gilbert for an authentic cuban (being from Tampa) and LOVED it! The puff pastry I took home was AMAZING! I do not remember the name of it but it was filled with a custard type filling and topped with a raspberry drizzle. Not too sweet, just perfect! Wish I did not live so far away since I want to eat here daily!

Monika Masters

Went with a friend from Florida, who has raved about Cuban sandwich a for several years... I was not at all impressed. The bread was dry and hard the meat filling was press than bland. I took home a doggie dog wouldn't touch it!!! I will not go back.

Orlando Perez

Nice place

Rochelle Dain

Great Cuban food love this place staff is awesome closed on Mondays though

Michelle Draper

This restaurant takes me back to my days of eating authentic Cuban food in Florida. Quality is amazing, staff is wonderful, and I get to refresh my Spanish speaking skills here with the staff. Love this place!

Alex Zuniga


Somnath Pal

Recently tried. We liked the food. Staffs are friendly

Elvie Krieger

I am Cuban and this is the only Authentic Cuban food you can get in the Phoenix area. Fantastic food and service. Always make the hour trek for this delicious food. Love it and highly recommend.

Scott Root

Great sandwich with a very pleasant owner. Sandwichs were large so we got our dessert to go.

Khalil Breidi

Small family business restaurant. good place to try, small portions but delicious though

Sylvette Oquendo

This place does remind me of being back in Tampa & Miami. Its authentic & flipping fantastic!

Rita Giacopuzzi

Love this place. Amazing delicious food.

Andrea Ellerholz

Food was very bland. Had the shredded pork and the pork was barely only lukewarm. Very few pastry selections. Restaurant was clean which is why I gave it 2 stars instead of just one.

Perseiphanie Snelling

People very friendly. Food delicious!

Jesenia Contreras

The food was delicious, would definitely good back, but wish the menu was also in English.

Slade Grove

Expensive and dry. I was shocked at how expensive this hole in the wall is and how dry the 'Cuban Sandwich' was. It like dry pork jerky wedged between two crackers put thru a panini press. $9 bucks for a dried out meat between dried out toasted bread. Just sad that they messed up a sandwich. Also the oil in the deep fryer needs changed. The French Fries tasted like old stale oil. Really disappointed. Cuban food is usually way better then this place.

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