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REVIEWS OF Lighthouse Cafe & Bakery IN Alaska

Chris Groh

Adam Boyd

Really good food and some stuff I've never come across before, though the breakfast is good it took quite some time to get everything out. The building is located in a very scenic area and theninside is comfortable to sit down and have a meal

Sarah Ebeler

Staff was incredibly rude and impatient. The food took forever to come out and was not the right order. When I told the staff the order was wrong they said they didn’t have time to remake it and just refunded us.

Brittanie Lack

This restaurant was very inviting. food quality was top, and delicious vegetarian options.

Cleberson Galvao

The service is fast and the crew are friendly. The food is good, nothing special about it.Good location in the middle of town with a nice montain view.

Garrett Bounds

We stopped in here before catching the Park Connection Bus and I was very pleasantly surprised with the customer service and the food. Eric was running the show when we were there and displayed exemplary customer service. I had the halibut fish and chips which was very well done. The breading was thin, flavorful, and well cooked. The halibut itself was spectacular and fresh-tasting. This is a small business trying to make it in small town America, but if you ask me, they are worth a visit and the kind of place I gladly support with my patronage.

Jeremy Thompson

Jeanne Appel

The caramel pecan roll was so good that I went back today for another one.

Jennifer Ng'andu

Picked up a sandwich and pastry before a day cruise around the national park. Seemed to feature lots of crisco-flavored pastries. I would skip the raspberry-flavored items. Sandwiches were big, loaded with meat, made to order. I was underwhelmed, but it seemed to be a breakfast spot with lots of egg sandwiches headed out the door.

Vanessa Molina

It’s a step below a Denny’s in my opinion; eggs had the taste of powdered eggs, the bacon was over cooked...everything was just blah. I did not have any baked goods, just a standard breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast, etc)

René Javier Salinas Oviedo

Margy Van Laere

Enrico Dolla

Robert J

Got the philly cheese steak came out good. Staff was friendly service fast.

Julie Van Dyck

Yummy breakfast!

Serena Melville

I have lived in seward and seen the changes. This place is not what it use to be. I went in for the first time in a while cause my experiences have not been the best with the restaurant. Its worse than before! Don't recommend. Food is over cooked or undercooked, and baked goods are not fresh.

Brice Wilbanks

Food is about the same under the new name, Lighthouse Cafe and Bakery. It seems the owners are hiring J-1 visa workers though. I couldn't understand them very well. All foreigners mixed with a few local workers.

Marcelo Leone

Brad Provencher

Grabbed some breakfast here before we headed out on a day cruise. The usual, eggs toast, and caribou sausage. Your usual diner like food, but pretty good fare before you head out for a day on the boat.

Sarah Schmidt

Not open!

Udit Gupta

Llama Rama

Good fritters.

Bene C

So good, loved the coffee

John Santora

Food was pretty good, but Oh My God it took forever for our order to arrive. I very calmly and politely had to tell the guy bringing our food that the wait time was ridiculous! What is the problem, are they completely understaffed? It’s unacceptable and I’ll never go there again. It’s sad, because it’s a cute place and the food was good, but we can’t wait half an hour for a bowl of oatmeal and a breakfast burrito.

רחלי פפר

שרות מהיר, אדיב וטעים

Katherine Hendrickson

The best brownie in Alaska is not a joke. We tried every brownie offered from Ketchikan to juneau to skagway and Kodiak and never found one better than this one. Go for the brownie but leave with a fantastic coffee and an assortment of their incredible pastries! Top notch!


What's a wonderful restaurant!! The apple pie is too delicious!! I wanna come again from Japan and eat this apple pie:)

Klaus Bellinghausen

Great sandwich, hit the spot.

Bonnie Glaze

This was the best Apple Fritter we have ever had! An adorable 'mom and pop' shop. The coffee and fried egg sandwich were yummy too! A great short stop before getting on our 6 hour boat tour.

Lillie Bullock

Waiting over 30 minutes for two breakfast burritos, with no place to wait for a to go order. The pastries tasted like gas station pastries. They brought out one burrito and I had to Wait an additional 10 minutes for the other. When I got to my car they had given me one burrito and one order of biscuits and gravy. They used fake eggs in the burrito and the biscuits and gravy was straight garlic and cheese and not what I ordered. Very disappointed when wanting to support a local business! I could only take one bite it was that bad and should have gone in for a refund but was already on the road!

Enrico Ferroni

One of my favorite places to eat in Seward

Andrew Mags

Hermann Josef Schmitz

(Translated by Google) Delicious breakfast offers (Original) Leckere Frühstücksangebote

Fritz Zaugg

(Translated by Google) Operating staff unfortunately not friendly. (Original) Bedienpersonal leider nicht freundlich.

Daniel Miller

Jim Terlinden

Marcin O'Brien

Great place to grab breakfast after a fishing trip.

Nancy Duester

Stale, hard

Cadence Concepcion

Kaela Schomaker

This place was a happy surprise! The bakery items are crazy big for such a good price. The blueberry muffin was amazing! They also had some of the best coffee.

megan pryor

Ryan and Hannah Teasley

Wonderful little bakery with an always friendly staff and great food. Apple fritters at Lighthouse= Gold Standard.

Kevin Paul

Nancy Weller

Last stop for 100 miles!

Adrian Alexie

Aaron Woodward

Excellent food! It can be busy at peak times.


Delicious baked goods! Apple fritter is the best hands down!

Vince West

Perty good

Matthew Deal

This place is awful. The espresso machine was broken and only other option was lukewarm Folger's. The muffins we got tasted old and i bet nothings been baked here in years. The staff didn't seem to understand English well, which means we had to wait forever to even pay. So many better choices for breakfast.

Honey Badger

George Greendyk

Franklin Sciutto

Christina Cabral

Nate Stalzer

Jill Grogan

We started coming to this bakery on my first trip to Alaska in 1996. It has been through a few owners and ups and downs in quality, but this past visit was a very positive one. You can still just order at the counter to-go but there is also now a full service restaurant. We had a grilled cheese, a grilled ham and cheese and a chili dog. Fresh artisan breads made the sandwiches exquisite. Chili dog was huge and did not cause any GI upset as some tend to do which was great since we went hiking right after eating. Will continue coming here on our trips to Seward.

Joseph Lancaster

A half-service bakery, i.e. they'll bring food to you at your table, but drinks are self-serve and you need to bring your dirty plates to a drop-off. Warm and cozy on a wet, chilly spring morning. A good number of tables with comfy seating and plenty of natural light. Servers are cheerful and helpful. Fairly basic breakfast menu, nothing fancy or unusual. Everything we had was very good to excellent. Best quiche I've ever had, tasty apple bear claw, delicious, soft biscuits and gravy with just the right amount of spice. Tea selection is poor, which was a shame, but the coffee was good. Good value for the area, came out to about $10/person. Overall: great bakery/cafe, will probably come back for lunch.

Blair Spooner

victor gil

Paul Morgan

Rosemary Unok

Ravikanth M

Denise Barlock

The food was ok... Not great. They prices were better than most. The outdoor seating was fantastic!

Far Minded

Very sweet cake like frosting on donuts

Mike Meadows

We felt that this restaurant was very expensive and that the service was terrible. We don't recommend this restaurant or its food.

micah pletsch

If you want a apple fritter that is still completely raw dough in the middle this is your place to go.... also the little man at the front counter has 0 customer service capabilities.

עדי רוסו

Good coffee and great service

Patricia Martinez

Took 30 mins for a toasted bagel but other food was good.

Scott Ostendorf

Dorian Scrima

Biscuit sandwich was delicious.

Wayne Olszak

30 minutes and they brought the wrong food to my table. And then the staff actually argued with me about how i eat my eggs!! After 30 minutes the bacon was cold and nasty looking the potatoes were hard and COLD the egg was burnt lol. When I spoke to the manager/ owner (assuming he was the owner) he didnt give 2 shts. Worst service and worst food in Seward . I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody.

Judy Kolstad

Friendly service, great staff, food was freshly made. Cinnamon rolls were very good!

Kandi D

Food is good, customer service not so much, the guy I perceive as the owner the worst of all.

rohith janga

The owners were very friendly, they helped us in every possible way. Some of our friends craved indian food while on trip. They took a custom order and made us some delicious indian food. Thank you eric and aleana you guys are awesome.

Don Propps

Great food and they have internet. Yes

Jon Core

Vary unorganized. Service was horrible. The young lady taking my order seemed to be inconvenienced to be doing so. Several people were refunded money and were told they didn't have time to make their food. I would never come back or recommend.

Ryanne Tyler

Waited 30 minutes for a small meal (wasn't busy), the cashier was very rude, the tables were dirty and never saw anybody clean them, and the food was less than mediocre.

yang liu

Bundrien Fonsoh

Decilious meals at an affordable price

Judy Dawson

Best apple fritters!!!!!

william schisler

Terrible customer service. Rude. Food was pretty eh and coffee was terrible.

Jason Harter

Stan Levenger

4.5 rating. Red salmon burger is amazing. Cooked on bbq grill and is more than anyone can possibly eat. Served with about 3/4 pound of seasoned fries. At $15.00 you can’t go wrong. Just remember this is a very casual place and the staff works at the local Alaskan pace so relax and have a great fresh catch meal. Halibut fish and chips also has very generous portions. Not sure about all of the reviews indicating staff attitudes. Had no problems. So maybe I was here on a good day or maybe other reviewers were just having a bad day.

Dave Skoglund

Out of donuts.

Andrew Reynolds

Mike Way

Very popular morning spot. Good pastries and coffee they also have a grill with breakfast and lunch items.


Good food. Probably perfect for a take away but don't expect a great service for service at your table

Laura Schoen

Specifically stopped by to ask when the Indian buffet takes place, and he told me 5:30 -8 pm Friday and Saturday. I walked from the sealife center to the restaurant and sat outside for at least thirty minutes. I gave up at 6pm. Seward is the city that doesn't actually believe in time.

ane emille rodriguez

Bijan Azarabadi

Great donuts. We stopped in here before our fjords tour and it was a great breakfast

Amin Rasheed

Shekinah Govero

We've enjoyed the Lighthouse Bakery every time we've been in. Their fish and chips are very good. They have a light breading on the fish which I prefer to the half fish half bread kind. Their coffee drinks have been wonderful and their peanut butter cookies are so yummy! They are soft! The cheese quesadilla was not my favorite simply because all of the shredded cheese was not melted and the grease content was kind of high but the fries are really good. If you're in to Indian food they have a buffet Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. It was kind of random for a bakery but I hear theirs is really good. Would definitely visit again!

Marella Hein

Such nice people!

Harold Macks

good food!

Reed Plachta

Biscuits and gravy so bad. Greasy, salty, grey. Egg on top undercooked (raw whites) even though we asked for medium. Tasted like they spilled the salt into it then reduced it for a few days. Biscuits were dry. Sourdough pancakes tasted funny and butter tasted weird too. Coffee tasted bad, a little like nescafe. Dirty place, table was sticky and disgusting. No vegetables on menu. Maybe their baked goods are ok. Wasn't about to try after experience with breakfast. Total was 30.29 then we had to take biscuit sandwich off order because of lack of biscuits. Total then became 28.09 even though sandwich was supposed to be $6. I figure they just overcharged since they knew there'd be no tip. Bistromath

Tymber Williams

The service was awful and rude. Im talking they served us on dirty plates, gave us no silverware and rolled their eyes when we asked for atleast the locations of the items we needed to eat our meal. Oh, and instead of explaining the menu in any way (because none were available) they just let us order ala carte and charged us over $50 for less than 3 full meals. Disgusting.

Marguerita McManus

Great food - I love the pasta and the cinn rolls :)

Levi Connally

Good service and great food. Thank you for a great meal.

Nicole Fuster

billy Storle

Friendly and helpful staff, but the raw center of my Apple Fritter soured my experience, and my daughters Bearclaw had no filling either.

Ammar Dohadwala


My breakfast burrito was delicious; so was the coffee. This is a counter order place. It was great for grabbing a bite on the way to the Fjord tour. I also enjoyed hearing the three gentlemen talking about the Bible

brendan brady

There is often a crush of people showing up, so give yourself plenty of time for a relaxed meal - especially breakfast. Food and baked goods great. We ate there both mornings in Seward.

Lisa Jarvis

Great donuts

Chris Laughhunn

Food is fantastic! Owner is warm and inviting

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