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1343 G St, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States

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REVIEWS OF Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop IN Alaska


Real. Simply real built from the grain up baked goods. Choc chip cookies so perfect you wish you could mimic at home. Great, friendly service. A real treat hidden in the neighborhood.

Myra Liwanag

Love this place.The welcoming smell of fresh baked product.Open Kitchen set up is a sure win.Clean and Friendly Service.Bit pricey but overall experience is Great when you know that you are paying for the quality of the product the price will come after.Simple and humble yet interesting place. Highly Recommended.


I just stopped by there shortly before closing for my first time today. I have had problems with eating bread for several years now and was hoping that their wholesome ingredients and processes would resolve my issue. The ladies at the front were extremely nice and helpful and gave me a complimentary baguette to try out since they were closing soon and wouldn't be able to sell all of them. Great staff, great food! I will update on whether or not I react to their bread. Thank you for REAL ingredients and practices!

David Bresky

Great bakery, love their sandwiches!

Alcyone Nettels

Great service! Awesome breads!


Great foods! Awesome staff.

Sandra Mills

Never disappointed:)

David Meyers

Super good. enjoyed my experience

Lyssah Van Baalen

Lovely little place. Delicious baked goods with wholesome and local ingredients. Vegetarian- friendly. They have drip coffee available and a sitting area with a few tables. One half of the building is bakery. The location is near downtown in a residential area. Not open Monday or Tuesday (as I found out yesterday). They have frozen baked goods for sale as well, such as Challah loaves for $5. Staff is friendly and attentive.

nt. Templin

Wonderful goodies!

Kenneth Mills

Great bread and delicious confections. Personable staff and wonderful location.

Carrie Martyn

There is only one word to describe this gem...yum!

Joey Bacala

As local and as rustic as it gets. Absolutely fantastic food and baked goods. Take home a loaf of the freshest bread you've ever had!

Scarly Ramsay

Little pricey, but good products

Sarah Nash

Freshly baked breads, pastries, cookies and cakes. Their tasty treats never disappoint. The expanded location is bright, airy, and attractive. The staff are always friendly. I know folks have said that prices are a little high, but a) this is Alaska and b) the bakery only uses the best ingredients. You can definitely tell this in the quality of their product, which is superior to most other places in town. Fire Island is always worth a visit!

Heidi Moore

Zeb GrandPre

Awesome local bakery. We had some delicious poached breakfast sandwiches, but I get the impression with this place that they mix up their menu quite a bit.

Edward Johnson

Best bakery in town

Cassandra Cowan

They have the best coffee in town.

Tom Desbiens

Friendly service, excellent fresh baked goods!

Theresa Philbrick

This was a visit in August. Overpriced, dirty bathroom and tables, counter girl too busy with boyfriend. This was at the airport heights location.

Sonia Cuesta

Matthew Bigman

Wonderful smelling and warm bake some nestled in the downtown suburbs. The bread is tasty, and fairly priced, with a variety of options to choose from. Plenty of seating gives you a great view of the bakers. Has Challah on Fridays if you need it.

Robert J

Everything we order was perfect staff was friendly. I enjoy the sports car shop next door and being surrouned by 2 brewerys. The garage door walls will be great for summer to give a out door feel.

Vi An

One of my absolute favorite bakeries! Great stuff that can't be found just anywhere!

Chris Smith

Drip coffee was excellent. The bakery was really good. Had the breakfast focaccia with sausage and an egg sunny side up. Really tasty.

Katie Wasko

Best bakery in town

Cheyenne Alabanzas

An Anchorage institution! My visit at Fire Island is always pleasant. The food, coffee, and the service are all excellent!

Carol Orth

We just stopped in for the first time today. My son recommended the shop to us. We had their Challah bread on mother's day ;) It was so yummy we had to stop by and see it for ourselves. I just got a blueberry scone today, which most places in Alaska make wrong and super sweet. They are not supposed to be like that. It was Perfection!. As were each and every person we chatted with. So happy with this place. Definitely going again.

D. Bauer

Robert Bredlie

Great place for bread and lunch. The messy tomato sandwiches are the best.

Amanda Calvin

Fantastic bakery with delicious danishes. A great place to start your day.

Derrick Blue

Rustic, Artesean breads. The Challah Knots & Onion Poppy seed roll make excellent sandwich bread. The Ciabatta is great for sopping caprese

Hilary Kircher

This place is amazing - their peanut butter cookie sandwich is one of the best things I've every tasted! When we went in, they were about to close but had some fresh cookies in the oven and asked us if we wanted to hang around to get fresh out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. They also put my dog's picture on their instagram - @saddogsoffireisland which I thought was amazing. I've also had their macaroons and savory croissants, there is nothing bad to get here!

Katie Halvorson

Favorite sammiches hands down

Maziar Shakeri

Such an awesome place! They were closed but we bumped into the owners and they treated us to coffee, yogurt and granola, and AMAZING avocado salad! Also had great company with Odin the baking dog!! Thank you for such a great first impression of Alaska!!

Christine A Eagleson

Brittney Cramer

Will never be giving this place my business

Julia York

Free coffee refills=excellent.

That-One-Otaku -Friend

Chris Bering

Nice staff, great atmosphere, wonderful treats! Make time for a visit!

kris k

Paula Anderson


Rain S

This is the most amazing bakery in the state. I'm a loyal customer, there every single weekend for fresh baguettes without ever skipping a beat.

b c

The baked good are excellent quality, but the line wait is consistently long and they are out of selections if you aren't an early bird. Seems to cater to local traffic. Prices are high.

Chimena Campbell

Best bakery ever. Hands down.

Julia Tran

Love. Love. Love! Strawberry macarons were to die for. The best peanut butter cookie I've ever had; they were crunchy and such a tasty dynamic of sweet and salty. Very happy as a first time customer. c:

Aangus Bschbshits

Decent bakery... Way overpriced! I've lived in Europe; I know what good baked goods taste like. The products here are better than what you might get at Fred Meyers, but not by much... and certainly not worth at the mark up they charge. I know it's Alaska, but prices are not displayed, and outrageous when you get to the register.

Kasey Steendam

Go early for best selection. Staff was friendly and helpful. Super tasty stuff!

Sarah Dalarah

The best bakery in Alaska!! I've tried so many things there it's hard to keep track. It never disappoints. Love their chocolate cupcakes, every macaroon that I've had, has been divine. Their focaccia is always on point. Half the time I dont even ask or know what's on it because I know whatever it is, it will be delicious. Sometimes the staff seems annoyed when your order slot though. The blonde girl that helped me today didn't ask if we were finished before walking away and ringing us up. No one did she seem welcoming. It is kinda annoying that they dont give you a bigger bag for all your items. Despite some annoying stuff, I will still always go there and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Christoph Lauter

The bread and the cupcakes, scones and all the other produce is good but expensive. The service to the customers who want to eat in is extremely bad. I was about to order things for the whole family, the one lady would barely listen and the other would not stop speaking, advertising her products.

Jose Sotelo

Delicious breads from sweet to savory

eleonore guillot

I discovered this place on a business trip, I honestly loved it a lot and kept going back! I am from Paris, France and have high expectations when it comes to food and especially bakeries, These ones are extremely good, tasty and not too sweet. They all fresh out of the oven, so delicious! If you are looking for a good bakery, look no further than Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop! Besides, the staff is extremely friendly :)

Kristine Kennedy

Love the ham, cheese and chive scones!

mickey wilson

Excellent local spot for coffee and baked goods!

Vickie Miller

Joe Phillips

Great cookies!

Blair Mathews

Yummmmm!!! Bread & treats! Top notch.

Herb Ballou

Andrew Israelsen

Umm. Holy brains this bread is the best. So good. Would eat here daily if I could. Also, great coffee, scones, and nice staff.

joe Budrecki

Great place but kinda hard to find.

Sarah Allyn

I couldn't tell whther the priscuitto sandwhich was heavenly or sinful... either way, I wont be drinking water for a while because I dont want this beautiful buttery taste to leave my mouth.

Timothy Lehman

The food is great, the staff is exceptional and the place is clean. All things that make a place popular. It was difficult to find parking and get a seat because so many folk were enjoying this place. Would have been 5 stars except for the crowd.

Justin Holley

Great Bakery! Go you will not be disappointed. That said, coffee could be local (out of Wisconsin).

Peter Heinrichsohn

It's where artisan's create the best quality baked goods money can buy. The staff / service is a cut above but the baker's is where it's at. The are world-class. Anchorage is lucky to have a business like this serving the community. If your in town you have to go see for yourself!!

Michael Chelberg

Outstanding fresh baked goods For big appetites or small. Top notch customer service to boot

Justin Frederick

Absolutely phenomenal! The blueberry and rhubarb galette was the best I've ever had! Keep up the good work.

Ruth Willard

Judith Hart

Victoria Kurtz

I came here after I saw it mentioned in an article. They have a very large variety of options from sandwiches to cakes. I got the salted caramel tart, a croissant, and bourbon bread pudding. Everything was absolutely delicious.

Fritz Post

Can't add too much more than others. Outstanding bakery located in a quiet residential area. Supports local food growers and produces delightful, tasty, breakfast and luncheon items. We bought scones, both sweet and salty, and a breakfast focaccia, for breakfast and a smoked salmon sandwich for lunch. For what it's worth, one of the bakers earned recognition from the James Beard Foundation.

Colin Ossiander

Simply the best bakery in town. Delicious breads and pastries.

Aidan Beers

Excellent scones and I'm pretty hard to please with scones.

Hannah Leigh

Everyone here is so caring and willing to help you find exactly what you're looking for! The bakery goods are A+++

Francesca Stewart

I love their product is delicious and I love that this shop is just a few bloke from home!

Jennifer Neckels

Love this place! There's always a line when I've been.... because the baked goods are fabulous! Staff is friendly. They have everything from breakfast sandwiches to pies and cakes, including gourmet cheeses and local products. We come to Anchorage annually and this trip would not be complete without a visit to this local treasure.

April Lauren

Still raving about the place! Like a co-op at home, The most memorable scones, ever hands-down.

Ramiah Vaoalii

OMG if you want bread to melt in your mouth and send your taste buds flying into high heaven, then this is not the place lol, but it certainly comes close!

Sandy Cannon

While purchasing a raspberry scone at the Southside Saturday market, it was the first time I have ever been asked if I wanted it “cooked more” or not. I always would choose “more”, because I like the browned and crunchiness of that type of scone. Eating it this morning, I realized that’s the type of service that makes you want to keep coming back. Amazing baked goods!!

Marlon Lontoc

AK Business Interiors

Wonderful variety including amazing cake

Jason Davies

Neat little bakery with about a thousand bakers/workers going in different directions to make one of the best chocolate chip cookies ever. Nice selection of bake goods. No donuts, but real good muffins, scones, croissant etc. Becareful, because you could drive right by the place since it blends into the neighborhood.

Brian Malone

Best bakery in town!

Shawn Armstrong

Wasn't sure about a cold sausage & poached eggs breakfast sandwich, but it was awesome!

Jackie Bowling

Love this place. Super friendly and helpful. Great food and customer service.

Jerissa Valdez

Sharolyn Wyeth

The people here are great! I needed a cake at the last minute & called ahead. By the time I arrived, they had it boxed up, ready to go & even found a way to write Happy Birthday on top! Great job... Much appreciated!

Harold L Pierce

Keith Adams

OMG! Baked goods to die for!

Sarah Johanson

My favorite Alaskan Bakeshop. This place rivals some of the best bakeries of big cities like Tartine in San Francisco and Flour in Boston and Cambridge. I wish they would open a branch in the Matsu Valley.

Lauren Newton

This place is like a hidden gem. An amazing bakery.

C Dyer

Ray Bot

location, and this new one is down by us - sweet! We tried the ham and Swiss baguette sandwich, with a chocolate croissant, and coffee. Set outside in the sun and warmth and enjoyed and nontypical fall day in Alaska. Great sandwich and croissants, and the coffee made it nice all-around. The environment was great, food was great, and we will most undoubtedly frequent the spot

Leigh Eberhart

A must stop for us in Anchorage! They are wonderful for breakfast, good coffee and lovely pastries. We always get a baguette and some macaron for later.

wesley walker

Excellent Staff and excellent food! The ONLY thing I would like them to do Year around is provide Hot Chocolate for the Young, Old, and Cold

Lindsey Marchant

Amazing! Great quality food that tastes delicious! Great service!

Mr R

Great baked goods, and home made pickled delicacies.

Sheri LeDue

Everything is so delicious, especially the croissants with almond paste, and the scones! I personally would like more beverage choices. Kombucha, more sparkling water flavors, soda pop.

Connor Reynolds

The shop itself is adorable and has a cozy feel to it. The staff are helpful and greet you with a smile when you enter. Great location with Anchorage Brewing Company and King Street Brewing Company right down the road. Not a lot of seating inside, so if they're busy, you may have to get your order to go. This bakeshop has variety of vegan breads, from rolls to baguettes. The downside is that they lack on vegan sweets and availability. Yes, they have options, but they are limited and aren't made on a daily basis (this may vary depending on the location). The first time I tried Fire Island was at the South Anchorage Farmer's Market. I fell in love and was told on two separate occasions that the coconut macaroons were vegan. I went to the 91st Ave location yesterday and found out they are made with egg. This is partially my fault for trusting the individuals at the Farmer's Market stand and not doing my research (which is why I am giving four stars instead of my original there stars). This place is definitely worth checking out and I hope they expand their vegan options in the future.

A Google User

Amazing chocolate croissant! scones, sandwiches and bread I thought it was all fantastic.

Kelly B

Everything is great quality, fresh and tasty. The service so inviting and warm. A tiny gem.

dessa kirk

Katie, behind the counter, just served me the best crab chowder with a chunk of salted garlic sourdough... Saturday has just gotten that much better!

John Z. Jr

Stopped in this morning in order to surprise my dad with a few goodies while he was still in bed. He was pleased. Foccacia and blackberry rhubarb scone were just what the Dr. ordered. The smell walking past the building alone would make me come back in.

Per Harald Pettersen

Lots of good stuff. Tasty.

Shane Mecham

My first visit, and i cannot say enough good about this place. From the moment you enter, warm smells of bread and baked goods surround you. The entrance provides a view into the ovens and prep areas. You can see goods being made and coming out of the ovens directly. The staff was very helpful and provided some wonderful recommendations. Best 'egg in a hole' I've ever had. Chocolate croissants were crisp and delicious. Muffins were light and flavorful, but filling. It was quiet when i came in, around 7:30 on a sunday, so atmosphere was quiet but staff made it feel welcoming. I will be coming back.

Katherine Lewis

Our go-to bakery in Anchorage. They have tons of variety in their options, tasty treats, snacks, & lunch too. Great carbo load after a day of adventuring on a hike in beautiful Alaska.

Eduardo Santana

I lived in Anchorage for a year, and I really miss this “oasis” of flavors...without a doubt one of the top bakeries in North America

Erika Kienlen

AMAZING! Can’t wait til they put in their 3rd location in S Anchorage.

Carmin Beck

Walking into this bakery, the smells hit you like the best wave you can imagine. All the fresh bread is delicious and good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner accompaniments. The pastries are also ahhhhh-mazing. Also the cakes! It is a little pricey but you definitely are getting quality and delicious flavor for your money. I would eat here every day if I could.

Myung Kang

Stan Kelly

Wow! Really good! Very impressed and original :)

Karri Hutchings

Wow. Could not be more impressed. Food was glutinous and amazing. Setting was modern and comfortable. Staff was very friendly and helpful. We will be back for sure!

Anise LeAnn

Holy wow! I was looking for fresh sourdough for grilled cheese sandwiches and honesty it was the best bread I’ve had. We also loved the ham and cheese scone and the chocolate cupcake. Amazing

Maggie Jones

Bakers baking, customers smiling... what an awesome experience. A wonderful selection of baked breads and pastries. The line went out the door today because of Easter but moved at a nice steady pace.

Eric Stoltz

I've had a bit of everything there. Just plain spectacular.

Roger Gaston

Great bakery! Got a loaf of Challah that was done right and noticed they have Challah knots also. Great for Friday nights.


Pricey, but delicious! A filled cupcake and a cookie sandwich cost $9.50, but they are amazing. 2 locations.

ruth ong

Super cute place with the most delicious pastries. The buckwheat cinnamon roll is so hearty, you can taste the cereals in it! Bonus points because the owner is from fire island New York!

Jason Butts

What a great bakery. Awesome sandwiches and baked goods. If you want cheap go to Walmart, if you want the best try Fire Island. Parking is tough sometimes, but so good it's worth the walk.

Tatiana Jackson

So yummy and great service!

David Huntley

My wifes new favorite spot. She loves the Cup Cakes and Peanut Butter cookies....

Tonchee Lonewolf

Never been there

Vincent La Rochelle

European level high quality artisan bread and craft foodstuffs

James Massey

This is by far my favorite place to eat in Anchorage. I love the pre-made sandwiches. My wife and I actually had them make our wedding cake. It was so good. I'll be uploading pictures of it in just a couple of minutes. Thank you Fire Island, you are the best!

Andrea Gilbert

Perfect cake for a fabulous Mom, thanks Fire Island!

Gregory Hartley

There's comfort food, and then there's bakeries. Fire Island is so good and so comfortable that you literally can start feeling like you're sitting in your living room. I've never had anything here that wasn't delicious.

Annette Hood

Homemade fresh sourdough bread. Delicious

Leigh Anne Gubatayao

My favorite bread and pastry shop. Go early for the best selection. I love the croissants and scone. And I take a loaf of bread home.

JuanMa González Lanza

Best bread in town. Period.

Jess Faltersack

Fantastic service! I highly recommend the breakfast focaccia

Randall Danes

Great bread, cookies and desserts. I will come back for more. Ever so delicious bread.


Big smiles and staff that is eager to help. It's also great the the bread is so dang good.

Gene McCabe

The sandwiches and baked goods were superb! I also enjoyed the coffee. The line up and order call over the counter is a bit intimidating for the first time, but I can see how you would be able to get in a groove once you went a couple of times. A daily menu of all the bread, sandwich and salad choices could help when the line is long and you can't peruse the counter ahead of time, but I get how that would be tough to keep up with. All in all, I enjoyed my meal. Price points are a little high, but if you consider the quality of the product, they are actually reasonable. They definitely have a staff of professionals that know their business! So, kudos for that.

Rexann Bassler

Best food anywhere, love this place!

Eliana Auria

the only good thing there are these banana muffins BUT THEY DONT KEEP THEM ALL THE TIME

Rick Benken

Outstanding bakery goods and sandwiches!

Kristen Donchess

Justin Morgan

This place is my favorite. They make the best sandwiches in anchorage.

Marco Montenegro

It's good of you are a fan of non traditional bakeries. They managed to ruin the bran muffin and the blueberry muffin by combining them. No.

BreeAnna Erickson

Delicious food every time.

David Maddison

Do not even hesitate! You MUST go to this bakery if you’re in Anchorage! The food is no doubt amazing but the service is spectacular! As soon as they found out that I was a Fire Island virgin, I was offered a cookie to sample their goods. We couldn’t decide on what to get so the team made sensational recommendations to which we obliged- scones, sandwiches, frittata and cookies - we ate the lot!

Pink Anderson

Love this place and almost feel healthy eating here!!

Heather Fooks

Nina Schwinghammer

Well worth the fair prices. Lived in Europe for a while and this is the best bread you’ll get in Alaska (flavor, texture). Service is friendly, and the place has a reputation for being good to their workers. We live in Juneau now and always make a stop in to treat ourselves to high quality bread and pastries.

Luisa Gil

Terrific! Read about it in the NYT and did not disappoint.

Witchychic 809

Best place in town for baked good!

Kim Wohlen

Delicious baked goods and friendly staff

Jeff Collins

Simply put, amazing! If you don’t like awesome baked goods, or just good food in general, do not go here.

Peter Wadsworth

*almost* perfect....they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, that's the biggest issue.

Mama Rora

Amazing food at fair prices!


Dangerously addictive and gets busy.

Chelsea seal

Delicious food~! I had Salmon chowder with sourdough bread! Very tasty! They're very nice and polite

Kimi Lloyd

One of my favorite places. The quality of their bakery items are fantastic: fresh, organic, local ingredients where possible. The staff is friendly and the ambiance is open and welcoming. I LOVE the garage door walls and availability of outdoor seating. FYI: No WiFi (some count that as a con, others as a pro). No espresso, just basic brew and Summit Spice teas.

Andrew Elegante

Dropped in after reading in the spring edition Edible Alaska that the head baker was nominated for a James Beard award. Exterior is subdued and it's in the middle of a neighborhood but you know you're in the right place because there are gobs of people outside eating baked things. You enter into a veritable beehive of activity with at least a dozen people engaged in the art of baking. The training of all these people alone must be quite an accomplishment! First thing you see are cakes and tarts, followed quickly by breads and then the main course (for me at least), savory and sweet delights. I was greeted by a very friendly woman and ordered the breakfast focaccia based on the fact that it looked awesome and I was really hungry. I added a blueberry bran muffin because I love blueberries and muffins (no offense to bran). Checkout was quick and painless. Despite a small line I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. Focaccia was surprisingly filling and very easy to easy outside on a bench in the sun. I saved the bran muffin for about 15 minutes while I drove to a highly rated coffee shop where I discovered that there was a whole bush of blueberries inside. It paired nicely with a mocha. Will be going back to try to grab a loaf of bread for my homestay hosts. Highly recommended to anyone in the Anchorage area

rick h

Teva Wiese

Probably the best bakery in town. Great bread and macarons, but their cookies could definitely use some work. Not trying to eat bricks over here

Tyler Murphy

Dea P

Bryant Trujillo

Best scones in town, probably in state as well. Great atmosphere and extremely friendly staff. Plenty of unique options.

Margarita Z

Awesome soup and bread, natural flowers... place for family and friends meeting, for children and senior. Tasty and delicious! It is so cute!

Anne Claudel

Best baguette in town!!! I’m French, trust me. Delicious looking goodies. Caters for different diets. Prices on the high point.

Anthony Girlardo

Awesome eats

David Moed

We stopped in on a recommendation we received in Denali and loved the bakery! Even before walking in there's a sweet smell of pastries. Once we got inside we we're overwhelmed by the number of delicious looking options. The bakery has a huge range of breads and pastries and some very unique breakfast foods like focaccia topped with eggs, potatoes, peppers, and optionally homemade and locally sourced sausage. The breakfast sandwich is similar with poached eggs, cheese, lettuce, homemade hot sauce, and either sausage or avocado. On my way out I picked up a baguette and was ready to go when the server recommend I get the seeded baguette. It was an excellent suggestion! The food was delicious and I wish I was able to spend a few days sampling everything. I'm excited to be back in Anchorage next week to try some more!

Raul Rovira


This downtown neighborhood bakery offers a creative selection of food items and made to order treats as well as their incredible baked goods. A happy and courteous staff always greets you with full attention, occasionally offering a taste of freshly baked cookies. The french-style macarons are my favorite at the moment. Oh yes, K-Bay coffee with free refills~ I'll stay a while. Also outdoor seating in summer makes this a perfect spot.

Matthew Amundsen

Best bake shop in town.

Sara Tall

A variety of not overly sweet baked goods and bread. Something for everyone!

Eric Rice

Must see stop, truly amazing. They make everything right there. Only down side is that it doesn't have iced coffee

Johnathan Turnbow

Good selection and decent prices. Very tasty

Daria Multz

Everything they have is delicious!

Michael Zimmerman

Chelsea Cassell

This bakery produces fabulous home-made creations. I had a peanut-butter pastry/cookie concoction that was amazing. But, you have to get there early! They definitely sell out.

Melissa Moody

It's a while lot of YES. Everything is beautiful and made with love. And butter. Lots of butter.

William Day

Easily the best bakery in Alaska. If you're looking for authentic European bread, look no further! Words can't begin to describe their buttery scones.

noxious byproduct

Been here only a few times and its starting to become a favorite. I enjoy their monkey bread and croissants. With much more to offer with tables waiting. This place seems to be a trendy spot for the younger group.

Elizabeth Angasan

Oh my goodness!! This place is amazing!!! The quality and flavor of the food were both excellent! All the staff were friendly and had a great demeanor about them. I also appreciated seeing diversity among the staff! It would seem the staff actually enjoy working here, and that shows through the food.

Valerie Hileman

Best coffee around. Friendly staff who remember you and treat you like family. Fresh goods always!

Randy Jackson

This place is awesome

Indira Dudley

Always love this place. Peanut butter cookies are delicious and the macarons are fairly priced (also tastes great). We used to live in Anchorage and when we came back to visit, this place was in our list.

Emilie M

Fire island has delicious scones, coffee and great cake. It is a lovely place to stop on a Saturday bike ride

DR7651 Drew

Great baked goods!

Pater Xiong

First time here. It was really busy when we got there, but we were greeted and helped right away. The macorons were pretty delicious. I got the ham and Swiss sandwhich which was better than I imagined. The bread for the sandwiches are on the harder side, so make sure you open wide when you take a bite.

Malachi Thorington

You owe it to yourself to come here. Great food and staff, genuinely impressive bakery! A little gem in the filth that is otherwise Anchorage.

Ryan Parker

Their Pastrami is incredible, as is their bird seed bar and chocolate cookies! Shame the location is so hidden. A real gem.

Ryan Stafford

If you're searching for a bottomless coffee and a fresh warm pastry then you found your new home. The Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop is a great place to have a small breakfast and a long conversation with a friend. While you salivate next to the pastries and muffins you can watch the employees bake right in front of you! There is a small area of tables, but if you don't find a table remember there are more tables near the entrance and tables outside. Caution.. the coffee is very very hot! If this review was helpful please click the Like button. March 2019 (1) Scone: $3.75 (1) Muffin: $3.75 (1) Chocolate Chip Cookie: $2.00 (1) Coffee: $2.50 Tax: $0.00 May 2019 (1) Mini Dipped Coconut Macaroon: $1.50 (1) Roast Beef Sandwich: $11.00 (1) Prosciutto Sandwich: $11.00 Tax: $0.00 June 2019 (1) Smoked Pork Loin Sandwich: $11.00 (1) Ham and Swiss Sandwich: $11.00 (1) Filled Cupcake: $6.00 Tax: $0.00

Debbie Bush

Guilherme Ballin

Has expanded considerably since my previous visit. But the food/coffee/service continue to be top notch. Definitely worth it!

Mike Goodwin

Great staff, great product. A one of a kind for Anchorage, perhaps Alaska! Supply and demand is promoting some upward price creep.

Greg Stopp

Awesome bakery. One of the best local bake shops I've been too. Heard about them from Bon Apetite.

Tanya Williams


Julia Ditto

Fabulous open space, with fantastic, mouth-watering food.

Kevin Ihrig

I tried the ham & Swiss croissant, ginger & molasses with lemon cream (like an Oreo but so much more satisfying), and a peanut butter sandwich cookie. Excellent, all of it. I would like to have tried the chocolate croissant, but they were out. They said call early to reserve one. Very good for breakfast.

Pete S

Definitely one of the very outstanding bakeries I'm aware of. They purchase the best ingredients from the best sources, then transfer that into delightful, organic loaves and pastries. Well organized with a variety of tables and chairs for those who want to wile for a moment.

Nico Tapafua

I discovered this place by accident and am now a frequent visitor here. The cookies are great and all their snacks, Service is friendly and greeted once through the door.


Amazing for breakfast or lunch. Worth just popping your head in regularly to see what they have. Everything you order will be delicious. Somethings are kind of strange and unique but awesome. If you like rustic, this is the place. A bit pricey, but worth it for the quality food and service. Great for a casual date lunch.

Kelley Merrill

What can I say, it's Fire Island! Great quality, friendly people, neighborhood atmosphere, seasonal! It can get expensive, so I can see it be more of a weekend treat. But it's worth it!

Tanya Sprague

Amazing family owned bakery. The breads, pastries an sanwiches are all amazing. I go out of my way just to go there when I am in Anchorage.

Chris Jones

Amazing people amazing location and out of this world cakes and cookies!!!

Universe Critic

Cookies has some burnt taste to them, macarons were dry. Busy place, but not worth waiting in line for. However, staff were bery friendly.

Frank Jen

Delicious smoked pork sandwich.

Atila Đurik

Nice staff, delicious food, good prices. Local people usually goes here to have something for breakfast. If you go about 9am, be prepered for a long line before you. But the crew is fast so it is not along waiting. The opened kitchen is also a cool thing.

Michelle Paul

One of my favorite bakeries I've come across on my travels. I go here multiple times when I'm in town for breakfast.

André M

Normally Fire Island has fabulous food. Recently unfortunately, I ordered a roast beef sandwich that had large pieces of gristle in it.


Isaac Rachlin

Amazing chocolate cake! They have a wide variety of other breads and cakes however I have only always bought their chocolate cake.

Fox's Backpack

Hands down the BEST cookies and scones and croissants and .. just literally everything they have!

Tanya Elizabeth

Best bakery ever!

Tom Deal

Good coffee KBC, tasty scones.

David Dean

Amazing. Visiting from Seattle. Our friends said Fire Island had to be our first stop. I could have stayed all day

Amanda B

Fire Island has a cult following in Anchorage. It's a nice walk from downtown, and it's really neat to see their bakery in action-- the kitchen is the center piece of this place. They have a lot of options for lunch and dessert, and I hear the food is great! I didn't find any egg-free options that I was interested in, so I didn't eat here... but the rest of my party loved this place. It's very tight as you wait in line during peak times. There's lots of outdoor seating, though, and there's a little free library where kids and adults can find books to read.

Lee wally

Best cinnamon rolls in town!

tokyo joe

the best bakery in anchorage. their cinnamon rolls are the best ever.

Grace Timmerman

All of the good things here.

Kelsey Yarberry

Fantastic! A coworker recommended the good here, and it did not disappoint. I had no idea what to expect and was very impressed. As a family we all ordered something different and were able to taste a little bit of everything... Delish.

Mitch Andrews

Nice local bakery that has a huge variety of fresh daily beads, pastries, and breakfast options. Clean and laid back atmosphere with friendly service and reasonable prices. Worth the stop no matter where you are coming from!

Ashley Enstice

Amazing food, wish there were more gluten-free options available

Adam Fay

Always fresh, bread and pastries are absolutely awesome


Good pastries and decent coffee. On weekends the lines can be outrageous so plan for that. They are closed Monday and Tuesday which catches the uninitiated off guard. Staff are friendly and hard working. Not much seating so it's likely a pick up and go kind of adventure. Is a trendy place and has a charming kitchen you can check out while waiting in line. A bit of a local icon that everyone recommends when you get to town.

Jeff Doppmann

Authentic Croissants

Gaia Morelli

Expensive and the food is ok

Matt Mehringer

Wow! The atmosphere is busy yet the employees are caring. Coffee hot and smooth. Ham, cheese and green onion scone was outstanding. Great place for a late breakfast on a rainy Anchorage day!

William Furby

Had an amazing avocado breakfast sandwich!

Angelika Lynch

(Translated by Google) Excellent croissant ... (Original) Excellent croissant...

Nadia Myburgh

The best croissants I've had ever!!!! Amazing coffee very affordable and friendly staff!!! I came back everyday on my trip to Anchorage!

Katherine Holley

We had three different breakfast pastries and black coffee. Everything was amazing. Glad this spot was recommended to us!

Noam Levenson

Best bakery in Anchorage

JT Lamm

Everything is amazing. The coffee cups need to be bigger.

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