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Michael Johnson

Very busy at 11 am on Sunday morning, I was not able to get a seat. The food is normally good and the service is quick, but the restaurant fills quickly at rush hours.

Becky DeSmet

Yummy. Great menu, terrific service!

Jody Adams

Great varieties of breakfast foods and friendly service. They do offer pies however I didn't order pie, the pie option looked good.

Alyssa Magill

Santa Fe burrito was amazing!!! Would highly recommend their spicy chorizo. It was really busy but our food came out within a few minutes of ordering, they also offer wifi


We enjoyed an xcellent breakfast at Bakery restaurant this morning, June 23, 2018. The Bakery is clean and has an expansive menu. The service was friendly and excellent, the coffee was quickly refreshed too. I wish I could have tried the desserts because they looked so good but the breakfast was huge. We recommend with no hesitation.

Victoria Avery

I love this place. A great casual diner. The wait staff is attentive and quick. Their breakfasts are the best in town.

Nicole Jacobs

The eggs Benedict biscuit and gravy is my favorite. Comfort food all the way.

Arcane Moose

Decent food. Home cooked style meals... Nothing ground breaking. Okay food and janky tables. I'd eat it once or twice more if the mood called for it.

Ryiann Miller

Very good food and fantastically short wait time

Keeta Marie Hjelm

The eggs Benedict and sourdough pancakes was great but the hash browns tasted fishy, yuck.

Bruce Sandstrom

Good food and friendly service. Also good coffee and price is not too expensive

Kahdija Imari

I enjoyed my meal at the Bakery Restaurant. It is a self-seating venue that stays pretty crowded. So, if you want a slightly more quiet experience you may try sitting in the small area to the right hand side of the entrance. Don’t forget to take your ticket to the register to pay :)

Holly Giampaolo

Huge menu, friendly service. Seat yourself and checkout in front.

Matthew McCoy

They have some "alaskan" options for protiens

Deb Burkett

Coffee was good. Breakfast was average. Service okay. Not the best nor the worst in town.

James Maynard

The best country fried steak in fairbanks

Jaclyn Mitchell

Every time I go here the servers are always so nice and attentive, and the food is always amazing!

janet howard

Great customer service

Ray Laakso

Used to be a regular but after last visit egg was the size of a bird egg,hash browns taste like cooked in motor oil, toast had to send back and waited for toast to have cold egg.

Chris Jameson

Super yummy great new location

Mandi Arnel

Went here quite a few different times and haven't been let down yet. Servers are always on top of the coffee warm ups and are very delightful to have around! Great bargain for you buck! They have chicken and waffles!! Mmmmmmm!!

Hope Monzulla

Great for a quick bite to eat. But the food is a hit & miss on quality.

Bob McCroskey

Great food and service.

Orrin Burton

Great service. Good home cooked breakfast.

michael vukmir

Not to many patrons, hamburger was way over done and dry. Fries were nice and hot.

Ginger Ireland

Best pancakes you will ever eat and the chorizo burrito is to die for, servers are always friendly and prompt and just overall a good experience.

nathanial rudy

You have some badass waitresses who can multitask at an incredible rate. Your service was well received and greatly appreciated.

Tanya Collier

Amazing hot meals. Service slow due to low staffing but worth the wait.

Brittaney Nicole

Good food, fast service and friendly staff! Would recommend this place to anyone who’s looking to eat out for breakfast! The only bummer for me was that they only have Tabasco hot sauce here. :( lol

Torrence Hookington

We have come to the phrase.. "AK good." Meaning the food was good, a little pricey and terribly slow service. This place the food was good, price was good, and the service was timely and overall excellent. Will make this one of our mainstays while here!

Eddie Smith

I go here almost every time I'm in Fairbanks, the service is excellent, but their real talent is SUPER FAST service for the quality of food, which is top notch. I'm a breakfast guy, and I have to recommend the Kitchen Sink omelette, top notch. The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 are the hash browns, they are not quite as good as other places like Little Richards diner, but by no means a reason to not go here. I just really like my hash browns.

John Pearson

These guys never disappoint, love them for breakfast.

Aino Welch

Have been disappointed the last two times

Keith Archer

Friendly staff and good food.

Jillian Frost

Great food, good prices, clean, generous portions

James Sutton

Food was wonderful, but they are severely short staffed.

Arianna Gatcha tube

The food was delicious.

Lonny Cruff

Great food, super service, nice portions, enjoyable experience all around.

Fabiana Kirtley

We absolutely love their breakfast food. We came here twice during the last 2 weeks for our Sunday brunch. Last Sunday we ordered skillets, while today we were in the mood for some classics: French toast and Waffle Combo! Everything tasted perfectly. The service is great and they make sure that your water and coffee are always topped off.

susan snider

Delicious! Huge servings!

Brad Hull

One of the best food places inFairbanks

David Guess

Good food and good service.

Chas T.

Fork-tender delicious chicken fried steak on my table 5 minutes after I came in the door. Poached eggs cooked to perfection. Friendly waitress. Wonderful service. Real half-and-half and real butter available.

Volle Kanne

Good food, big amounts ( pan cake). Coffee refill (3 times), wifi. Good special offers.

thanachaporn ketch

I spent $15 for a to go meal. This was the price given to me after I said I wanted it to go. When I went to go pick it up there was a 50 cent charge added and noticed it is not posted anywhere. I think I just got ripped off by the server or what. I used to love this place buts its gone down hill. I hate to say this, I really do but I can’t come back to The Bakery out of sheer common sense. I had to run back to my car just to grab the change. I’m not very happy

Lauren Grippo

Fast service, our food was done in 10 minutes, the wait staff was fantastic, always coming by to ensure everyone is satisfied! Nice atmosphere too, loved the bear pictures on the wall!

Claire Meeks

Coffee was always full and warm. Quickly seated, food was good, straight forward.

Lonny Cupp

Excellent food, service & price. Great place to eat

Rebekah Rau

Great breakfasts!!! Friendly service. Will definitely go again.

Jenny Squibb

Good portion sizes, the Big Pancake is HUGE, so fair warning. I had the French Toast combo and it was delicious. Decent prices for Alaska as well. It will be our new breakfast spot.

Jstone Destine

Im not going to bash my experience here. They have put a lot into this new location. Hopefully they will remember that a restaurant is about good service and a good experience. The newest and most fancy building in the world won't replace an old fashioned smile. I do intend to try again, when the crowd is smaller and maybe i can find more nice things to say.

Courtney Borgstahl

The food is a tad overpriced however, the house burger was 100% worth it. The patty was cooked to perfection as well as the mushrooms and ham that came on the burger. I got a side salad in the place of fries and some of their house made Caesar dressing, the dressing was amazeballs! For my desert i chose to order the lemon meringue pie, the meringue was good but a tad on the bland side. The lemon pie however was undesirable, the consistency was that of a very stiff canned cranberry sauce. I would recommend this place for a bite to eat just stay away from the lemon meringue pie.


Good food and great service! Always love coming here.

Walbert Schulpen

The name suggest artesian bread, but you are in for just another diner.

Roberta Burtness

Busy place! I can see why~ good food done right & friendly staff :-)

Rachel Patton

I ordered my meal with approx 30 others for breakfast to-go.... I was nervous because it was Eggs Benedict, and it was perfect! I was impressed that it was warm and still looked yummy for a to-go order. My runny eggs were delicious and the hash browns were perfectly cooked. This breakfast hit the spot!

Ray Johnson

Amazing staff, Hot and Spicy burger on onion bun the best hamburger.

Charles Derrick

High priced for regular breakfasts. Slow on coffee refills

Dirty Thirty

Very good food. Fast and friendly service.

Gary Braun

A must go to restaurant, if you love a good mom & pop kinda place look no further than this place.

Jesse P. Szmyd

Good Burgers, kid friendly for us parents!

Jewles Livingston

Excellent omelets and pancakes. Very clean. Great waitstaff.

Nicholas Killeen

Typical homestyle dinner with friendly staff.


Good breakfast and lunch.

Tim Carbine

Best thing I can say is that the service was friendly. Food was not good at all. First steak over cooked. Second was way under in the middle. Did not taste good at all. Not to mention what they were calling a ribeye was not what I would expect to see in a restraunt. "Real" mashed potatoes were bland and tasted worse than flakes. Green beans were mostly good. All in all the worst meal I can remember ever having. Others with me said the Apple pie was great though. I'm betting the breakfast food is good here. Not dinner.

Phil Paxson

Good food, decent atmosphere, pricey, nothing fancy.

Troy Thomas

Great service by Joe.

Mike Meeks

Service was great; the effort appreciated

doran hickman

The breakfast meru is loaded with many dishes that satisfy the pallet

Cynthia Webb

Great food good prices friendly waitresses

David Jones

We were fairly new to town and decided to stop by for lunch. The exterior and interior aren’t bad, seemed pretty clean for the most part. We ended up having about 4 different waitresses help us, the first of which forgot to put our drink orders in, which was no big deal since they were quick to fix the problem. The food was ok, nothing worth bragging about to be honest. We won’t be back for lunch because everything seemed pretty generic. We might try breakfast because it looked pretty good. If we do, I will edit this post to reflect our overall opinion afterwards.

BabaLagaLaga YT

I really enjoyed my first time here today. I got the mushroom burger and my wife got the house burger. The patty was beautifully made. Although fully cooked, it was still very juicy and thick. The only thing i think was a bit of a letdown was the lemon meringue pie. The filling was a bit on the stiff side and lacking slightly in flavor. Other than that a great experience.

Michael Padgett

Food was good. Sourdough pancakes were excellent.

Lori Wikle

Cold inside. Soup and Chili were not good. Burgers are amazing!

Alexis Fay

The food is decent but very overpriced for breakfast. My daughter and I each had a meal and a drink and after tip it was $50! And the drinks were coffee and OJ, not champagne.

Mykel Townsend

The cinnamon rolls bro. Trust me.

Koller Mike

Awesome as always.

Dan Zwirn

I thoroughly enjoyed this Restaurant, it was like eating Home everything thoughtfully prepared and delicious. The waitstaff were down to earth and fun. Not a bad meal in a group of 10. I'll definitely eat here again!!!!

A Scott

I love that you can order breakfast all day.

Marsha Dalton-Rivers

Country fried steak+ 2 over easy eggs hashbrowns+ english muffin. Country fried steak bfast. Good everytime!!

Becky Watson

Great food and service

Jalla Bajalla

Mediocre food and service

Chelsea Frost

Tasty food, prompt and attentive service. Great location, tons of booth seating.

Dee Hend

great food great staff

Dean Covel

Nice breakfast. A must try is the souer dough pancakes.

samuel harris

very nice new location they where very busy but did not wait long

Brian Lervold

One of the best slices of coconut creme pie I've ever eaten.

Cole falline

Son didn't get his juice or even water. 4 of us at the table with 2 cups of water. Never got the roll with my soup "progresso chicken noodle". Asked for fries, never got them... worst diner experience in the 3 yrs I've been here. DO NOT GET THE TERRYAKI CHICKEN SANDWICH... there are plenty other diners around that are great. If anyone asks me, go anywhere else.

Lisa Hayes

We had the Chicken Fried Steak and it was so so good! Big portions ...great prices and the staff are awesome! Enjoyable experience all around!

Randy Doyle

Good service. Good food at decent prices

Chloe Allan

New location is great! Food arrived quickly and tasted great. I would definitely recommend the mozzarella sticks

amy graham

Too new and strange. I walked onto the kitchen line by accident, while trying to get to the cashier. Food was good though

Kevin Fischer

I've only ever had breakfast here because it's that good.

Viki Kelly

Way OVERPRICED! Service was TERRIBLE! It has definitely changed hands since I was last there. It had to of.....its not very clean n they let ANYBODY work there. Bad service all the way around!

Rachel Brown

Good food good service

Jesse J

This is my favorite breakfast place it would get 5 stars but they allowed a dog into the restaurant and I really should give this three kind of gross me out since the dog isn't wearing underwear disgusted me quite a bit

Sheli Thompson

Delicious! Great friendly service! Love the new location!

Aaron Biddle

Try the sourdough pancake!

zivah Bin

Ordered chicken fried steak with green beans and mashed potatoes. The food was fine till i took a bite of bread they served me that was old and moldy. They had the wait staff take it away but claim it was parsley bread.

Jeanette Buffalo

Very good food, big selection, breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day! Super fast service!

Molly Proffitt

The food is delicious and the staff is super friendly. My family had a great time.

Dwight Bubzy

This is our go to place for breakfast. Awesome staff and food

Joseph Rainey

Great food.Good environment.cost efficient..= 5 stars

Georgia Feisthamel

Way to busy. Had a great waitress, need a hostess and more busy boys. Hostess could seat people at a table that needs to be cleaned. Get the busy person on it. Take some pressure off the waitress. I saw a lot of people walk out because they didn't know they could sit at a table waiting to get clean. Food was good,but not sure I would go back or tell others. It took way to long to get our food. People that came in after us left before us. We are traveling and have long drives. I do not blame the staff. It could be a great place with more organization and staff.

Bernice Flores

I had the French Toast plate. The service was friendly, wait staff very attentive, kept coffee cup full. The food came so fast I was surprised. The food was very tasty, but as soon as I took a bite, the eggs were very cold. It was as if it was already prepared just waiting to be plated, so maybe the reason it was so cold. Every item on my plate was cold. So for $15 (included a cup of coffee), I received a cold plate of food. I may try again, a different item to see if I have better luck.

Nicole S

Its an okay place and clean. Food was okay. I'd go back.

Nicholas Baker

First off, don’t take two stars as a reflection of the food. The Bakery serves really good and tasteful food, the staff is extremely caring and attentive, the restaurant is clean and really gives that hometown cafe feel. But... The food is extremely overpriced after having moved down the street. I usually get the corned beef hash which is $13 and you get enough food to fill most people, today I got the Volcano omelette—which was really tasty— but for nearly $17 I expected a OMELETTE that would fill me to the brim and put me in a food coma shortly after. To my surprise I received everything that the omelette entailed UNDERNEATH a blanket made up of probably 2 eggs. I spoke with the waitress and explained that I was happy with the taste of the food I just expected: 1. An actual omellete and 2. An omelette worthy of the nearly $20 price. She replied that I wasn’t the first customer that day to say the same thing and she gets that complaint on the regular. I understand that the expenses of Alaska—food costs, rent, etc— force restaurants to charge customers double when compared to lower 48 prices. But, from when they were located next to Taco Bell to now the food sizes have been cut dramatically while the prices have been increased drastically. Choose to either keep the prices and make the food worthy or lower the prices and keep the food the same sizes.


great service, food fresh and hot, and filling. nice portion.

Flynn McFarland

Best sourdough pancakes around!

angelika opland

Love it! Our go to place for breakfast when up in Fairbanks.

thomas Huddleston

We decided to try the bakery out after they changed locations. We waited about a month to let the rush settle down and went when it was pretty slow. The prices are decent but if you want your eggs scrambled be prepared to be charged extra, which seems ridiculous. It took a small table of 4 over an hour to receive our food once ordering and the food was ok at best. I'll stich with the cookie jar from now on

Lamie Ellsworth

Fried chicken was very good. Service good

Brandy Hudgins

I stopped in for lunch and decided on the halibut fish & chips, which came with soup or salad. I chose the clam chowder, which was phenomenal. Everything was made to perfection and you can’t beat a meal paired with a local Alaskan beer. Great spot for a quick meal! Oh and ask for Bill! He was so wonderful!!

Cathlene Stephens

Service was good, however I asked for ranch dressing for my fries and they charged me .75 cents. Crazy!

Remo Dela Cruz

Might be the worst dining experience in Fairbanks. Came around 2pm the day after Thanksgiving. Restaurant appeared to be only 50 percent full. Ordered a Loco Moco and Seafood Alfredo. Didn't get our food until 35 minutes later. Loco Moco was very underseasoned. It appeared that all they did was slap ground beef on the grill and placed it over rice and topped it off with some gravy. The Seafood Alfredo could have definitely been a lot better specially for the price. The sauce tasted like the canned version. The staff also forgot to serve garlic bread and soup that came with the Alfredo. Overall this restaurant is located in a nice location. Definitely noticed the interior upgrades compared to the previous location. However food and service quality need some serious overhaul.

Kayla Renee

The food was not very good... the staff was.... iffy. Our waitress came to check on us often, which wasn't bad, but she was constantly messing up and forgetting things. Anything extra cost money. It took quite awhile for us to get out meals, and when we finally got them, the waitress who gave it to us (this is was a different person from our original waitress) she was rude and dropped some food on the table. It wouldn't have been too bad but the fact she did not even apologize or acknowledge that she did that, was just not okay.

Barbara Cain

This is not a bakery. Normal restaurant.

chassady velez

Food and environment are very classic diner/café. Service was great.

Veronica Belanger

The Bakery has over expanded itself. Very unorganized, over priced, crowded & the food was awful. We had maybe 3 waitresses after being seating.


Good food service was a bit slow everything was very pricey drinks were 8.25 for 3 people. If everything wasnt abit pricey I would totally go agiannl but I doubt that now

Anjana Menon

Best dining experience, coffee with breakfast was the highlight and the service with a smile is wonderful. Yummy start to a long day of hiking

robyn smith

Exspensive,slow service. But the food was ok

David Cox

Great food. Love the new location!

Timothy Biggane

Wait staff amazing. Stopped for breakfast and place was busy. Wait staff kept coffee going but it took over an hour to get our food. Too slow on a busy town trip for us.

Gail Osborn

Good food and fast. Right on the bus line also.

Sharon Harvey

Always amazing food, even if you have to wait

Dan Swank

Went there on new year's eve...not busy..we made table #4 for guest....waitress brought water and menus and never did return for drink orders or food order...waited about 20 that point we left...used to be a good place to plans on going back

James Wray

Service Excellant - food very good - soup was only thing not good

Maylin Bay

I don't particularly enjoy finding my own seat when it's busy, but other than that, I love it. The service is great and so is the food!

Ilona Saunders

I love my Sunday breakfast there very friendly clean and very good food

Frank Hickman

Love the bakery!

Lizbet Hernandez

Friendly staff, service can be fast or just a little slow depending on how busy they are but food is really good.

B. Tamm

Very homey diner with substantial breakfast and freindly service.

Michael Waits

The place is warm and friendly love the wait staff and the food is good too.

Benjamin Fix

Pretty great food and atmosphere. Can be busy very often but I can always find a table. I usually get the breakfast and I haven't been disappointed yet after about a dozen visits

Matthew Adams

Good food. Great service.

Brad Larson

Food has gone down hill. Good overcooked and cold. Wait staff had issues. Will not be eating there again or until they can get their stuff back together.

Brian Wilkinson

Delicious greasy spoon! Breakfast was hearty and fair for the prices in the area.


Great place to eat! The breakfast is awesome. Prices are good.

Nypthes Astarte

Great service good food

Dee Emswiler

Lots of food great service

Robert Petro

Country fried steak and eggs were a little off I think it was the gravy but the waitresses dont even offer you so much as to a straw for your drink or any condiments or refills. Seemed like they were too busy to handle the small crowd.

John Kells

Fast service, good food and prices

Shawn Konichek

Amazing food (the fries are especially good) and great service, WiFi, speed-- nothing bad to say, I have a good experience every time I eat here.

Tracey Rinn

The Bakery never disappoints!! The food and service are always great

Michael Young

Tasty food and friendly service, though a bit overpriced.

Shelina Shelina

Breakfast OMG! YUMM!

Daniel Nova Brower

Overpriced typical coffee shop items

Mike Scully

Soup of the day was awesome. The other meals ordered looked good. Their sourdough starter is from 1982!

Rose Gueco

I love the bakery, food is always good and friendly staff. We go back whenever we are in Fairbanks

Zach Yates

The 'Bon Jour' is delicious! They are changing their location to the old Food Factory.

Suzanne Schmidt

Another great meal and friendly fun service!

Tammy Swank

We went with our son and his wife two daughters last night around 6:30. The waitress had got the drinks for their family they got there around 5 to 10 mins before us. She gave us water and menu. She then never came back to our table. After 25 mins we left. My son left the money on the table for the 3 drinks. I have never left a resturant before but we wanted to eat and two kids who were hungry. I can hope they do something about this. If I could have there would not even be 1 star. There was only six people in the whole store. When we left only two customers.. really bad

Marnie Shull

Lots of good food. Very nice prompt service.

Shallan Sickels

Great atmosphere, staff and good.

Travis Kaus

Awesome new place. Great food.

Chris Clark

First visit in new location. Just what we needed.

Tanya Aanrud

Love the food, huge portions great prices

Jarrod MacNeil

Great place nice atmosphere Fast service large portions yummy food and they replaced the old food factory all in all couldn't ask for more from a restaurant A+ job guys, and there commitment to local buisness is amazing aswell

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