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REVIEWS OF Walmart Supercenter IN Alabama

Alexandra Daniel

Great customer service. Marcus helped me load my cart with cases of water without me having to ask. Mikaylah at self checkout is fast and keeps a positive attitude despite all the ghetto fabulous customers. Customer service manager took his time with my gift card issue. Best Walmart associates I've encountered.

Anthony Derrick Walker Jr

Kiah is a sweetheart. Do glad she was helpful, and was as beautiful as her spirit. God bless!

Pcb explorer

The lady in sporting goods is a gun hater. She had an attitude the whole time I was looking at guns and then she was happy to tell me my driver's license had a scratch so she couldn't sell a gun to me.

Jessica Jeffres

Usually a great experience here. Today, the self-checkout wouldn't take my gift card and I had to pay with cash. I double-checked with a cashier that there was money on the card afterwards and there was. Oh well.

Susan Ezell

When it's not crowded

jordan johnson

This Walmart is always busy at dinner time with unbelievable checkout line lengths. Also gunshots went off just near the parking lot one night. This location seems to always have the produce stocks but the freezer sections always seems ransacked. It’s nice that there’s a subway right inside for a quick bite. There’s always homeless panhandlers asking for money sitting right next to the entrance. The canned drink vending machine for $0.50 per can is sometimes empty and the machine will eat your money- then you have to go and stand in a huge customer service line just to get your change back. It seems lots of people go to the Walmart deli / hot food section to get a hot plate. There’s not too many places to get hot food in east point so tons of people just come to Walmart. This location is highly needed in the area. There is price gauging too- if you go to other Walmart’s... things would be as expensive as this location


Nice store setup

Yanira Ferreira

We all know we could find everything here.

pastel pjm

The lady at the customer service desk by the entrance was really sweet and patient. I was just up there with my mother and she was one of the few workers I've seen at any location that was that patient with a customer.

Neal Mackey

Good selection, quick lines, value allover

Lou Nathaniel

Clean, nice reuse of an old store. Small selection but knowledgeable staff.

johnny sherrill

Super clean store workers are really nice.

Jim McKinney

It's a Walmart. You know what I'm saying.

John Outman

ReturnING a defective vacuum cleaner shouldn't be this difficult. Went through the line, told to go get manual. Brought manual and had to wait in line (8 people one clerk). Allowed to get replacement vacuum. Back in line again. .. clerk emptied the box into a cart so they could have box...they wanted to keep the manual...why did I have to go home to get old one? Then the greeting lady wanted a receipt! Poor customer service.

Charlene Raglin

A very convenient store and the employees are very nice.

Leonard Brownless

Always helpful!

Tamara Gunn

And here I thought Stone Mountain had the nastiest, meanest Wal-Mart Associates in the world. East Point has them beat , hands-down. Especially the "Ladies" in the Electronics department. They'd just as soon CUT YOU than have to assist you. Definitely won't be back. Very VERY HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT!!!

Belinda Lindsey

I was able to get in and out without any problems.

Tisa Boggess

To b one of largest srores. ever Not a great selection Of jeans stone washed distressed with holes in them. Every size but mine Cannot blieve it Tisa Boggess

Debra Medeiros

It was a good day no problems at all

Reginald Johnson

I enjoy this place because it's always clean

Rudy Ramos

convenient, good prices, has most things I need.

Hester Russell

it is very friendly and fully stock for all that you need

Jimmy Jefferson

If you're looking for something check in Walmart, they have everything. Great customer service.

Karen Caldwell


Dellamontez Perdue

It would be a lot better if they would open up more lines to get customers out of there at a decent time.. Its ridiculous how long the line are

Francisco Garcia

The number of cashiers is too low. Stood in line for more than 10 minutes. Ethnic markets and farmers market is faster.

Q. Duncan

It's convenient

Debra Powrzanas

They had everything I need for all my shopping.

Kaylon Giles

Poor customer service, hundreds of employees working but no one is able to assist you. Poor.

Lougaria Smith

Although the service was good and I found exactly what I needed. I feel walmart should have a strict uniform policy, the way some of the associates are dressed is so unprofessional.

mackenzie monroe

The people that were working there were absolutely lovely. Very helpful there when you needed them etcetera. That being said the obvious price gouging has me pretty angry and questioning if I will shop at your store again or not.

Diamond brooks

Bad attitudes there. Was 5min late to pick up a item & the girl working said they was closed but it was how she said it.

Kyle Alderman

This Wal-Mart doesn't have a big selection due to it being small.

Ken Martinez

Very nice walk Mart good customer service convient. Very wide selection with good prices.

Brenda Moore

I was at one time a frequent shopper at this Walmart, however i find myself going out the area or ordering on line for different things. Being a avid crafter i can never find decent yarn, decent craft items, material.

Gmail Account

Good service! Need more check outs!

Molly Stubbs

I hate to go to Walmart but they have everything I need

J. Leonardo

Well stocked and friendly staff. No complains

Carol Taylor

My experience today was a lot better than the last one. It appears cleaner and there wasn't as much stuff blocking the isle.

Grant Hodges

Lots of cheap and also inexpensive items, and empty spots..


Haha I just saw a manager run from a customer! The guy even asked another employee what the manager's name was, I think it was Arthur, but even so, the employee just dipped into an aisle instead of helping the guy, and when he started shouting the manager's name the guy just ran away faster! Anyway, 10/10 for dumb Walmart antics, wish I could do 0 stars for customer service lol


I love Walmart it's like a second home

Sebastian Ballensky

Do y'all hire 15 year olds by any chance

Diana Marino

This Walmart is pretty good. I usually find everything I need. Convenient to where I live. The people are very friendly they always say good morning or hello, how are you doing today. The gentleman at the deli is so nice, he remembers who I am just want to give him a shout out.

Sanita Rushin

The store has good deals. May I ask who this is posting on my cellphone stop playing games posting about the stores.

Jeff Norton

What can you say about wallet world love to hate it but they are hard to beat.

Julie Ouimet

This place is better than the one in Callaway. They have everything stocked up. The fruits and vegetables sink pressure and they have a larger variety. Their meats are great I had a T-bone very tender and tasty. The service was friendly just the lines were very long and they didn't have enough cashiers. Could be just the time of year.

Duane Ball

Great help went to Lynn haven 1st no nobody cared

Eric Mcgee

Not to bad just slow af

Angrl Burton

I love

Shelby Johnson

Never buying groceries online from 23rd street walmart again. They didn't give me half of the things I ordered, and they gave me stuff I didn't even order. Plus, the veggies and meat I wanted, they gave me what looked like the worst of their batch. I never have these problems with the hwy 77 location. Extremely dissapointed.

Ann White

That place is a joke. This community needed this location. I would like to see better customers service, for the employees to be at their station on time, not setting up late. The store manager needs to get the ones out who don't want to get the job done. Please

Angelia Bland

Loved it. I called and they brought my purchases to the car.

Daisy Mckibbens

I love shopping at Walmart store.Because you can do booths think Shopping for yourself and get also you Foods there.Do boths at the sometime.Dont change a things.

Sheila Milner

It was a great experience. Customer Service by Jimmy in electronics was excellent. Thank you

Tom Kohnman

Im sure their are really good people who work at walmart. Kudos to those who strive for customer service. I only wish the manager on duty at 10:15 on 5-4-19 was one such person. I just needed someone to unlock the glass case so i could buy a speaker. I understand that the workers in that dept. Left at 10:00 p.m. thats why i asked the " manager". B.t.w. If your interested in stealing from the electronic dept. I would suggest doing so after 10 p.m. Apparently the lack of attention will work in your favor.


Wal-Mart is the place to find it all. We're thankful to have a place to get our groceries. Since Hurricane Michael we have learned to appreciate the businesses that have stayed and reopened. Wal-Mart might be a silly meme to some. But we would go without if it wasn't for them.

A Scott

It was a classic Wal Mart experience. The people looked the part. Employees rushed around in an aimless bustle. There were 59 checkout lanes but only 5 were manned. A dizzying display of items for all of life overwhelmed all 5 of my senes and awakened my 6th.

Michael Husava

It's much better than the Callaway one

Anonymous L

Why am I waiting for 20 minutes just so someone can open the jewelry in the jewelry department ? Not good service

Rodney Wright

A large store with groceries and a big selection of merchandise.

b0red gamer

Store was dirty, the employees were rude. I heard several of them talking across the isles using a ton of profanity. There were families with children in the same area.

The Prince

It's always crowded. Always

Mickelle Clark

My daughter love walmart. Aka. Wally World. And truthfully so do i.

Samantha Boyd

I had to walk in side, to pick it up but the young lady was very nice and friend with quick to help me.

Hailu Beyene

Excellent parking lots . Close to downtown , about five miles. Easy and fast self checkout .

Brenda Smith

Great place to shop . Great prices for school supplies.

Randy Riggs

They almost always have what I'm going in to shop for. I rarely shop online; lm a touchy-feely kind of guy.

Antonio Davis

Awesome quick service

Darryl Sampson

Need to have more register open during peak hour . Also have back up cashiers for when it gets busy.

Kim Owens

They need more cashiers. Why every Time I go here it takes 1 hour or more to check out. And only 2 lines open. You need to get better about this.

Tavia Rich

Went at opening of store employees were awesome. I'm in a wheelchair and they were helpful

Martha Sechrist

Love that place friendly people and atmosphere. Clean store wide aisles.

Callandra Craig

I mean the one in Lynn haven is way better and they have a bunch more options. But it's ok if you need little things.

John Hack

A complete nightmare, cashier was slower than molasses in winter, was far more interested in discussing her social life with a co worker than she was doing her job, pretty typical for walmart on a saturday!

trudy rankin

Clean fast and everyone helpful and friendly which is much needed in times like these

Lali ReynosO2

It was organize and clean. We got some beach sandals with the fam.

Wanda Dawkins

This place is so unorganized at the Money Center and no seems to care. What good is having a mobile app to use when this place doesn't even have an Express line at the Money center.....go figure

June Callaway

It was quick fast and got out of there in 30 minutes

Gary Cook

It's good morning b breakfast place.

Jonathan Duboise

Never eat from the deli enless u want food poisoning the rotisserie chicken ugh

Heather Warren

This location was out of the particular school supply lists I needed otherwise I would I have rated higher. The employees on duty were very helpful, friendly, and professional. I can honestly say that doesn't always occur at every Walmart I go to. So the 23rd st Walmart location late night employees needed some recognition.

Peggy Bozarth

Very satisfying. Customer service was great and was easy to find everything I needed, and then some. Lol. Thank you.

Emile Dominique

Cleanliness: Walkways were clean and free of clutter. Restrooms were spotless, fresh and clean. Floors smelled fresh, were spotless, and free of dirt. Hospitality: I was greeted coming in. I was offered assistance if needed with anything. Upon leaving I was thanked and encouraged to come again. Items Were Stocked and Orderly: Everything was stocked and rotated. Products were neatly placed and looked appealing.

Clayten Holley

Three stars. Fair experience. Somehow I managed to ruin the employee's day who was cleaning the bathroom. I was in there for about 1 minute (30 seconds to urinate and 30 seconds to wash my hands). Instantly after I walk in, this employee yelled at me "Hurry up!" and started banging the cleaning products around. When I was done, I calmly and politely said "I am sorry" and they stood there with their arms crossed at me, did not say anything, and treated me like I was the problem. Well, I was there first and the customer is always right, so there was no reason for that employee to treat me that way. I understand that it is not the most desirable job, but please do not take it out on the customer. Next time I will just hold it than go through that again! Besides that, the store is well-kept, clean, stocked and always has great prices on everything that I need. Employees are pretty friendly too, maybe that one employee was just having a bad day. Update: Five stars! I had a great experience here recently! Thank you!

Kimy Kennedy

Trash all over the parking lot employees don’t seem to care

Shireco Summerlin

Love the service and quality of everything you purchase.

Corey Waddell

Wide variety of products. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Guera, Lasho, & Kit Kat Reyes

Shopping at this Walmart is usually a pleasant one. It is the closest to my home and I go at least twice a week.

Valorie Stephens

Can find anything I want there reasonable prices like shopping at Walmart

Jamie Murray

Starting not to like Wal-Mart. Not having the stuff we need when it says it's online and so on.

Gary Howard

The "check out lines" in this Walmart are always extremely long. There is never enough employee's in this store. Hire some people to help make shopping in this store easier.

Debra Granger

I never go wrong at Walmart

Sidney & Jeannie Hughes

Really clean! !!! Love the lay out. Produce dept is gorgeous! Good looking one piece swim suits! The clothing dept is nicely done! It is one of the oldest but very nice. Bathrooms clean too!!! Still working in that area on other buildings in the shopping center.

nancy minor demuro-silver fox black

Great thank you for the shopping experience

Joshua Newman

This is the WORST Walmart. The lines are always extremely long, the selections are dismal and do not favor any type of healthy eating or healthy alternatives. The staff however is hit or miss .however , I have always found the yellow jacket staff to be friendly . If you come in for one thing plan to stay for 30- 60 mins just waiting in line.

Scott Tiepelman

Great store. Lil smaller than some so you don't get worn out shopping.

Tina Penamon


Rhyanna Creamer

Almost always have what I'm looking for.

J Lucas

I need help with a Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart,and the young lady Lakisha was a great help much appreciated! Thanks Lakisha

Eddie Edwards

This is a nice soft store. Has a lot throughout. I was able to get me some swimming shorts. This store is very busy and has a lot going on. So if you need a quick shopping trip you may want to plan it out and come either very early in the morning or very late at night. But this is a nice store.

Frank Avant

I was on a road trip in Atlanta.. I came to this Wal Mart with my girlfriend... We had fun...

Robert Mickey

The cashier Dominique was so incredibly helpful. I purchased an item that was to be activated at a cash register not the self checkout. Instead of making me wait in another long line, she walked me to another register and helped me although I was not nice to her at first.

Darrien Dean

Lock ya whip up b4 you head into the store! Its Bleveland Ave

Deborah Whitehurst

One stop shopping!

Belinda Hale

Went there for the Walmart to Walmart and they do not have. Got to the register I did self check out and there is no hand scanner. I had to pick up a 50 lb. bag of dog food to scan it.

jeff erlsten

It's Walmart.. you hate the place but have to go

Cassandra Allaire

Never enough people on the cash registers. It takes WAY too long to check out

Nikki C

I hate Walmart. It's such a shame they drove all of the mom and pop stores out of business.

Elizabeth Woolever

The deli is so awful. Went there for lunch today and got their lunch plate. The chicken bites were a couple days old very hard and dry. The mashed potatoes were very dry and old tasting. The service was not friendly.

Chargergal 81

Very dirty store and super long lines. There have been times I just put items down and walked the hell out!!!

Mary Moore

Can never find a mobility cart and I have a broken foot and can't walk plus I have had a few strokes and Walmart needs to get the carts repaired most of them need maintenance

Bobby Hicks

Packed as always and only half the registers open.

Southport King

This one is set up weird where it's hard to find things. The one in Lynn Haven is easier to find things.

Stephanie Cole

I still find items I didn't know they carried.

Bridget Harris

Great customer service layaway staff very helpful and patient.

Debra McRae

This Walmart was clean, well lit, well stocked AND the staff were helpful and pleasant. Five stars!

Michael Lewis

Could the deli be any slower

Christina Yancey

Crazy crazy busy but shelves well stocked

retha jordan

As usual the lines are long S Hell h oh t to do better

Dennis Murray

This Walmart is lacking in productivity in several areas in the store. I find one person willing to assist me with my needs.

mug ster

Was tryna make a return. There was only 1 lady at the register, the line was long and growing, and I ended up being there for over an hour. The reason they gave is they are understaffed. Wal-Mart is refusing to pay people to work and the result is service similar to that in 3rd world countries.

Clive Thompson

Store always clean and items easy to locate

Crystal Welzbacker

I don't know of anyone that would be happy to stand in line for 20 minutes because there is only two lanes open and at least 75 other people try to get checked out. Get it together and open more lanes!

Patricia Dennis

The employees are super always ready to help

Amanda Oldham

Wish it wasn't so crowded and people need to have respect to other around them customer a and emplyees

Kim Menck

Store was too hot. I shop longer if I am comfortable. Turn up you A/C

Sheena Goddard

Usually always find everything at Walmart.

Doris Colquitt

This Walmart is near my home I'm glad they are in the community we are able to find everything we need in abundance at this Walmart so we will continue to service them.

Ronald Thomas

Prices here are marked up compared to other locations in white neighborhood's

Toney Davis

Nice men’s swimming trunks for $10

Michael Grimm

Joyce at the checkout scan the paint that was on the discount card and still come up $27 do you want to argue about it cuz I said is on a discount cart now George need to get back to your back in in stacked boxes or something design arnett had a good experience at the Walmart on 23rd Street

Pat Lynch

Busy store had a lot of lines open and they were moving not rapidly but moving. Had no complaints

Barbara Harmon

Great place to shop, need more live checkers instead of self check

Stefany Scales

I like this Walmart and the location. It has a nice variety!

Steve Anderson

Clean and we'll stocked. Smaller than other Walmarts and like all Walmarts there are never enough cashiers.

Dr.Phil Bigone

Been to this location several times. Typical well stocked Walmart. I always go to WalMarts for various reasons.

Dennis Wisniewski

Every day is a holiday when you shop at Wal-Mart.

Tyson n Jimmy

I have been calling, calling and calling every 30 minutes for 2 hours and no one haven't pick up the phone!!! I will be calling corporate office in the morning to make complaint!

Gerald Neal

Shelves are always out of stock, store needs new management team.

Terry Kennard

Walmart, nothing special, had what I needed when I wanted it. Wish they had a few more cashiers I truly truly despise self checkout. Because of that you lose a star.

Jazmin Arias

the service there is completely terrible. I would steer clear of this place. The employees had such an awful attitude.

Jessalyn Crews

I am disabled! There are three assisted living facilities on my street (Cleveland and Springdale) EVERY TIME I go to this Wal-Mart MY WALMART they have maybe 5 ride on shopping carts working and 3 of the five are about to die. I don't know who this post will be seen by but please pleAse PLEASE order more of these very necessary carts. Tonight about 7 workers were stocking while a ride on cart sat in the coffee aisle beeping begging to be plugged in.

Linda Coley

I loved it. I'm here dropping my Daughter to college. They were very well stocked❤❤❤❤❤

Javiar Outerbridge

Self check out was quick & Easy Thickroscoe

They was ok didn't have a few things I needed

Terry Lawson

Easy access and easy for quick shopping

Susan Atkinson

Can always find something no matter which one you go to

Sara Pierce

What you expect from Walmart on Saturday, or any other day for that matter. Long lines and slow check out.

Wayne Hayot

Can't beat Walmart. You can get anything there.

Mrs. Jay Hill

Pretty good... I love the fact that they advertise more Great Value sales. Usually these items can cost up to $2-3 less than regular items. Check it out.

Aaron Meyes

I love it there

Crissy Walker

It's Wal-Mart. Of course they where awesome

Lara Jackson

Well number one after going to three other Walmarts in the area this one as well I could not change in my coins because every one of their Coinstar machines we're broke or full number two on the way of checkout after I self checked out and was walking out of the aisle right there to the left is a rack of cookies I would have loved to have one for if I sell it before I checked out then afterwards so I would say today has been a very disappointing day for me at Walmart

Mozes Ben

Very big super market you find everything there


perfect...also the new scanning and playing....very fast...thx ✌

Sarah Hartman

Good selection, fairly clean, plenty of registers. Staff were helpful when asked questions. Prices were reasonable.

cleo12cat .

Parking lot and store very clean. Associates are couteous and busy stocking shelves. Fast checkout. Pleasant shopping experience.

We R The Jacksons

Pick up was smooth. No hassles. The associate was kind, efficient & professional. I appreciated that. I will use online order again.

Jade Kano

Was my favorite Walmart in town but it's really gone down hill. The hallways are so tight together that 2 carts can barely pass ea other in most lanes. Their bathrooms are always nasty & the employees are always taking up their 1 family bathroom, which they leave smelling like something died in there. I love the self checkout but need actual cashier's when I have the kids & a cart full. These days we're lucky if there's two regular registers open & they ea have at least 3 to 4 people with full carts waiting.. miss how it used to be

Montag Muller

Stood in return line for 20 minutes while 3 employees gossiped about people in Pananma city. I don’t mind waiting until three employees are standing around doing nithing

Gloria Fludd

Worst Walmart I’ve ever been to. The lady at the customer service desk was supper rude.

Haydee Hernandez

Always very helpful,I always find what I need,from grocery to meds,to Christmas items

Juanita Washington

It was not very crowded so I was able to get in and out fairly quickly.

Laura Grimes

first I know there was a hurricane here so lot of out-of-town people here helping and we so much appreciate that! But I asked three people the location of an item and they all acted like they didn't speak English and I heard two of them speak English to other people so I know they did. Poor service skills!

Bruce Schramm

It's Walmart, looks nicer now that they had to redo the whole building from the hurricane.

Sherry Sordelet

Quick pop in while in vacation Safe and clean store

Roger Lance

No checkouts mot even self .people are faster so lines wouldn't be backed up if oh I forgot all about profit.

WeeDy 2033

Store was really clean but the associates are horrible at greeting and helping out.

Kenneth Grimes

No place like and my wife love it she goes one way and i the other and meet in the middle,seriously we both can find pretty much everything we are looking for in one stop and they almost always have it in stock.very convenient for us groceries to lawn and home care and a very good selection of electronic stuff.wal mart is the bomb when you need to shop but i think most customers know this thats why they are so successful of a big box store.

Sharon Glass

The self check out line is the best way to get in and out ...

Carolyn V Harrell

All ways Willing To Help Their Customers, Store Is All ways Clean Staff Friendly.

Stefani Taylor

The store was very nice

Dayne B

beeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeaaaaaaap After 12am every night. Ear piercing!


Arrived around 7:40AM to try on some clothes. Went to the fitting room, and was told by a team member that it was closed until 9AM. Taken aback. If I cannot try on clothes then I cannot buy them. Left with the conclusion that Walmart doesn’t want to sell any clothes until 9AM. They lost a sell. Pitiful business practice.

imajworx Ccs

No complaints only thing is the extra long lines

Viven Ogg

The parking was hectic with many vehicles coming and going. This was on a Wed. night at 9:30. Wal-Mart did not have a number of items I had come to get.

Cynthia Werneth

All associates are so nice ..Store Manager and his team ..Stacey overnight was a friendly awesome caring person..

Brittney Montez

It's clean, fully stocked and they almost have the grocery pick up finished. Good wal-mart a lot less stressful than the one on east of pcb.

Everlena Clark

Enjoyed the experience except for the TV with the broken screen. Customer service reps were very polite

Nicholas Palmer

This Walmart is usually always a quick night trip and mostly quiet but now that its March and lovely spring breakers are coming despite intown still devastated. Id reccomend staying far away and only venturing in during early morning hours 3am-8am. Wouldn't reccomend bringing the family and if you're a smoker be prepared to pick up a different pack then the usual they probably won't have them in stock ( especially l&m's . ) if you get lucky maybe a cashier will open up a cartoon when/if that's a available option. Out of Lynn Haven and the beach sadly this is the best choice until the spring break crowds go the $##% back home. So far this year its unfortunately not family's like what was hoped for. Goodluck and enjoy, if you're not a extrovert I'd definitely only go from 3-5am.

Cheron Theresa

FINALLY... multiple cashier lanes open & moving quickly...on a Friday no less!!

Shody Johnson

I ordered some items off of Walmart website but the items were too short. I packed up the items and went to a Walmart store in East Point, GA to the return the items. However, since the items came from Walmart Marketplace and from a Wayfair vendor, I will have to contact Wayfair on sending the items back and get my refund. This order came off a Walmart website but they take no ownership as well. This is my last time ever dealing with Walmart on any level, Publix and Amazon will have to be my place of choice going forward. I would have to give them Zero stars if possible.

nick Persinger

Fast and friendly service during grocery pick up.

Mary Koppels

Deli is the only place that is ever a problem, and hat is only once in a while. Yesterday I bought some fried chicken at 23rd Street location and it was horrible, dry and tough. I told Deli about it today and the woman was nasty.

Caroline Mitchell

Poorly stocked, never enough lines open, rest rooms filthy. Don't understand why, when there are so many wal-mart associates in the store doing absolutely nothing.

Larkin Mckeithen

Its huge!! Bring your walking shoes

Hansson Henneberg

Walmart pick up is slow easier to go inside the store

tawandra lovett

Horrible long lines poor customer service management is oblivious patrons are rude store is a disgrace

Susan Thornton

Never enough checkers!! Need a separate line for people with government vouchers..Not users fault,but all the rules & 1 per child halts a lone up to 30min

Dana Kidd

Lines take longer to get through than one can possibly imagine. The longer you wait in line, the more you invested you feel, and that’s why most people stick around. That being said, I’ve seen countless people abandon their carts and merch because they simply could no longer stand it. Got like 18 lanes, but only 9 open. Three’s a crowd, Walmart!

Rick Cunningham

Large inventory , good prices & friendly staff.

Nello Xo

This Walmart being a super center they seem to have much much more product, unless you want to drive to the beach or Callaway you will not find a better selection in Panama city. After the hurricane they seem very understaffed and have a lot of temporary workers so the customer service isnt the best but compared to other walmarts in the area this one is absolutely the best.

John Thomas

Actually I had a good shopping experience ..but the problem was my ignorance . not the store or its emploday. The pr ocess took more time than I Have likedwould

Samantha Simmons

They refused to take back candy. It was still sealed, I had my receipt, and the candy wasn't expired. The woman telling me she can't take it back had no idea why so I had to wait 20 minutes for a manager who was rude. She stated that it was against Florida law to take back food that has left the store. This absolutely untrue. WinnDixie, Publix, CVS, Walgreens, Ross, Other Walmart locations... I could go on... they all let you return food. Be careful what you buy from Walmart on 23rd because they will not stand behind their products.

Terri Smith

Always a long line. Sometimes the cashiers speak to you, I guess it depends on the day

Tonya Hendricks

The best yarn section ever!! I actually went on busy Christmas eve and the wait in line was not bad at all. Very good shopping experience.

Rodolfo Madero

This Walmart closed earlier than their posted hours and had a backed up line. The employees at the front were yelling at customers that were explaining that the store hours aren’t matching with what they are posting. If you’re in the area I’d pick a different place to shop.


Even though this is technically the newest Walmart, having just been refurbished around 3 years ago, it is still the dirtiest Walmart in town. This trip was quick, as I tend to not spend much time in this particular Walmart. Considering we are still fairly recent after Hurricane Michael, the Walmart was clean and friendly, well-lit and appeared to be well-stocked.

Douglas Demers

Caring people and everything where I can get in and out quickly. Thanks.

Shortee 808

The only reason I gave another star towards this Walmart is because of the gentlemen at the pharmacy with the long hair, he was very nice and helpful. But before we met him, we were waiting at the customer service area to ask if we had to wait for the pharmacy to open so I could purchase nicorette, (which was not a problem). A female associate offered to ring up our items, (which was great) but then proceeded to carry on a conversation with her fellow associate while we waited to finish our transaction. She took my receipt to use as an example in her conversation and continued talking to her "friend". I stood there waiting for her to hand over my receipt. My mind was blown away with how rude, and unprofessional these "customer service agents" performed. Play back the camera and watch her as shes talking story while shes "helping" us. We were there around 9:30am. It reminded me of the comedy skits you see on Saturday night live.

Tim Hightower

Better than the Callaway store but not as good as the Lynn Haven store

Mew! Kitty Mew!

Pharmacy is very assistive. Nice large assortment of plus size clothing vs Lynn Haven.

Amanda Porcelli

I went in last night about 5:30 to get a rotisserie chicken. There was 1 in the deli and none by the registers. I wanted the lemon pepper. The one in deli was just a traditional. So i asked the lady if they had any rotisserie in the back and she Told me no! (how in the hell does Walmart not have these at this time of day when ppl go here to pick these up for dinner after work). Then a guy after me ask if she had any roast beef she could slice. The answer was no. Again, how in the hell does the deli not have roast beef. Very disappointed considering working 10 hours, coming here to pick up dinner and walked out with nothing.

Jessy Sellars

AWFUL EXPERIENCE! We were shopping here for snacks and when we had to pay at the check out the lady in charge of it was extremely rude! We needed her assistance and she just walked away, we couldn't believe it. It was on Wednesday 4 around 4:45pm

Zoe Santiago

Always I can find everything that I want

Vikki Freeman

I love Walmart, it's one of my favorite stores to shop and escape from everything and everyone else.


Just tried to go in the store (3pm on January 9, 2019) and they have no power!! The employees said that this has happened before and it took HOURS to restore. C'mon, Walmart, you need to do better.

Wendy Sheffield

Super busy on a Friday night. Crowded and lines were long. Grocery items were shopped out. We were visiting from out of state and tired. This store didn't help. Approached by 2 beggers in parking lot.

Jamie Finney

Economical place to shop.

Donna Sawyer

Everything in the pet treat area rings up at different higher price then what is advertised. Chicken biscuits 32oz $14.97 always rings up $17.98. watch out some may not notice.

Nancy Leppek

Great prices and selections

OnlyMs Paulette

Cool staff, very friendly. I shop there at least 4 times a week. Customer service is definitely in the house!!!

Latresa Thompson

Whatever you do please do not order anything online from this store. I ordered a birthday cake for my son online when I arrived to pick it up it was not there because they did not get the order. Ok things happen. So I showed them my receipt and they wrote up my oder and said that it would be ready the next day. My husband arrived to pick up the cake and guess was not ready. Not so someone put something together and gave it to my husband. We were give pull apart cupcakes that said happy birthday my son's name ... My son was happy to see the ninja turtles on it but I will not order from that location again.

MrsB Benham

Never seen more rude Walmart staff in my life! Customer service staff that is! Everything else about the store is spot on!

Antonique Bloodworth

The lines are super long. There are only three or four registers open besides self checkout. The grocery isles are half empty. Visit the Walmart in Stockbridge.

Sharon Williams

The Store were very clean and the Employees were very nice, and courtesy. Very Satisfied!

Harry Ahner

Nightmare experience at Walmart Liquor Store in front. Super religious 40 year old woman working only register. I was buying alot for annual Christmas party. After I waited a long line, she refused to sell any of it to me. I am 64 years old. She said due to the quantity that I was buying, it was obvious to her, that I was buying it for someone else to drink. WHERE DOES WALMART FIND THESE PEOPLE?

Janice Johnson

Love me some Wal-Mart

Vicki Christian

Convenient for the area at Best Western Airport hotel I stayed at. Just didn't like paying two taxes. However I did grocery and clothes shop there.

clara george

Always find what I need at good price. Only drawbacks are the motorized cart are more often not, being fully charged, even early in the morning and checkout lines.

Mike Pieleck

If you’re in a hurry-don’t come to this Wal Mart. I’ve never seen enough checkout lines open at this location and half of the self checkouts are always broken. Not to mention Wal Mart has the absolute worst self checkout software of any retailer....screens always freeze and transactions take’s like they can’t handle the volume of people using the system. Prices are good and it is still faster sometimes than driving to town or Camp Creek, but there are lots of improvements that could be made.

jesse stokes

It is so cool I think I am in love haha

Me Sun

Couldn't find anything the place was not stocked at all

Michael Green

Still the most convenient and helpful staff and company even after hurricane Michael,everyone was smiling and professional, Got to love Southern hospitality

David W

They had what I wanted this time. This is the worst Walmart in town. They never have anything, theres no liquor store etc. Fail

Nolan Lemon

This location is horrible. The bathrooms are always dirty. The employees couldn’t care less. Yellow coats stand around and watch lines with dozens of customers with full baskets without taking any initiative to help or open more lanes. I once watched a disabled senior crying in the middle of the store while several supervisors stood around and ignored her. Another customer and I went to assist her, and then I got on the Walmart employees for not doing something. Today, I witnessed an employee take a can of Axe Body Spray off the shelf, spray himself from neck to toe, then place the can back on the shelf. In addition to me, there were three other customers on the aisle to witness this crass action.

Chiquita Brown

Slow service at customer service desk....very, very, inexperience NEEDS TO BE TRAINED IN "ALL" ASPECTS IN WALMART'S PLEDGE!!!!!!!!!!!

erma jackson

HAS a lot of good stuff

M Walling

Probably the best Walmart quality and variety wise that I have visited however they never have enough cash registers open during prime times.

Martha G

Their employees and managers are not trained well enough to provide quality service. It’s sad that I prefer driving 30-45 minutes out to go to any other Walmart but this one that’s located 10 minutes by me. Anyways, I say all of this because of my experience with returning an inflatable bed that was defective upon trying to set it up. They denied me a refund within 5 days which is unreasonable and their statement was that the manager had every and any right to decline all and any purchases... I really hope this policy changes soon because it’s not right for the consumers who go through this to be treated differently by 1 Walmart .

Sylvester Warren

Good purchased commode seat

Todd Gruffydd

One of my better visits. Hardly any lines for checkout - don't know if that was due to having enough cashiers, or if I happened upon a "golden hour" where hardly anyone was shopping/ready to check out. I was in the store for about 5 minutes longer than necessary due to the 1 person in front of me required a price check.

Iramofu Dominic

I love Walmart for it's wide selection of quality items and great prices. This particular store however is never fully stocked which means that I don't get some of my choice items when I visit. Perhaps they are short staffed or there's some disconnect between supply and demand, but it's not unusual to see shelves for staple items depleted of stock. It would be nice if they can work on that.


Nice clean story. Good food selection and price. Overall, all departments have a good selection of Chinese goods. Would be nice if there was a section of "Made in America" goods. As with most stores, limited selection of cat food and supplies. Could use more motorized shopping carts. Some of the ones they have are in sorry shape.

Raye West

Don't go between the hours of 4pm and 6pm if you can. I'm assuming they are low on employees, there's not enough registers open during those times. It's regardless if it's the Lynn Haven location (Hwy. 77) or the Panama City (23rd St.) one. This review applies to the current conditions after Hurricane Micheal. Hope this helps others.

John Jackson

Uneventful. However, the staff and customers are very nice. I had walked away from the checkout machine leaving my $40 cash back. The customer behind me as well as the attendant promptly alerted me to what I had done. I was so very appreciative!

Jeff Lee

Worse Walmart I have ever experienced. After shopping for close to an hour and a cart full of groceries, approached the check out lines that were rapped around the front of the store. Each register was atleast 6 cusomer deep. I even called the main number to speak to a manager, and I guess Lilly was too busy to take the call. Instead a representative simply said they are looking into it. After 20 mins in line, I just left my full cart and walked out. I will never shop this location again, if I even go to Walmart at all. This store is so poorly managed, and staff memeber are more concerned with walking around the store chatting with co workers than sercicing the customers.

catherine delrosso

Needed tires long wait but understandable due to hurricane

Queen Antino

Love to shop at Wal-Mart supercenter nice prices great people great food a must shop

S&S Sealcoating

Business as usual. Most everything stocked as usual except for things like air mattresses, egg crate bed toppers, less pricey pillows...gone! Understandable. Emergency type items are slim pickings. I was surprised at how "normal" the store was. They have most of what people need right now.


To many lines packed but I love u Wal Mart

Sheena Little

In and out great day to go to the Walmart Thursday afternoon

Sonya Robertson

Always packed and slow! Need more workers!

Donna Abell

Love Wal mart, everywhere else charges almost a dollar a can for my dogs dog food, there I pay .63c ..

Brenda Scott

Junky store. Shelves not kept stocked.

Lana Lee

5 minutes from Delta offices, great for last minute supplies needs. They have great prices for toys, very organized, yes it is in a very unsafe area but i would only go during the day for any needs. But still be careful! there is always cops outside this walmart!

Suga Esson

The worst Walmart I've ever been to. The manager I requested over 20 min ago never came. The Names i are Yolanda & Wilbert The line next to me had over 10 ppl in it. The line in front of me had over 15 the line in one was the same. The fast line was around the corner and the cashier closed the line in back of because of shift change and moved all the people over to the line I was in.. Wilbert finally came and refuse to help the cashiers. He never inquired about the cystitis that wanted to soak to him. I'm heading cashiers complaining and saying he don't do nothing. They need to restaff or shut it down.

keysha williams

I love the super store they have everything in stock

Greg Flanders

Typical Wal-Mart Supercenter, not enough cashiers, loooong lines, the main bathroom was closed off with a putrid odor lingering in the air, the other bathroom was not tended to and a bit on the dirty side. The cashier who checked me out didn't look or speak to me, much less smile. Just because this Walmart is in a poor area doesn't mean it has to be subpar.

Mary Green

Panama City world wide wonderful place to shop and that deli awesome

Marilyn Price

I love shopping at Wally world. The prices are great. The store is clean.

Annie Carter

The store is clean, organized, the staff was customer friendly, and I had no problem locating every item on my shopping list.

Tera Smiley

Woooow too danggg crowded. Nothing on shelves ppl done clean this store out... workers wasnt friendly @ all.. dont like this store

James Wells

This is the worst Walmart I’ve ever been to! It’s worse than going to the DMV. The only time you can get in and out of this Walmart fast enough is to go there as soon as they open. The lines are painfully long. Their lines are worse than the lines you’d see at Six Flags or Disney World. The self checkout lines are chaotic. Some lines only accept cash, while others only accept credit/debit cards. If you have an issue with one of the self checkout machines, good luck getting quick assistance from the self checkout associate. They’re either too busy playing on their phone, or they’re asking the 30 people in the self checkout line what type of payment they’re using. The employees aren’t much help there either. They act like it’s an inconvenience for them to assist customers with help or a question. That’s a reflection on incompetent management. Finally, once you get out of that nightmare of a store, you have to deal with aggressive panhandlers. If you just need to get food, I would recommend going to the Kroger down the road from them. You can get in and out of there way faster than you can at this Walmart. Avoid this Walmart at all costs!

Sarai Young

I'd give this zero stars if I could. Went to buy a disposable camera that was locked behind glass. Waited for help for 10 minutes before I had to look for an associate. She proceeded to tell me the electronic section closes at 9. Ran into the manager and he didnt even take the time to talk to me. He was literally walking away as I was talking to him.

L. Rossi

Self checkout was ridiculous so I walked around using my ibotta app making cash. Why not a sweet $30 free money. By then the self checkout was empty. 7/14/19

James P

I will never go to that place how can you have ammo and want sell to me

Anna Johnson

I was shopping online and found a robe for $5.00 in burgundy and my size @ Walmart for this location. I went to the store only to find out that they were out of robes all together. I was very disappointed that they advertised the merchandise only to find none in sight. So I picked up a few other things that I needed. I found a purse that was cute for only $5.00. Can't beat that price, and it was the only one left on the shelf. I also bought a sweater with shirt looks like 2 shirts in 1. So upon checking out I noticed something sticky was spilled on the back of the purse. I asked the cashier if sh could take something off, b/c I really wanted this purse and it was the only one left. She called over a manager for assistance, and the manager only offered to give me 10% off

juanita lake

Great prices on patio furniture and pillows

Leroy Wilson

I love the store, but I went to the pharmacy and the lady was very rude and in meañs wasn't professional at all,the Asian lady was politely explaining my meds to me. But the sister wasn't very nasty acting like I did something to her I guess she thinks she's only one that has a job ..meaning her attitude and her being behind the counter made her better than anyone else and by no means she's a pharmacist just bagging meds like they do at the register. But I was still polite .,that's how my mom's raised us ...Mom said always do the thing and especially when no one is looking.. That was Mom ..

Michael Bennett Sr

Tree carts did that people were putting up where in the way of the customers walking through the house. Because there's two and three of them and one I'll

Andy Mcintosh

and I wanted to use one of their electric carts to get around not charged and the one that I got kept stopping cutting out the guy at the door couldn't seem to be bothered to get any of them to work the lady at the MoneyGram counter spoke very Softly and I had to keep asking her to repeat herself the staff on the floor was very helpful

Sean Casilli

I love that I can show up in my PJs and not be judged. Natty ICE under one arm and bacon in the other. When the holiday weekends are here I can shut off the AC at home and just hang out here and be helpful to out of town shoppers who want to know what isle toilet paper is on. Living the dream!

Christopher Danner

Its Walmart. Does it really need a rating? It was ok. Crowded merchandise, it felt small for a Walmart.

Betty Strong

Only 3 registers open. Waited in line for what seemed like forever only to be told that there is a $200 and one transaction per customer limit when loading money onto a WoodForest Bank debit card. Very frustrating, especially when I have loaded up to $300 at other Wal-Marts.

Bubba Gump

Walmart sucks for bowing to the illogical "pressure" of facebook and the liberal media

Christa Rice

No lines experience was great

Benjamin Odom

They did not have the items I was looking for. It's hot outside and they did not have one pair of shorts for females. Also needed a black and white striped shirt to no avail.

Alison Commercial And Residential Contractor's, LL

Always great prices always great service. But I would recommend going to the Biloxi Walmart. Much cleaner.

Anna Taylor

Nice place! Clean and crisp.Has its flaws but mostly a good place.

donna drake

Great place to keep coming back to

David Peterson

Very organized and the Fresh Area looked super! Busy for a Monday!

angie Coffee

Not enough cashier's,EVER. And too many people that don't speak English and can't help with what u need. I hate this Walmart. I dread the trip Everytime. I am disabled and there is rarely a rideable buggy available. The employees are rude.

Christa Bowman

Much better!! There were a lot of lines open today!

Shemica Hale

Customer service was Very Slow and Unfriendly!!! On a good note I was able to get what I was looking for.

George Montgomery

The store is clean, bright and well-stocked! No complaints about this Walmart.

Jason Monfette

23rd st Wal-Mart never has what you need and employees are not the brightest spark Wal-Mart has to offer

Sabrina Alexander

They are never stocked, anytime you go there they are always sticking but nothing is ever in the shelves. The customer service could be better, and the employees could be more knowledgeable about where things are in the store. And they could definitely be friendlier.

Janice Battle

I love the prices&products at Walmart that no other can offer thanks

Cindy Graff

Nice store need more souvenirs

Kevin Davis

Nice cool and trouble free today.

Becky Marries

It was a great experience. Customer Service by Jimmy in electronics was excellent. Thank you

Myisha Davis

So unprofessional! Tired of being inconvenienced by my neighborhood Walmart!!! It’s always something!

Yariela Pigeon

Fast self check outs

Randy Floyd

It was ok ! Associates not to friendly in mornings

Jessica Stanton

This is one of the better Walmarts in town. The store stays clean and great customer service.

Big Wave Dave

Serenity on the beach. There is just something special about this park.

Robert Griggs

Needs more cashiers. There is a ton of unmanned registers. Everyone else seems to herd to the self checkout... I heard that there's a plan to have drones assist us in finding what we need and restocking the shelves... I will be shopping elsewhere if they lay off any more employees.

Meg Fuhs

Easy shopping! Not crowded!

Jacqueline Cotton

I came looking for a patio Umbrella I received Exceptional service from Ms.Oma in the Garden Dept.!!!! She's truly Valuable Assest to Walmart !!!!!!

Angela Small

I stood in the customer service line for ever. Only to find out that the check reader did not work. The cashiers were pretty uncaring. Reminds me of the many reasons I don't like patronizing the establishment.

Bob Caldwell

Good place to shop.

Paul Mosca

I always like going to Walmart. They have everything and a good prices! Today however make experience wasn't as good as usual! The store wasn't that busy and I was looking for some detailing items for my car. I found everything I needed and proceeded to check out in The Guidance Center as I was parked on that side of the store. When I go to the registers they were about 8 people in line and usually they call someone up to help but this time neither the register or the greeter at the door call anyone and I ended up waiting in line for almost 20 minutes. A real bummer!

Johnny Phillips

I went to pick up a couple of thing nice store very good for Shopping.

Carolyn Breeze

Hard to find what you need and don't have a full stock.

peter Dagnese

Customer service is horrible. Nobody that works there knows anything about anything.

Linda Jones

Cashier's not doing there job in customer service and pickup. Waited in line over 30 mins to pickup a item that was already paid for...

S Perrin


Justin Keith

Im from Nashville though we do need security nothing to the extent Ive seen here. And Memphis is now top 3 in crime in the entire country. Guess what they dont have. Police sitting at the front door.

Sensay Nneka

Clean and serene. Better than some Walmarts I see

Jenna Tripp Carter

I love this Walmart they always have a lot to choose from

Ace Wins

Walmart is Walmart but this time at night there is Walmart employees everywhere in the store so every corner you turn someone offering to help you lol but as I said Walmart is Walmart

Leslie Grant

I would love it if this location could get their act together, but it seems like a consistent list down. I tried to call the store to see if an item was in stock and was placed on 2 separate 20 minute holds, one being disconnected and then never assisted. Online the item showed as in stock in their location so i loaded my children up and drove up there to buy it. Get this: not only was the item not in stock, they don't even carry it. I complained about this and was told "there's nothing i can do about it". Thanks for wasting my time. This is the straw on the camels back. I guess you can't expect much from a large corporate store and a bunch of unhelpful employees.

James Cunningham

It's wally world enough said. At least this one was a bit cleaner.

Michael Pedersen

Never went inside. Paving the parking lot.

Erica Matthews

Still have room to grow but excellent products and stocking.

Gloria Knight

Always find everything I need at Walmart.

Lathie McKinney

Always have lots of new items. One stop shopping.

Rodney Jones

It's Wally world stand in line to check out

BlackPill 247

Early bird gets the best deals

Jean White

Not enough cashier's. I refuse to do their job for them. Need to educate cashier's how to appropriately assist customers with disabilities. I did the rest of my shipping through the internet.

geneva palmer

My shopping visit was Great found everything we needed & more. Great customer service!

Galen Dumler

Asked customer service to sell me some quarters to do laundry. Would not sell them to me.she told me she could not do that it was against company policies And I thought my satisfaction was supposed to be policie

Kate Eddins

If the dollar store doesn't have it Walmart will

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