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REVIEWS OF The Cheesecake Factory IN Alabama

Aurora Zimmerman

Haven't been to a Cheesecake Factory since I lived in Denver. Great experience as usual. The food was delicious and every thing from the greeting to the service was professional and pleasant. The bar was well stocked and my Strawberry Blossom recommended by our waitress Diamond was quick and tasted amazing. Thank you for the great lunch on our stop through Atlanta for the first time.

Devin Woo

Aaron is a wonderful, if you want good service- sit at the bar while he’s working. Food came out quickly, and prepared just the way it was ordered. Very attentive. Can’t wait to come back! Thank you Aaron!

La Toya Lee

We absolutely LOVE this place!!!! Mark was our waiter and he's fantastic! I ordered the steak Diane, as per usual it was VERY tasty. We were there this past Friday night and was seated quickly.

Mike McAlister

Fast courteous service. Comfortable environment albeit with a tired 90s decor. Generous portions. Plain mixed greens and a piece of tomato were presented as a side salad. Turkey club was good. Nothing that really stood out and really made us want to return.

Zaineb Ali

Great place to get your sweet fix on. We got the key lime cheesecake (my partner’s favorite) and it was beautifully presented. However, I wasn’t much of a fan. Very sweet tart flavored and unlike the displays it didn’t come with the limes on top of the slices so initially we weren’t sure we got the right one. Alas, we [unfortunately] did. It came frozen and stayed that way for almost two hours after. Never had bad service or desserts but I did take a star off as the quality seems to have slightly diminished and I did not like that particular flavor.

Amicka Mccall

First time there. It was me and my husband anniversary, food was WONDERFUL (mashed potatoes were over salted alil)!!! Our waiter Johnathan, was THE BEST!! Very attentive, knowledgeable on the best choices. Nice and clean atmosphere. I will be back

Mary Cochran

Always fresh food served hot and prepared to perfection. My all time favorite Vanilla Bean Cheesecake is still to die for.

Julie All

Desserts only and we got them to go. Nothing special about the customer service. Everything was put into one bag. No real way to keep them from falling on their side and sliding eveywhere. The cheesecakes and cakes were good of course but nothing spectacular.

[Terminated User]

Tasty food, very nice waiters. Fancy food but you don't have to dress up at all! I recommend eating here for birthdays and other events! BTW get the grilled fish tacos

Eyes Open

We took our daughter out for her 25th birthday. Saidah was our waiter. She was wonderful and very pleasant. The young lady who showed us to our table was very unpleasant. She had an attitude after we informed her our number was texted to be seated. She was having a conversation with one of her friends who’d also received a text but failed to come forth. We all were hoping that she wasn’t our waiter. We were prepared to leave even after we waited 30 minutes. We were relieved when Saidah introduced herself as our waiter. If you want to feel welcome and be well taken care of ask for Saidah.

Bianca Carrillo

I loved this place before I became a parent. The bathrooms are DISGUSTING and small. Only 3 people may use the restroom in the men and women’s rooms and two of the female stalls were out of service. I have a one-year-old that I was trying to change and I had to change him in the men’s room. No problem there but the changing table was so small that he was falling off. While trying to change him I was literally pushed against the toilet seat. The changing table couldn’t hold his weight and he started to fall down. On top of that, the restraint belt was missing a clip! If he would’ve fallen understand that I would’ve sued you all. Then to add insult to injury, there was no trash can to dispose of his diaper. I went to the women’s room and the tiny trash can was broken. Ridiculous! If you all aren’t going to accommodate families with small children, you should say that Cheesecake Factory is only for adults! Update: The manager did nothing to solve the problem just offered a sorry apology. If you guys have problems email the VP of guest relations Linda Candioty. All of the executives emails can be found online.

Tamika Linton

Loved the food and drinks. Me and my love enjoyed the atmosphere and service was good. Will be back!

Mysha T

This was the worst Cheesecake Factory I have ever been to. My waitress is lucky she never said her name because I would most definitely have spoken up about her rude and inattentive service. She threw the bread at our table, it took 20 minutes to get lemonade, I had to get up 4 times just look for her to get to go boxes. She’s one of those waitresses that you just need to ask for everything in one shot because you know she’s never gonna come back until like 20 minutes later. I go to Cheesecake Factory all the time in miami , Orlando , and this was the most unprofessional. Another waitress was arguing with her manager about how she wanted more tables and he wasn’t giving her enough. This happened in front of my 12 year old cousin on her birthday .. no class. Never coming back here again. Thank God I have been to other cheesecake factories so I know they aren’t all this bad.

Imani Adams

The food made me nauseous. The mashed potatoes were cold. The wait was 2 hours but there were many open table and only one hostess to clear everyone to sit down

Araceli Garcia

They were out of waffles and pancakes by noon! Waited exactly an hout for our food to come out. Waiter went missing 40 of those minutes until we had to get another waiter to call her. She could of cared less about us. Everyones food came out separate. Got the chilaquiles from the brunch menu and the were TERRIBLE. So bland and tasteless, we had to keep pouring salt on every bite. Such a bad experience. We will never be back to this location.

Christina ta

Great service-got in quickly for a busy Saturday night

Tianeka S

How do you have a curb side to go pick up service and just not answer the phone. Sat in the spot for 20 minutes and called 3 times with no answer. Don't offer the service if you can't handle it. What really makes me upset is I tipped for the service when I ordered online and ended up going to get my order since no one decided to answer or come out! No one seemed to care or apologize for me having to come in and get my order either!


The was this one waiter who was very helpful and well mannerd and he has some of the best costumer service I Have seen and this is 4 out of 5 stars

Frank Barnes

My wife an I had to visit the this restaurant in Buckhead. We spend a lot more money than we wanted to but it was really good.

slavica kavazovic

Nice clean place Good food Employees helpful and professional I will back and try more delicious food and cake

Tanji Emmeni

We got there late but they still sat us and fed us. The server was knowledgeable and had personality. They even made a fresh pot of coffee for one of our guests.

Cassandra Terry

The line wasn't to long, we got in very quickly and was seated on the patio. Very nice atmosphere and the Service was great. Good Food and drinks and Conversation.

Shekita Thomas

Went for my birthday again this year had a really great family dinner. Had the combination of the Steak Medallion & Shrimp Scampi - really great. My husband had Lemon Roasted Chicken - when I tell you this chicken was so flavorable and moist, my God. Really enjoyed everything, can't wait to go back. The ambience, the music, the servers, great experience, great time. Oh and the White Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake is my favorite!!

Ta'Zyla Johnson

I had the worst experience for my birthday here at the Cheesecake Factory in ATLANTA . The wait time was normal however the service and quality of my food was very unsatisfying . I ordered the chicken Marsala which includes mushrooms chicken Marsala and bow tie pasta but instead I got sauce less chicken and Marsala sauce on plain noodles not the chicken with asparagus on the side . Our server told us they were out of asparagus so I simply requested broccoli instead but when my party’s food came out he had asparagus on his plate after I was just informed they were out . Our waiter Queen was nice however everytime we requested something it took over 20 minutes for her to get back to us . I mentioned to the manager Ryan what was wrong with my meal and he was very nonchalant justifying why the kitchen messed the order up like really? I requested the check and it took from 10:42 with my ticket being printed out until 11:08 to finally pay for my meal to go . We waited over 20 minutes just for the manager to “fix” a ticket of ours that he messed up 3 times I have pictures of the receipts and the time stamps of how long we sat there to not eat but just to pay so we could leave . After waiting to pay my party and I decided to go to the hosts podium to request our ticket so we could pay because we waited over 20 minutes just for Ryan to fix a ticket. I would give this Cheesecake Factory no stars if I could simply because of poor management . Ryan was only worried about us paying and not fixing the problem.

Tanner Marcantonio

It's as good as any Cheesecake Factory I've been to in the past. Will definitely go again should the need arise.

Valerie Vinson

Filet Mingon was not good quality at all! For $30 it was a big waste of money. Delicious cheesecake was too cold. Great service though and beautiful restaurant.

Tima Dotson


Bobbie Case

We had Jay for our server tonight! He was awesome! It can't be easy having a large group! He handled it like a pro!

nana Morris

Completely a wonderful has always says factory service and said she only cheesecake. Metal only food always good choice

Genuine Heart

I expected a long wait. It was worth it. The impossible burger was Amazing. Great customer service

Tanya Richmond

It only gets this rating because it was 3 hour wait list but the location was good.

Veritia Simone

Horrible when picking up orders! It’s suppose to be better but it’s not! The manager, who looks like bow wow with a frontal, is so unprofessional. The workers of your company can really ruin it. I don’t advise anyone going here. For the same price you can eat elsewhere with better customer service AND food!

Unique Travel By Dee Porter

Birthday Celebration very nice atmosphere and the food was great! They even came to the table and sang happy birthday to the birthday girl.

Chetan Dhowan

Fantastic Santa Fe Salad.... Well priced and great food.

Ally Blanco

We used to go here a bit back in Denver and I remember the quality was pretty good, but we were really disappointed this time. The food lacked flavor and it was just bland. The cheesecake was just ok too. Go elsewhere if you're looking for flavor.

Brielle Chayil Tirzah Baht Israel

Had the Louisiana Spicy Chicken Pasta...excellent I added some creamy Alfredo sauce....OMG! Lauren was amazing hostess she made sure to seat our party of nine with back to back booths! Thanks so much it meant a lot to us...

Lucious Green

The food was literally heaven. Our server was Gary K. The chicken was so tender and juicy it melted in my mouth. The steak was cooked to perfection and the mashed potatoes were seasoned perfectly. Hands down the best meal I've eaten in a restaurant in my life. I ate my whole meal without even taking a sip of my drink. I've worked in food service most of my life, so please recognize your cook staff for me and our amazing meal.

Yeoh Xeoh

This lenox mall location is awesome. Lots of good things happen here

Dee Boss

I'm from the west coast and this is my first time to Atlanta. I've been to the Cheesecake Factory several times but by far this is my best experience. The service was fast the food was hot and good and the best part is I'm used to paying $30 for the dish I typically get and here it was only 19. I would definitely go back


I wanted to make this a 5 star rating because I truly love the franchise, but I was disappointed. Being that it's at Lenox Mall I had higher expectations....and it wasn't isolated to one particular thing. The women's bathroom is extremely small for a restaurant this size. This sentiment was shared by other ladies in the restroom as we navigated around a 3 stall bathroom that was better suited for a gas station... Kudos to the chef, we enjoyed our food. The cheesecake was our ultimate reason for coming and it didn't disappoint! Our waiter was kinda struggling....we watched larger parties around us get waited on by other servers easily. Meanwhile, we didn't even get our water refilled. Each phase dragged on as we waited for to go plates, our checks, our cards....we DIDN'T wait for our food. I won't reveal our waiter's name unless management asks me but he got the bare minimum tip. It was THAT bad. I would eat Cheesecake Factory but likely not this location.

Chanele McCarthy

One of my favorite places. Good food but even better Cheesecakes


Appetizer was greasy, and the wait was WAY TOO LONG!!! Our entrees also needed more flavor & seasoning & I can't believe this place doesn't take reservations or advanced seating...the ONLY saving grace was our server who was very good and attentive.

Ashley Benson

Food was wonderful like it always is. I felt very discriminated against for my size. They kept telling me they couldn't accommodate a seat without arms, but I could see there were chairs available like that. Also we were put in the back corner. Our server never even said hello to us. He never refilled our drinks. We ordered appetizers to split as our meal and was treated like that was wrong. Plus we were at the cheesecake factory and was not even offered a piece of cheesecake. We were stuck back by the kitchen where we had to listen to the manager talking rudely to the employees. That is why I did not say anything about our service, because the employees were already dealing with enough. It was the worst experience I've had at a Cheesecake Factory and I will not be back to that location.

Jai Cowan

I ordered the shrimp scampi which is my absolute favorite and not by far my first time having it. This time, at this particular location, it was disgusting! Absolutely no seasoning no salt, my shrimp was hard, and it has some weird added flavors to it that made me wonder was it even scampi. Everybody at my table had the exact same problem with their order. The waiter called the manager over but it was absolutely pointless,he was no help at all. Smh Never come to this location again

Travis Carris

Service was okay. Food was mediocre, did not feel good the next day. Thought it was just me, but others I ate with said the same thing. Would avoid this place.

Ashley M Hester

I have Been to many different cheesecake factories in many different locations. This one wasn't bad but i have had better. Potatoes were a little dry. Godiva chocolate Cheesecake was amazing though!

Tanya Hutcherson

Service was not good...the prices was very high for the food on the menu. Location was very crowded just not very Family-friendly!!!!

Samantha Cochran

My husbands food was edible. I got the cajun pasta and didn't eat it. It had no flavor and was super dry. Our waiter never refilled our drinks or brought bread that my son had specifically asked for. He finally comes back to the table and ask if we want to go boxes. We asked for the cheesecake menu and he seemed really annoyed that we had even asked. I'm not one to be super picky, but it was a little ridiculous. We ended up just leaving with no desserts.

Luiz Netto

garlic and pepper were removed by the cook so I had a delicious dinner. Tomato sauce is smooth but noticeable, whose flavor is enhanced with the shrimps. Service was pleasant but confused.

Tonia R

We actually got sat fast. The waitress did knowledge us and took our order. It took a few minutes (8 mins) to get our drinks. The food was good overall. Service was good.

Charisse Leiba

The service was slow. I received a dirty cup to drink tea out of. The server wasn't rude but just very slow. We were a large party and so he brought 2 plates at a time so we had to wait like 20 minutes each time for the next set of 2 plates to come out. I figured with a large party that they would have assistance with bringing out the food at the same time however it took so long I told my party to go a head and start eating and by the time I received my food my husband was pretty much done with his.

Darryl Beasley

It was good. Crowed so waiting was an issue. Food was good.

Shay Robinson

This restaurant was awesome, the staff were friendly and courteous and the food was awesome

Leigherica Jones

I love this Chain/Brand but I prefer the Perimeter location. Easier to get in and out of and better service. Food and drinks should be awesome no matter which location you pick. They have a wonderful selection of food and great craft cocktails. Great happy hour spot, has something for everyone!

Marcelo Cassar Magdalena

Cheesecake factory is always my favorite to stop and have lunch, dinner or whatever whem im hungry. Its a shame it doesnt exist in brazil. So Much love for This restaurante. This time i had a carbonara without green peas and added chicken, by the way super soft and delicious. I love this place.

Marie White

The most mouth watering delightful food with a pleasing atmosphere and nice waiters/waitress. I love the Lenox Mall locations.

Everything Natty

Kandice M provided excellent service. The spaghetti and meatballs were delicious.

Peter Vittal

Great ambience, beautiful interiors, lovely blend of different colours, not easy to balance! Enjoyed the different menu served, & the service. A wonderful experience - every time. The staff have a great, positive attitude. Cakes: what huge portions, so beautifully crafted. I can still picture it, savor it. Wow! I can say, going to The Cheesecake Factory is, to me, a totally delightful experience. I look forward to the next one!

jaideep sidhu

Went there one late Tuesday evening and really loved the place. It was packed and had lots of energy. The servers were friendly. We had the Godiva cheesecake and simply loved it. Will definitely be going there again.

Lindsay Hayes

My eyes were definetly bigger than my stomach, but the food was so good and worth it. I was actually overwhelm because of the large menu but it was worth. Can't wait to go back!

Yushekia Creswell

Our food was delicious, the atmosphere was nice & pleasant!! I didn't like when our server, which was a young black guy, passed the 2 black families to give the white family their bread ten come back & gave us our bread. I told him I don't understand why you would pass us then come back since we were closer than the whit family to him?? That made me feel he thought less of US


Always a favorite for lunch or dinner. The selection of food can be overwhelming however it's almost impossible to pick something that won't be delicious... as for dessert all I can say is OMG... you need to get one even if it's to-go

ufuoma odiete

Oh my! Absolutely yummy!! Delicious everything! Would always be my best choice for great food. The brown bread is everything!!! Portion sizes are awesome.

Joshua Brigman

The food was delicious,but my service was horrible. Our waiter was the slowest person I've ever seen in my life. Cheesecake was definitely worth the wait but service was great

DeeDee Fitzgerald

The cheesecake is the best thing on the menu... hence the name!

Seth Lilly

Amazing food. Amazing cheese cake. Service could have been a little better but the place was packed.

Tierra Anderson

Unfortunately my visit was not what every one hyped it up to be. My noodles were undercooked and the cut on the veggies was uneven and did not cook evenly. I ended up sending it back in disappointment and just having the Cheesecake. Which was the saving grace but cheesecake doesn’t get you full I ended up still having to go elsewhere for lunch.

P. Stokes

The food was good. Our server Jonathan was helpful. We had forgotten that this is place can be pricey. I enjoyed everything but the coconut in the mango keylime cheese cake. Why add a layer that doesn't allow you to deconstruct without destroying the entire dessert!!!! I was spitting out coconut instead of enjoying the cheesecake.

Letitia Dixon

Not good at all the plate itself came out piping hot.. Which means the food was microwaved...the waitress was slow with everything from bread to drinks....the food was edible but i eill go elsewhere for ladies night next time.

lashonda fletcher

They ruined my kid’s birthday. All he wanted was a strawberry cheesecake and my other son chocolate cheesecake. He waited 30 minutes for them to make strawberries. Only for them not to make the strawberries. Since they took so long, they sold the chocolate cheesecake. The manager could care less. They didn’t give a damn. Will never go back to this location again!

Danielle Johnson

It is what it is. Be EXTRA careful if you need gluten free for medical reasons. I told the server, chose all gf food, checked when each thing was delivered. Asked for a gluten free cheesecake (which was on the menu we were given) but was served something that was not gf because the gf item in my menu, is apparently no longer available. Noticed AFTER I took a bite and it was clearly not what I ordered. Server did not seem to realize the gravity of the mistake.

Yolanda Gomez

Not sure what happened with the two people that were serving our table. They started very good then not good at all, dinner was late and cold the only thing that was hot was the plate. The steak was not worth the $29 it cost. I can get a larger premium steak at Longhorn or Ted's Montana grill for less money. We ordered beer when we were first seated and then as we finished the appetizers. We didn't get the second round until we were nearly finished with the meal. Approximately 30 minutes. When we asked, the servers kept telling us they were waiting on the bartender. We are very disappointed with the night as a whole, and will not eat there again or recommend your store. The bill was 179.00 and clearly not worth the time or money. Since you probably don't care, this complaint will serve no purpose.

nina mcgowan

I can not say I've ever had a bad experience at any cheesecake factory. Food is always good and cheesecake is always delicious! Staff at this location was good and our server was fantastic!

Nick Washington

Food was great the bar service was excellent but the kitchen staff needs work they are slow. Ran out of bread. Took 50 minutes to get a shrimp salad smh.

Stephen Hunt

I mean, it's okay. Big menu, yada yada, but the crowd is ridiculous. I pretty much just walk in and turn around. It's good, but nothing worth waiting over 10 mins.

Wallis Alves

The staff were pleasant. This was the fastest service i have ever received at a Cheesecake Factory. My order was correct and tasty. So glad I decided to eat here

Ian Holland

Come for the cheesecake. food is maybe a four but its always overcrowded so the service is always bad unless at the bar. Might as well go to a red lobster tbh but they dont have cheesecake.


Not really happy During my trip to Atlanta, my family and I decided to stop to get lunch at this place . I know the food is good and we didnt mind to wait 30 minutes to get a table. The food was good, but the service was bad. I know the place was full, but the waiter was barely doing his job, and he only came to drop the food and we had to be looking for him to get the check. I will not go back to this restaurant in Atlanta. I dont mind to pay for good food but I expect better service.

Emmielou Mooney

Was supposed to be a 20 minute wait. Waited an hour. I asked 1 time how far down the list we were after waiting 45 minutes and the hostess hot smart with me. Got seated... long story short. We were there for 3 and a half hours and it was awful

scott shabdue

This CF always seem to do a good business. And the fact that most of the same wait staff is still here after so many years speaks volumes. I always come in thinking I'm going to get something different .. but end up with the usual. I love the parm. Herb crusted chicken with mashed potatoes and beans and end up taking half home for dinner. You need to try the flavored ice tea. It's unsweetened, so great for us diabetics. I could drink it by the gallon.

Nadeem Mustafa

Very poor service . I ordered appetizer it took the bartender 20 min to ring it up and when I ordered meal took him another 20 to ring it up Stayed there for 1:30 min main entree never made it therefore I asked for my check he looked at me and said : you don’t want your pasta, I replied I don’t think it’s coming .. there he gave me my check without caring . I spoke to the manger on the way out she didn’t see to care either

Nicole angel

Took 45 minutes to serve us at 2 pm. There were four of us. Two of us ordered fettuccine Alfredo. One was fresh, the other was dried up. Two of us ordered French onion soup which we were told was the soup of the day. The brought a chicken lime chili to the table which was cold. It was served after the meal. The chicken in the salad was burned. The chicken salad sandwich had more mayo on it than chicken salad. Avacado toast took so long to arrive they gave it to us for free. Very disappointed in this visit. Terrible food.

Jama Wynn

Nothing but perfect service every time we go! Anytime we have had an issue it’s been solved promptly!

Chauncey Hoover

Expensive, but rightfully so. Best buffalo chicken sandwich I've ever had in my life. However, the drinks were very weak, to the point that I was questioning if there was any alcohol in them at all.

jl cole

I don't know what was going on in the kitchen. But it took an hour for our food to arrive. Our server was doing his best and we know it wasn't his fault. Thankfully the manager gave us a discount for the wait.

Tahzonna Glenn

Awesome atmosphere, great customer service with a little star power! We saw Tom Lister, Jr., who played Debo I'm Friday. He was really cool patient with the fans. And the food was great too!

Nikki Freeman

I had the grilled salmon with squash and green beans. It was good. The waiter was great even though it was very busy. The wait time was over an hour but we were told it would be 40 mins. One hostess seemed to be really stressed

SAULE singer

Terrible experience. I went there with my friend to have a lunch. We waited our order ONE HOUR!!! And it wasn’t busy that day. When I talked with manager, he told us they’ll do discount but they didn’t. I’m very disappointed.

Dezirae Norris

Second time at the cheesecake factory and the service and food were excellent yet again! One of my favorites. The chocolate cake is everything!

Robin Hossain

Food and service was excellent at this location. crab cakes and samosas some of the best i've had...


Nice place, delicious food and great cocktails however a little pricey.

Kavita Merchant

The food was good, however customer service here was absolutely horrible! They were so rude, for no reason.

Jessie W.

Server was very pleasant. My wife and I dined in the outdoor seating area, with the heated lamps, it felt wonderful. Food was Good, drinks Good, dessert even better!!

Joy Lynne

The Cheesecake Factory in Lenox mall was an okay experience. I will suggest going to the bathroom either before entering the restaurant or after you leave ladies. It’s really small. On to the food! Lunch specials aren’t really priced at lunch special deals. However you do get a nice size portion. No bells and whistles like a salad, and soup beforehand... Nope but you do get bread! For dessert we ordered Celebration cheesecake. Pretty good not too sweet.


My mother flew in from Jersey to Atl for her birthday her heart was set on cheesecake our first experience was far from southern hospitality the host had a nasty attitude didnt even wanna give us menus to place a to go order then we proceeded to the cashier and SHE EVEN HAD AN ATTITUDE messed up my mothers order!!! On purpose !!! Never coming back here


Amazing food!! Was shocked by how large the menu was and all the different options. This can be very confusing..? Considering I expected this to be a confectionary-based place (although they do have good cheesecake) incident expect such a wide variety of things. Nonetheless, amazing bread and chicken. Coming again when I can afford it haha!

Dayjah Christian

If I could give no stars .. I would . Horrible customer service. I’m guessing because we were a group of 4 and looked young the waiter could careless about treating us with respect . I believe his name is Jay but if I’m wrong he is pretty tall, light skinned with short curly hair . He dropped the food on the table without asking if we needed anything , didn’t say excuse me when reaching over us , didn’t smile THE ENTIRE time and repeatedly said they were out of everything we asked for . HORRIBLE HORRIBLE . I wouldn’t suggest going here unless you’re a big time celebrity , then maybe you’d get treated with respect .i ordered fish and chips ... ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE but I didn’t send it back because I didn’t feel like dealing with the attitude My ticket alone was only $35 which I gave 50$ and did not get my change back so I’m guessing he assumed the change was his . I didn’t get a ticket tip receipt either . It’s very sad here very much over hyped. They need to fire the employees and start over from scratch .

Ifran Xion

Awesome place, awesome desserts. Hershey's and Oreo cheesecake are the best. They also have an attached bar.

Aaliyah Thompson

This was the worst Cheesecake Factory I’ve ever been to . Food was amazing but service was horrible. Waited an hour for my food to come out and watched 3 other tables order after me , get food BEFORE me and still manage to leave BEFORE me. Took 30 minutes to get the check and my card back . Spent more time waiting than actually enjoying the place . The manager was very passive about the whole situation. Never coming back again and won’t recommend .

Lisa Bee

From the door. Wait time longer than told. Loads of empty tables. Sat for 15 minutes before begging for a waiter. Food order wrong. Not only that but they snuck chicken in a vegetarians meal. Took forever to get the right entrees. Check was wrong. Bathrooms absolutely disgusting. Food flavorless. This location gives cheesecake a bad name.

Stephanie Swindall

I have high standards of cheesecake factory so this was an odd experience. The waitress was slow to wait on us and the food was just okay. I'm from Birmingham and the Cheesecake factory there is better.

Morris Lee

45 minute wait, 2 drinks =$35, Food = $32. First thing waiter tells us is that they ran out of chicken and half the menu contains chicken. We ordered a cheeseburger and a lasagna. Lasagna came out in 25 minutes, cheeseburger took 45 minutes total to get to the table. Food was nothing to rave about at all. I would have given 2 stars but this was my first visit and everyone has a bad day. The building and decor is beautiful!

TyKira Key

The meal was amazing and correct the service was awesome as usual. I am definitely looking forward to coming back soon.

Nathan Turner

Not normally one to leave a review, but here we are... When sitting down at a place like this it is important to understand that you are paying for a novelty experience, not the quality of the food. With that being said, the only reason I decided to eat here was because of gifts cards I was given at Christmas. 3 $25 gift cards that came together in a pack, totaling $75, that you would typically see on a grocery store check out aisle. When gifted them, I was given the reciept, but never thought to bring it with me (I doubt anyone else would’ve either). When the check came, I laid down my gift cards, and my credit card to cover the difference (about $30) and tip. Waiter comes back shortly and tells me that the cards aren’t activated, and that grocery stores can sometimes activate the cards INCORRECTLY, whatever that is supposed to mean. Without hesitation, my friend and I split the entire meal half and half, as I didn’t want to deal with a conflict after being there for quite a while. Just very displeased about the lack of problem solving that occurred, especially when staff is already aware that gift cards can be improperly activated. Cheesecake Factory scored $175 and change out of this mishap, for food that is pretty mediocre. Had I known the night would end up costing me (my half of the tab) almost $60 after a tip, I definitely would’ve spent that money elsewhere.

Connie Richardson

I have never eaten here. As I walked through, it looked like everyone was enjoying their meals. I gave five stars for the large slice of Linda's chocolate cake. I have loved cheesecake factory chocolate cake for years. I try to get it for special occasions. This is not a cheesecake. I love the chocolate icing. I don't know how long this restaurant has been in the mall. It's inside entrance is at the end of a side hall. I like that.

George Walker

We were seating 7 and it took 1.5 hrs to get us a table. Once we were seated the service was good and the food was delicious. I tried to order the pork schnitzel but found out they ran out. Ended up with the cashew chicken. This restaurant is very popular on Saturday. If you have a large group I would recommend eating elsewhere.

Aretha J

Visited the location at Lennox Mall...all the old food on the floor under the table was disgusting. Had to request that it get cleaned up and that was done sparingly. The food was good. The portions are very generous so usually enough for two meals for me. The waiter was great. Hence the reason I am giving 3 stars.

Sharon Stapleton

I usually LOVE Cheesecake Factory but this location was not good. The host had an attitude out of this world! We were waiting for two more members of our party arrive and he refused to seat us. When they actually arrived, we tried to tell him but he said he had to count to be sure. He then started calling the people behind of us and saying others just walking in the door, while none of us were standing there. It took us starting to make a fuss for another hostess to come see what the problem was and he told her then that our party was not complete! We all began to make noise at this point because we children with us who were hungry.Only then we were seated. After being seated, we sat there for 15 minutes with not so much as a glass of water! We asked one of the servers passing by to call a manager for us. A manager came, gave an insincere apology and literally grabbed the closest server. Jacob was nice and tried his best with a large party. He was the only person who seemed remorseful for how we were treated. Not sure if I would return to this location.

Sonia Cox

Worst Experience coffee came cold twice mash potatoes were dry salmon was undercooked and not tasty at all. I have eaten here on many occasions and the food and service was always good we usually sit at the bar but tonight we sat regular and seems like everything was rushed they said they ran out of bread and it was as if the cooks wanted to get out of there and go home judging by the way the food came out. They had to remake my potatoes and it took for ever to get them back the salmon got cold in the meantime, we called for the manager who came over listened attentively to our complaints but did absolutely nothing no courtesy discount nothing. Not sure if we are going back and if we do we will sit at the back and look for the nice bartender who usually serves us.

ingrid camsel

After interacting with a very rude host, the manager was no better, Jacob made it very pleasant. We waited 20 minutes for service once seated. The manager's insincere apology did nothing to make the wait any better, he didnot check back anytime during the long wait for our meal.

Michelle Webb

Excellent food always!! Anniversary cheesecake was a chocolate lovers dream!!! Good service, short wait time which was a bonus. Enjoyable evening out.

Stephanie Walker

Visiting at this location for the first time and really had the best experience!! The food and atmosphere were great, and there wasn’t as long wait surprisingly. The BEST part was definitely our waiter though; GINO was so nice, funny, and personable!! Coming back just for him!

TJ Brown

Food is always good. The restrooms usually need attention for some reason. We wanted more bread but our waitress said that the bread was in the oven. So we never got more bread the entire time we were there. Other than that the food was awesome. I have Steak Diane. Yum!


Ordered the salmon and sweet potato fries. I asked the to put make the salmon a bit spicy and they did, which I was grateful for and it was really good. Great atmosphere, not too loud. Nice staff

Latoya Miller

I ordered the Shepard’s Pie and I had a long strand of hair in my food and I called and spoke to the manager named Mellis A. and he was very rude to me never once did he apologize or offer me anything he just said it could’ve been a long strand from the potatoes but I know it was hair and I plan on posting this review everyday until something is done about this situation also I advise whoever is reading this to throughly check your food at the Lenox Square location in Atlanta Ga.

Tabatha Dallas

Food was perfect and cooked to perfection. Portion sizes were larger than I expected and that was a wonderful thing to see. I'll be back soon

K Taylor

Food was delicious. Cody was very helpful and personable. Enjoyed our time.

Gabe J

Good food but really slow service.

Alexandria Dupont

I enjoyed the cheesecake, the coffee is not great.

Kwajalein Johnson

The food and the service were really good.

Pamela delcid

Service was terrible!! From the beginning when we arrive those ladies at front were not friendly with us, then the waitress omg ! He brings us the salad without the dressing, and we ask him for bread and he said they were running out of bread, (also something with the water, so they only have bottles of water) then he just literally threw a basket with two bread saying that THEY DONT HAVE FRESH Bread BUT Because my friend ask for bread he brings a cold bread!!! Not mention the dirty silverware!!We were treated like if we will not pay for the food!!! We just end up asking for a check and the “manager “ so rude also he didn’t even ask what was happened!!! Terrible service!!! And was on Monday!!! Never again going to this restaurant!!!

Aaron & Melissa Spade

Absolutley loved going here. My husband got the Fettuccine Alfredo and I got the shrimp pasta in a creamy lemon sauce. My sauce was so amazing! We also had the French bread pizza with basil and tomatos. It was really good too. The place was exceptionally clean and the service was pretty good. Had to wait awhile for our red pepper flakes for our pasta and for drink refills. When the pasta came out the serving of noodles was much less than comparable places like olive garden. We were supposed to get sourdough bread with our pasta and it never arrived at all. We did order dessert. I got the carrot cake with vanilla ice cream and the hubby got banana cheese cake. Both desserts were incredible. We would definitely go here again on the future and really enjoyed it.

Brenden Curtis

Arrived with a party of 8, was told it would be 2 hours. We went and walked around the mall for an hour and a half. We then returned and were told it would be an additional hour and a half. No apology was given. Ended up dropping our reservation and got instantly sat and served at California Chicken Grill instead. If you have 6 hours to wait this place is for you.

Barin Nelyse PhD

Sat at the bar and waited almost 2 hours for my to go food. They'd forgotten all about me. Smh! The salad as usual was delicious.

Kacie Johns

The food was delicious, but the customer service could use some improvement at this location. Overall, definitely worth a try for the cheesecake!

Nadia Santiago

Never thought I would leave cheesecake factory a 1 star ever!!! First of all we sat to order, our food came fast it had to taste just blend, 2nd we ask for bread didn't receive it till I ask again after 40 minutes, the waitress dropped the plate on the table and walk off bread was not fresh, but it's ok, 2 things did it for me, the Male waiters 2 of them i guess was dating had a lover's quarrel right next to our table, a Mexican gentleman who works there walk up behind a Male waiter and hugged him from the back in a sexual way, lastly I told the waiter and manager 2 times that the bathroom needed attention and they both said we will get on it I went back to the bathroom 2 times after checking out it was still filthy, tissue all over the bathroom floor, stalls has urine on the seats & in the toilet, looked like urine on the floor I dont know, it was like i was in a flea market bathroom, that is not the cheesecake factory I'm use to, if the food/Health inspector come in this place it will be shut down.

Porsha Samuels

Great vibes and they aim to please. I like the salads and chicken wings.

Nicole Hendricks

The famous and amazing Cheesecake Factory is a must try if you have never been. The menu is a mile-long and I'm talking just about the main course items. The cheesecake options are another mile-long :). You will enjoy it despite the wait time. However, if too long, you can window shop or shop til you drop because it's attached to the mall.

Chevy Mize

Large selection, delicious food and even more delicious cheesecake! Wait staff is always super friendly!

Shannan Davis

You can NEVER go wrong with their massive wonderful pieces of cheesecake in 30 different varieties!

Ryan Heiss

SMALLEST BATHROOM IN THE MALL. I had to use the stall, and in order to do so I had to carefully maneuver the door to not hit a man using the only urinal in the whole place. Ended up getting smacked in the forehead with a jutting piece of metal from the door for my efforts. Food was good though. And the wait staff at Cheesecake factory do not get paid enough for the BS they have to out up with daily.

Gloria Flanagan

The service food and ambience was great. Portions if cheesecake was small for cost

Cassandra jones

The food was excellent and the service was even better . I must commend the staff and the cooks. The food portions were a bit less than my previous visits, but tasted great nonetheless. Keep up the good work.

Tim Samples

Cheesecake Factory is the incarnation of many of the worst aspects of American cuisine and restaurant concepts. Huge portions, vast and incoherent menu, sugary cocktails, garish interior design — what more could you ask for?

Tommy Kellett

It's always amazing. We drive all the way from Rome to eat here. I highly recommend the chicken marsala or the fettuccine Alfredo. They have more options on cheesecakes than I probably will ever be able to try, but the banana cream, and the strawberry topped slices are top of the list for my wife and I. I look forward to going back soon!

Jacquie Roch

I put 5 stars because food was excellent. . We received though appetizers after main course (kitchen issue) but it still was delicious.. our server, Joshua, a 100% plus.. Great time, ambiance and enjoyable service Xxxx Note: avoid the coffee, colored water

J South

Typical cheesecake factory atmosphere the food was good and we had a great time. Service was good also.

Alicia Simpson-Griffin

Just stopped by to get dessert... undesirable clientele cluttering entrance with clouds of marijuana smoke and loud noise

Mark Oldenburg

On a busy Saturday... Hardly anybody was in line for the Cheesecake! So it was the quickest I've ever been there!

L Glover

It was ok. The service could have been better. It was a little disorganized it seems. We just ordered cheesecake to go. The cheesecake was good however I wouldn't make a special trip to get some.

Mrs Jackson

Initially it didn't start off too well due to the poor customer service that I was getting... then I asked for the manager...I met this very nice customer service oriented, driven gentleman by the name Pedro. He took ownership and went above and beyond to ensure my expectations and satisfaction was meet...He even sat down to speak with me.. He turned my not so pleasant visit into an exceptional one..Thanks Pedro! and a big thanks to Jason for being receptive of the feedback I provided

Douglas McDowell

Kool place to get your sugar level way up but hey they were only live away

Ashley Burton

The food was amazing! Delicious and brought out quickly. What we could not understand was...the waitress (skinny. white, short straight dirty blonde/brown hair, late 40s?). She promised us our bread and never brought it to our table. When she brought us our food she did not bring the correct side for mine which was no big deal, but after reassuring me it would be no more than a 1 1/2 min. wait I was still waiting even after I had finished my burger. We had to ask for drink refills, which again, no big deal, but I took this opportunity to remind her about my side and she responded without addressing my concern and got defensive. She rarely tended to more than her coworkers at the hostess stand and when we finally got the check she didn't apologize for the missing food or service or offer any kind of recompense for it. I only wish I had gotten her name to specify it here.

Matt Griffth

Absolutely love the original cheesecake flavor.My dinner was also very good they have great quality food here.

Keith Kirk

This location sealed the deal, I will not go back to another Cheesecake Factory. We were told 40 minute wait, but waited over an hour. Then after being told our table was ready we were told to stand by the counter. We waited there another 10 minutes. Once at our table we waited another 10 minutes before taking our order for drinks. Overall service was slow. Obviously there were not enough waiters for the number of people at the restaurant. My wife also found no toilet paper in the bathroom with 10 ladies waiting. After complaining, no one rushed to service the restroom. I honestly just wanted to leave, but it was now 9:00 pm and the kiddos were beat tired and it was too late to find someplace else. After ordering, food also took long to make and bring to the table. They actually brought the adult meals out first and 10 minutes later they brought out the food for the kids. Food was ok, nothing special. Overall I would say this place had very little concern about customer service.

Matt Walker

Food was good but service was a little slow today

Chris Broome

Service is extremely slow. All I heard was excuses and I’m sorry. The food was par and there was no wait. There is no reason for the sub par service and food quality as they were not busy. I will not be back. The waitress was nice but could not fix the problem. It has been an hour and still no food. Don’t go to Lenox Cheesecake Factory in North Atlanta.

J Duncan

Excellent food. Didn't wait long for a table. Service was excellent as well.

Stephanie Tademy

Great food & staff

DaShay Cannon

I was very dissatisfied with the service here. Our waiter Jacob was slow and a liar who kept coming to the table with excuses as to why we were waiting on everything, including our drinks at the start. We sat for about an hour before our appetizers started coming out, meanwhile we were able to watch multiple tables sat after us receive both bread and meals. When we questioned it, Jacob claimed that they ran out of bread. When a manager was asked for, magically there was bread brought to the table. The manager, Ricky, came to the table after a little while and apologized.... that’s all he did was say sorry. Not a “what can I do to make your experience better”, “is there anything I can do to improve for the future”, etc.

Chandra Wells

Food portions are smaller, service was good however the bathroom was a nightmare! It was so dark in there, 1 toilet stall looked as if someone's butt had exploded, toilet tissue was not in the dispenser, and the sink's water pressure was a cold trickle.

Allegra Kuric

Surprisingly not bad wait for a Friday dinner but very unorganized host stand. People don’t know where to stand or go when they get the text to be seated so it becomes a mess. The food and service was good but nothing extraordinary to make me want to go back.

Tonya Baynes

I gave a 4 star rating because the wait was 2 hours. I will never go again on a Saturday evening. It has been a while since I have been and to that location. We arrived around 7:30 PM and was informed that the wait would be 2 to 2 and a half hours. We were seated in exactly 2 hours. The food was really good and the service was great. After placing our orders food came out at a decent time. I will dine here again just not on a Saturday evening in which I was informed is the busiest day and time if the week. Let me not forget to say that the location was at a mall. Lennox mall also one of the busiest in Atlanta, so I guess the wait should have been expected.

TonyTone Food Reviews

Went to the cheesecake factory for brunch with the family. I had the chicken and waffles eggs Benedict. It was phenomenal. The chicken was crispy, the waffle was nice and fluffy with a nice buttery taste. The breakfast potatoes were excellent and got a side of Nashville hot sauce which put the dish over the top for me. Our server was Rod, he was exceptionally attentive and accommodating to our large party. Can not recommend this place enough.

Casey Danielle

Very great service. Loved the food. A little on the expensive side but totally worth it. 5 stars for sure

Sha'Khia Amor Black-Dickerson

I went to the Manager 3 times to ask her if someone could clean the bathroom, the Manager said yes. This supposed to be one of the best restaurant to go to at Lenox Mall. The server was amazing but it was not enough staff to go around we had to sit and wait about 2 hours to get our food 45 minutes to get a drink. When I say you this was the worst service that I ever had coming from the Cheesecake Factory will I go back there again no. I hardly recommend that people go to the Cheesecake Factory at Cumberland Mall. I wish that I could give zero stars because this Cheesecake Factory does not need any

Daniel Simmons

Always good experience and the Cheesecake Factory. All of our appetizers were good, entrees were excellent. Our sides seem to have been cooked for too long, they weren’t very hot and fresh tasting. Everything else was great!

K Long

This location made our family gathering AMAZING!!! Each year my husbands parents and siblings plan a vacation to different places. This year it was Atlanta, GA. On Friday, July 19th, our party of 35 (yep thirty-five people including children) wanted to do lunch at this establishment. This location not only met our expectation but made us feel like their extended family. Miguel, was practically a family member before we left and assisted us with getting a group picture as well. Our serve was so accommodating and deserves the “Most Valuable Server” aware for that day. Thank you all for a great experience.

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