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REVIEWS OF Dolce Pan Bakery IN Alabama

Emily Hsi

All the food was good. I liked The price $2 for empanadas. BUt the Cuban empanada for $5 was not a good value despite it being tasty. If I went back I would order a chicken and a beef empanada. I was disappointed that there wasn't more puerto Rican food like mofungo everyday as it is only daily specials two days a week. Lots of very good sandwiches for good prices.

Lourdes Rivera

Awesome foos, great service and Boricua.

Nathen Maddox

Amazing coffee, I reccomend the coloda con leche

Katherine Mackenzie

Really good food and atmosphere. Lots of selection, great coffee and sandwiches. I love bringing friends here.

Yalitza Lucena

Delicious food, humble place, great staff... just amazing.

Caroline Graham Craig

Their croquetas jamon are the best!

Mike Venegas

Great spot for Cuban/Latin food.

Reginald jamar

This place is a gem. There food and coffee is excellent. I had the cubano and chicken pesto empanada. Staff is awesome and the experience was awesome. Will definitely be back several times.

Daryl Bauer

Best Cuban sandwich in Alabama friendly folks everything made to order hot fresh just like Mom would make it

Damian Soto

The mofongo is good.

Alura Young

My first taste of authentic Puerto Rican food and it was phenomenal!

Susan Cox

Great what I call pasteries yummy

Bill Fowler

The best Cuban sandwich I've ever eaten.

raphael verges

It's a good place to have authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.

Alexander Lopez

Tasty comfort food

Emily of Earth

Everything is fresh and delicious! Great spot for a casual meet up or take your friends for empanadas!

Daniel Perez

Used to much garlic on the meat the Cuban Sandwich at tropical cafe is better

Deaon Allen

The food is and delicious and the staff is amazing. Do yourself a favor and order the Cuban Sandwich with everything and a slice of Tres Leches. You will not be disappointed.

Aleshia McCord

My husband and I really enjoyed our lunch at Dolce. We ordered the Cubano, the Triplet and a side of Sweet Plantains. The food was really good and fulfilling!! The vanilla flan and frappas (not pictured) we had afterwards were the icing on top!! I've eaten enough to last me a couple days lol! I'll definitely be back for more.

Rose Reynolds

It's so nice to see a whole new cuisine brought to North Alabama. Dolce Pan truly is a hidden treasure. The Tres Leches Cake, house-made juices, and various empanadas are all to die for! The prices are great and affordable, and you'll definitely want to come back for more. My personal favorite empanada was the pizza and pepperoni empanada, but I really enjoyed the corned beef and chorizo and cheese ones as well. Come with an empty stomach because you're in for a treat!

Joshua Lang

We tried several items on our first visit and everything was delicious. I loved the Cuban, my wife got a special with amazing fried pork, and even the cheese leche flan was great.

Anthony Caraballo

Amazing place with an outstanding environment. Food is impeccable and brings me back home. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a taste of Caribbean.

Jashira Ortiz

The best puertorrican food in the area

Erik Moss

Great food and drinks. My favorite place to get a Cuban sandwich and amazing specials every time I go in. Parking and seating are a but limited but worth the trip by far

Erika Merino

Their empanadas are incredible!

Grant Stephens

This was a good place to try some Puerto Rican food. My Cuban sandwich was good, though I do think it was a little pricier than it needed to be. However, I was still satisfied with my experience here and would recommend it to anybody looking for Puerto Rican food in the Huntsville area.

Leslie Lo

Delicious Cuban sandwich! Friendly enough staff and cute ambience. $6.99 smoothie was a bit too much! But overall it's a nice alternative to the usual sandwich and coffee shops.

Scott Sorensen

Good Cuban sandwich at a good price.

Paulina Castaneda

First time here, but I received this recommendation on Facebook from someone else. It's a neat cafe which had coffee inspirating qoutes on the wall. The cashier was friendly and inviting. Explained the specials being offered which we tried. I would come back and recommend this place....oh and I tried the malorcas with the chocolate, caramel and the custard. Couldn't resist with a cappuccino. :).

mandy-shea riggins

This is a hidden gem in Huntsville. Incredibly good food, well prepared by a very friendly staff.

Brett H

Amazing coffee and great food as well.

Charles Chen

Best Puerto Rican place in town. Daily lunch specials and excellent coffees.

Nathan Oldacre

Great service and a great lunch. The Media Noche sandwich was wonderful and quite large. It's basically a Cuban on a softer bread and is served with potato sticks. The guava nectar was extremely refreshing on a hot summer day.

Karen Exline

Pleasant little hole in the wall with hearty sandwiches, good pastries and good espresso drinks. The entire staff is as sweet as can be. Food is cooked to order and delivered when it's ready, so timing can be unpredictable.

Brad Duckett

Excellent food and reasonably priced. Try the lunch special or Cubano!

Jimmy Creech

Great place!!

Katherine Mustafa

Best turnover I’ve ever had! The food looked awesome too.

Island Boss341

So good! Try it alllll! Will definitely be back. Great good, friendly and informative service. Feels like a place we would choose on a vacation. A hidden gem for Huntsville, for sure!

Chris Silver

Fantastic fool and service! The staff makes you feel very relaxed. Everything from the coffee to the sandwiches to the pastries were just right. Can't wait to return.

Nedra Eddins

The Cubano is GREAT!

Aldo River

Food was incredible, made me feel back in Puerto Rico. The ambience is like eating at the so many beaches that surrounds the beautiful island with typically Caribbean Hispanic music that facilitate that transition from Alabama to the little island.

Jason Graham

Like a trip to Little Havana in Huntsville! I had the Cubano and the Tres Leches and it was all delicious! My wife had a stewed chicken, beans and rice with plantains and she said it was terrific. An absolute jewel in the Huntsville dining scene! Give this one a try. You won't regret it!

John D'Arcy

The Mofongo was delicious! So was the tembleque, various pastries (with guava and caramel) and the coffee!


This is the best little hidden spot in town. I'm from Indialantic Florida & used to live right next to a restaurant called the Cuban Island. This is the closest thing to home for me. Every time I visit I try something new on the menu and have never been disappointed love this place and will continue going.

Viancalina Sanchez

If I could give it a 10 stars I would! Me and my husband are from Orlando Fl. We have been living in Huntsville for 2 years. We were so used to the variety of good authentic Hispanic food in Florida. When we moved here we couldn’t find anything authentic and good. Until we found this place. When I tell you the food is amazing I am not exaggerating. It’s authentic and worth every penny! This is going to be my go to spot it’s so good. I would highly recommend this place! Everyone working there are so nice and all smiles. Ten stars in my book

Cliff Mead

Love coming here with my wife!!! For her, a great taste of home, and for me, it's an opportunity to explore my wife's cultural heritage. Great food every time.

Charles Moye

The food was excellent, had a Triplet (3 meat sandwich), fried sweet plantains, and tried a Colada (small sweet coffee drink). Also tried a chocolate cake topped with flan that was so delicious and moist. Will definitely be going back as often as I can.

Bob Csikos

3rd time here.Got a Cubano,as good as the ones I've gotten when I lived in Miami.

Eric Leavitt

My first visit here, swung by on my way to Concert on the Docks. Best empanadas I've ever had! Friendly service, cool decor, very reasonably priced, and good choices to pick from. Definitely recommend checking it out.

Yaraliz Pagán

OMG! LOVEEE this place. Great food. Great staff!!! Would recommend

Steven Sikes

It was just ok.....

Paul Deaver

No frills, good food, good people. Wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Rafael Correa

Love the place. Pasteles are a little expensive but they got no competition

Alyson Hotchkiss

This place and people are amazing along with the food and desserts would recommend for a place to visit

Rex Bullington

I had a Cubano and it was great. Next time I'm definitely going to try some of their baked goods.

Ken Stone

Friendly service and great sandwiches.

bill cole

I had been wanting to try this place, since I heard they serve a Cuban sandwich. I did and was happy with it. Very good and similar to what I get when in Miami. There is a nice selection sandwiches, a Puerto Rican/Cuban dish of the day and bakery sweets. It all looked delicious, nice, quaint atmosphere too. I love Iron Beer soft drink and it probably only place in town you can get it. I will be back.

Britt S.

This is hands down the best Cuban sandwich I've had since Miami, and trust me, I've had a lot of them. The chicken noodle soup is possibly the best I've ever had. Not only was there good food, but the people were very friendly, too. This place is definitely worth your visit. Not only do they make wonderful food, but they bake bread, pastries, and make coffee too. Support this new local venue! It's in the Metro PC shopping center on Governor's Drive. Sorry for the lack of food picture's, I was starving. Next time, though, next time...

Rafael Montalvo

My Favorite place to go. love the food and everything in it im proud to be puertorican

Jordan Guyton

Authentic Cuban food made fresh and delicious

Jeremy Williams

Great authentic Cuban food. Family owned and operated. Awesome service every time. Get the Cuban but branch out too.

Jeet Bookseller

Loved the food and coffee... They were quite accommodating, and made lot of dishes vegetarian specially for us. Would recommend it to anyone looking for Puerto Rican / Cuban food...

Jeff McKinney

Fresh bread, authentic Cuban food and pastries. Don't let the location deter you, it's better than the location.

jose ibarra

Food is great though the place is small. Good home flavored cooking. Be ready to pay a hefty price overall.

Suki 0_0

I love their Food! Im Puerto Rican so I can honestly say their food is 100% authentic!

George Cano

Excellent food! Nice to have alternate Latin food in Huntsville!

Carmen Flores

Fantastic authentic Puerto Rican food. The staff and owners were amazing. We are from Florida and did not expect this treasure. Give it a try, highly recommended.

Ixia Marquez

El mejor restaurant . excellent restore 5 star in all flavor and attention of the staff

Anna Townsend

Relaxed and friendly, on the up.

Angela Graham

Best Cuban & Puerto Rican food in Huntsville!

James Kemp

First time here and I loved the Cuban sandwich! Very good.

Leigh Frances

Worth the drive every time we go..Food is great and atmosphere is good too..

Miss Amy

Always friendly, amazing food and coffee, and cozy atmosphere

Steve Sabino

Great food with great service.

Rocket City Eats

Great Puerto Rican bakery and cafe located in West Huntsville! Nice atmosphere with great service. The sandwiches are cook to order! Also, their black beans are a must try!!!

M. K.

Perfect anytime, especially when I need energy to grade 50+ college essays! Thank you Kevin, Josie, and all. Fantastic

Laura DeVall

Wanted to give my honey a taste of home (p.r.)for his birthday! This place did just that. I've never seen him so excited. Great food and people. Deff going back.

Louis Duclerc

The food here is excellent. The staff are quite friendly and concerned to see if you are enjoying your food and to tell you what they are all about. This place is a hidden treasure..

Brian Thorne

Best Cuban sandwich I have had.

Bob Finnegan

Cuban Sandwich, Best!

Ashley Black

So friendly here! Love the colada shots.

Jack Drost

Wonderful food, good coffee, fantastic pastries and friendly people.

Tonya Douglas

Food, ambience and people make for an extraordinary experience. Huntsville's best kept secret.

Stephanie H

Love this place! Coffee awesome and folks are very nice!

Rachel Abel

My hubby and I each got the cubano because we'd heard it was amazing, and it did not disappoint!! Yum! But the show stealer to me was the tres leche cake. Um, wow. Definitely give this place a try!!

Eric Robinson

Delicious food, and good price! Definitely comming back!

Willine Pierre

Everything was AWESOME. Being that I lived in West Palm Beach, FL where there are a lot of authentic Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican, etc. restaurants, admittedly, I set the bar high for this place and they delivered. The food was amazing and the fruit juices were amazing real fruit juices. I'm glad I found this place

Nghia Huynh

Dolce Pan Bakery is an absolute gem that's more than just a bakery that's well known to locals. They serve up amazing sandwiches especially the Cuban (a favorite of mine) along with several daily specials. They also offer great brewed coffee as well. This restaurant is fantastic, and I can't recommend it enough.

Joshua White

Great, authentic Hispanic food.

Kk musa

Love it

Timothy Hastings

Great atmosphere and delicious food.

Chris Spalding

Exceptional Puerto Rican food. Staff is great. Facility is OK, and getting better. The location is pretty sketchy, though. Go here,but maybe not with kids after dark. But still go here.


First time there and the food was great!

Adam Belletich

They seem off put by my presence and wasn't willing to just give service... small selection of average stuff.

Alex Reed

Terrible- was expecting something different

Gabriel Calderon

The food was great, the staff was very friendly. Authentic Puerto Rican food like mom makes. And the smell, I felt like I was back home. Truly authentic Puerto Rican.

Sam Wilson

Great Cuban food and coffee. I got the cubano sandwich and Americano coffee, both came out quickly with large portions. The service was very friendly and helpful as well. Will definitely return to explore the menu.

Daniel Beckham

You have to try their Cuban. You won’t be disappointed.

Justin Malone

Ate there today. The best Cuban sandwich in town, hands down. The "house sauce" is a little too garlicky (it IS possible). Other than that, this place is quaint with a great atmosphere. They seem to have quite a selection of baked goods, sandwiches, and coffee.

Lacy Hollaway

Delicious. The Cuban coffee is like a dream come true. Amazing service and seriously the best ceviche I've had.

Barbara Camacho

Great food and service

Leandra de Labastida

Ordered iced americano black. Very delicious and good quality coffee. The guava and cheese pastry is fantastic, flaky with lots of guava and cheese. The inside of this place is decorated with the cutest quotes about café. Very unique. Amazing breakfast sandwich with ham, cheese and egg. Huge portion and so much flavor. The owner was super friendly and genuinely care for his customers. The only thing I don't like is that they do not take Amex

Melanie Hammer Murray

This is a favorite of the staff at Bullet & Barrel. We heartily recommend Dolce Pan!

Abed Mishtawy

The best Cuban sandwich North of Tampa

Becky Rios Morrison

We found this treasure on Yelp. We traveledto Huntsville to go to the space center, and then it was time for dinner. We used Yelp to find something rated highly rated that was) also inexpensive. $ This family did it right. Quality, portion, service, and hospitality made this experience outstanding!

Cliff McGinness

FIRE! I have no idea how I didn't know about this place before today. So good!

Michael Bierly

Hidden gym in Huntsville. Tastes authentic and will definitely come again.

Jon W

I'm kind of embarrassed about how much I eat there ...Cuban sandwiches please

Neil J

Excellent food! Very friendly staff.

Frankie Wallace

The food is very affordable and really good. The coffee is absolutely amazing. The staff is very friendly and absolutely wonderful!!

John Giles

I just ordered this food on a whim, because I wanted to try a new restaurant. MY GOD... Just... *sigh*. It was a blessing. Dessert is good. Food is amazing, and as a person who's had Cuban food in Florida, this place is like Huntsville's little slice of Cuba.

William Moore

The lunch specials here are always great as are the sandwiches and desserts.

Isidro Santiago

Great food, great staff!

Dawn Renee

Quaint place for lunch or coffee. The food was phenomenal. Staff is friendly and inviting.

Grant Anderson

Good food, pleasant atmosphere.

Julie Blair

Great Cuban sandwiches! I also like the Cuban coffee

Justin Craig

Great empanadas! The desserts look delicious too. The service was good too!

Taylor Thomas

Always delicious Cubano, and the Colada is also wonderful

Brian Lopez

Excellent cuban food

Diana Speaks

Awesome food and great pastries! The crew and owner are super nice and the deco is straight from the island. They have daily specials and this is a great little date night spot! Try the Cuban sandwich...its amazing.

Mia Nyc

It was all a delight. The beef empanadas were well made and flavorful.

Todd Litwiller

Good food

Hector Cruz

Rode down from Nashville to try this place out and it was worth the ride. The food was delicious and authentic. The quesitos and the flan were perfect. Definitely will be back!

Suzanne Burens

Great Cubans Sandwiches! Yum! Sweets are good, too! Enjoy!

Owen Funkhouser

Amazing Cuban food. I have yet to find any menu item that I didn't like. I encourage you to try the specials as well as something new on each visit. You will not be disappointed. My family has been coming here for over a year and I recommend it to all newcomers to the area.

Matthew Gonzalez

Little hole in the wall that is very nice, good food and drinks. Very hospitable

James Davis

Great coffee great food great prices. The colada is delicious and the only place in town that I've found that makes it.

Brandon Smith

Very good daily special. Would love to come back and try the pastries.

Emily Scudero

Really yummy and inexpensive empanadas

Carina dC

Delicious! On a Monday, I tried the $6 lunch special that included a drink and the Cubano sandwich, which came highly recommended. Also tried a chicken empanada and the tres leches cake. All delicious as previous reviewers have mentioned. Can't wait till next time I'm back in town!

Aaron Swearengin

Wonderful Puerto Rican and Cuban fare. The pernil asado on Fridays is off the chain.

Alisha Moon

We love this place

George Preussel

Amazing new place that serves new cuisine to the area. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and more than willing to answer questions about the menu. The food is extremely tasty, filling, and large portions. Thank you for a great experience!

Lawrence Souffrant

The food is amazing. The staff is amazing. It's a hidden gem in Huntsville.

Mayra Pangborn

I love this makes me feel like home. The food is wonderful but the wait is too long for lunch during the week.

Ann Watkins

My husband go's there weekly. He likes that kind of food.

Lea Roth

Perfecto! Great food and amazing coffee! I love the atmosphere

Eddie R. Hernandez-Gomez

From pastries and coffee to lunch you will not be disappointed. Food is awesome. Strongly recommend you call in your order (pre-order).

Jordan Corvus

Best Cuban sandwich you'll get anywhere near Huntsville. Possibly the best you'll get without a plane ticket. Small establishment, so the seating situation isn't all that great to say the least, but the food is good.


Puerto Rican soul food. The place is simple and the people are genuine. The menu varies day by day so you might want to call if you're looking for something in particular. Friday's is pernil (roast pork) which is a staple meal in Puerto Rican and other latin cultures. Great little place!

Andrew Walker

Had been hearing great things about this place, my wife and I were pleased to find that these were spot on! We each had a sandwich which had just the right mix of ingredients. Similar sandwiches elsewhere have always been too greasy, but these were not. I also had a coffee, which had a nice robust flavor. Being around the corner from my office, I certainly plan to return!

Melissa Robinson

A hidden gem I'm Huntsville. Went on a Saturday and had the Mufungo Garlic Chicken special (delicious!).

Amy Kibbey

Their empanadas are amazing. I had the Cuban empanada and my friend had the chicken one. I also had the fried plantains which were also good. Seating is limited so be prepared for that.

Jennifer M.

A wonderful lunch with a delicious Cuban sandwich and a sexy date! Can't wait to return!!!

Richard Flores

Great traditional Puerto Rican food and desserts.

Chris Taylor

Great food and service. Cubano and Americola!!

Aolani Roman

Loved the place food was great the mood and employees made me feel at home.

HSV 702

This is only the second Cuban eatery that we’ve ever been to and we’ve never been to Cuba so I don’t claim to be an expert, but we had a great experience at Dolce Pan this weekend. Don’t be confused by seeing “bakery” versus “restaurant” because while they do specialize in baked goods, they also have sit-down meals and a wide variety of coffee options. We had the Cuban sandwich and it was fantastic. We also took home several delicious baked goodies. The service was fantastic and the staff was wonderful and attentive. I recommend you try out this new local small business, I’m certain you’ll be happy you did.

Jennifer Moore

I will have go back every day to try each of their specialites! Pork Mofongo full of flavor!

Mr. dogimus

The wait was long but food is good and had alot

Kellen Casey

Can I give it more stars? It is so good the empanadas are amazing the coffee the fresh juice and the most amazing tres leches cake

Tova Robinson

This place is so good

Adrian Ferrer

Cuban sandwich is really good. Really recommend this place

Clem 'Ooglesbee

Triplet is awesome. I highly recommend.

Christopher Stone

Best Cuban Sandwich...period.

Stephanie Chambers

Better than great!! Words just can't describe the flavors. I have to recommend the juices, but everything we tried was excellent!!! We will be back again, and again.

Lester Bello

Love this place, been coming here for a long time. Good food, good service.

Deloris Eggleston

I heard about this restaurant through a coworker who recommended it highly. I have to give it a big thumbs-up. I ordered the Cuban and it did not disappoint at all.

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