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REVIEWS OF Miller & Miller Law, LLC IN Wisconsin

Laquisha Clay

It was great nice environment and people and very helpful


When it came time to do my bankruptcy Miller & Miller explained everything up front and was always there to answer any questions that I might have. I had an issue where a creditor ( that was not my debt) and they were going to garnish more than half of my check and Miller & Miller had my bankruptcy filed within the week to stop the garnishment. They worked with me on making payments to get the balance resolved with the firm. Since filing my bankruptcy I was able to purchase an newer more dependable car, and I can see my credit score improve each month. I would highly recommend Miller & Miller to friends and family for their bankruptcy needs.

Mark Kohel

A few years ago, I found myself in a very bad situation. I got a recommendation to Miller and Miller from a friend. I cannot express in words just how much they helped me. The professionalism and knowledge they displayed was a God send. I can't thank them enough. Recently I discovered a small problem with my case from all those years ago. I talked with Tim and I was amazed at the helpfulness that he provided. I highly recommend this firm if you find yourself in dire financial straights.

Melissa Fisher

Everyone was very helpful and courteous. I left the office with a clear understanding of the process. Would recommend their services to anyone struggling with finances.

Don Bennett

The attorney was very friendly and helpful. She was funny and witty, not stuffy. She made the experience more palatable and easier to deal with. She was honest and straightforward and I felt she could help me.

June Cynthia

Krysta Kerr is amazing!!! She gave me explanations and solutions to some very complex debt that no other Bankruptcy attorney could; not even the ones I had been working with for years in a Ch. 13 that caused this re-filing. After the meeting, I felt much more confident that this filing was going to be done right. Questions were always answered promptly. The online forms and resources were excellent, compared to the very outdated forms I saw elsewhere. Very happy with the excellent client service. Tim was super helpful and knows his stuff. Thank you Krysta and Tim.

Rosemary Sanchez

They were very helpful

Lastin Line

My experience was outstanding, Joe and Wendy were amazing with everything. They answered all of my questions and guided me through one of the hardest things I've had to do.They did an incredible JOB, THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING. Dominic

Candy Beauchamp

Approaching the decision of bankruptcy is scary and intimidating. The team at Miller and Miller took us through each step in a very dignified manner, treating us with respect and encouraging us throughout the process. I especially appreciate James Miller and his understanding by accommodating our desire to change from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7. I also appreciate Krysta Kerr for her patience and clear answers when I was confused by the process. Even though we chose to surrender our car back to the bank, Krysta's recommendations and allowance to adjust to our decision was very much appreciated. I certainly recommend Miller and Miller Law to anyone considering bankruptcy.

David Wayne Dowling

Thank you all for your assistance through a challenging time in our lives, while being professional, and understanding. Mark and Angela made what was a what felt like a failure in our lives, feel more like tough times, and reminded us that we did what we could to avoid filing bankruptcy. We feel very blessed to have them assist us with a process that is difficult to understand, and made it much easier to understand, and we now have a fresh start, and the hope of better financial times ahead. Thank you all, and God bless!

Jennifer Conrad

In a Chapter 13 plan, was forced into a budget that is insanity to get the plan confirmed. Have been doing a ton on my part to make it work but the support is terrible. Have had 3 different lawyers within 8 months. They certainly got their $$, as that is the 1st thing my payments have been going towards. Did not disclose the trustee fees which I see in 6 months, cost me over $550. Told me initially I could expect a monthly payment of $1000-$1500, am paying $1750. Out of the more than $15K I have paid since starting the plan, only $6660 has gone to my creditors. Lawyer was late to confirmation hearing, I was the only one in room whose lawyer did not meet with them ahead of time. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FIRM. If I could ditch them, I would be scared of what will happen if I try to switch or drop out. Told me meetings would happen in Kenosha, but after they took my deposit, made me travel to Milwaukee and no support available where I live.

Debra Farrington

Thanks for making such a difficult time less painful. Frank was so very kind and patient. Wendy, Debra, and Nicole provided me with excellent customer services. My attorney was very patient and was able to answer all of my questions. My heartfelt thanks to all of the staff. You Rock!

Wayne Stevens

I had questions about going bankrupt. Frank, one of the lawyers there was very friendly and helpful in discussing my options. I highly recommend them.

Ritchie Baumann NMLS# 957614

James Miller and I have worked together to help his clients. He and his staff help people get through tough financial decisions and then repair their credit where the end result most times puts them in a good place to obtain a mortgage to buy a new home. I'm a mortgage lender who has helped many clients of Miller & Miller Law where I have worked as a team with James to help people. It's always been great working with him.

Jim Muenchow

A very efficient and caring organization. Questions are answered promptly and professionally!

Josephine Key

I am most appreciative of Adam Port and thankful for his help when needed. Any questions or concerns Adam answered them so I understood how things were being done. On the final stage of my chapter 13,In person at the firm or via email Adam answered all question I was not sure off. Thank you Miller and Miller for your kindness while going through this chapter 13.(5+years) with me. Also thank you again,Adam Port. Josephine Key

Debra Smiter

I am very please with my service at Miller & Miller. I really love dealing with Debra Ensley. She is so wonderful. She helped me with all my questions.


For my case specifically, I've been working with Attorney Krysta Kerr. Krysta is knowledgeable, friendly, and empathetic, which is important while going this type of financial hardship. Krysta understands the struggles of my situation and answers my questions timely with detail. Krysta has even worked with my divorce attorney to ensure my bankruptcy, as it relates to my marriage settlement agreement, is beneficial to me. Overall, Krysta has gone above and beyond to ensure this experience is the best it can be. I would definitely recommend Krysta and this law firm.

shirley hughes

I was greeted with kindness and professionalism from the very start. Tim was my initial phone contact and I felt hopeful then I met Debra at my first appointment again greeted with kindness and professionalism and a great cup of coffee and soda for my son. I feel I’ve made a great choice with their services is going to start me on a great future with my family. Thank you for making me feel welcomed and hopeful.

The Cute Elekid

My name is Elena.I'm a current client of Miller and Miller.I ran into financial difficulties and turned to their firm for help.Everyone there is friendly and willing to answer questions.I am happy to finally be stress free and ready for ny future debt free.Thank you Miller and Miller for making this possibile.

Major OSC

I don't even know where to begin. Oh, right. Debt. The consultation is friendly. They go over all of your debt and credit. It's time wipe the slate clean. The process takes a few months. They're crystal clear on how things proceed, and they're very good at ensuring you know what you're doing once your case is processed. Anything I needed to ask about, they pretty much had a good answer. They even offer an additional program that helps you rebuild credit after your case is done. Overall great experience. Credit is back to a normal / respectable score. Maintaining credit responsibly. I'd go back if something else came up that was related to anything financial. Great people. Great staff.

Krystal Gulczynski

Deborah has been my hero through the process and made me feel right at home. I even got a laugh out of it... that hasn’t happened in a while. A huge thank you to Miller & Miller and even bigger thank you to Deborah.

Angela Gawel

Krysta was so helpful! I really got into a financial bind after my husband died. I was constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul. Now I have less stress and I've actually been able to save some money. Thank you Miller and Miller!

michael cross

customer service is great, they let you know exactly what is needed and show you how to get it, if you don't know how to get it, Dedra Ensley is the head of their office staff that's the one, that is very helpful and attorney Mark Gauthier are two of the best , Mr. Miller is fortunate to have them at his law office!!! mike c.

betty vara

I feel like everyone cares and don't make you feel bad about your situation. They do the best to help you, no matter how many times you ask questions, they find out the answers for you. Thanks so much Deborah S our laywer..

Lakesha Childress

Originally I started the process on chat. The young lady quickly expressed that she could have some one call if I was ready to talk. I said -yes please call me. Frank called me within minutes and was very professional and kind. He really made me feel comfortable and I was grateful for his reassuring tone. I was very impressed with how comforting he was in regards to my personal situation. The next day I had my meeting with Attny James Miller and he also was very professional and answered all the questions I had at that time. I am looking forward to working with them in the future and will definitely post another review with my experience.

Doreen Miller

I just had the most enlightening conversation with Frank Patek. Was at a point where I thought my life was over financially. The tips and steps he suggested has given me a whole new outlook on my finances. He's given me the optimism to conquer my fears. Wish I would have talked to him sooner!!

Isaac Andresky

I've had the pleasure of working with Miller & Miller for years now and their staff has been amazing. Ellen and Frank have been so kind and diligent working with me. They're one of the most forward-thinking and caring businesses that I've encountered and I'd highly recommend their professional service.

Michele Le Bourgeois

My initial meeting was excellent. The attorney I met with went over all of the options that are available to me. She was honest and spoke using terms that I was able to understand, not 'legalese'. I felt so much better after the meeting, because I had a plan and I had hope. I recommend Miller and Miller to anyone who is thinking of filing bankruptcy! I would not want to go through this process alone, and want to makes sure that it is done right the first time.

Monique McNeal

If you are looking for a law firm that will not only get the job done, but really take the time out to meet your needs and truly stand by they word it's Miller & Miller Law, LLC,.There is no pressure they explain what will fit for you and why it will fit and how it will help u change your life style and get back on track. They truly stand by they word when they say pick up my free book let me show you how to get out of debt Hands down a 10 star rating from me.

Jeanne Unz

I visited Miller & Miller 7 years ago and was totally impressed. I am again receiving their services and everyone from the receptionist, to the counselors and attorneys are absolutely terrific! If you want to feel confident, you must use these wonderful attorneys and all their services that come with it!

Frank Patek

To: Courtney Richards: As a current employee of Miller & Miller for almost 5 years I find your review quite puzzling. My reasoning is that it looks as if you were given every opportunity with our firm to make a way for you in order to help you with your personal issues. According to your own words, many times Kristina moved things around specifically for you. To me, this isn’t surprising as I too have needed things that had nothing to do with my position at this firm and Attorney Miller as well as Kristina Ehnert has bent over backwards for me. It’s what has kept me at this firm for my time here – the dedication that Attorney Miller shows me personally. Our core values, which as team we came up with states that everyone has a “seat at the table”. Using that policy, you could have discussed your issue with Attorney Miller and come to a more reputable solution outside of using a public forum such as Google and Facebook to air your grievance. That would have been a more professional solution. Good luck to you and I wish you the best!


The receptionist Debra was really nice and helpful with helping me gather all documents needed for the process of filing!!

David Karnas

Miller & Miller was excellent and I would highly recommend them to ever needs help with their financial situation. I was amazed and thankful for their Office Manager and internal staff. If I had questions or just needed help, she would respond and it didn't matter if it was after office hours. Thank you team Miller & Miller!!!

Ashley Ingram

I had the most amazing consultation with Deborah. When I left I knew what my options were and exactly what I needed to do to improve my current financial situation and my long term financial situation. I feel so much better!

Patricia Wilson

I came to Miller and Miller not long after my husband passed away. I had loss my job and on disability. Atty. Kerr helped me through a difficult time. I was not just a client they treated me like part of their family. She gave me great advice but always allowed me to make my own decisions. I could not have faced the many opstacles that I faced with out her support. I now feel that I am in control of my destiny.. That's Miller and Miller. I am now working to improve my financial stability and I could not do it without you.

Norbert Washingfon

The staff is friendly, helpful, courteous, and well mannered. My attorney listened to me and understood my situation. He is helping me cope with the stress and constant fear of being in debt with no money to pay it off.

Meri Gates

Miller & Miller have excellent staff that will strive to the very end to make everything run smooth and calm for you. You do not have to worry or stress when it comes Miller & Miller doing their job in protecting you and your right as an client. I have had such good experience with them and will recommend my friends and family to them as well. And before i forget i will like to say thank you to Debra Ensley for all your hard work and good energy.

Shantassa Wilbon

I was very pleased with the service with Miller and Miller!! Alyssa Gemein was very patient with me through it all. I didn’t feel lost at all if I had a question she answered it, if I was unsure about something she reassured me and explained what every it was that I was unsure about!! She’s the best

Luis Acosta

My experience with Miller & Miller has been very good overall. Debra Ensley is great. She made me feel like everything was going to be ok. She help me when I needed answers.

Dennis Hargrove

I was very happy with my experience with Miller and Miller and the wonderful job you guys did for me. My stress level went down soon as I retain your Law Firm. You guys were so professional and courteous with me from the lawyers to the secretaries and I even got a chance to meet Mr Miller and now I understand and see why you guys are so successful. You guys are very nice people good at what you do. I will refer anyone that I know that have the same problem that I had to your Law Firm. Thank you guys so much.

Brandon Bonner

On May 5th 2015, me and my wife had an appointment to consult with an attorney who was very professional and punctual in explaining the things we need to do in order to satisfy our financial hardship. Also, walking into the office was a very warm and welcoming presence as well as a beautiful office. All of the staff at Miller and Miller were very eager to help us and give us as much information as possible. You will walk in with financial stress but walk out truly relieved with a huge smile on your face. Miller and Miller has showed us that they care and that they are always willing to help. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Miller and Miller before you viewers find someone else, you WILL DEFINITELY be satisfied and extremely happy. Very honest and reliable firm, trust no one else but Miller and Miller! GREAT JOB Miller and Miller for such a wonderful and helpful prestigious firm!


Went in last year, paid for everything, was told to wait a year to file. Nothing yet so far. Called my attorney multiple times, left emails and voicemails for awhile (2-4 weeks that I tried getting a hold of her) and she never got back to me. When I was finally able to get in touch with the department manager, she then finally called me back. It was ridiculous waiting to get in touch with her. Today I just called to switch attorneys and just a got new one.. I hope she will actually care for my case and help me out as I am a lot younger.... Let's just see how this goes.

Gustan Cho

I retained Attorney James Miller for my bankruptcy. Never in my life have I met a professional who is so articulate, knowledgeable, professional, personable, and most of all, reasonable. My bankruptcy case was very difficult. I have many properties prior to the 2008 Great Recession and had creditors still hound me after 10 years. Mr. Miller has a professional staff and has a five star system where his support staff makes the bankruptcy process very streamlined and easy. I hired three other bankruptcy attorneys over the years to no avail where eventually they could not help me. Mr. Miller and his Office Manager Nicole Thompson fully explained all of my questions during my free consultation. Manager Nicole Thompson is always on top of things. Both Attorney Miller and Manager Nicole Thompson always return calls and emails promptly. I fully highly recommend the Law Offices of Miller and Miller of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hands down, you will never meet a team of professionals who take pride in helping consumers get a fresh start with their financial life. FIVE PLUS STARS AND MORE. Keep up the great work James Miller and Team.

Merlinda Garcia-Castro

Very good experience I had with Miller & Miller. I was treated with respect and did not feel judged for our decision we made for seeing the law firm.

Debra Latham

Attorney Miller was extremely helpful and provided assurance that his firm would positively be able to assist me with my financial situation. Would definitely recommend them!

Olivia Williams

Stacy Martinez at Miller & Miller has been a great help to me. Every time I needed something or had questions she was quick to reply to help me. Everyone at Miller & Miller has been a great help, and I would refer them for your legal needs.

Tamenia Harris

The lady I spoke with was very help and nice then she transferred me to Germika Sanders and she was very helpful and she assure me that she would help me along the way and gave me her direct number


We’ve been working with Miller & Miller for over a year now with our Chp. 13. They have been nothing less than excellent. Attorney Krysta Kerr has been fantastic to work with. She always promptly returns phone calls and has been instrumental in guiding us through difficult situations. I’m looking forward to continuing working with them and making our financial future strong.


Especially contrasted with my initial experience with another firm - with which I regrettably agreed to a $200 consultation - I recommend Miller & Miller to everyone. Their free case evaluation left me feeling comforted, more hopeful, and significantly less overwhelmed: I felt assured I was "in good hands". As much as such a trying, daunting situation can be made manageable and less painful, they make it so. I so appreciated how I was received and supported throughout the process, with Miller & Miller expertly fielding all questions and concerns and, most crucially, making this an affordable reality for me.

Leon Patterson

This is a great firm. They have helped me with my financial situations over the years. Debra E. is a great person to work with. She is very professional and kind. Always happy to help you with questions and issues.

Linda Rosales

My attorney took the time to listen and was very genuine. I felt relieved that they could help me.

Erma Miller

I love how Debra work with the people Debra is Amazing and I get a joy when I come into the office and see how she helps people Thank the Lord for Debra THAT IS SWEET WOMAN

Tim Pierce

In response to Courtney Richards: This is not an accurate assessment of the firm. I have found this to be one of the friendliest places i have ever worked. They went out of their way to be accommodating when I was in the hospital and when I was recovering from a serious illness. They support their employees' personal endeavors and avocations, contribute to worthwhile charity and community organizations, give their employees rides home when needed, work around their employee's child care needs and are understanding when things come up in their personal lives. Everyone gets a cake, a card and flowers or balloons on their birthday, and the entire office is treated to lunch once a month. The employees are given Christmas parties and treated to other outings throughout the year. All of this refutes your point that they don't care about their staff.

Daniel Kasten

I'm extremely happy with Miller and Miller Law firm for the following reasons: 1) They were very efficient and professional in handling my case in every way including the payment plan for legal fees, meetings and phone calls with attorneys and staff, helpfulness of staff whenever I visited the office. 2) The appearance of the office. 3) The high amount of hospitality and sense of "welcome" that I received. 4) The comprehensive post discharge program they offer is well worth the legal fees shows that they really care. Keep up the great work at Miller and Miller Law Firm!

Mark Welch

After my wife became ill, and was no longer able to work, we made the difficult decision to file a chapter 13. If not for the compassion, knowledge, and guidance of Attorney Krysta Kerr we would not have successfully completed this endeavor. Thank you so much Krysta for your patience and support.

Takita Jackson

Thanks to Debra E the receptionist for doing a great job on helping me understand the process of the chapter 13 you are an very friendly an patient with me answer all my questions. I really appreciated you an your staff . To Debra S thank you for all your help as my lawyer I really appreciate you thank you for being patient with me thank you for such an fun time after my last visit you are a wonderful person am really great full an thankful for you . These two lady’s are doing an amazing job an they know their work keep up the amazing job ladies

Charmin McGlaston

From the moment I walked in the doors at Miller & Miller, I knew that I was in great, safe caring hands. From the first person I encountered when I entered the office to the meeting with the Lawyer, I KNEW that all my concerns and financial worries would be taken care of. Thank you for being there for me, promptly answering my questions and seeing me through the entire process.

jackie dema

I was very pleased with my first visit would definitely recommend them to everyone

Rashonte Gibbs

Never again ! From the very beginning I have had numerous issues with this law firm. The first attorney I was given had me wait in the lobby 50 minutes past my appointment( he forgot I was out there), he was rude , didn’t listen , and apparently didn’t follow instructions very well. He took my case and (my money of course)misplaced my information and my case wasn’t filed until a week later when I called and requested a new attorney. They gave me a new attorney who has not even contacted the one creditor I have on file. I’ve contacted him a month ago via email, phone calls , and voicemails and still no response. The one creditor that he was filing for has reported negatively on my credit numerous times , and has added interest to the account. Simply because they have not received anything two months after I have filed and they have not yet been contacted. I’ve called to fire the attorney and apparently it’s like pulling teeth. NEVER AGAIN !

Terra Wendricks

Great care of clients. Too advantage of the 720 credit score program 2 years ago and am now closing on a house on 11/30

Brittany Scott

So far they have been great helping my husband and myself figure out what best to do. Debra Ensley is wonderful and so happy when I come in to make payments and knows answers to questions I have with what needs to still be done. I definitely recommend this firm for bankruptcy needs.

Stephanie Birkenheier

My husband and I felt at ease after meeting with Attorney Miller. He answered all our questions and gave advice for our situation in the free consultation. We ultimately decided to have him represent us, as he was easy to communicate with and was very knowledgable. I would highly recommend this firm.

Dorothy Smith

The staff was very nice and informative. They answered all of the questions that I had which guided my decision to retain them as my lawyers for my bankruptcy. I recommended friends and family and they too have chose Miller and Miller for their debt relief needs. Thankyou!!!


Made me feel very comfortable about my situation. Took the time to explain all aspects of my financial status. Provides programs to help rebuild your credit after you file. Who else provides you with these tools? Great service!

Jim Wright

It was a very painless experience, and our credit score is great now.

TaVodca Currin

It's been about a year since I applied... All necessary documents needed to file had been submitted, along with the $700 filing fee.. I was told to wait until Dec 2017 to file, since no one was suing me.. December comes.. no one reached out to me.. I reached out to the company in February.. Received a call back, was than told I would receive another call to get the BK-13 started. It is now April, and I have not heard from anyone at Miller and Miller. Terrible customer service. This is not how business should be done

Darwon Johnson

Helped my wife and I a ton. We feel great about our decision thanks to Deborah and Miller & Miller.

Lillion Mcelwee

They were a blessing to me. I appreciate all the work they did for me. Debra E.was very patient and understanding with me.

Tim Couillard

This is just the beginning of what I'm sure promises to be a fantastic experience with miller and miller. The staff is thorough and has many answers as well as J Miller himself. I look forward to a finished situation that I can share with anybody in similar situations. Excellent job so far!

krisi karski

Bankruptcy is intimidating situation, but from the very start I was treated with kindness and respect. Debra Ensley what a kind personality you have all smiles and a warm into to coming into the office. Krysta and all the staff there your Professionalism is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend

Dale Offill

When we were having big problems, Miller & Miller was there all the way. They worked hard for us and never left us hanging. When we called, they had an answer to our questions. Calls were returned promptly and they were always understanding and courteous. Especially, Stacy Martinez. Stacy was the most polite and knowledgable person we worked with. I would recommend Miller & Miller and Stacy to anyone needing help.

Adrian Buck

I just appreciate the courteous and professional attention I received while in the office I also received prompt acknowledgement and she was very informative

Cooking basics with Bill

I put down a deposit and 3 days later found a cheaper lawyer because I had a easy bankruptcy. I was told that I owed them. A total rip off. Would not recommend. Rude.

Veronica Murchison

In response to Courtney Richards, it breaks my heart to see you posted this message on Goggle and Facebook, You!!! are not being fair, THE fair thing to do, was to call and talk to Jamie or Kristina about your paycheck, NOT!!! blast them on the website. I witness them many times helping US the staff to make sure we are ALL!!! good in the office and outside the office. YOU!!! have used the open door policy, many times, because you went from full time to part time. I do wish you and your family well, BUT!!!! this post was WRONG!!! and in your heart YOU!!! know it was wrong tooo

Adam Sutton

Very nice and courteous front desk and they were so approachable and warm. Attorney James miller was a very nice and wanting to help. He even offered a payment plan for his services that made him very affordable for me and my spouse. There was a huge sense of relief.

Michael Schlampp

My first impression was positive. They were very busy, and got me in after a short wait past my appt. time. The attorney fees for what we went forward with were reasonable. Much lower than my divorce lawyer. The attorney sounded confident and assumptive about the outcome. I will see.

Nikki Maves

Although there were some initially setbacks which were from a mix up of communication and assumption which was partially my fault for not following up and asking. When I did realise the miscommunication, and voiced my concern, it was handled very promptly and they made sure no further miscommunication occurred and the remaining process ran quick and smoothly. Cant thank you enough for getting me through this process and not letting me feel I was alone and getting me back on the right financial path!

Joan Furru-West

Run don’t walk as fast as you can away from this law firm. They are very good at taking your money and doing nothing, and if you call to get a refund they put you off for months and every call you then make trying to get your money they charge you for the call. Scam artists is all they are. The old saying is true, they’ll piss on you and tell you it’s raining!

Tiffany Smith

I love the service i received everyone friendly , the front desk receptionist Debra Ensley is awesome, kept me laughing the entire time while i waited, i recomend miller miller for your services.

Stephanie Smith

"I want to thank Mr. Miller and his staff for assisting me during this very difficult time financially for me. Life has a way of 'throwing us some unexpected curves', so to speak, and can cause us a great deal of stress. I recommend Mr. Miller and his staff to anyone whom needs bankruptcy assistance. His professionalism and sincere regard for my situation was stellar! The legal staff assistants were always so very kind and courteous as well."

Barbara Orlando

From start to finish, Frank Patek, Jamie Miller, and Claudia, everyone was very caring and encouraging to me. I am very impressed with the process and my experience here. I was not made to feel ashamed or guilty. As a matter of fact, I feel the best I have ever felt over the last 3 years. I know that financial stability can’t be achieved without first overcoming feelings of grief, shame, and fear. Frank and Jamie certainly made me feel a lot better about filing. I would recommend them to anyone who is having trouble deciding about bankruptcy because they feel horrible about it. Thank you Miller & Miller for a great experience that has made me feel much better about filing and about myself.

Eric Oliver

The farm was very professional in their hands on any of our case. They always returned our phone calls what kept us up-to-date. I would recommend them to anybody.

Denise Oneal

I was thinking about filing bankruptcy. And looking for atty.i was recommended by a use miller and miller.i Decided not to for various reason. 1.they want your money But dont find the time to give you a update on your acct. 2.they have to many people working on your case 3.they request the same paper work in Even when it has been sent. have to post something on the review to get a phone call. 5.they dont tell you how many attys are with that law firm 6.and they dont mention how far the cases are booked up in the courts 7.and you give the creditors there number thinking they will take care of. Only to find out you have to drop a payment.because they havent touch your case. I could go on and on But honestly I want atty I can talk to and be reassured my case is being taken care.

Leslie Rowedder

miller and miller is a great law firm. alyssa gemein is my attorney and she and her legal assistants tim and frank are fantastic. they answer all your questions and lead you through the bankruptcy process step by step. i highly recommend miller and miller law. leslie r.

Sharon Taylor

Everyone in Miller & Miller was so helpful especially The Receptionst Ms. Debra always so nice & pleasant, helpful either in person or phone. The Lawyer's are petty great about returning phone calls in a timely matter. I have to admit Miller & Miller I would strongly recommend

Antonio Rivera

I have had an excellent experience thus far working with Miller & Miller law firm...To all the dedicated working Attorneys there and a special thanks to Stacey Martinez for all her efforts and hard work towards my case...

Janice Prescott

My experience with this Miller and Miller has be more than a Blessing the team there is awesome. When I tell you Ms.stacy Martinez is one of the most hard working awesome HELPFUL and such a great person who cares and understand .Trust me Ms.Stacy is the best.Thank you Stacy for all you do.⭐

Stacy Evans

Warm welcoming from day one when I met with Attorney Miller. Even as an client whether feeling stressed or embarrassed about the situation, he made me feel comfortable with his knowledge and professionalism of laying out options to my liking. Also, his team members got back and are keeping me up to date with proceedings in a timely manner. Keep up the good work!!!

James Lark

Outstanding custmer service and knowledge and help. I have recommended them to 2 other people now are also very satisfied. They walk you through it all and do most of the work. Make a difficult situation very pleasant.

Alena Yang

Im glad that i chosen miller & miller law. They were all very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of help from debts.

Taisha Bridges

It was truly an honor to work with this firm. Very professional and make you feel very comfortable into your transition on starting over. I look forward to working with you and hope all my experiences with this firm will continue being great!! From the time you enter into their office they make you feel right at home. Keep up the good work!!

Asch Hawthorn

I was homeless for over a year, sent several emails with general questions and never received any response UNTIL it was about the payment plan ALL THWY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY.

Darren Fulsher

James Miller went out of his way to make things easy. He shows that he cares and took the burden off of me. James did an outstanding job. Thank you for doing all the hard work. I would recommend him to all my friends.

B Skinner

Filing bankruptcy is a difficult and humiliating process to go through. You feel as if you have failed in your life. From the first time meeting with Jamie Miller, he helped ease those feelings and never once made you feel less. Kind of felt as though he was there holding your hand the whole way. His staff and a couple other attorneys we talked to when he was out of the office or in court were great at answering questions and helpful. Jamie Miller in essence has taken away the stigma and emotional stress of bankruptcy and that one should not be ashamed. A big thanks!

Tomm Rivers

From the time I walked in the door and met Brett Boyer to get advice on a what I thought was a routine bankruptcy, to my long time dealing with Jynel Ill and now Germika Sanders, the folks at Miller & Miller have made my going through my bankruptcy as painless, and as easy as possible. I've struggled both through financial and health issues over the past two years. I had to make down payments on my case fee. Miller & Miller was very understanding of my heath issues and financial situation and made this possible. During this period of time I received supportive emails, and phone calls. The conversations I've had with Germika Sanders have been the most memorable. They have only been positive, and helpful in getting me through all my paperwork needed to present to my attorney. If it weren't for the support, and help of Germika, I'd be dangling from a string now, only because there are times I can function, and times I cannot. Miller & Miller has been there for me through this entire ordeal. Thank you Germika & Miller & Miller! Tomm Rivers

Jessica Rothen

I was so far in debt I wasn't sure I was going to ever see light at the end of the tunnel. I made a phone call to Miller and Miller. When I went in for a consultation I was so embarrassed about how I got myself into debt. They talked to me and told me how it was going to be ok. They explained all of my options and help me decide what was best for me and my husband. They walked us through every step of the way. I could not believe how easy it was for me to take care of the mound of debt I had gotten myself into. If you are struggling with month to month bills and have alot of doctor bills, credit card debt you must go and have a talk with Miller and Miller to find out what your options are.

Nad Berz

Miller and Miller is presently representing me. Krysta Kerr is my attorney and is wonderful. After a rocky start with the law firm and my attorneys playing merry-go-round, Krysta came in with a leadership role of managing the entire Ch. 13 department. I have to say, I couldn't ask for a better attorney. She's made, what I thought impossible, possible. She's been there 100%.

LAY Precious

Miller And Miller is a great team of people to work late they were very helpful and very consistent on making sure my needs were met

Lessie Bufford

Just saying that Debra Ensley is a kind and helpful person. She goes out of her way to assist and get the answers you need. She always treat everybody with a caring attitude and she's always very professional.

Alexandra Jackson

The assistant at the desk was very friendly & nice to talk to while I waited. Her name was Debra Ensley and i think she does a great job .

Erica Olson

Very responsive firm that truly takes care of their clients! They have made everything as easy as possible!

Collette McDougal

The staff at Miller and Miller is very helpful and considerate of my needs. Debra is always available to assist me. She is great to work with. My attorney Alyssa is very caring and helpful to my financial needs . Antonio helps me with my payment plan. I feel so much better about my future.

James Stanislawski

Attorney Miller was very knowledgeable when it comes to Chapter 13.

Gina Healey

Got passed around like a side dish at a cook out about 3/4 different lawyers in 4 month span .Had to constantly call to remind them to look into a wage garnishment that I ended up stopping myself then getting the wage garnishment money was a nightmare multiple phone calls as to the status where it is ..Oct 31st Miller and miller finally recieved it from August but guess what after they took their 25% out its still on the bosses desk a week later waiting for his signature because now he's on vacation . Nov 9th and counting till I recieve my check

Melissa Moser

Frank was helpful clearing things up.

Michael Klade

Fast, curious and exceptional service. When I sat down with Attorney Miller he was courteous and answered all of my questions. He explained what options I had to in a clear, understandable manner. I was extremely nervous when I first walked into the office, and by the time I left the office I was no longer nervous. Attorney Miller made me realize there was a real and obtainable solution to my financial situation. I would recommend Miller & Miller Law because it was a great experience for me.

Amy Heise

They were amazing with us. The lawyer we met with , took his time and made us feel very comfortable. Thank you.


So far my experience with Miller and Miller has been great I found them on the internet after carefully considering to file bankruptcy. I took time out to read some of the reviews and they were all positive. To take this type of step is not easy so to find someone to hire that understands and has empathy means a great deal to me. I have not completed my whole process but so far from what I have started I must say I'm pleased and I will recommend Miller and Miller that needs help with bankruptcy.

Todd Hall

The firm offers a wide range of financial services and were very helpful in helping me correct errors on my credit report. Through their 720 program, I was able to have my credit rating restored to a great rating. The staff was very helpful, providing both in person and online assistance to my questions. Whether you're looking for credit correction/restoration, financial counseling, assistance with bankruptcy or other alternatives, these are the people to see in Milwaukee!

Dennis Edwards

I have been a repeat customer at Miller and Miller for several years and I would recommend them to anyone with financial needs. The receptionist Debra is very welcoming and warm. Always smiling and greet everyone with compassion. She will help you with questions and paperwork. They have the best staff and attorneys for your financial problems.

Bridget Piggery

I had a wonderful experience with Miller & Miller. They were so helpful and willing to work with me with monthly payments. They have also went over my expectations and have made this process so easy for me. This is my first time needing this type of assistance and Miller & Miller was my first and only choice. If I had to go through this process again in my life (which I will not) I will go with Miller & Miller.

Lavender Johnson

I had a very good experience with Miller and Miller.They would always check on me to see how everything is going.They have very good customer service.I told my friends and family if you need any help go to Miller and Miller.I thank you for being there for me.❤

Leona Turnquist

The process with Miller & Miller's staff was painless! What a great group of attorneys and staff. They are extremely knowledgeable, and didn't waste any time jumping in to help me with my finance situation. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone needing assistance in clearing up their debt.

Lisa R

This is not my first time dealing with this firm and they are by far very respectful, helpful and all around good people who care about helping you every step of the way. Bankruptcy can be an embarrassing situation and from the time you walk in to the time you walk out you will never feel judged for whatever situation you are in. I dealt with Debra E. when I came in today and she is absolutely wonderful and makes you feel very comfortable , almost like talking with a long time friend. I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of the services they provide.

London S.

They found me when I was being sued by a debt collector. I’m still in the process but they were friendly, professional, and outlined a detailed plans for resolving the issue. Miller & Miller went out of their way to let me know they were available anytime I had any questions about any step of the process

John Centracchio

*This is for the Milwaukee, WI location on Wisconsin Avenue* I came to Miller & Miller Law in order to discuss bankruptcy options in September 2017. They seemed to have a professional appearance online and the person I spoke to, Frank, to set up my consultation was great. Now that my discharge has been issued I can say, I do NOT recommend this group. Extremely unclear about their process. I had numerous issues with communicating information about my case to my attorney and the paralegal team. Numerous times I came to my scheduled meeting to be given a surprise that was not welcome. The first time was the original filing date. I came to my meeting and the staff was running around trying to figure out something with my case, because apparently there was some kind of information missing. After a long wait, I entered into my attorneys office to be told that we have to reschedule because they needed a document. This normally wouldn't be an issue, except I talked to the paralegal the day before to confirm that they had EVERYTHING needed. That was inconvenience #1. The SECOND time I came to file, I was informed after waiting for 15 minutes that my attorney wasn't even going to be there, due to an emergency at their home. Again, this would not be an issue but I feel as though I should have been contacted prior to my appointment to let me know, so that I could choose to reschedule. I completed my filing with an attorney who had absolutely no idea about my case, and I feel as though it was completely unprofessional. Not to mention, this particular attorney seemed extremely annoyed with the fact that she was handling my case and my questions. Fast forward to my 341 hearing date. I was given absolutely no information other than the address and the time of the meeting. I got their 30min prior, as suggested. Was I met with my attorney? Nope. I was met with an attorney from the firm that I have never met and he didn't even show until my scheduled time even started. Didn't ask me any questions either. I was one of the first called and this attorney NEVER REVIEWED MY FILE, so when I was asked a question by the trustee about income, I answered honestly and the information did not match my file because who ever filed the paperwork did so incorrectly. My attorney's response when asked? "I don't know, I didn't do the paperwork". The attorney was then mad at me for not telling him that the paperwork was wrong. I moved December 1st, updated Miller and Miller with my updated address, was told it was taken care of, only to receive notices from both parties that my address needs to be updated because there is a forwarding order. Yet another unprofessional strike. The main contact, Wendy, is incredibly rude. She consistently cut me off while trying to talk to her, did NOT listen to anything I would say to the point that I would receive calls from her saying that she never wrote anything down and had to ask my the questions again. She consistently insisted that I did not complete my paperwork, even though I emailed the COMPLETED DOCUMENTS to her numerous times. Miller and Miller preaches this "7 steps to 720" BS. Its been 1 month since my discharge, and I have not received any information about anything. I have called, I have emailed, and nothing. Lastly, trying to get them to contact creditors who were harassing me was an incredible challenge. I was getting contacted by one particular credit through them AND a collections agency all the way into December, even though I informed them of the filing, gave them my number and referred them to the firm. As far as I know, not a single person from Miller and Miller contacted them when I requested it, because I was extremely concerned considering my 341 meeting was done and I was still receiving calls and emails. Overall, the only reason I am giving them 2 stars is because my case was discharged, so I guess at least something went right. They were absolutely not worth the money, the time, or the stress.

Queen Harrell

I like to thank miller and miller for helping me through my difficult times.Debra E. Has been nice when I came into the office she always help to find solution or always offering drinks to make u feel a home thank u Debra S for being a good lawyer and listener u make feel comfortable thank both of you.

Reese Beauty

I would like to share that this company has outstanding customer service. Debra E is phenomenal, she has exceptional customer service and I would refer this law firm to anyone!

Halima Haile

Filing bankruptcy is a tough decision in itself, however to find the correct establishment to assist you along the way is the hardest part. I am fairly young, and they took me very serious and assisted me with my difficult case. I wasn't pressed regarding my payments they worked with me and handled all my lumps and bumps in the road accordingly. Debra Ensley was such a pleasure dealing with and went above and beyond with making sure I was always assisted correctly EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! Melissa Mcallister and James Miller were resourceful and efficient. Great job team! Thank you!

Jean Canady

I got the chance to meet with attorney James Miller himself. I was really surprised by how down to earth he was. I didn't feel as if he was treating like a case number. He made sure I was well aware of what was going to happen during this process and clearly explained to me the difference between the chapters. Overall I had a great experience.

Connie Adams

This firm did a very good job for me. Debra Ensley took care of me and my mom. I will work with this firm in the future. I highly recommend them.

Miss Meka

I am so very grateful to have found Miller and Miller. They are what you need . From the time I walked in the office, I had a great experience. While talking with my attorney I became so overwhelmed with joy, because he really made me feel that I have a chance to better my financial situation. He was very knowledgeable of what I needed with me given him a bit of my info. The best thing to me is the fact that they even help you better your credit so that you'll be able to maybe get that nice car or home you always dreamed of. Miller and Miller is a blessing and I would recommend them to anyone who needs. Thanks.

Free 2 Be You Boutique

From the beginning I had bad communication from this office. I asked for my money back and they sent an invoice saying they had worked on my file so no money would be returned. So not wanting to lose money I was pretty much stuck with this office. My case was dismissed after I told them I could not pay in the Summer because of being in education. They denied I said that, my case was dismissed. They said we're sorry but you can refile for $310. I did not have the money and felt they should take care of this since they let my case get dismissed. Mark called me calling me a liar and it was dismissed because I couldn't pay. He is correct but if this Summer skip would have been done initially then my case wouldn't be dismissed. I am a single mother of 4 and can not pay to refile so I'm stuck back in debt again. They made me lose everything. I knew this office was more of a show then action. Please don't use them. It sounds like you're in good hands but you are not.

Cindy Reetz

Good knowledge of which way to file to best fit your situation , some of the new assistants need a little more practice ... the day of my hearing things went great with Mark wish they had lawyers available everyday in the Madison area as I’m not great at driving in milwaukee

Perry Love

My experience with Miller & Miller was great simply because I went to other firms and they didn't explain the process, but at Miller & Miller the receptionist, Debra E took the time to help me understand and show me everything I needed. So this firm really helped me with my financial situation.

Trent Lytle

Just spent almost half an hour on what is always a busy Fri afternoon talking with client rep Frank Patek of Miller and Miller. Client rep?? This guy should be a lawyer. Haven"t had a chance to put into practice the knowledge and advice he gave to me about my situation (will give updates), but will go forward with much more confidence and optimism than before speaking with him

Dale Curtis

They were very polite and very understanding of the issues i had been going through. I would highly recommend them to anybody whose looking to file bankruptcy

Ted Danes

Old Fashion service that is not an act! They will never appear bothered by your questions. They Still know that customer's are still their lifeline. These are genuinely people who care about you. You simply cannot find a better firm to do business with.

Linda Wheeler

I had a great experience with Miller & Miller. Each time I reached out I was given respect and any questions or concerns I had were discussed openly and helpfully. I am thankful to the team and believe you all will continue to serve us all with compassion and integrity.

Bailey Reed

I want to give a big 5 star shout out to Stacey Martinez who is the paralegal and Miller and Miller. She was very helpful in explaining in detail things that I didn’t understand. She continued to go back and forth with the trustee to get things approved in a timely manner. She was very kind and respectful and made us feel comfortable in the process of successful getting our bankruptcy confirmed. She presented the reassurance that this was the right thing to do and it’s ok that your doing it. Second chances happen for everyone. So thank you Stacey for everything that you do.

Dawn Lark

I would like everyone to know what a great experience we had with Miller & Miller. They did a complete and thorough job explaining everything and taking extra time it took for and unusual situation. Every one here is so nice and comforting.they helped us with a reasonable payment plan. They even have plaques all around the office for BBB of the year and lawyers of the year. They went further than just filing for you they went on further in helping us get back on track.

Sophia M. Negron

Extremely helpful staff and quick response time. Angela Soltis is absolutely amazing. She looks out for your best interest and is very knowledgeable. Miller Miller is a bit pricey but definitely worth the money.

Jennifer Pollitt

I paid the fee of $1,000 to retain the attorney to help me with an old school loan I have for my daughter. A few weeks later I had not heard anything so I phoned the office. I received a call back a day later and was told she was working towards a settlement. Weeks went by and I never heard anything again. About 3 months later I received an email from my company telling me they were garnishing my wages along with a letter from the attorney who was hired to collect the money from me. Never once did I hear back from the attorney at your office giving me an update on my case. I feel she took my money and firvit about me. I was lead to believe everything was going great at first and then was told 3 months later the law firm she had been calling was not returning her phone calls. I thought a settlement was close 3 months before this? Now they are not responding to her? That is COMPLETELY opposite of what I was told months ago. I never once received anything in the mail from your company showing any documentation of what actually was done. I paid $800 for her to make a few phone calls? Really? That is sickening to me!! I guess I have a refund of approximately $200 coming to me and have been waiting for this for 2 days. The attorney claims things that just does not happen. I would feel ashamed of myself taking someone's money and providing this horrible customer service. The communication from this firm has been completely subpar to say the least.

Cherelle Roberts

Very helpful. One of my best decisions.

Dawn Lara

Nathan Brown was excellent! We were nervous about how this all goes! He was there to encourage my husband and i that everything would go good. He was so easy to talk to with his pleasant attitude everytime!.

Deon L Edmonds

While feeling stressed and not knowing which way to go, I called on Miller & Miller Law, LLC. The assistance they provided was everything you would want when searching for legal help. Now I’m on my way to being debt free, I can’t thank you enough! I would definitely recommend to family, friends or anyone in need of legal assistance. Thank you again!!

Avi Spinx

Comfortable atmosphere. I was greeted professionally and and felt ashamed and hurt to be there to file bankruptcy (chapter. 13). The consultation went great and the attorney made me feel at ease. The twist occurred when me and my wife tried contacting the attorney for questions via email and answer. After reaching out so many times to no answer and excuses from the receptionist we asked for a refund, the attorney finally gave us a call when asking for a refund. She indicated It'll be a partial payment (as explain in consultation), weeks passed and still no refund or callback as typical with this place.

Leah Hodges

I was having a very hard time finding a car during my chapter 13. Ruben gave me a suggestion for a place that followed through after many hadn’t. They kept in contact with me until I was able to get it accomplished. Adam was amazing and prompt with responses every step of the way. I appreciate them treating me like a member of their own family with urgency and concern to help. I literally cried tears when I got my new car keys with their help. My advice to anyone would be “are there less expensive attornies out there? Yes there are. However, unforeseen situations will come up and you get what you pay for”

William Richter III

My recent experience was very positive and uplifting. My attorney listened carefully with compassion to my financial situation and with his professional experience and knowledge was able to provide supportive counseling. He answered all my questions thoroughly and made me feel that everything will be alright. I would definitely recommend this law firm to process and complete your bankruptcy. The process is easily understood and occurs quite quickly. I felt very confident during this entire experience. I have not been contacted by my creditors or any collection services. This law firm is very warm, friendly, and empathic. Do not hesitate or put your impeding bankruptcy on hold any longer. I can reassure you that you will leave their office feeling great and wishing you had made that phone call sooner. I'm glad I did!


My first impressions were not good at all. The Office Lead or what ever he is (Frank) needs to work on his people skills he is one of the rudest people I have ever had the displeasure of talking to. He said that he didn't care about people calling the BBB cause he would get paid anyway and they would stay in business. But the best feature of the Office is Alyssa, She is very pleasant to talk to and Melissa is also nice they both go out of their way to help as much as possible. Thank You Ladies.

Lalisa Squire

Everytime i stop by Miller and Miller to drop off paperwork or have a question about something Debra Ensley remember my name and always help my with questions or issues I might have. Thanks Debra for always being welcoming.

Kimberly Watt-Daniels

Working with Miller & Miller was the best decision I made to assist me in getting my financial house back in order. From the time I walked in and was greeted by Debra who is extremely plenty and by the way she makes you feel welcome. To Attorney Miller who oversee you through the process and working with Jynell you will not regret having Miller & Miller on your side to get you back on track.

Rosemary Erkins

Atty Brett Boyer handled my legal case. He was great! He communicated with me regularly on the progress of my case, and settled it in a timely manner and in my favor! Extremely satisfied with Miller & Miller. Great Law Firm!

Thomas Stewart

Highly recommend services. The staff, and especially the receptionist Debra, was extremely helpful and empathetic towards my situation. They made the whole process as worry free as possible.

Antonio Perez

I would recommend this company to anyone. All of my concerns were corrected by attorney James Miller. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was provided with the absolute best customer experience. I truly appreciate this office's help. They are very thorough.

Joan brown

Attorney Krysta L. Kerr was so friendly and helpful. I can’t thank her enough! My case was not an easy one but she always took the time out of her busy schedule to keep me updated every set of the way. Thank you so much you’re awesome!!!

Coreen Rogers

Words cannot express the feeling of relief I felt after leaving my first appointment with attorney James Miller. I had met with another law office the week before for the same reason, and left feeling uncertain, confused, and just as anxious as when I walked in. Attorney Miller immediately and confidently layed out every step we were going to take together, to get my financial situation to where it needs to be. I highly recommend attorney Miller. In addition, the staff at Miller & Miller were very friendly and gracious.

Willie Durham

My experience with Miller and Miller has been great. The customer service is excellent. The reception is Debra is very professional and courteous and has a wonderful smile. The attorney I meant with helped me save a home that I thought I'd lost. And I would recommend their services to anyone for financial needs.

I'm Blessed

Ms Debra Ensley was very very professional and courteous... She helped me tremendously with my paperwork and and questions that I had... She always greeted me with a smile and she even gave me a hug... Nicole, Alyssa, and Tim were also a pleasure to work with...I also had the pleasure of meeting Jaime Miller as well... Overall, a wonderful and tremendous staff to work with!!

LaSonya Jackson

Debra Ensley and Deborah Stengel are awesome, Debra Ensley is so professional and friendly she made me the best cup of coffee I ever had and made me feel so welcome..Deborah Stengel has handled my case wonderfully and she gives the best advice (personal and business)

Patrick Kendall

This company makes you feel good about having to file for bankruptcy. They are extremely helpful and courteous. Filing was the last thing I wanted to do but realized that I had no choice. After our initial consultation Frank talked with me over the phone for a good 45 minutes and explained everything in length and put my mind at ease about all of my concerns. I definitely recommend this law firm to handle your case!

Dennis Reed

I have had a great experience at Miller & Miller especially with Debra Ensley at the front desk. She is very helpful in assisting me with paperwork. Always professional and caring to me and my wife. I highly recommend the firm for financial recovery.

Erica Martin

The receptionist Debra is great with everyone she greets. She has a pleasant personality and she’s very helpful. She really made my experience a pleasant one. The whole team And Mark is very helpful even in a short time frame they will meet your needs.

farrell hedding

No problems all ways there when u need them

Shirley Harris

I really love Miller & Miller. Debra E. is a wonderful person. She is so helpful and kind. She deserve a raise, bonus, extra time off. She gave me 110 percent of her attention. She is a keeper. I will recommend this firm to everyone!

julie hehr

I went in for a consultation. I explained I was gonna try and file Bankruptcy on my own but it seemed complicated. First thing I was asked was how much I had in my bank account. I said $50. She said oh I charge $2000. I explained my garnishment. She asked if I could get money from anyone to help pay. I was never offered anything. She gave me advice and told me I could file on my own. I wasn't offered a payment arrangement or anything. I reached out because I needed help and didn't want to do it on my own . I left there feeling even more hopeless. I'm sorry I don't make alot of money but I came to you for help because I thought it might be reasonable. I was wrong. Thanks for your advice but I found someone else who will represent me and who I will recommend to everyone. A simple Chapter 7 should not cost $2000. And no one should feel even more hopeless after leaving a consultation.

Heidi Taylor

Also, ms ponce is very hard working and caring also. Along with the patient and caring receptioñist, there is no place better for a 64 year old to have to go through this traumatic procedurw

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