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REVIEWS OF The Miley Legal Group IN West Virginia

Amanda Meadowpebbles

Joyce Daugherty

Keith and Kassi were very nice to work with and they kept us informed every step of the way!

Krista Kelly

They are the best you can get and are beyond what you could ever ask for. They keep you informed, handle everything, and resolve legal matters quickly.

thelma carroll

All of the staff are friendly and helpful. They care about you and what you are going through and they take time out to explain things to you and they make sure you really understand your rights. They keep you up to date on what is going on with your case. If you need a caring Law firm who will do their best for you, I highly recommend The Miley Legal Team.

C. Renee Courtney

They are currently handling a case for me, additionally they went above and beyond by sending me a sympathy card when I lost my pet, with personal condolences from everyone. I was beyond touched. Great people!

Danielle Jones

We came to the Miley legal group after a car hit my husband. Our lawyers name is Keith Gould. He treated us with dignity and respect and our case was dealt with speedily. We were very happy with the outcome of our case. We highly recommend the Miley legal group.

Peggy Kirkpatrick

This firm is an amazing firm to work with. The people are wonderful to work with. They made sure I was comfortable when I was in the office. They also understood everything that was going on using terms that I understood. I would recommend them to any of my family and friends.

Amanda Mcnemar

Doug Miley and Karen Grant are an awesome Team ....I Recommend them Highly to everyone

Courtney-Dee Kovar

A few years ago, I was involved in a car accident with my boyfriend in which I was the passenger. After swerving to miss a deer, my boyfriend caught gravel which sent us flying across the road into an electric pole, in which my side of the vehicle took at least 90% of the impact. As a result, I had severe whiplash and suffered from scrapes and contusions to my face, resulting in some scarring. At the time, I was about to begin my senior year in high school (I was only 17 at the time), the moment that was supposed to be one of the best years of my life. However, with the insurance company and compensation for pain and suffering, the offer just didn't seem remotely close to what could compare to how my newly-scarred face left me feeling. With the support and help from my dad with such a rough situation, I made the decision to go in for a completely free consultation just to talk and see how I felt about the situation and any legal action I might decide to take. I ended up meeting with Keith Gould, who was more than helpful with all of my questions and gave his honest opinion about the situation and all of the options and explanations for any legal matters. He constantly checked up with me throughout the process and was always encouraging to talk about anything on my mind regarding the situation. Not only that, but he completely respected my feelings and opinions and I felt like I was truly in great hands. Within about six months or so after first speaking to him, my case was made and completely settled and I was happy! The whole experience was wonderful and easy, especially with being so young and making such a huge decision like that. In all honesty, I couldn't have asked for better service or even better people to work with. I couldn't be more greatful to be able to enter a situation like the one I was in, and have wonderful, caring people to help through it all. Along with that, they even made it a point to congratulate me when graduating high school with a lovely book and card! I highly reccomend the Miley Legal Group, they basically treat you like family and that's not really something you see anymore. :)

Lisa Brady

Thank you for everything you have done for our family. I can't begin to say all of the things they are great at but if you have a situation where you need legal services HIRE THEM!!!

Mark Hess

They rep. Me in recent case went smooth sailing, got me moneys deserved. From accident i sestained leg enjury. Cared bout me n my enjury, would def. Consider them first.

Renee Burch

The entire staff of The Miley Legal Group invited my husband and I in after very difficult circumstances. Particularly, Doug Miley put our best interest first in all facets of resolving the unfortunate event that brought us to him. During the aftermath of our car accident and through all the legalities, The Miley Legal Group had an incredible way of making us feel human and were informative and understanding beyond belief.

Jimmy M

Tim and Susan are really friendly and nice. I highly recommend MLG!

Nicole Washington

Brooke Jenkins

My husband and I had an amazing experience with the Miley legal group. They took over everything for us so we didn't have to stress over anything. Having two kids everything is hard enough and they took over that stress for us!! When we didn't understand some things they would call us right back and made us feel so comfortable with everything. Or emailed us back right away..They are so welcoming and we're even amazing to my children when we went in and made everything fast so we could get in and out with the kids.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Joshua Austin


Although unable to assist us, the Miley Group provided us with possible referral information. Also, I received a link to a free report on “5 Critical Factors You Must Consider Before You Hire a Lawyer” by Timothy R. Miley. I downloaded the report, saved it, and printed it out. It was a great help and immensely appreciated. Not only that, but weeks later I received an email from them stating: Everyone that contacts The Miley Legal Group is important to us so I wanted to make certain your legal matter did not fall through the cracks. Please let me know if there is anything further that I may be able to do for you or if you have additional questions that I might be able to answer. Though our practice is focused on representing victims of serious injuries and wrongful death, we nonetheless strive to provide whatever assistance we can to everyone that contacts our office. Quite Frankly, if I have any further needs from an attorney, this is the first firm I will contact.

Michael Ridenour

I strongly recommend The Miley Group they took the time to understand and helped us understand.

Matthew Bennett

The Miley Legal Group are extremely professional, courteous and helpful. They created a positive experience out of a negative situation. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a great attorney! Thank You!

Logan Garrett

Love them he helping me and my grandma a lot ever since the car wreck into are house on Dec 3rd and when she got hit in her car and he also funny when he gave me a pill bottle of em&ms

Jordin Wilcher

The Miley legal group staff really care about people. They answered all my questions before I hired them. They wanted to make sure I had all the information I needed. That meant a lot to me. They helped me tremendously, and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for all the good work!

Jennifer Burley

Doug and Haley are absolutely wonderful. They were so helpful and took care of everything and we did not have to worry about anything. Highly recommend

Ashley G

Keith and his assistant Haley have been great. All the staff are welcoming and they create a very comfortable atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Ashley James

Miley Legal Group has always been responsive to my needs and questions.They have the experience and skills necessary to make sure my issues are handled proficiently, effectively and in a timely manner. They are fair, honest and trustworthy. I've always felt like their number one priority. Go Tiger!!

Robert Phipps

Excellent - if you need legal advice and want great customer service, these are the people you need to talk to!

Paul Maynard

If Miley cannot get it, it cannot be got.

Debra James

I have had nothing but positive attitude & responses from The Miley Legal Group. At any given time that I call they are always ready to assist & answer any questions that I might have , I'm not waiting for hours or days for a return phone call or response. Overall my husband and I are very pleased and impressed with The Miley Legal Group and would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a trustworthy legal team.

Heather Knupp

MLG are compassionate, family oriented people. They care and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Courtney Pokrzywa

The Miley Legal Group genuinely cares about every client that walks in the door. The friendly and caring staff always make sure they answer your questions and provide you with the best service possible. If The Miley Legal Group isn't able to help you, they will make sure they find someone who can.

Shanna Mclean

Miley legal group took care of me. I am completely satisfied. Thanks again Kieth!

Darrell James

The whole firm has integrity, honesty, and I enjoyed doing business with The Miley Legal Group.

Shea Bug

Go to The Miley Legal Group, you won't regret it!!

shain johnson

This law firm has really been great. They truly helped me an reminded me of appointments. They really cared an a honest law firm. Really caring and truly great

Heather Sheme

MLG took control of my case extremely fast and got my car fix within a couple of weeks

allen harris

I want to say thanks for all the hard work in this matter, great job well done. Thank you.

Shiana Pennington

Amazing! Kept me informed, understood everything, very respectful and wonderful people!

Xenia Yost

python savege

catherine alderman

My experience with the Miley Legal Group has been very nice. Mr. Gould and Haley kept me informed throughout my case and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Anderson Injury Lawyers

The Miley Legal Group Team is top of the line. Their team is willing to help as much as they can with any injury case. Tim is one of the best attorneys I know; he will get you your settlement.

Amanda Udell

Working with the Miley Legal Team had been a great experience. They took an extremely stressful situation off my hands and made the process easy.

Ron Hill

Excellent Service oriented Firm!

Lauren Lackey

Doug treated me with the utmost respect. Very efficient and kept me in the loop with all the details of my case. Great firm!

Rebecca green

Keith and Haley were very helpful with my case. They kept me informed and took care of gathering all my hospital bills and even set it up to where they were all paid at the end so I didn't have to worry about anything. They explained what was going on at all times so that I was able to understand. Quick & Easy. Would recommend using them to anyone.

Bronwyn Feather

Elexis Kearns

I found the staff at Miley legal group to be professional, respectful & astute to my situation. I highly appreciated their forthrightness & honesty on the merits of my case. I would highly recommend the Miley Legal Group & very much enjoyed working with my team...Keith and Kassi. Thanks again for my positive results.


Kassi Elliott

I can not say enough how much I enjoy working at The Miley Legal Group. This truly is my family away from home. Everyone here is passionate about their work and has some much compassion for our clients.

Haley Carson

Such a fantastic environment. The staff genuinely care about the clients! Even if the Miley Legal Group is unable to help, they'll find someone to recommend who can.

Scott Burch

Miley Legal Group was such a great help when my wife and I had our car accident. They handled everything and I had no stress at all!!!

Red WV

I was provided the name of this firm by a family member when they learned I could not get an insurance company to cover my medical bills following a wreck. I had never been in a wreck before and did not know how to proceed. Keith Gould was extremely helpful in handling my case. He was able to get my bills paid and allow me to have peace of mind. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Rebecca Smith

Very kind and caring people. Very professional. Answer all questions and take time to explain all information.

Thomas Greco

They are helping my grandson and my daughter with a case

Cynthia Hill

The Miley legal group proves everyday that it is a law office that helps people and gets results. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Betty Clark

These people were so patient with me and my case. They regretted they weren't able to get me what we all thought I deserved, but these people were GREAT. They made sure I got to appointments I needed to be at by coming to my place and picking me up then bringing me back home. I can't think of anyone else that would do that on their own. I highly recommend them to everyone I know that needs legal consuling even if it's just advice. If ANYONE needs Legal Advice, I highly recommend Miley Legal Group. This firm is fantastic.

Jonathan Willard

They are very nice and professional.

Anthony Abel

The Miley Legal Group was great to work with I would definitely recommend them for anyone to use for your legal problems!

Nate Goff

Amanda Parker

I was so pleased with the professionalism of The Miley Legal Group.. I was in a horrific accident last year that I am lucky to be alive.. My husband contacted The Miley Legal Group for their help.. Mr. Keith Gould came to see me in the hospital and with just meeting me he made me feel like I was part of the family.. He assured me that not only did I have a case but they would fight for me till the bitter end.. His assistant Karen Grant is the best at what she does.. Not only is this law firm professional but they actually do care about your well-being.. I was very pleased with how everything concerning my case was handled, they keep in contact with you as far as keeping you updated and more than anything they're so polite.. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who would need legal help with a situation.. Thank you for everything that y'all have done.. Y'all truly care and have the up most respect for your clients.. I will never forget what y'all have done for me not just legally but also personally.. Thank you Keith Gould, Karen Grant and Tim Miley..

Deborah Jones

If you need great legal advice and want awesome customer service, Miley Legal Group is who you need to talk to.

Ben Glass

I am a Virginia lawyer who has worked with Tim Miley and his team for a number of years. From time to time we talk about cases and strategies in order to get the best results for clients. We refer calls we get that are from West Virginia to Miley Legal Group. I can tell you that this law firm really "gets it," and does a great job for its clients. Tim has built a really good team that helps get the job done. I'd highly encourage you to at least give them a call if you have a legal issue.

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