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REVIEWS OF Washington State Bar Association IN Washington

Lindy Laurence

Kathryn McGwire-Gaines


Washington State bar association cannot help they represent I believe their job is just to win 4 the state for wsba to be able to say they represent anyone else than the state is false factors . in Washington you don't get treated as a constituent . Wsba had not unlawful behavior lawyers reflect on mothers and families when they don't pay attention and fight for whats right they have to many case loads .

Mrs. B.

jason crume

The professional and regulatory bodies related to the practice of law need to be separate.

Kris Block

Super Corrupt. The RPC Codes are there. Try reading them. This is why white Collar Crime Flourishes in this state. Fraudsters.

Land Rover

Washington State Bar is a worthless organization. I reported an attorney which knowingly violated US Federal law and he was not sanctioned. Therefore they are an accessory to illeagel activities. Attorneys in this state have a free ride with these people. They only help themselves and are not interested in public complaints.

Tracy Flood

Excellent sections night!

Christopher Teeny

Cynthia Cartwright

Nice facilities. Can't get up the elevator before 8 am.

Sharon Amheiser

They gave me names

Mary Guimont

Johnny H

Disappointing. My children and I fell victim to attorney malpractice, unethical conduct taking advantage of us financially. I have all the evidence in the world in writing stating specific rules of professional conduct that were violated and showing dishonesty of attorney in response and practices. The BAR refused to investigate further and did not respond to the complaints and RPC's that were violated. There is no recourse in Washington State to protect clients from attorney misconduct no matter how much evidence and facts are available. My kids and I now suffer the consequences because they refuse to investigate. And attorney's more enabled to maintain unethical practices. I wrote my representatives about this, and hope for reform one day to protect our communities from unethical attorney practices.

Ladean Olsen

I tried CFPB..the Att. Gen. Office...CLEAR NWJUSTICE PROJECT. Thurston county volunteer lawyers....Washington Bar Association....and this web site was recommended by them with detailed information about how to us it and all the infromation i needed to get legal help .NOW IT DOESN'T WORK......I HAVE NEVER SEEN PEOPLE WHO WORK SOOOO HARD NOT TO WORK. 3 months after calling started with CLEAR to get a referral i get denied...when i qualified the first call accepted.....

Cedric James

The Washington State Bar Association is a toothless, weak organization that only tends to the needs of it's members. Asking them to police their membership is tantamount to asking the fox to guard the hen house.

Mark Koenig

Deepak Malhotra

Doing a very difficult job with professionalism. The website is very useful.

Daryl Rodrigues

WSBA is a mandatory Bar Association for lawyere in Washington.

matthew rizzuto

Professional through-and-through.

Jessica Guarente

Dominique Jenks

I see the corruption within the government as a whole however, there's still a lot of good people trying to make it right. Like Melissa J. Briggs, she helped me 3 years ago through the NW Justice Project and honestly she helped me more in one week than the attorney I spend 10000 dollars on in 9 months. Thank you so much and even to this day I think about how much you helped me want to thank you from the depths of my heart! You are the shining star in the sky out of all the millions of dull dim balls of gas lol ! Thank you 1000000000x I can not thank you enough. GOD BLESS!!! Dominique Jenks

Kevin McGuire

Dekimabvv Dotson

Cindy Hawk

Ezra McCampbell

Lawyers protecting each others illegal activities

John Henry

Dana Hannon

A COMPLETE JOKE. Corrupt Attorneys supervising more corrupt attorneys. This agency should be turned over to the state. It is the only agency in the state that governs over professional licenses without state regulation. Rude, Lazy and incompetent would be a mild statement for this agency. The STATE needs to step in and regulate this Agency. If you have issues with them them to the DOJ (Department of Justice). It's time we get rid of corruption in our state.

Jessica Crush

Great way to find the right lawyer near you excetra


WA BAR ASSOC. Only take sides with the attorney and not the citizen just like the Office of the Insurance Commissioner. WA Government is outrageously and obviously corrupt !

Rebecca Rodli-Beers

Very helpful regarding filing a complaint against an attorney

Jane Doe

A joke. WSBA is pathetic at best. Corrupted attorneys helping other corrupted attorneys one day at a time.

fiesty dove

oh my, sent letter promptly, but not what i asked for, seems they're in cahoots with police politicians ; at leastlewis co.wa.

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